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_> SERVICE: WILLING To PAY MORE IF NEED BZ _ m‘mfil’om Officials of Nassau Vihges Insist Public Has Right E | -- NOMINATIONS TO SENATE] _ to Better Facilitiese-Warnings As to. Irre- Ploral Park, March T~JOBH ) | tasty, ton, - Mmich - T.-Preakdens sponnue Bus hues Wth Might Cam Com- __plete Cessation of Trolley Service in the R8 £24 EAs BN { ENDS SH 3-H V5 Founder of M fa Flowerfeld, Made tics and Used j mous florleulturist) known. the world a m {following nominationa That ror (he bewntitur Mewnes hi pene Cosine, remntion® | . , (ed of angina. pectoris in his state- ravy, Theodore K voll, ° romin on' a New York Contral troin| pg be under secretary of Suite; Hen somewhero between Albany: and the y P. Fletcher, ° j tGram! Central Station Arturday PM&Bt| o po nsistant secrotury | , M s Ho wa aroute from California, where; ture, E7 D. Ball. | f + ‘ & a a. went shout three weeks ago On BIS! rg po major general commandant of | * | o e He o ml“ talked with the Murine Corps, John A. Lejenue. or Floval Park boy, Avid ”n: y To be major general in the Marine oul 7 Corps, George Barnett, who was with him on the train, and r Sua ' whet ho Prosident also to the 'Sen- of thes Childs, founder of Floral Park, and Me |¥TAréing: today sent to the Senute th: 1 I powe nity Central $ this afterno At threo Nows Her that the verdi __ County Believing that the preservation of the trolley lines and the betterment. of the inter-village traction service is of vital impor- lance to all the people and holding. that the matter is plainly « of agrienl, 1 her , International ,,,, , Aco fiifs. officialty informed rig ferns Aled Pr 1a a era it npon the Ge qualified rejec The Belgivt fending Mn London. \. At four. 0 ed he was pr for the Aled A membe tion who wa e \ik law pen. m jot ; troposals . was une \binet at Tirverels is cama 'to Brooklyn , in J « Dotense Devore to . filmons announe. another statemedt/had licen lured to the Jn' mlern. the German | dulegh- weapan was \broken w forecast the next | sipull 10 my whar will hap- probable that the wilt leave for Berlin moo mm 'The Clerm Premier B rupture. - \The alt and most today in Ld A specia eniléedin t the ve del suitor: -wore a ful while a okt, the police cord r House and f py(leorge shouting pressed the view that his broth fran responsible for the in very. unsatiefactory ' wald A. Bonar Low # of the enbinet was sutomohile geen i of Communes during snot whore the man wn of the German | Indemnity Conference, uniform. with 2. sword the session st noon to- cup out- lowed | girmans Pay.\ ho 1.-1 farshal Foch has w 20 c, me: an): Standard | Bupreme - Allied d. this evening | PLOT Michael of Hungary, . | folded across his Andrassy to These a brother of Mr 1432 Fourth stroot, Caton, Oho. He! ith him.. Rtob- the crime, A *ifge sim of money boty wes the motive fc Investigation re Jc y spot nnd struck on the head wifi a club. c me base of his fractured. Hansen, flug‘rprlm expert, nond Mller, cinty detective, duvfllmmd the identity) of the man through a postal reeoipt. The slain man, it was lea d,-sef a package to -im-la@# from i postoffice in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, Tel- egrams to Canton proved the identily, The detectives are now working-on a ch.o to the persons whoscomnitted the | erime. They obtained thd number of an the Kicinity of the toind. Lawrence 8. Smith, 18, of 21 Wan- keona avenue, and Jai Shen, 12, of 22 Waukeena avenue, Ing through Knight's woods, discov@red the body near Onk-road, a quarter mile south of Woods avenue, Rockvilic: Contre: and subsequently Health Officer Jacques, meting. as coroner, ordded the body taken to Ronald's in Lyn brook. hout 2.1 mt, tn He wore a blue sult, blaek shoes, gr my shirt ond heavy. underw@e. . A fawn colored soft hat near t body bore the “'\‘\§ Brosson Baver Canton, Ohio. The rcecipt for a reg was found Tin bis pock water-soaked and not lo ton indicating he safe 'company ds a- clue tion on which 'the (“flu-h: attorney's office is working. TWE man lay on his we? ears of so. tored letter the arms | chest, and face were scratched. was battered, . From appearances the y had lain there a long thne, posstbly} before the snow storm of Webruaty 24 © His head \| SOVIET OFFICIALS familly meo - imday- to -Czoebl bu in: Par co bandits. flod: h's te , and org FEAR RUSSIAN ON Paris, March 7.