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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, April 09, 1921, Image 2

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“r“.mhuu‘.w like x;urlvmunw:m.m h w! a Iv.“ E --IlllY WQWI‘Kzn— mt wite te inet Pronits [somc my ammamen w ane \ar <) tay tal a: e anl +0. ues haan faw at =_ menage \I.\. .- Latirbtté horde a 4-1: aunzm ‘°‘|°'\l-‘.’\\.‘°”:‘“ the divorce obtained by the first wife,| the oink District of. “71,5: Aue D. HARRISON over Mike O'Dowd when wa was ”M, ® mote o G Lenora Bedell, of Hempstead. State Income Burean 165, Franklin Street. champion of the world m stead of work thah 300,000, it could be] \ay. gucision holds, however, that] Comptroller's Office afhouboe®, that the puo, 375 p. Hompsteng, £) I defeated 'George Chip, made to apply to this village. 'Th¢} \ qivorce from Lenora Bedell,| office will be kept open for the conven- q o o In the 6ther twelve round affair Noro statement is as follows: obtained at Reno; Nev, was null -and| lence of thie public this afternoon, April \The Village Law was amended in| . ;, und, consequently, his subsequent} 9, and from Monday evening of the nex 1918 \and 1920 relative to the PoC] nopigge 'to the second Mrs. Asbdown| week, up to and including April 15 Department of Villages, the @@@) coy num and void. As the first Mrs.] 9 p. m. ments, however, applying only to Vil-/ asngown jater obtained a divorce inf Decision to keep the office open is to | lages of the first class in a,COUnty naseay County, the decision leaves ber, take care of persons who find it im- more than three hundred thousand POD-] yy, Ashdown, and the second wife, free possible to file returns or 'secure Infor: | ulation adjoining.a City of the marry again. mation during réguldr busifess hours. class. Mr. Ashdown and [his second wife! Opening of the office extra hotirs during \Under the amendments referred '(0.| met at Reno where both. were awaiting the final week of the income tax drive Village Boards in such Villiges MAY| divorces in January, 1917. She was| will be of great assistance; It is be- MADAME ANNETI E : X f @ppoint in addition to a chief of police,] procuring a divorce from Dr. C. L-! lieved, to a very large mumber of per: OLLEY JUNCTION . HEMPSTEAD, L. 1. Reutenants and Sergeants And all mem-| Sicard of Manhattan. Both were $u¢-| sons who work during the day. ~It will | § bers of thé police force to bold office! cessful, and in March of the same now be possible for them to Call any : Dellghtful Offerings For Spring during good behavior and not to be re year went to Stamford, Conn., where) night and secure feeded help in midking foved except upom charges and after A) they were mdrried by Justice of th@) out returns. hearing. Peace Justus J. Barthel. 'They lived! It is expected that thousands 6f 1920 In Serge, Poirre Twill, Tricotine, Jersey Cloth- \It is unfortunate that 'Hempiterd/at various times at the Hotel Endicott,] returns will be received through the DRESSES - cannot take advantage of these amend-] Manhattan, the Hotel Savoy, Boston,| mail during, the next ten days.. At- ments to the Village Law ds the pres:\and at 1447 Ocean Avenue, Brookly®-| tention is called to the fact that per- In Taffeta, Satin, Berg?! Tncotme, Tricolette- ent Village Board is anxious to take! 