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, Men Maroon Geon^ M^rs ecyy»i6HT n* wbnm ruBusHfWG eg W.liLU SeAVICE SYNOPSIS 0«thri«, - 0»- U t * tai CBApm L — 0*rtli m 4> « » war T«itaraa. haTtar }k« 09 «a «B aocoBBt of woaJcaaon ■■■Ka. ia factor j>t a HBaaea ’ a Bay soot at Blkwaa. Ho caBao teek troai tko nonflft t with a panaaaoaaly aaacroE Caaa, wfeloh bo raaUaao ooat him tho lava of hla haocoa, IBdlth VhJoaaor. •B Charlaa OaChria, Us torothar. to a hilUtoaalra war prolltoar. CHAPTBR Q.— With BtlsBBo Basaa- M, haintrood, hto Arm trtoBA, Oarth ataoto Dootor Qaarrlar. caoleflat, aa4 •to atot a r Joan- . Tbatr aehaoaar hM aahora Qaarrlar eomplalaa 1 m raahai hy a maa kaowa as MeDoaald ” oi ~ ~ aid Ba! Hal am hi T^BkUaa MePoaald\ or aa ^VcOoaald Ba! Har baoaai B5&^Sfto«Sh\ ‘ :iACT?r\tr*Si wrBriM^ Hthwau aa Iadlaa_pl^ CalbwaadiE maa at a Coal srta. a aeanwtib toada. M. Blkwaa aa lai tk, t ahwa a l aato aiotlaa wham Oarth _ T s M aadi E to dr^. Qaarrlar hdaU go^Mlate to Oarthto mlafi aaa, wUeh to poaaatad. doaa. tralaad war aorsa, tar mada, hat tba Ctrl dlaa CHdFmt m. — Oarth tSBs Jaaa Baf t af ths rahaoBs tor hto a r ma a oa at ■unraa. Ba takaa tha Qaarriara ta 4Jhuy^f»om orheaca they eaa aroaaad «a Maatraal Charlaa Oathrla wrtom mroaeUac hto hrothar for aot oom> Chaciaa* wifa aasoraa him loTos him, bat Oarth la hto kmOwB hattar. Hto a uari od thea spa i h t ad thaoL toll talk amoim tha ’ Indiana cowoaratad him and Klada, and raaltoaa Qoantar trill a pr aa d hto Torsion of tha aftolr. lanna ’ s halo it daU doaoC CHAPTBR V.i^WIth RUanna ’ s hal aU; rai >m ka thair tars So HcBonald. ip oi 'aaty ohiat of tha to hta two ml at to BOtsaada ■Ik- °fSSUi Oarth wins tha frt< *teadtolaa man\ and Creaa, and vo< the f^eaa to taka tha! waa tnatoad of v amhoa ho d hy Joe Hakoi ropatod fathat^ whom tha tai drlTOB tram Klkwaa. *Rhot.* sir ada l a aompaaloa on maay fa^ la JPraaoa. saTos him, __ I ndian to ta k a n , a prlaonar, to Blkwaa. . CHAPTBR VT. — Garth aaads Mo- komaa- to KcOoaatd with a masasri af dadaaoa, aad tha srar la on. CBAFTBR VH.>^arth halls with Jaw tha frsaa la B of tha strait, which wtU aaabla teoal's followars to brlah thair tars ta Blkwaa wlthoot dlBealty. Btt- ooaa araCttto apewsds raporto that Ka- Xiansld and fito ockooaer ara ha> Witched, aad a Til wUl befall aU who trade srltk him __ ^ CH A P TBR Vm. — Wattlar In amhoak ta ahoot Oarth. Jia Hoheatai taokad-aad kUled ^ Bhot. wow~ held by hia^tirdara ▼taeaa thatoKUaa that 1 tha frtomrof demoaa and t< Tha Cars tar of ____ raaerd for tha oost. to at- it. At_a *i>ow- rs Sonol oaa- McDonaM to ■ and ta ba aToldad. cUoC counsato them to take their to Blkwaa, thoa aaaanatr the fao- hlch srlU astabUah' a \The old eoD-of-a-stm,\ chadded Odrth. “Hk went to thathhip to throw tben eff the wedt and keep them awaj froni this lend of the toland. He Cets a UJe' Job with the company tor this fli(hrh wortc.\ In aa p/erawed, whlsperind sroiip, the hantdRi and ttieir equaws returned to their itpls, where deep Into the Bicht was liaensaed the marrel of the •plrft; *'o%ld> whidh the Croat maci- rlaa of tni Bkwan had_Jgseked for the satety uid gnidanoe of hto In the pilTicy of their tent the two toCB. atUi dazed by the onboped-for esceeM of their mtosiiMi to the laland, Coealped h;! the flrf. \Forty-Hk aUTeni and eiffateen Mack, beM^ea a lot of croae and patch, yen aayl\ Oarth repeated, ^ted srltk the trade that oioald cone that Chirlat- mas to Qkwan. ^Ah-hah 1 Wor\ ' twenty f onaanfl doIlar^-deA o e c ert trade Elkwan eralr ■ak*. We-^ ghod Job w*en we breeng Sanl Soaci 4rt>m de headwater, jr'atF' \Ton an|t Sa^ tamed the trick; Btlcnne I!can ’ t rhanv fon cBongh.