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Hours for Phy- l Baltimore, Much 24.-Cardinal Gibbons, the Prelnte of 'American Cardinals of the Catholic Church, died at home, the Archbishop-1 residence, this morning, after being in feeble health for several months, i The Cardinal's condition has been critical for the past two ‘days, and since early last night the attending physicians had been expecting the aged prelate's death momentarily. gamed into a state of commute yesterdgy and lus pulse extant watch at the Cardinal’s bedside. all mght ~*~ Death occurred at 11.33 today: Cardinal Gibbons was in his eighty. eighth. year. Until ' last Sunday it was betieved that he was slowly regaining his health. The Cardinal's death was expected to throw a shadow of additional gloom and sorrow. over Holy Week for the millions of his own faith, as well as among (the thousands of friends he had made and held in; all walks of life. Holy Week ' services -will continue uninterrupted. . aster services will be elaborately. celebrated in .all Catholic Churches as usual, the only difference being the lack sof a Pontofcial Munsl at the Cathedral, The altars will re-) main 'dé€orated with flowers through- out the week and the churches can- not be draped in mourning as is cus tomary upon the death of a pastor or prelate. Last night, for the first time in halt a century, Cardinal (ibons was absent from the tenbrre services at. the Cathedral, It 'had been his custom to Mineola,. March Court Justice Faber bas granted an annul ment of marriage to Herbert A. Voor his of Prospect 'street, Hempstead, in Cathrine Nors Voor- Pat i ‘ benedictus, The absence of tha'C-dln- _ | Gifie ground on which the d1¥9r0e i*) ,) room .the tenebrie services had & wrhnted .is that when Voorhis married] gopressing effect: on the congregation. the \Mors: girl in Decamber) these services .are. :the {9\ last \hours of Christ. #1, 1917, she was already married 'to i Death 'of the Cardinal was due to a ‘Leopold 1. Siegrura and that marriage had taken place June 17, 1912, in New York.. City. , Mrs. Voorhis or Siegrura has had & checkered career. .. The testimony given has \ granted. shes. a much married lady and is about to enter again on the matrimonial seas. - Mrs. Voorhis is now ._in Hamburg, Germany, where she has 'mhnounced her engagement to Arthur Cusack, sijd to be m cltlun of, Boston, Mass, \.) Mra.. Voorhis was the woman . who was deported as a German spy by the United States Government in the year 1918, fhe was served in the present f annulment marriage brought by Voor- his while she was imprisoned at Eilis Island,. The service' of the papers be- Ingo made by\Mra: muggy-4! Geiffith & Kornicher of. Hempstend, who were - \thi attorneys' in 'the M s «for Voorhis:'\ - - - general- breakdown, which Jad by a heavy cold, and which first became pronounced whils the prelate was delivering. a sermon at Havre De Grace Md on December' 12, Jast. Following the attack Cardinal, Gib» Bons went to the home of -Robert T. Shriver, a -Hife-Jong: friend,. at Union Mills, Md., for a rest and an attempt ut recuperation, His. condition, ' des- pite the best of medical and, personal attention, grew worse, and at the be: ginning of the new year the life of the Cardinal was despaired of by his close isoclatew and his legion of: friends. He was brought\ back to his own home -in Baltimore early in January, {and: about | two weeksiater, showedxigns of improvement. nal. show signs: of returning strength that he was allowed to take almost ily automobile drives. These outings So much did the Cur. Urstmmnmntfltmflm-dupunmum _ German Imperial. G Ing to the evidence her by the United . York City afd that | mvmww‘llmtfl atreet; New York City. «rm-nail\: q-w'gz J-slfl~ Lo ai 'ad e ‘Q‘nfifl jour amt Kaa mo The Cardinal | was .again. stricken .on “mum-Mya- e ; -——---e0-—-——~ NEW GOWNS FROM PARIS \ wouLn Pass ANy CENsoR London, March- 24.-The first spring dress creations to reach here from¥Paris would pass the severest censor without criticism. Chief differences from.. existing modes demonstrated by the new mod- els éxhibited at the fashion salons are: Longer and fuller skirts. Disappearance of low necks on aft« erncon frocks, Appearance of high collars of soft muslin. Increase in the amount of lace and embroidery. BERT ACOSTA, AVIATOR, SUED FOR DIVORCE Californian Girl Named as Core- spondent-Marie L. Bromley Acosta, Plaintiff, Is Now El- gaged in l‘rodu Movie Piclwe in Which She Appears as a Vampire ' Mineola, March 24-Supreme Court Justice-Faber, in chambers of Supreme Court this morning, heard the divoree case instituted by Marie L. Acosta of e Bertram Blanchard Acosta of Hemp. stead... Acosta is an aviator of inter: mational reputation and said to be one ife and» salaried airmen following that particu- lar calling now. \ Mrs. Acosta is a screen star with m comedy film: company 6f New Rochelle. Justice Faber after the evidence today reserved decision. Mrs. 