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o men : ot. April 14 WM»: Sale 250 to ‘mnmln. March -/ #4.-Carrying . the | yards, mmnuwmtum _P¢te Herman (moets Charge Adams plot will go to the home table and to| in & fifteen round battle at the Man- to: the school children. is part Of] , ; neighbors who will buy from the hattan Casing in New York City: to the work that now engages the atten- ys. night. (Herman is the former bantam | Von of 1. W. Ingalls, ussistant to the| The Hempstead sum! bays hve not| weight champlon but his last appear- ~®arm Bureau, who bas charge of the {beet, enlisted in than work yet but. MF, | ance in New York cost him the champ. & - Ingalls hopes to 'shorthf\ have 'a large! fonship. He lost a 15 round decision to fairer. projeft . >. 04 class- forméd , there. | Joo. Lynch. 'That the boys and / girls take. 'up - South, | . Herman offered no Tibi ana wok the \ farming with enthi is shown by ws re. and m stead there’dwahm in/ a ~sportsmen like way. | of | ay land 0f, Jume Inininig | within about lx ncros, pul ( deliver the. paper regularly. In || mit and sedre ordér to save the inconvenience of weekly payments or of, paying boys, remittuice may be made «direct to one of the offices of the paper monthly, quarterly or other. wise. Subscriptions received at Review Building, Muin Street, | - n line to the midd | off | ainst an ‘ and then by the | im south and a «lunch rooms or to the parents or any- _one who will buy affixing % -them-are-£ Me. Ingalls says pat wherever nevus sons. and they expect to lead “Jan, or even without any renumeration. has proposed. the school 'Rardens 'there the others in quantity and quality; | At the Pioneer A, C, in Brooklyn last has been a ready response, ' Some. 6f, the boys have- sone: into PI&ht Frankie: Carpébter of Merrick In Roslyn ten or more. boys ba¥e|poultry raising which is another of the! {who fights here Monday. got 'n draw In Herman is weady to fight L)nr‘h u | return battle at any time, whuwzhket, Observer Building, Observer Street Rockville-Contre. - members. They take to the gardening! Notice to cx®prrors the commercial idea imbued in him sold| son is the builder. Dated, Mineata, N. them in of the Easter season. |_ JameseGurd and family hive returned | In the gardens, poultry raising and in| to, their Merrick home, ofter wintering | pig or rabbit raising the junior project |in 'the city. All are pleased to have weeks to lead the boy into the useful the family in town a% thing, to give him habits of thrift and | Seaford boys and girls 'have also tak- [to educate in. out-of.door things en to the idea and they are already em-|that he knows of, but of which he barked oi gardening under the leader-knows but little. IMPORTANT WORK AT EXTRA SESSION Congress Will Be Called Upon to Enact Legislation in Keeping With Party Pledges days, they will erect stands-to form a roadside market and sell to the pass- ing autoists. In addition to this they éxpect to have enough to have the girls 'of the school can # large amount that will be sold back to them in the school lunch room. wrmicnt & a_ for e | | veutor, M | Village Avenne, Rockville Centre, New York. 2222} Novick To Captain Lawson has hl just finished hav- | i beautiful house wired. In the ready to in 'n words s the bittor the 'tleo® VETERANS PREPARE FOR SHOW | s null | Mr. pert. in his house.! now Imw owe ed. thereof, nala same wht wubscriber, the oda cn wt pr sr at Monta .on or by Beer, artist and advertising ex own Meet and Select Cast For Enteriain- ment to Be Given in May i Placing his electric. plant sabail EliZs Rockville Centre, March 24.;-The mem- bers of the Veterans of Fo n Wars| Mrs. Holmes Narwood bas been con- ‘ rav, Attor met Monday night in Edwiw*voorni@\fined to the house with 204 Ao office on village avenue,. for the pur. for the past two weeks. Uronk pose of 'plaking the cast for the show tH & gay, a heavy col thet will 'be given some time in ma Mr. Heins has caught the \ear foyer Norien To. crmnmors # Washington, March 24.