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Takes Name of Man Who Expressed Harvey's Acquittal Mineola, June 20.-EBacked.by a dis array Hope of - counsel, Herbert %. Harvey of Mushing, former Demo tratie Sheriff of Queens County, went ib: trial today before Supreme Court fustice Cropsey and a jury here. He is charged with bribery and con- ipiracy. He is alleged to have receiv Mt $200 from Matthew J. O'Neil for »otection of O'Neil, Willinm Hoffman ind Salerno in certain criminal enter- in which they were engaged. The $200 is alleged to have been paid 0 Harvey and through Harvey by de- tious ways to Carman Plant, ounty detective, for the iving Plant \protect\ O' 16 came before: Police @.. Flint in 8, 1019. O'Neil at the time was charged with laving a stolen automobile in his pos- exsion and was to have a hearing on hat day. O'Neil swore he arranged fith Harvey to have Plant \take care\ f him and that when he saw Plant & the trial at Flint's Court room or just to it,.Plant told him it- was alright O'Neil was not held for indictment t that time. O'Neil has sworn that Plant told fidge Flint that the State wanted to se O'Neil to catch bigger game in the perations of stolen automobiles, Stute cause is prosecuted by District Atorney Charles R. Weeks, Charles I. former purpose of Ceil when Justice Clinton on September Freeport, RINGS ARRAY . OF CounsH Of Nassau County ‘ FREEPORT, N. Y., MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1921 . LONG BEACH ATTRACTS CROWD GAS EXPLOSION IN STREET OF NOT LESS THAN 100,000 Long Beach, June %0.-Warm Long Beach yesterday. by Captain Walter J, Barriscnle, that at least 100,000 pernons were'on the beach. SEA CLIFF VOTERS INDORSE MAIDDMENT VILLAGE TICKET Four Hundred at Public Meeting Show Desire for Good Government Mineola, June 20.-With 400 of his fellow villagers unanimously endors- ing him for village president of Bea Clif Fred H. Maidment and his fellow candidates, C. E. Russell and Daniel J. Hegeman, seem to have the Special election tomorrow already. up.\ The three men on this ticket are pledged to good government, Sea CMMs betterment and the public wel- fare regardless of petty bickerings and small town gossiping. Mr. Maidment and his collemzum'l1 have ylelded to the importunities of their fellows and have agreed to run for village office, not because they seek lime-light, but because they feel that Sea Cliff in entitled to as good. govern- ment as its people want It to have. Walter 'T. J. Dickie and his asso- cates in the village board , resigned. Some of them are candidates for re- election asking that they be sent back as an expremsion of the confidence of the people. Mr. Maidment addressed the ratifica« tion meeting Friday night about 20 minutes, setting forth (what he and his ticket stand for, When he finished there was no doubt that he had con- vincéd his hearers he would give a good account of himself in -offlce, Knowing him as they do the voters Food,-and Elvin N. Edwards, Amunthvmont ratified him and his running Astrict Attorney. Harvey is defended by former Dis- fet Attorney Charles N. Wysong, tephen C. Baldwin, William Butler of laldwin's office, and J. William Ras: win. of Flushing. . Plant, Pettit, O'Neil, Hoffman, John ones, Harry» 8. DeBeau, Salvator Sa- imo are all expected to be witnesses gainst Harvey today. The selection of the jury goes for- tard now. It is expected that the trial fll be well underway when the after- bon session bering. Charles Trigger of Rockville Centre, tho was called as talesman in the Jury bx today, said he had talked to Wil- wim Yates. of Flushing and that Yates md expressed the hope that Harvey lould be mequitted and had told Yates Ant he had been called an a juror. Justice Cropsey asked for Yates ame and Trigger gave it to him. ELLOWCRAFT mates and tomorrow they go to the polls. LEGION POST PAYS HONOR TO MEMORY OF ANDREW FATSCH First of the Valley Stream Boys to Die in France-Burial in St. in' John's Cemetery Valley Stream, June 20.-This com- munity received another shattered body of one of its own boys, who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War, the first of the home town boys to answer the call to the \Great Un- known.