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ManliaMet News for Mbnhesset MANHASSET MAIL MinKasset^s Only ^ I f. VOL. 1. NO. *. MANHASSET, NASSAU CO., N. f., FRIDAY, JULY 16, 1927 PRICE FIVE CENTS 3 Hint When Runaway Truck |C B. O ’ CONNELL Careens Down ^bAassdi^ tffll TOPS UST AETNA AGENTS Four cars Damaged in Mad' Plunge of Gi^nt; Brakes Fail to Hold. i Many live# were endangered while i scoree ran for safety at noon Wed-1 nesday when a giant seven-ton truck ! loaded down with concrete building j blocks, came careening down Man- j basset Hill, already clognd with : New York traffic, and finally ended | its wild race by leaping across the, sidewalk on the weit side of the I Turnpike and , plunging headlong j throc^ a platb glass window into ' a vacant store, after injuring three ! people and doing da m age to four | automobiles whose drivers found it j impossible to avoid the onrushing vehicle. That more people were not hurt was a miracle, according to^ Motor- I cycle Officer Ralph Norris and i I^trolmen Dredger and Moore, who ' were on the scene almost immediate-1 ly after the crash. The injured were | Max Frank, of 32nd street. Beech-1 hurst, wtho was driving an expensive i sedan astd Viola and Lillian Lorch of 93rd street. North Beach, who were passengers in a smaller car.| Pelchsr Escapes Injury. Francis A. Pelcher of Manhasset, by dirft handling of his runabout, managed to swerve his car from the path of the plunmng truck, though his car was gTazea b^ the truck and was damaged to some extent. Max Frank was the most seriously injured, suffering a deep gash in the forehead, a fractured wrist and seve Name of Snedeker Left Out of Piiper; ^ Mail ’ s First Error Apologies are extended to Charles Snedeker for the leav ­ ing out last week of his name from the directory of officials of the Town of North Hempstead printed on page eight. This was purely an oversight that the editor reerets and was one of those things that seem bound to happen. Mr. Snedeker is very much the BLeceiver of Taxes, no one will deny. And to show just bow grave tf»e error was, atten ­ tion to it was called not oi^_ by oflkials connected wiUrtM Town of North Heinpstead, but also b ” Miss Helen Franke, assistant Town Clerk of the Town of Oyster Bay, who never misses anything. The editor thus had the distinction of be­ ing “ called ” by two Townships in one dsy. Incumbent Officers Re-ele<3t-^ ed to Serve for Ajiofber Six-Months ’ The Exchan^^ub of Manhasset enjoyed a uiMessful half year for the six,m^ths period just ended, accotrding to the report of Secretary _ Dafiiel O ’ Connell, read at the Club ’ s Aetna life Insurance A^nts for all regular luncheon at Durand ’ s on L L IS MECCA FOR TOURISTS ral contusions. The Lorch girls suf- . .. fered lacerations and contusionB. All iGOOd KoSdS Sincl oCeniC At- _ ^ >.1 ’ • J .. J i tractions Lure Greater of the mjured were rushed in other automobiles to the office of Dr, Louis , A. Van Kleeck, North Hempstead ; Turnpike, where they were given emergency treatment and their ^ wonnds cbessed. The trudk was the, pr^erty of Crowds Than Ever. The fame of Long Island ’ s j^d roads and scenic attractions is bring' of .New Norris was White, was Hyde P®A. tourist guide of the New York his asBii^nt, C^pbell i Automobile Club. Mr. Raynor asserts IS VilliuM.. Neither ------ . ---- ^ received at ever before in tiie hir^tS^long the truck protMting ttem when organization and that' - plunged through the storefront. ' • * ---- r — — Brakes Fail to Hold. Nortki explained that he noi soon after beginning descent lotted of Jthe hill coming from the New York: di ­ rection, that his brakes were not catching hold because of his heavy load. Me managed to get the truck mto low gear but this availed n«th~ in g, h e said. ^^thout the use of his brakes be was.uhable to stop behind cars that had i stowed up in front of Mm and he fonnd it impossible to steer be- tweet the cars going in his direction afad those approaching from the other wuy. The crash in which the truck and four • cars were involved was the result. The small car in which the two Lorch i^rls were rid ­ ing was- carried alone in the path of tile truck and was pushed into the stor^ront. ahead of the, truck. The' police