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♦ »•« •A* Qrmt, ii Ow ^OiirN . D. 'j A PUBLICATION OF THE TOWNSHIP PRESS Including « CM A lm . VOL, 2. NO. 45. »T maN. ma MANHAASET, N. Y., FRIDAY. MARCH 27, 1936 IN TWO nonoM FIVECEI C9PB6! ounce Beerl price to bercl , ,MinMl«M.butxy b O BM W w d bound their Hmw todi With cordeo i 3 prinf to here! poUere wydun scan ilte *y annouape to edtic % be aijdn*^ you, '|tear! prli)p ‘ to .liiml aiiMC''M0w nin^ eutUHsew bat Iblitned! Ob dear!! Society-Difeciot 1 ' --' Stresses Need For A Strong Primary Vote Water Pageant To Be Staged During Tercentenary Week long Island, during the week of ^Committeemen On Trial, ’ Declares North Hempstead Leader the tercentenary celebration. May 30 to June 6, Will be the scene of the greatest assemblage of water getUers from all \for- CITES OF ‘ NO ►RTANCE. JDIC^ ‘ Delegates | Mus On Platform, ’ Asserts here! lazy workioc ip italitlng THE REV. THOMAS CODE Note4 Editor Will Address ^avlng troaMe with your in- ^ tax repartT ChartM Werber w IU be at the Oreat Neck t Con^aiv all day on March to aid in aMfdng «f«t 9tate le- tax retoffM, Church Group in- 1 Do Hlii Btt Schiudder will 4|^to bit for flood victims thto ’ toeek. He ’ s to turn over 8 “ ^r cent, of , gross salos on Sb^f^y at the Ida Shop in Oreat Neck to the Cross fund far flood relief. So. ouTe planning to .buy a blou.se. ater or skirt for jpur Spring \dirblia: do it tm MRffaay Holy Name Society To Hers Speakers, Soloists und 1 a good cause, •t Petacoato JIaage Mr. Pronwet. yoR don't read - oppspapar advb tiaefuiiy or t would know that pgtoicoats are ling right out. of d8i.^iibUvion to ich you obnijgn Higln in ’ your ’ «■ *ilfc **M** “ ’ tfe. mt ta manrt f we ’ re not weU acgualnted with the details of the damage by floods in New York State, not the fkii}t of the WPA. ^ old tmcle Wuppa has kept ■well Informed. Monday ’ s mail four letters. 8o did Tucs- ’ s. 'Wednegday wen* one bet- we gtit five. And so on ad tltunu -Mast* Wr - readers care to know a Fed- l Theatre proj^ in Syracuse, three bridges In Schoharie intact. 'We ’ d be glad Jkeep ail the letters on die in case, but we ’ d probably to hire Tom Ifurphy ’ s ware- The Rev. Edward Lodge Curran. Ph.D.. LL.D., President of the In ­ ternational Catholic Ti uUi' Society, and Daniel Farnan, \President of the United States Bond and Mort ­ gage Company, will be the guest speakers at the tenth annual Comnutnion Breakfast, of the Holy Name Society 6f , St. Mary ’ s Oliureh. Manhasset, at 9:30 a. m. on March 29 at the Munsey Park Golf Club. nie society, with a membership of more than 200 persons* will at ­ tend the 8 o ’ clock mas.s. which will be celebrated by the Rev. Thomas F. Code. Its Spiritual Di­ rector. The society will receive Holy Communion before proceedr ing to the golf club for the break- - fast. During the mass Edward J. ’ re here Beckman and Prank X. Chester will sing and two hymns will f e sung by the .society a ckfiella. Dr. Curran is widely known as editor-in-eiiief of “ Light\- and last week presided at the Brooklyn ses­ sion of the intercollegiate sym- IKisium on Mexico. Mr. Farnan is a membef of the State Lecturers ’ Bureau of the Knights of Columbus and Vice-Commander of the Na ­ tional Speakers ’ Bureau,of Catholic ■War Veterans. •■ ’ '* Robert J. S. Chambers is chair ­ man of the communion Breakfa.st Committee. OtlTefs are~ThbmaiS “ FT Maher. John D. Nicholas. William iCellr. ^Owen McEbneal. Frank J Berliner, Tlioma.s Healy. Walter J. Hogan, Prank Thorp. William J Coffey. Ray