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H. S. BEAT$ OCEANSIDE 39-6 HMum 6 mm Forward Passing of Jack Ruggiero Plays A lEVom- inent Part In Victoijy. START SCORING EARLY Six Men Play Throi^hout « Contest; H|cksyillei Here Saturday. literally mnniac Uieir racsed, the Manhaaaet High j football teaaa nshere^ in the football Mgaon aospi^aaljl Satur ­ day by burying Oceanai^e nnder a score of 89 to 6. Des{dte tbs fact that sun beat down on the through the tussle went down since 18M, and one on hrhkh a plunge in a cool pTO^ would hare hem (preferable. Ae local pUyeite did not let the heit deter thhm an^ in fact, six \f ffiem playeJ through the entire'contaat. They won ^ game but they loat weight, sen^ pounds of it It w no more fo«itbaIl weather than a blls- Esrd would-be for horse dwe pitch ­ ing in jnarid^ The tempwatuw pi^yen aU day which ussle on w oay wnu the hot^ October hung aVa point between 86 land 90 througl^nt the afternoon. ; What ^ne was the name of the other / was irt — - ----------------- sehuol; a name that suegesp cod- n^a, sea breexes and all that sort ofoiing. i Forward Passing Exedf. Msnhstiif scored almost jat will and found rery»little in the Idefense of Oceanside to upset almost an; plan of bsdtle that was i TTiey got-away with line racking, forward passes and other featugM of the open game. No account of the gngse would be complete without refhrence to the work of Jack Rug ­ giero, one of the trinmrente of Koghieros. ell of whom arte stars f nr~ MenhasBfrt | Jiack nut through every forward pass that he started. This, ig itself, M anusual bat, eccewding to Coach Frssiklin, Buggiero has yet to miss having one of his forward passes completed in the last two years. His passes don ’ t carry'so moch distance bat they ane accurate. Next Satnrday Hieksvilte. The local touchdowns were made by Prewein (2), Wagner (2K Mum ­ mer and William Riuniero. Manhas- set broke loose in the first quarter and scored. 19 points. Mummer ’ s catching of a foniiard pass sjnd rac ­ ing hxiv way dowg the fields result ­ ing in the first score. The six men who -«layed tlnrongh- out the entire garde were Jjaekaon, (Sheik) Bwty, Mummer, Jsjek and William knggiero and WagneT. E took of a f^ pounds from bis and looked more than ever the shefle as be paraded the streets Satnrday night in his new form-fitting dotbae. Next Saturday bfanhaaset will plav Hicfcsvflle ad Manhasset. The loeal linenp and thd score foUpwi: Manhasset; Prewein, L.Ei; Roy L ’ Honuniodien, L.T.; Hiekok, L.G.; Jackson, C4 Mike Rnggiero. R.G.; Hasty, R.T.; Mummer, R.EJ* Jack Ruggiero, Q.B.; Wm. Ruggiero, L.H.; StaMer, R.H.; and Wagner, P.B. iSnbstitntionsivMareecovetere, Top ­ per, Knahay, Jablonaki, Cameron, Brown. Score by qnartera — 1st 2ndSrd 4th Manhasset — 19 7 0 18 — 89 Oceanside — 0 6 0 0 — 6 Summary — touchdowns, FreWein (2> Mummer, Wagner (2), William Ruggiero. Sicked goals. William Rnggiero (1), Jgek RugiMrcl (2). Tries to - Make New Reesrd tnmseontiaeatal iMcMto of Kerch A mecWa . «r. Wagner, has slut. gi « Ms WM trip -------- VhMod Mates in sa teaak hU awn recor ■Msa te M days Wsgasr laft Newport Bay. bsa ^gslaa. and will Msnli, Affaoaa, New tMUteid^ Ksates, MBaouri. DB- Mte tedteas. <Ni)a. Wsat iTte- ^tet^ PdBBsylvaala aad |tesr te av si ' s g s : 1 i < ■ ij iaiiBd aw i Mi i B d M t id l U MB EASYIMH IMR Btf SDN HOPPY Wnn^OM P AT JAP Willisai. P. BILLIARDS luppe had an easy -^Unrey Mstsoyams in bOlisrd mateh time defi their 18.1 vHrich after a weak ’ s pl» in Brool final •eorg was &>ppe, 8,600; Mat- snyami^'T,680. Hoi^ was in rare form ijl wedt end bed things his own dray tfarodghont the entire string. j, last Satnrday nh^ ^ in Brooklyn, 'nie &>ppe, 8,600; VDlAltfiNbY A pick - upb A Tsperear itfU ^en riiowlng ssaae speedy werk do the base lines of late. • • • Laky, ^tdier for the Cblcsgo Na- tloaals in 1890, made a record e( 80 rietoriee. John McGinnis, utility pUyer, eras ealeased oatrigfat by the Wldiltn Weatem League rinb. • • • It costs anywhere from |8 to $20 lOr an ortificisl snnsblne tre a tme n t or 60. eeeti for a eenterfleld seat • • • EUoa Langford, star fleldar of the Das Moines Western Leagne dub. has been seld to the Cleveland Amerfcana Bunt OsrroU of the Tjiar county (Tnas) AH Stars, baa struck out from 18 te 15 batters In ewy game so far this Archie OampbdL right-handed pitcher ef the Wichita dub of the Waatwa league, has hgeu sold ta the New Terk Tankees. • V • OatdMV A1 Spohrer has bean ssld te the New. Torfc Nstlonala by the tyukesbarre team of the New Toefe Pennsylvania league. • • • Tbe Tankees have made most ef thahr p rogr sse agalzau St. LMte-abd Beaton' d^s whidi have been es- tremdy poor agatest tbe leagne lead- ara A flgikar Earned Weenia Sweeney waa knocked dawn 83 timee In a 10- mand bout te Georgia, but waa aHU standing f/t tba and ef the fight • • • Praaldent Prank Gaidar of tha Na- ttenal Hecksy leagne dedaiea that thwa might be a change tn ownerablp ef the PUtabnr^ Plrataa next winter. ova The Kngilte sporta girl af 1907 is wearing pants. Tha athletically ta- eilned laimsa hava praeUeally ananl- Hionaly agranii on trouaer u px ^octs Parcy Wails is the captain ad tba Texas State rifle team, and kla aoa, Hanaal P. Wdls, atate long range Aamphm, is also a member af tba team. • • • Howard Maier. a star athlata oC FhU- Upa-Exster academy, recently afoetad the moat valaable athlete, wiU, it te reported, enter Syracuse uaivteaftj te the fan. _ * • WHtS GiUbND AMERKAir Otte M w ri te. foroMcly a taMhitl pittte hut BOW rattrad Bern thh gate^ wau tha te gh te t hteo ri te trapahoec- ing in tha Gcaud AMarteau MW at Daytau. OUo. What IVawlin ’ a vietary tha waa tha Met Chat ha wau allar tMteC part Br mtf «ua otharOcaad tteatl Ba la a Maobasset Roots CoOege Pbint h Fast Game, 9 to 4 Victory Avenges Defeat of 2 Weeks Ago; Tyson Stars at Bat ^ The Manhaaaet Indians avenged themselves for tba whole aaaaon Sun ­ day, when they took CoBaga Point into camp 9 to C This team'was the one that was here two Sundays ago and took tha local boys on a 16. to 2 baggy ride. Sunday ’ s victory iwped all this oat and showed Col­ lie Point where tn head in. Out of juatica to Masihaaaet it Should be explained that they did not have their'regular Uneap when they loat to (Allege Point, whereas Sun ­ day they preaented Aair full array of hoavy hitters and snappy fieldera. And in apita of the fact that they made nine errora tha game was not as loose as this would suggest Tom Verity hsMl that deceptive