are conducting an in- veetigataon. people from far distant points _ continually coming to Long Island ed “ It must be that the grood work e done by the Long Island Chamber of American Likes His Home And Stays In It, Survey Shows A composite picture of the average urban American home of today reveals an up-to-date establishmrat, occupied by' a small ' family, which likes its home and stays there, says the Literary: Digest after a two- year study of 11,282 homes. Although about two-thirds of the fismilies owned automobiles they -were for the raoat part stay-at-homes, regarding mot ­ oring as a form of out-of-door reerdation''-ratiter than a diode of travel. Almost half said they made onhr seasonal, pleas ­ ure itripa. while 40 per cent mord made practically no please- ure tripi Despite the enthusiasm 'with which raiBo has been received, the average family still ad ­ heres to the phonogi^h and the piano for its music. Not four in _^n had radios, whUe nearly si*'in-ten_hai|-,'lSl>o®o* grapk and about half pianos. Comhierce in broadcasting the fine conditions on Long Idand is bring ­ ing results, ” said Mr. Raynor. “ Cer ­ tainly it is true that we have in ;n- crease of travel that can be account ­ ed for in no other ■way. ” Completion of several of the local highways in various pai^ of Long Island has added materially to tiie travel facilities for tourists as ■well as for residents. DAY TO auction MANHASSET LOTS Sale of Preperty OvprlookiBir EUy Win be Held Here oa Sat ­ urday, July 23. An important auction of Lcaig Island property directly on and over­ looking Manhasset Bay on the North Shore, ■will be Held by Joseph P. Day, auctioneer, on Saturday, July 23. ■The North ' Shore property, con ­ sisting of 311 residential lots, cenn- prises the property nearby Port Washington, known as, Manhasset Bay Estates, at the Shore road, and adjoining the residential colony known as Port Washftvgjton Estates. The preperty has 600 feet of pri ­ vate beach for the exclhsive use of the residents of Manhasset Estates EXCHANGE CLUB REPORTS MANY NEWACnVITIES -ii- Manhasset Insurance Man Wins Coveted Goal for All U. S. and Canada. Word reached Manhasset this week that Charles B. O ’ Connell, of Great Neck aad •brother of Thomas and Dan O ’ Connell, of Manhasset, has reached number one position among ^ge of the United States and Canadk^ in volume of life insurance written since January 1 of this year. Mr. O ’ Connell ’ o'^record gives hhn an epvi§iile^position among life in­ surance agents all over the country and gives them a mark at which to aim. Mr. O ’ Connell has been selling life insurance for the Aetna for about a year and his ascendency to the head of the agent ’ s list is believed to have been accomplished in about as short a time as. it has ever been done in the history of the business. Mr. O ’ Connell concentratijs on Manhasset and Great Neck for his business, thoiwh his territory em ­ braces all of Long Island. He has written policies for such well-known people as Ring Lardner, Josenh P. Day. J. Edward Breuer, Sam Harris, Oscar Skaw and Herbert Swope. ,s SAYS GUIDEBANKS SEEK INTEREST ON REFUNDEDTAX County, However, Claims It Has No Funds for the Purpose. - Fred Ingraham, deputy count> attorney, rem.rted .to the Board of Supervisors Monday*, on the matte * of the bank tax of 1921-22. The tax WM repealed and all banks in the received their money back. The County paid back all bank taaes held* illegal by the higher ‘ courts lor the two years the banks pkid it Id, and recently the question of also paying interest on the tax ■was subhnitted to the supervisors by the Nassau County Bankers Associa ­ tion. County Attorney H. Stewart Mc- Knight 'Reported that there are no funds toccept the county ’ s surplus with ! wkich to pay the interest, should the board decide to do so. Supervisor G. Wilbur Doughty jde- clared\ Ihe board is not justified fti taking the funds of the county to pay the interest. The board hasi lived us to every agreement with the banks to pav back taxes, he said. The interest in question is for the period ijiat the county held the back bank tape, from the time of the de ­ cision of the Court of Appeals to the data of the return payments. Chief Abram W. Skidmore- of the Tuesday. Not