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ompices: Review 44 Bo. Main Prosport h , Observer mum-fumi- § “mg-nun.“ f maweraren € -s! awl?” gur Incerporated NEWSPAPER tor Nassam County for Cut“ . tn Court of-United States for Rastern Diariet of New York. Entered st the Post Offce at Freeport, N. Y., a second class mall matter, undor Act of March 1, 1879. Subscription, $5 per year in advance. Single coples, two cunts. SAVE THOSE TREES Hockville Centre Village Trustees + have decided to abolish the perennial + puddle that gives much annoyance at Park avenue and Observer street., The solution of the problem as the Board sees the matter, is to change the grade and lay a proper gutter in Park avenue, west side, from Observer street to Merrick road, there con» necting with the pfosent surface water sewer. 'The one objection to this is the H mecessity for removing trees. Eight large shade trees that truly beautify Park avenue in this block, will have to be cut down if the present plan goes into effect. The pool of stag- mant water should go, but those trees should be saved. According to plans the village will have to pay several hun- dreds of dollars for destroying the beauty of this important section of h the village, £ 'This seems like a needless sacrifice. It the proposition were to spend a present like amount to provide large shade trees where none exist, as for in- |» stance on the Village avenue side of C the same block, there would be cause *, for congratulation. -~ - bow The seven fine old muples in Park u y kas sum «in Wi avenue and the eighth big tree in Merrick road are just outside the sidewalk lime. To lay a cement gutter as proposed, will necessitate removal of these eight ornaments to the village. 'There are no trees on the other side of the street. Removal of these (Fees will leave Park avenue, so far as that} block is concerned, as bare as an ocean beach. Surely it is not too late to re- consider. There are other ways in which this work can be done, probably be done at lower cost than the plan that has thus far had approval. And the trees C A N be saved. fuels It can The big \dry reservoir\ at Rock- ville Centre has been waiting for years for some real use. Every little while some suggestion crops out, with the reservoir' property as the basis, but Fate ueems to be consistent there, for the reservoir that gever hold water doesn't seem to hold any- thing else. --g-- LOWER GAS COST _ MAY R Everytime they have a Plant trial real news has to suffer. In appealing to the Public Service Commission for reduction of the gas rate in the territory served by the Nassau & Suffolk Lighting Co., the town and village officials will have ready encouragement from users of the gas service. Basing the appeal on the reduction of cost of materials and labor, and the statement made officially for the gus company some months ago that prices to the consumers would be re- duced if conditions warranted such change, the public seems,to have a good case at this time. At all.events the village and town oflicials who make an attempt to low- er the cost are working in the peo. ples interests. If it be shown that the gas company cannot afford to lower the price, the public will be ratisfed, but the patrons are entitled to know the facts. ___ DRAMA - By ROBERT BOUTELLE Next Monday, \John Ferguson,\ with a new cast in part, will resume its run The big question was, \How many meals did Plant and Barbuti eat on Sept. 16, 19192\ Sept. 16 was movin' day ull around for those fellers. Cropsey for Mayor of N. Y.? Sure thing they won't need any street clean- ers then. Me'll clean up the town alone. Po OUR ADVTS. \Wanted ~- A girl for downstairs 'work.\-It's a good chance to work up, maybe. - Court convened to try Bonus Case. Merc's hopin' the jury will be the only ones that are out. We need the Jack and cannot find, A single soul to loan us; It's really up to Uncle Sam, To slide along « bonus. 