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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, March 30, 1921, Image 2

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348. ! porch added to the house, if fact the $ . shows. . about again. lam-Ila Powell and Mrs. Parker, the who \purchased \the. \late \\Ubclb® Jobh Caninen's old homestend, ars making extensive-aiterations in the property; they have 'had the old, wood- ex fence removed, mew soll carted in ’lcr hay windows and a house, when completed, vlll pun-lull! be -a new ong. Merrick has been noted for Its prize \Dbl“ Those exhibited at the varle ous\ exhibitions \trom \here invariably carried off blue ribbons, - Seven were sent on Saturday to 'be exhibited at Byrimcuse; two belonging to Mr.. Ives and five to School Superintendent Me- phain. All are the famous \Dutch\ rabbits and four out of the seven haye taken (& (number 'of prizes at other Mrs. Smith, daughter of Mrs. Lord, has been visiting friends in Hemputead; she has: returned to Merrick. -Khe- will return to her home in Baitimore this week.. Miss Jennie Beyerlic had her- ite cream counter open on Easter Sunday. and did a rushing business. After a Wee a Mess returned to her school'duties in P. 8. 34, Manhattan. No more holidays '~ until Decoration Day, Mrs. Holmes Narwood is still im- proving and. hopes to be able to be Mr. Frank Wolfe of Mersick road and Babylon | tutnpike has just returned from an extended trip through Cali- fornia. Mr. David A. Kennedy of Oatswood avenue, has just returned from a busi- mess trip to Chicago and Canada. innumerable Peter Muller has . his children - and . grandchildren . for the Easter holidays and Peter was the greatest \kid\ of them all! Principal M. E. Powell has utilized his week's vacation in preparing his garden for early vegetables, of which he is as fond as is Superintendent Mepham of: Dutch rabbits. . «Mr. Calkins is in his garded at day- break and late at night \V€L[thlg for «seeds to sprout.. Three cases of scarlet fever in towh. Mr, Verity left the Merrick Organ plant two days ago complaining of feeling ill; the «physician pronounced it a case of Town with the Hadi div. uncut-“M L Look M Jobo, don't let the young» sters fool you Friday. Where ate the little lambs Mrs. Sand man bad? . B---r? Certainly not. ' The new!\ | Raster tie?, Miss Marion Anthony is the nicest little lady. in town, \ ''Why, George, where have you been | for the past month?\ \Right here, Johnny on the spot, but on 'mecount of my swollen cheek no one recognized me.\ Why does Gussie Muller sing from morn to night? Ask him. rch, Jr., make \googoo\ other at social affairs? wise. Who likes, vacation. and find, out. Who says Merrick is beautiful? Mr. Christy, he'll, tell you. eyes at each Ask them like- Ask everyone Ask land. collected there Who likes The- Daily Review* everyone who's crying for it. Ask April? Ask MrJ. W. Birch, Sr. Who are the two friendly enemies in Merrick? Ask Miss Hess; you. Who says the world's all right? Rev. Littlebrandt, Church of the Redeemer? everybody in town-they'li all tell you. Who is the clever little dancer in Merrick? he' tell you. Who are the fifteen \Who's who in| mid people do not heed them. Didn' town?\ Ask Miss Hess; she's writing|he say showers for Easter Sunday? them up for the Review. Work on painting boats, and trim; Who said \Give us a rest-let up!\ ming summer hats, and getting the gar- The pessimist in town, who only likes| den ready, wa stopped until Dame himself. Nature is ready to stop kidding and make up her mind. Is it a wonder that they call Nature \she\? CLING TO CITIES The jce man who has been painting his truck in cool colors getting. ready One Third of Population of U. S. In Large Cities Statistics Show Washington, aene-third of the population of United States dwells in the larger cities, according to statistics made public by the Census Bureau yesterday. The 1920 census shows that of the total popylation of the United States, 105,710,620, there are 54,814,476 inhabi- tants dwelling 'in cities of 2500 inhabi- tants 'or more, and there are 37,770,114 inhabitants dwelling in .the cities of; 25,000 inhabitants or more. - + s Vida, from the Erse language, is Hwy feminine of David, and as such has the significance of well beloved.