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a Not to MOT-“Con- gressmen cor Them to th By MILDRED MORRIS ® (By International News Barvice.) \Washington April 1.-Alice Robert on, Oklahoma's woman member of Congress, today gave her impressions of \the cigarette smoking women of the east\ with their rouge and knee akirts. When it was suggested that they proved a bit of w shock to. a citizen of the \cow country,\ she said calmly: \You can see plenty of women in the Southwest with rouge and skirts short» er than they ought to be. Some of them use 'even more rouge than the women in Washington and New York. The people out there aren't going to let the east get ahead of them in any- thing if they can help it. \If the up-to-date skirt had - more width and a little more length, it would be -senglble. #I don't call these extreme styles, with the bodice cut too low and the skirt too high, immoral, If they were immoral, they'd attract the men, but they don't. They disgust them. Weo- men dress that way not to attract the men, but to get ahead of one-another, \Maybe you've noticed that it's the women with the scrawniest necks and legs who wear the lowest waists and shortest skirts,\ observed the con- gresswoman,\ \The first time I saw women smok- dng was in New York while I was stay» Ing at the National Arts Club, It was interesting. If women want to smoke, that's their business, They don't hurt anyone but themselves. The men think it's disgusting.\ Sitting back in a comfortable chair In her office in the capitol, \Miss Alice,\ who gives promise of being am popular in Washington as in her home town, Muskogee, gave advice to wives, described the woman lobbyist as \something to be pitied,\ voiced dis- approval of the League of Women Voters and declared. the Shepherd Towner maternity bill \bolshevistic'* in some of its features. \The wife is usually to blame when the home is lmhnppy.\ she said. \May- be she cooks badly or lies around in a moiled kimona instead of dressing up nd looking as pretty as she used to be. Courtship is like hunting or fishing. After the game is caught, the zest is gome, The woman makes the environ: ment of the home and it's up to her to hold the interest of the man. \The dangerous time comes when the man begins to acquire money, 'When 130 takes a trip the wife who is wite feaves the children with some one else und trots along with him. If she keeps wp her complexion and dresses as at- tractively as possible he won't go trot» ting after some pretty girl on the ou8 gide.\ The \Lady From Oklahoma\ an- mwered the feminists who are shocked by her \old fashioned views.\ \I represent the conservative wom- an who would rather cook a good meal - than meddle with politics,\ she said. aa 16 use the return envelope sent ont . \The woman who stays in the kitch- en accomplishes more with the men than the woman who goes around lobbying. 'The average woman in the United States wasn't interested in politics un- til she got the vote, The average wom- iin didn't care anything about the vote. If she had, she'd have got it long be- fore she did. ~. \T don't bellevs In antagonizing the men. 'The League of Women Voters, in effect, says that if the men who make our laws will not make the kind of ~Inwis they: want, \they will- throw stones at them, acting like children, and call them names. \L am opposed to the Shepherd Towner bill. It bas paternalistic fea- tures which are bolshevistic and I hink it's faulty 'in construction, It would create. many jobs for women and give them powers they may not be qualified to fill , \I don't want any one to think that I'm not loyal to women. 1 am loyal to them, I'm a woman's woman, but now Jts m 50-50 proposition 'with me. I was elected to represent both the-men and women of Oklahoma.\ Askbd 'what she planned to \do\ to her male colleagues in Congreas, \Mis Allo\ answered with h twinkle in her even: \Well I don't intend h feed them soup or talk them. to death.\ Se ESTION OF COST b OF TICKETS EXPLAINED Rockville Centre, April. 11.-Sam Ellis, chairman of the committee arranging for | The 'benoft ' performance {of - ''The 'Wonder Man,\ to be given nt the Rook ville Contre Theatre tomorrow. after- floon and evening, April 12, in answer to atmeroun inquiries That have been mide rogurding the price of ndmiamion, Une tmok of the different shows and The seating arrangements, says: \The price of admission will be 36 «ante, or thras tickets for ome dollar. This was done so that those who de- with the ticket» wonld find ft convenient +6 anr\3e» a dollar hill rather tham loose will be three shows, the first IW The afteroson at 2.40, and the. two the svening, one at 7.40 And sarthiur at #15; \Thire #11 be un ressrved nents.\ \Ine of ibn tioketn.are tor Mentificn: Them . be )no question,\ gontin- fet. Mo. (Rik: \lut (ithnt-tbees/peapte who witness this pletgre will feal tage thev buive haah O6ly repaid it“ | - ture was presented for seven days at the Hotel Astor, with an admission charge of $2, and it was only after considerable negotiation. with the producers the com- mittee obtained permission to present it for so small an admission charge.