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HAIL, WD^Y. CXrrOAER T. 1927 Corabnaiider Byrd at YoiklimR Ceremony I i iUmj sqtabM imiHGlpated In the ceremonj of anveUlDKe uUet at Zorttown, V< l , to the Frewdt who died In the Amerkaui Beeolntton. Hie ^ctnze ehowe Commander R..;B Byrd, tenons artattr, addraaslns the fatherlnx. Syriam Wmldfug Cnitom >'> An andent Syiian cnstom which la sometlmni ohserr^’ eran at the pres ­ ent time is the a^miitSon hyi a neidy married conple of a royw sMitna. On the TlUace threeklnf floor li pwced a throoe on which they arh seated dally fhc seren jdaya dartnfl which time songs and fajymns in th& honor are. sang and pocfotis recited to of Wblleal sdiolarsi bare dfri^ed the Mcag of BoloiTOsj into seren sonnets or idylls, whldi ' would fnmlah one for oadi day of the ( ‘ lOng's week.\ e, song and poe^s recited o praise their beanty, ; etc. Some! leodin g Languaym pf Diplon^fiey 9 ^ Hie French language was ased ex- tenalraty in BaTbpe in the Twdltti and Thlrtnenth cfotnriea. Thei VVendi > Bteaturs was greatly derdo^ and «read thaonghoot the rarloi|s coun- * , tries, and. pmsons of cnltnre studied the language in order to be able to read the Utmtore: Many foreign students wme attracted to the TTnl- reraity ef Paris, and this also helped ts tpnea ttie la^gtiaM As a iMi flange for treatlea and fbrelga hitfr- csbae among natlona, French bemmie flWMral in the time of Louts XlV. Highly D<mgpf4m9\ While two gay spirits were gtVing an UBUsaally halr-ralstng diq^ gf aarobatlca at a recent flying pageant, and to the lay eya seemed to be try- tag thatr best, with the aU of some flea hundred or da of horse poirer, fa tsar the w^igs off their frafl steeds of stfdks and canyas. a solemn to I cs came throagh a loudspeaker: | \Would spectatafs be good ^ough ta refrain from the highly danj^sous practice of standirlg on their seats!\ Had Odd Aeeompluhmtai Marl Russell has this anecdote ta his book, **My Life aad Bemlnis- eenses ” : '] ^ \My graadmothcr. Lady Johi Burn asB, was a great'tiiTorite with iQoeeo TIetoria tlrou^ioat her Ufa. Nbt a lew a , of eourae, because she bad the pa c a li ar and enusaal capacity of wag ­ ging her aara' Ukc a dog. lA ibb accampllsliment latrlgnad the jgaea a aad Bie saddenly dalled on Ladi John to abow it off to an smtisssaflni My graadmetiier was so takas ba^ «isf As lost for a uKig time th».poexr to mars oltbet aar, and o^ naih«te »y regained bar power to mors, ooei wbieh she occasionally <Bd far oly edh flcation.\ F rmmimy tuooM A newly rich man once inritedlBeau Brn iam a ll , .the tenons top, fo d^nnea, aad asked hhn to name his own party' Ha accaptsA and chosa to the n^ber af deren, ladndlng himself. ■Hiat, ” said his host, \wlU {make fast an erea number.\ \Aa ereB numberr gaacled tbs baaa. \How is tagdr | \Tear Mends, len; yonrsdfi sad*' myailt — twrtre in MOL\ \Good gadU\ said BrammsH, tag sarprisa \Toa saraly doh*t yea ara gstag to be one of the pe^t\ ' 'Hattatt Spot on EordJbj - Vha latast aHdal records shewjthat the hottaat spot on earth is at Aaiala. la aortbara Africa. B is on a pi«ta Mmoat aantralent ta a desert Zha I har m e m st ai at Aibda has goas to IflflA dsgraas la the Miade. Hm aeer- agd temper atar a daring the whole Mpr is mote than TdL Preriondy^ the dgtsst known spot was at Orsantand. daOK oa tha edge of DaaOi valley, - iHiiib — — ' edHiC: Pina Dreuar FincMy Cot Back to Amariea Hiete Is DO telling how much an an- tlqae piece may trard before It comes to rest In the hands of