1. Tt. T. plans wage cut for 12,000 employees, 'The subway guys are un derpaid anyway. Oh, golly, what a pity, The girls of Zion City, Will have to wear long horrid skirts When nether limbs are pretty. * Man claims his wife tried to drown him in a bathtub. He would have been at the Belmont Theatre under the| \por-slain' then, ch? maniagement of the newly organized . Repertory Theatre Company. J. M. A Sing Sing prisoner lands a 17-pound fish through the bars, Makes a little money. \cell-ing\ fish. Kerrigan, who acted Jimmy Caesar in Englind, and last seen as the grand- father in \Itollo's Wild Oat,\ will take over the part of Cacsar for the first time in America. | Dudley: Digges will rejoin \Litiom'\ at the Fulton, playing his original role. of Sparrow, which Henry Travers has been acting since that play moved from the Garrick, The French are great gamblers and will try anything onee, even the former Kaiser. Why not try him by cable while Judge Cropsey is going strong. Venus fooled the city fellers in N. Y. the other noon. Cheer up, breathren, Venus has fooled 'em all the way from Hicksville to Athens, Georgia. Although Leo. Ditrichstein will con tinue to play \Toto\ next season on tour, he plans to appear for two weeks only in July in a new play which he hax adapted from i fareign source. The production will be made in association with Lee Shubert. You will have to hand it to George Cohan. He bas shut up \The Tavern,\ \The Meanest Mun in the World,\ \Mary\ and \The O'Brien Girl.\ For the first time in the higtory of Shubert attractions it is possible to purchase tickets for a performance at a theatre other thar the one in which the attraction 'is playing. Last week the Shuberts opened a box office at the Winter Garden for the exclusive sale of teketw to \The Last Waltz,\ the popular Strauss musical comedy running at the Century. Two women and a road house, that's a pretty good record. [FRANK 'They called it \Peck's Bad Boy,\ only \bad\ did not tell the tale, Commencement Day is near at hund, Now come the days of clover, Why do they say \Commencement\ When the darned old school is over. \Miss Lulu Bett\ having run on a few added weeks on the strength of the Columbia prize awarded it, Is at last billed to leave town on Saturday. C. M. J. ---+ LETTERS TO EDITOR Editor The Daily Review. Sir-Por the past three weeks I have noticed articles in your paper in rela- tion to a fiveyeamold child who was permitted to unlawfully perform in a theatrical exhibition in the Village of \The Green Godiess\ at the Booth, and \The Bat\ at the Morosco, seem to be surviving the hot weather with the abandon which characterized the first year of \'Lihtnin' which is now entering upon its third summer at the Galety. THINKING STRAIGHT 7 We are all interested in that Mer- rick leader of young people who de. cides it is as helpful to hold a Sun- day evening service on the ocean beach as It would be to stick to the + church building. w \God's In His heaven; \ with the world.\ Which commandment is it that ~mays:- \Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's luck at fishing?\ all's well 4 You don't hear any objection to daylight saving fromf Merrick. Base ball toams play there overy Tuesday mnd Thursday evening and the fans a as well as the: players enjoy the Daylight saving makes this ** >- possible, -- Mon who run in the races and join In the éontests wre not the only omens Vis ©, who help to mnke a fremen's tour v nament useful and enjoyuble, Port 7, Wushingtou's satisfactory results this v week were promoted to a large dogree O by Neighbor Simon, who. was in wharge of the pubMelty. ___ .=. waza M \NH# man who has a motor car and a of has a hurd time thes days Aadimg a shore front plo- nice apot where privacy can be -on» Joyad: There. wey thousands 'more - dust like (tilin,\ Lepl. on \the came \Irene the musical comedy record? maker,-las hung up the departure sign, dating it« removal from the Vanderbilt for Saturday night. Freeport on the 28th of May. The Penal Law of the State of New York clearly prohibits the singing and danc- Ing of a child under the age of sixteen years in a theatrical exhibition unless given for the benefit of a .church or wchool. I regret that I was not advised in time to prevent this exploifation of @ child. An act of this kind undoubtedly pleases an audience that attends the theatre simply to be amused and not to take Into consideration th detrimental ®ffeets \upon the ehild. Lot us for a moment consider it from a humani- tarian standpoint. To quote your article of May dist: \This wonder act would perhaps be better all the way If they would not put raw jokes into the mouth of the little tot,\. And again quoting from your article of June 6th: \It wam not until whe was two years old that who broke into. the 'two a day' the United Beoking Office.\ .Just - \The Gold Diggers\ will reat after a two-year term Saturday evening. Bam. H. Harris ham one hot weal defier in \Nice People,\ the Rachael Crothers comedy at the Klaw Theatre. 