* ’ In hii Becood year In the trade Garth had made a telling bnatoeea ■treke In the face of the higher prices of the fre^^nder — of. what- sertDsd InhTluble fsilun, he had. with the hHp of the crafty old Ckec, swnhg a htige trade to hto company. They canid hng ttoeir fire at Rapim^^ and Attawaptahat. bat he had carried the hghf straight to ths mSBiy. aad had woB. Going oat to Shot, mug in hto anow-hoie, GarUi ponrsd. hla hap- pincBi hito a baiiy and comprehend- tng ear, before he rolled into hla Man, keca <heaide the atanneh knlf breod irtto had Bikdc It poaaible. CHAPTER IX ^ ~ ■ \Qnear we haseaT -beard from Joe pet.:LMdDahald aaid to Bkann In tte caMn of Ow Gkaat. two teyi bsihM \TU m enongh. ” anawered the beatd- od matn “ Bt waa to round op the hontiHia la the north, yoa know, and bring them down ,the shore ice.\ \Well we ’ re made a good start. ; We ’ re got twenty aOren now, with toe three that came la tola moiatas, and twHre bUcka, not to connt toe crosa aad pstdL There ’ a fifty thon- oand doUara la tola wiater ’ a work far na, John.* Sksne looked hard at Ut^ chlst. “ What yon goto ’ to do wtto year share of toe for we land la St JohnsT\ The den> bine eyes of the giant hBir rtoeed aa toe beary brows coatraetad. \Do with mine? What la then te 'do wlto itr ’ T3oin' to bead for toe ststsa and drink It iq >7 ’ McDonald laughed, wltooiit mlrto. \Drink It npT No, Fm g«^ ’ to hant op toe family of a pal who ’ went West* at Vlmy Ridge. Thereto a wlfh and kiddlso, ont In Alberta, Pm goto ’ ahare min* with ’ em. ” a apace Skene smoked hi si ­ lence. Once or twice he glaneed enri- onsly at toe man oppoMte, who oat with head In bonda, stoil^ at the looz. \HU be some sniptlae to my old iPri with a Best-egg, ” be aaid at lengto. *1Bbe ain ’ t had a too ooft a life wtto me.\ McDonald made no answer end Skene went on: *Tm poin' to bay a tittle place for her and the two glrlo — a cow or two, and a horse te got sroond with; tSm rU hare me a tidy ortKxmar, and snmmen go cod-flsfala ’ 00 toe I^rador.\ ’ ’ Thafa sensible, ” ronchsafed the etlm. *Ton owe It to toe woman. ” , “ Tea, she ’ s nerer whimpered. When 1 enlisted, she turned to like s soldier and carried on. I owe her a good bOTBei BOW — and a IttQe of my com ­ pany\ \ McDonald ’ s b|^en raonttu Jrtdeiie^ In s smile. - ’ 7onr compiny^ yon old scalawsgl How many weeks in toe year she keep a resOesa old pirate like yon on toe fhnni ” \Ton can langh, Craig, bat Fm ter s home now, except that fiabln' In toe snmmv. ” \A home ... a home! ” repeat ­ ed toe other, moody eyes on the pipe wblrti he ndibed in hla broad palm. *lt doesn ’ t mean anything to me, John.\ \Tea I know,” and Skene looked pityingly at his chief. Then roleea on dedc straightened them In their chalro. A sailor thrust his bead through toe door of toe cabin. ■Thereto an Injun, hers with some news.\ \Send Um down!