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|- Page £ 1 al mental attitude on the part of the boys than mctwal preparation for fighting. The good features of the system may be carried on in other lines of effort and for the sake of the young manhood of the state it is carnestly hoped that it will be done. ; w=---_.----$.__._._ WAR GUILTY GO FREE A German court sitting in Germany has decided that the German command er of a submarine which sank a hospital ship is not guilty, because it .carried wounded soldiers and not wounded sail- ors which was the purpose for which it was intended. Of course from a German humanitar- jan standpoint it is permissible to kill but wounded sailor, .if it suits the purpose @ wounded soldier any time, a of those in high authority, is immune. The dignified court was very fair, then news despatches said, and the British representatives shook hands with the Judges when it adjourned. The additional reason for acquitting the submarine commander was that he was commanded by his superior officer to sink the hospital ship and its help- less cargo of human lives, and he was not to blame. The result is as we all expected. one is to blame. The Kaiser said it was Von Hindenburg. or Ludendort? or Yon Tirpitz or someone and they all said No that it was someone else who all said it was someone else ad infinitum. The acquittal of the war guilty will be the last straw. “Th't-y have found a Gorman sergeant guilty of © mistreat ment of prisoners and a captain has also been punished, although he said it was not his fault that an epidemic of sick ness broke out in his prison He took the camp, started after he left it. wrong plea. He should have blamed it on someone higher up. The guilty go free except for that vengeance that is the Lord's and He will repay. that. We at least can count on o-- LIBEL ON OUR HOME LIFE Just a little protest against the habit the playwrights seem to have formed of libeling. Long Island life. We might stand for it if it were founded on fact, but it isn't. Even the beloved Mary Pickford has let it come into her latest film.\ As rep- resented in the story a Long Island home is all set for conditions leading to divorce and worse. & We are inclined to believe that the screen star-manager did not mean to im: ply that that is the sort of thing that is going on in Long Island homes, for in fact she must know better. ~ It was Just in line with the Broadway Idea that Long Island is a good place to set that sort of life. It is high time to make a protest, Otherwise the public will begin to be: lieve It. a Oddly enough \Through the Back Door\ is the name of the film-play that gives this crrancous impression of Long Island life. For a few weeks the young people in the public; schools will: receive Atdre thin the usual amount 'of attention. Here in Nass County we haye\ gbou Ine reason: to be proud of: the young folk, TRAINING THE BOYS I Compulsory training of boys in: thisstate. in effect. woou work that wht prs tvely opposed and in were enese wotively fought by the public school inteneets and war kiled chisfy by the Such sist men\ competons to train the beys wore sawilling to give time to work without ~ _ TO GIVE PLAY AT \Cincinnati Ohio, June 4.-. James 8. Hastings, 53, humorist, known throughout , the country as 'Luke McLuke' died today.\ \LUKE MeLUKE® Another column marcher after a long victory hike along the News Turnpike has heard the commands Halt\- \Rest.\ As Luke Mcluke les down by the roadside he will be mourned by other buddies who pass along in other columns. CARPENTIER The sporting writer from afar, Will go to Jersey in a CAR After he is settled then He'll start in with his fountain PEN To tell his readers over here What he-saw-from the lowest TIER. The Domino Yacht Club of Patchogue is well named. Like the South Shore here, the accent is on the \shore.\ The Bonus applications Are ready for you sonny, In a month, or two, or three, They'll send along the money. The reason they call it a state bonus is because Towa. Ours will give a good \account\ of itself, you can \bank\ on that. False teeth for the poor is the latest London charity. Don't bite the hand that makes it possible. \Draft Beer Bill.\-Draft beer used used to be the 'best, even though it was a slacker, for- thirst. Canada may get Bergdoll for us. Yes, just come over. Quebec-kon him and he'll \Magicians dine and show their skill.\-Maybe. they made a drink out of a glass of water. The Germans and the doughty French, Are out of anaesthesia, To start a battle once again, In upper East Silesia, The Nude Cave Dwellers discovered near Berlin were only\ making a bare living. ' The bachelors among the Turks, No longer can they tarry, Since someone introduced a bill, That forces them to matry. + There qre 27 L. I. murderers await ing death in Sing Sing now. Gee, Long Island can furnish anything. AIN'T IT 802 When you get married and have nothing and want everything, buy a Love Nest bungalow. Right away the silent \H\ in \Alter\ comes to. the top. Everybody has an interest in you, payable every five minutes. 