-Fulfliment] Lindley: Cook will prosent «0 ad pupthased a fine He 2040 .. pusuant to in - . ) , 6 wh-cre c poe Irs. Heins may be seen Sundays mul! Hower ' 2 of campaign pledge by the enactment BUDK!\ @ laugh-creating comedy,) Heins moy be seen Sundays mol ltownl ( # aas , _ \Bunk\ will transform the eynic to any #Yemnks, sporting thro towrt thas. having. clom \ of legislation important enough to mise | , \> oughly enjoying them m . n - it the most important Congress in p id. county, de: px g ext.. tas wath \ L Say, \Aprt cor \$4\ch up? Dma\ next Yebutar monthly nice fae ee inte we m tes new Republican 67th Congress, about| to attend. Two impagiant |O\ Mertick Hook, Ladder and En: ‘ \ , Weil 2, will be held Mondiy « Ae: hings. will be. dansidered. Company wi I tobe called into extra Bession. ¢ pL. + ___ ning, Apsil 4th in the Fire Ha Lou While the Senate is _ wrestling with [*% ... | Camp at' 835. p. «Dated, atic The best way to establish péace ag home BASKET BALL GAME | Members urged to be un im- | F [portant busin®ss will be M 'of the important sub tpwarn & c Attorneys. for and abroad, the. Mouse has an outstand- tran Hempstead, March Company tar, the &a in. C 5. ; 1-7. Raitrond Avon ing and perplexing problem in. the © ing the Hempstead I Am n [adoption of the proposed « Frecurl, Now Yo tablishment of a sound fiseal policy re Legion basketball five had their lons reported by the commit - ing t a ad clast | emory N \ . ' garding taxation and. tariff. mrIrllded clash on t'm armory cour | _ R - . worick ro exmnrrons | While those preeminent problems are fast night and the Company M team w. Christy's surprise parly lost Pursuant to an order Hon Lewis 1 Act j u ° evening. had connected with. it won by a score of 28 to 18. Both 4s. Binte ot. the of worked out, other matters'of vital a tinge White. ; he do munte 6 es the manner in which they have mgreed |_. groups formed who are doing their| Shortly afterward 'he went to Hingiand | Freeport. .. V | \erect; \ BF twke over school m 10 (USE corgoning now.\ In West' Hempstead ATM 'Knocked out Jimmy. Wilde,. the} Inquirer Building, Main Street, finmk to the soul produce that can be sold at the school there is a most active group of fifteen} breat fly. weight. t «- Hempstead. afondon th ainityr in ali by « us follows, EAMG uit d tune J. T Nameou County, meadowland tot-m1, © Mitchel, haul vn meadow now. or rmerly crud John Covert, on <the East \by nun-hm! John Wittets and on the. north w Murrll, deceased, wd coms maid bounda by. eatimation more or loan ALSO ALL that certain ploco or parcel of mond Jvine and being at | West Neck, outh Oyster Bay, bounded and follow | by Moser Deniamin and Uraula. | ao the first day of Murch, A D. | Andrew Mitchell) visi- BEGINNING to the west of Jobn Covert's In a deed excouted his wite, 1837, to le of a Crooked Creek by and (d. crossway then ntandinig addi« of maid k to Same nel Willts Meadow, then by sald Samuel Wi vek to the Bay, the o the middle of easterly by maid ndary . of John thence north by said Cove place of bestnning, a «timation five acres, be the cram the « or parcel «dow, lying and d In the said mir the Inn. of bounded and de- vi t ® Purmuant to an order of Hon. LEONE D. | NNLNG ar, the northwest corner ~ each been given a plot of 500 square/ideas incorporated in the junior DI‘WKKM’L fifteen 'round bout. Al Ketchal of H'lwmfi. firmly-1 o of the County of Nas- f at w locust stoke standing on a : . L R - a bu, notice is why given to wll pervous | ditch, adfoiming. land. of Tho feet adjoining the Neighborhood House|program and in Merrick a-boy has a| Freeport won the decision in &. \IX piving claims mgainst [t t nl fne de- * and there they. have, already made|pig which he is ralsing.