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+ DON'T FORGET . The First. Ansual Vaadevile and Motion: Picture' Show: of THE NASSAU 'ENCAM ASSN No. 2 - To Be Held At Auditoriut MAIN STREET - March 11,1921 Tickete Obe, War Tax Inclhied 8 P, M: Sharp DANCING AFTER SENW The YOUNG REPUBLICANS ENDORSE G. ARING No Village Ticket To Be Endorsed “NA-MW“- To Be Held Freeport, - March ~4.-The. Nassau Young Republican Club,. discussed in- dorsement of a ticket for village off- cers and a candidate for post master, The notices of the meeting» did not state the object, and consequently. there was comment when the purpose was made plain: It was also moved That the People's be. endorsed, consisting .of C, A. Kd wards for village president; Silas A. Williams and Hilbert Johnson for trus- tees, Frank Seaman for collector, and 8. D. Smith for treasurer. (it was also moved thot the People's ticket be endorsed, it is the same as the 'Citizeng', with the exception .. of Henry L. son in place of Hilbert Johnson. C. H. Kerr spoke in favor of the rule of the majority, and suggested the fluh pick the strongest candidate and behind him. Stephen Hunt brought out \the fact that Maxson had pledges before he went away, and that action of the club in endorsing any one ticket would split the organization. Argaments were brought forth that the club ought not to endorse any ticket, as any man is free to. vote as be chooses. Eivin N. Edwards said the Young Re- publican Club was organized because of the fact that @ certain 'clique in the vil- lage had been running the town without opposition, and that the village. had been under the control of certain men |~ the last five or ten years. He also atated that propaganda had been started in the village to bring dissension into the club itself, and that men had be- come members for the . purpose . of spreading such propaganda. \We were organized to put a new order of things in operation In- Free- \We are not standing Wine-aim a party that has put politica to * shame all over N. Y. State and in Nas: may County particularly, I have seen enough rotten politics to last me & life- time,\ A vote was taken to 'determine whether the club should vote on the; question of endorsing any particular ticket: 'The vote-resulted in a tle. The Young . Republican Club met, again Wednesday at the Grove street school, when they refused to endorse any candidate or any ticket In the fortheomiing village election. George : Aring, was practically en- dorsed for postmaster, | Howard R. Pear- sail, the other candidate in the field, stated that if George Aring had a good chance and. the backing of the club would help him, he would not stand in the way, so far as getting the en- dorsement of the club was concerned. Among those who spoke during the evening were Elvin -N. Edwards, C, H. Kerr, Albin N. Johnson, C. B. Wik Jiams, Clarence Edwards, Stephen Hunt and Raymond Miller,. Another meeting will be held within a few days when the club, as a club, is expected to endorse one of the two tickets. MULGANNON GIVES UP POSEMASTERSHIP Kebires Afl Seven Years of Ser- vice at Hempstead, With Respect of All Hompatead, - March - $.-Francle -J. Mulgamnon retired from the postmaster- ahip of Hempitead Feb.. 28... after having served neven years' as bead of the office, He. was appointed on March 1,° and. ment; his \resignation to the department on February 1, to take ef- feet on March 1. Until the appointment of his stocemsor by the incoming admin- istration, Deputy Postmiater Fred M, Fealey will bs in charge of the office. Mr. Muliganmon's term -of offlcé would not have expired until 1923, 'During his incumbency Mr. Mulgdn- non hin greatly extendéd and impuoved the local mail sorvice, ahd has seen the office grow from second to first clasa, due to hi activity in obtaining the dow ignation=of Hempstead as the post office for the flying fields an Camp Mills, Me las now engaged in the insurance and loan. bualfiess in New: York. It is expected that Albsrt H. Voit, who hie bon endoradd by the ocal members of: the Republican own Cott imltune, wilf (be appointed postmaster now that Promident Harding how Aiken I ie FOUR FREEPORT CANDIDATES PoR fed DEPUTY CHIRE, Frraport. Mnrch '%.-Pour onnifidates tor Stond Deputy Chief are wow .in the, rings Sans Corker ot Hose 4, Jack Mitwberget of Prock 1, MamiiHon Hike of Hse %. and Réward Ricd/of Win- +e t- HiectJon of the firn. ¢ficila wilt take nlace In April. * ALFRED: GLIEDMAN Line, of . | | | umwmmnnnhtmam-cnunmx little. Fussell -on Tuesday-afternoon; 'The Pol: lyunita Juror Circle will meet on Fri-] the excellent chowder, The Armen day . at \the home of Mrs, Charles Rearty :in \thelr: praise. of the. chat Schafer. those who made and served it. Waiter Poper of Long Island City: was the week. ond #uest of his grand parents Mr and Mrs. 1, Bulling of Wilmarth place. “magnum-mm .N~w York and was active up mafia-«mum While crossing Wantagh and Jorusa~ BY mum MEN! SHELTER NR [HE \ unite crmmidng sod Joie truck leaded with fertilizer was ran into h Is Haven) y 2 large Packard car driven by Mrs, Denby of Furmingdale and 'Mexsapequa. Mr. Garner honked his horn, saw. the car comibug straight nt\ him and tupned his truck so it struck a. telephone pole Stes, - Mary Southard who «, occupy- Ing Mrs. Pranic Youhg's.Cottage at Port Orange, Florida, was in an automobile accident while: tonring through .Pim Beach with: several ladies, Hor car was run into by. a party. driving on th weeng side of the roid turning a corner, No one was injured, but there' was a a 'The Choral Society has begun rel sals for the 'Old Cabin Home Mins which will be held in April. Items for this column 'may be se Gilson Burch Freeport,\ Hutch 8.