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•«#(M - m \ ^i ' ;i?^i prii^ MmiihASMt Mdl Hil i \1TT i KM A 11 MAnhaggot Mail' 1 ■ **the TaBc of H/l A l\l n Im W h I H/l A 11 *4ha Tab of ^ -- MmnhAMet** lYl/\ii ri/\i3i31!i 1 IYI xa II a Manhaaaer VOL. 1 —NO. 22 MANHASSET, NASSAU COUNTY, N. Y., FRIDAY. DECEMBER' 2, 1927 • ■ - ^ ' PRICE FIVE C»rrs 5 ALLJDFROSLYNIS I BEHDiDMOYEiFORI GARBA^MSTRIGT Town Board Votes io I^efe^ • Matter to Counsel! to Draw Petition I The Vaiage of Roslyn,! heretofore without a garbage district, will have one as soon as a petition peeking the approval of the taxpayers and the Town Board of North Heiapstead can be dra^n np, judging ijromi senla- ment expressed Monday 4t a public hearing on the questiojn at the Board ’ s regular meeting. | Virtually the entire vQlage is behind the project to give Rualyn la garbage disposal plant and lekdiiig merchants and bankers at the Board meeting said they felt tjhat nearW every taxpayer would sigp the peti ­ tion. L I ' The move was first givjen impetus by the Exchange Club bf Roslyh, which appointed a committee consist ­ ing of H. M. White, coal dealer, chairman; C. E. Nichols,, and A. S. Lerman, vice president <tf the Ex ­ change Cinb. to push the mattel The public bearing was ; called, Eddie, the Chef Picks Dky OfF to ' Do So^ Cooking which there was no dissenting voi^ and th« Town Board ihim^iately ^ voted to' refer the matte^ to Town I counsel gnd the counsel f^r the pro ­ posed district for. the drawing up of the proper petition. Further actiejn on the matter will probab^ be takem at the next meeting of the Board, December 12. ', . Tax Jncreaae la S^ght I In connection with the piatter Al ­ bert Brown, of the Port '^akhingtem Garbage Conuaissiou w^ present and said that the Port Washingun garbage disposal plant had given im- meaaiuable satiriteetioB. He said that before the plant wm built J3 years ago tbs Port Waidnngton tax for the removal of garbage 'was 42 cents per $100 of assessed property valuation. With the idant the tax -was only 8 cents higher, pe said. I Mr. Brown said the p^nt would dispose of 45 tons of garbage in M hours, that it cost $60,00() and that the cost was being absorbed at tM rate of $7,000 per year.! He sim this plant wonld take care of tM Port Washington garbage .qnestidn for the next 16 years. J.j A. Penny, - --- *--- - * -- T ' OwMS^ls contractor, and Edward JJ Smith, tbs Tax Receiver ’ s ofiBoe, both Roslyn, also spoke in falror of tlm project. [ The Board anonneed thi^ the petp- tien of Mineola to aiuiex new terri ­ tory to the present village of Min- ebla wonld come up at the next meet- infir* * 1 . Wants Road Crosshig' I August Flamman, of Ufeat Neck, appealed to the Board tO ' do ^ its power to bring a^nt 'tlie elimin ­ ation of the Middle Neck Road rM- road crossing at Great Neck Station with all possible haste. The Port Washington Taxpayets Association took occasion In a letter to praise the work of the present police personnel there and ; urged the Board to continue the incumbent po ­ lice commission in oflSce. The com­ mission is composed of Richard S. Bohn, Clarence MacCollnm and Le Roy Barton. Mr. Barton, at the same time, safamitted a Ihtter, ten- * dering his resigndtion ^ press of pwsonal duties. -The ques ­ tion of continuing the pnjsent com­ mission and of accepting ‘ Mr. Bar ­ ton ’ s resignation wue talAsn untler advisement by the Board. . The foUowing papers, thp Manhas- set Mail, The Roslyn Newsi The Port Washington News, The Nofth Hemp ­ stead RMord and the Nassau Week ­ lies were approved by tbs. Boud as official papers for tba publication of the annual tax notices. ATOroval of these newspapers was souiht by Re ­ ceiver Of Taxes Charles Snsdeker. It was voted to rrimbaiM Justice WesterveH, of Roslyn lor to ex- in colmection 'with gttttidanoe in November at the Ma^ trate ’ s conference at Pou^skeepaie. , PLUMBING CONTRACT IS AWARDED MARTIN John Martin, proprieto of tha Msnhssafit Plumbing and Heanng Cmpany, vraa awarded the »uh»«t this wusk far aoaiqplate pbnabto aau flMtuMB far Ava ef tha udw being built by tha Baaaet Bhtoy pmtioB in tba asw .Mtoiey V dasa lcpie at . Tba. w^ak wffl ta abmit f$,$0Q ^**^ ■^'»*>* ^ Vassal. Thm win ka SSjkonse^ Sa d ave le pas e kt aKofai^. The Heaafag Corporatlesi. agm for the Baaaat Realty Oeeponetk*. Of coarse everyone 'knows the old gag about the mail car ­ rier who could find nothing better to do on his day off than take a long walk. Mnch the same sort of thing was done on Thanksgiving day by Eddie Bartlett, descendant