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Roslyn tablet. (Roslyn, Queens County, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1876-1877, April 06, 1877, Image 3

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Roalyn Tablet jio3^YKrorMsroT'm7r SPIWIA fj NO TKJE. (Jopiat of the “ Hostyn f0^^ rri(Aj^ob 7 tained at J. f. PearmWs ' Orchard Hotel^ . 7icM ‘ tlus railroad station, of A lex. Kilpat : Q'iekj from his balcer waybii, or at ilie pub* .liHltinff bj/lce, hear the llonlyn, druy More, Price per copy, Four cents. ■ « Mr. JZtchard (Jmiy is an authorized agent for the ‘ -V Tablet \ at Boekvi lle Hen- Ire .: Papers may be procured of , him at any time, . , NOTICE TO OUU PA. TUONB, We fet/uesl our patrons to report to this of Ice o.ny\iiiattenlibn or indmlity on ihe parloftitne carriers of the ‘ • Table t. OHUEOH EEOOED. -Pit; ClEUBOtt. — SorvicOB at 10.80 A. M, /jmd l.OOX.M, Bmiday fi^liool at O.uO P. tl- Kov. J, W. Kriinm, Hector. IlETiiODlBr E i 'IB copai .. — P reaching at 10.30 A, Bl. and 7.301 ’ . JV1. 'Bubbfith BaOool at 9.00 A. M. C ct . B, IT.'JonNHON, I ’ aotor. PiiEBUTTEitiAN __ Pfeocbing at 11.30 A. Bl Sabbath Soliuol at 0:16 A. Bl. Evening at 7.30. Ecv. O. E. SmoNO.i ’ autoi'.'' E. C. Oncaon. — Service at 9:30 A. M. Sabbath Sobooi at 9:00 A. Ml Eatbar 51. 6, B ueshas . A ebjoan 51. E. — Preaching at 2:30 ami 8:00 P. M. : Sabbath School at 9:80 A, 51. Eov. B l * kj . l.vacli, Paator. ABB1YAE & DEPAETUEE OF TRAINS. J'ltOAt B09I.VN TO 1.. I. C1TV. .0,45. 7.0:). S.24; a . Ai. 2:43, 4.13, 5,20 ’ )>. 31 . Sunday Train, 7.31, a . m : 4.48, p . m . „ AHIttVB AT KOSI.Ytt I'liOM I.. 1. OITY, 11.15, 12.41, A M. 4,89, 0.41, 042, 7.43, p. m . Sunday Train, 10,44, a . 5t, 7.14 r, •M. - ■ ' ' ' Jhr. Oliver '/Srower, otir solicitor, will in a /eir (lays call oh oar jriends to solicit advertisements and job printingfoy tho “ ‘ J'ablct , ” Orders entrusted lo his care trill ■meet wilh prompt alien lion. jfSrniNa baa come of course. . OmcitK Ayers is a solid man. . D on ’ t forget Acker's elican g roceries. Bormto gas — B — b-b-u u-r.r-ii.ig. W.aui.D Briglmm V-oung also die-game ? Q/. kn C oyis wants its stenmbuut dock re- ■jmired. : - , „ BtniWNO is called \.the Spitz of Flush ­ ing. ” B auson Johnson . [ifeaelies short but logi ­ cal Ocrnions. : M ykiis V alentine is rushing the binders Boards business. Jlu. W allace is a coimdisafidSTii borse- Hcsh — o to donkey. , T he cilitor i>f tlie Obsurmr lias \ Scrive ­ ners Palsy,\ wlneb-came from using ntecl scissors. , ' P et ;?!! 15, AI o L kan haAilist finished. 1 he ipaiuting on tha hmicanhaka; Tim riinlm Jesse L. Smith, one of tlio tar-piirty, ,of iltihlinglon. — Knitting'Cotton O oouts a ball at A.cki hr ’ s . — (iifv KigMy-ono unlicensed liipior stores iff Hunter's Point. \Patrick bring out yuut shellalali.'' ■ : .' OvKirroN, of the Whitestonc lle.mhl, is tlie best newspaper paragrapliist on iiong Island. ■ / ■. y: V 3(10 applitialions for relief since last fail in.IIemps ’ .ead. \ Tommy make room fur your imntiis. \ s' O nions raised under blue glass are good foddur foi Jackasses, Wallace ami Bur ­ ling please note, A 5 < an whistles for three .reasons — io. hoop his coinage, up, to annoy some one. .else, dr for \vanl nf thought. W hat music is inovd refreshing to the ivcuvy soul tlmn the ! , srpmU' ’ ;of n two-year ■ older ? • — Choice Italian .peacht ’ . Frisiieb and Turkish primes at ACKEH'd. — min. Do not foi'get llmt judicious ndycrlising pays. - A few linea distributed thruigh a paper pnys tl)C adverliscr 30 per cent. Yes, there ’ s philosophy in that. If tho car ■fare Is eighty cents, you can save more by vvSlltlng than if it were,bcYejity-nine. cents. M r . A tioiis T ijs W uoh Is putting two front windows ' in the soutlr Midc of: the Willis building, wiiicii ia to he occitpied :ns a real, deuce. *, .• . . . . ■ ■ - ■ Dii) any of our clnvijtnhl « people April ■fool Ihe deserving persons in town wilh, a barrel of flour, alutin, Ac ,. Ac. ?Vlteally we have those among us. TiiHt ’ EnANCK riALL has had • a window inshvted on the south and north sitlcs. Will Boss Itomsen have the sash sat with blue , .glass? ■ , ., N uauly a conliagration at Fastuianvillc by tlie cai'clcosiinss of some boys who sot ,, ,i.i Lnr.o Pmre'a carriage — Choice Pennsylvania huckWTieat iApKLIt ’ H — adv. D aniel I. Wood and D.i Beet lier IIo- tnan took lager the other evening. Tlie spectators of that scene remarked upon it as • ’ a meeting of two of the first, humor feta of the nation.