Lombardi and tVln- cent R. Pinto. \Delegates to the National Re ­ publican Convention must not be i handlcapped by pledges to any I particular- candidate, “ James L. ; Dowsey, North Hempstead Repub- I lican leader, declared today in j statement*^ to members of his I mittee, urglng i them' to “ tunT out ' a maximum vote in the Primary on I April 2. ” ' Mr. Dowsey ’ s message to the I Town of North. Hempstead Com- i mitteemen and Republican voters I at large follows in part: * \Faced with another crisis, the Republican Committee of North Hempstead will rise, as usual, to the occasion. The last time the soli­ darity- of the party lines, was at ­ tacked, I predicted that North Hempstead would come through with a better .showing than any other part of the county. It dldl \The Importance of getting out the greatest possible vote on PrI, iftary Day. April 2, one week from Thursday, cannot be too strongly emphasizedr Delegates to the Na ­ tional Convention, duly chosen by the Executive Committee, m^t be overwhelmingly approved. ’ - f ’ ‘ On Trial ’ “ Each committeeman Is virtual ­ ly on trial. This,year Of all years is the timfe for each committeeman to see th*at every Republican In his district takes an active Interest in party affairs. 7*-' -------- \National issues this year arc so vital that the strongest platform must be adopted and th,e candidate selected must stand squarely on that platform- and be In absolute .sympathy with it. ** \Delegates must be permitted to use their best judgement, unliandi- capped- by previous pledge.s. They 'must use their b^t judgement as conditions develop, both for the sake of party regularity and for the prestige of the State of New York.\ \i craft In the-htotory of the country. Sailboats, power boats, yachts, out ­ board motors and all classes will gather and compete in races to cel­ ebrate what proved to be the tountto Ing of the first English settlemei^ on Long Island. This was in iMjS^Mtuatlon. at Conscience Pofninn the township .of ,^uthomptpn. The landing was ' made In what is now known as Pe- conic Bay and a monument now nds there marking the event, nvltations to take part in the pageant will be issued to tsmen from all parts of the Seaboard as well as to those alodiis^e inland waters. Long. Is- laqH yachtsmen and boat clubs will hosts'^pn .the occasion. There IS a very Interesting tale of how the English settled around Southampton. This scene will be re ­ enacted and races'will be held over the course made by the Engllsn. The Dutch had settled in 1636 In Flatbush and had made treaties with the Canarsie Indians in Brook ­ lyn and Matlnecock Indians around the present Port Wi^lngton, under whlc hthe Indians agreed to protect elgn\ invasions. Tiie success of the Dutch in their efforts at colonisation was learned and a party of 13 Elngllshmen and one woman arrived at Cow Bay-, apparently to take advantage of the Their landing was duly heralded and the I>utch, while- - mostly settled in Brooklyn, object ­ ed. They called upon ' the Indian Sets Hearing On Appeal For Public Service Cominis- 81011 To Consider Civic Group ’ s Plea ; ^ ’ 4 County Sewer R. Act Defende# By Engineer ieW^J mied 1 COMMITTEE HEAD URGES ATTENDANCiEi Assails Measure chiefs to carry out the treaty of driving away the \foreigners. ” This was,done and the English party was forced to leave. After sailing along the north shore of Long Is-^ land, around what Is ndw Orient Point, they landed in the township of Southampton on Pcconlc Bay. This history making episode will be re-enacted during