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sop malt-fut“ sobubiusab Nqurieat mea H. Silos, Publister Walter 8. ¥unoell, Iiditer - Moview Building, 64 So, Main Strect, Vreeport; Buliding, Observer Htrust, Centre - Indidrer -Building, 4% Muin 8t., b menor cns ner enone SIAL NEWSPAPIER tor incorporate N*\. Vikingo: of Preaport.. OPPICIAL | NEWSPAPIR - for . Incorporated Village of Cedarhurst. Roskvile of personal Mompstead penuation by No, one who hus not office | an incorporated village or closely fol- lowed the course bf public 'business conducted by village trustees can have any 'realization of the amount given without com- presidents and Rometimes . when . their: term office close they receive public > OMRWICTAT NEWSPAPER tor Naweu Coty thanks. More often they retire from (or publication OF notices of Paskruptey getive duty with no recognition on 10 District Court of United Staten for the Bestern District of New Yotk. Matered at the Post Office at Freeport, N. the part of the people. The. nowspaper reporter knows, ws second class mall muster, under porhaps better than anyone else not Ast of March 3, 1§79. Subscription, 35 ver year in advance Single topler, two conte a is given here and now to reminding -_- HUMAN PLUMB BOBS IN THE SKY you,-friend reader; that when Presi- a village offcial, just how much men are entitled to sume expression of gratitude. For that reason this space Right here in the town of Hemp-| dent or TrustoerSoandso goes out of «. stead where the quiet.air vibrates} office goes out of office on the 15th - _ with the hum of the wizard motors} of March, it will be a proper and of many airplanes the public is get- | courteous thing for you to axpress at ting accustomed to miracles of the | least with a word, a smile or a hand- air. Feats that would have kept shake your appreciation of what the Kong Islanders open-eyed for neighbor has been doing for you, . and chattering with enthusiasm for days now pass as commonplaces. . Buch being the case an occasional mewspaper reminder fs almost es. the work that the bright, brave and busy young meu of the U. S. air service are doing. «Even the people within sight of Mitchel Field wouldn't know that the fliers are forming the habit. of stepping overboard from airplanes at 2,000: or so feet nearer the heavens, p . if the statement were not printed in >_ the newspaper. It has become so \ erdinary a matter to bear the buzz ef the planes that Hempstead and Garden City folk no longer look 'up ms tlie mechanical birds fly over. It will pay. however, to look up, Do it, won't you? - --g-- DON'T FAIL TO GET A POPPY -That is a nice idea being passed sential now to attract attention to| along wherever there aro members of the American Legion, and of the French Children's League, in the dis. tribution of millions of paper poppies. These have been made by women of France to be sold on Memorial Day, All through the United States these symbols will be sold and the proceeds will be used to benefit French and American War Orphans. - Give a thought to the Children on Memorial Day. > ---g-- SHY ON SPRING POEMS There's something wrong with the spring poets this year. A fine fat for some day, if you don't Write of those fliers is coming plumb own on your new spring headgear. I Those army boys rather like the - gensation and it is. comparatively _ safe so to do. It's a right good part of the training, for 'there has been times when fliers were caught aloft fn planes that were digabled, or aftre, Pap or atis iand hook If the or ad been . equipped with the modern life saving robin atop an elm tree on the Long Beach road announced the.arrival of spring yesterday and the watercress and skunk cabbage down in the stream confirmed the statement. But as yet-only one spring poem has been sprung on us-for which, much Cassiopeia Chapter 453, O. E. S., will - tus. hold its regular Monday even ..,. *** fils; March 14, in Bank of Rockville Cen- fe c * @ a tre Building. fhe Star Degree will be W, Why do bulls always \gore\ peoPle | the work of the evening, * to death ? & t' .