\ . Ain .I saac B ond lias just birneil out_ coicb for Mr.. Thorne which lines.fun: (Bond) much'credit as'a puinter. It I painted In carmine with a wide gold leaf sffijie edged Witli. red. A ll ahonld Atteml tlie grand dramatic performance to-night (Friday) at Tlie iiail; A powerful company is to greet tl: audience, and vve would like to see a fre- [; mend oils audience greet llie perfbrmeisL Ticket^ are only 25 cenls. ■jjtiiifji) OYSTKits. — -Wiiliain, our foreman, tTT'Tr ’ Aiq PATTN'TY says that on Monday he liad for dinner a ! J iJI O Aj\J AT A A 5 plate of oysters with Their, buck-bones re- ' ~ ^ i. 1 ' - “ the Bmlyr? is exercised over our remarks fDupignac shragged his shoulders, concerning Bro. , Overton. Mighty Bro., , > offered to sell it to us Ous mom- tlipu ail to great to croak, depart thou to sfiid no; “ bnt we haa not tiicn an thy innermost recess and indulge in Sauer- rtunity to dispose of it. It is to krout, Bologna Sausage, and Beer. >r her needy mother, poor lamb! U ncle \ Jess Hearlt will he pleased to art poor but respectable. ” _ learn, that, the .Vanderbilt heirs iiavc imim-. on know thorn, then? ” questioned imously resolved to stand by the old testa- quire. • ' ment. William ! Headclieese! where art know them well. “ Ah, ” added m. thou ’ gnac, sentimentally, “ how one has W hat would yon do if mamma should for the poor ! ” / die ?” she pathelieally asked of her little 11 buy it, ” promptly /interrupted three-year-old daughter. '-'I don't know,' “ -e Postlethwaite. “ There ’ s no remarked the infant, with downcast eyes 3r 0f nny scarlet fever or smallpox and a melancholy face ; “ X thspose 1 should # She ’ s as fresh as a, rose ana as. have to thjjank myself. “ as a pink. What will it cost? ” 'RobicviJ.LK'CiWH* dS' a noted placc^ and l00 ft at the thickness ! Look at-the it, also contains floiiie singulUr persons. It ’ s h 0 f that cjievetur.cP* ■ cried this ec ­ ho way strange for husbands to exchange , Prenchman. “ It is clieap — posi- ■ wives;-of -tiefm, and Solomon is often r airt cheap — at fifty dollnrsr But duplidafcd. ; jure monBieur's custom ” — ! A ll is quiet in Nofthport. The Adcerti- m take it, ” said the squire, with .,„r has settled down- to business, while ifcy< Beecher Iloman, formerly <vf.;Uic ■Journal, p'upigiiac '..motioned to Mademoi- has.takeh up his _abode nt yaphank. ; - _ vYc ^ire. Mademoiselle Laure tapped anticipate lively limes ampng . Ins • , ^ 8 iiver. call-bell, and a white-apron- the paupers. • _ , . hari in th e next room, who looked W e took a squint at a barber in disguise, went ruthlessly meat pmtket, imd there mtou bCWyT^h br]t B hGftTiiig away tho long yellow m first-class order, i'lesli ineat ot. evuy. , A g v nno dronued them description from a stew piece io a porter l * A 9 °° e by one ne aioppeci inem iiouHC steak. If yon woukl fry, please buy. f 1 fl afc willow baaltefc at Jbuside, the People witli false tcclli can pati oni/.c Mr. nit lier pocket hauclorchief to Tier Boyle ivilhout any tlanger-to their teeth. anil visibly sobbed . _ • V ■ -r\ \ f ' “ SSS! agguagtec AGKEU 8. —adv.. . L tion of tightness in tlie region of • “ U a N' oi . r ” Jess. Hearlt, ‘ >f pototo-bug « It ’ s a shame — but then, if renown, has gone to Cape May to exteniu- , co i n peiled to part with it, I indy as ■udth-tha.isand ..1 eas_wttU. i; tUobuy as any one else. Here, you, glass. It will he rememhorial l ad n( Une e B . e j t give lier thin, ten-dollar Jess was the projector of the seheipo to deS- __ _ 7 n,„ i„,„„,„-„ t .......... which sq/Kig: THE TOWN OF WORTH HEMPSTEAD >APER PUBLISHED SN ly Record of Roalyn, Weatlmry, Port Washinston, Manlmonot tuid Gleawoed L. L, FRIDAY, APRIL 6 , 1877 . KO. 20. ,.f„V this world last summer which so sig, ™ aild aboye.tl e bargaiu, I can t ally failed. ” Uncle\ Joaft, head is fair-to to^see a pretty girl ery-nover ly level, hut that i>l..l familiar high hatjl ” 1 ' B \' W ’ m „ “ ratlier clouds his slupeudous intellect. Geo. A. M ott , of Pearsalls, met wilh an almost tatal , accident on Tuesday , after ­ noon in Brooklyn. He slipped from the front platform of a horse car and straeki tho edge of ids temple on the iron dash hoard making a deep dangerous wound, MEW BUCKIVniiAT FhOlTB At Roalyn Alills. Hf 5Iit. V alentine K aiist , the popular Hempstead barber,.-lanow a residcnl of this illage, and he may ho fmlnd at any time hi the building formerly occupied liy hawson and Durycii. \Tine\ is au adept al his pmlVwloi! i f shaving and hair cutting, and by his artislie mode has won the name of being one of the best lonsorial arlisls on bong' Island: Don't forget to pul ionize Ihis rlew acipiisUion to ouf place. . His ad- vertiaeinent will appear next week. IF YOU — .. .WanliiCbnk, AVaiit a biUmtion,. Want a Olerk, Waul a Servalil', , : \Vant to ' Bent a Fuim, .. . Want to Hell a I ’iam), Want to Sell a 1 torse, _ - Want to bend Money;' Want'to liny a Horse, • • Want; to Bent a House, Want to Sell n Carriage, . ■ ■ Want a Boarding Piin.i', Went' to liorro-v Money, Want to Sell Dry