the races and will be the course In the oontlests for the various'classes of boats. A replica of the old sailing vOsscl will be made and a party of 13 under the same conditions will set out from Cow Bay to Southampton. Plan Seen As Aid To Pc- dostrians In Th^ Man- basset Area Mrs. Newman/ I Mrs. O ’ Connell TioSeekFunds Dies Suddenly For Red Gross At Home Here Heads Flood belief Com-1 Was Past Presideiil Of mittee In Manhasset, | Manhasset Legion Plandome Auxiliary Public Service Coinml.sslon hoVj a hearing at 2 p. m. 6 in Uie suite Office Building at\ro Center Street. New York Cit^ ok the request of the Manhas^I Chamber of Commerce for construction \f a stairway east Of the Plandom(rS.Road Railroad bridge. It was annoukc^ this week by E. S. 'Whittlesey, xj'tt'rman of Uie committee. MahTiamet Qjvtc leaders foMears have waged a campaign to \ave the bottle-neck, condltlo'n station eiUranctf changed, urging . stairway for the use of commuters P from the Strathmore and Munsey Drive, Plandome, \Red Cross Rail Call chairman for Manliasset and Plandome, has been called upt^i by the National organization\ to help raise the 89.000 quoia asked of Nassau County, as Its'TiiafO ' of the flood relief fund. ■Mrs. Newman will call a meeting of her co-workers .soon to decide upon a plan to raise sufficient money to meet Manhasset ’ s share. Park ar.eos. Mr, Wlilttlesey. _who has been actively Intere.sted hr the - cam ­ paign, recently was appointed by Arthur J, Decring, president of the Mnnha.sset Cliamber of Commerce, a committee of one to seek Uie aid of the Public Servlcc^^Commlssldn \For Uie past ten years, ef ­ forts have been made to 'gel .soine- i Uiiiig done ’ a'oout the station en- ' .trairce.\ Mr. Whittlesey .said today ■ .. . ,! “ Ropresentatlves of the- rallroiui John B. O Connell, proprietor of 1 the North Siiore Service Station, | and have InspccWd the entrance of local jDIslpic^WilLNot Be E»- tablmied Unless Aske^ By The Taxpayers, He Explains . DELATOUR SCORES PASSAGE OF ACT ‘ Sorry Day For Nassau ’ If Supervisors Pro ­ ceed, He Avers DELATOUR Mrs. Minna Newman of Summit j Mrs ’ . Alice G. 5 ’ CgimeH, wife of Autoist Freed Of Blame In (child ’ s Death died suddenly on March 19 at her ! with mcmiM'rs home. 1 h'gniand Terrace, Man- has.set She was 36 years of age. , Mrs. O ’ Connell, who was past president of the Manhasset unit of the American \Legion Auxiliary, had been ill for several years. .She was a member of the Manhasset Mo- otlicr ’ .s Club and of the Rosary Society rtf 8t. Mary's Church. Some persons possibly do iMW* Born - in Little Silver, N J„ the realize the seriousness of this silU\ ■j atlon among the unfortunates who were deprived oL .®i! . daughter of the late Thomas P. McMahon ancT ’ Mrs. Sarah Mc- MMjon of Wliltcstone, she ’ had and who'order went physical afid] jived'in Manhas.set since Her inni- forever Park Gill I) Hears f Author, Lecturer Paul WiUtock Speaka On ‘ Hiatoricaal Gardens Of Virginia ’ To Donate Funds , For Flood Relief ' be New York Pfper* have made di-»dO about itoe wedding of rge of Oreat Neck Jean Pfrter, screen actress, > were niklijied In Eas yega&l Mardl Who profess to | w till us Ctowe has. beep ; , It way ” ato|^ Parker 1 Booster campaign In Man- e he met hsfr laat fall '*'hen which has broken' all re- was vtoking' .toto unclb. Chester | similar busines.