\ Tlie Oree Interproter entered the cabin, fi^owed by s hunter itoose toce waa aUre with excitement, aa he chattered to the One. \What ’ s oB his mind, MlcbelT\ de ­ manded MeDoaald. Sbotflng ot with l yi-BiBH hand toe stream of OPse from the month of the IBdian, toe interpreter replied: \Joe Mokoman eaa jlead ! ” * “ Whatr McDonald raBMd. \DeadT How <Tyoa mean? KUedT\ ‘ ▼oond dead on de^Canoe Rtrlera, *ld beaa t>oad ripped out\ “ WoU, FU be d — d ! Who found him? This Wrdr “ No, he Tee eome Cree rrnosln* lea St de Be^^iut — dey toll him.\ With a qalek moroment. McDpoald reached and drew the Interpcater, to him. •Tou aoy soma of toe Indians are crnasl^ to the malalaBdr For a tpaoo too hars h , plu mod co of toe Ckae toagne filled the caWn. \At Beeg point, yooterday, he See ■■ay dtBteam from de aord* eroas de lee. 'A OoBoe Blriata hunter gay be fia' MokomoB dead In bww hy ifriere A oib .\ \Bat whora ’ s old SosBlT Olda ’ t 1m nioke hla modlrino oo the OanoaT\ \Too. he say Sond mak* haag madl- clBe two alaap back — ’ all do liuDter asn Bord of lolaa ’ come.\ \Go<^ ! SoQcl Is briBglBg t**-!*** down the coast\ Bat aa the iBterprater contlaaed to Interrogate toe Indian hla ayes widened M> rasdjte. Airii axUKr am way •• asoatentetfoB. ' Tarntef ax«ttc«y, ha etiitC ’ %cmei tell dem Ckee dot de . dsTll ees'aoa <im ship here 1 He seaia dam qstea tsk* dem all oaadr da lee te ■Unraar lioDoBBld and Sk«e wow ^ their Caet ’ WhatT ’ roared the fme-tradar. **eh taken them — to BUtwaaf BtasBOd, toe white men aoaght each etoer ’ a faces. \Soud be eome here to 'fool as;\ went mi Michel. \He woto all tern ’ for de Hudsmi ’ a Bay. ” I \Whipoawed T And MeDoaald ’ s balk did limply into hito diate. \The ^d beggar! He fed It to as Ske lot of scfaoolboya ! ” kpnttesad SkeneT wagging hla grizzled bead. \He sare pot it orer In style.\ \Played like a pair of fighP Mc ­ Donald suddenly atraighteneit \Skene ter two cents Fd crass the ice and get toat fur. Itto ours — they stole tt\ Skene looked hard Into yie Une ayes of Us chlel \rirat we ’ d haTS a handsome row to get It toat man with the scar, and hla half-breed will seeemd, the police would be iq>^ hers betero we were oig of toe ice. FBdlah telkr - * McDonald ’ s twistod teatares ra-, lazed. \Tton ’ re John, right It can ’ t be done. ^We ’ re got too much at atekA ” ‘ Skene looked snggestlTety at his chief, aa be added s \We have — and yon hn-re. ” The otow shifted hla gaag aa he Btnttered, ’ Tee — thafz only too true. ” *%at Mokoman! What'd yon aay happened to him? ” Skene asked MichsL *rae waa killed by de dog hesa tYoat tore. ” \Killed by hla own dc^s — qnoerl Ml^ hsTS been wolTca ” ’ Tfo, de dog tellow shoe tracks back to de tralL No wolf do dst\ \Well so much for Mokoman! Small lose — nerer liked him.\ \Does he know bow murii to they had — theae hnnteu who csoaaedl\ ashed toe mate. \Dey hare mooch for — tooat oaa bunder akin.\ *Valf of It sOrer and black, prob ­ ably. A small tertnnet H- 7 -lP*ia hla chagrin Skene crashed his herd fist on the teMn \TooYe a Judge of men. John. That fallow sura licked ns, ” McDonald ad ­ mitted ruetely. \Now we ’ re got no tlBM to loee with the sontoein boat- era — Mkkur ne Onto leaned to hear toe whis ­ pered order ot toe ftee^rsder. \Ton keep this Indian ■on the boat — <111 hUn up and loA him In, forward. If he get loose among toe sonthern cantos wlto toki derill talk, they'd . follow the othera BtouU ought to Imoar, bnt toe Iiord knows where be la* Shortly tjro dog-teanw~reft toe top