Goods, . VViuit to Sell Furniture; AYant ld Sell .Hardware, : Want to Sell Be d Estate, d > Want, a Job of Carpentering,.: • Want H> Sell Millinery (funds, ' . Wiml to Sell a House and l.ol, AVanl to Hud any line ’ s Address, Want,to find a Strayed Animal, Want to Save Money, ■ Want to buy a Second-hand Carnage, AVantjlo find mi Ownpr for Anything, Want to Sell Farming Utensils, Waul anything lit till, Use the'Columns of . .. . .' . T1IK HOSliYK TABI.K1 ’ , which in read in neariy eVery liiiiiiejn this section, and' any aniiouncenienl in ha colmmis will ho read by every citizen. AVhioh, if tlio render pauses to it, made Mrs, Postlethwaito ’ s switch very dear. iwover, tho squire trudged off, witli How treasure neatly packed in one long pasteboard boxes. For he id waited for it to be woven into a sooner than 1)0 in any wise de- by any article that avus not the e one. all events, ” chuckled thii squire self, “ I ’ ve outgeneraled thd New 's this time. I ’ ve proved to ’ em n uot to be put off with the trinl- if their hospitals,^ nor any of their imported stuff, brimful, of ship ind infection. To he sure, it has good deal, hut I don ’ t believe will grudge tho price when she 11 about it. ” was Squire Postiethwaito ’ s last hi ilie great metropolis, and toward: oon he completed his various ds to his entire sntiafactipn, mid :d off dowii Cortliuujt etreet oil a walk to tnlce. tlio four o'eloek train, Would laud him . within a few miles, beloved pouch fnrip, when, all ot a u, emerging from a'nnrrow side .'whom, should lie meet but the ri Imired damsel who had cried so ugly nt having her tresses cut away lelf-eame morning iii the Oontenuial Emporium I And at the same mo- with alittlo bob of a courtesy, tlie h haired dniusel proved to him that eoguitiou was mutual. I is !” cried the squire, dropping r three bundles in Tiis ho'wilder-' “ No, it isn ’ t ! Yes, itis l ’ the face and eyes imd pretty little sh dimples on iiheok and chin were mo, but, lo and behold 1 a luxuri- raid of aureate hair was roiled d and around the head under the little felt hat with its bluebird's M b E ugene C oiinelt , will accopt. thai'kB,for a bountiful oraamontal bracket. 5tr, Conuul has a now saw oxpreBuly for this Kind of worlc and uorsona Who avo in quest of the.beaiUifnl, should not fail to give Mr, C, a o'.ul. UOI.I. OF HONOR, ■ Eell of honor of North Rido Sohool. (Old AYoatbury) for tho month of Aluvoh, 1877. Siamlard of scholarship 33. George ID. Boo, J oh I o ’ Htus, HVolina Wil­ liams, Jlohn Yolsor, Ooovgo Grodti, Anna AV ’ . TitnH, Eppio Titus, rotor Post, WltllO Alcooks, fife to old rubhlsU hack of Page'n carriage ghop. ■ :■ : ' - ■ Fqit three or fouf weeks will) extra edi ­ tions we lmvo beeifiuhablo to supply. ItoS; jvu with a sulUelently large quantity of T aiilets . i Tills issue wo print 100 extras. Mn. C ohn B i ’ . its . h 4. hh . ani > is drlving;a butcher wagon for Tims, ite'le. His pleasing countenance D re -naiimtg ilii*e. c!r ( „;c hand n^iiusl the five .doloiul uays. \A . fs of tho other. “ Monsieur sbail A man nf Flushing itlso lias a nWlor, but ^tislled. I court publicity, I — ihe stockholders haven't advanced himmou. ^ ju — j 0 ono 0 f tj 10 extravagantly ,ey onougli to buy any diamonds. Keetoy j shop girls — “ where, then,-is was a lucky mall., ' poor girl who tvas here this mdrn- A r I)T of Canadians have emigrated to kvishing to sell her hair ?\ —tlio girl .Clreece to try farming. It wouldn't amaze Uen eheveux d ’ or, tlie. head of real jury ■ one. imw to lioar . lliat'KocUvlllo Cen- liiat takes its burnish in the hiiu - ,trcs pets have goife to the Nortlt )?ole to cut feu, ■' . Ig'-A^ T he Centennial halters have departed. We .observed the last vestige (if. them on HaUn- ,dav. Dufyca carried the clock thot strikes .every UumlieiUh year, Iniid Dawson rang tho. ^d riimiiiar IwH tq a .tuw:tyNls^nJ \Vo won ’ t go homo ’ till niornlu ’ geese Ueglu to crow.\ There will not he any , growling about poor tea arid coffee, 1 : if you bny them at Acker ’ s. — ado. . WE would extrind • our sYmpathY _to 5fr. . and Ml'S. Diokiiison and famllY In. tlieir ho- reavoroerit bv , tlie doatli of their darightci, Aliss EUa, bY,conemnption. . Nhe ivaaa verv Interesting young hmx, ijod a pleasant con- Yeisatiorialistf atulis cut off from our midst whim just on -.tho verge of womauhocicU when life seems full of jay and,hope. SM* bad been failing for aomo tuno mpidlY, aud 'her (lemiso was nbt onespeoted; Bho was eiglileuii years of-ago, aud what mav be re- *ttoi) she was brought hack ft corpse. in much obliged for tho ten dollars, laid the girl. “ Gentlemen isn ’ t dly so liberal. ” ibirt. , your ylmir ? ” stuttered our , soafeoiy iihle ' to br.edit ithu'ovf-- of his own senses, h, dear, sir, it wasn ’ t my hair at aid the girl, “ It ’ s just a lot that ipighno keeps on ham!, mounted risible netting, aiid it ain ’ t clipped all, only loosened from the net by on the end of tho scissors. Some customers likes it cut direct from lad — gentlefolks has all sorts of ■and M. Dupignao keeps mo for de, and Mary Anno-iPprkins for a ite. Wo rolls vqr iriu' own hair isluori, ■ and it don ’ t,, shovv unless et very close. I wouldn ’ t have, - ..... . - ..... ,. ------- , r , , n him, neither, ” with a little toss uS2i!'