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SEES FULFILLMENT N CHRISTIAN SCIENCE gation in Church at Hemp- nui—L-fiAm-d-m 13.-Christian Sci- t ence, what it is and what it does were Wbasly described in a lecture delivered at the First Church of Christ Scientist, Franklin street, Saturday, by Samuel W. Greene, C. 8., of Louisville, Ky. His | subject was \Christian Science, the Re- lion of Fulfilment.\ The-Jecturer was introduced by Jules | J. Richon, who said: \The fact that everyone present this | \¥Vening has come to listen to a lecture on Christian Science is an indication that to some extent, and in some way, exch one of us is interested in this subject. This is not surprising, since Christian Science teaches us about God #Bd our relation to Him. Possibly, at no time in the history of the world has there heen a greater need to under- present God who 'healeth all wthy \In our daily walk of life we gre! onstantly having thrust . before . us, hrough the press, in business and on he street, the picture of a stricken | orld and a suffering humanity. On| I1 sides there seem to be discord, atrife, want, and the like. When one *begins to reason he cannot for a mo- ment believe that God, whom St. John efined as Love, would cause or create uch a world. We are all led to desire | more harmonious world. \Mrs. Eddy says on page 170 of Sci ence and Health with Key to the Scrip- 'Spiritual causation is the one question to be considered, for more! than all others spiritual causation re- latex to human progress. 'The age weems ready to approach this subject, tw ponder somewhat the supremacy. of Spirit, and at least to touch the hem of Truth's' garment,' \Foreseeing this day when we all would desire 'to know a world more bright,\ Mrs. Eddy provided numerous channels whereby we could satisfy this | desire. Chief among these, she estab lished the Board of Lectureship. It is our privilege this evening 4o hear a member of this Board, whi is well qualified to explain Christian Setence and what it teaches about God and His creation. \I therefore take great pleasure in | Introducing Judge Samuel W. Greene, C. S., of Louisville, Kentucky, member of the Board of Lectureship of 'The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass.\ Judge Greene's lecture was, in part, as follows: \What the world is wanting-is seek. | Ing-is a religion that comes to the F sick and tells them how to he well; that comes to the discouraged and de.| wpondent and lifts them out of the| slough of despair and despond into the | richness, into the fullness, into the joy of a closer walk with God. Christian Bclence supplies this need, through the | spiritual interpretation of the Bible and | __the consequent spiritual understanding of God; and enables the world to find a the rest and the peace that are prom: | I'lsed by the Master. \Christian Science comes teaching. in the very words of Jesus of old that the j kingdom - of _ God, - the kingdom -Hmvpn is at hand-is here, is now, | within us, around us, and about us. Through the practice and understand- Ing of this teaching of Jes®, men and women. in constantly increasing | numbers are healed of all manner of sickness and sin, and their lives are made brighter, better und more satisfy ing. I \The theory that eternal life and! r happiness are to be had beyond the | grave only, has always been a de-} pressing element in religion. Chris. tian Sclence shows that men do not | have to wait for death or a final jude I ment day, before realizing and ex. | periencing the joy of the fulfiliment of God's promires. Lotka of | Istry is not a patent cure-all, nor in it blind faith cure. It is not the action of will power, nor.is it the action of the human mind, On the contrary, it | teaches that the human mind must | yield to the divine: Mind, to that Mind which was also in ChHst Jesus. In proportion | that Christian Science . is understood, the life and words . of Christ Jesus become practicable for all _Aen and all people, \Maybe you are a teacher, then go @nforth to your school seeing the chil. \T dren not as disobedient; rude, mis- wohlavouu or unintelligent. | Shall | we :hol rather see them as thoughts of : God's goodness. . Love, and reflecting a the Intelligence of 'the divine Mind? «i You have no right . to limit - a \ child's intelligence when 'God has not. « You can see how these uplifting @ thoughts will change your entire out \Alook and make a new school-one that w/will- bless you, the children and all umnnnd % | \Perhaps some of you are workers in y) Other lines-Clork\ or - proprictorn . of \ storen. M\ \It does not mnko any difference in »working God's way about one's rank, - whom\ he be clerk or proprictor. The pronu- businasa: or work for him in sy either . in to prove God and ® Hin Then . do not see the C business an so many selfish clerk® to a Be handled or as a cruel \bom: to be |__ =tidealt -with; or as so much material to C be shown<to customer, then put on nu shelvee duy after day. Resoive wil | nnm business Into thoughts of God,. ex- | preasiona of . Gods goodness, Godly ulvvu exalting ' to blean clerks proprie. |_ «dare, customers and all mankind. -To C wait on customara is addad opportunity “any afer day to show forth the good- - mess and lofe of, Ged whose ree fvlum you- nra. .It (thus méans oppor. C Hinity -to\. blass . sach 'customer and mean great joy-to you and to ! ~ tham 'Th syaiy wien, store ~ will Be. found old out af dats; pet it down, re Ciesivea It Into a, thought. of God's good D 0@® and love «lating (ts bless man Chait I% mast engisonc's need who | hes: shough | for | prevalent | ptomn, . 