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Manhasset mail. (Manhasset, N.Y.) 1927-1986, July 22, 1927, Image 7

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taumn wnpooi Iowa WdOMiB Fooai LgrAo E. PhlAa5kV>goUhio Co — poaad Alway* IfaMM Tlatos. looa. —\WbeiL I ou mrm- teen yw old I had to itay at home tram adtool. I finally bad to quit aeboot, I «aa ao weak. IsaSeradftir abont two yoan b«- ton I took Lydia B. Wnkhara ’ a Vega- II Compound. I pldud up one of your boola and read It. 1 bo- Igan taking tbemedl- loine. Now I am a _ ___ Ibonaakeepar wTth BixoabUdren, and I haya taken It before each one Oka bom. I can ­ not tell yon all the good I hava ra- eetrad from It Whan 1 am not an wdll aa can be I tWee it I haye been doing tbla for oyer thirteen yeara and it al- waye hdpa me. I read all of yoor little hooka 1 can get and I tell eyeryona I know what Sie Vegetablo Compoond doea tor me.\ — Mae. Fnank Bpjaaa. 610 7th Ayenae, Vinton. Iowa. « Many glrla In the fourth generation are learning through their own per- aonal ezparimcea the beneficial effeeta of Lydia B. nnkham ’ a Vegetable Com ­ pound. Methera who took it whoa they were young are glad to recommend it to their danghtera. ^ For orer half a century, w<«ion haaa praiaad thia rallabla medldna GANGER imw wSmsi Tdla canap of cancer and what to do far pain, bleedinft odor, etc. Write for it today, meatJoning thia Addreaa ladhBipa>eCaBaarfiiwW<te*aaawfia,ki^ KAT-O to nnmnt — 4 atooivto rwlTef %o aar to world, or moiioy refundod. Pirli TRB HA.T>0 O#., BwnteBCO. 'Wiomtac ffiro laotADt Md of HAT nvm Sod. \ laiftrd ’ s lalsaa if Mynt ItoMrkMkfvtadkolltottatoototod. Alditol IfirAcU- — Pwrf«ct •H — tt fc ■ ■ N o Dnifs O m dollar. IfoDoy bdcit soaraBtoa. m, A. BOCK. Bos til. IfOa Aneatoa. Csltf. > od Pnttt'llakiiic In htoh etoao on> walcoma^ invooilvstton b7 man who modamto anm. An •nn tnvoat modamto anm. Am. Anek Onrpaatara Bldg.. Wnohlnvton. D. C. in who lo Go.. aw-acna mvea raoirT fabm aorth of RtchAumd;* rood bnlldlnara. orchard: r^lne in.tdt: will conoldw ohantlnc property; what havo jranf Ov R. U B. Ta. mllM . hto 18 SPitOUTED DAHUAS A boantlfal colvod colloetlon. |l. it P«roa> atal Phlos. all colora II. Wo pay all do- Itrory. SMITH to SON. 4II-<0S Chancellor AV o .. Nowark, N. I ooU JBL. I for mall- A scb I o Wanted. Men and women B-MAKB, m new* fruit concentration for man- Ins Jelly. Great eeller and repeater. A Itc bottle with 1 Iha. of en«ar makes t Ipe. fflaooea. always JelU. Write for tenitM^ and BSc trial bottle. Mary Uerto Jelly CD.,JackaonvtUe.Fla. bnrt- rA« finite/ She — What do yon mean by ing father? ' He-rHurtlng your father I Why, I never — She — Ton did. His bunion has Just been killing Urn ever since be kicked yon down stairs last night — Anawers. It Paja to fi« PoHt« * ‘ My goodness! yon were polite to Jones Just now. Has he fallen heir to a million?** \No he Just got a job collecting In­ stallments.\' HeadadM RalldTSfl Sa^rn^*Prom^y J^ANT woad ai how owe haadadM ao wddciy. No habit-formtwg dr«g% ASTHMA H eu OGG'S PAKlS m m Omm. CU\ ESi^ ijof rp Boel.tr!. WoahlactoB, D. C) y N the ColoBsenm in R< I where many hundreds of eaHy ^ Christiana were crunched by wjlld beasts under the aanctian of Ian ancient Roman government, Ronie ’ a present-day goverament recently re ­ placed a hnge wooden croaa commemo ­ rating the martyra. The cross, ^g- loally placed by Pope Benedict XaV In 1748, had been absent since 18fi2. Xbia great amiihiUieater, abown in fn- nomerable pletnrea, is probably toe most familiar min in the warid. ! The Coioaaeum is a monument tq a highly clylMsed people ’ s bmtallty-pa depth of brutality that la hardly cqp- celvable from the point of view of to* Twentieth cental. The huge strde- tnre was bnilt deliberately ta fumiab the. beat facDltles for three dasmalof spectades : fights to the death tween armed men. fights between wl beaata, and flgtita between men abd beagta. , -- | (Radlatorial