\ In view of Saturday's announcement that the championship of the world in to be decided somewhere in New Jer- ey on the second of this coming July, 'The Wonder Man\ will provide an op- portunity to see one of the actors in the coming championship battle, . in action. --_-_--+___. ROCKVILLE CENTRE J. J. Lewis, of Grand avenue, vice president of the Guarantee Trust Com- pany of New York, will sail for France tomorrow on a business trip. The basketball team of Far Rockaway Post brought its season to a close last | Wednesday evening with a victory over the Rockville Centre Legionnaires in a return game played on the armory court, 'The final score was 40 to 31. In the previous game between the teams Rockville Centre defeated Far Rockaway, Wynn and Rutledge starred for Far Rockaway by scoring 6 field goals each, while Proctor carried off the honors for Rockville Centre with 7 field goals. Mrs. Ida Benfey Judd will make her first appearance in Baldwin at the Knights of Pythias Hall on April 13 at 8 p.m. It is hoped that her many Rockville Centre friends will endeavor to hear her on this night. Connel's real estate agency, N. F. O'Neill, manager, will move from 76 Village Avenue to a new office to be evected on Merrick road , between Village and Park avenues, and ja now disposing of the house furnished goods at the old stand. --4--- FREEPORT wes Friday evening, April 15, Freeport Chapter, 0. E. 8, will give a birn dance at the Freeport Club. It is to be one of the most attractive affairs of i kind held in Freeport and a most en: joyable evening is anticipated. Mrs. M. M. Kress, who has been the pianist at the Plaza theatre, has accept- ed a position as organist in New York City. She 1s\ an \organist 'of no small ability and has played in some of the best picture houses. She had to give up her work last fall on account of a nervous breakdown but .it now ready to go back and will be heard again in the city. She has many friends in Free- port who will miss her music but who are glad that she will be in her sphere again. _-__-_-_-4 LEGION BENEFIT MOVIE SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT Take it from Florence Billings, who is being featured in his first American motion picture production, women will go wild over Georges Carpentier. The French idol is the star of \The Wonder ut the Rockville Centre Theatre tomor- row night. 'The performance is for the benefit of the American. Legion post. Proceeds will be used for Memorial Day ceremonies. \It's a good job he married before he reached these shores,\ said Miss Billings to an interviewer in the stu- dio when the production was being made. . \He's an awful heartbreaker.\ \Why 'do you say that \_ she w asked. '\Why? Look at him! Any woman who has an ounce of red blood in her velng would want to meet him. He is m great, big wholesome boy and the very type that women rave about. That's why I'm raving. \There's something ually does, It's thefirst time in my life that E ever regretted I didn't study French, * \I'm single-and happy. Bit if could ever be married and happy would be with a man like Georges pentier, - He is the best product of France and the French have turned some wonderful productions, that, I like him because he proud of his bride than he is of reputation, and that's going some, one has a reputation like BADWN - base should be \K T is declines that in no country in * the world is womun more respected than in the Philippine Islands, Though not enfruchined as yet, the pub- Be status of womer In the islands i exceptionally bigh, ond they are admitted to all ofthe profession Mr. Quezon, wife of the President, of the Philipplue wenute, who is pictured bere, Is a good typeof the Filipine woman, Even before the coming of the Span- lards four ago, the Filipino womar beld a relatively bigh position. Christian ideals strengthened her post- ton and guve her ever greater freedom und power, Through her hold the home she wields a strong. Indu In the outside world. \llipino women. are promineat in business, and occupy post- thous in the Bureau of Education and the University of the Philippines. Here is some official data on the FilH- pino. wom taken from the wnnual re- port of the American governor-general, which document only. recently arrived at the War Department - \My recommendation to the Philippine ture for a grant of womah's 'suf- frage on the same terms as to the man las not been acted upon, though pased almost unanimously by the senate. 'The woman ofthe Philippines, the only Chris- tin nation In the Orient, have for cen- turies been particularly favored. 'There is, of course, nome of theseclusion of women demanded by orientalreligions, and women have for generations ovcupled an important and often controlling in- uence in the business and family affairs of Fillpino daily life. 