\ bered | 3° Cummed (“unto/l Duitouke » tw Tic. Like - vast Auster. mound . STORES FOR RENT In the rapidly growing community of, Long: Beach W est. RECREATION BUILDING CONTAINS PICTURE THEATRE, DANCE HALL, CASINO, AND FIVE STORES (See illustrations), Neighborhood requires are provided in these stores modities as food, drugs, cigars, toilet articles, light hard- - ware, electrical supplies, liundry, tailor and barber nhopn, etc. w ken. Interested parties are invited to inspect the property ( ~and'to apply for store space to the Company bf arty Real Estate broker at Long Beach West. 'Take Long Island Railroad to Long Beach and bus to property, LONG BEACH WEST AMU LONG BEACH WEST, LONG 551-1 yest Sealer MOVING and splendid. opportunities for the selling of such-com- ND Ask Station Agent Calkins; | the policeman | hours, reported snow land hail mixed Who said coal would be cheapest In | with the rain that fell most of: the | night. Fires that she'll tell hastily rglighted and forced to resort to the dress of the Ask| freezing months once more. The weather was Who enjoyed the Easter music ut the| because of the fact that it Tut Ask-ask-,| predicted by the weather mah. He said to get ready for a drop in temperature, for snow and of the time ar for the summ brush down in disgust and went inside to consult the March .80.-More than | fishermen. who we the | MOOSE CLUB RESTAURANT 343 FRONT ST., HEMPSTEAD |Regular Dinner 12 to 2 and 6 to % Price 60 Cents Furnished Rooms by Day or Week | P J. TRUCK Residence: 1 Freeport, March 30.-Freepor. awoke Tuesday morning to shiver and shake in a pouthumus visit of winter after Miss hat-inc had made her initial bow to the delighted inhabitants of this part of the The old mdage about March going out like a lamb was rudely shattered and | will haxe to be revised to read, \March comes in like a couple of lions and goes | out like a drove of polar bears.\ 'The thermometer even at noon time was hovering around thirty. 'And why do Mr. and J. W.| washing that was done in the village on {Monday and hung to dry in the warm spring sun of yesterday was froz |en on the lines and caused Mrs. House- \_ | wife to say \Oh Pshaw,\ as the ladies \ do in such an emergency. .On the streets where weather again, LONG DISTANCE MOVING Telephone 1068-W Freeport Auto. Plate Glass, Burglary Life and Fire Insurance 24 S. Grove St. Freeport, L. I. them. tvcryuny is hoping that this. really |* is the final breath of Jack Frost and that the puff of life left Jn. fim was only due to his rugged conbtitution. His final obituiry is always a pleasant bit of literature,but what is the use of writing it over again? death, but the dying, that gets us all balled up,\ as an old 'poet onde re-{fered blackened eyes and was painfully The heavy marked. long days on the ciam Mats with a coot \¥ breeze blowing. in: from the ocean. were wlad' to hang on to the rubber boots with 'three_ pairs of . socks . inside . of ot engazthg made vacant: by Birdsall Jackson, Baldwin, Miller of Merrick _ from. a Severe fall. \It's not the out and bruised. road. She mmvum MOM 30. -lllb‘l\ Smith. 'Who \has charge of the a- Superintendent of waterways and buoy: system,. repo progress at the Board meeting. yester-| He has mot yet arranged with anyone !to take the place which was | the ~resignation -of who had been charge for several years. RECOVERING FROM FALL March.. $0.-Mrs. Charles | Is recovering went to the} rear porch of her home and in some manner fell down the steps. she suf- | r the ! rted in v I | I | uddles had was a coating of ice.and on duty during the night had been put out were the girls were quite unexpected rain, and real winter but his warnings most e like the ery of \Wol er rush, threw his paint Farmers' Almanac. Bay / etting ready for T trate. HOLBERG Ne Axp ExrRESS 4 JOHN ST., Roosevelt Safe Deposlt ject of insurance-the rates are HIGH and in the event of loss you are PROTECTED,-no, you are mDEMNlFlED~paid by the Company the value VALUABLES of certain specified kinds are the sub- of the articles stolen-that is after you have made proof of loss (sometimes a lengthy procedure and sometimes an unpleasant proceeding). Our Storage Vault offers the real solution. c