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Roslyn tablet. (Roslyn, Queens County, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1876-1877, April 06, 1877, Image 4

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Flyfj Jumrance. Legal A decvtistgiicTils Innc-TcilHe P IUNTER.S, irct *!Stronff Sint w Cases, by VAKDEanuBon^WKLtsAOo., iS PatchbWh.V qctgl;cr 23, mo, . tj { aik » uavij ' kok w:<Q>m.KYib bny. /.ooufrt Yiillffy sit (5 21, 7 30, 7^(5; ' •a. m.,:- v * j O; / r >()2 > p. iu, , jfllcn Coyc at 0 27, 7 30, ^ 03, \a; m* , 2 22, swi, )h m* ’ v ; v v filen Head at 0 34, 7 43, 812,: a, m„ 2 80, 4 03,' 012, p, in, ’ H'Myih- 824. .a, in., 242, 418.; 520. p, m, y I ’ prl Je^irsoi),, 010, a. m., 227, p. m. ,.. /luiitijjgtori at 7 Ui, 780, a, in.,. 8 87 p. ijfj, . xU-\y jAOdhpbrt ai 702, -a, m., 8 22, p, in; y}y<>ftsct id 705,- 750,.. »>. j / j ., 880, p. ml •/i|di«vjiJn iit 745, 81 H 5) 44, u; m., ..40$ -o 00, j); m. \ _ ; :,:.'.-V ^ineoJajiL 0 58, 8 04, 8 47, 1003, a, m., 8 00.'4 81, p. m. ; • , (frMW hi 7 J8, 81.8, ,000, 1017, a. m., 8 10, 4 40,. in. Jjumiica at 02$ 720, 830, 020, 1020 a. in., I 50, 8 28, ’ .4 50, 5 50, juk I ,0 00, • 0 28, p. m. ' .. ‘ ^Vellneyday aitd Saturday only; A 'j ’ U A IN W. J ,1 ? . A V K r.ONO IfjhANlI (Il'i. ‘ y FOJ{ ; Jamaica iii, .805, 1003, U 30, n. ni., 12 So,- : . ;' $83, ^ 38, 08$.;O 38, 7 03, p. in., 1.2 15 , a. ip-, ‘ , 'iVcilm'i'jday an«l BiU.m ’ diy'on iy, ; (yieen-s and 'Mineola id 8 05, 10 08, 11 30 ■ u. ;tn., 3 82, 4 33, 5 83, 0 88; p. ni. JIickHvillc at 8 05;: 1.0 03^ u. in., 8 88, 4.33 088, p. in. fiyomd ami ilimiinglnii at 10 Ooplu; ■ 483; umi 088, p. in. ; 0[pi{.iiport ut 1003, u. ni., 4 83, G 88; p.m. . I ’ orl i/cifchs ’ iiii al 10 08, u.' hi., 483, p; pi. '■Jtoslyn. Glen Head, Glen Cove and Lo ­ ci isl. Valle)' at 10 08, 1130, a ip. ' 333 4 38, 5 83, 0 38, p. m. ' -7 fvGUUA V TUAIN3 LKAVK F(jp u! I, CITV. LficiiHt: Valley at 7 05, a. m., 425, p. m. Gleii Clove at 7 11, u. m. r . 431 ’ p. m. iWcn Head at 740, a. iu. , 4 88, p; rn. : ytoslyn at 7 34, ft, ni. t 4 4.8, p. m. .... jVoi i, O.eirm'son at 3.00, p. in. 11unUn^tpn at 0 fdj, ft. ui, ’ , 4: 03, p, nil . porlhport at 0 30, n. m , 8.53, jj. ui. pyt'fi n t at 71 rf, n. in.; 4 20, p..ni, |fi(jjf^yille nt 7.37r 4G m,, 433, p. ; m. • iHiuV't'da at 7 55, a. in., p r 00, p. in, jdueens at 313, a. in., 515, p. nn . ,Uumuou at 8 35, a. ui>, 5 20, p. : m.' ■ \pUXlJA Y Til A loft IJC.iVVB L, I. tllTY I-OIl Jiiimuea, Queens, Mineolft, Locust VaUey, Hftiltsvili.e, Bypsset, Kortliptirt and HupUngi.on, at 0 80, a. m,,.0:0o, p.m. Fpi Port Jeifersdii, at 0 80, a. in, Far nit are and UndertaJdng ^ , ■ j. jj ; liEMSlSp^ I U B. N I T U li E A IT-D DIM AKIN G . —^-KSTAJUdanMUNT ^\ -' ; ” HOSLY'/, I., (Adjoining HOOPEll'0DBUG SXOItlS,) whoro-' can ho found a How and ijlihdnomo As- sdrtmont of Puvnijin ’ b, einhmoing ... MABIfUS-TOI ’ and X ’ LAIN BUltHAUK, MAK- ' BLE-TOP and PBAIIf OPNTEB-TAIilES/ EXTENSION ami otlior TABLES, SO­ FAS and LOUNGES, BEniiOOM SUITS in WALNUT and (TRAIN,. HOOKING CHAIRS in VARIETY; PAULOU, DINING. ROOM and KITCH ­ EN CHAIRS, iSEHSTEAESj COTS Ac, . Sjiodal attention paid to UN- JlEIiTAKINCi in all its bran- (dies, OoSlhiH, (JaukotH, BUroudw, Ao.', wUU 'IIoiu'He ’ ■ tlaiTingoa' anil corpHO prcuorvorH, largo ■& nmall ■; proiiipl'ly fni'ii iniie.it on tlio nioftt roaftonablo tpriurti H^R^UitEitEPMUKD-; iml VAU~ j-USHED. ” Th'o imdfiniignocl ltopL>n, by . fitritit uttontion to .. buBiiioBii aiuV-roukonablo: oljiirgCH to ruerit ii ulmro ot ’ public pationngo. 4Hf - «7. BFltEMljm. : jVf.-'r Aitvcrtiucuunts. ; JAMLSJOYOK, ; .. Oiem$ U ¥oBAGGO, .>■ .ft i'll) SKTM ALEf-V lirNKEn ;nu.. j,o.