+\ Official visit of the grand matron and t _ ~LAY FOR POOR BOX ROBBERS |- reception 'they deserve. - LET US HAVE PURE WATER \ assuro the purity of the water supply hold its, first. annual. vaudeville and . @izve now realised thal: (They ccotld her staff will be made to the Queens Nassau district of the Order of Eastern » There seems to be no sense of re-|Star, Tuesday evening, March 15. A \spect for sacred things among the reception will be held h} the Masonic \ thieves who are raiding the poor box. | TOm®!¢ Broadway, Flushing, es in Roman Catholi¢ churches it| ®ntertainment Committee of Merl the county. Coming at quite regu-) koke Tribe, I. O. R. M., met Monday 1 Jar intervals and spreading their | 40d discussed the arzangements for the 4 ¢ mask and civic ball to be held in Masonic | visits over the territory, it ought £9 Rockville Contre, Thursday j] «be rather casy to calculate Where th® evening, March 17. Ticket sales were thieves would naturally make their reported good, and the committee is con- mext call and give them the sort of templating increasing the number of « prizes to be awarded for costumes, The tribe. will confer the adoption\ degree on a team of candidates at its regular meeting next Friday night in Odd Fel- lows' Hall, Merrick road. * booanod Nassau Encampment Association will g- » -\ Health 'Officer Jaques is on the right ,track in proposing. steps 'to is for villages within Hempstead tow | motion pleture show at the Freeport “my C petoad a auditorium, Friday evening, March 11 Dancing. will follow rmance. Population is increasing as rapidly B Po \. a housing conditions will permit. Rockville Centre Lodgo, 270, T. 0. O. Drainage systems that were suilable| F« ¢onforred the second degre on a Conmnunttion when. they were og, vien\ oot - Wbinly populated may have strong bury, degress master, was in charge of - elements of daiffor under the pre- {the work. ' < v awnt conditions. It is the function #2 m live health officer to forestall Apouble from: such sources and -Dr. Jagues does well to matter - to the attention of the officials, ~--~- ® Ladies' Auxiliary of Sincerity Lodge, Daughters. of Rel ut'the home of Mrs, 1. \C. Pores Vincent: avenue, Lombrook, last Priday afternoon sewed on. article« to. be used. to furnish: the new odd It?\ home at Ithaca. On y . the Lodge G AND FARMING, TOO mm,“ wma law‘s!!!“ -> Some rafsfadged ,a worthy couple [@ . Meeker, venue, - living within clumimllnu of the pup. | Centre, And: rehoursed\ for a minstrel show, | Tribe, of Inwood, work ed the warrior«' and chiet's'~ degrees in Movikoko Tribe's wigwam, Odd. Pol: lows Jtall, Reckyille Contre, last Fri- duly night. Merlkoko bad nine 'candi dates. and Ronkonkoma, eight. On March 11, Muerikoke Tribe will work the Adoption: degree, ® Mention office of 'The Daily Review ( mui necused the pgrents of tau-[k boy sixteon years' old, out of ool and putting him at work on mln another state. The good ple: were wounded by the false iation and The Daily Review has > Weaned thore is good reason for the Teotivg of resentment. © 4 ° The'fict lacthat.-the\boy is attond~ Inia hligh school,, making &n excop- Adunal' good- resord for, sobolarship, rdleveloping efcoptionally in a physi- f way, and 4 liry faria.. Best of all he is doing - theso Ahings hecmuse bo inted D do hays tre fork and réesponstbfity, 'an ho prly it, the opportinify, % fin. ti ahond, 'this, boy, nd rpg (1 In more oii of. fis schooling;) Op.. £1 Go'll venture, than & very largo neo- Stonand In F minor, pariten of Mah wahoo! Wthduste who “I: m\2£: - -whifo 'conilnufhg At “Twzm a.