1t shows no signs of shrinkage despite the «pproach of July, Dunsany's melodrama \A Night At An Inn\ is receiving another Broadway iry-out at the Punch and Judy Theatre, where it precedes. the Neighborhood Playhouse production of ''The Marle: quinade,\ Quite the event of the scason in one- uct plays !s the appearance of Ethel Barrymore at the Pulace Theatre this week and next in Barrlo's 'The Twelve: Pound Look.\ niid think of the drifing and the torture that mm this poor must bave born Fenasard put through. of what \two a Miss Wleanor Slime who is training in means to a full grown adult lot Philadelphia to be a nurse came on a child of her tender years. Think for her sister's graduation at St, Mary's traveling from clty to city during achool, late hours of the night, and again s , wi. we m «he :M,unmm: at the home of his daughle? MFK WObjyoygpoys, And al of this for What? Stanly Eckert. Not for her own beaeflt or amusement, Mra. George Biahop of Ninth street toe. the: trane . er the memumgwfirm‘ that “ammo-pm.“ ,m,‘!!'-\\‘\\\\\' Charles T. Chinervert of the Gardon Provont them from \proparog them City Motel has gone to St. Louls on a[#@Iyes for an benorable and \ profesiion. Wa are told of great actors “fixm‘mwuuw Neb In the thautres wom. children, A however, which Wiles Allon Former of Niith mute a few years ago of 1390 per. tussed from the New- 1 woue who \had been employed on the Naw Jerkey Wediceday shign when thay were under the age of gp fern yrarn; that only five ware! mflhmmnnmbwmwwas “Mm-m ut) Oftem years! Of thiss, waly tion for the profemsion for him to work in a factory in preparation for industrial life. dangers to such a child are fully as great, if not greater, than to the im- mature little being who goes to the workshop to perform a man's task while his bones are still soft and his body not fully formed. But, because a child is frequently the most attractive person- allty in a theatrical cast to an unthink- Ing public, we do not hear the same popular protest against the child on the stage that we do against the child in the factory. The laws prohibiting the performance of children on the stage are more or less successfully enforced in most of the municipalities where there are active societies for the prevention of cruelty to children. In urban communi- ties such as Nassau, Westchester and like counties, offer such parents as the parents of the child your paper speaks of, have an opportunity to exploit their children unhindered. However, I trust that within a very short time Nasau County will be considered an unsafe place for the parent who exploits his child. Very. truly. yours, FoR THE PREVENTION OP CRUELTY TO CHILDREN, NASSAU COUNTY, INC. PRESTON B. CHAPMAN, Superintendent. June 16, 1921 ___ HEMPSTEAD'S PROGRAM FOR FOURTH OF WLY TO COVER TWELVE HOURS Hempstead, June 17.-Commnittees in charge of the Community Celebration for the Fourth of July have arranged w program. that will fill the day with some event from carly morning until late at night. At 9:30 a. m. there will be a parade with every organization in the village in line. At 11 a. m. there will be a public meoting in Fulton Park. with good speakers and music. The meeting will close with a reading of the Declara« tion of Independence. At 180 p. m. the Fire: lepartment will hold the regular contests on Ful ton avenue. At 3 p. m. the general athletic events will take place. 'These events will be open to any resident of the village and unyone desiring to participate in any of the events can secure entry blanks from the chairman of the athletic com- mittee or from any member of the fire department. At £30 p. m. the fireworks exhibition will begin. The display will open with the discharge of a number of bombs containing \daylight?. works. The arrangements in force last year will be effective again this year. All persons who contribute toward the ex- pense of the exhibition will Ireceive of acknowledgment entitling them to a reserved automobile parking space at the fireworks exhibition. Con- tributions may be sent to W. L.* Pow- ers, Terrace avenue, Hempstead, 'or left with N. W. Jones, Inquirer office, book store, Main street. There will be another hlock party under the auspices of the fire depart- ment on Saturday evening, June 18, at Jackson and Main streets. The pro- cceds for the Soldiers' Memorial Fund. HEMPSTEAD Mrs. A. C. Robinson of New York spent Monday visiting frienda in Hemp» stead. cards or Mrs. HRuiph Forman of Fulton ave: nue is spending a few days at Asbury Park. Miss Lavinia Bacon of West Hemp: stead has purchased a new Ford sedan. Frank Mollineaux has broken ground for two bungalows next to the property of Jathes Small on Fulton street, Went Hempstead, Dr, E. C. Dahimiye has reopened his dental offices after a two works' vaca- ® A. 