\ The body of Andrew Fntscher, now resting in 8t. John's cemetery. Andrew Fatscher was drafted and sailed in January, 1918, with Motor GIVES f Iasonic Temple, Rockville Centre, Now to be Made Suitable for - Craftsmen's Use Rockvillo Contre, June: 20.-Fellow. tuft Masmmpequa Lodge, F. & \_M., conducted a ladies' night in the uditorium>of (Masonic Temple, Lincoln enue, Saturday evening.. 'The \Red Wp Jaz# Band\ entertained with song nd music. The affair whs largely at: nded. This is the last affair to be held in the pditorium by the club ustll after alter Wone are made: Work of reconstruc- Ing the building is expected to begin wy 1. The entire interior of the auditorhim tite be- rearranged so It can be used iit a room and an. auditorium. A ¥eat organ, recently wequired from & Irookiyn church is to be placed in a Wllery at the-north end of the hall, snd checking rooms will be-piaced i either side of it. The stago is to he enlarged and' so @hstrocted that the new meaty pan be bliled up and placed bencuth !t when an ntértainment has been finished and the loo# in: desired for Approxt- matély $20,000 will be spent for im- A. fret alectele lighted sign, \Masonls if the building Transport Co. 361, He fought in every battle up to the time of his death. At Chateau Thierry, he was gassed and shellshocked. Mr. and Mrs, Otto Fatscher, of New |mates, while Robert Bedell went through York avenue, his parents, received the body of their son Otto, sent home a few months ago, who also made the great smorifice with honor. Both boys died the same year; Andrew was the first to answer the call July 3, 1918, at the age of 25. Otte died op November 8, 1918, at the age of twenty-four. Both boys were born in Brooklyn, and had lived in the vicinity of Valley Stream fifteen years. Rach one had many friends. The body of Andrew lay in state from Thursday until Saturday morn- Ing in his parents' home, when It wis carried to the Holy Name of Mary's Catholic church where a high requiem mams was maid by Rev. McGovern. From the time the body entared Its parents' home, the American Legion, \Andrew Patscher Post,\ bad a; guard of honor with the body. Aniths body of Andrew was WM‘ a fring mquad from Hempstead fired three volleys and in the distance taps was sounded. A letter had been sent to the parerite from his }outinant, at the time /of hin death, which shows the fave and respect the bays and officerk had for Andrew, and how'he was mourned. hae bein placed on the 1\le nf Mr. and Mrs. Dienback r, and Mra. I. C. Dilfsnback and Mary Louise. of Urbana, Hi MAN ARRESTED AT OCEAN SIDE ON DEPT.OF JUSTICE ORDER Rackwille: Cortes,: Juma 10.-The local police arrested Staphen. W. Castolns at ihe spenfing the summer montha at (ne of Mrac nother Wis, - Aleganitar MJ uca way afsiine, Tacuvila Chatre, 8b bakath, le mel hea ld the TDrtasity ef Pliners @r: the Omen Bde Inn Jast might, in re- | apousa Ato a telsgreptbe® order fram tha' Department of Justion, He war ti- |inaued 'up over night and this raves | W. Tamb, an mere! of the same amd yet ils my- Pares dope ramen 1 sun bright skies attmcted a great crowd to It is estimated CALLS ROCKVILLE \CENTRE FIREMEN OUT ; NO ONE HURT Rockyille Centre, June 20.-Gas ex: ploded and set fire to planks used to protect the pit in which a gang of men had been working at | Lakeview | and Southard avenues Saturday | evening. The gas company is Installing | new mains and ut this point three valves were placed. Word of the explosion was received at Police Meadquarter® and when First Assistant Chief Wood was notifled he directed Alert Hose Company to pro- ceed to the scene. - No one was hurt, The damage was to planking. . The flames were exting uished with sand. MINEOLA GRADS PREFER HUMOR TO SILIEDNESS Get a Lot of Fun in Burlesque of Their Own Graduation in Com- mencement That Has Real In- terest and Individuality-Bac- calaureate 'Address by Pastor Dunhee More Serious Mineola, June 20.