ly and College Point couldn ’ t get bold of the ball when, hita counted. Tyson starred at hat for Manhasset .with two doubles. As was the case a week ago there were five 'Reslyn players in the local lineup and this batti^ order will continue for the remainder of the season. \Hal ” Roacb^ centerfielder, almost got run over'by an anto when he went after a Bne drive headed for School street Roach held out his brad but the onto drCvar apparently didn ’ t see him . If tthis eontinnea much more MsM«er Clany Webb is t hiakin g of putting' a tralBc li^t up where eenterfield and School street meet On one eecasioa Roach spiked a dog while running iato the street but he waa afraid to try this on the auto. M a n ager Webb with his fam ­ ily and with Malcolm Mdnnea and family was away oa a thrae-day trip to EUlenaville, ‘ N. Y,, but returned in time to see the hst.few innings of the tl- 5 ---- 1 ----- - Coiqiaiiy No. 3 k Agam Fimier In ; Fire Tonrnament Ci^t. Smith ’ s Boys Take First Place With Score of 21 Points. For the aqcoad successive time in two years Company No. 8 of tbe Manhasaet-LakevUle Fire Depart ­ ment carried away premier honors last Saturday in the annual touma- ment in which the four tompaniea of the department compete. And as was the cAse a year ago Company No. S won by one point. The score this year was Compapy No. 3, 21; Company No. 1. 20; No. 8, 10 and No. 4, 8 points. The winning team ia Captained by Harold W. Smith,- who is also P6st- mastar of Great Neck and thp mem- bera, in addition to Mr. Smiih, are: C. E. Van Dine, J. Bens, J. Zelasky, C. kelly, A. Podsupka and C. Dan- i ete ______________ Warm summer' w^dher prevailed wbeh tiM firemen, met to dsimde who was to be the owner of the Water i(knamiaBioner bauMome point trophy for another year. This itoint trophy donated by the Commiasioners test year to the fire department is to he- eonm the property of the company winning the most points at the toom- ament amoim the four companies each year. Tfaia is now the second year Company No. 3 h0 .won this cap, and if they can win R in 1928 it will become their propmty perman ­ ently. A goodly crowd was gathered to witness this annual affair of the loc ­ al firement. The contest were judged by Cutaia Herbert R. Nhie- sling of the Alert Fire Compeay of Great Neck, Elmer S. Nine^iig ef Great Neck aetiag as starter. JoW The time 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd resolts of the coateate and tha iraa as foOowa: — Dry Hoee Csa ft Go. 2 Tuae 84 3-6 see. 6 pta. Co. 1 ^me 86 sec. 8 pte. Co. 1 Time 36 8-6 asc. 1 pC Wet H« m Ceuteet Ce. 1 Time 36 4-6 sec. 6 pta Co. 3 Time 38 3-6 sec. 3 pta Co. 2 Time 41 see. 1 pt Twe Stream Ceistaat Co. 3 TiuM 48 2-6 sec. 5 pte. Co. 1 Time 62 sec. 3 pta Co. 1 Time 60 3-6 sec. 1 pL Siamese Ceutast iCo.3 Time 48 aec. 5 pta Co. 1 Time 63 aec. ' 3 pta Co. 2 Time sec. l^t. EBcieaey Ceateet Co. 1 Time 17 sec. 6 pta. Co. 4 Tinm 19 sec. 3 pta Co. 8 . Time 2t see. 1 pt. Feemite Ceutast Co. 3 H im 18 8-6 sm . 