eff one of the signers of the Dec­ laration of Independence, and chef at the Lnnch Wagon. After cooking a 30 ponnd turkey that won the warm ap ­ proval of Fontaine Fox at the Lunch Wagon, ’ E^ie went to his lodgings *(to use an old English expression) and began on another one. Assisted by Ethel Martin, diarming wife of Johnny Mar ­ tin, the new plumber, Eddie served up a bird that was a duplicate of his lunch wagon effort. Those who enjoyed tiiis were ^Mr. and Mrs. Frank Large, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thorpe, Francis and Robert Thorpe, Jake Stey, Frands CFat) Stey, Bud Large, Joe Dietx and last, but not least, in addition to Eddie himself, Frank Leach, the handsome po­ lice officer, who was off duty. Frank took bit coat off and stood on no ceremony. Fontaine -Fox ate his noon ­ day Thanksgiving dinner at the Lnnch Wagon because he was so busy drawing pictures of the village half-wit and the power ­ ful Katrina all day that he couldn ’ t go home to his regular dinner until the evening; LOCAL EXCHANGITES AT ROSLYN DINNER Daniel O ’ Connell, secretary of the Exchange Club of Manhasset, and Donald Couper, publisher and owner of the Manhasset Mail, were ^ests Monday night in Roslyn of the Rbt- lyn Exchange Clnb at the club ’ s reg ­ ular dinner.^ Arthur J. Westermayr, member of-the Roslyn*clnb and an expert lecturer will give an illustrat ­ ed lecture under the auspices of the Club in the Roslyn High School Audi ­ torium on Monday night, December 12 . Mr. Westermayris subject will probab^ be Venice pud Italy. It is expected that many Manhasset peo ­ ple will want to attend the lecture. They may obtain tickets which will be 60 cents each from Daniel O ’ Con ­ nell, of Manhasset. The Roslyn members were invited to attend the dance of the Manhasset Exchange Clnb at' DuTMds on Saturday night, December 17. GAS REDUCTION RATE IS SOUGHT BY CmC GROUP Decrease Has Already Been Granted ; for Floral Park Effective January i MARGUERITE ITALYAREZ, STAR OF , 0 PERA TO SING IN PDRTy DEC 8 MANY NOVEL XMAS GIFTS OFFERED BY MANHASSET SHOPS Peruvian Contralto Will Be Attraction for Third of Concert Series ) ^ , set Christmas shoppers ipay be found The Execufave Committee of the following aritcle contributed by Manhasset Civic Association met last Mnch food for thonght|for Manhas- < IS WIDELY POPULAR Monday night: It was announced that the Long Island Lighting Com­ pany owners of the Public Service Corporation of Long Island, bad granted a reduction ^ gas rates in Floral Park, from $1.95 to $1.75 per 1000, effective January 1, with a promise of a further reduction to probably $L3S per 1000 as soon as a new gas main could be installed. It was decided that the Manhasset Civie Association hi conjunction- w ith the United Civic Associatons of North Hempstead, shonld redouble their efforts to secure a similar re ­ duction for the entire township of North Hempstead. J. B. O ’ Cosinell reported that ..the petition for the instsillation of orna ­ mental lights on the widened part of Plandome Road had been presented to the Town Board who deferred ac ­ tion on same pending further signa ­ tures to the petition w^iich the Com ­ mittee is now endeavoring to secure. Mr. Vanderbeek reported that Mr. Mullon, of ^e Town Board, hsri in ­ structed thd Lighting Company to install immediately 7 lights on Bay Driveway, 4 lights on Plandome Conrt and 4> lights on Park Ave. It was decid^ to request Mr. Koh ­ ler, Town Commissioner of- High ways, to erect signs at the comers of Dennis St., School St. ana Plan- dome Road, indicating that they were dead end streets so that they would not be impeded by through-going traffic. Because of its present extremely narrow condition and its. probablg fu ­ ture impo^nM as a thoronghfw ’ e, it was derided to consider the ques ­ tion of widening Manhasset Avenue with as little expense as oossible._ TTie poor condition of Bay Drive ­ way and Plandome Court was gi^n serious consideration, the opinion being that every infiuence should be brought to bear on Mr. Kohler, To'wn Commissioner, to include the recon ­ struction of these two roads in next year ’ s budget. The question of snow removal was reviewed but laid over for further eonsideratioa at the next meeting. George Smith, of the Board of ■Water Commissioners, appeared at the meeting to outline the $155,000 expenditure for which an issue of bonds is to \be voted upon on Decem ­ ber 16. Mr. Smith disclosed further information of the Water Depart ­ ment and the efficient service ren=' dei^ throughout the large area inv eluded in the Lakeville-Manhasset water district. Inj conclusion, Mr. Smith made an imprntant suggestion to the effect that a certain area ly ­ ing south of the pumping station be­ tween Shore Road and the water- ‘ -»i Valley Boasts a Police Booth K=>k K=>*. **^^7 K=>« Material and Labor Donated By Joseph M. (Doe) PladotU •THE Pride of the Valley — 1 This is the name given to the elaasy Police Booth just ecected in Mqnhasset Valley. And the name is most appropriate in more than one respect. Firstly, it it a little stmetare of which even Great Neck, with Hs nice .homes and nieer people, wonld be prood to own. Secondly, practically every one in tto sm - , tion helped personally in Ha actual construction, while some of the few who could not,spare the time, helped wHh money end materiaL everybody helped willingly and gladly in one way - or aaother, and 'we are justly and ' rightfully proud that thnre am no sladcers in evr community.. Coneequently and therefore, the name Pride of the Valley is am ­ ply justifitsL FwtiM Benefit of ^ Manhas* set Hm rsei dents, who are even now dying to knoiw to whom be ­ longs tifa credH for the whole thhag, a fact finding committee was duly appointad and repocto thudy: ‘ O b the last two year aeena af Bsen have agitated the <pma- tten of a nguar Polke BsM far tits VaDey aectiou, k«t wHk indifferent success. At the end of these two years someone got a bright idea, namely to pr^de a booth if the County furnished tile 'wherewithal to fill same. It proved a very fortunate idea this,, and from that date on tilings began to hum. The first task was to find a dollar a year man, and saddle him with all the TCsponsibility. After a brief sea^ Mr. Harry Schneider was anwinted on nothing a year, wl^ Miehael Jaffe agreed to famish the land for the same consideration. It was an ans- pirions beginning and things went along just fine with Harry doing most of the work and ev ­ erybody satisfied thereby.” Thns the eeld, matter of fact report of tise fact finding com­ mittee. But not so with the pnb- lie spirited eitixens of the Val ­ ley who wish to acknowledge p^liriy the generoeity of me ManhaMet Lumber Yard wbo gave most of the material gratis, free for nothing, Ed. MiBer of Mitchell Ayen donated the sheeting beards, aad Adam Mat- AewaU who co ntri buted the at- tr act i ve staecoiag. _ Kud of part 1. 1^ 2 'win foL lew after the oAcial dedication of the boo^ one of them who has ; made many shopping comparisons this season: “ As we watch the iired faces of the women residents of -Man- hasset, returning from a long, hard day of shopping in New York, we wonder if they have tried all the 'various - shops in their own towm wher* so ‘ many attractive Christmas 'Gifts are now on display. “ Practically every store in our town has apecial stocks for the ■ holidays, carefully selected for beauty, usefulness an^ the joy of the kiddies. Gay 'wmping pa ­ pers and Christmas seus are to be found in several of ibe shops. Both of the gift shops! carry oc ­ casional pieces of smiBll furni ­ ture, lovely -waste baijkets, pot ­ tery, lamps, book ends; fasrinat- ing hook^ rugs to ss^ nothing of a great variety df smaller gifts. “Writing paper in novel pack ­ ages, perfumes in love|y bottles, k^aks, sweaters for |tbe little ones or for Father kre to be found in some of the other shops. T o 3 T s of all sorts and prices are displayed in many of ' the win ­ dows. 'What could idease the busy housekeeper mode than a lovely covered casserold dish? “ The population of |(anhas.*ct is not large but the j^ops are here, and Manhasset id growing. Help the shop keeper^ of your own town by bn^ngj out here -whenever it is possible.! At least look before yon go td the ci^y again for a long tiring'day. ” Talented Artist . ,Has Had Extensive Musical Career Since Childhood front .could easily be made available as a playground and recreation park. This suggestion was favlorably con­ sidered and referred, to Mr. Mason, as Park Commissioner, for fnrhter investigation. ' OWNERS SEE MAPS ON ROAD WIDENING Property owners of N^h Hemp ­ stead Turnpike called at 'the office of County Attorney McKni^t in Min ­ eola Tuesday to look at maps for the propos^ widening I of North Hempstead Turnpike tiujough Man ­ hasset. Among those wj&o went were: S. M. Powell, A. Van Nc strand, Jr., Clarry Smith, Martin P. , O ’ Leary, Martin Sriienck, Father; Dnnnigan, Miss Florence Hehn, Hriu ’ y Obst, Owen and Martin P. Kennedy, Mrs. William Miller. S. H. Vanlerbeek. Capt. Frederick Rnssell, Peter