'The first 10 years are the hardest -but the op- says. \Owe 'this 4# the life?\ So many own the house that you will have company for: several years and you realize that the minister meant it when he told you to say \I due.\. Yen, verily. C. H. J. WEST HEMPSTEAD Miss Minnie Van Dohien attended the} Bible study, study of the pupil, meth- wedding of her 'cousin 'Miss Isabella od@ and: of terching and ad- n to Mr. Edward Hurley in| ministration. They are based on the Van Brooklyn Sunday evening. Wailer Box has the garage completed on his property at Fairlawn Park. As a matter of fact there was more of pbysical training and forming of proper Most boys think that when they are through school they are through study- ing. From then on they are going to work and mot look at a. book. unless its a story. It is possible to do this, of course, and occasionally succeed, but it is one of the best ways to stand still, In school there are all sorts of ways to study. 'We learn not only by reads ing but by practising, by watching the teacher or older scholars and by study- ing finished pieces. When we got out at work we sometimes forget that it is just as necessary to learn in al} these ways. 'We should study as much as possible from-beoks, watch exper- lenced workers, practice new pro- cesses every chance we get and by studying finished processes. This ap- plies to bookkeeping as well as farm ing, machine shop work and also sell- ing. What must I study? 'This is the first query, and one of the most he wildering. There are several ways to answer this question but first let me suggest one simple way. It will usually be possible to pick out some man ahead who knows what you must know to ad- vance, Do this and then either find out what books he depends on, such as the, \mechanics' hand book\ or ask him what books he would recommend for you to study. This does two things, In the first place it gets the good will of the man by implying that you think he knows his business and is able to advise and second it calls his attention to your work and your desire for ad- vice. Occasionally such a request will bring a rebuff but ordinarily it is very worth while. The next method of finding out what to study is to analyze to try and de- seribe the job-just what in the way of experience or knowledge it requires. This is called Job Analysis. (A blank ON THE JOB! _._ gamuel 8. Board Secretary of Vocations of the Y. M. C. A., Director of the United “Imam-“mm Watch for this department weekly. fully. The information is authentic It will pay you to read it cane which will help to do this will be mails ed to anyoue interested.) Not only should: such an analysis be made but it should be putin writing as far a# possible.. Such @ list of information meeded for a machine shop position might be as follows: 1. Machines used; (a) different makes, used for. 8. Products or products: (a) operations necessary, (b) time of operations, (c) value of products and cost of pro- duction. 3. Organizing of company: (a) make] Snow dance on Saturday evening, Junéi up of shop or departmemt-how many 4th. of eachkind, (b) relation to company, (c) general company policies. 4. Machine operation: (a) best meth- ods-why, (b) time, (c) personal require- ments of operators. If you are in a clerking position your 1. Goods sold: (a) varieties, (b) differ- ent brands, (c) uses. 2. Field: (@) class of buyers, (b) their territory, (d) No. of competitors. 8. Organization of company: (a) size and method of handling business, (manager, cashier, 3 clerks, etc..) (b) kind of concern, (corporation, partner- ship, etc.) (c) business policies. 4. Retail selling: (a) approach, making sale, (c) requirements. After such an analysis has been made it is much easier to go after your (b) it than without any method. Some- times it merely requires study of\ the & job itself. At other times extra read- ing will open the way and then again class work in some phase.of the prob- lem will be illuminating. You have intelligence, Use it. Apply the same thought to your job that you would to a game or even used to apply to your studies and 'it will pay you many times over. WILL TRAIN ADULTS TO TEACH CHILDREN IN SUNDAY SCHOOL No More Haphazard Work By Well Intentioned, Unfitted Instructors Under New Plan Rockville Nassau Centre, June 7.