'W. Brierlcy's real extate agency has sold a plot 100x100 northwest cor- ner of avenue building secupancy on the premises. f The 'second annual dinner of the Men's Association Church wil be held on Thursday evening, June When old men Discount Checks The discount check j | system now in opera- tion in Rockville Centre is a most practical | . method of stimulating business. It is likewise f a practical way of sav- Ih » ing money - Get the children busy and see how «fast they accu- mulate. | Read what the checks 3 say - that tells the | whole story. I ! - Bank of - t Rockville Centre | tus Ocern Side Appreciates Services Centre, June 17.-A letter from Sanford Story, Chief of the Ocean Side Fire Department, was recelved by the Village Board last night, in which the Chief expressed thanks for assis- tance rendered by the Fire Departinent and Police Departinent, at the Ocean Side Scheol fire. LEGAL ADVERTISING SUPREME COURT-NASSAU COUNTY x Albert D. Haft, Plaintift, -ugainst- : Harry Fitzbarris and Thomasine Pitcharrls, bis wife, Wiliam : 11. Wels and Anna C. Wells. : his wite, and Hossio Baron, : Detenda ---x susnce of m Judgement of foreclosure and male, made and entered in the above entitled action. beating date the 13th day uf May, 1921, I. the undersigned. the referce In said Judement named, will well mt public auction, at the rotunda. of the County Court House ut Mincolm, Nazsau County, New York, on JULY omi. asm at 10 A. M; the premises directed by. auld Judgement to be sold, and therein described as. follows: ALI thase certain lots, pirces or parcels of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, and known am lots numbers one hundred.. thirty-ste (136), one hundred thirty-seven (137). one hundred thirty-eight (138). mnd the rear 20x20 feet of lots num- bers one bundred thirty-nine (139) to one bundred forty-three (143) both incluaive, In Block five ($), on \\Map of Woodlawn Ter- race, Section No. 2, Rockville Centre, Long Intund, Town of Hempstead. Nassau County, New York', said promimes being more par ticularly bounded and described as follows BEGINNING t a point on the northerly aide of Stevens Strect. distant westerly. sixty (60) feet, from the corner furmed by the in- terscction of the northerly aldo of Stevena treet with tho westerly mide of McMurray Street: running thence northerly along the wontorly line of lot 136 one hundred (100) feet; thence westerly along the southerly line uf lots 165 and 114 eighty (80) feet; thence mt right amglos to Ateven® Street ome. hundred. (100) feet. to Stevens Street and thence easterly mlong the northerly. sid of Stevens Strebt. clghty (86) feet to the point or place of beginning Dated. May 18th, 1921 JEROMG R. MCDOUGAL. Referee Maff & Farrington, Attorneys for Plaintiff, 360 Fulton Street, Jamaica, N. Y. NOTICE To CREDrTORS Purswant to am order of HON LEONE D HOWELL, Burrogate of the County of Naw sau, motlce is sereby given to all persons having claim . minat Smith F, Pearsall late of Freeport, in the sald county, de ceased, to present the same with the vouch era thereof, to the subscriber the executor of the Imst Will and Testament of mmid de ceased. at her piace of transacting busines at the oflce of Bdwards & George, Freeport, Nasswu County, New York, ou or befors the 10th day of August next. Dated, Mineola, N. T., January ?7. 1921 MARGUERITE A. PEARSALL Executor. EDWARD & GEORG®, Attorneys for Executor, 1-7_ Railroad Avenue, Freeport, New Tork. NOTICE To OREDTbO®S Pursuant to an order of Hon. LEONE D ROWLL, Burrogmte of the County ef Nas: smu. notico is hereby given to all persons baving claims. against . Inte of Rockyilie Centre, in the said county, decenmed, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, the Rz scutor of the last Will and Testament of said deceased, at her plecn of tramancting business at the ofco of Wright & Wright, Rockville Centro. Naw York, on er befon the 15th day of eptember next. .Duted, Mincoin, N; Y., February 24, 1921. MARY E. Tilist, whiout & wrigut, £§~--fi at...“ of of the aflb persons oats i Yfl‘fifnw % a 160. 