° i .-\'ik? 1 ^rie 'head, “ if it hadn ’ t been for his wanting to crib all the extra ten dollars for himself. ” ■ ■ Squire Postlethwaite drew a long breath, He began to he painfully con ­ scious that he had not “ outgeneraled ” tho city people sb completely as ho had iinagined, after all. Should he go back, lie asked himself, to M. Dupignao ’ s Cen ­ tennial -.Hair Emporium, and punolv the head of that distinguished foreigner ? or, shauicl ho report tho whole 'matter at po ­ lice headquarters ? or — perhaps best and most, sensible course of all — should he take tho-priginally proposed four o ’ clock train, go back to tho Jersey peach farm, and keep his own counsel forever and a day? Squire Postlethwaite decided in favor of the latter - proposition. He went home with his golden switch iu its box, gave it to Polly with a kiss, and never told her of his adventure. And to this day she doesn't know how much, it cost. “ Where ignorance is bliss, ’ tjs folly to bo wise. ” ?: Does she still wait, Laure ? ” .emoitielle Laure was uot quite cor- to that,, but she had tho young a address. ’ The young person be immediately sent for. ■ I her be summoned nt once, ” , said iguno, with a wave of the hmid, was n monnrel), issuing a royal “ Aud ”— with a secondary hia aim toward a velvet uphol- iiniv — “ if .monsieur will honor laiting but a few seconds; his id doubts shall all bo sot at Items of Interest, An exehango says that every vessel that ever boro the , name of George Washington was eventually lost. “ To Qreece we give ' our shining blades ! ” (said the fellow at the boarding house, plunging his knife into the butter dish, .' ■■■• ■ ; . ', ■ That was a queer boy in Wayland, HI., who went into the house, got into bed and fell asleep after seeing his mother full into a Well. ASprhigfieldcongi-egatiduw^m amused by a young woman who leaned her head languishingly on a fellow ’ s sfioUlgril: and ate candy throughout the sorvico. A \yoman in Oshkosh 'ground- nearly half of a shirt through a clothes wringer before discovering that herIbabyAvas in the shirt. It was an awful strain on tlie wringer. . Young lady (who is tired of his com­ pany) — “ You ’ ain ’ t a bit nervous, tap you, Mr. Post? All my gentlemen ac- quaintonces start when the clock strikes twelve. ” - ■ \ . . Chicago has seven hundred haokmon, aud if you ever go there you will won­ der how tlie whole seven hundred can get hold of your carpet bag and holler into your loft ear at once. A Tennesseean took his first and lost ride on a railroad train recently..' He stopped off when it was going forty miles an hour, supposing that such was the custom, and was futally ’ injureil. ’ “ I make it. a principle not to loud money, ” said a good man to a friend; “ but in your case I sacrifice principle to interest. ” And when the latter found he had charged twenty per cerit. discorint ho said he thought he did. It was au Irishpilot who,, being asked if he knew the rooks in the harbor, re ­ plied, with confidence : “ I do, yer hon ­ or, iyery wan av them. That's wan, ” he added, calmly, as the ' sjiip struck it, filled and sunk. ■ ’ r . In tho police court of Nassau, Now Providence, Hie justice allows defeudants to go free until the time for their trial, on their personal recognizance, He says that he has never known ono to fail to return at the appointed time. ■ It must he exasperating to th,e enter ­ prising merohnnt who puts two or three inches of advertising in the papers head ­ ed, “ now is the fimo to top-dress yoiir lawns, ” to wake up the next morning and find tlio lawns “ top dressed ’ ’ with six inches of snow, Says-tho London Hornet : Tlio filthy habit of paiuting the lips is again to be observed at several of tlie metropolitan theaters. “ There . is ’ no language top strong for. its conderimation, no excuse for its eontimiance. It is ugly, silly, un ­ healthy and.offensive.. William Bright, of Knox county, Ten ­ nessee, heard a noise in his smoke house. He armed himself with a gum and. fired at the thief. Tlio shriek of pririf. that followed had a, familiar sound. The thief was his son, Avho , was . seriously if not mortally wounded. The property of the-Farroll brothers, near Covington, Ky., hits been levied:oil to satisfy the bail bond for $3,000, on which they were surottea