bound for the esmps In the sooth imir of the Island In g mad rush to gave tho-tona yet untraded. • • • • a • e The Christmas mall I from Albany ws approaching cm the river trail be­ low Elkwan. Froig the upper Elkwaa and the Shamattawa, from the Wlnlak and the Raft, for days jile b n nte c s had drifted In to toe poet, dog harness gay wlto cMored worsted and JtngUng with bella There old Soocl, elaSed by hla stratagem and proud of tba praise which Garth had given unstintedly In toe privacy of his tent, had led the Akltslakl hunters with their TsluaMe fnr-packs. In (the traderoom Oarth and Etienne were busy preparing tor the trade whldi had not yet begun, for aa Indian makes a ceremeny of hla Christmaa visit to a poot and In contras^ ro. the apeed with wk|ob he pushes hla. dogs ovm the river trails on the way in, if the deUberadoa with which he proceedk to barter hla hunt when be baa reached toe fur poet. R was a happy pair that were open ­ ing bandies of blankets,'gettisig ont sugar -and flour, tea and tobaccA from the store-room — filling the abelvca with the trade-goods of the company. \Ah-bahl W ’ at goto ’ on ont dere? ” Etienne looked from a window. *De mail aes cornin ’ ! ” he cried, and ship ­ ping on his parka, went out fcHowad by Garth. The Albany malll Oarth OulhrWs toongbts were a medley oFsoraitMat queaaons, hopes. Letters from home! Ibere would be Utde from Us tesiUy — Ethel, that wonl|i bring cboor to an exfie ’ s Chriatnite. But the letter which a glri on thd moonUt obon of toe Albany had promised to send kite — bad she rememberod? Aa he patod toe tlpla oa Us way to tbe togtertng people on the &oc«, Ua heart was quick wlto sspootalloii — kepa. jAiotr the disapproval — tB- BBWto. of home letton, toe Mgsr tecmi Joan Onantor would coob the son breaking throng tba tokd aaaopy of tfie bay. B«t If she had tergotten? In toe trade-room Garth open ail the mall bag wit' nervous fingers. darSh temlllsr hand, company mall traan Camaron, two from Ethel, pole blae Be besed the hsmmertng of hls-keart as hs fumbled ter, fad drew out tba last BBvMops in tog bag. One frass an Md amy friend. uMthar bei> M b \De MaU'lee Ceealwf,\ He Criete coionet B;:tbirdl Slotrly he Mid ths teldad paper frinn tea* eaa' b s a sath — the last as be doQbCMly shooit Ue head, namb with disappatotment He looked! A etoatik, hand — a ' woman ’ s H«l EBm had kept her word to tbs ezOn te Us Joy Garth songht toe privacy ef the rear ef the counter to read Joan 'Qanrrler's letter. Than bs' recaqa^j bored. He hnd said Tt was te bang from toe trek to be read last db ChristTuse day. TudUng It Intb toe Milrt beneath bis cost he pnt tbe others in a pocket and Joined Etienne sBg the hungry dog-rimner, who wait ­ ed ter Meiip*s dtnner. After aO,' it was te be 'S bappy Okrtstiiiaa A trade hafcnd hla hH ? — ! trlBB^ over toe sdtoonar which lay thirty mOea away ovar 'ihe lee — and word from the whe faced ee dsuntlepaly with tfaqae anwavaring dark A Merry CMatmas ter Garth Gatorlef tome what Bd|ht ftoni Charlie and CBfon — and E|beL From Btoet what? On OhrtsCmab eve he atood hi Us living room with old flnno, batere tbe little aptoee, brave wMi wor s ted and eotoced popar and bite of Bihtod can- dls. O b the tree- hung eelored bags and af Its teot were whall pereels tiad wtto gendy Ohrlstmaa ribben. . Oa toe fepmoat twig was s latter. \Ton