an OTprad- atire coUector or a museum. Boceot- |y a pine dresser was Imported from Bngland with some BngWsh fornitare. H m dresser studr out Bke a sore tlmmb among the Kagllsh pieces, and the dealer quickly motted tt The wood, the hardware the workman-* ship, the style, all proclaimed it Amer­ ican. A wealtl^ coUector purdiaaed tt aad then set out to find .how die dresser had ever strayed from* the shores of Americ^ He dlscorered, afte lengthy correspondence; that an American family b^d gme to atngisnd about U7B, taking cohslderabla fnr- nltura with them, among which were sereral pieces whidi bad been banded down from generation to generation, and the pine dresser waa one of those, pieces. Now it has an honorad ptaea In Uie coUectlon. and may 'flaaUy be ratumed to the deaceadants of Uie original owners, who aire residing la a Middle Western dty. — 4'rom the An ­ tiquarian. Doga Lioad Oogw Witkomt Food or Waiar The tanaetty of animal life la an in ­ teresting subject if It is tast^ by ac ­ cident and not by deMgn; and it.has bad a test by acddsnt in Wales. Two dogs, a sheep-dog and a qian- lal, which had saceumbed to the tsmptatloB at rabbit himtlhg, wera miss ed for nearly nine days; Then a Uttie girl, hearing curious sounds underground in a l<»dy place, brought a party of icscnara to the tpdt, and the dogs were dug out af a rabbit hole from whldi they had been unable to extricate Qianatives. They must bare been without food and water for ^bt aad ^ half days, yaC seemed UtUe tha wmae. BTOrotly the dog has loet, if it arcr had, the Instinct of burrowing toward the open air, triddh the undas^ gron^d aalmal pos nc sse a . H^sjCar Powmr Laag m Um The eldest water pohrer site in' America, mote Oian 100 yeaia old, la on ttw Piscatauqna ilwer at Booth Barwich, Maine. R was eatabllsbed on the site of the present Burleigh Manket ssflla in 1630 by Ferdiaando Obr||es, wbo obtained a grant from the _ Bngiiah crown glvlag him the right to aettlo and de^^ the terri ­ tory fkim sea to eea lylag between foatietlf and forty-el|d>tta per au«»i« Dora latUnde. The grant, howerer, required Um to develop water power, and accordingly he constructed s log dsm, erected s grist mill and sent the meal to England as proof thar the terms od toe charter were being Uvad ap to. Tha water power alto hss bsen ta continuous use ever sinea. Bark Vkat Pmt of Troa Tha atom of a ttac; slao caBad trank and boia, is too main axis am tasiding from t^ roots tarfba atowa, or fo tha tip ta case of an anbranabed atemi Ttaa atams raaga from kmg to ahort, stral^t to cra<*ad afid tram arset to prostrato; An axamtoa- tlaa of a erou-sectlon dt a atom wUl toow bark; wood and pith, says toa Imtrtran Trcie Aaaodatlon. Bi tha ssBtral part of tha stem Ja the pito. Aboat tt la toe wood, wUdI ta asany trass, caa be divided iato toa dartte heaHwood and tow Hghtar sap- wood. Betweaa toe wood aad tba ta a thin layer known as tbs iit s tnts; for if is hero tonfc all now Vaai ln^nttry Thai Had SindU Baginning , When James Bitty, an obscure in­ ventor, sold s taewfan^ed contriv- anos to the owner o& a mining store ta Cbaltoii, OUo, la toe eoriy eighties, the transaction tormed the founda­ tion for a bnsiiiess whose sales today ran far Into the mllliona. . When pnacbed forcibly, the dorlce' regla- tqred on a strip of paper the amoonta of cash Bales. It coaid not have cost naore than 120 to make and the price was . $100. The mining store waa Btieadily losiag moqey. yet the Pat- teraon brothers, who owned it bSnght tw<r^ of the devices, because the salesman recommended it aa a gi^-totaf-catchcr. Duriag the aext yaar, without any a[q>arent increase Ua .tornovar, toe bnsineas inada a Moto ef fiajlOO. OAe of toa brotb- aia waa the late John B. Patteraon. After three years had paarod. af a d^e when tie contrivance seemed an atanrad faUnie; be bought control af ton mannflactnrtng baslncaa for $6.