'They separated in July, 1919, Mr®-| sons who did not file rettirns last year the polic® department of the Village/ Ashdown alleging that her second RuS-| may secure blafks by: comimynicating out of politics, mand had thrice attempted to have Re?! with the [District Office in which they | New Spring Styles; all Colors; in Satin, Serge, Tricotine, Velour, Poirre Twill- \If the Section of the Village Law| confined in a sanitarium and also that reside. Forms wore mailed to hll per. $9.98 TO $49.98 were further amended by making it| he was unfaithful to her. On one 0¢-| sons who filed a return for 1919, but read 'a County df over one hundred! casion, she claimed, be stupified Ber| farure to receive the forfi does not thousand adjoining a 'city of the first) with chartreuse, exempt a persbi from paying the 1920 class' Hempéter@ and other County! The-case reached court three mOnth$! jyoging tax. & Exceptional Assortment, in all Materials and Colors S $2.98 TO $6.98 5 MILLINERY, WARNER'S, GOSSARD AND\REDFERN CORSETS of the word Will defend his title against Battling Holinics. Jéhfiny Gannon who has put away his last three contestants at this club will Anally meet & boy @@ good as he ° 18 when He faces Al Tierhon in one of the - six rounders, . These boys fought a sensational draw at- the Woodhaven 'CluB. In the preliminary six-rounder Ma Cinovan of Red Hook will meet Soldier Joned of Camp MIs, = FOR SOLDIERS: BENEFITS Fashion Show and Revue in Progress ' at Lynbrook. Lynbrook, April 9.-A fashion show and beach revue is being 'given at Blosgom Health Inn, op 'the Merrick Road for the benefit of the New York Community Service Club, Proceeds will go. to the benefit of n-oldlern. sailors and marines. 'The, Fashion. Show and. Beach Revue is something entirely new in the line of attractions A special feature is a Peerless coupe, valued at ,$4,500 which* has been donated by Clarence Kummer, the fam- ous-jockey rider of the world's champion, \Man O'War,\ Every donation of one dollar will entitle the donor to a chance to win 'the coupe, and this, together with the Fashion Show and Revue, promise to make the event a most au: spicious one. tOMPARNYT W BEats Company 1 Villages could take ddvantage of the| ago and Justice Strong heard arguments What She Likes is a box of our ice cream. It's welcome to the ladies at any hour of the day or evening. It can be eaten and enjoyed because of its extraordinary good, flavor and because of the nourish- ing quality of ingredients we put into it. 'Take home. a quart. RUDOLPH HIMME (Formerly Otten's) ICE CREAM and CONFECTIONBRY HEMPSTEAD --o--- UNCLAIMED LETTERS Freeport, April 8.-The Freeport| Post Office reports the following un.| claimed mail: Mr. Robert Bouthell, Mrs. George Barker, Mrs. B. W. Bow- hall, Mrs. W. Bixby, D. N. 5141 New| Ulrefch Ave., The Fuller Brush Co., Mrs. M. Hollins, Mr. H. J. McCarhty, Mrs. Marha Monroe, Mr. Howard Mer- rie, Mrs. O. I. Phillips, Mr. Harold Rae’s, Mr. Frank Sprague, Batien Sabren, Mr, Harry Tonry, Mr, Dang Tul,. clo Chas. Howard, Mr. Louis Hempstead, April 9,-Company M boWlieks d‘efe’aietf the Company I tearh of Flushing Tuesday night on the local Van Brink. armory alleys 'by ©08 \pins. 'The meet ing bf the bowlers was one of a sesica of cofitests plafined for the purpose cf .. P S N Spirit in the regiment. Re- 5mm freshment were served after the gaine and a good time enjoyed. Papér Hanging. Painting in all , W STAR DOINGS its brafiches. All work guaranteed. » M ; Fétimates cheerfully 'given. : The next ' 1 o wing? “Wu- it Sllx'rukhlAn Hempstead, L. 1. isi mm;- rooms Saturday evening, Telephone mm“ Apri 9, at 8 o'clock, Work of the evening will be star degrees, balloting and affiliation. The social afternoon this week will be held Friday in the Excelsior Hook &»Ladder Co.'s rooms on Church street, Mrs. Boland is chairman with the fol- lowing 'mesdames, Baukney, Braveh, Austin and Brooker assisting. The officers will hold a rehearsal. In the Chapter rooms on Friday aftec- noon, .at 2 o'clock, after which they will adjourn to the Excelsior Hook & Ladder, Co.'