-Queens Sunday Schgul Association, whose nim is to promote a system of functional education in Protestant churches of Queens and Nassau coun- ties, contemplates establishing four schoots to instruct teachers and off- cors engaged in Sunday School work. The schools will probably 'be located in Mincola, Freeport, Jamaica and Elmhur An executive office is to be established in Jamaica, The organization desires to establish @ Bummer School on Long Island to train young people. It éxpects to ac- complish these purposes within a year, The success of the projects depends upon ability to raise a budget of $6,- 000. To. obtain revenue it is suggest- od that churches which are members of, the organization, pay at the rate of five cents m year. for cach enrolled Sunday School attendant, though it is not Intemded that the sum shall be con- strued as an assessment, nor is the payment. compulsory. Churches with wealthy congregations are. to be in- vited to contribute more liberally and thus help sustain weaker ones. Modern «Method of Instruction The method of instruction is an ad- vancemeht over the age worn plan of having kindly teachers, themsclyes un- trained except from: knowledge gulhied by reading, to temch children to in be- lef which is not always practised. The functional educational system will, through its schools, give four courses in religious education, namely, fundamental elements of knowledge, observation and- practise. \thstoad' of merely telling Sunday School scholars what they hall do, the plan is to give onch child some definite Honry Van Dohien, dr., new |service to perform, @#ranged to most Overland: Sedan, The regular Imecting of Victory Hose varioms stages of life, nnd. this teach cach what ought Ao be.dene to be im Christian, porraitting the boljef to fix and Co. will he held at the}itself through constant practise. schoolhouse this evening at 8. o'clock. Important b during the session, The regulasmooting of: the MonMtor|venrges, as they» There are A. 'C. will be held Friday .at. the horke aljout-490/BundayBchooln -In the {orri- of A. Hansen on Spruce street ut 8 p. m.| tory served by the marociation. connie il acon mats d., ROOSEVELT DRAMATIC CUB MERRICK Maorticle, 'Jtine 7.-The a comedy,. \The E/gpement of Melon,\ @n° Situmiay duns 11, for the. beneflp of~ Mercigk Mook, Lad dog pud (Engine Company. 3, in Fis {mate Mal, Camp a#enus. After the show Abeco wil. be dabcing ind Pefindhgments cxpemest thai inces will be brought up| member of the association or not, is Hirollor's | viaking | <churcher add gtving Ttwas | Dramatic Club Of win give Nedtices, Alodtrgted with inorera atin, Any Protestant church, whether. a lo be pesniltted to send as many Sun- day Bchwol workers to 'attend. the ills fey. (Arthur Porter,; of the Bethiny Compregationai Church, Kast Rockaway,in Director of Religious Biu cation, under whose. Jurisdiction much of 'this work. will _come, -He: is now acca Tne epeoific. @ra¥ity jof. cast 24g, while Abotcof Gusty brane di: #00, Jan manly: one-fifth seine | sina Ui to- the Bme:of the Revelation | eee wi8 mage thot ard rpg Un | belle Miss Beatrice Post, jam Miss Leonie Coudert afd 'Mrs. [turesque Italian costume. wowing \an mppondicltte ope stign; bait In geodbering nlooly to the grallfication of \ibe (rieds | Damon < #mith - and -hid 4 wihan! of visited 567. | pmz‘uflmwt'fl 16.7. {130 Mbuminot i GARDEN FETE AT ROSLYN FOR MILK FUND FOR ITALY Roslyn, June 7.-An. Italian garden party to. be: given for the benefit of free milk for Italy and also in tribute to Queen Elena of Italy, is to take place on Sunday, June 12, on the lawns of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Henderson's country place, Villa Marina, Booths of the garden party will be arranged like a street in an Italian fair de lut This street is to be called the Boule: vard des Italiens. Woodland dancing by girls, garbed like dryads, the putting contest, the swimming pool matches, the marquee, where tea will be served, the dancing pavilion will be but a few of the at- tractions. It has now been decided not to have an evening session, but to hold the gar den party in the afternoon alone. Lawn dancing under the direction of Desires Lubowska, who with her band of girls will make sudden appearances from the woods every half hour or so, 'in. solo or in groups, fnd give brief pastoral and qlassic dances on the lawn before the big audience, is to be a feature. There will be 50 program girls. Among them, with Miss Maud Burnside and Miss Frances Ziefler, heading the special committee are; Miss Charlotte Osgood, Miss Elise Mrs. Buchanan Schley, Miss Gordon Craw- ford, Miss Catherine Turck, Miss Jetta Goudal,. Miss Margarette Sammis, Miss Harictte Sammis, Miss Marie Frugone, Miss (Margaret Power, Miss Lorna Mallison, Miss Ethel Hayes, Miss Isa- iss Dorethy Macready, Miss Frances Bugene Valle. Miss Belle Beach, equestrienie, will well programs on horseback, and during the day she is to ride in a very pic- | \Mrs. Frank C. Henderson heads the committee of the afternoon. WANTAGH A