1 vine Mind direst you in| 1 | who saw service may communicate with Freeport, June 13.-A pretty outdoor | \birthday party was held on the lawn at 58 Henry street Sunday afternoon, when Isidor: Kramer, star newsle of The Daily Review, celebrated his 12th | birthday. | \Christian Science in it« healing min- | ~~~ disposing of it, and 'it will bless some one-it has its right place and through this process, that place can be found, \Christian Science is trying to teach men that for every human need they should look to God, to the spiritual and 'not to the material. 'There is nothing {in all God's creation to fear, for God [is Allin-all and one cannot fear God or good.\ . SOME SERVICE MEN DID NOT GET CREDIT Daily Review Desires To Clear Names If Error Has Been Made By the Government Freeport, June 13.-The slacker list published by the Federal government applicable to this section, contains names of men who are not known here and cannot be located. The name of Howard Haff, of 311 South Main street, appears on the list. | 'There is a Harold Haff on North Main atreet who is a member of the American | Legion and it is reported that there was a Howard Haff here about fifteen years mgo, but-That be left the village and hay not been back mince, Stephen W. Sprague, Roosevelt, of De Lisle uvenue, appears on the list | but a man by that name in Roosevelt served with honor 8. overseas. John Barbaro is the son of Mrs. Bar- in the forces of the U. haro, who keeps a little store on st Merrick road. He left here some time ago and it is not known whether he | registered or not. Other names on the list are printed in order that they might clear them- selver and have public notice made of that may exist. Any of the men named on the list ny: error The Daily Review at Freeport and note made of their service. s CHAMPION NEWSIE HAS PARTY TO CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY AT FREEPORT will be Many of his little friends enjoyed an afternoon of games and good things to ent, Among those present were: Imi r, Bertha Edith, and Fanny Kramer; Rddie assassa, Angeline Manisculo, | Iocco Antres, Isidore and Sarah Alber, Rosie and Rachel Forzitzer, Minnie Sherman, Mildred, Myrtle, Howard and) Christopher Reynolds, and Pred De Mars. mom aem, -Painters- Decorators - Paperhangers _ SOLOMONICK BROS. 1422 Willow Ave., Telephone 3740 Far Rockaway. Far Rockaway. Entimate- cheerfully given on reauast. Work Guarrantesd. HEMPSTEAD Phone 1664 DR. E. DAHL M AN SURGEON DENTIST CLOSED FROM MAY 26 TO JUNE 14 MADAME ANNETTE BUILDING TROLLEY JUNCTION | HEMPSTEAD TIN AND SHEET METAL WORKS ROOFS, GUTTERS and LEADERS Furnaces, Ranges and Heaters Installed and Repairea. D. HARRISON 165 Franklin Street. Phone §75-R. Hempscen4, L.. L REVIEW REPORTER HELD UP AND MIGHTY GLAD OF IT Freeport, June 13.-The Freeport horses, one named \Jamaica\ and the | other: \Ginger.\ | A dute was set for the Freeport scribe and bis missus to carry off Dolly (oi the beach as soon as she comes home, | where there will be days of frolic And, joe cream cones. -g The Review advertising service do partment will be glad to prepare copy for any advertiser that will prove to be sales argument-so good it may clinch the sale DR. RUNCIES 5. MILAN“ LAWN Freeport - June ,. 13.-The - 8D8CIOU8| office of The Dail vie lawn around the Merrick road home a!‘ ¥ Meview was entered Dr. William Hy Runcie was the scene! 64004 morning while the Freeport re- Saturday afternoon of a pretty birthday | PO\@\ was at work, and he was over- party celebrating the fifth natal day of powered without a struggle. As a mat- Gertrude Roberta Runcie, [ter of fact he did not show any signs Many of her little friends came \N of fight play on the grass and to eat loe cream | and other good things prepared by Gertrudes mamma. 'The afternoon was spent in having a wonderful time and little Mias Gertrude will hardly be able to wait for number six to come around.