combats had devdoped from enstoms of prlmitlye-Roman whan on the death of a man of all hia daves were alaaghtered aa man ncrilleea during the funeral ritto. It was really a step forward in a way, though a feeble one, when it w^ derided to have the elavn fight to that only half would be killed. These slave combats came to be staged in the fornms and were viewed by tie popnlace from temporary woodrii seats. Began .by. Vsspasian. The first permanent ampbitheutgr was built in 29 B. C., In the reign ^ Angnstns, of stone and wood. In ^ A. D.. Nero built a wooden one wbtdb burned a decade or so Utec. In ?2 A. D., Vespasian began the greatest of anq)itbeaters, which the world b4s come to call \the Colosseum.\ No toort cuts were taken aa in toe build ­ ing of many other ampitbeaU^ whene mounds of earth are throwii up and faced arlth atone or concitte. T m vast Colossenm was built toom the ground up, and far below ground, oqt of masonry. Few single s tr ociui e s. nntU the of the snper-rityscraiMjr o< America, have contaioed u gi^t a cubic volame ef stone and ai^ eoncrete as thia cUptlcal gthodatnU of rid Rome, hollt for the spectaealsir alangfaterlng of man and beaut Begun by Veapesian, work aa the B tru c tni a was cootinned under tits amt Tltns. It was the latter whg sacked Jerusalem. Twelve tbausand of tb# many Jews captured at that dm# ward aet to work to complete the great bnlMlng. With ita ■ dedlcatlqn : in 88 bega% one of the goriest chapters i^ tha mwry of Roaian amnaemfluta. The cricliratlon of Ms opening lauted 108 days. TOonaanda of wild anlamla an^ hundreds of men were slanghterod .to make this gigantic \Roman boUday. > The ColoeaPOTS la not qnite ao largd la area covered aa the modem foot- baU amphitheater. The eliptlcal (aamed from the sand that spread on tts aorfUce to abhoch Mood of its vlcttms) is in round ni bora 280 feat long and 180 across; wbBe the rectangalai; pla; space ed a football ^Id tal 800 880 foot. To asKdose Such at playiaw Md. allowing a maigln ontuido tbk ■ater most] giMlroo. a faotbaU amphitheater mostj bo 8S0 feet or more long and abo«, 8B0 feet wide, inside dimeaatooa Ite Walto AreAee and Seato. In Mat mod e m athletle emphithea 1 ters toe asata riae ea a relattvaiy aea- tla alopa aad the Mgheit art aaldsm ever BO feet abave the ilelA la the OriumpWB the aloipe was a toep a p- ly 48 digram as 8 tha oat- wall of too atrwetara to wer s Mil mately to the bright of a 15 or Ifi- story ofllce building The outer stall waa built of great blocks of stone, while the Interior was mostly of brick and concrete. The outer wall was made up largely of arches In three tiers, one above the other, and extriid- Ing side by side entirely around the building' The arches on the ground level were numbered, and through them the Roman populace poured on the way to the spectadee. The choice teats were those closest to the areng ITom them one conld lean over to tease the tawny lions who could leap almost, but never quite, to the top of tbe protecting wall ; and from tbem one conld almost feri the air of swishing swords hack ­ ing at the beads of tbe gladiators. In these prefenied posidont sat the em ­ peror en a allghtly raised dals,'''and briow and to the sides, senators, lead ­ ing patricians and tbe Vestal virgins, the young ,pr leate sses of the Temple of Vesta,, who' were so cafeftilly nuf- ttwed and guarded by Rome. Many a time tbe thumbs of/lbese young women gave tbe finar signal which determined tbe deato <>^ e wounded gladiator. / Next above the aenatora sat patri ­ cians and othec dtlsens in a dwindling scale of importance. All but the top ­ most seats' were numbered and tick ­ ets were- provided. For places In tbe onnambered section-the less fortunate had^ to wait ■ In line, sometimes all night, BB la tbe case of world-series fans In America today. Grim and gbastiy as the pnrpose of the Flavian amphitheater was.it was in no sense crude. It was a marvel of solid conafmetion