-Russinn Roviet of-] cials have 'befun to flee the tountry in the face of the revolution thik is sweep Ings parts, of tife 'country, opding 'to advigen r this a by tha French. Porcita OM teh- | */ the * hit to \Whi Ais! near. L ihave Seized d iubry, and, had that the man} His bands | { \P i | THOMAS A. MeWLIN» MCWHINNEY SUR OF APPOINT ~ FAT FED Big. n of\ Republi Azufiblymn \ ternal Revenue Coll Mineola, March 7.-The : of Assemblyman Thomas' A. ney as collector of internal reve this district is raid, in a. despa Washington, D. C., to be assure Despite the he; thit he charged and has dened th with 'having «ponsored and ; against having the Lockwood teo investigate tho banking a unce business as well as the aftuation, It) McWhi ta b plum, it ja sald. One' of his strongest bad Charles D. Hiller, Republican | Committeemang from New. Yor Juno)» Livingston, - Republien from Brooklyn; \Harry Lee, Fe | boss of Buffoll County, and t lknn County. Committce of County are all supporting h sistant Secretary of the Navy Roogevelt is said to have i him also. With this support it is and Mchnmy # appointment is | | AGHWO I Wantagh, March 7.-A cotta eathte of Edward F. Browning | tagh ave, was destroyed by fi in what is believed to have | incendiary blaze. Mr. Browning has had men Eon his estate all winter prepa | turning it into a gamdipresery | ors. were \housed 'In. a cottas estate. Pu? Iaborerscoking - work an, artument with the foreme sone, to. another g cotthige Adonpied By tan dlecover f tem Bie Th estate, \t Ablitgr (the abisze The +-destroyed eff » men. Oft aro rids TAKE OF D0T \ a, e mm: 6 Se D Dato of Tchebl- mie Polis opel for. veling.7 K =/ [TO Party in- ment hire from p from been arge, h voted mit- Insure using moring when. other passengers did, i \d by a d# ional while leader mican Repub b As: odore: \ fors t Mr. od. in the Bell- eiday m an king ry to Labor: n the Into ndxgt- ot the b mon to be halt police i who Amount wwmd to v The Reard' of Edd lim, Loula AL btwn, Frank Mar the building- rant R that | that he is mated for this high deri, moldentally, pr L gora he retired he seemed to he in his a long list of r lon of. legu- isu@t- health. As hoe did. not rise In the, tious bad falled tins had faited of confirmation in the lase Congress. The nominations of Theodore Roose: velt to be assistant secretary of. the and E. D. Ball to be assistant rfl/e‘elf‘lfil’) of agriediture: were not con: firmed by the Senate, us no been taken on these nominat were referred to the naval eulturdt compaltices, respectively. « FARMERS FAVOR DAYLIGHT SAVING FOR FIVE MONTHS Nassau Rep resentatives Will Ask \_ New Yoflt Aldermen To Act they went to his stateroom, thinking ho must be slcoping amdsually . soundly. | They found him dead. We evidently passed awry quietly whilo asleep. None of the other pas-| sengers heard any noise, or had any warming of his death. Win the news was received at Floral Puk thore wis much sorrow among -the employees, some of whom ad been with him most of his business lize. Mrs. Childs. and her son, Jay Lionel, went to the Grand Central Station in an automobile to mect him, as per arrangement, to bring him home, They did not know of his death until told by traimmon, Fubcral services at his late homo, Tu- lin Avenue, Floral Park, Tuesday morn- ng at 11 o'clock, will be private. In- terment will be in Greenfickt Cometer ngil had J They ugrl- candidates for public office there other e vari | of opinion in relation to th ed than any other. R. L. BACON LIKELY Heropstoad. I < Mr. Childs is survived by his widow, With Them Carrie Goldsmith Childs, to whom hej . was mour in 1886; ond daughter, Mrs. Mineola, March swiu County ”f‘,wm «three sons.) farmers will ask that daylight saving Vernon G., Jay Lionel and Column projects in thig vicinity, if established at Hathaway, and one sigter, Mrs. [all this summer, be Jn force from May N. Pike of Blanton, Fla, to September inclusite, or five month: . Mr, Childs wos born at North Jay,| Under proposed legislation, expected May 18,-1856.