-The Rev. George (G. Dunshee, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, last night gave the baccalaure- ate sermon to the graduating class, of the Mineola High School. The graduates, the faculty and the members of the Board of Education were prefent. The Rev. Mr. Dunshee talked of the requisites for success in life and told the graduates that courage and moral en ergy were absolute essentials, The pastor gave an inspiring sermon that was heard with much interest by a SUNDAY FIRES KEEP FREEPORT VAMPS BUSY Boys Playing About House in Course of Construction Set Fire to Pile of Shingles-Garage and Automobile Owned by Frank Stevens Destroyed in Night Blazre-Firemen Save Houses Freeport, June 20.-Two fires spoiled the perce and of yesterday. Boys started a blaze under calm the Sabbath some shingles near a house in con- struction on Miller avenue near Wha- ley street in the afternoon, and the garage and car of Frank H. Stevens, 166 Grand avenue, 11:30 o'clock. | burned. about The afternoon fire was at a location | where Harry E. VanRiper of Ocean ! avenue is building a house. Small boys, | & Rhoi ¥ Aibsd GIRLS' MEMORY FAILS; SPEECH NOT CONNECTED, IN HOSPITAL FOR OBSERVATION Manhattan, was admitted to - Nassau the hospital announces, from Joas of memory. | The wirl says she is married and that her husband's name is Steelwood, bill, when pressed to tell why she is known‘ as Mary Lee her replies are either not | responsive or are not connected. . She| - ree a mt nt te meee p AN gngrrglg 1&5“er BEACH THEATRE JUNE DAY SESSION OPENS AT WES (Officers for Year Chosen-Gen. END, LONG BEACH \ Passenger Agent P. H. Wood- ward Gives Pleasing Address Medford, June 20.-This is a bi day for Medford. The Long: Island Press | Association is in session here, with Street Parade, with Much Splendor, headquarters at the Long Island Hail playing ground fire in the yard. the building, built a| Tiring of that, they | built a fire under a pile. or lying in the yard. ed - alarming the boys away. | William M. Gatter and Charles Ray nor saw the smoke, rushed to the fire, and pulled bundles of shingles to safe-| ty. Their work undoubtedly saved the! builder considerable money. The: ar-\ rival of the fire department soon put the blaze under control \The evening fire was more serious.] Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stevens returned to their home on Grand avenue about 11 p. m. and after Mr. Stevens had put the car into the warage he pre-} pared for bed. | Mrs. Stevens glanced out the back window and saw the garage a mass| shingles | The fire soon reach proportions, frightening | labge number. 'There was special music. Graduation exercised \will Be held in the village ball tonight at 8 o'clock, at the conclusion of which the class will receive dip as. Class day events of the high school graduating class furnished an evening of pléasure for the seniors, the juniors and the faculty on Friday night. The program served as an admirable vehicle to get over some clever entertainment Class members burlesqued their own graduation. They took for a class mot to, \Me for a Diploma,\ and \Hecker's\ as the class flower, For the class animal they selected a \pony\ and for the class color they chose \light tan.\ There were selections by the school orchestra and then the full class day program. Robert Bedell gave the presi- dent's address and Miss Kathryn Botto gave an oration, \Life.\ 'The clase poem, especially well done, was by Irv' Ing Tredwell and Charles Flesch an es say on \Pies\ while Russell Barley's contribution was \An Autobiography of a. Microbe.\ Miss Emily Whittard gave Stages of High Seyool,\ a humorous thing as the entire program. Robert McCord gave the class history, Mise Helen Wright the class will, Charles Beahler the class prophecy in which he foresaw the future for all his clasw \Tour his interpretation of the presentation of iliplomas to the clasn. The evening was also made the ocon slon for the presentation to Principal J. I. Allart of a silk urabrelia and to Mrs. Warren Clendemy of a handsome lamp. Natien: Hospital \Ambulance snd (Memprtead, June 30~-Two men wer injured at 32:06 Sunday morning, wher m Dodge roadster, driven by Charte Pfalzer of Munson crashed into a tree on Hompstead avenue, West Hempstend With Pfalser at the time was Philp Me Corniack, non of Mitchell McCormack of Hempitend. The accident occurred in front of the McGee residence, Mr. MoQGes telephon ed Nasiqu