1981. an order of Hon. Lewis I. Manmmww of the County of Nassau, motioe is hereby given to all persons having claime against nOE o'BYENE late of If ri. in the sald county. deceased, to present same with the vouchers there: piace of transacting business Goods, Chattele and Credits which were deceased, at their place of transact» business mt 136 Whaley Street, Freeport, Mew erk, am or hefore the Cwarues 8. HaTks, Attorney for Administrators, \nrogs. N. T. car Nerice To Ckmormers Pursuant to an order of HON. LEONE D. HOWELII Surrogate of the County of Nas- mau. notice ts hereby given to all persons Raving. clatme saut Arthor Paul Hammend 4mie of Rockylle Centre, in the ma de@azed, to present the asume vouchers thereof, to the T chat ministrator of the goods. ftm which were of maid deconsed me lle place of tranmmeting business at t# ofice of Wright & Wright, Rockville New York, on or before the Srat day of August next. Dated, Misovia, N. Y., Jammary 16 1921 WILLIAM ®, LUYSTcR, Aw County Treasurer of Namsau County. Administrator. WRIGHT & WRIGHT. Attornera for Administrator, Itockville Contre, New York. meee NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of HON. LEONE D. HOWELL, Surrognte of the County of N imu, notice is hereby given to all pers having claims against Mary E. Powers late of B n, in the amid county, decensed, to present same with the vouchers there- of, to the subscriber the adminiatrator of the goods, ebattels and credits which were of said decersed, at his place of transacting business at the office of O'Brien, Boardman, Parker Fox, 120 Broadway, New York Glut on or before the 10th day of September next Dated, Mineola, N. Y., February 21, 1921. WALTER ®. POWERS O'BRIEN, BOARDMAN, PARKER & FOX, Attorneys for Administrator, 120 Broadway, New York City. amma NoTick Te CEEptro®s Purmuant to an order of HON. <own Surrogate of the County of Nar imu, noflon la hereby given to ail persons waving claims against Prescett A. Sherer ate of Garden City, in the maid county, do- mated. to present the same with the vouch im thereof, to the subscribor the executor if the inst Will and Testament of mald do- wared, mt her place of transacting. business it the office of Phillp Huntington, Clty: of Jen Cove, New York, on or before the Srat lay of May ne Dated. - Mineo! LEONE D. l N. Y.. October 14. 1920. Eau uucra Executor eHTLIP HUNTINGTON, Attorney \for Executor, Post Ofice Bullding, City of Glen Cove. N. T. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of Hon. Leone D Howell, Surrogate of the County of Nassau, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against ADELGUNDE L. SCHLAEFREIDT, also known as Adcigunde Sont, late of Free- port, in the said county, . to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber the administrator of the goods. chattels and eredita which were of said de- at the offiee of Seabury, Seamaif and Gehrig, Hempstead, New York, on or before the 201 day of next. Dated, N. Y., March 8, 1921, ILMA A. WALKER, Administrator. Seabury, Seaman & Gebriz, Attorneys for Administrator, Hempstead, New York SUPPLEMENTAL CITATION PHE Of THE STATE OF NEW york:- To 'The Denver: Hospital for Consumptives; The Eagleville for Conmunp tiven; Park: & Pollard Company and J. Athol Marcus: Upon the petition of Guaranty 'Trust Com- pany, 140 Broadway, Now York City and Rameraida E. Marcus, of Lawroiton Avenue, Long Heach, Nammau County, New York, You and, ouch of you aro hersby clted to show érume before our Surrogate at: the «ounty of Nessaw, at the Murrneate's Courl of mid County, held at the County Court House, at Mincols, In the County of Nami eventh day of June, 1921, at nine velock in the forenoon of that day, why the aveounta of amid Gomranty Trust Company and Remeraida E. Marcum, am executory of the Lant Will und Testament of Mar- cum, decorsed, Inte of Long Bowcb, County, should not be judicially: settied a attowed. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caumed the «eal of the , Court of mid County of Nasemu: to be hereunto aftzed, EDWIN W. WEgks ot the Burrogate's Court. PRINCE & NATHAN, to an order of D. Howell, Mowe), Surrogate of County of Naniu... notloo in hehaby givet to all persone having clime int 1k. 22.1. 18 present m\...— with the Mdfl-flfiflrfifi n which were af dil C3 m transscting bustsens at i'l‘. a for Administrator LEGAL ADVEETISNG NOTICE TO Ca®piTO®S to as order of HON. LEONE D. Rockville Centre. in the said county, to vee same with the thereat,. to the subscribers the ex- of the last Will and Testament of dun-11A“ f trammmoti inors office fl‘flL-Q at: pano fat a aat next. N.Y. 