for the return of Tom Allen, to stand trial for engaging in the prize fight witli Joe Goss. Allen deserted the young men who risked their li till,-*'fortune to save him from a few weeks ’ confinemeutin jail, and fled to Oaiiittla. The editor of the San Francisco Post has been shown a monster orange, which weighed three and one-half pounds and mon'unwrd ill ' eirbunfferenoo twenty-four inches. It-was grown at Riverside, San Bernardino county, upon tlio grounds of G. W. Garclelpri. The tree which pro ­ duced-it is just four years old, miif had ft number of other oranges besides this one, which were but slightly smaller. The fanatical Oironssiniis drill their horses in their villages by a curious and brutal exercise. They spur rind whip them repeatedly through a crowd of shouting men armed with long sticks, which ai o mercilessly used on the poor brute until it stands the torture with philosophy. The principle is to impress the animal with a notion that tlie iron will of its master is beyond all , its na ­ tural instiii^s of fright and the bodily \It ’ s all very well, ” remarked a red nosed man in a bad hat and an ulster of the vintage of ’ 73; “ tt ’ s all very well to say let business' rovlYe; but what we want, sir, is confidence, publio confi ­ dence, sir. Each pf .qs must be willing to bring out our hoarded dollars ami put them oiieo more, .in circulation. Then A SUMMARY OF NEWS. [tents of Interest from Heme and AbroaU. Tlie great English university boat race took place over tho usual Thames course of four and a quarter miles, and resulted in a dead heat betweemiho contestants, Oxford and Cam ­ bridge, although it v:aB ; generally conceded that the former would have gained tho prize but for tho breaking of an oarlock ---- - - Albert Brown, cashier of tho Springfield (Yt.) national bankjadeclarcd to fie a defaulter to the amount of $30,000; principally aecui-itieu deposited for safe keeping, which wan used for atock gam ­ bling, The hank itself loses, comparatively littlo. .... .Tlie trottor Earns heat Bodino in three straight heats in Ban Francisco., ... .The fast train from Scotland to London, known ns the ' ‘ (Flying Scotchman, ” ran off tho track near yferpotn; and several conches wore dashed to pieces, killing five persons and injuring ft largo number, ten of them seriously... .George Hoffman, ft Gorman, of seventy-five years, committed suicide by throwing himself off a dock iu New York. A few years ago ho divided his smalt fortune among his three sons, sotting them all up in businoBB — hi*, living first with one and then another, untiLlhoy ail tired of him, and in tlieir ingratitude filmed him out of aide-de-camp, Emperor William sent to Berlin to congratulate ..m,on hill birthday, was cordially received....... Intelligence from Rome intimates that tlie illness of the Pope is much more serious than the daily bulletins acknowledge. A colored man murdered 5fr. Maxwell and his son, -stockmen, in Colfax county, Now 5Iexico, for their possessions. The murderer was secured.. __ People bavo begun injuring into the .Black Hills region in great numbers, drawn hither by tho gold-excitement — Hos ­ tile Indians are doily arriving at tho stations to surrender. In most cases they are in an ex- tremdly destituto condition, having had nothing but horse moat in tho way of provisions.. — li. T. Tavlor, . tho defaulting cashier of the Franklin bank,, Indianapolis, Ind., who was taken to the iusnno asylum, escaped ^ from that institution by fprciug the iron fastenings of ono of the upper windows. It is supposed that ho had aid from outside ......... A RaguSa corro- spondent relates that a party of live hundred. BaHiniBazouks descended on the Herzegovinian village of Otehievo, where returned villagers wore rebuilding thoii'houses, and after burning tho partially restored, homes, hrutaHy murdered ton of tho inhabitants. At Giamosh, a Greek wedding procession was stopped by Turks, who out off the heads of four of tho guests and stuck them on poles. Tho bride was then treated in tho most inhuman manner, from tho effects of which.she expired ......... Tho painting of tho Virgiu and Child, bv Jan Vanoyok (John of Bruges), has . boon stolou frmn the Berlin national gallery. ..... .Advices frorh Congo, west coast of Africa, January 1 -16, state that tho British war stoamorl Avon had destroyed seen villages on. tlio Congo river and killed three natives, as a punishment for plundering the American Kchooner Thomas Niekernon; of Now York. This weasel bad ’ been captured by the natives aiid about, thirty tons of eoffco .wero carried off dp tho country. 