\u islakd . .; ■ /-.aim: ' . I' t . . H, TPHSTOrS Boot and 1 BOSLYX, L. I„ Where may.bo fonud , a general aftHortment of r/ieu'o, v^omoide and ^bbdreu'a bootB .and slices at panic prices, . A full lino of itp]BBEU GOOJJS JXJpT BE- CEIVED. EAoberG'Oodsltepairecl and warranted to.give satisfaction. . Loatber and Findings, Fro neb PresHing and Hosiery. Boots and Slipen made and repair* et] at sbprt iiotice, : nov.?.4-B-e H. THURSTON. JMcry (iiablCH <k Undertaking. J, Ward ly decker, C ustom hog . be * i ? ouwabhing agent , ; ^OTAUY\ PUBLIC, U. S, 1 ’ AssroiiT B ukeau , _nn I>aver :; IU., N. Y. . - . CpnoMs A cknt F oiu V uams E xpuicss C o . ' 03,1!) rOOKTUOILV SPOMI$, ” En.stnvi imliHh.m'tj imi) y«luu!i piotm-f; Uio «if ....... «•«'••««> rAinorictt ’ e Kronit'st ttrliiilH ■ UffJ> ■ ... u oiili'jil “ WATKINS* otuul wonm'iiUlty: s'oriU Amei'lcu, na UuDS lur tiu) avont ininUy i , ii ^*'» ath » WKKiu.y. , by “ 7 (UilbVfint lm- * ki >V, nml Is but vnry tlueorlulnal palntiuir UfbpUKATESTWOUIC n AN» ; TMumu r. wiHOfiUU ..... .......... . pii'.sojilvo IU Wiftorn ’ lumouR ftiilntiuir, u. ■fully roiivofUiebanfttu- Uvo monUiu ofluboi;i- : iiI xvorU for pmhluiHS Jiicipi'mi <ii' Now York. Tun i i . miriuatki andfti m ... . ............... .linfU/n nt thtPf * H'boy iivo coiovlfilitcil : ?iU.„ r ....... . .......... luiUi'iicilvf, uml umuRluip.i'ortruylnft . fetiil piHicU cuitoiji uvontHi lifttuHoni; hoURuliohl, Hint Tisi Uil MiltliTlu; fun nnO UctUm. UuKoctarlim andUQU- lo «H RocL ftml-iilirlU'tt. , . I ’ . uwon , iHiutviltullUKeditor, Anil uliostof Uio lie.p tViinfUMiiovH, Inl'luO.Hitr up , VnUorUvulltoi'kluuUu Knox. •• wtih'lnitlmm, ” JeonltrinTUerJoUn 'iUTUiKluuur VMauv rnwiM'U , ftvoiiijotv Ifoivmd, otci, tie. — M ontauui ; \ f.. >1 KOluir, ' : ’ \ a liis imin-f hits litUUnedhio liii'orsfchridaUobpnvo .(mo ninoint Ilio UluHtiTtn-d .lonviudn of tbla country, ^vldeb l.s Uio lu'sl iiiwtf m ils miti ’ U. i “ It r>a ‘ excomla Uftroer ’ s or Lojillo ’ a In Utemvy ill dill v . U- — */i' vst'ii ally Hovh\. \A vow cleverly edited imper. ’ 1 — Njdrlt oj'thc Times* - iV. r. •• ■■■ •\' / -. ■■■•: . ' “ Uno of tlio lubsf fnfioliiutliHt wooltllcB imbHfllicd In *lioooiiniw. ! ’ — /mlftomiiom./finivmf. ■ M u p u .liu'ftO und immlsomo MioeC -r^wton. ift ’ aitf*. v 'yu. |u Unily n inodol' Iltornry and fiuuUy nowtt- , f»h|ii»r. ,, — < ’ A(l» , ?rtW» , '<S. 6'.) tftsmi . . ll 'l ‘ lio liuiiH'cmunis oll'cved' uio fully carried out,” — ' ?V l/ldciu'lidutf, JV. > ‘ . “ Olio Ol till) bo.stol itMcInHN, ” — A'. r.Com. A<lva-tl$e>', Hi-iisoiMV'mvN'l ’ im-i: ^is.OO, perycnivIncluding tho . irvi ’ o n'.uivi' jiHiuod tJbrumoR, which vlH bo doUvcred . •, Vnst imid lA iwy uddiv.sn for '.M eynw uddHloimt, which linn |.invly covonvllmcotitbf postajio. c. . .. . . . IVml ^S.^Viit oncu und tjocuro ihcso roiub togother . X'ini ucopv I'vory woo It foriiyourof a bcuntiihlly Ulna*; yri.Uuliiuntvluiimicyvc.ttiid omoviulnlny ucwKimiicr. f KS.M H 3, F] hi in' intho Pnton to tuKosui> m m (JM [J M • itchi'llinin tbr tbo nui.it mcocss- ui-M>|)i)|ior, i-ubl l.ihcd. . IvvcW t'.xporlimcod iiiwnt and f.v uni'bU'loy'd norsou di>lvmis ol M-cuviuic liouoxs a\it'iinii I ihtt . U vo . pccupatliiu abould oiuid eioncp |in' (ni'HilifVh hi v om vmpiilKo Ali'.d $;Y uvo ’ 1 mu ' o o (Hia! lulil'i'miiim'! lU'iaV^I.OO j'ltrTiiAcomiili'tii liut. 0(, wliloli l.i nil Umi. iH vcfiuivcd to Hn-uro 'imccosu idul Ravi* ihi) iluio couHiMiKd lu i.corryRiioudlng. y.\ovy dnv'H df ’ lay Is worth i\dly pto coat of the yUUH.-. . • (1 Addi'OSRj ' • • ■ . iiluis. Gluons & Go. , Publislioro, ft IViUTen St., Now VmTi. Cl 1.J3 Howw Ci. f Cb!ca's6. IIE»KY T O. THORNE'S PI VER Y STABLE KOSLYN, 1.. J. Horses aijd Carriages to ‘ Lot at all Horn's, Day or Night. , HORSES KEPT ON LIYERY. PUBNITUEE REMOVED WITH CARE. Also, Carriage Malting And Repairing.\ ' 2-ly HENRY (.'. (.THORN, UKBERTAKER R o 8 t .< yn , .................... .......... .. .... . v L ono I sland . Cofibi^jCasliets; Shrouds, Plates, . Handles. .. &c., &c, , ■'•'• . &c.' IIEAESKSTC CAHKLVGEiS. The only cliiHVs.hoarse to be liad nearer than ...... tho City. • . * Plain or Patent Corpse Preseivers. A new Oukkot Corpse Pfofiervor for Chpdron. Calls promptly attended to at any hour of the day or night. ly. NOTJCJ3 TO CRLDITOBB,- — Pursuant to an order of Hon. A lexander H agxkh , Surrogate of t lie JJounty of Queeps, notice is hcreliy given to all persons paying claims against the estate of M uiy a M ott, late . of the Ton'll of Horth Heuipstead? Ift the said County, deceased,;to present ihe