only is. the treasury of the organisation in a healthy con ­ dition but many activities devoted to the welfare of Manhasset were re ­ ported. The incumbent officers were unan ­ imously re-elected to serve another half year term, having been nomi ­ nated to succeed themselves by the nominating c-immittee of which S. M. PoweO was the chairman. The officers of the club are Dr. WiBiam P. Semon, president: Charles Snede­ ker, first vice president; Owes P. Kennedy, second vice president; S. M. Powell, treasurer and Dan O'Con- nel, secretary. Boanl of Coatrol. The members of the Board of Con ­ trol were re-elected as follows: GSo. 0.' Linkletter, J. W, Eagleson, Dr. C. M. Nlesley, Samuel J. Benstock and John B, O ’ Connell. Ten of the members will attend the outing and field games of the Exchange Club to be held at Hunt ­ ington, July 2t), under the anspices of the Metropolitaan Council of the club. Dr. C. M. Niesley is chairman of the committee in charge of this excursion. One of the signs erected by the club on Shelter Rock Road aad ex ­ tending a welcome to visitors to Manhasset has mysteriously diash- peared and the clnb went on record as offering $25 reward for the arrSst and conviction of anyone who bXd a. hand in its disitol>e«rance. Charles -nedsker and Ma^n Schenck were appointed a committee to confer with the Chief of Police on the matter. To Carh Spoodiag. OlEARY NAMED AS PI OCRATT \Newly Formed Club in Man- ha^t Holds First Meet ­ ing in Community Hall. The newly orgnnixed Democratic Club of Msnhssant held its Irst formal meeting Thursday night in Community HaU and elscted oCews and a Board of Governors for the ensuing year. About SO attended to eniloTse the club and offer their sup­ port to the organiutien in Manhas ­ set. Martin P. O ’ Leary waa elected president, Daniel O ’ Conneli, secre­ tary; Frank Pekhmr, treasuresj and John C. Hehn, financial secretaiy. The foUosrin'^^ were named on the Board of Governors : Michael J. Dor ­ an, David B. Alien, ^Miaaa O ’ Con- nell, Mrs. Nellie Coek,\ Richard A. Allen, William H. Cbe^r aadi'Mra.- Alice Sssith. The speaker of the- evening sms Thomas Cuff, of Hempstead, , and former Asaistant United Sta^s :Dist- rict Attorney, who spoke pn'' the principles of the Democratic \darty. Tlse date on which the next ip<toting is to be held will be aanonneed ^ter. PUBLIC AIDED BY ACimHES OF R.E. BOARD .ificlair local residents that busses frepi out ­ lying points to New York over ^orth Hempstead Turnpike were traveling at an excessive rate of speed through Manhasset, the Club an ­ nounced that it had received from Chief of Police A. W. Skidmore ^ letter saying that the matter ha ‘ been referred to the attention More Than 100 Buyers Call To Verify Responsibility of Subdividers. The Leaf Irinad Real Estate Board ’ s Subdivider's Division Ims had occasion to prove it is ih earnest concerning the code of ethics re ­ cently adopted, even to t^ extent of protecting the public from ques­ tionable schemes and unethical prac ­ tices of concerns who are not mem ­ bers of, the Board. As the result of a recent an ­ nouncement that the public might make- use of the board beadqusurtern for information about existing Long . , Island developments, more than IM ; buyers have called upon the Long Island Board during the ’ Island Board during rify toe tost three Capt. Beckett of the Motorcycle Di- monthk to verify the responaibilitv vis^ for action. . , . subdividers and their ability to ” f\>*>««*»P!carry out the terms of their con- of 30, finding ttie following: Sam- tracts. The service brought a hura- eul J. Benstock, Ernest Blaich, Don- her of victims of free-lot schemes aid Couper, Rene Durand, Dr. J. W. ; to the board offices and as » result Dinsmore, John W. Eagleson, Milton i of investigations join Hi^ok, Edwin Jahngen, M. C. Ken- j with the Tffiie *of ^vin N. Edwan nedy, Gwen P. Kennedv. George O. ' Linkletter, Dr. C. M. Niesley, Daniel , r«i unm unaiiigg wer.} ohr 0 l^nnell, John B. O ’ Connell. Lea' tained for buyers from the free-hit R. Talbot, Patrick J. Morgan, Maitin O ’ Leary, Bernard Ornstein, Martin operators. In seven cases in which the com- bcnenck, l>r. W. P. Semon. Clarence plainants had contracted 8b tv » w « H. Smito, S. M. Powell. Charles S»wd- toUI of $11,200, the moneys paid ow eker, V. H. Tibbetts, Dr. L. A. 