can depend upon it-to deliver to you in kind; to re- turn the self same valuables you really want TO KEEP and KEEP SAFELY-and the rates are mod- Established 1887 SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Your property is RARELY covered; the indem- nity you receive offers but slight compensation for the lost treasures-family silver, heirlooms, etc. You Thinking people have patronized us for years. You think, -at least we think you think. HEMPSTEAD BANK \THE BIG BANK ON THE CORNER\ t t M t ¢ # C # F3 e + t V ( ® # 4 € U ® t t '* C8 £3 3 ta * * * # £3 ta % # '% ta ax o ta 3 som d bo m a aon atone a mich G) 6 to ir 6 bite 4 +, | The Daily Review of Nassau County Succeeding and including all features of the weekly Nassau County Review Amalgamated with HEMPSTEAD INQUIRER and SOUTH SIDE OBSERVER-POST , ~ wil, BE PUBLSHED f EVERY WEEK DAY AFTERNOON NEWS OF NASAU COUNTY wflbeoffintmhme. wuhltfiewal'l'elqnyhflm of. the world Every Afternoon “v Your Newsdealef's | or leave your- ofder \ for delivery at your home by catrier at fee oce coment “that?!“ Rockville Centre .. - ert rrr P44 nes populi lled ts. G la dhl t Soth l tct t lt l Anite [LOST OPPORTUNITIES You probably realize that you have allowed many opportunities to slip by you in the course of a life time. You know that many of these opportunities if seized at the right moment would perchance have made you independent for life. Others would at least have brought you lucrative return. Yesterday can never be recalled. The opportuni- ties passed are gone forever. The money you have NOT made is like water over the falls. Today You Must Think of the Golden Future Before You You must think of the possibilities of the morrow. i shall be secure beyond doubt. The Continental Trust of Connecticut under authorization ofa declaration of trust, offers one of the biggest and soundest oppoftunities you have , ever had laid before you. ItIt is no vain speculation or gambling charce. is notor based on the future of any ONE branch of commerce industry. a You do notare place all your eggsbechosenby in one basket. Its holdings and will widely distributed among the fields of business, commerce and industry. Its investments will be wisely men of rare skill and experience in the fields of business and finance. They will have better opportunity to study the mostwiththem. intimate details of every project before one dol- lar of the Continental Trust's money, your money, is placed Maywe not direct your attention to the persotinel of this organization, and ask you if such men do not command your confidence, respect and trust. Advisory Board of Trustees H. B. McDowell, President General Efficiency Devices, Inc.; Hon. Jacob Caplan, Judge City Court, New Haven, Conn.; Jerome A.Nat.U. Myers, Director, Constitutional League of America; A. Muhlhauser, Chairman Industrial Relations Com.; E. S. Crosman, Chairman PublicityElder, Com. National Teachers' Associa- tion; Hon. E. Eugene Culver, DirectorCounsel, Middletownand National Bank; A. H. General Jersey Central Railroad; Chas. W. Ellis, Former Fuel Food Administrator of Lackawana; John Whitney Dissette, President Sure Spark Corp. % Trustees M. A. O'Leary, Ex-Chairman of the Mass. Dem. Committee; M. L. Baker, Pres. Regal Silver Mig. Co.; Don W. Carleton, Vice Pres. and Treas., Midway Paci- fic Oil; H.Vice R. Coshnear, Pres. CoshnearCofmpany and ; D: J. McCoy, Pres. King Tobacco Company. May we ask you if, with this brief outline of thede- objects and plans of the company, we may not have the further pleasure of giving you more intimate tails of one of the most brilliant opportunities it has ever been your privilege to enjoy. It only takes a minute for you to act, and it will' long remain one of the brightest moments, we are sure, of your career. Merely write your name and address pn the fol- lowing coupon, and mail it to the address hereon, and you will feel just as we feel, that the Continental Trust means not only profit, but big profit to every person who participates with us in this model, if not fully loss proof method of investment. 4 COSHNEAR & oourm INC. mm.“ awe, NEW HAVEN, CONN. furnish inf the cut-”M tal rrfl'awcmkmhm‘fi m upon my part.

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