Hospital for on, ambulditce The ambulance driver picked up Patrol man Ricker at the | went . end . police booth and they went to the sosne of the accident. Piuiser, who had sustained the worst Inn)“, refused to go to the hospite! lant both men were takeo ( poltoc |Neadquartars, 'There Dr.. Suith A Combes dressed Athair infurios, after which they went home. Finis bid a inn on the nose, anothar ever the left aye and hin Tuft arts wea Injurad. Me- {nemesk's iyjhirke cevelsted of a Wf Lows ore bus $ of flames. The alarm was turned in and Free-} port firemen were soon on the job. The | garage is about 50 feet from the house | and the back of the house was blis: tered by the heat. The car was de-‘ stroyed with the garage. Mr. Stevens | has another car that was saved. , The excellent work of the depart- ment kept the fire from spreading to| adjoining buildings. Chief 8. Dimon Smith was in charge and all the vil- lage apparatus was present. The cause of the fire is not known and the loss is covered by insurance. HICKSVILLE GROWS FAST, AS BUILDERS INVITE NEWCOMERS Neary Two fie New Homes Built in the Village and Taken As Soon As Ready Mimeola, June 20.-While most of the villages in Nassau County have had a fair share of building this year it would @ppear that Hickavilic takes the palm say the folk there, In that village 175 new houses have been built and sold in the last year. John Reinhardt, who through his own efforts has created Reinhardt Park, has buflt and sold 87, houses. The next largest operator in real es- tate of the home type Is Louis Malley, who has put up 24 houses, all of them taken. Foreph Keller, Jr., has erected and sold 12 homes, August Schneff and the James McCullough Inc., have each nine to their credit while Jumes McGunni- ie han erected and sold five homen. It i# estimated that more than 700 new people bave come to Hicksville to live in the last year and more are com- Ing. - The building. goes on daily: with 'more in prospect. Deputy Sheriff Louis . Monico, - who knows all in HMiclaville, by first. name, miys he never has seen anything that squalls the growth of that thriving com- munity and it i» due solely to thist fact that the people are progressive, build the homes and invite folk to buy them ope“ cekbnfion in which rn?,:::\\‘0“¥ru:iu.r.\ farm, alias \I and Plenty Farm Thousands of West Enders ShOw 'he members of the newspaner tm Their Belief in the Present A, ernity and their wives are guests of the day of Mr. and Mra. Hal B. Pullerton Well As Future of The Resort- noun members of the association and Speeches Enjoyed ' both responsible for a share of the growth that has come to Long Island through railroad activities It is the annual meeting of the «sso ciation. 'The nominating committee ap pointed by President D. W. Murray, of Rockaway Beach, offered this ticket For President, Vernon A. Willinms, Hempstead; for First Vice President Francis Hoag, Sayville; for Second Vice President, George Schubel, of Ridge wood; for Third Vice President, James West End Long Beach, June 20.-The season at West End Long Beach was muspiciously opened last Saturday. The eclebration began with a paride ut 4 o'clock and concluded with a perform ance at the Beach Theatre. Headed by the Masonic Club band of thirty pieces from New York, the pa rade started at the station and moved through the streets of the village. Six white horses bearing banners and num.! A of Vr'flll‘huguh: for Secre erous floats and decorated automobiles. !a» J- Fred Plugrath, of Rockville added splendor to the parade. Centre; for Treasurer, William Me Wilfred M. Thompson, president of | the West Long Beach Civic Association, | 1\ & memorandum it was stated that delivered an address of welcome and| renomination of Mr. Murray was was followed by former Senator William |\NOt mde, as he had expressed belief H. Reynolds with an address. ‘mm the office should not be held too The show opened at 8:80 with three|!OnK bY any one member. First Vice selections by the orchentra directed by | President Houg had expressed unwill- Arthur H. Hoffman, conductor. Inter.