@ room# for refreshments, Frnaport Chapter O. E. 8. will give an old fashioned Barn Dance at the 31 RAILROAD AVE., FREEPORT, L. I. Telephone: Freeport 562 A U C T I 0 N Fine Rugs, Furniture, Bric a Brac, Pamtmgs,. Electric Washing Machine, Crockery, Glass- ware, Wall Paper, Etc. MOND A Y, APRIL fl, at 11 A.M. Sharp WALLACE & MURRAY AUCTIONEERSI For a limited time we will book your orders and guarantee delivery in any quantity, from Jamaica to Merrick Freeport Club on April 15. Good mu- 30 GRIMM PLACE. Ho )WIN HIGH SCHOOL mic and «other attractive features are WE SERVE A MEAL A3 $ | promised. ~. at this restaurant that in a delight to the B l N L l __m_4 «. eve as well ms the palite. 'You commence + 'I' - in Woods - h: mt. mm:rn:vw:\cyxfinflm rent Fine Wilton rugs 9x12 other smaller rug! crex rug, 6%9; hall and i EGG S OVE AND CHESTNUT 0 / + U » mm’ém\ “3:3\ April 8. -A fire in MINS RESTAURANT |stair carpét; mahogany arm chalt, music cabinet, very fine wicker arm chair, 9 “an WV at lige and DeMott ave- 301 Front St., Hempstead marble pedestal, bronze statue, mahogany and fine electrolier, odd parlor L as discovered about 8 o'clock m table, drop leaves; brass clock and candelabra, 3-piece satin damask parlor last night. A_ still alarm took the CENTRAL & suite, very fife; six seetion oak book case, paintings, pictures, bric-a-brac, 1* t* */ ®nglish oak dining table and six diningschairs; English oak buffet, oak CBN stand, books, c oelar , glassware, kitchen utensils, tabourettes,, foot stool8, buss. fron am n bedsteads, springs, mum.“ $1“on lady's oak desk, oak art-er, lack vnnut buredu and washstard, oak and porch 9 rockers and chairs, hew Apex electric washing machifie and wringer, port- ;| able; electric \mum cleaner, bed couch; very old brass andirons, mahogany dresser, child's basinette, “by 01mm, doll carriage, table and house, black walnut table, goat éart, garden Implements, ash cans, preserve Jars, clothu arm. ironing boards, large clothes hamper, ash sifter and many to tion; also about $200 worth of new l up\ 18, m 3m 'The House will won Sunday, April 10th, fnr’d .3 gic io SIZES OF COAL $14 00 Per Ton PEA COAL, $12.00 __ BAGCING, 50W?“ TON EXTRA + - Ajerts thick to the scene, It bore an unwary lirge crew as many members e depaitment were at Fire Head: 2“ ers waitthg to vote. 'The line ro- 87 on Saturday, April 9th, and 5h! ALLEN (Owner). Hmwbhmwfih-flflo trative principles of the nun-mm. 1 take this means to bring mun-unfit Mia-“Whamumu- toh Lavy, Attoriby, No. 371 West Merrick Road, Figéport, N.Y. , Should your return be prepared by ' tha and is MyEstigated, I would consider it my duty to ' for 566. Appointments can be made 'at Kbove ofite of ¥tnitigs at my home, Phone 714K. FRED C: BERCE Fanart Internal Revenue Inspector ~~ —Mmu!m of- m Proof an. Nor-Shatterable Windshields, and Other Devices for Safety Amount Sale tike H. L. GoLp corp. BONDS OF ALL MARKETS 158-180 n § “Sana C MMMmhfifepltaI-qflby ' the cord, half cord or Joad - ,mmhm'udu'wumuu office LONG ISLAND FUEL CORP. Owl-downin- # Wfi‘mm Recolt “flit: I. v \\ mmmummmw

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