'They take a keen and conservative Interest in. community aftuirs, and are for modern education in the schools and University of Filipino Women Most . ~ Favored in the Orient MRS. MANUEL L. QUEZON Wife of the President ofthe Philippine HEMPSTEAD A son, Clayton Addison, Jr., was born to Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Addison Ford of Brooklyn on April 7. Mrs. Ford was [formerly Miss Florence Oliver of Hemp- stead. A daughter, Edith Lillian, was born to Mr, and Mrs. Robert B. Pierce of Orchard street, April 8. Mrs. Pierce is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. |C. A. Noon. The annual meeting of the Hemp- stead Fire Department Mutual Benefit Association was held Friday and the following officers were elected: Presi- dent, William L. Powers; vice president, Thomas A.Berg; secretary, Frederick 8. Baldwin; treasurer, John Meddis; trustees, three years, Mark Deyo and John C. Von Elm. 'The annual meeting of the Hempstead Fire Department was held Friday night and reports of the secretary and trens- urer were heard. They show everything in first classcondition, with a member- ship of practically 250. Refreshments were served after the meeting and a social time enjoyed. The nett meeting of the Men's As sociation of the Presbyterian church will be held Tuesday evening at & o'clock in the Church house. County Judge Lewis J. Smith will speak on the subject, \Crimes and Criminals.\ A program of entertainment will be fol- lowed by refreshments. MORE NAVAL PROTECTION on Pacific Const Washington, D. C., April 11.-Better naval protection for the Pacific Coast is recommended in a report made by a special committee of Republicans of the House and Renate which urges an- ation base at Sand Point, Washington. The committee says: \Band Point is a comparatively level tract of tand bordering upon Washington, just outsideof the limits of the city of Seattle. The area con- templated for an aviation base contarins approximately 400 acres. 'The land will require clearing and considerable grad- property. ( room. © (2)-Repapering Renate. e the Philippines asthe men.. They would prove a valuable addition to the elector- ate, and the movement is gathering strength each year In the Provinces.\ Mrs. Roland P. Jackson gave a musi- e at. her home on Euston road y afternoon. Mrs. Parry Banner man of Hempstead gave a delightful program on the harp. Mrs. Robert H. Keith of Brompton road gave a motion picture entertain- ment in the public school Friday af- ternoon for the pleasure of the chil- dren. 'The picture was the Doubleday Page & Co film, \How Books Are Made,\ + Have you tried the plan for making wool blankets and automobile robes from the wool which you cannot sell at a worth-while price? +--- Polo is one of the most ancient games, being played prior to 500 B. C. R { Questions Concerning Income Taxes Answered For Readers' Guidance The New York State Income Tax Bureau. will answer. any income tax questions asked hy readers of this paper without using the names of the inquirers. Taxpayers in Nassau Coun- ty should file their returns with , Dis- trict Director George U. Harvey at 2 No. Washington street, Jamaica, on or before April 15, 1921. Miss C.-It cost me $40 for my State bar examination fees and traveling ex- penss in going to Albany to be sworn in. Are these expenses deductible? Anawer>-No. These payments are man,\ the Robertson-Cole super-special Committee Recommends Aviation Base considered capital investments. Executor.--An estate owns an office building. Are the payments to a bust ness agent, which it hires, deductible in connection with this profit in the return of the estate? Answer:-Yes, because his employ- Js m. neceasitry incident to the collection of income due the estate. Chazy.-1 understand about the $2, 000 exemption for a married man, but} have- received conflicting advice as to the $200 exemption for a wife who is dependent, My wife is 65 years of age and is paralyzed. > Answer:-The $200 exemption for de- pendency is not permitted in case of a wife. 'The $2,000 exemption allowed a. married man . living with wife re- flects the individual $1,000 exemption granted to each of such persons. Chautaugua.-In | Japuary, 1920, I paid out for (a) grafting, (b) special fertilizer; and 'lost (c) $400 worth of grape vines planted before my occu- ~of damage from the freeze. am a life tenant of this Are these losses permitted in my return? Answer:-Yes to (a) and (b) because they are expenditures in connection with the growing and marketing of the crop. No as to (c), which, although reducing your Income, is not ade- ductible loss to the life tenant, but a in the corpus of the estate. cracked tub in bath and painting an un- The interst paid. to a under such circumstances is income. i Exchange. Do I understand that the State Income Tax Law now requires re- turns for a decedent to include income due thedecedent but received after his death even though he kept no books or reported on acash basis? Ans. Yes. Revised Article 542 of the Comptroller's Regulations so provides. First National, How do I treat the tax of 112 per cent which: the Bank pays on stock which I own? Ans. \Disregard it. 