told them, AaneT* be gikad tbe grinning sqnew, prond in her beet wool digiBi. bar raven hair eoqnettlab- |y sl r e teEh y aJ i a gspInit ri bbon a gilt of Goetn, I dMttehed ter eeromonteo Uke thd^proBent; y \AhA^^udded too - tet^ital Ores. ’ ^IMLcome soon, now, Marie, abe TviS-tAm ehS ’ s teas tlU dey aUhe Isk de mioon. ” Garth paced toe fteor. Us laaa, dark face begming in antlclpatloii. Than Isoghter. giggle^ shontt of toll- dron, followed'by stern reproof in,a man ’ o voice, announced toe 'arrival I m toe gneete, toe eight akvsniMp. Garth and Shot stmtataneonsly rprsng to toe door to welcome toe comely Marie, leadlqg her exdtod brood of six, with tbe grlnnlaf BUome as rear gnaid. “ Merry Christmas, , Mariet Jean! Tvonne !\ he cried, falily dragging toe giggling and emborroaged children In ­ to the house. \Ah. Mbnslenr BHemie •nvgnne, friend of IfcDogald Hal Hal, is also wlto us tenl^t\ Wlto hla audience aeated. Garth proceeded to divide the gifts he had erdersd toe previous year from lower Osnada. For each of Itie children was a bag of candy, which was opened' wlto wide-eyed curioeity and grins af doUght And, ae toe sweet too^ of grown-npo is also blgUy developea In toe North, Marie and Anne, itoo had. not been forgotten, swiftly eridaoosd toelr appredatlra ef good /tnndy by , Joining tte cUldm In ibe^/ munching, ' TI nb the toye In pt^tegee marM wtto fhevchUiron ’ s nsipee were glvw ewt There remained 4 dreee each ter Maria and Anne, and s Rosa verting rifle ter the Mlidltad E U enae . 14 the benrt of toe Santa pUns of ■kwaa, the. pleaanre Ugktlnc toe dark tecee A hla friends at Ua anex- peetod gifts reacted manyfold. Be- Mdoa, at too top of ttag tr^ Us own Okrletmas watted Us ehgar arao. ' WI mb with rakch baatle aad chat ­ ter hla frlsnds retWtiMd te tboir eahln and old Anno Ibff him, Ggrto sot down to rghd Dm Mtgrs homoL The flnS opgna d was brother'A wUch tan os^allowg: \U I had been teUj tost iny own brother wgs te dlgg r i c a Maisolf aa yon have seen fit' to do ap than James bay, I Mioald have Jmotoad down the Unr arbo said It W4 vader- stand now yoBr stennao refksal to re- tarn home, yosr hidICkreiMg to Btbai and toe burin sea Pnri saa o^ Qoarrler haa alven aw the whole ahamefol story. A wUto woman wbnid have bean bad Pnbr ,«a Fines RtgeUk 7571 ffwm w ty Cal: Inurdlsa X7SI GespNiQeHligud 1. CwmcthiGE ;pl 90 S 7 SutpUn Boulevard ljuuk- N. Y. I Coapoob cleaned and built Ovoflows buik and connected. CcQsrs purn wJ out Temw arranged. SEAUN t HICKS Studebaker and Erskine Motor Cars On the Mill Dam Ak N. Y. REAt ESTATE WE COVER num great neck Vi- , - ■ ■«>-. ' NORTHPORT MARTIN C KENNEDY SM EAST TUENPIkB. MAMHASSET, M. T. Bew SIS. TeL Msnbsseee SB. i; - CHARLES 8NE0EKER ' f ■> General Insurance r * ■ LEcluae-Waabbum Bldg. Manbaaaet w / E es p e stfn ily SeHdted /\ ^ & KUne & P. Zttrze# Coil AND EXPR^^S ManlutoBet R. ^'Station ^ P fc ene |tesidenca Phoney Matihaaaet 671 )I0^HANN ’ S NORWICH INN •IS •i 1' ONE OF TH? .1^ BEST-KNOWN PEACES ON LONG ISLAND 20 MINUTES FROM MANHASSET ■ ' f ON THE i^orth Hempstead Turopike • *Trhe Gateway te Oyster Bay I\ EAST NORWICH ^ HUNT STABLES p Ernst Norwich, N. Y. Carehil and Coo^tent K INSTRUCTION Riding and Jumping ;^|ieet Class Hvt am and Haebs FOR SALE AND HIRE HARRT PLUMB. Ptepr i e te s .

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