8ho ims fired by tho Avon in order to prevent further plunder ­ ing ......... Tho Mutual protection company of Philadelphia, ft life iusnrauco organization, has collapsed ----- An exclusion steamer called ( ‘ Rockaway,” being the largest in existence, and designed to run from New York, was suc ­ cessfully launched at Norfolk. Va., and started with a towboat for Now York, to havo machinery fitted. When off Absecom light, a fierce storm oi'oso and the: new steamer began tilling with water so rapidly as to necessitate the tug throw ­ ing off her lilies. Tho steamer ’ s timbers parted and she went to pieces. Loss, $26,000. Tho terrible 51111 river disaster of 1 a few years ago, has Just been repeated on a smaller scale, in the northeastern part of Connecticut, where the bursting of a dam caused tho deatruction of much property and entailed much misery upon tho Ihousand or more mill operatives, who will bo deprived of tin) means of earning a sutsist- once. 'Ihe numerous manufacturers along the oast branch of the Willhnantic river, having, suffered .from loss of power on account of drought, last summer, went to work this-wmler and added six feet to their principal dam at Htaffordvillo in order to hold water for emer ­ gencies, The people of tho . valley havo boon BUspioibiiB of the built-up dam,, and men havo constantly watched it ; so that when tho heavy rains oh Sunday aud 5Ionday began' swelling tho streams, workmen wore prompt in discover­ ing tho fact that wator was working its way around a pipe inserted in tho dam. Gangs of lahorors'woro immediately, employed to repair the slight-damage, but tin! over-increasing body of wateFfcontinuod to gain upon them, until at six o ’ clock Tuesday morning the water trickling through tho dam had become ill two-inch stream, iind tho workmen had barely time to liy s hell tho center of the dam gave mYj,nnd a. flood of ..................... rushoiFnown the valley. (isbelieving,\ said Squire Fos- ; cavalierly. And ho sat down, jstling “ Bonnie Dundee,\ and, ladfastly joufc of the window, jit fifteen, minutes there was a |e of arrival in the next room, hno lifted it Nottingham lace hioli shielded the glazed upper J door of communication, und Is finger on hialip with a truly Mature, pointed to a lovely blue- |g girl, ,, dressed in faded and fannents, but with , magnificent Jbw hair float'ng like a glory er her shoulders, JJqve I ” ejaculated the squire, fa splendid bead of hair I ” The funeral of n Ohinamnn, who was. recently murdered in San Francisco, seeins to have been quite a unique affair. Tlio dead man held a keen-edged carver in his hand, and a yellow flag, bearing the word “ ycngeauce, ” covered the coffin. A mounted Chinaman rode at each corner of the hearse, and Ah Qua rode ahead to clear the road. He suc ­ ceeded iff running oyer a white man, in ­ juring him severely, and getting himself i nested. tlie Vitics will brighten,; then — by the ! fiealera, the coal, and lumber yard iff C. way, I changed myveSv'thiB ’ inoniing — nnt lend me fifty cents, will you ? ” , The State of Delaware has just passed a law making if u penal qffense for nny railway engineer to abandon his engine upon the track in caso of a strike. The law also forbids, uudcF'piinnlty of fine and imprisonment, railway, employees from refusing' to transport over tlilrir own roads cars received from connecting roads, and tlio cofirriion or bribery of other employees to abandon the service of the company. ' In southern India children are mar ­ ried at eight years of age. Native fathers consider it a disgrace to have single girls in the family, and endeavor ,to. get them married in childhood, but when married they . do not always go to their husband's homes. Tlie marriages are generally arranged by old women; who go from family to family to find suitable matches. 'Widows are treated very badly by tlio natives; they are made as misera ­ ble as possible; An American lady doc ­ tor has a large practice among the native women, ami tho workmen had barely time to liy .whoa tlio center of the dam widor thirty feet high - Mr.' E.,0.1 ’ iimoy, as the dam broke, sprung upon his horse and rapidly rode in advance of the flood, warning the inhabitants, with such success that but one life in known to have been sacrificed. ThoCmass of water, on its release, first washed ofTi! SWe'htiildmg of tlui Converse niilis, a fine dwelling and two bridges, leaving several largo mills entirely uninjured, idtlmugh directly in its track. Next tho machine shop.. find several tenements wero reacbcd nnd lapped up by the fierce torront. Then the dams of the I ’ lionix, Howe and Valley : companies were de ­ stroyed, and contributed their store of water to tlio volume. Tho largo mills, however, ware unharmed. Tho Converse dam followed tho. others, and was in turn followed by tlie dam pf the Granite ihili — the mill ifaolf being under- mined und badly dnmajgod, ’ The body of water, proBontiiiK