'The tax is addi- tional income because the Bank pays it for you and is also a deduction as a payment for tixes, Farmer. At harvest I had 500 bushels of cats worth $500 but when the feed market broke I only received T5¢ a Mack. In hauling a-loa@ of furniture from Albany to Utica my van was ditch» ed and I had to pay $200 damages to the o r of the goods. I was not in- sured. May I take out this loss? Ans. Yes, if you are engaged in the business of trucking. Orleans. - Myself und brother are haberdashers. Our partnership suffered m loas in 1920. Do we have to file a re- turn? - Ans, Yes, Partnerships should file returns on form 204 even though they had no net income. L. M. C. I bought some bonds on an apartment building and was told that Rector.-Has the State taken any action to follow the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Good- rich vs. Edwards holding that only netual gain is taxable in the case of personal propert@ gequired prior to the incidence of the tax and thereafter disposed of? Answer:-No, the New York Legis- lature was not restricted in its defini- tion of income asCongress was under the 16th amendment to the Constitu- tion in defining income for the pur- the Fed . The Comp» they were not taxable in New ,York figfzroivlllfilhelrezzs 123mm: 100,22 Tish?! for them in December 1. May [State. Do T have to include the ini'mnr- leduct this as a loss? %, s . ; ' minister the existing provisions of the ® oss Is a light ffrom them in my return? ning rod a deductible business expense? Ans. 1, No. Losses suffered by hold Img crops for market are not deductible, 2. This is a capital investment and not deductitile, Doctor. I rented a business property and &pent $500 in remodeling it and Ans. Yes. The agreement of the issu- {ing corporation was probably that it would assume any taxes to which the bonds were directly subject. As owner of the bonds you should, however, in- clude in gross income the interest re- celved from them. stitute and tax appreciation on dis- posal of real or personal property ac- quired before January 1, 1919, on the difference between its value on that date and the disposal price. , Agent.-My ~- employer - is - going through bankruptcy. He credited me with income for the last three months of 1920, but I have not received it, al- though it is in the possession of the trustee. Should L report this as in- | come for 19202 Answer:-No. If the umount which you will receive on distribution of the assets of the bankrupt is not de- termined. If this has been credited to you, and will be received by you with- out reduction, it- is income for 1920, even though not reduced to possession in that taxable year. A. M. L.-My father, who is an elderly man cighty-four years of age, has no source of fincome. He boards with a distant relative and my brother and I hare equally in the expense. This amounts to $4.00 each per week. In making my income tax return ia this deductible? Anawer:-No, F. A. P. I was mustered out of mili- tary service in August, My income he- tween that time and the end of the year makes me taxable, but can't I take out my rallroad fare from San Francisco 4 where I enlisted to New York? Ans. . No. sonal. E. C. H, I am a life beneficiary under a trust and am uncertain whether I can take a deduction for depreciation. Ans. Life beneficiaries under wills or trust can only take depreciation (a) when the trust or will contains such a provision and (b) when such amount has |\ actually been added to the corpus to re- K store the loss and deducted from the income of the beneficlary, Seneca Falls: What is the rule in the case of stock or securities received on reorganization of corporations? gores oom mmm comme W MORTGAGE LOANS HOMES PREFERRED QUICK ANSWERS LOW CHARGES Long Island Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Co. 375 FULTON STREET, JAMAICA SIXTH FLOOR ODU ip piri tb nnn 30 HAVE YOUR PLATING DONE IN ROCKVILLE CENTRE Modern Equipment and Expert Workmen will give you a ser. vice you can't get elsewhere on Long Island Brass Beds and Electro Plating in All Its Branches We Do General Mill Work and Can Care for Your Home Alter- ations of This Kind KLASS AUTOMATIC CORP. D. R. Lo megtgxurly L. Pg I}? [LTIC‘L H. Weber Observer St., Tel. 28 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N: Y. Such expenses are per- OUR LAUNDRY not only satisfies the most par- ticular with its service for men and family washing but we also make a specialty of blankets, curtains, household linens and woolens. Ans. 'The aggregate par or face value of the new stock or securities Ia taxable to the extent that It exceeds the aggre- gate par or face value of the stock or securities exchanged. D. M. My uncle had a policy of insur. ance directing that the proceeds on his death should be held by the company and I should receive annual interest of 3 per cent together with such ad. Why not give us a trial? Brayshaw Laundry Bedell Street Phone 684 Hempstead The Daily Review of Nassau County Sucteeding and including all features of the weekly Nassau County Review L. . EVERY WEEK DAY AFTERNOON NEWS OF NASSAU COUNTY Will be of first importance; with it General Telegraph News - of the world Every Afternoon | a

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