admirably fitted to tlm uses to which It was to be pot Benmth the arena In chambers and paesam were conceeled Ingenlons mechimlsmB by means of which sec- Hnns of tbe floor could be raised or lowered, poppiof animals or men un ­ expectedly Into view or removing them an quickly. Also tbe entire apace could be flooded for naval comhsta. r Fortreea In the Middle Ageg For nearly four and a half centuries the Flavian amphitheater played Its bloody role In Roman affaira. It was not without mishaps that might have put it in ruina much aoooer had not Rmne atill been a going clvlllzatloa. It wda twice atmek by lightning to the SecMid century and twice injured by earthquakes in the Third ; but eadi time It was restored, and toe long ser ­ ies of deaths in lu arena grew even greater. „ After Rdme's fall. In tbe tnrbnient Middle ages, tbe old amphitheater, then the Coloaaeam, was nsto as a fortress by one of the family factlona of Rome the Frangipania. In these times, toa It was robbed of tbe iron clamps of tbe outer wall which held the atone blacks together. Tbe outer walla that ataaid today are deeply pitted becauae of these depredations. In 1S48 an euatbquake riiook down a large part of the weakened outer atnMtura There waa no poorer able or toterested to restore it, and tbe ruin at the build ­ ing then definitely set In. For a long time after thia tbe Cohwaeum waa a quarry. Thouaands of tons of travertine. marUe, and other BMtertoto woe dog out of tbe fallen pile or stripped from tbe por tlOB still staadiag and carried off foi uaa to bufidlag many of thw palaees aad dnircbes of Benaissaoee. B obm Only a little aMwe than half sf the origtoal atroctnra sow staads, esnaid ertag the entire cubic eowtents of the aiasnaij Bat aMot of those who have viewed M fari that tha part to amch ainvr amjeatlc thaa tha whal% It ••Wam par If we may to toe long.** **TWt*s an tiitot, motosr wm have hfoomek Cocoa and Tteale Wsaato Pmaac la* ] tto cm ri tto vratU*s Sa«t |Hd »M tW. Omm. Ckwm. Hsktoi. 1 Ch — I rnSts amt Vi REID, 1 K» A GO. iiasj MWARCH rs-SL**- (^uSbfJbrTbUears ! ' \i _ Baby Buzz sounds a mestcall T^Ur dean your boaoe of flies aad moa- J l quitoes. It also kills bed bogs, roaches, aatt,* and dieir eggs. Fatal to insects but harmless to mankind. Will not stain. Get Flit tod^. P -------------- - DESTROYS FHes Mggqaitncn Ifotks __ __ AiMa Bed Bogs Bonckes mt^XBCZd- Travdm 9 k > ii M Carry Cnticura Dsily use of the Soap aad O totm t nt s^ moves the dust aad grime ef imvri, altoys k i llailuM , fedawss' a^ 'loaghaaao of toe hMBat. pooling nd refteehiag, aa Mwl toito powdw. Giving Mothvr Away “ Ma, you 'were wrong about the wedding,\ bawled little Tommy, hia motber having come ia late. “What do you mean?\ \Tou said Mr. Flubdub was going Into it blindfolded, but be didn ’ t.\ — Vancouver Province. Wim \So tbe doctor diagnosed your case. Did it take long?\ “ No: r wore my shabbiest suit ” Lota Bahind Hmr Ella — She is Hving In the post. Stella — Well, she can't complain of lack of room. BItol trat tine tka infiajn«Nl im in An antlnnptie oliH- •dicAtton knAin kr Bnnn* 1 njn RnTfAmA a 4 t . Mwut Ba on Strika \We have a cuckoo clock In our room. ’ * , “Ours doesn ’ t work very writ either. ” — Washington Star. C hildren C rv FOR MOTHER:- Fletcker'. Castoria is e^teciallj pre ­ pared to relieve Infants in anna and Giildrcn all ages of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising thero from, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids tht assjmilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. To avoid imit a tions, ahnqrs look for the signature of Absohrtelv Harmless-No Opiates. Physiciaiis e v er yw h e r e reconaaend it BALDNESS MEN TOO have been jodldng far aometimis that will grow HAIR on a BALD HEAD. H mw M to to rORST*8 Origtoal Bare-to-Eak grourg hatrand wffl gsve what ^ha ve. iCa a wockfa sen- H. FOR8T, hUg. Soottdalo, Pa.

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