-Thint Clarence A Pdwards is the best qualified candidate for \Village President und worthy of re- #lection is the opinion of many leading men of the village. Ernest Iandall, a former village ”- ident, e a statement tp the effect had a most successful\ administration, and that he and the beard had accom- plished many benefits for the town dur: ing Edwards' administration. \I am for him and will 'work for his reelog- tion,\ suid. Mr. Randall Werner Nygren, president of the Freeport Club, was also warm in his praise of the Edwards administration, and expressed a desire to see him re- elected. Among other leading men who have come out in favor of Clarence Edwards nre George Rasmussen, Howard Oster- hout, George G. Wagner, H. Brown, Cleorge M. Levy, Thomas Powell, Joseph Laux, Raymond J. Miller, G, A. Goot, chlus, .J. Huyler Ellon and Arthur Frank. a In an interview with a Daily Review reporter, Mr. Edwards stated that the reason | Chief - Hartman's 'or ~tem extra men for the police department and a police automobile were rejected was because of the fact that the Village Board could not see its way clear at this time to grant the Increase. \I want to impress upon the minds of the taxpayers,\ said Mr, Rdwards,\ that the report that $50,000 will be used for the police department is erroneous, 'The Village Board, in making up the budget for the coming year, allowed the police department $27,600.\ ~IREMEN HUNT BLAZING AUTOMOBILE IN FREEPORT Freeport, March 7.-An automobile helonging to Herbert R. Robertson of 98 Lexington ave., was threatened by fire Saturday afternoon but the blaze was extinguished before the arival of the- firemen. A call came to police headquarters af 5.23 P. M. anda fire alarm hinmed {ately*followed. With usual celerity the apparatus responded but were unable to find any sign of 'a conflagration Finally Capt. Hamilton King of Hose ? located the cause of the alarm. The car had caught fire in the garage and was backed out into the yard by Mr. Robrtson who succeeded in putting thobhnjmnflauzunud. datnage wan slight. > that in his estimation Mr, Edwards hed| Mrs. C. R. Clark; president, 771 Lincoin appHeation | Wantagh, Schafer and Mrs. Arthut Lynbrook representatives.. of ~~Ni County, attended the meeting of all thé Leaders of Brooklyn. Long Island dis- trict of In tiongl Order. of King's Laughters and. Sons at' the home. of Place, Brooklyn. Guests of honor were Mre. M. W, Lelbért, State President and Mr«. Cornelia T. Strong, state secretary. Plas were for the drive Easter eek, for the éndowment fund of the 'State Home for Aged Couples and Kings Daughters? This District hopes to raise $5.000 and endow a. room. Wantagh is more proud than ever about the Home, for foday a King's Daughter and a Son will go to the Home, never in his life to be separated. The Daughter was a member. of the »xecutive Board. It is hoped the evening of their lives will be very. happy to- gether. A public mieéting luncheon was serv- «d by the. president. Mr: and Mrs. Theodore Moore of Miami, Florida, gdve a reception at their beautl- ful home on Second street in honor of | the announcement of the engagement of their only daughter Pauline to James Erwin Pussell, son of Mr and Mra. J. J. Fussell, Wantagh. The home was deco- rated in red and green with basketfuls of orange Blossoms. There were 150 guests présent Including Mrs. J. J. Pus- sell and son, Thorpe mother and brother of the bridegroom to be, The wedding will take place on Match 29 and the couple will come north on @ honeymoon trip. Sympath$ i} extended to Mr. and Mys- Richard Weldt .in the loss of vl Weidt's father last Monday night who passed away in his sleep at his home on Leonard: street, Brooklyn. He was 92 years old and a very popular resident of the: former \Williamsburg having reald- ed there 72 years, He was trustee of the Old German Mathodist church, on! Penn street and Marcy avenue, Inter-} ment was! in Mount Olivet «Cemetery. He leaves besides his son Richard, his widow,. Christina; threo daughters, Mrs. wouise Krieg, Danbury, Conn.; Mrs. Nich oils Dietz and Miss Sophia Weidt, and twelve grandchildren. Mr. 'Weidt was Phone Freeport 64-R DG. H. W. REID Dentlat 85 South Ocess Ave. Presport, N. Y Office Hours: Rvenings 6-0 or by sp. peintment. Hk hane hordley Avec. i THE-FREEPORT U good as New. Write, Phone or Call and WORDERTOOSIALL 32 So. Grove St. Tel. 1 P neeed unmmu EEI COVERS AND DRAPERY SHOP Is now ready to do all your work at a greatly reduced price, You save 50% by dealmg with us. 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