same, with the youehers ihei'eoi, to the suiisfu iber, tlie executor n.f the iast will and teplainenl of llie cakl <} eeesised, at. his place of fe^ideneev af ' vVeSibury> iii tlio Tov/n of Lsprth liempf stead, Queens Count/v New York; on or , before the loth daVof Miiyv'-nextL: CA :4. Dated October *5, 1870. ; . oct.27-3. li - J acob H icks , Executor. ^KOTfOE TO CliEDITOES^-Pmsuant to an order of H on . A lexandeu H aoneb , B ubbooate or the C ounty or Q ueens , notice is; hereby given to all persons having claims against the estate of Charles M. Cornell, late of the Town of North Ilempaioatl,; iii the said Comity, de ­ ceased, to present tho same, with the .vouch- ers thereof,.to the Bubscribef the administra ­ trix of the goods, chattels, and credits of tho- paid deceased at her place of residence at Min- eblai n the town of North Hempstead, Queens County; Hew York, on or before tno 25th day of August, next, Hated January 81, • 1877- 18. 6-m EliEa I. Cornell. Administratrix. COTNTY A d URT of t!u4coUN'i'Y of QUEENS. , ' Hannah C, Mott, ' uyat . ■: . / Mavy C. Scott and Amireiv ,J. Smith. In para uan co of a judgment order of this. Court, uiiglo iu tbo ilhovo ontitloaaction on tlio twenty kocoiii I (lay of March, 1877, arid tu rue directed'ami delivered; I will sell at public auc ­ tion at the Hotel now kept. hyMncob Gtvoue, known the Mansion House, io. the . village ol Itoslyn. county of Quecsiio, on the, fourteenth day of May, 1877, at twelve o ’ clock at noon of that day, the following described land and premises, viz': All that certain lot or piece of land situate and being at Port Washington, town of North Hempstead, County of Queens, and State of New. York, being a part of the homestoad farm of tho late Jacob. Govorkde- PET'HR B. MoLEAN, ' pkaotioal AND PAPEll HANGEIt, : ; ' [ R OWL Y ----- T ’ 0 Graining, Fresco Painiing and Paper Han ­ ging done, in tbe latest style, by M c L ean in person. 1 PABTJCULAIt ATTENTION PAID TO '' G UAININQ. FItESG'OING, AND . _ LDECOItATINCr GENILkL MENS ’ ItESIDENCES IN ANY PA11T OF THE ISLAND , N. B- — Graining for tlie THApE. Orders by mail pr6mpily ; ’ aUglided to. . Have had 25 years oxpericnco us a gfaincr iu lirodklyn,;consequently feel that I can please all who favor me with Iheir work. ' . .. \ : ;■ “ JOHN AI. PAGE, 0 A EE IASS & wiam ; - M A K^E B. - NEAR THE DEi ’ OT. .. v..,. .ROSLYN, L. I. Tfopaifing of al! kinds, viz : Painting, Trim- .ming,-&o. TVuolis and Farm WagouH made to oidbr, - . • l*3m- SSissMSIir- HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, ----- CONSISTING OEo — OIOOKEFIY, GISIA, IIASS,. METAL, -E\ . ; ■ SILVER, : \ ‘ . .- ■ :/ tin , . . ' MR AN, TABLE & WOODEN 'WARE, \ STOVES/ , / HEATERS,,. • , EANGfES; 4; ■ 4' 4 : y 4; GEATES, SINES, LEAD' PIPE, SHEET' LEAD, ZINC, CHAIN, SNOTION und P0E0E PUMPS, GALVANIZED IRON PIPES, SHOVELS, SPADES, SCOOPS, PECKS, RAKES, HOES, AXES, Washing & Muling MACHIIP, Olothoa Wi'iijgorsj Milk oai)S, e.ud Toys. ■ ■ ; and Oniamontnl Gooda; . ■ Largo ninnbor of diffevent kinds of stove ro- pairs eoiiHlantly on hand, Tinning lenders... • and\glittora avid- ropairitig iattoiuled 1 -^ - to at sliorl hq II co ; Tluuiki'nl •• for pmifc favoi-fi, would^Q- licit eonlinuiincp of “ v. 4 ■- .<* 4 patronage. , Otf Wii.i.kT T itus . mSTIWN UNION TElriGRAPIJ. t' Notice to Wat reins* After jauuary 18,1877, no messages will bp tjausniitted over the wires from the Kos- iyu telegraph ollleo unless same be handed to the operator written upon the blanks provided by the Western Unliuv 'relegTapli Oompany. Benders of inessages will please uoiieo this order. •■■ V r . K L- O. A. BBLIiTim, / Manager. CONTINENTAL FIBB TNSUITANCE. QO^PANY, ; : oy tuk erri of new yobk . . ‘ . CASH CAPITAL, .......,.,.£1,000,000.00 CA8H .BD1?PLD*8, J an . 1, ’ 77.. . ...2, 010,085.07 TOTAL ASSETS',,. .............. -.ftiOlO, 085.07 This Company ConductH its businesfl under jjm /he. New York Safety Fund Law and iuearco dweUiugH, and farm property;; including live ^ took in barn or on farm, against 16 hb or dam r - ago by Fire or Lightoiug P, FBED. M. EASTMAN, Agent, - REg Bpsiyn. L. I. .'4 thb • ' . . j and - — ------ - -------- - — - ........ . ; .. ■■■■■ - -.ring 4 G A E D l 1 an j^trenffth Combined willi IJjzbtne»a. . Upo^i receipt of a Posl-oflice money order, fro will delWer to the express or railroad — K-incii teoti), 1M.)6 inches lonjf, for 94.M) J*-mch square t-with. low (nrV. fiS long, for NICKLT BOXED. ••■■'■ a ; BWBET ’ B uu.. SYnAcnss.K,Y. The Best Truss nichout Metal Springe ever Uxveated. No humbug claim of a cor- tain radloal oifre. but agoar. antoe of a comfortable, se ­ cure and aatia factory appli ­ ance. Wo will take back and S full price for nil thnt do not i »' cut. !? •} i for both sideii. SUL Sen maU, post-paid, on receipt of price. N: B. — TiHs Ti wtuu CORE more Ruptures than any of t hose for which citrarairant rlairns aro jnadc. Oiniulars free. ... POMEROY TRUSS CO.. 74 <i Broadway, New York. N; M. Terry respectfully armoun- -PEOPIB OF ROSLYN — ^ thftfc he is DAILY serving .PUKE MILK THE to tb0 ,,, ever Woodward's Ornamental and Fancy Alphabets Four puts juat published. 50 cents each, post-paid, WOODWARD’ S ARTISTIC DRAWM STORIES. Iftcaita, FiffnrcH, AnitmrlH, LnndecnpcH. Two parta just published.. 50 cents each, post-paid Woodward ’ s Designs for the Fret Saw. rwo p b firt9 just pablisbed. 50 coats caoh, post-paid, , Ordor4c«» Catalogue by P op L i I card of Art. Architoo- tura flnd Rnr.ilbooTis tiHO. |{. WOOIIWA Publisher, 130 Chum hors Street. Now York. ceased,; sot 'apart to Hannah E. Mitchell, and nai'iicularly bcmndodr aiid. dosonbod as toliown, to wit ; Beghinjug at (be northwoBfcerly cor ­ ner of lamt now. or formerly ot Gorapua I- Moore, on the southerly aide of the highway leading from Fort Washington to i*lower jiill, at a comer ot said liighwuy, . and running thonco hy said.Modro'ij land south,H/a. degrees west one Imudred and twenty one feet, thence by other land formerly of said Hannah jG- MitchoJf, north 70^ degrees, west two hundred and seventy four feet and x-ix inches to the easterly side of a certain street or avenue run ­ ning through tho;lauds now or formerly oisaid HaunaU E, Mitchell,.southerly-from tne said highway leading to Flower Hill, thenco north . dogreeB oast ulong the easterly eido oi said street or avenue two hundred icet to tuo. nort-hwestciiy comer of tho piece oi land here ­ by conveyed, thence south 77 ’ £ degrees' ^ ubo - two hundred and thirty, 1'eet io the westerly side;of Said highway leading to I 1 lower Hill, and tiieuge running southeasterly by the. weoti orly side of said V liighv/ay niuely root to tho place of beginning, together with the use im common for ingress and tgress to and from said highway, loading to 4Flower Hill, ol said street or avohuox-uiimng:. .southerly from Bam liighway. through the land now or fomioi.ly of said Hannah R, Mitchell, aud being .the sumo premia'. B convoyed by said itanuah E. Mitch ­ ell and her husband to Isaac Scott by deed da ­ ted February 17, 1800, and recorded m Queens County Clerks Oflico in Libor 271 of deeds page 1U0. Dated March 23, 1877. ,, H. \Y. E astman , D auult J. G aiirltson , Aitg for Fli}'.' . • Ueferec. 35 -May 14 SUFItFME COURT, QUEENS COUNTY. Rosaim Floig, Pldintif, : • ’ •' \ «y>d . ■ Hcalub Fleig, Defendant, By virtue of an execution, issued out of the Supremo Court of Queens County in the aboyo entitled action,on the 28 h day of August,' 18/b, I, the undorsigned, tlm Sherilf of Queens Oo. will soH at public auction on Saturday tUo iulh day of May, 1877, at Hewlets ’ s Hotel, Hemp ­ stead, Queens County,' State of New York, ftfc 1 o ’ clock of that day. all tho - right, title, and interest of tho siud uel'omkuit in the following deseribod Tu'Operty, to wit ; All that certani farm or p.nntfttion with buildiugs andimpiovo- monts thereon, situate lying and being iu;the • town of Hempstead, Comity of Qucons, State of New York;, and bound as follows : Begin ­ ning at abridge at the Northwesterly corner of said land, and the house of William Dudand and l unning Southerly by the brook until it intersects andthef brook which 'main- -brook, run a through Jaines, Abrams swamp, thoneo