~ © ‘mund bout, wicson samt . n and thirty-five Links; . __ R __ Inte of Rockville Centre, in the sald count ne und a half dogises west great. progress with their mack to the Raising and selling rabbits has also} pr with ine | f Hake by a noll'* \efforts. i [become an' part of the MERRICK thereat, er, the Exc itch a hess (f of re-protu worked out Tor the boys um -__ 1. af. tranmcting,) War + - ‘hflh Raffle“ ta \121!“ parents and On [the junior project. One boy in Wes Lee F. Wienert is having a bungalow | business at th & Wright, a oman, Tip - T h I ackvilto ntr o winn con fixed days of the week, notably Satur- bury: raised m dot of themr and\ having erected on Loines avenue. M. J. ohn e ssth a & stt- iy of Jacob Conrad westerly by lands now or for: Griitin and others, and of MorrilL. of. meadow» oomu bounded n Inchoy ind four *two hundred thence nd. for h. fow nd hier ud or rignt «tour and . one- bt mn‘ U Purdy . a HOLBERG jntepest will be under sides played a rather loos ted, the event had mad given to all person hay simuitancouslyy and they include game throughout and it was not until pier than n‘m' '[.;.,‘J',» ‘m‘: Dols Thompsos LONS DISTANCE MOVING The federal budget system, the Housc the end of the second half that cloud had thrown i Tow nver late f Rochyille Centre, in the maid cow 's. and 'Sefiate reorganiz¢tion to facilitate |Company M boys begin to show their |y; ; meal | uo . ot the, eme with id rreenrye App + 3 ? 5 Mr. Christy's: «ister mea thereof, to the subscriber, the ox ta - a congressional consideration of the bud [accustomed \pep\. 'The first half end- |in her home in Rrook a hast] Wit mnd or anid Residence: 14 JOHN ST., Roosevelt Z\ aet and: nuditing of, expenditures. ad in' a score af 7 to 8 in frvor of was sifting at home;. jus! neross t! Cot Arun aP it Telephone. 1068-W. Freeport (kk ~ Assodinted with and growing. out off Company M. 'The line up and scure!~'\‘et\ from the imerrymakers in' Fire, York, un or bw % us the budget legistation will come reor follows: | Hall No. 1. in her hour of deep sore Jne next. xoy. w mmm mmm ¢ ganization of the federal departments a Legion Mr. Christy remained \With the youns | vind in. mik || Collar Digging, Land Grading, 'General faid oth (ive «ctabitahqents. % Goals ous, People but a few minutes at a time, | ., ., mi Carting, Gardens Plowed other executive establishms 7 \ \then over to his home to comfort his| ARTIN A, ' & Chinplementary to the reorganization is Jones a 9 [sorrowing wife. The affair was truly | \¥ Zupaile AHT j WALTER KOBIN Peciassification of work and. salaries for| Williams 0 0 \jan evidence of the \lights and shadows | Lonbrook, N. Y. | General Contractor | the government employees. Savage 8 0 | of Tite.\ > 202 etn t F l. y a 2 | Sand, Gravel and Top Soll For Sale Soldier lemnhlmm. particularly the| Mitchell 2 2 m----#+ - NOTICE I8 ' HEREBY GIVEN that the Estimates Given. Phone Freeport 963-M <Meient co-ordiiation of activities for Conover 0 2 ‘ HEMPSTEAD SALE oF scHoor, Boxps * \g Residence 266 North Main St., Freeport the ex-mervice men, wil ”We early |. Company M+ . Board of Edueat pte Adterition: es Goals _ Fouls ; of, of , Union , Pree get] | Immigintion and fiatu ion laws to Hahn .