| iNKDe®S to take the higher office. Mr national news pictures of events which Williams' name was proposed as he occurred Friday, Thursday and Wed.) whs next in line, as Second Vice Presi- nesday, were first on the program. A\ Jet, and the kind of man the commit comedy and feature picture, which had' tee would be glad to \back\ in the just been released, followed. Presidency. The theatre has a seating capacity of | 750 with a dance hall adjoining that will arsociation was addressed by P. H. mecomodate 400. The place is so equip. | Woodward, (21>ner:|l__PHRm-n|n<r Agent, ped with exits that it could be emptied! L-LRR., who was mentioned as the In five minutes. former \pass\ agent of the railroad. The hall over the theatre will be used | Mr. Woodward said Besides many matters of busincas the as m community house by the resident«| It is indeed m great honor to be a of West End Long Beach, many of| guest of the Long Island Press: Assoc whom are stockholders in the corpora-|ation. 1 have had muny ambitions, and tion operating the building. Its use has LI can truthfully say that this one ranks heen donated to the Catholic residents |among the top notchers. Sunday mornings for church purposes. To be classl- fed by the editors of the press of Long There will be pictures each afternoon Island as an \esteemed\ and \Indispen and evening at the theatre except that|aible\ Long Islander, puts me way up on Sunday there will be no dancing and|in the clouds, because, if any one on pictures will be shown only at night. |earth realizes and appreciates the viaue The new American-La France fire |of friendship of you men, it is myself wagon which was recently acquired for|and I can also add my brother officers the protection of the village, was in the |and 2ssoolates in the railroad end of the parade, It is a combination chemical game,. . and hose wagon and was greatly admir-| The press of Long Island stands for ed by the spectators. It cost was $12,-|all that is good and progressive for 500, Long Inland and the people who reside within its boundaries, There is a con | @tant improvement in your methods and date, and have the point and breadth of W VMY mm‘ view that means cooperation with your I £ nelghbors and a desire to build up and s F l c i\ T. {retain good will. June 23 at School 24 to (Continued on page three) on © Necessary Procedure - |5T, AGNES SCHOOL PUPILS ENTERTAIN WITH MUSIC AND -- DANCES OF MUCH MERIT Rockville Centre, June 20.-There was a large attendance of relatives and friends of pupils of St. Agnes' School at the hall last night when the firat of the graduation exercises were hold. Violin sélectior« hy the greup of children, including J. Ferrari, E. Wip- prechi, George Finster, Karl Kuck, M. Marz, M. Sorentino, E. Walsh and C. Lueschinger, received great applause, 'The dances of the girls and boys, in cos Vailey Stream, June 20.-A meeting | of residents of Valiey Stream is. called by the Committee on Incorporation for Thursday, June 23, at 8 p. m. at School 24, Brooklyn avenue, to advise taxpayers as to the progress made on the proposed incorporation of the yu- Means used in surrounding villages be- fore incorporating and investigated benefits: derived 'from incorporation. 'The roll was obtained from the 'Town of Hempstead showing the taxable property within the limif« of and loonte there, MAN INJURED BY SWING _. AT OCEAN SIDE, CARNIVAL Ocean Side, June 10.--A man was in- just before the close of the car- at Stop 101, Sutarday flght. He | fofosd \n ewing too high. He his head with such faree as to His mame is with- becuite of the Of bla who returned home from a hoo. pMal 'recently. Tha tojured imen after reedving trestonal 56 Roskvile Contre left. C tume were greatly appreciated. Tle Rev, B. P. Curley, of Helena, Mont., here on &.visit to his parents, was on the stage. The exercises will be. continucd -at the proposed corpormte mrea. 'The committee has had some: dif- oult problems to solve, but believe all the netessary data. is ready to- make nd mmy-Fm!\ interesting wod!) _\ buil Tuesday tng. A preliminary prepared - by ¥redaric P. Weldersam, on May 12,| \BUD\ ROSE, has been posted in various places to! give It full publicity. It in beligved that Valley Stream will take its mace with the reat lof the artounding . villages | and grow and prosper, as they have dome since they have been incorporated | Ihe dognnittes earnestly desires the| shown . much - improvement 1mm of every | Gerpiyer. peots sill. fully: recover. | # Is GREATLY IMPROVED Freeport, June 20.