*; drives, Manhasset Booster C a m ■ paign Will Close On Sat ­ urday Evening LyoniL t|ie. 1 ed “ 6e<j<i((»** .man who lA 'Which Miss ker starred- ‘ phone and wires iWtoto'klpt busy un- hls departur* ^ the West St some ntoito^ Mlo. nt a Badio? ar i Jlird? a PhUcp radio bar? Ford? You have a te lucky movie-goer /■.house tonight will get complete wtlh glaeaes all soKs of gadgets Or a chance, at the a , radio .. bottles for con­ ing U«uid refreahments of one gi $aft aggRtoT' hut T UvnttRlla. ]f you ’ re not Eg to buy gne. ^O o S ’ I m H ttW at Bill Kelly ’ s |io Rmik' ■^ftoMT ''bars will be k aWd|r.\ltoV*a. on successive lay axvt Including U 17. A win be thg ipoDB may Pair Lai or at- ttii will close on Saturday evening when the $150 remaining in the treasury will be turned over jo the local Red Cross committee. U) be used for flood relief. An appeal for funds for -relief work will be made over the ^nk Tavern Sound System on Saturday evening on Plandome Road. Contributions may be left with Leslie Mortimer, chairman of the Booster committee, at any of the Booster Stores or with Mrs, Mln- nla Montaine.. local Red Cross chairman. It To Give Program For Flood Relief Paul Wilstock. author and lec ­ turer on ' Tuesday afternoon ad ­ dressed the Munsey Park Wo ­ man ’ s Club at the Community Center. His subject was \His- torioal Hoascfi and Gardens of Old Virginia.\ Mrs. MalcoTfn A. Angus preSided. '^fhe ejub voted ’ to donate $50 to the Red Cross for. flood relief, the check to be turned over to Mrs. • Lee S. Megargec, chair- gee. chairman. ' It was d^ided to give a bridge p»rty 'for the benefit of the Chjl- dren ’ s Village on April 20. Mrs. Harry Clarke, was chalr- the day. Assisting her were the Mesdairies Owen Ely. Charles Y, Osburn, Willis J. Roys, John A. Rowe. 3. Norbett Schmitt. William P. Sliea r ma n . William Sim ­ mons. Paul Spadone. David Stew ­ art, George P. Struck. Edwin An ­ ger. Laura Berger, T. M Bahren- berg, Vlnc^t A. Droser. Howard D. Springsteen. Isr ael Tlldep. Ros- ■iVacy. mental suffering. ” she .said today. “ I .hope th'at the ' women of the community and j all • social and civil organizations will come to the resuetTand help meet Ihe demapds. as they, always have “ done in the past. Mrs, Newman would like the assistance of - young girls and wo- merr-to -solicit for-small -contribu­ tions at Uie station, bank, and other places and would like to hear from anyone who would help In this way. Contributions ’ to the Red Cross may . be made direct to American Red Cro.ss Mltleola. or to Mrs Newman for Manhasset and to Mrs Lee S. Megarge ’ e In Munsey Park. They all have agreed that 'some- Uilng .should be done ’ and that It would be done when the railroad could afford tt> .spend the money Ttial 'wsi.s as far as the project ever got.\ He stresed the nnportance -of n large Manhas.sel delegation at the hoarlng. \Uie hearing does not rtec^RRrll.v mean that*we will gel the stairway. ” he .said. \However if we do not have a large repre- ■seirlatlon . there, the plan will be civic groups I ;Hi ‘ iijuiiiiii AII pii Ftiluily Hurt In Mishup On Pluiidoinc Road If we don ’ t ehow rlage t-. ’ l years ago. Surviving Be.sldes hhr hu.<^baiid and mother, are a son. Russell, 10 years of age, two brothers. Wil­ liam J. and Thomas P. McMahon; and a sister. Mrs. Mac P. Oarlel- man. of Wlilte.stone. Fuperal services wore held ' » 'lU. (Continued on page 4) f% Si- ’ rve ' Gof ’ kluilH Monday morning ■at 'St. ' 'Mary ’ s Chupehh-^r - The — Re^-; ;Pi^i«a — P- Code officiated. Burltk^l was In St. N&ry ’ s Cemetery. Fluslung. Calerpillar r-onlt ’ sl To Close On Monday At Salon Oponiii^ Many Gueats Entertained At Mary Ellen Shop In — ■ ------- - jManh4Hk%et ------ Henry Sliaplro. of 