tho apponranco of a Inigo wave, dotted with atoron and timbora. now mahod down upon tho village of Stafford Springa, and after grinding eight tenements to pieces m a twinkling, struck tho principal portion of tho town, swooping away tlio store of L* W, Cmno, tho': Htafford ..national bank/ buOdipg, contain ­ ing tho savings bank, Banter «fc Heaid u block, tbd building of - tho i. Home Mutual flro in- Huranco company, tho Congregational ohuron, . tho warehouse of O. O. plovoland, . the livery stables of Lovi Gorvy and aoiry IhotJuufs, tho warercoms of William Smith Lo. . blook dealers, tho coal and lumber yard cf O. ff. Holmes, the freight depot, town hail, engn o house, a quarter of a mile of track, nudfifcomi loaded freight cars. Through the yUlage-anld onward the flood swept, carrying awaji bridges, buildings, trees and everything iii its path until the Willimantic river received and carried oft tho angry ilood. The eutiro course of the waters ia marked by iv total absence of produc ­ tive soil — only bare stones and sand being visi ­ ble. The total loss cannot fall short of $1,000,- 000, imd the district, can never fully recover from the terrible effects of the disaster. Tho numerous mills devoted to spinning* havo boon divested of their-motive power, and tho em ­ ployees will; sufiTer greatly inconsequence, while the corporations, having^to sjfiomLHp nuioh. to killed by J.tW. Wilson, of tho Times, who re ­ ceived & ball in tKo cheek ......... The residence of Henry Scilly, at Croditon, Ont., Canada, was destroyed by fire, and three children, aged respectively, nine, seven and five years, wore burned to death. It is now charged that eighty teamsters, who started overland for California, through Utah, iii 1857. after being.discharged from the service of the United States, wero massacred by Mor­ mons. .. .Joseph C. Small, teller of tho Standard bank of Toronto, Canada, has been missing - several days; The deficiency In his cash is aoid to exceed. #6,000 _ _ ___ A* special dispatch from Singapore, India,' annouiicoH that tlio Hiillaii of Perak, a State on tho Malay peninsula, .was forcibly arrested without warrant or written authority. A writ ot habeas corpue \yasmoved for, aiid refused by the'register .,.. Tho end of tho flBcal year in Great Britain will filibw iv deficit in tlio rovonuo of over $6,000,000, and tho ministera nro much ouibarrashed in conse- quonce .... An auction sale of 100,000 tons of . coal in Now York city brought lower prices than any of the previous salea... .. .Austria is mo- . bilizing an army of 440,000 men, and Itussia also is increasing the number of her troopa ....... The principal businoBH portion of the town of Clin­ ton, Sampnou county, N.C M Svas, destroyed by five. Loss, $50,000 ; partially insurod. ..... Comb ’ s, Hastman .t Co. s furniture factory in Poll City., Ind, was burned, inflicting a loss of $50,000.. i> ...In the; town - of Decatur, N. ( Y., George Marelay, iigcd.twenty-five, broke into a house occupied by Harriet and Panny Bates, respoctablo maiden ladies, aged seventy and sixty-three years, and violently outraged them. .Harriet died tho following.day of lier injuries, aiid tho voung desperado was held for her mm - , der. .. . . ’ .Nine buiidihgB in Enfield, N. C., weio destroyed by fire. Lops, $50,000. . Owing to the action of tho Biotliorhood of Engineer sin ordering their members to leave several railways,-Hho Heading railway company of Pennsylvania has issued a circular requiring all engineers in their employ to leave the order. Tho company offers to form a benevolent asso ­ ciation for its omployeoH which will pay larger returns foi* smaller assessments, than the Brotherhood ......... The United States consul nt Acapulco j Mexico, was arrested on the street by soldiers aiid confined in prison . Tho consul ' tmd Imd a.dlfticnRy with the authorities, grow­ ing out of the arrest ’ ^of a inah claiming liiH protection ...... It is now claimed that tho ' Chineso mnssnoro, at Qhicb,. Cal., was ordered by tho Council of Nine, of the Labor iteforin, wliose commands were implicitly carried out by momberiCpf tho order, all of whom are under oath of Hecrecy. . . . ..The British ship Trow ­ bridge, while crossing the ocunn, picked up in mid-water, a boat containing a number of the. crew of tho vessel Piorenco Oulton, which had been abandoned in a sinking condition. Another boat containing nine of the OnUon ’ w crew could not., be found .... George P. Bcward, late consul general of tho United States to China, has been charged by his suecessor in office with Accepting a bi ’ ibo of '$7,01)0 for liberating a pirate and murderer. The charges nro to bo investigated.... Norman McQunig shot and killed James B. Jackson, aged sixty, and his son, aged twenty-one, at