running \East evly and Northoasteriy , by. said last mentioned i.'vodk unUl it comes to wood ­ land .belonging to tiamuol 'Hewlett, thoneo running Northeasterly and Easterly as the fence now stands, to-woodlandofBnmuol Hew ­ lett, Robert Carman, Goo. Rowlett and others, until it comes to woodland of Alexander Davis ­ on, thoneo running Northerly by woodland of Alexander Davison until if comes tq the that mentioned brook, and thence running West ­ erly and Southwesterly'by said brook to tho place of beginning, containing eighty-acres, .be tho same more or less within said bounds, be ­ ing the saind pramiaoa which wore con ­ veyed to Beatus Fleig by deed dated Novem ­ ber 23, 1871, und recorded in the Queens Coun ty Clem' i oiUou in Lta'diM of Deeds page 251 Dee. 80, 1871, together with all and singular tho tenements hereditaments and all appor- lominyoB thereto belonging, ' '! ' 4 77 Henjanun F j - Kushmorp, Sbpi ’ inV Geo. A. Mott, PlaiiUUTa Ally. . - Pearsalls, L. I. •• 20 •7t, ' BININGER & OQ'S , C e l el> r a t e d L i g u o r s ■ OF ALL ICINDS, . ; . Clin hivlmil ut tliti It.OKLVN li.VKF.UY uniV k t:\ys PFU ’ OT nt ' A, KILLFATUICK, ‘ . SOLE AGENT, J2- . . . THE- E0SL¥Kf; , Savings Ba^nk, 44 ( 4 ‘ W . ROSLYN, QUEENS COUNTY, N. X. ■ Ovi/tt'iiiSd ii/irfcr 'thf O'i ’ .itcml yl ci of Muy \ ' Iv, 1870, and by mithavity of . the Uank Ikparliiuniff the; . Slate oj JSew Wi'ls. • Ggicers : STEPHEN TAREI! ................ PrcHiaout. JOHN 5LC1.ARK. ...... .First Yiuc.J'rcuicleiit. DANIEL BOGART. ... .Second Yieo-Promdcnf lllSi'<itY-AV “ EABTJtA-N,.r,li-^. . .-.-i-'Trcnuiucr,- FUBPEIUC M, EASTMAN. ........ .Sucrotmy. Trustees: S tephen T auisu , .. ■ H e ^ iiy W. .E astma N i W illiam - M. Y atusnxine , D aniel , BodAirr, ftonN OnnhoNAUX, .OiiohoE Bi O' cjne , W h . liam D. W ilmon , ; 'J oseph W iliuls , RonBirr T itus , Gnivisft T it U h , 4 J ohn A. K ino , B thpiien ,A. J enks B knjaaiin . il H icks , J ohn A. Faiou, B enjamin A lbeutbon , , J ames lb W h . leth , Bn , as M ott , . 4 J ohn 'M. C lakk , pANIEL UNPEViuLLi (Iho, B. DOWNINO, J ohn ’ S. HVoks, Wir,r,iAM J. W imub , B v \ mueij WiLLKTs, B enjamin H icks , D aniei , A - C oknwkll . Open for business,; on Monday of each week, fntorost alkftVed otv all dopoaits made oft and prior .to timfli-st days: ot ’ Juftuury, April, July and Ootobor, from lur^e. d-;.tcs ’ ivtIvi .4 :tiy Flowers, Hants, Qroenlioufio and Qaidcn Plants* BhudoYreoa, Fruit Trees, Bliruba ami Evorgreena (n great vmioty.. . . JCor sale by JOHN J t KltfTCHAM at tfte NHW.CUHCENUOUSF, glenwood . ■ Cut Flowers and Hunting Baskets; . .. « su-tu : reed REC- y ita from hia wagon in all parts of the village, an< lKI,T at hia house. ■ jloreby returning thanks to those who s ” en t readily welcomed him, he respectfully remieafUTI- a more liberal patronage. 'Tml ; '-A.''' - __ .... ________________ i dl8- •fO%ESCHAKGE. ; . f 1 ^ A Urge hotel'aiid eating house at Algornt?^ Iowa, the present terminus of a railroad, wiP^rr two more in prospect. The bouse is 48x7r^ • * with three stories and basement,- and wM&PIO built in 1873, at an expense of from $10,000 tfAIN §18,000. The present price is $10,000. ; Tiiere ihur a mortgage of $6,000 upon ihe property, whiq the has four or five, years to run, For the remained ing $10,000, other salable pioperfcy; wili fc taken in any part of the Northwest. For fuL a ther information, address ‘ Intolligeiioo Rer “ “ * estate Agency, Elgin, IU.*/ lakos. ic,-» AT SIOHT. ’ “IT SKILX.S FRA1 CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION Is fcho only corapleto Pictorial History of tho Oont<mnlnI publishod. A w. unraoth panoranu, 1,0.11) tio^n on^r iv- imp, many of tliom buin« 1 1 by 2> iim.-lns. AtfCJita W A N T x: I ) ! MISSOURI COUNTY. TOWNSHIP and TOWN BONDS, INTEREST PAYING AND ; DEFAULTED. JHO. S. fMEY & CO Wall SI , Hew York, IN HILTON SMITH, li sflim Bifflii, WHO HAS BKEN . • _ 4 Established Over 50 Wears Announces that he is. still on the roadservhj hiscustomors with all thokinds of the BE8 3uliaijl ^ PESSH MEATS, SUCH AS BS \ ■ : - ........... - ' • lit. One DEEF| . . ^ oxtrn ' , VEAL, %- T - ■ ■ .HUTTON, u.,I f * b -.. c ; POIOAS? ' , AT THE AIOST ilEANONARLli PRIUEST — -! 