'Acosta in her charges against her husband mentioned. Miss Tiah Dodge of 4850 10th avenue, Sacramento, California, as the co-respondent. Mrs, Acosta also charged that out of the- relations. between.. Acosta and the Dodge girl, whois said to be 16 years old, m child was born and that following that. Acosta was .arvested charged with seduction in Sacramento. But there the case apparently ended 'because there is no' record of prosecu- tion. H. Willard: Griffiths of Griffiths & Kornicher, attorneys for. Mrs. Acosta, today. said that. it was. reported that Acosta M brought 'back from [Cali- fornia. 'by his employers becaude at the an. he was under arrest there he had aeroplane and some: and mu it cost a considerable stm of moh y 'because they were 'under.contract to hi- the nts-anneal to qubrlh nu) “mummmmm is eightmonths: °; 1k s hs today ascertaining 'that : one of the highest paid avi-| shots, E ”131-4,“ vrfr’rwlffi'fi‘ i pecpict lie Hollis,. March ~24.-Premier Lioy] George of England, is compared with Pontius Pilate, Nero and Abdul Hamid in a bitter letter addressed to him. by the Rev. Edvard Harley, of St. Ger- of. Hollis, promlm: against the killing of Miss Mary Harley by Black and 'an policeman in Ireland. Rev. Dr, Harley knew the slain: girl and bad visited her parents in London.. Miss Harley. was. visiting her uncle in County Donegal and was convatescing from iliness whent she was-killed. \When Miss Harley heard the Black and Tans approaching she gave the alarm to the others who escaped in night attire, but upon their return they were horrified to find not only that their homes had been burned, but Miss Har- ley's bod ddle th balle horribly «multilated,\ said the letter. \The body was lying in the yard whither the savage servants of your government had thrown it after their flendish night's work in the name Of English civilization, democracy and liberty, \As sure as Pontius Pilate will: one day stand to be judged before Him whom. hecondemned to the Gibbet, sosure will he also on that day demand h innocent blood at your hands. On dread day Pontius Pilate, Herod, Nero, Abdul Hamid, Cromwell and yourself and a few others will stand forth in a class by yourselves as the most. rebro- | bate criminals in the whole history,\ + Hempstead Police Head Sworn in and Hempstead, March 24. -P. A. Sea- | man the new (‘hlcf‘ 8f the Hempstead police, was sworn in Tuesday night and was on 'the job as head of the depart- ment yesterday. Thus far he change in - the “force\ has assignment announced of HO‘ the | mm IN ELECFRIC CHAR Was Comet“! of Having Killed | Wilbur E. Severance of Hunt- \ ington, Dec. 15. Riverhead, L. L, March 24.-James Van Norman, convicted of first degree? murder yesterday, was sentenced today to die in the electric chair in Sing Sing | during the week of May 9. ~Sentei was imposed. by: Justice Callaghan in Supreme Court, t Gentry . S.. Williams, Court - clerk, asked Van Norman whether. he had anything: to, say. \I would like to atite briefly that I am innocent of murder: in any. degrée and I have a clear conscience,\ \pint Vin Now-n \The manned man charm 1m: having. shot and 'killed, llbur E. Sev- ce of Huntington orf Dec. 15. \Yan [work Long Island farms is one of the s; Freeport, March 24.-The. Y. W. C. A. will soon start a drive for the purpose of raising money to carry on the won- derful work that organization is doing. The aim of, the drive. wil he $20,000. Freeport's quota will be $2,000, and other. villages in proportion. *~Mrs. George F. Hushrouck Is in charge of the Freeport end of the drive and has made plans that will include having the whole village divided into districts and canvassed by a committee as was done in the Memorial Library drive. The money is needed for furthering the club work in the various villages, saliries of secretaries, etc. . April 2nd has been designated as Tag day for the drive, and on Apnl 2 On Aprll 16 a mke mle wilt be held FARMERS MAY HAVE TO USE SOUTHERN HELP Dearth of Laborers Compels Con- sideration of Colored People to Assist in Cultivation of Nassau and Suffolk Farms - Even Homes and Wages Do Not At-) tract White Help ‘yarfl district was engaged in battle and | was financed with Soviet. gold,\ tinued the Central News dispatch, \ Martial Law Proclaimed When Communists At- tempt to Destroy Government Building and Call Upon Police to Surrender Arms-Ship- yards Centre of Disturbances Which is Report- - ed as Spreading Rapidly London, March 24.-Fifty persons are reported to have been killed in com- munist disorders it Hamburg, Germany, according to a Central News dispatch from Berlin today. 'The entire police safety at Berlin, expressed the opinion that the movement would collapse be- Tore it could become serious in this city, but nevertheless, he took strong pre cautionary measures to meet trouble. Guards were established to frustrate with dynamite.. Guards were provided for prominent public officials. SETTLEMENT HALTS $50,000 DAMAGE SUIT Injured Blcyde Rider Accept $7,500 From Millionaire Cattle Raiser Whose Automobile Struck Him-Trial Had Been Qn o Days—Injured Man 1 on; ime in Hospitals 2000 bli mobilized in the Heiligengeistfeld dock defeated by the communists. \The communist revolt, it is declared, con. \It middle - Ger- reinforcements is spreading throughout many. have proved powerless, ualities have occurred.