- SflD aad renamed It the Natlotial Okab Begister company. — Silas Bent In .Qtatnry Migaslne. Jyafufc Coal Ai Wwr 'itt Maa, Great Britain haa mots adi!^ better coal than any otov coan- tiy In toe worlA ^a coal mama, ly ­ ing one below another to aa unksown depth, not Infrequendy cromtag out at'toe anrface, are iwoof that tropical cMditions once prevailed in toe latl- tade ef these Islands. The district whidb ta now (Brest Britain waa eeo- nected in primeval times with the continent, and the coal of Ehigland doubtlem tuna under the channel and toe Boathern part of toe North ass, cratlnaing In the coal fields of north- eca France, Belgium and Flanders. BoMoboWu Origin BasdialJ was known various fOems . hi the -Blast for years befora It received organized recognition, but Its blrtoplaoe Is s matter of dispute. Philadelphia takes the credit as Car bato aa 1888, and New York ^lalma thaf Its mtoington dub, or^nlsed In 1843. was the first exponent of the aetaal game. Baseball as a natlmml game really came Into existence in IflBB, with toe formstlmi of a Natfonal Anociation of Baseball Playera, ia- dudlng the clubs of New York and vlctalty. Paira at Wadding Af\'a doable wedding hdd recently at Ttiralgon, Australia, toe brides. Ivy and Ethel Matheaon, were alstcrn; the bcldegrooms. Boy and Lenard Battley(,were brothers; toe best men, B. and J. Pudney, were brothers; the brldeasialda. Hisses Matheaoo, slsten ef the brides: the groomsmea, B. and C. Webb, brothera, whfle the officiat ­ ing deagymen. Reverend Prlckett and Bemead Oaig, had bean fallow atn- dcata. The traveling dwaaaa and !«■*« at both brides were IdiroticaL TOWN OF NORTH HEMPSTEAD NASSAU COUNTY MANHASSET, R Y. TOWN BOAIO - BOARD OF HEALTH Snperriaar, Comriins S. Bsmaan Town Cler^ WilHam II. MJkia Justiee, Arthur W. Jones Jnatiea, S^iart E. LeOnse Justice, Ai. — v> B. Westervelt Jastiea, Wihnot T. BaDock 1 TOWN a -fUC Vintam N. MuDon Manbasaat, Naw York Phones: Ofice: Manhaaset 590 \ BaMenca: Groat Neck 1X9 V RECEIVER OF TAXES CharlsB .Snedekar TOWN TRUSTEES Coraelius E. Bemsan, Supazviaor William N. M o II ob , Secretary HEJ^TH DOCTOR Chen as A. Staurer guirr or mighwatb Ancld P. EoUat War. ury, N. T» ASSESSORS Charies L, McRea Moses B. Schanck Dkkial £. tanith BOARD or AUDIT Frederick Young Jacob Wicks S Mrs. Augusta Siaitk' OVERSEERS OF PCtn Willl.:m N.nesliaw John Hutckinaca . ?. CONSTABLES Thomas Thoigie Charles Aadmoa Stephan Wr.lkar Wesky i. SCHOOL DIRECTOR John C. Bajter Unincorporated vfllegae of . the Town of North Hampsteed: Menheaaet, Greet Neck lotion, Roalyn, Port Weahington, Leka- ville. New Hyde Park, (jarle Place; Waathury and Glanwood Luidi&fa Incorporated villages of the Towa of North Hempstead: Flendome, Greet Neck, Great Neck EsteteA Kiag's Point, Kenaiag- ton. Saddle Rock, Sueceas, Miaeole, Old Westhuyi, Sands Pbiat, Floral Pads, East WlUiston, WilUston Park. MANHASSET 17.2 adloa froaa nim York. Connty, Maaaau. Popaiation, 4,000. Number of trains: Week­ days, 66; Sundays, 48; ed^onel Sefurdey, 8. Latest tzata \ - ■ ----- - Dnimuai, SO from New York, 2:S0 a. m. Rum minatas; Maximam, 47 minutes. 