0 -- t ?' nl Eat my ineat and laugh and grow fat. MI LTOI n ^ d MIT II ManUassct. L.T. Dnuif Ni. Aledicinex PHAEMA0Y HOOPER'S SwMtie 3 ' .-'.t £* aj ill V kM ■ j U so -------- Nnil and Tootli XiniulioB. Oorn mut Bunionli torn, Florida WivtorB, Oosmbtica, Itoa^f Donta, for the looth, Lyons || Tooth Tablets, Sponges, .. ||Hw«r6n, : . 4 •: Chamois Bkins, . V • - . p ' - dttiiiM fuelany/kint/ iit, a fh-.lt-n/ass sforo. lirntatiDi, ■Tm--Ii , ABJ£BB8 ’ .rU0TISCTIVl!&^S . UNION, . 'Do((t'crs In MANURE, ASHES, : GUANO, &. OFFICE :• Long Island City, opp. L, L.E. Depot,,, j R oiikkt W iu . utb , Pro 1 I saac ) II. C ooks , Sccrcliiry. IX F. A tkins , Supci'liitcmiunl. f . AGENTS WANTED BVEUYW'IIEIIE TO SELL THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF W 8 LUAM J . SEWflBP. One VoItnne &2£ I*ricc Sold by SuOHcrijjtlon ontji. A H) uml 651 IlromDvn CARPET WAEP. TO THE CONSUMER. Uaviuir iniproved tlip .i.nilit, of nikr VAirn, now beinn solil unour (lie \ PKKRLRS.SS.tk'k.iSm, »UnllhmUlw. ^.(oribnRnpn.vnd-nnnntr, WHITE Wo aluill itlso mnniifnelure n lower quality of Warp winch vnll ho Holchunder tho “ PifiKIUdSSS ,r brand. KnquSrefor * WHIT 15 STAR AAA ’ , Oarpot Warp of iazarine Blue Glass^ For curntivo purpoRes and BtimulatinK tho nrowtli ol animal and ve«oLibI« Iib». .KxtiminecJ nnU upproved b) General PleaR«nNm, und hiH.cortificoto \ccompnn.vins each mjrohaH«. «i.AHB COT to kxaot 6fZK, with full Ulrectinn fiwuiw and nmuiKciiif nt ln the mish. Fur silo. WhokmaJoKud Retail, li; Alfio, ^ HENXVil^IN H. r General PlortHimtbn ’ s 205 i - _ . _ Hook on HT.UIC nnd SUN LIGHT, h no or ah hr , 2 1 I N. Fourth Hr., I LUCRATIVE BUSINESS. 03 “ WE WANT 500 MORE FIRST-CLASfi SEWING MACHINE AGENTS, AND 500 MEN OF ENERGY AND ABILITY TO LEARN THE BUSINESS O F SELL! NG SEWING MA ­ CHINES. COMPENSATION LIBERAL, BUT VARYING ACCORDINCTO ABILITY, CHAR ACTER AND QUALIFICATIONS OF THE AGENT. FOR PARTICULARS, ADDRESS 827 A 823 B30APWAY. Haw Vork, or ttow Orloaa: ! lj or Jouiiha. I WILLIAM U. EfOSTRAffl^- Qp ROSLYN, L , i; ‘ , ~,DE ALE K IN-^ . ' I\ Dry Goods, V - Grocerios, , s..„ y; ; : '^qjTpVateV •• V- ‘ *. f- ' -j: ■ . . Points & Oils, jrm. wis- ; . i ; ' .- aud ull gojda usmilly found in a-' i;l91 ' 1 Hirst Class Country Store. 1 ' reapoct fully abk you to call, and exam ­ ine my stock of goods boforo purchasing o J hc . wlioro. I fool oonfideut that I can convince you that all goods oil'orod for sale are FRESll ANO GAREFULLY SELECTED, AND Suitable to the Wants qf tlio. Public in this vicinity. : ! Caf'THE PKIOEB will be found to bo aa low «B any o.thei' {\\ th e, place . NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GQODS*. PERFECT SATISFAOTIO'fl GUARANTEED AU kinds.of Fanners ’ Produce taken in y at Ihb highest market price a. ifeMl gopilii delivered free of ohargo, Part ouliu- attention paid, to orders, '' deel0.10-i W. U- HOSTR a ND. NOTICE! ! ' KEISECOA PATi-EItBON, my wifu, Ims loft my bod ond^ftrird, and I forbid ull persons lunlioriug or tinufiiig lieroumy necount. • , , E, PATTERSON' ‘ I ’ ovt W«oldWSton, Mar. 0, 1877. Purifies the Blood, Renovates •\\and Invigorates the Whole System. 4 ITS MEDICAL PKOPEETIES AKE Alterative, Tonic, Sol ­ vent and Diuretic. $55 g 65' io $20 In your own town. Term# and ^[5 oatfit f yP jfjno. u. flAlXETT & OO., Portland, MMno. $40lTm^5co4 , F , .T^ a s s “ ^vr i ;-£& a day at home. Amenta wanted, Outfit and pX AJ terms free. TRUE 3c GO., Ammata; Maine. A DAY to Agento. Sample free. 32 paaro Catalogue. i T flk TCHER. 11 Dey8t..NVY. UPlfill WSTD 7 ' lbots3 - 00 * 70 stylos, m Oxf.Sre*. n £ 0 O I; w £ if WESTEnn GUM WonKs, Chicago. IU. RPRf rein Bert ta tho Wot ... ' ***»*» ^ iSTnMAuruViPlu, t . roPuA^i a co ;i#s.wh8t.. K>n».. r* Universal Bowholder S4S r\ .vS m\;.' trated Circular to W. N. REm,A«L,P.O.Box5569»N.y. ^ fIF-ID TEtibbi r Tyne, Stnropa A Rubber Goodi . 