- From: earliest] to become a Mew, orice Clovernor Miller mod he was fascinated with florl-/ has signed the act more will be no Arum». spent many hippy hours; daylight saving in York 3mm ex- pak HWM gm lite E Thcs At Em (orbs thin malfer. VMMI for as futon or ather mmmunlhm desiring to | work under it wil adopt their (own In 1874, Wham 17, he came to- Long mensuros. Island, He was in the emifioy of V. H.] Because it is believed that New York Hallock and Son, florists, of East Hins-| City wil dnylight saving dule, one year, He begun to dream|plan for the svrim&, and becatise it dreams, ,and decided t/ it was time|may-set the period a* seven months, for him to branch out in life work, the farmers of. Nassau County and Long regardless of the seeming obstacles) Island generally will appear before the mhend, and they were certainly many, Aldermen of New York City, asking , fo mgney and only a meagre that the period be set at five mUnth‘ for he I alumna]; Ho seofired an office in a small build” Ing, still standing on Remon ‘hne, Floral Prrks~and issued an clghbpule eatalogue, sending out only a few Bun, Comptrollar Bennett: Office Lops Off Large Sums from Claims dred. P Must County Then his real struggles began, as M01 had little money with which to adver« * Mingola, (March, 7.-Tho_ report. of County Earl J. Benet, tise his Business, but his indomitable will and great Tove for the work carried |. filed \with <the. Board of- Supervinors, whows 'the value of that Office in the him swiftly along until guecese crowngd his offorts. Ho sent-out 600,000 large, handsome catalogues one season, the postage alone amounting to $86,000, and placiig the Floral Park postoffice : a huge sum to Nassau County, 1911; to. May 19, 4920, 26,520 Muir-Her Has saved to the county 840.26 by atudit ,t bills presented a fst class, He was in partnership 'and | the «rallro@d - undo Maiy, 19, 1920~ 26,526 J. Ratcob Puller; his brother-in-law, fla- a. short :timg, bit he bought dim, unn culléd Hinadaie, mé had passed through the office off mucerpded.. in hnvluA h names!! the edimiptrollet, of these the comptroller that could carry out his won nonm- “fl“ ot mba mad. none mum that 207% be disaltowed or (Continued: on page 3), rad 'The whole number of claims of which he the“ only bad the fabitest vision. W jin he founded the village of Floral Park and creciof the first Wm a leo : was known I “3&5 48. and these clits audited the Supervisors in the of $1,066,763.901. thug the @miount which the 'muditor was' sustiined by laur- In much cliima is $63,361.67, , to the and ot um i ¥ allowed | them 'up 32.46 or a. in that short time county $21,087.09. enemee Unfifipcnu the M’ «V hess tr see. 4-4 net ae s ae ye ASSEMBLYMAN IN ROOSEVELTS- Nassau Sees flint; Young Resi- deiit of Westbury as Future Legislator * NM Indias o * 1 vim that CCF Thecdore Rockevelt Img givehn. fh Tex Intive: dutiex member of Assembly, Second District of Cofnty become Assistant SecrelAty of N his former constituents in the istr are deeply: concerned succeed im in. the Assembly. Col. Rousevel¢ bade his fellow loxisin- tor» good bye at Albany and went to Washington to take up his new di s under Edwin Denby, new My“! iry of Navy. It is assumed that when the Assem bly elects the successor IL will be some- one recommerided by the home folks. ince it is admitted than Robert Low Bacon js an aspiran{ for honors iu public life it would seem loglo®} t sume that he will be named to succeed Colonel Ttoosevelt at Albany and that he will go from: there, after a schooting in. lawmaking,- to. Congréms Colonel Roosevelt's friends in Nas sau County: see in his apppititment to the Navy berth a repetition of the high honots that fam a- his iMustrious father, HEMPSTEAD DEVELOPMENT WILL ADD FINE NEW HoMEs Hempstend, Match 7.-Thomaa. H. Dauch of Hempstend is: developing 39 acren just ofst of the. vil for the Bland Realty Compay, a «Mrigilnia: con- poration. 