'Kan i contract were recovered in full. In Kleeck, Arthur Wright. Charles ,K. jail cases it developed that, where the Fox, Dr. Harold Buttman, Percr- L. ;free-lot bait was used, the prices of noag and Dr. T. J. Evers. a the lots were exorbitant in suite of county police recommended that Dr. Benjamin W.\Seaman, now serv- nuag ana ur. i. w. r.vers. s tne lots were exorbitant in suite at JI5, s'S ------ ; iS. '>'• '>»'■ ?e',S “ \Thf?'.m “ \ ‘ .Sr\p “ iidSd JAPANESE BEETLE LISTS.* for under the amended county po- jg UND£R CONTROL concern but through a T J T T c -.L i hi^-pressure unethical selling out- Cemnty Judge Lewis J. Smith ; --------- fit upon the statement that an intep- asked the board to anrioint a ^ro- i ^ . „ g j builder would purchi^ the en- ®*s ‘ stant nrobatiou office , ^ ’ ^• ‘ tire block and her l«te at a profif. until the examination hst is prepared. , That Paruita Will Extermi- In fact, she was actually intrt^uesd The State Probation Dep^ment rec- . Or«d Ia.«et to the builder. After putting up a .ommendi-d two, but Jadge Smith I total of *405 she iMnieii shac svl and an entire block in ^centre of isaid one would be sufficient at this | ------ self-styled builder was a fri^d and rwentlyltima* pe request wm grant^. , The dread Japanese Beetle which accomplice of the salesman, in fact. Board^gave out Mveral road spells doom to vegetation and'another salesman in the same contracts. A^ndrews Bros. were:which has defied the best efforts of brokerage office. Upon expl-iining the property ■wits by the Port Washington School Board for improvement with a school and recreation, ground, iip additilqq to which the owner* are selling Huts subject to their guarantee to install roads, •water and electricify. J. Ed ­ ward Brener, of Great Ni^k, is the agent for the owners. DEMPSEY IN CAMP. the was Williston partment. \W) .re-eldcted Chief. orpitf^d Village of is raoi^mtoing a- fire 'Wm. bns Dempsev commences to thrill fans. TiUie ‘ Kid ’ Henana, ■who Dempsey ’ s mate tost year, is one of the sparring pastaers at present at the Sj^ Italian Jaek-Hermdn bad to be lifted out of the ring and assisted to a restoration qmt, uso Pietro Corri, Anstrian heavyweight, ^d to be lifted out of the ring, 1 mhrate of real action being snflkieae for him. Marto Burke, Dsve Maive, Saaon Leon Labriola, and Allentown Joe Cans comprise the renuinder off die training squad. a^arfed the contract ^o improve j entomological experts to bring about ' the misrepresentations involved the Willis avenue, from the its extermination is at last being development coi^ern, altbeugh not Turnpike at Mmeoto. to the Eato Wil- brought under comtrol and will evdn^ • a member of toe Boa^. readily l****iu ually be ■wiped out. according, to^ in- ' agreed refund the.monevg paid. to toe North Hempstead Turnpike,-formation received in Manhassel by ------------ o ------------ ^ - ....•i, ----- Kenned}*, real estate on- L- I. Chamber Igguea • ^ “ For Tears th>^ Keefje r<r,T,t.iA Book foF Hoiueseekcrs at Rpslyn, .with reinforced gutters f Martin C. Kenned}*, and concrete pavement and dkains. erator The bid was $168,536. Andrews Bros, also won tne con-lautoorfties. ” said Mr. Kennedy, tract to ironrove the Rqrfyn-Mineola fin the meantime grass towns : years the beetle nuzzled the '.fnthqrfties. ” said Mr. Kennedy, “ and Information of real vak:- to and'who seek home sitea. o r tom ---- The Ttcreation on Long Istoad.Vis with ram- ; experts found nothing that ironld tained in ‘ . . , . — ...... - , -- — meantime grass TMd. from the I. U. Willets ^ to | other garden growth suffered, the Albertson Pond road, — ---- ... ■'^Lony Mend. thr^mSto? h S Sirs*-.** urth annual out- .. Ksunedy bceaiae intdrestol 1 in | distributed without charge at &e 2£ Ling Island Chamber, at 20 Wsat 34th straet. New Crty^teitv^ he mailed upon reccipk. ClubwiH bold its fourth annual out-i... ... , _ ing next Wednssitoy. Thrac busses \*•*** ***<^ efforts toward kto.de- wu! take the CItab sseabers to Rock- fatruction whea the insect began ta away Beach. i cause ^derastatimi to veget ati on ’ Long Island a few yean ago. J

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