Spad Nobody of the international con ­ cert stage has attracted so much at ­ tention daring the pash year ia both Europe and America as Marguerite D'Alvares, the opera contrkho, wbo win give the third necHal of the Port Washington Cencert Series on December 8. D ’ Alvurex is a “ personsdHy. ” Al ­ ready kne-wn' te thousands for her matchless interpretations of Carmen and Delilah, she has won new fame dnring the past year for her staunch and fearless advocacy of modem American music. She is a Peruvian, wbo was bom at Liverpool, educated in Belgium, and became American by adoption. As the daughter of the Pem-rian Minister to England, she enjoyed the benefits of an aristocratic ancestry and an early-shtistic envfromnent, to ­ gether with the educational and cul ­ tural opportunities of the European courts. On her mother ’ s side she has the traditional nobility of the Incsm in her blood. Her grandmother was the last Inca princess of Pern, and the first Peravian battleship was paid for -wHh her mother ’ s peorts. It was pure chance that emharked D ’ Ahrarez upon an artistic career. The story has been well told by a Writer in the London Times: “ When D ’ Alvarez was about 16 year^ oM, the Columbian Ambassador at Lon ­ don, who was her godfather, ga-ve a reception, for which he engaged the services of a noted singer. A dense fog prevented the singer's appear ­ ance, so Margoarite offered to take the singer ’ s place and gave the auffi- ence a group, of okt Spanish songs, with the result that she immediate ­ ly became t^ rage, and mnch to the dismay of her parents, declared she would follow the career ef mask. Before her parents wonld couacat, they hmisted that she attend the Brussels Casuieivatory of-Music .and win three honors. This she accom- sHk. Harry Schneider, Michael Jaffe, P. D. Lockhart, Joe Tersi, Anthony Plgnatello, Mrs. J. -H. Brown, Mrs. Delia Egan and Mrs. K. gan M McKqii- SEEK FEDERAL AID FOR L. I. WAT^WAYS An energetic movement to secure government aid for the improvement of important Long Island! waterways has b^n inangurated by the Commit ­ tee on Ports and Waterways of the Leng Island Chamber ofi Commerce. A bill already before the' Rivers and Harbors..,Committee of tire House of Representativee is looked i upon as an entering wedge for Congerssional aid to Long Islud. Tto propoees the improvement and protection against damage of East Rockariray (Deba) Iidet and Jones Inlet. Both of these inlets an considered of; great im ­ portance as gateways to Great Sooth Bay and its tributaries. NEW FORD CAR DISPLAY IN PORT ’ The new Ford car, which is expect ­ ed to startle the antompbile worid, will be on display in the! salesrooms of Jones A Jones, Port jWashington agents, 6 Haven Avenue; Complete details about the new ^ may be had by calling today, W|d*y* Pert agents, who Imve m a de exten ­ sive plans to dislcfbufa the cars vfldtiy thronghont tto aeletioo of the Neith Shore. Advance pbowiaff of ilhn^tkms of the new W hunrata tiiat te new Ford wffl tito Ha place wHll the most beautiful automobiles of te day. ! pUshOfd so easily that she fimshed the ' five year course in three years, win ­ ning the prised medsl for highest ef ­ ficiency, which carried 'wHh H an ap ­ pointment as court singer to the King of Belgium. D ’ Alvareq waa the tot woman ac ­ corded the privilege oif gi-ving a re ­ cital in Westminister Abbey. Her first appearance in America waa > w'ith Oscar Hammerstein ’ s Manhat ­ tan Opera and ia 1921 she Was heard [ for the first time with the Chicago Opera Company. A few tickets are stiD pn sale for this concert. AH conunonicationa should be fddressed to Alan D. Por ­ ter, repreeentative of Bedteni A Maefarlane, Inc., 22. Locust Ave., Port Waslungtou. DEATH IN FAMILY halts healy debut , Owing to the sudden death of his unde in Flushing last Saturday, Jerry Healy, auuaager ef te Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Company's Manhasset store, was nnato to ap ­ pear as the feature attraction at an entertainment hi te Parisii Hall ot St. Mary ’ s Roman Cathebc Church last Saturday night. Sccres of per ­ sons who came to he peee cnt at Mr. Healy ’ s debut as a vocalist in Man ­ hasset were forced to return to their homes disappointed. Mr. Healy saag in Roslyn a few weeks ago, reectring extremely fgv- oraUe prees notieee, and Us **~~^~* set appeoraaee, wU^ he wag farced to caneel, waa looked forward eagerly. Mr. Healy wQl prehaMy sing to local aodiences.>in te near fotare. __ V., -I L J

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