'The property Js sftitated be- twoun \Jerusalem avenue und Codar atroot dhd.. les 'between thas Ingricham Extiiés nnd the Hempgtead Manor development of \the. 0,\ 11. Schwencke Land Company. Thore will 'be xix atreets in' the (dec velopment, including a. continuation of borrabam. boulevard. from Front atreét to. Jerusalem. avenve. This. da « 100 foot. thoroughfare, with park cunning through- the center. [All atreala are to be- provided with (a, cuba, water and\ stworg. o- work mult her cemploted -by, June 1. The 'company will build about a dazin houses on the property, beginning about mr A petition fa to be cirew to an- uh this propoity, and «the. rty, which y chas \m. upon' it. to thes vitlugd ; to provide nn outlet for the. sewere and toiobtain other sdvarm mun [ of vihage wovernmunt, t as to. who shall Park, March: T1 -Jt i reported th Count, Van, De Ann—n? to Ila-UM ved in' hlyulumip-l of matter for the whole people to consider. The Daily Review has sought to get an expression of-opinion from thote men' w about to take office as village officials. In asking for these expressions from men about to become ‘é\ are has been no thought of anything gum what might be expected of thuwMo soon to head ous village governments in this part of Nassau County. The Daily Review expects to umtmue asking for expressions important matter, that expressions will be received from town officials, (hunlx offi- cials and of greatest importance, since they are more vitally affect- The Daily Review expects to have the expres- sions of the various business men as to their attitude romrdnn, the-trolfey lines, their preservation and betterment, . It is anticipated Here: are x|m1\1m\\ w the officids' and - mon whiblic office In villiGes affected by improvement of trolley: sere vice or Uy complete cessation of\ ser» vice on the lines Faylor for a Square Deal Thomas P. Taylor, who . bas. been bn the Heket tor dection. ®t the comin\ village election i n. trustee Hempstead went on record ns in favor uf giving: the Wolley company a square deal and keepini,-ic in op jon. . Jf. an Intervidw with a>xepreseniative of the \Nitgstiu (County Revic Mr. Taylor anid; . => ; \I apt very mieéh in fator af RespFu the todky \tho A.. 13. worse fie & very bad thing to lage the sorgic's I want to help all 1 can tooget an jue ed service, nod am very much in favor of <fiffording the company pile tection: * It\ deserves: consideration gad a square deal. It iw paying and should. be. protected.\ a. few of m-rnllL‘le for which \would 16 Favors 15 Minute Service There Was nothing indeciive abotit the attitude: of Vilage Trastee Thomas J. -Mefmughlin of Hempstead in favor the trolley \line. White: admittiag the mervice is not what it shawd be he sees the importance of keeping tho trolleys in operation: R \In my official \t am going to vate in favor of the trolley tine every time,\ he said. \I feel thnt the trotley companfes are responsible concerns, CURLEY 3521 They: have to do 'certeir things ande their feanchise. which the huwlulunm. If It bnalease of the survival, of the Attest, Tam with thetrotfey. mes,\ Mrs McLaughlin: recalled. his nttfude when: &re attorney »for 'the trailey «com- pany made a ties for pluingithe buses under the. swrae condition nx the trolly lines, which was that ,the trolley .com» pany whould give better serviee. \They\* should install /adldlionnt switches, if necessary,\ -snid the tristge, un. a fifteen minute JC they do, 'the public will 'support thems «Tum around the town a good (4 ded and I belleve. T know the-atutude of the: people om the: question.\ MroMeLatightin polutéd out that with the. inffux «df people, thi 4s be- coming a new town,\ 7 The digs of waiting half ano hae fnr # trolley are some,\ He nurtured. Insists on llnml Reruioe Dr; W.. Chamberlin. now <a membu' 'of the Villithe Board of Trusteed, nithltted that with stich wervice \fs the trolley Tian wiven daring the pasts year of ao.. he dlon't, blame the people for taking, d- vantige .of anything that would got tham: whire they; woutlef \to. go. \Fam in favor of anything that woul he of heln' td,. the viliqice,\ snl - Th \I \believe the Repics should ho \made\ ro that the people «ah an villuges and to e- Aime, and eveything hie shout!. he 'dons Ao. wit the trotray ns \In' -me Tine\ Perflonally /T woul pur thore shail Sbiuy, \o cath run im as'it, in how. j With-adequate service. DF. Chamber lin Cowart ,.. thase. would sie. ree polic iif Homan, - Hubhotl - doesn't . Lave Busan \ Cente L... Hibbel!, rraiident of Oat dam Oliy, who whD ein RiP wile in hate oa. wihaine ton dion, sold a ending rond mains mial) Walan Ma Vmumuw-mthm‘mmw.‘ batter trolly ddr viog teres \D am: for cany bur\ thug. heneift f thes peonde \oe place: 1 ,it ife M41\ t wn fr t3:\ may M1. The Take (ives ad (hia i murmu- tha thin M s

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