140-86 Hyac- liiih Place. Plushlng. at a coroner ’ s Inquest In Oreat Neck on Waducs? day morning, was absolved of blame In the death of ‘ Benjamin Alliui, tour and a half year old son of Mr. and Mrs.' David B. Al ­ len of Mlanhassel who died on Sunday evening in Nassau Hns- pH«l-> of Injuries reeelved • when he was .struck by a car driven by Shapiro police Justice ■ of the Peace Egbert E. LcClus'e x-ondpeted Uic Inquest. According to iwllce report, on Saturday afleriion Uic child ran Into the roadway near the new Motor Vehicle Bureau office mi Plandome lioud directly In the path . -til Tlic .luu: dri ven by Shan lro. .He k Manhasset Repuldiraiis Will Hear County H« ’ a»l 'The Manha.s.se1, Republican Club, W. Arthur Lee, president, will meei at 8:'30 p. in ’, on March 30 at l^c' -Plandome Village Hall. The .speakers will be J. Russel Sprague, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Na.s.sau County, and Samuel Levy of Freeport They will discuss the advantages of un ­ pledged Presidential delegates-and will point, out the necessity of vot­ ing on Primary Day, April 2 Refreshments wll be .served , Tlie tent caterpillai- egg mass collection contest conducted by the three Great Neck -Garden Clubs will close at 9 a. in'* on March 30; the committee aimoimced to ­ day. It was first Intended to keep the oonte.st open lor another week, but due to the warm weather the advance In date was considered advisable. •Children In the Great Neck __ i-'i.. schools '\'have been collecting tjie small Iridescent lent ' caterpillar egg ma.sscs found on wild Cherry peach, apple or quince trees. They may be destroyed by burning or by placing kerosene In the'jars In which they arc collected. Prizes tq' be awarded have been, donated by the Gardeii- clubs Marge Nelcr Dent and Mary Ellen McDonald gave a rocktail (Myrty on Wcdnc.sday allernfggk to mark tlie formal o]>eiiing of tliidr -now beauty .salmi In Manhasset, tdip Mary Ellen Shop, forjnerly Molleltu ’ s. ’ j ' The .gue.sls Included: Mrsv'-BU- mund Hrush, Mrs. E. J. Prime, Mrs. J E. McManus, the Misses Anne and Mary Oruden, Miss Nell Akiilonos, Mrs W, P Holton, Mr.s Dufflejd Pope. Mrs Ralph 'Pllcihier, Mrs. Herbal Johnson, Mrs. J A Kernan afid Mrs. Ger ­ ald DcMeo of Oreat Neck Also thii MlMes Rose Marie and Phoebe Parrott and Mrs. T H Reed of Plandome; Mrs Ray Wat- rous. Mra. Qtiorge Gay, Mrs, Ralph Cunninghain, Mrs^ Prank Kaolin, Mrs. Thoelias Brackan. Mrs, Gladys Pelcher. Miss Mae . Fogel. Mls-s Mary Ruggiero. Mys, James Bar ­ low and Mrs. John Kuva ’ nagh of Manhasset. The Nassau C6unty SanI* tation Sewer enablinfi: act, signed this week by Govern­ or Lehman, nded not mean additional expense to the taxpayers, Clarence Mac- Callum of Port Washington, sanitation engineer, pointed . out today. The bill estab ­ lishes the Board of Super ­ visors as a county sewer commission with authority to develop a $20,000,000 coun­ ty wide, sewerage and drain ­ age system. However, Mr. MacCallum explains, sewer districts cannot be establi-sh- cd unless the voters want them. \If tlie votera do not want a new Kower dlatrlct, they don ’ t have to have one\. Mr. MacCullum declared today. \The measure to simply an unbiased, impartial report of the most ecomloal and efficient method „ of sewerage dlspbsal poaslble for the ^ Bounty. ’ ’ gxplalna Set-Up \Eucli individual district, under this plan, would t>a separate, boUi financially and physically ’ ’ , he ex ­ plained. \The districts can be set up one at a time. A separate pro ­ cedure must be gone through for each dl.strlct. They can be estab ­ lished one at a time. If a district to cklabllshed, the' voters of that dis ­ trict only pay for It. There to no chance of work on the south side being charged to the north^slde. Each dtotrlot Is a separate entity.