a ranch on Horse Creek, noiu* Cheyenne. Tho cause of tho shoot ­ ing wan a quarrel about a woman, a cousin of McQuaig... . . John Chamberlain, the noted New York gambler, recently dccliifed a bank ­ rupt,-paid one cent on a dollar. .... .Itussia him just ordered that nil rnilways in tho country must lieroafter purchase locomotivoa and roll- ing.atock in Itussia, This is a heavy blow for the Pnissiau iron industries. Tho people of Bouth Australia are delighted at the break of tlie drought,-wliich threatened their entire crops ...... The Grant House, Wheeling,: W. Va., was consumed by an incen ­ diary firoj ’ . at a loss of $100,000, on which there was Vpartial insurance. Many of the guests .. narrowly' escaped with tlieir lives. .... .While Revenue Collector Patterson, with a posse, was raiding illicit distilleries in Watauga county, N. C.j they wore fired on and two of the posse killed and tlio collector wounded .... .A $30,(100 fire at Cornwall Landing, N. Y., destroyed Mead & Taft ’ s/tilanning mill and three other buildings. ..Near Walton, Ky., ft colored man named Parker Mayo attempted to. commit . a criminal assault upon the person of a iiinc- year-old daughter of Wiliinm MuniiyJ ’ . Tho child was seriously injured. The next day he attempted a similar assault upon a farmer's wife residing in the vicinity. The morning after his. body was found hiuigittg-to tll ° of a tree about a mile ffoin the town.. ... .The cotton factory of J. D. 'Coloiiy Sojis, at Mon- senville, N. H., was destroyed'by fire. Loss. $50,006...... A dam on Panning ton river, at Rainbow, Coiin., was swept away by Hprmg freshets. No other damage was done.. ... The executor of the will of tho late Roxana Childs, of Utica, N. Y., has dispensed the sum of $162-, . 847.28 for charitable purposes, according to the requirements of The testamentary document.i ..... .Tlio quickest trip; ever niado across tho' continent by. ft’ freight train is just roportod. Twenty ears'laden with silks; leas and other, Chinese, and Japanese commodities, designed for European buyers, made iho distance from Han Francisco to New Vorl^n tolVdayi)^?... .. A largo mass of snow, becoming detiiched from the summit of a hill near the Bctta Cove copper mine. Nova; Beotia, swept down irfid buried two noneOH. Ono man •iffid t vo children wore taken out dead from the ruins. nd aid to the destitute. epic I'xtpi On the ocoaeion of Emperor William ’ s birth ­ day, there was a serions tight at MayeUco, be ­ tween PruBsiaH and Hessian soldiere, during which Several men wefe killed and forty wound ­ ed. .. . .The Abyssihian troops opposed t? Egypt number fifty thonsand troops well diHciplmed. .... The Bocretary of tlie treasury has issued the forty-fourth ca l for the redemption of Kj e- twenty bonds of 1865, May and November. The call is for $10,000,000, of which $9,500,000 are coupon and $o00,000 are registered bonds. .... The New York Women ’ s Medical College gradu ­ ated twelve M, D. ’ b ...... In a shooting off ray between newspaper men at Topeka, Kansas, J. Clark Bevayse, .pf the Blade, was instantly Lffcctfi of Hosldcncc Abroad.' Oiieo on tlio. other eiclo of the water u young: American lady- Haul ehe would bo much ohliged if wo spoke French with her, for reallv ehe had been “ so long abroad ” (she had.been .away for nearly two years) and had talked French bo constantly .tbiit it was with difficulty she how spoke Bug- lieh. Wo suggested the advisability .of practice in the English tongue if she in ­ tended ever to go hoine again. The young Americiux who so soon -forgot he?; own language ib distanced by another young American whoj in a-aliorfcei-timc, __ forgot the very appearance, of her papa . and mamma. It waB on an incoming European uteamexvwhen h I kj f.^ud to a young gentleman near her : “ 'YmVknow Mr. and ItfrB. ~ — — by Bight ? ” (Mr. and Mrs. ----- are her fntlier and mother, but her dignity would not allow her ’ to call them so.) “ Y ob , ” lie niiBwered. “ Well they will bo probably bo on tho wharf when we got in . It is n whole.year since I saw them. Will you kindly point them out? I would not like them to think I didn!t recognize thorn, ” “ it ’ s ft wise child, ” etc., but this i» not a wine child “ by a large majority. ,, * — Philaclclj)/tju Press. Williiiih Delulianty; who murdered his brother-in-law fdrty-four years ago in Stonecartyi Ireland, lias made a full, oonfeasion of hi 6 guilt. At the time, of the murder. Delfthanty was arrested, but was discharged for lack of evidence. His demeanor while making his confes- . sion was fcliftt of a sincere penitent. -Ho sought no mercy at the hands of the an- thorities, and desired that the law should be fulfil led. in his case tq ^hq letter, T\

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