5% END FOR CATALOGUB, or ask vonr Stntinmrr. ^omothing New. H. S. iNGEttflOLvSOS B ’ wny, N. Y. A ATV SECONILHAND SC1HOOE BOOK A mailed, poat-mMd, upon receipt of half j»ub Ibhod price. A. 8. QJJ l IIK, 00 Nnsanu HL. Now York . TTIARillBBS, buy FISHER ’ S PATENT 8ICKI.K 1? GRINDERS. Hay Fork«<; and Farm Bells. Sold by Dealers. C'rcT'tarr Free. H. PIBHKR, O a UTON, O A \O TL8\C i n tho host part of Maryland, nt pcnio X iB.Xekl\X>3 prlcos- For catalogue, with map and . price list, address M akoha & G ibson , Controville. Md. iprojy TO Df AKE 820 to 840 per Weak 8EI I- |X ING TEAS TO FAMILIES. Ciroulnra free. Ad*a THE CANTON 1 ’ EA CO., 148 Chambers8t.,NowYo»l. f'\ raattor how eiightly disabled In. rCPJODUIVD orb^es nowjmld. Advice and circular froo. T. M o M ichakt ., Avty,.7<V7 SnnamnSt...Pbfta..* > r. - EnalJy mado with our Stonellcm i.Th.xJ' I n Hi X Key Check Outfit. Circulars FY<-» H N. A \nTHiin STAVB-mio. IGA Fulton St . N* ‘ wV.,rli. • ITIERiJTRIC BEliT8.-A NEW. CHEAP. PER- Hi FEOT Cure for premature debility.: Send for eiron. ar or call on DB. H. KARR. 832 Broadway, Now York. oiikap nruHici. itoii 0\ J\ X ^ Oatolognea free by mail. HOOSEY Ar. CO., 32 East 14 th Street, New York. ©QPflll A 5IontIu — Agents wonted. 30 best toll* in 8 artlcloa In tho'Wdrld. One namnlo froo. AddresH.IAy BUONSON-D-'froil. Mich. ^ WATCHES* A Great Sensation. Sample Watch andiputflt free to Agents. Better than Gold. Addfesa A. COULTER* OO...Chh,a 7 o COOTCIt 8 am plea of Choice Flower and Garden •HE BOH Reed a aont FttKR. Rond 3-oent stamp to Ol YEN pay .return poatoge. NIAGARA PLANT AWAY. AVI, REED CO.. BTI kfat /,, N. Y. ft 8 56 a Week 1 net to Agon to. Tlio Now Work IndiapenMiiblo to F. A. M, Rond for Dercrlptlvo W W Oatafo-no REDDING & CO., P um . tbiteub \ Masonic Work<, 73 1 Broadway, New York. ... J*T| 0 . r »uf^lt£P ts^NS, BO,8-?ON; MA8a Sold by Watchmakera. .By mail, 30e. Circulars free. T. 8. BIRCH:* CO,, ?J8 Dey Street. , New Yorlte r;if eap hom K s Go-Southisj beat loontlonn. fiond IQ ctfl. for Southern Hem id. Add's \ATNK^ ,»-..Vmf?.LTTi4 N T o. f» Ajfnr JT ouh . l Nmr York. Floral Calendar. Journal, and 3 Sample^Plajitn, ctd# LtolaJfree. J-GREIVES, Sec.,J!ox S37.1 ‘ atcroon. L ■ J F^niiip Goods, No Poihlliiur. ft'ilury llbi-rnh biisi- n»SK.pnrhinnant. Hnt«il ntid imvidiiiR oxp«n«n« puld. Mo^tTOn OLABB On.. 2G4 ATi.in St . ninoimiiilh Q. w W5i HouniAN-H pictorial BIBLES 1,K()(> IlliiHlrntloiiM. Address for now oirotib ’nf. .1. HOIrMAN «V CO-> 5mO AUCH Rtrf.d. IMilla* A G -oknicHNt ut tho v world — Impfi enmnin^ — Ajtentuwiuitfiii ov« -don ’ t wnnto flmo-fiond foi WKLLS, 43 VoBey Ht.. Not York; I*. O. Box 13S7. duyi in « ry Vnie! CC or ml.m-y th« e/loll/rc- :cnf« iht pnpkow. |Hwtpui<); S for . W. loNKS; AUiluml, Mass. AGENTS tor. Tho combination fort LoFOtoford nttomntoil. Ter CHAS. OLUOAS iV \ - Tho Ulus. ---- - .. jtiuniinlnii •k this ‘ hill mid .win. llljw will- ythina OUR TWO GREAT SENSATIONS For AKonto. PEERS PETS. H. a BRIDtr^rAN, • 5' Barclay Htv, N, Y., and -170 W. 4tli 8t.,01nciiuia(i.. THE REPUBLIC ! Vegetine Vegetlne Vegetine Vegetine Vegetine Vegetine Vegetine Vegetine Vegetine Reliable Evidence. t ohoorfull/ ad«: Mu. H. R. S tevkns J)tar Slr~l will ni ______ my testimony to the aroat number ytm huve «|ro!»dy received in favor of your aront and good modluino, VKGKTINK for I do not think onoiiRh can bo salt in its praiso, for I was troubled ovei thirty yenrs with that dreadful disease Unt.jrrh. and had such bad oouRhinr ■Holla tlint it .vnulil eo,,m m . tl..iu B li I never oould breathe any thorn, amt V1CGKTIN1C. has cured mq; and I d, fmd to thank God all tho time t hero Is r n gjMid n iliodlcino as YKGRTINK, and Cor. Magazine and Walnut Streets, tho best modi- L- GORE!, Walnut Str __ ,,,. Cambridge, Mnus. Health, Strength and Appetite. tho,outmi BatiHfttytTon'oF 11 )At r atf(ft*Huu “ xJ^Tbnno- » nobool to bo Iu a most prosperouH cond® of araat I...... .. . ®«w bottles C avt . A. II. MuapiiY rtftnoved his hcalth * fijum Bockvillo ••Oonlrai to. Httlsey Brooklyn lust week.' They came to iff*. ’ yillo Genlro on tlio ?lith of AIal'«lV,18TO| “ \' M,u ” ' on the ®imo clay of the mouth, 1877, re od away. The numerous friends they u. . __ In ki ' vcu yeai's will not forjiet them tULtU. life time. • . io . ibw . At tlie mmmil meetinu: of Trinity ilriti ’ n ' iali, lioslyn, liold ivfter' Ulvino service ?»'