~ a 6 | woo Presbyterian Runday School will Noweq County; Nest York wil receite menial | TIN AND SHEET METAL WORKS v v t s r f or. twelve bon d ai tonne moet afterthe war col-W ave aldo Kimball 1 6. {have' a. Special Elster service h. 3 entiog 'One Hundred Ton annoys) | ROOFS, CUTTERS and LEADERS im t 1 ,_ {o'clock Sunday affernoon in the'chnrch. Dollars, mt the Oseamaide High School Build perative. » , s _ | Ing tn: said w' School Build Furn’lrrl Ranges and Heaters Installed Progressive measures, such as . are % 3 (Where ,will. be {special (music .by the| Imt in anil District on: the in the\ fat #4 p |school orchestra, and recitations hy sin Day or aprin 102, and Repaired. BS urged for early passage by some, ol 1 3 >| members of the primary class. Men| sid toad? wir ties mad\ weve few-om“; D. HARRISON * the Pfl‘ wh (Q1 $3 mm. 2 ] lIbern of The Sunday: school wm‘ meet in 2? person who will take them at the low- 165 Street, m. < the Sunday .sch6ol rooni nt 230. rite of interest; sembi-ar nunily, ; their um is pledged 13 of}. j not he sold below war. Phone 375-R. Hempstead; I I. thik) ie whole o\ any ass F Repos! or Minion-filo m mm Fon \The Woman's Christian Temperance bonds \ar issued in pursuance, of ing. of.the entire series < of nue Wm...“ the Dairy» (Union. will! meet in. the Methodist| a moi tan-t wt ' u SF?“ s’f‘“ a laws and the enactment of a hew, m Inc,, in session at Utica, flint}; parlor. Monday, ( MepCh). 18, 'at! sole at io to 4 sol. tt cbnilfe, up-to-date tarift. law; is: the, on +7 decided that the is Wm T 15m bo fors \and vexing task before the m a @. April should be ps lge s for three per cont C. Lwflthhnmmthest. the purpose of min-mm Manama-yam \wt) Maniits, in| on f pot Hote ne: as, the March r 'Kaster vacation with his Nip Bave taken. their [place, ¥asntionied in cw existing: the Wort by land of South by the above named. dit East. by meadow fGemarly of John Titus and on the Whitson and convayed . by Haight, tion. CLARKE & FROST, to an as ir tu. DelightfleOfferingé third and last piaco. {n Amen.. Whitson, North by land of Thoma» containa _ whout . ona | 97-100 the same more or lors, it to be all the provert ea: Maollburg to Allea °F of the defendants \in this ac- one HILDRETHS i ; RESTAURANTS ROCKVILLE CENTRE FRANK CAMP, Proprietor Sea Food Specialties Barna's French Pastry Charlotte Russe 192 MERRICK ROAD Rockville Centre Dated, January 81, 1991 G. LESTER EASTMAN, Piaintif®s Attorneys, 115 Street. Brooklyn, N. Y. Chaimeey Street two hundred fort met Trees, Vines and Shrubbery Pruned JOSEPH SHALDONE GENERAL GARDEN WORK, P. 6. BOX i1 seven Rockville Centre, New Yok SMITH & MALCOMSON \e\ ARE}: DR. M.RODIN Your teeth require ex- Successors co Alvin G. Smith, C. K. Established 1890 Municipal and Civil Engineers Surveyors . pert care. Give them all T Railroad Ave. n. y,| - the attention you can. Brush them three times a Telephone 205 B a day if you have the opportunity. And then have them examined at intervals by a dentist, who will advise you con- GALVIN' S RESTAURANT 301 FRONT ST., HEMPSTEAD, L. a cerning their condition. CENTRAL HOTEL Breakfast, 7 to 9.30-Lunch, 65¢, 12 to 2 ~BENTIS Dinner, 80¢, 6 to 8 -SPECIAL CHICKEN DINNER—Q SUNDAY, 12 to 8, $1.00 Ala Carte-All Day Real Home Cooking FURNISUID ROOMS FOR HEMFSTEAD SMK BLDG RENT \mmuummnmunmummvu1mammmmmwmnmmmmnuuummmnm As we are row prepared. to do the biggest EASTER BUSI- NESS in our career, rigid comparison of values and prices will conclusively de toe onr leadorship. Early comers will be rewarded by finding a complete stock and excellent variety, And everything bearing those good old prices of a few years ago. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY HINDQUARTER SPRING LAMB _...... . 34c. a 1b. FDREQUARTER SPRING LAMB with Chops...20c. a 1b. ARMOUR CELEBRATED STAR HAMS...__._.._32c. a th. ARMOUR'S CALF STYLE HAM... ._.... a 1b. FRESH CHOPPED MEAT. ..25c. a 1h. M Extra Special Saturday Night after 7 P. POT ROAST BONELES$...............ll2ll 24%c. a 1h. SMOKED PORK TENDERLOIN :.. a 1b. AND OTHER SPECIALS ~ Werner's Atlantic Market 97 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone Freeport 1145 FREEPORT; L. L ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED To en enemee nnn rn NT mml||m||lmum\|mnmmmmummmmmpmumlmmmmmmmumnm 4 I se 35)

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