6 pta Ce. 1 Time 80 see. 3 pta Co. 8 Time 47 sec. 1 pC Fiael Seme Team 1st 8ad 3rd Total Co. No. 3 — 8 8 - 81 pelata Co. No. 1 — 8 8 — 20 pointa Co. No. 8 — 1 — 6 10 pointa Co. No. 4 — — 1 — 3 pointa The coinpitttion between eom- paniee No. 3 and No. 1 waa veiy keen and it was not nntil tha late eontete was run off that tha yrianlnE tcaim was loiown. Altar Urn eon- teats were over (^ptaia Herbevt Ninesling preaented the cups to the various, winnera the cups being on exhibition on e table oa the side ­ walk. The Judgae and other oflkials together with tte firemen were invit ­ ed to the firehouae of Company No. 1, where refreahmenta wars aarved and entertainment offered. Whippet sacliig waa origlaated tet Wales, where this mteedy type of dsgl waa flite bred. Dr. J. A. SoUlTsa. Daiveratty at Toronto'•iMdMy bee turned Ms attention te'gelL Carroll, Great Nack pleased _ ____ been going this year and expects to keep the same Uneup for next ye^tf' Next Sunday Manhasset will 'play Wilmington here and they will con- tinae for a few more Bun^ys if the weather ia favorable. The box score: CeUnge Felut AB R H PO T. Rief, If. 4 0 Leavy, M. 5 0 Rapdea, 3b. 5 1 Shmidanj e. 6 1 P^er, cf.-es. 4 0 Kirchner, rf. 3 0 Busch, iJb. 4 0 Simmer,.p. — 4 1 F. Rief, sa.-cf. 4 0 A 0 it *1 0 0 1 4 1 Totals Mareka, m. Gill, tf. Rice, lb. Roach, cf. B. Randall, 2b< Hntehiasen, rf. 33 3 10 23 representative of the N. T. Times served as timers. The events were run off with regularity and great rivalry was modest between the four companieB. Chief Rice was on the Job as an teterested spectator as were several other oflkers of the department. The companies and their captains were. Company No. 1, Herbert Matthews, Jr., Captain; Cconpany N. 2, Herbert Anderaon, Captain; Company No. 3, Harold W. ^aith. Captain; Coinpany No. 4, A1 Seeaions, Captain. (Company No. 8 won. the honera of the day with Company No. 1 a close contendw. The final score of pointa being. Com­ pany No. 3, 21 mints; Company No. 1, 20 pointa; Company No. 2, 10 pointa; (Company No. 4, 3 points. F. D. LOCKHART Real Egtmte ----- General CooUe Cannlngbam, formic OMai ^Mato athlete, la thiakiag of pteyteg ’ pro footbaU In Detroit this year. Mike Doaabue et univeraity em^ects bla footbaB taam te be one of the beat b) tha South aaxt ten. PhO McGovera, Biortal Terry ra^ atrMaa clea. W. i Verity, rf.-2b.4 Smith. 8b. ' -2 L. Raiidtel, 3b. 2 Tyson, c- 4 T. Veri^ P, 4 Tu. Score College ’ oti^ 49 9 re ra innings:— W Point — 0021 16 23 8 9 R H E 002100001 — 1 10 6 19040220X — 9 16 9 Sammary —two base hita, Tyson (2), T. Rief. Strack out, by Verity 7, by Simiaer 3. Baaaa on balls, off Verity 1„ off Simmer (noae). Wild pitches. Verity, Simmer. V ROSLYN RED SOX TO PLAY SEA CUFF Next Satnrday, Oetobmr 8, the Roalyn B)ed Sox -will mete Jdmny Joaea ’ Sea Cliff Baseball Onb, at CUfton Park, Sea CUff. Aaaong tha S4a esnr ilnggera will be found. Von Grantham, star c e a t a i fi elder and Johnson, their stellar flite base Don ’ t fhfl to be at Sea CItff nhmn tbe Red Sox meet this a ggr^t atkm. Baator Brown will ompire tUa game at Sea CMff. A Smg ge t ti mm A yoeth who roefeaaeo be has n trade and no acqualataaea irtth tl: city In which be livaa aSka'aa edito what he should do for a Hvtag. Man young Bwu with these geueaal quail: eatiaas baeimi guides aa aWM-oealr baomai — Detroit Newa AB R H PO A E 1 2 1 2 -4 Phone ISO y^oeoooooooeoo oooooo ec ooioosoo o o ooo oooo o otte

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