\ Strong police cas. Martial Law Declared (By International News Service.) Berlin, March 24.-Martial law has been proclaimed at Hamburg as a re- sult of the communist rising, and Sena- tor Hense has been appointed dictator, |waid a dispatch from that city today, Nearly a score of persons were re- Hempstead, March 24.-The importa- | tion of negro labor from the South to | ings that may happen if the farm la- h Heir \froblem carinot be solved In Lome | other way. That some of tie farmers in the nelgltborhood of. Riverhead and flou‘thA ampton tiave\ already sought\ to get | megro labor brought from the South land attacking government buildings at | yards, ported to have been killed in clashes, suit for Langa of Mineola, March 24.-The damages brought by Joseph Glen Head nainst George 8. Bruster, & millionaire... cattle... raises Of... East Note- wich, before Justice Fuber in Supreme Cowrt this morning was settled for $7,500 Langa had sued for $50,000 for In: Juries received when Brunvr'n‘rhnnt ter ran him. down' Alar the highway. Henry Uterhart, trial attorney, and while the communists were occupying Hamburg. Four men were killed and ro wounded when workmen attempted 0 disarm the police at the Vulean ship- twelve w A mol used stones, bottlex ahd pieces of metal as missles, and attacked the Charles McCarthy, [and. around Riverhead offers wonder | \I® | ful. opportunities fo, those who. would go ‘l wounded when communists, armed with ) is the statement of Samuel S. Board, police in the center of Hamburk. dur- of the United Employment Service Of |ing the disorder, shots were fired from Nassau-Buffolk Counties with head- quarters at Mincola. The thought of: colonization of ne- | groes, especially married couples, has been confined to the Riverside section, inx and wounding over fifteen persons. where are the. potato and cauliflower‘ Five persons were wounded in a riet Lfl’rnrnt‘5fexf‘tbantnllwzgi‘;‘m the Holstedplatz, / Riots were re. this: labor into Nassau County, {ported from other parts of Hamburg Mr. Board says that the section in n= well. Many, a nearby building, wounding some of the policemen, The policemen then opened fire, kill- persons were killed and \back to the farm.\. Me declares that | the golden opportunities there are part- | ly responsible for the shortage of labor E2V® battle to the police nt Eisichen, now because those farm laborers, mar-) The: mob was victorious. 'The police ried men who went out to work for‘wnk refuge. in a barricaded buildiig others at one time, have made enough | while th ' e mob began pillagin to buy small farms for themselves and | ean piInghk: are now employers in a small way, [and meat shops and banks. 'The rig He says that: the community ab- | | leaders of the mob sent an ultimatim to sorbed a hm number of Polish people the police, demanding. their: surrender. at' one time and that the Poles had | Mot leaders threatened to burn the city eaiily dominated. the. labor nituqflon,\ the wittihkfin. was Not Abcepted thereabouts until the war cut off Lhe arrivals and the munitions and other A passenger train from Halle was rifles arid reypivers and Band grenades, \ M... wounded chauffour, “fig/min. v m hit 'an Ty. Mm»: Tactovies took: the men back into “me“ held up ani seized by the communists at cities,\ Some of the latter have Kisleben. j - 'The Immigration: Hax /not | The. communist disorders were re- is still a labor Efniéfi'ai'ffi'fi‘ Oriel sprbulitg:. The Milito movetioht mot Facing this: situation, | Wa* rowing, and behind and over all ways Mr. Board, the farmer has 'been hung the black menace of a political driven to straita'to get help. | revolt.. Flunderin,_ sabotage, death by hmmmwtuwfl, the ed tice The omumtmmw: outfit-m attorney of record for Langu, accepted he offer of the de- fendant through Attorney Brenner for a settlement after the case had been on for two days and after the plaintiffs had submitted their case. , R On October 21, 1920, Langa: was ride ing his bicycle along Cedar and Swamp avenues when he was struck by the Bruster car. He suffered a fracture of the right le, right thigh and had sev- eral ribs broken. Ho was for months at the Nassau County Hospital and Mercy (Hospital in South Hempstead, He has under» wone 'two operations and may. bave to undergo another one.* EVANS RESIGNS AS HEAD OF NASSAU -- FARM BUREAU Willmthfiuflwm Wham-rum Funeral-lullab- y Mineola, March 24.-H. J. Evans, of this place, manager. of 'the Naiman County Furm Bureau, has minedMn position, to begome effective when \hit r. is appointed, Mr. Evans severs his connection with

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