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Manhasset mail. (Manhasset, N.Y.) 1927-1986, October 07, 1927, Image 8

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Tncadar I CStfkRagMd Supervisor By Danocratk Party Pelcher, Dan O'Connell and O'Brien of Manhasset, Get Other Nominations. J^ohn B. GaiUr, of Gw*t Neck, Ee- of^Texe* eererel yeerr ago ■ of the (heat Ned^ on, was AOBuaated hi! Town Committeemen ^BnOding, in Xineoia, :^the ^ee of Soper- Cor- cominc dec- Gilliar ie e coOCcactor and boOdl^a For »a office of Town Clezk, Henry B of Port Waddngton, wae churn aiSim Democratic candi- llr.R>ce^M^«a*»0. rerthe office two year* ago by -Town Clerk WiUiam M. Mnllon. Three Manhaaset men were nom ­ inated for variooi officea. They are Frank A. Pekher, who will mn for the office of Recety waaf Taxee. Dan- M O'Ceand, who rdH|Bn for As^ -aor f(W the four year term and Vin ­ cent OBrien who will mn for Con- nB^ .. . Alexander Stmnaeh, Grei^ Neck, and Thomaa B. DOlon, Wm»ton Park,- w«e HOBuhated for Jaatice of the Peace; John P. Shade, Mrneoia, for the taro-year term Aaeeaoonihip; John J. Dowlin, Carle Placd, and Mrs. Catherine Hatchings, Port Waahington. for Overeeets of the Poor: Abram Parber, New Hyde, Park, AmeHa HUer, Floral Park and George A. Sbeehan, litde Neck, for Andiiors; Mrs.-Mary G. West, Port Wadiimrton, and Mrs. Eva Fortune, WilUston Park, for Trustee of the Jeaes ’ Pond; Mrs, Margaret.R. Marsh Mineola, for School Director and, in additSn to Mr. OBrien, for Con ­ stable. the following: Prank Palmeif, noral Park, George S. Powell, Min ­ eola. and Hebert Peal, Jr„ of Roslyn. The meeting was presided over by Town Chsirman Albert Marzo, Port Washington. -.The delegatee from Ifsnhaiit Were Daniel O’ Connell and John C. Hehn. from District No. 1, and Martin P. O ’ Leary and Dick Allan from No. 17. ^ENGINEERING LIKED BY SENIOR eXASSj The Jbllowhig was contriboted to the High School pablieation, “ ^e Cnb Reporter ” , by Jack Ruggiero, Senior and football star: “ In the graduating clam of ’ 27 boys were Scarce. The few wfad be ­ longed to the class are going on to •fuiSier their education. Engineer ­ ing took a stran^ehold on most of the graduating boys. John Maddaus is entering Hope CoUege, which ^ situated in the West srfaere men are * supposed te be men. There he hopes to become an electrical en^neer. If John goes out and uses ^e same spirit in the engineering game'which hie used in'most of the football games there seems to be no reason why ^ -some d*y he can ’ t be a known engineen. “ Nat Bkown, .who is* known to Borne 'of his — '* ’ school (hums • Cornell, where he also has visions | of being an engineer of the chemical < nature. 'We don% know much about Nat in s^rts, but if to be.a chemical engineer one 'needs fast, deep and accurate thinking ability, why then it. shouldn't be a st r uggle for Nat Brown to accomplish just thd^. “ E^dgar Fenrich is idso bent olrwn etlgine^ng career. Civil engineer ­ ing Is Edgar ’ s game. He seems.^'to want to clesgr to nature. Fi'oba- bly this is so because he has lived in the woods most of his life. “ WeH.'