\ (Oonbinued on Page 8) was trcali'd at Uie scene of liie accident by Dr. C. L. Mcdd and taken lo Uhe hoaiiltal in the Man- hasSct-Liikcvllle Plrc Dc|)arttncnt ambiilimcc, Hc .reclvcd ’ u fruoUircd .skull and severe cuts and bruises a.boul U ic liody' and head 'j'hr Allcnii live Jn an iiparl- mcni on the second'^'oor''of the DcMai- building ’ Ht 141 Plandome Road , ' » Goys^ Recover Stolen Cap In Morning Chase F< ‘ <l< ‘ ration Ooiip I ’ o Tle<*l Al Drixer Believed To Have Entered Home in Rus* sell Gardens Mrs. Harry Naegeli Will Preside At Affair In Port Washington -Drama Department Of Woman^s Club Will Enter State Federation Contest Road,' well 'Truman, and Allison Park Choral Unit To Give Goneerl ‘ At Five O ’ clock ’ Selurt- ed By Popular Vole Of The Aiidieneeh Play Director There will be a benefit ..perform- Baritone Will As-, ance at 10 o ’ clock on Saturday Members Of The morning at Uie Great Neck Play- Group holise for the Red Cross flood re- ; lief fund. Arnold Chiiunouse man-' - BmepANM » ' ' ____ i ■ IliWUli lliifi i aa aarlll r\eA<tirl» all ( c.r.'Jx.TS'wSa'ro-i, the coming AL Oteat Neck Is Ui ’ B Hospit- recovering ager. announced today. A blanket, sweater, used or new serviceable clothing will serve as admission. “ The clothes must be wearabfe. ” Mr. Childhouse emphasized. “ No evening gowns or high-heel |lip- They*re not m'uch ,use in flood area. ” All egijtfibuUqns. and -funds' re- performance will be turned over to the American Red Cross ' On the program will be \Mrs. Wiggs of the ^bbage Patch\ with Pauline Lord. W. C. Fields and Zasu PltU; \Donket Baseball ” , a Pete Smith sports reel; \itootland .thm. Ife to ex- i the Bonnie* ’ , a Fltapatrlck travel ;h to return ( ogue; “ The 'fortolse and the Hare,\ Avenue -on J a Silly Symphony In color and 1 chapter -* Wlien the. curtains clo.sed after the first performance on ’ tucsdayi night of \Not in the EvidenGe\ ’ presented at Union Chapel by the The Choral Group of Oep)Sc$jBf/u .oX.Jhc. .W-fiffiAaX Club of Great Neck for the mainr .; tenance fund, we felt sure of our : Tote. -jhi DOT humble estthatlon the play was quite worthy of entry Inj the Drama contest of the New York ! State Federation. That i was before j we had seen “ At Five O ’ clock ” . Despite an outstanding perfor ­ mance by Mabelle Patterson In the lUfSt play ws had to changr. our j Park Woman's Clflb will ’ give a concert at 8;30 p, m. on April 3 at the Munsey Park Golf Cljib. Miss Nicola Thomas, noted vio ­ linist and William ^kwell, bari ­ tone. who has done considerable concert and operatic work, will be the guest artists. The group to under the direction mind. We voted for \At Five O ’ clock\ Carpenter to accompanist. Mrs. Edward Mlllea. chairman, , ______ ___ or members of the Choral will j The respective audiences evidently | two of \Plash Gordon. ’ ’ supply ttckiAs or infermsdlon. CLUB TO HBET The Manhasset Oardsn Club will meet on April a at Uie Wychwood Restaurant to Oraat Neck. Mrs Charles G. , Bohoto of UnlversHy Gardens to prestdent: • agreed and were sincere to the\wpr proval they registered by spontane­ ous applause, for a count of U}e votes af^r the third performance on Wednesday evening showed that 187 favpred \At rive OXHodl\ sr the plsy to be selected for entry to the fortheomliig state-wide contest Productions At Union Chapel For lVfuiiii 4 ’ ii- , unu 4 * F'uiid Selection of \At Five O ’ clock ’’ ., by Conrad Carter, an Engitoli author, and produced In Great Neck for the first time In tills country, to construed The Second Dlstrlci. Federated Garden Clubs of New York State. Inc.. Mrs. Harry C Nacgell of Plundonie. director, will hold Its .seml-enmial meeting and luncheon \011 — April 7 at the Manliasset Bay Yacht Club'lii Port Washington. A bushie.s.