-News came from the officn of Dr. G 'A. Newton, who is attending \Bud\ Rom, the fireman injéred at the tournament | at . Port Washington 'Thursiay, that Rose had and en Vol. XXIV, No. 100 VILLAGE PRESIDENT CUTS TREES we see -n i» exw») - ADDED BY MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES Ae e ao *+) Rockville Centre's Chief Executive, Edwin W. Wal- |-- lace, Uses Police Force and Workers from Power Plant to Destroy Shade Trees in Park Avenue-T wo Trustees Join the Party tockville Centre, June 20.-Deter- mined not to be held up by disinterest of contractors, Village President Edwin W. Wad nsseimbled several employ- eex. of the village: Saturday morning und removed. the trees from the west | side of Park avenue Bids had been usked for but no response | received. . Itemoval of the trees was considered necessary to per- mit the construction of a gutter: to drain the pool that forms at Observer atreer and Park: avenue. . This pool has been a source of annoyance many years. When President Wallace took up the question . with the board he. insisted upon action. The contract was Tet Wednesday. He was to hear the next day as to what could he done to re move the trees. The answer being un satisfactory Io him. he arranged to do it himself with the assistance. of several village employees Saturday morning, President Wallace appeared on the scene. - Police Captain | Bacon, and Patrolman Vought and Jackson with several inen from the power plant, were there, too. | Remoy ing their \official. dignities\ they. at- tucked the trees with a vim and before 5 o'clock had trimmed five and reduced the trunks to stumps while the otherx | were trimmed, ready. for finishing. to- day. The stumps nre to be removed hy [ a atump puller Trustees Longenecker and Erisman also visited the scene of metion. It did not take long, once the axes began to swing and the saws to saw, for the trees to go. Three terms were used to cart away the de OPEN PARISH HALL IN FRANKLIN SQUARE The Rev. Father Lutz's Work Wins Fulfillment - Supervisor Smith the Speaker Franklin Square, June 20.-Hiram R. Smith, Chairman of the Nassau Coun ty Supervisors was the special speak er at the opening of the Catholic Par- ish Hall here: might The Rev. her Lutz, whose per- severance and energy brought about the fulliiiment of his desire to hive m parish hall where his people might gather, was host to Supervisor Smith and presented him to the people of the parish Supervisor Smith, In brief remark®, wald ° \What we need today are men and women of vision. Not visionary men and women, but men and women who can look into the future with the thought in mind that they must build for that future and prepare for the days that are to come.\ He said \no great reform, no rent changes, no great event was ever brought mbout unless someone care» fully paved the way, or someone cares fully thought out all plans in advance.\ In illustrating his point and localiz- Ing it, Supervisor Rmith said: \The Rev. Father Lutz looked into the future, saw the need for a parigh hall, saw the opportunity to get it by close npplication, perseverance and en« ergy and tonight is seeing his vision realized.\ ' FLORAL PARK BONDS, 5 PER CENT, UNSOLD Village Board Calls Special Elec- tion, July 12, to Authorize Higher Interest Floral Purk, June | 20.-The . Floral Park Village Board has been unable to dispose of the bond jmaue of $100,000 voted at last: spring's election, as~Bo eapltalists seemed to want them at only five per went interest. The Board has decided to hold ® spe ¢lai slection on July 12 asking the tax payers to adopt a resotution giving the Board the right to pay'an interest not to exceed «it. per cent. \It in. thougtit that the bonds may be aold at 64. par cent. Bide for Isylng . sldewalke ware et seedingly 'close. this year, more ao than aver hetore. There were: foor this, two at P4 cents per «quais foot,-and two at 38 cents.

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