daughter was born to Mr. afd Mrs. Ned Waiten, of Hempstead, last Tuos- day, Mrs, Walton. was Miss: Halen Place of Wantagh. children are fwhéars thg an exorcise \In -His Steps' for OhMdren's Day, Juno P Pians have been made for the “any School parade, to be held at Bélimore, June 26, 'The graduation exercises of-the Wan- tugh school will be held at the Parish House on Friday evening, Juno 34 Wilitam Coron who has bec. i Scarlet fever ds imprbying. spe erence egen BALDWIN | of Chartes dealop J H1 tronitie , fol Charles Lntreen. won Taersen 'the reel estate bs Contre of pe naines of parts, (c) thi they are have moved to Wantugh where. they im nes purchased a home on Park avenue. Mr. McGee bought his house through @ Daily Review advertisement. bred in Canada as a source of supply of meat and leather. outline might run something like this; Nard hitter will wear out a racquet tm a week or so. information and find out where t0 get Re that you' R yous 'The Bellmore Club held a Phoebe Reindeer and musk oxen aro to be A lawn temmis player who is at all a Only the incompetent persons object Parrish & Company Members New: York Stock Exchange Philadelphia Stock Exchange «-NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA GARDEN CITY HOTEL D Wire Communication CAREFUL INVESTORS Those who want the largest returns consistent with -- tibsolute safety afe buying the new stock issue of COOKE FAUCET WORKS, Inc. JAMAICA, NEW YORK A substantial Company with more than twenty. years growth and achievement back of it. CAPITALIZATION Authorized ...................: $1,000,000.00 Par Value $10.00 All Common Stock. Full Paid and Non-Assessable. Free of Bonded Indebtedness. The following names give unquestionable evidence of the stability of this Company, and guarantee a brilliant future. OFFICERS: AND DIRECTORS GBORGE W. COOKE . ...President and Coneral Manager HARRY L. GOLD .......... wens ...... Mreasurer JOSEPH G, MYERSON ............ keener» Secretary and Counsellor WILLIAM C. Ex-Bhoriff of Queens County, one of the founders of the First National Bank, Jamalca, L. I WARREN H, ASHMAEAD, second Vico-Prosident of the First National Bank, Jamaica, L. T. CHARLES YOSBEHM®, Principal of, the Jamaica High School; Con- suiting Chentist of Curtis Motor Acroplane Co., Garden City, L. I FREDERICK VAN RENSSELAEER DEY, Journalist, Author, Lawyer, former law partner of the late Mayor Gaynor, You could mot find a group of more capable, honest men. Books now open for Subscription. Her Subther information address H. L. GOLD CORPORATION 158-160 WEST STREET Auk for Leaflet D. rROst FRUIT TO | every course served he Not only is the service food we offer is dainty prepared by experts. It you have never dine Connects with trolley Ocean Side, seven mi the hour Fare 25¢ Ead Buses leave every how starting at 7 a. m. dail; ville Centre, and 8 : Long 'Beaci For advertising spa : J. SPIRO General Delivery, Post ville Centr Antiques bought in a Send me a Card and LEOAL ADVER! or #1 VILLAGE OF GREAT NE wEw youn si0,000 PAYING 1 Sealed | proposiln will be Bourd of Trustoon of (he ock Estates at 41 Coda: \Village on June 24, 1991, at or the purchare of $40.08) Bands dated July lat,, 1921 tion of $1.000 cach. maturih 1 in each of the years 1023 1 Said bonds may. be reginte principal and -Interout and the tute of wix por centuim: ( sprable in Jawial moner at nk of Nassau County, bonds will be sold mt not lo mceried Interest from the d to the date of delivery. Pi addressed to MF. Fred. B. Chur and enclosed. in , a foaled on the outwide ''Proponal for and must be abcompanied by upon. an incorporated. bank 0 payable to the otder of the Neck Estates for 2% of the bonds bid: for. Checks of insucesstul bid turned upon the: award of th terest will be allowed. upon check of the succesful bidde will be retained and applied of the bonds, or. in came of up and pay for the bonds in the terme of the provosul, w mccount of the damages | Village. 'The bidders w with the opinion of (Morera. feld and Longfellow of New the bonds ure binding: ard of, tha wald Village. 'The bonds will be prevar under the. muvervision 'of th ortimge & Trust Company, 1 the of the affcinls, the son! wimewring or The right in reserved .to 're May 16th, 1921. AmmEMSome' No THB ASSESHORS of the stead; haréby wive notice tliat II“, m Assonement. Rolls year (1991. and that « ca left with one of their TussDAY or ; next and that on 'd JUNE 21, 1921, from 9 o'cl etme sole gan to =r lfiummlu “a et lattom to much wesctemantw. Dated: this 1 of Manhattan, Yor ony. MAMK® woriek To Pormmat ts an verder «t $ MOWKLL,, Burropsin- «f the & bethe iy heraby .qtven to all vhitte dninal soulnt a. varmie lts af Freeport, bn tha salda bo prssint the mime with the. + th (tie. eutmorthor thy dnile

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