| Those present at the affair wer Jacqueline Nolan, Helen Connolly, The invading party was \Dolly Dum {plin\ Greb, the little star of the theatre universe, who will soon be home in Freeport to stay for the summer, . She called to present to the tickled-to-death soribe a kiss, and another upon leaving. Dolly off the stage in Just the dearest little tot imaginable and the heart she BFREY | PARQUET FLOORS Old Floors Rescraped and Refinished | ace and Walter Harrison, Roberta, Mar won Sunday mnd BENNETT AVE. & DARTMOUTH q1~ garet and Clarence Edwards, Harlan | '\ | ' ay morning is gone for good. Hempstead L. I. Streder, Mary Rita and Elizabeth Ann| O° two stage partners now, two Phone 479-R and John and Leo Halpin, Eloise King, | == - .- ! Gertrude Roberta and Janet Elinor,and | Doris Runcie, Helen and Frances Ny-| gren, Billy and Teddy Moran, and Peggy| Kremelberg. EFFECTIVE AT ONCE FORDSON TRACTORS REDUCED TO $625.00 F. 0. B. DETROIT Representing m Reduction of $165.00 # To Investigate All Postal Rates Washington, June 13.-Representative Longworth has introduced a bill topost- pone the increased postal rates on second class matter, pending. investiga- all postal costs and rates + g_ Cupid gets a lot of hard jolts, but he never to be discouraged over them. tion of | |= | seems This Indispensable Farm Implement is now within the reach of all IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The Ford Motor Company advises us that Ford cars Ukes our work for we take the same paint are now at the lowest possible figures and no further dress shirts, We shupe collurs Just richt, | reductions can be expected. and endeavor to maintain the highest por- | All indications point to an active demand in the early LAUNDRY WORK Spnng and the temporary shutdown of the Ford factor- ies will to some extent retard production. Why not at. \2m“ 2:1:le week and | It} order to have your car when you want it, it is ad- visable that you BUY OR ORDER NOW. We have a few cars on hand, but they will not last long when the rush starts. The following prices are quoted f. 0. b. Detroit. WITH SELEF-STARTER Runabout, $465.00 Touring, $510.00 Coupe, $745.00 Sedan, $795.00 Fordson Tractor, $625.00 WITHOUT SELF-STARTER Chassis, $360.00 Truck, (Pneumatic tires) $545.00 ( Complete line of genuine Ford Parts, accessories, tires, tubes I oils, grenses, etc., etc. REPAIRING AND OVERHAULING BY COMPETENT MECHANICS 1 W. T. HUTCHESON, Agent Salesrooms and Service Stations at Lynbrook and Mineola Fulton Ave. and Franklin St., Hempstead, L. I. THE PARTICULAR MAN likes our work for we take the same paing prove the merit of our work? Brayshaw Laundry‘ Bedell St. Phone 684 Hempstead Tel. 186. JUST TIME FOR LUNCH | That \'goneness\ feeling tells you so, and your watch confirms it. We are APPETITE CATERERS and will fix you up. The joy that attends good eating at this restau- rant is never clouded by embarrass- | $3.50 Each COCKERELS $35.00 Doz. '\Puritas S. C. White Leghorns\ ment when you pay your bill. Be wise and dim: hore. | Special Pen Mating Record 270-280 Eggs GALVIN'S RESTAURANT EIGHT WEEKS OLD-VERY SELECT 801 Front St., Hempstend p CENTRAL BOTEL Hatched at Puritas Springs, O. Breakfast, 7 to 9.30-Lunch, 656, 12 to 1 Dinner, 80°, 6 to 8 | H SPECIAL CHICKEN DINNER || * Bunday, 12 to 8, $1.00 A in Carte All Das wURNIERED ROOMS To RENT REAL HOME COOKING W. JENSEN Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. 5 Riverside Avenue At Freeport Auditorium ONE NIGHT ONLY Wednesday, June 15th, 1921 Peck's Bad Boy THE Baldwin Harbor Pharmacy Church St. and Milburn Ave. ~. BALDWIN HARBOR, L. I. IS NOW OPEN WITH A , Full Line of Drugs, Chemicals, Stationery, lose Cream, Candy and Cigars | Jack the Giant Killer NOT A MOVING PICTURE -== BUT PRESENTED BY - A Company of High Class Players 100 LAUGHS for the grown-ups as well as for the kiddies PRICES: 35c., §0c. and 75¢. Reserved Seats st Chubbuck's Pharmacy, Fresport, L. 1, FOR BUSINESS | Eoin ir innit a IMPORTANT REDUCTION IN THE { Running Cost « Your Car FULL INSURANCE AT COST Standard Automobile Mutual Casualty Co. SAFETY _ SATISFACTION _ SERVICE bO44444 | pletes For Rates and Full Particulars Apply Local Agent HOWARD E. PEARSALL FREEPORT, N. Y. % a 3 Railroad Avenue Telephone, 918 pyle edn lled mmmflxmfllmuMxlxmnmin‘xxmumx‘xjx‘ilmmxbxm‘nlwu'x WOMEN'S WEAR _ OF THE BETTER SORT a WAISTS _- DRESSES - SKIRTS g HOSIERY - CORSETS a SEID'S 26 MAIN STREET HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. -BRANCHES- FAR ROCKAWAY, N. Y. LONG BEACH, N. Y, 3 x MEWMKNMKIKIKNKINmwwmxmmflfimmxmmi Telephone, Freeport 1132-J Upholstering and Interior Decorating FAY AND FAY SPECIAL Mattresses Renovated $3.75 ~ STERILIZED IN OUR SANITARY PLANT APPROVED BY THE STATE OF N. Y. % lcker F urmture Re-Upholntennfi‘ Every Description e-Pamtmg of CUSHIONS SPECIAL E Window Shades / DRAPERIES CABINET MAKING POLISHING SLIP COVERS Our Sanitary Work Shops are Located at 48 South Main St., Freeport, L. I. TO ORDER Each 95¢ and up (UPSTAIRS) [(Opposite] Post Office - = Your Gas Problem Solved Florence Oil Stoves LYMAN N. JONES SPORTING GOODS MOTOR BOAT 5 South Main Street FREEPORT, N. Y., Telephone, 60 Freeport

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