“ A Haly eduention: o Somuiet. by Puk Aud wa'lt ventive. the nptaion hefmmww N weeting muich -time \minim h - _ FpBeut | nf (his ore; (his\ Telad 'is to fah of t soustractive thoughts for Li Mme f 1 ~. We are with you. Gearstury Donby, & NOCH NICHT Join the urmy and see. Germany through a Cob-{enz. PRAISE BE Proibition has its benefits. \So far, it has dried up the mud in the port election. A- LOOT BY ANY OTHER NAME ; Lieut. Robb, U. S. N, has been ac cused of theft. POETICAL RUSSIA The present revolution will be fought along. the Rhyme with gencrals like these; Petrichenko Yakovienko Sayachenko. HERESKL Calling the roll of a. Russian com» pany must start a wicked shimmy of the tonsils. -4+ \Foreign Wool Booms\~-Boston. Really, now, hadn't it ought to blat? . NO MORE BIRTHDAYS , \U. 8..Japanese War in 1924, Predigi English Editor\-London. Lot's see, we'll be, er, we can pass for younger anyway. \Gets Drunk on Vanilla, Goes to Jail\ Riverhead. it from: somebody's stock. AMBITION The Jonas Millinery, Have made the statement that, They really want to get ahead, A head for every hat. WHY wWoULDNT THEY? \Mr. and Mrs. Walls Make Home\\-Hempstead. Ideal AT LAST TEMPLE ISRAEL IS REAL Mad, 8q. Garden has nuthin' on us. We are having a little six daily grind of our own. © © CwE ARE IN Favor A 15-minute service on (the trolley would be ideal. Then if they are very late they will be on. time. NOTHING (NEW A Paris doctor-clatims to make women young with X-ray, hose, Gogh, dog, they. have been wearing 'em hére for @ helluva. while. %* GENTLE SPRING . March may exit a jla. mutton, but just at-present we can hear the Lion's Raw, SOCIETY ITEM Rumor has it that Ethel Barrymore has been separated from her Colt. May- be he is feeling his cats! C. H. J. lke MRS. PHELPS' NAME USED WITHOUT HER ERMISSION Rockville - Contre, - March .9.-Mrs. Charlotte L. Phelps, President: of the Parent-Teachers® - Association, -- assures her many friends in Rockville Centre the does not aspire to be a member of the Board of Education. She has just learned that well meanjng friends have of her as a possible member of the Board.. No one has been authorized to make such u f Mer name and she assures The *Daily Jteview she will well pleased to have it generally: known that she has not been, is not now and does not Intend\ to be a cogdidute for this positions f Ar: Rockwell and Mrs. Boorlim, whose names have alceady been prégented for election to. the two coming vacancies the Board of Education are her frien She both . particularly - well 331m to execute the. duties of the f and / she . hopes nothing wiil wcour to interfere with their unanimous Wigiflmfnfing y Rditor Dally Review: 000 © 98+ SIR: IT his just becn € to my attenuon toil comers io the sive (igh mn- Tum of the. Board of been 01W he. village: 1 derive. to- posith slate Chict ay name haw been Used entirely: without ny. consent «or knowledgo that g der no. consideration \*is He must have \extracted\ , | Hulse of Merrick and Nettie Wriiht of NON-ADVERTISERS SURPRISE MRS. STAVENHAGEN ON HER 75th BIRTHDAY Rockville. Centre, March 9.-A. sur o luncheon was tendered to Mrs. Stuvenhagen in the vestry rooms of the Temple under the suspices of the Badies'. Auxiliary: on March 4, to coms memorate her seventy-fifth bitthda Strategy was employed in furthering the icuns to this. complete: surpris The result justified the means no» wher i the land was there a happler little lady than the dear honorary presi- dent, surrounded. by sixty of her rela- thy and friends, After: congratula« tions all sat down to a feast. Mrs. Firschbaum, chairman, and hee ablo committee: Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Rathoin, Mrs. Zadek, Mrs. Greenbaur Mrs. Kanwit and Miss Blum, merited \the pri fiven them: enthusiastically, --The tables,. forming @ horse shoo, were beautifully decorated in pink and green, There r I witty tousts and Mrs. Sto ponded in her 'mimitable manner. In addressing Mrs. Staven- had as her theme, \Mother As Stavenhagen has proven the moth t was a most fitting to bestow upon her. nwit had a vers: appropriate inember on her place: cards. ed. much merriment. . Mrs. received a beautiful band WEDDINGS \ Everett-DPrior-Hempstead, March 8, by Justice of the Peace Edward T. Net William Charles Everett and Stella Louise Prior, both of Baldwin, Future address, Lynbrook, Hulse: Wright-Merrick, March 1, .by Rev. W. H. Littobrandt, Samuel Freeport, Zaunér-Erb-Brooklyn, March 1, by the Rev. R. C. Veitz, John Znuner of Mt. Tremper and Louise E. Erb of Fle mont. Future address, Mt. Trompe. LICENSE TO MARRY > William A. Mitchell, of New Yorke and Miss Mattie Wyche, 140, of Law» rence, Future address, Lawrence. Births Callanan-Hempstead, March 2, to thea 8. Berg, age 98 years, burial in Ernest and Clara Callanan of 140 Jack- son street, a son, Ernest Smith, . DEATHS flohnn Gabriel Seaford, March 9.