-i meeting will lake place at 11 a. m. when ]>lans und'sclied- ules ,for the Long Island Flower siicMv, to be held on May 2i and' 22 at Himllngton, will be dls- cus.wd. Luncheon will be served at I p m , Uie luncheor will serve as a welcome to the new State of ­ ficers of the FeUeratlon. The FoTTflgw Washington Garden Club, headed by Mr.s S A, Brown, and the Port Wlasliliig-ton Community Garden Club, Mrs J. F. Beatty, ^airipai). , will decorate the cluWiouse Mrs. 'Roy Lincoln of After a wild chasrt early on Monday morning along Northern Boulevard, two patrolmen of tlm 8th Precinct. Nassau County po ­ lice, recovered a stolen car near the Jayson' Avenue Intersection. It is believed that the driver, wlio jumped from the car and made Ills escape, had entered a home in Russell Gardens earlier , in the morntug and stolen a., small umoimt of cash. Charles Doble of 16 Llnfufd dous/ oM the MAX riGMAN M slips weae dropped to 4iaJba(lot bOMa, far “ Not In the Bvldencto ’ .-'■4^1*. be entertaining. The adj^lve \charming ’ ’ truly applies to dolly Jarbeau ’ s choract- : erlzatora of a demure, albeit aau ’ ey tntos of Colonial days, in billowing crlnollner - Lillian Tear was splendid to the role of a splnitar who neverthelaaa hgd ^t foiYOtton har own youth, - (Oontinilad on page 3) Plandome Woman ’ s Club will make ^rsages to be presented to the guests. Grual Neck Players t Postpone Prodiietion Ruuell Gardens, at 4:30 in. reiwrted to the 0th Precinct headquarters^ In Manhasset UiAt Ills car had been stolen from ij^sy premises a few minutes prevlo\| Patrolman Frank Lebch and bert Mahler started out In pur-\ suit. Nearing Russell Gardena they car appro«o|ilng at a ttOil rate of speed with'the license num ­ ber of the stolen oar. They turn ­ ed to,,.,^ursulL''' Evidently realizing tliat he hod been, recognised the driver swung into Jayson Ttvenue, leaped frrtm the 'car and eacapgd. 44Ai»-4lrt9«rMto-'SUf$a-4icl4iilUit-'^aik^ small tree a4 the side oL the road Loter'lh the morning fted Bcfti umsCher of 313 Olent Road, Rus ­ sell Gardens reported to the po­ lice Chat his home had been entiir- ed and money and other arttcM stolen. Oeteottves Charles Wesatr, Jo«||th Lincoln of Port Washington Murray. The former pjay has a ' i quaint.- rijther xitorworlil charm about It: It to beautifully written: . tender In plot and refreshingly dl'f- 1 ferent from the average modern play, whether It be one-act or three. Against the background of a truly maglflcent setting. wlUi 100 per Neck Plasters,' scheduled for the evenings of March 30 and 81 at Untdn Chapel, has been postponed until April 18 and 14. The original oast will continue rehearsals under. Qie direction of Clayton O dum ns. C W. t/'CIiub ’ \) Fuller of Plan- dome. ,who hae a lead role, was detained In Plt4abuigh by the flood and reheareatc were (Majrad. ’ ■ m TO HAVE rrm More than 180 merabere tt P' Aloyelpe Farleb B^at op WiiStKf ntog end 4liniM8< Pkm annual JNogk'R$jrt]i to Harvaet figlhNM OK Kf$. f till rth a tm aa ; ' \ “ .bi! ........

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