■■. \na Easter Momhiy, tlie Xtoctor tlie Kev. .Iia “ on.?ii Sparks presiding the following gentle A .w™\! wefe c'.nly elected liiembers of the YcBti>51 tho ensuing year : : , , • . w. cinw. Wardens, Dr, Jolm Ordronaux, J els Bkiliinuu, Vestrymen, Thomas H. con, Tltoinas Olnphatn, Stopliuh Diiy, J W.'Eastman, George \V. Denton, Geo. Sluncly, Franklin Wight, John I). Aek Mr. J. D. Acker was elected Olerk o Vestry, and Mr. Qeo. W. Denton Trcui of llie Parish, ! , > ■ Jolm D. Acker, dohipp 4>- ... . • V/iOSjonTincod 30,000 H Sold in Two Months l MARK TWAIN ’ S Ncxv Booh, u Adventiil'i'M <tt' Toni Sn'^vyolf > f , i» tho book that outaolls ovorythiuB, amt ngontu mtiko luoiusy on. Don ’ t fool away timtt ondull workH, but got . l.hitt Ifvu hook. Hund for Oirouluni to A31HRIGAN PUB. GO... Ilartford, ('onii. ■ C'hicagci, ill. ;;CJ|no|nniili, Ohio. . .......... Jv/bi. . book of tho year, Moot* author la evorywhoro knov a groat Bale, and l-l • A. I>. ICtiiiet !>; 1). . v ..-«nt family nubsoriplion daily hmmohold want. Tho . Ilig oMlor bodka havo Imd mtant dumand. This iu his .................... torritory. Fo® full ptirtiou- J, H, KARLE, H obtq K, MAftB. 'VonzAgAznorloa Press Co.* '63 M urray S t ., N ew Yomc, cUcjmcnt i u id ’ * l> os t * 1 mu o' Vim aeif-liiltlng printing presue*,. . -■Zfirrtrflpr' \u mii *«77 t \V o V oum I i X r-V 1 *; nitLA W A ifplKl'i Dl o ’ ifow ’ DA V'iTTtfiKj/f / *' Clrcdara froo. Cooclmca Heck rtf Syua, Cuts. &i. AGENTS ySgyPn NEW BOOK CREAT ' eENTE^NIAL E KH I B I T I O N ILLUSTRATED. Over 4<»0 l/ine IJiiginviuKH, ooHtiim ssyo.OOO. Tim only bmdt fairly Bhmring tho lino cbutly oxhlbita of tho Art Gallery and Mhiii BuildiliK. Wido-ntvitko Aironte are quitting all inferior book a for thin. 4«i-t Ilu> Send for ciroulnr, fcorniB, and Haniplo onaravingDi t».\V. ZIKCM^SH, CO.. 61 8 Aroh St,. Pliila., Pa. $2500 y F ar . agents wanted i our <Iruud TTombluiiiioti roupucdiB, roprcBontiiiK tm DISTINCT BOOICS wanted ovnrywhoro. The blgtnvit tiling over tried, Salon made from thin v«hl!M'all «b'Km. Boqj«»_ fail.^^ 4 ’ Alno . ____ , — ... _ _________ '/ 1 ; ICN T I ‘ ‘ Vi AI IT , Y lUIlIiKS. Superior to iillothorfl. With Invaluable IHua- fraE^TAldi*nnoSuporbItlndlngii. ThCKii Iliiulir* bent tlii» Wm ’ ld. Full Partiouinrs from AddrcRH JOHN It. POTYKR *fc 00. , Publin borB, PHILA DEL PHI A. I I dl Street •lily. t. tm nlboUlok yinood iOpftlft, S ksaiis OltAMItUK, A uiakv , N. V, 4 , ^. wllt ' * . ^DITOB T a BLET — DEAB S|U \ report the iutvocluction of tho following Ina Htreot VAu act to refund part of tbe debt of f Inland;Oity.*' This extends the payment j per cent, of tho old Newtown debt* “ An ftUtborwing.tbo SupeiviBor of Newtown tq- . oliange oof tain bondH.\ U ’ ftia ohaugod tho:, of part of tlie Myrtle Avo, bonda. yours Truly, : laSS, L. Bu-UTomi P binoi Iv Dr. Brown ’ H Horbul Ointmont Suppnnltnrien airn guai nntood to *uro any ci I eo of^Pilon that can bo found In th United States. A namiflo box of thcep SuppoBltorif will bo sent froo by mail to any Bufforor 20 cento, to prepay poHtnRo and packing. Regular prla t. 'AiMroso |Ir. CV, Pm^I.PN IIItOWN, 21 Cirand 8i.t .Ivrw c y (hty , y. .1. t of O BEST TEAS, COrFEIYJ, AX O Si'll!liW. DcAlfiro, frtrallloit. hnd eouBumoro In conorul ofaboppflriioloHnlifinld call at JOS. STINIiU & CO.'S wholdMftlo Warobouno, 17fl and Ji50 Cham bora otroot, oor.Wauh Ingtou, New York, whoro tUey wilTTlr.d tho * dchoicoBtaaloctodBtook _ _____ _ untry ob lowont posando vrholoealo prioos, in lota to suit OUBtomora, Ordew. by mail will moot litompt attoutlon. Bmid for clrou'o^U^^nTC.W.^I. CffiJhlSBKA'iPpiO &IJSION JACK REYOAVER. V shot. CyliodwtorM wbfB \jly n4!f|!V&, mSfwl iX&l tlMfUta , , df/iariff/u/q jl — . an V $& riwfrtr In /At marts. Wo RuawnUe UiU n»«l«r taUeMiWlh-ni reptounteJ. .hr we will refund gHKNCII MANUFACTURIN O CO., Brockton. NYNU No 14 H TO ADVEBTISEBS, : yoBQ^w too udvciritbOe ; r ' ‘ Fjp-s-i'fi'i'd

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