^here ’ s good luck add more power to onr trio of engineers. Let ’ s hope tiiat some dsy tiiey set the w world sSre with their works. ” HIGH SCHO^ NOTES b onr Bbraci^nfiai Fsansr has staiisd a stanqi eoUspIlMt. If any ­ one has any fomicB mww * h* wishes to fire or exchaijge, pleiiM ass Miss Fenner. As Chsries Kieeel wns going home from school on WednsMsy after- ndon he tripped on a tdeee of tin and cut two arteriee in his right srr A He wns driven to the doet^s by Mr. llbbets and had to have four stitches taken. ^ The Cafeteria opened Monday, September 26, 1927. It is in char^ of lbs. Willed who is having quite a rush. Sffie is having an awage of sixty pupils each day, which is much better than last year. Those who have no other way of getting to out of town games need not worry. We learned room the re ­ port givm, out by Dorothy Chester that the same bos that went to Ocean- side wiBtake paasei^Ms to all out of town games. This nus cost |16, $f of which was paid by the A, A. and flO by the pu]^ Wa are pleased to state, and pupQa will be glad to learn that Mbs Grant and Mr. every.tr^ The civics class of tha ninth ende have organised and elected 4b lowing officers: rrialdeiit — Chariee Walker. Sdferetary — Ruth Chadwick. Comaaittee — Anthony Ma rseeove- tere, Margaret ComeekL Af p r ea e nt they are studying good cititwruhip. They are active citixene by rais ­ ing fl ea^ for the benefit of 'be Nassau County Hospital They have Filled eboiit nelf of the allott^ raBi wJxtmdj, - j Cuiiine an4;S»fvice of pnaurpaasinf &c*ll«ikc« ' b offer^ yiu at Frank Dc^Ie*$ Jericho Hotel Jerich*. Oa tk* Jaricho Ta r agi k s sad Oyster Bay Bead g* kfiaatae l^aai M s ah assa * . ; I • Pheaet HlehwOIe 36 V ^ ^ ; . i. BANQUETS AllD SPECIAL PARTIES CATERED TO. aUaa. tfod|ra A Airy Rs ^s m , by Day ar Wash. 0» 000 000 0 d0c09 0 0-9 00 0 ^ 0< ^ Beacon Dine At HIE BANK DINER (Maabaseat's Laaek Wagaa) PLANDOm ROAD, MANHASSET SPECIAL CHICKEN DINNER Evary Wadassdsy. — OUR MENU IS VARIED ------- 10 D i gs r a a t S p a cisW Dailyl Eacallaat Faod - > S4 Haar Sarvica Plaasaat Atamephara ^Do You Intend to Send - Your Child to College? If sa Start Prapariag Early — Whaa tha Child is Yoaac. IHE METROPOLITAN LIFE IN ­ SURANCE CO., Has Placad Upea tha Marhat a Spacially PrapaPid Child ’ s Edacatiaaal Fo^ Policy far Spaeifiad Aiaaaats to Gaaraaty CoUago Evpenditaras, Wh s b sr tha Paraat Livas ar Dias. ^ JOHN W. RIVERS Rapi a s a atati va 27 THIRD AYE.. PORT WASHINGTON. L. 1. Phoaai Pt. Wash, 1036 ' isbo , SEATS HAVE BEEN ALLOTTED JQR IMMEDIATE SALE ..A ^sed-to-'WBs ’ fellow ‘ Flee, ’ « goii^ to | See NEW YORK WORLD And the SATURDAY EVENING POST ^ For ‘ PARTICULARS Of the GREAT NATION WIDE SALE OCT. 7th-15th I At Wright Hardware MANHASSETS . WINCHESTER .. STORE .M'i' ^ '.r ^ CARRY , T¥k MESSAGE! ,i. i I, CARRY THE message ..'i THE BEACON TH^TRE I BeOview & Main St. l Port W^Wngton Announces Its GsJa Opening P^ormance Saturday Evening ! bit.iis i -.1 •~7' I ' ■ ■ i \ All seats are reserved b O ynow L !v i i ■Mi ow Tor _ Announcing the Opiening of the MURIEL E. BATES ^ @cl?nnl nf G^afiHtr Tuesday. Octedfer 4th, 1927 in the Dutch Rriormed Parish Hall Plandome Road Qesses non enroiling. Private instruction by appoindhent. Phone Manhasset 568 or Freeport 2 1%-M Yoiir H)dcdti(>fil r - “ pOR residents of Long ^sland, busy ha^«t days J? are over. Time now\ fpf rest and relaxadtki, - Whether you . are going hbrdb, sou^h or west, you secure tickets ^and Pttl^inan rcscrvatioiis and riieck your baggage thro^i^h ’ ^ destination, at youK local Long Jsland Railroad I station. Your station agedt is thoroii^ly informed regarding all trains and connections and will be glad to hdp_ you plan your ^vacation trip. . '-t. LONG ISLAND RABLROAD , >. H. WOODWARD, js ( Q m t e m l 9 imtmgtr'o^giml Peonsylvpaia Station New 'Vorfi Cky '.-J- Thrc'*/' mov* TW**B m * j ( hH«#o mul lha TI m * Yaikst ’ k. f lii m, r«-.fludSt- ’ DcrucaaA,: ^ -.t -.■ ...'J. . M J. ml .-'-If m ■t- Judd

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