'm‘ t, ing1, WILLIAM ®. PRAGUE FRANK Davison, , WALLACE a ratTEmson, atorm \roy bru Ii}?! NOTICE To Ckxpitors Pursusnt to an order of Hon. Lewis 3 Bmith, County Judge and Acting Surrog of the County of Nussau, notice in hereb given to all perons baving claims against EMILY THOMPSON, late of Rockville Centre, in the maid county, deceased, to present the same . with . the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber. the exec- utor of the last Will and Testument of s« inp (xx-um“ In? Tranamoting busi- a tin A.. Soringated, Loubrook, New. York, on or before the frst daz of June next. Dated, Mincaia, N. Y., November 17, 1920. IRVING M. TMomrson Executor. MARTIN a. SPRING@TEED, ceator Attorney for Rxecutor. % Atlantic Aveous, Lonbrook, N. T. NOmICk To Pursaant to an order. of Hon Mowell, Surrogate of the County. of 3 fulice Is hereby given to wll persona laine CHARLES GoLn Lom late ont Kant Meadow, in the suid cou deceased. (o present the same with the vouchers therout, to the subscribers the executors of tho lsat will and testament of suid deceased. at thoir ”Jun of transucting. business at. the wilco of Nidney 1. Hwerey, Preeport, New York, un or before the 16th day of Noveinber next Dated Mineola, N. Y., May 5. 1931 + winuerrt varbewarin ELIZABETH Excoutore. it swezey, more Altarn=y | for Executors, Prosport Bank: Bulldin Froepoct, N. Y. NOmiC® OF ANNUAL Erk NCorpoRATED VILLAGE or Lona LONG BEACH, N. v. NUTICE 18 HEREBY GIVES (hat the an nual election of the officers rated Village of Long Beach, New bo held in the Village Hall on Park Si Lou Beach, New York, on. the tist DaY Om JUNE, isu, betweon the hours of T w. om aud Nomo. and | at auch election . the . following uicors wre to be elected. OMcern Term Prosident - i+. To dune, qu2t One Treasurer .... To dune, 1922 One Collector, To dune, 142% One Trustee .. To dune, 1923 Oue Trunteo . : 'To June, 1923 Dated, June 16, 1921 wibbraat an rncysoups Villago President AGNES BRACKEN, Village, Clork umm County coukt. Nassau county 222222 In the Matter of the Applicaton uf the Board of Education of Union Prom School Diatrict No # of the 'TTown of Hempaterd for the condemnation uf cortain land in the Village of Freeport. Town of Hempstead. known a» the \Freeport Cemotary,\ . for sehool . purpores To all lot owners In T L tery and tn wll owners: of reverstonury. dnteres(s and to all other. person having: way. right. tth interest or elim In «r upon. the whote or. any part of the tand. wnd. now s. the ' ® wto Pre how s NOWICB I8 HERGHY GIVEN. The tho Bownd of Giduewtion of. Union: Free: School District Number: Nine of tho Towa. of Hemp ntoad. will present to the County Court of Nasmwu County. at the County: Court Hows, In Mineoin, Nassau County, N. Y. on tha Ind day of July. 1981, at 16 o'clock in the forenoon of that dry, or wa mon thercn(inr «s counsel ean be heard. a petition now on Mle In the office of the (Clork of the County of Namsau, pursuant to. the provisions of Chapter 108 of the Lawn of 1921. prosing for the appointment of Ohree to «ppraire the damage for the tnking of the fee or reversionary estate. or both, and all right any person or persone in that parcel of or property commonly known. #> the \Freeport Cemetary! wituate, Ting th the Village of Freeport, County und State of New York. and by North by Pine Street and 1 of Phillin Nickeleborg. Charlen 0. Niles nnd the Village of on the East by dw of Philip Nicketaberg, Church Btrect and lind of Firat Presbyterian Church of Freeport, on the South by land of the Prowbyterlan Church of Fresport wnd landr of Ur. 6 Farce Witmer, George V.. Blot, Franklin Bedell and Framk Tinney, und on the Went by land of the Board of Education of ( Free School TDirtriet No. % of the own of Ifempstead, and will than and there move for an order in mccordance with the prayer of much petition, Dated. Freeport, N. Y. May 13th, 1971. By order of the Hoard of. Nit eation of Union: IPree. Bchoo! Dir triet No. 9 of the Town of Hemp ated. 8, MABEC, Clork No. 11982 -Ofce of-- TRBaspry Durantaiser ComPPROUUER or Tk Cur@iney , b. C., Aurit f. 1901 WHEREAB, by antisfactory evidence ure- sented to the undersigned, It bas been minds to that Wier NAmomAL BANK or ROOHEVELT* In the Vilage of Roosevelt in the Count» of Nummai mad thats of New York, ham com- piled with @i the provisions of the Mtatutes of (he United BMtates, required to be: cum plied with before an wesolution sball be wutharized to commence the business of NOW THEREFORE I, D. It. Crisstnger. Comptroller of the Currency, do hereby car- tify that *The Wntlemal Menk of Ressevelt\ in the of Roossvelt in the County of Nassau and Mtate of New Tork is authorized to commahen the of Nanking as vrovided in Beetion Fifty one hundred sixty #4 'the Revised Miatutes of the Tailed me WHEREOF wine my hand mnd Bex! of ofice this seventh day of Aoril, 1921. D. R.. (Beal) Comptrolier of the Currency.

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