-Litte John Ba- briel, 5 years old, who since lust August has been staying with Mrs. (W. Rhoades, mot with a sad deat His: fathor Arthur Gabriet had taken him to New York for a treat. While on the sidewalk at sifty-five West 107 street a runaway auto truck struck him, killing him, He was 'buried last Saturday. in a New York cemetery, Dorothy \Rose Cornell Baby Dorothy Rose Cornell of Nassau Road, Roosevelt died ab the home of het parents -Priesday, nt the age of 16 onths. The funeral, Fulton in charie, hold tuday,-interment in Greenfield Cometery. n the Joss of $§0,000 in taxes, to pstead Town.\ 3 ° But: dhivs is- probably. not the worst ure of: the project \.s. it affect Lynbrook, 'The law does not allows gride crossing, ard to run the Bot: levard -noroms (the- Long. Island tracks Io thi villuigo would n a bridge celther'a long dirt ofibaukment or steel: viaduct. If a.dirt embankment, would be very. stoop, t. odpaat € of Atlantic Avenue, in! w tunnel over the stroet it h back on the Jand between Atlantic Ave» nue and Broadway. Whether this pro; Jeet would an. improvement ' or it You've said to yourself = \I work hard-\ --and you've added : \L have ability--\ Then ”t.\ asked yourself THE question : -Why Don't I Succeed? | And why don't ability and hard work insure success? ‘Q‘ When, you seriously begin to look for the answer to that question, and sand ready to act when you get it, you've made a long stride ahcad-you're well ofthe road to really getting somewhere. Niagara Falls has enough \energy\ to give it the \ability\ to furnish p§wer almost without limit- N c -But it takes specialized brains to harness this energy and transform it finto commercially valuable clectric current. A good investment pays, large dividdds, increases the principal and prepares you for the future. , © fin. ' We have the very investment you have been looking REL-nut, MINING, [IL or MANUFACTURING, but one whose tremendous popularity among investo@g® is due largely to the highly attractive yields to the shareholder from earnings, find the consequent high value of these shares. During their comparatively brief histories they have gained remarkabl@hin distinction because of their SAFETY, POPULARITY and the DECIDEDLY LUCBA- TIVE RESULTS yielded to their shareholders. f We are here presenting: an oppt'thunity to practice THRIFT saving and b Hi- ing safely and conservatively for THE FUTURE, and affording to each indivigi@l an active and personal participation in the prosperity\of the country. The incentive to shareholders is their knowledge that there will be distrib ba to them proportionate shares of the profits that accrue from the activities of is organization. We are now issuing a on this particular Security, and shall be pleased to send it to you FREE FOR IAR ASKING. I - , Get this REVIEW and read all about this great INVESTMENT. 9 aA t's Free et It lan + Af ghips drifted they'd never arrive; so they said by chart. Architects n't build by guesswork; they draw plans. What Are Your Plans For Future Progress {up first step to a definite route to more Vfioney, ultimate indepéndence nd the substitution of a;cértainty for-a question (?) mark, lies in sending the cdlili@on below. If you are in no hurry to act, just remember that waiting is as fatal es- ituting-they lead to nowhere. 'The one thing you can be certain of is the actilié of today-so-send the mum Now. a f ne an aes aa la aa a anis wie wh $a anl Pods h 4 tates way hie P Ce - - - F f vie i n, AP 1 Vike pale Paiva a s an qo We a doi dea

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