1986, 87. Msahasset nniag time: Minimum, Number-dwalUngs arer ihamet isj^bably toe oldest MtUemant on the north ahqre of Ldand. The main vUtaga ia sitnatad at the top of e kfll okiagthe waters ef Meniaiwat Bey (formerly Cew Bey and celled one island. Tha venookiagtlie arat by the Inmui^ Sint Sink)» It was hen, according to tradition^ that Mllad Standiah landed. The first anthenoe record of permanent settle- mant ta that pf the landing of emigrants from Lynn, Ifaaa., in 1640. The neck was divided iato shares in 1676 aad aprortioned to the old inhabitaata fo whom possession can be traced at the present time. Among the points of interest in the viltafle an the Friends Meetiag Hoase (the Qoaker Church) » built ia 1810; the Episeopal Charck. baBt in 1808; the old MHchdl Ho m sa t e sd , built in 1813, aad now owt^ by Payne Whitney; and the old Qrinatead Homestead, bnilt about 18X0, and now owned by D. O. Watts. M anha a se t 'is t^ town seat of Narth Hampstead township and a lanre Torhi Hall, which is headquarters for the various town effiqiala. Hoe arfll be found the followtu ehorebas; Quaker, Episcopal, Butch Reform, and Roman Catholic. There are schools, a bank, new ^tele­ phone building, stores and markets, fire department, electricsty. gas, and one of the best water supply syiRems on the Notto Shore; Thsta is atao free aaail delivery. Of recant importance is the announcement to the effect thet toe Fnak Mnnaey estate of 6gS eerea, and left by his will to toe Ifctro- poUtan Mnaanm of Art, is to be cut np end developed ak a high-ctasa residential commanity. Being adjacent to the developments kneWn aa Roalyn E s t ate s aad Flower Hill, it ia particularly fortunate in toe elaaa ef ita SBironadingB. PLANDOME IgJ miles from New Yesk. (founty, Nassan. Popolatioa, 660. Number of trains: Week- ' days, 66;. Sundays, 45; additional Saturday, 8. Latest train r from New York, 8:80 a. m. Running tiM: Minimum, 24 . miantes; Maximum, 50 minutes. Number dwellings erected, 19X6, 8. Plandome; a place of rare natural beauty. Itas aboat half way' be ­ tween toe villages of Msnbsiset and Port Washin^en. The aamg is derived ^m the lAtin words signifying \simple Mme.\ Plandome Mills, built 1693, still stands as a monument to toe eariiest scttleia. High hilb run frqm the waters of the Manhaaset Bay, their summits crowned with groves of forest trees. The bay is brosd and has a^iir- able fs^ties for boating, fishing and bathing. The Plandome F^id R Marine Club had a-go^y nuapber of menibers and much pieasnre is afforded in the qlub ’ s confines. T^ atmosphere of eomfort and refinement, free from every sug ­ gestion of the city is a feature of Plandome. Restrictions impewed prohibit the erection of two-fsmil'y houses or stores. Plando^ ta ineorporated as a village, haa ^ectric Kghts, fire department, gas 6 water, electric train service, a grade school conducted in yillj hall, and in nearby Manhasset will be .found the churches of basset. (The above taken from “ Long Island ” , \The Sunrise Qomeland ’ , published under the auspices of the Long Island (Thamber of Commerce.) DATUGHT 8AVINQ TIME TIME TABLE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Eareetive Mar IS. IS77 WFIBK-DATS (£zcept Holidays) (PaT'sta.) MANHA88ET (Pa-^itJj . I.eave Aniva A.M. A.ir. i.i» n.oA 4.00 A4S *.0» 4 0.51 h7.06 h7.48 S.06 t.47 8.M 0.M O. 11 0.54 ht.4i bie.n 10.81 11.13 P. M. 11.11 11.18 P. M. klkir kU.51 airZl alAe kU.81 klJS 10.01 kl.84

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