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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, April 08, 1961, Image 9

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usUflt I m I >adiei to n '« r«rtK I te T(wi I tt concd 1 ^ «Mne i1 R^pukC- d F a m i i U'tUe's I dediiM I 1 in 3 1 u U> tke y ------ -------------- -------- -------------------- Nassau Contest _tC W O ISL A M W A m i C . NASSAU tllT IO M ■ ' pi«rtM>ft ('ham b w Pi Ci— iim r<i Aroocti ln > r * ' ttr r r i I* Hpinmor the Mhw N m w «hW «IU ro M l to a - New Y«rti « . » , Jfei fti***^ \ ..... rMltMki. Wm AM thin N mmii «.wniy «•«»« i C*«*- or«»nii«Hon »iH be !■ FreepeH 6m 8«(- ^ ^ on n>errhai^ and fciinini winniji In r|L p n , kto for oontentania and tfckodn fnr tlio Satiiniiy, M*y f6, a t the Freeport Sen- tn this proierl widek « m feel h H a ^ and hope th a t Jpmr Interest w HI adPlisfO^d mn«» -~«.e^-w w~. «rw * in the Journal need on the a l | ^ Presbyteiian'Youtli Spend Venf Busy Week The .vounji lolk o( th« K i„, Presbyteilm Chuuh. Kr<»i»rt wound up iin Easter u ivk ol artlv- ities by attending a performanev ol -My Fair U d y ,\ in Majihut tan, last nlyhi. To *iai1 the week a group of 36 members of the Junior High FeUowship attenrtetl an afternoon voI!f \!*' perlonnance ol the circus in Mad I '>■ *< 10-« A M. be- Ison Sauaie (inntan a « .„ Apiil 12lh at N.Y, and remained through yes- let day. In addition to clean-up work and Fellowahlp members had a progr am «1 recreallon and Bible study. The quartet com­ prised Sandra Conrad. Corrrlney Teats. John Critmon and Keith Inglls, and w-aa the largest ol any delegalion (tom the 9<t churches In the prwbytery. The Rev. Rich­ ard 'S. Watson, associate pastor. ii youth advrsor lor the Presbv lery. A nine rveek course on \Under- starrdlng the Dlbie“ will be given I Z v ^ “ \ g u e ^ ^ ’^ , \ ' 1,^” Flying j n . rrldrrt. Sincerely yow a, .1. NORMAN U K K FreeporS iN aaaher of Cosm eree Ifmers Extend Coverage IM Shore Villages m (i Women Voters 6f Baldwin is now the a Voters of the Town of Hempstead, South” ^ itv prog]am to cover six south shore com- ■ Uhooie, .Merriclt. Freeport Oceanside, Roose- iina She change w as approved unanimously at lanial meeting ^ ■a* be iNe to fake* ^ 'lying Z«pd>inl5. the young folk and their advlKors wore taken behind the •cones and given an oppoi iunUy I * the piece* were lo meet the performers, see th o P T ^ ^ ^ L \ ^ ® \ * - circus animals and learn how t h e ! tells you acts get into the three rings. \ “ PfiMtttn Uwt etiect [ H erbert Krieihnan of Rooeevcll Mt I d the Tovsn!and Mrs. Paul Corwin ol Bald- -tnd particular !,v um . directors. » v t C said Mrs. ^ ------------------------- k d Freeport, R pnjret next Mil (im study ot the ,Coiillnu*i Inim Page «) ’ was a paint, or aa a sales- flK lank added. Wc “ . .r ” t First Pros Another group ol four mem- bera of the Senior High Fellow- •hip Joined with delegations from other schools in the Brooklyn-' Nassau Presbyterian in helping to prcpaie the Presbyter's youth camps lor the summer. They left town last \ Sunday lor the Red Gale Farm in Dutchess County. how to get rich hasn't the time to tell you why he didn't ■ tH y 't n « w « r Shop Funeral | > i l | n i CersafM* WaihUnoa BouquaH Plants 3T3A N a s sau Rd. ReaaavaW la y o r Ni«M — PR M i l t . . t fi ^ BEHER BUSINESS Boat Canvas CHAMPION SAILMAKERS 195 Hudson Ave. FReeport 8-1818 OPEN 24 HOURS DAIU^ \W h e ra All G o o d Boatm en & nsherm e o M eet” Head of W o o d e le ff C a n al FR t.tS 2 3 M man for tha lirm put It, a \coat- ** pigmented with aluminum. \\ J h e s e - and several other die e _ _ , ciepancles In the otter. Including caused the Bureau to request •iflcen are .\h.v. ihe advertiser to discontinue the eaw of Fre.p I * ol RiW An automobBe dealer Just hap- ■ Mr». P.thert - peng,] ^ave 61 c a n to r sale i ' *' 'he 1961 rood- 1 V *''* '**'* e™olng oil the aasem- ® lines. He ran an ad featuring Mr.. I 61 „ „ T h , a g g investigator Ik '<> shop the o tter was anuued wbeB- told by a salesm an that the otter was for a quai> thy of 61 used 1960 cars. The ad was dropped by the dealer alter being contacted by the BBR These are only a lew ot the lines covered, indlcsting that It rs always wise to be cautious be­ fore falling ' tor misleading sd- re.-tiiing.\ DESIGNERS AND M A N U FACTURERS OF CANVAS PRODUCTS For Boats and Business FREEPORT CANVAS PRODUCTS CO ., INC. 325 S. MAIN STREET F R d e p o rt »-06<3 pTdak snl Mrs H. » « r» i » n . M,, elic. Social - I ; '. Homework . -r. t - “ ' B«ilirig ten. « : E>K;. ^ • \ d u r : M.A r» »»1S*. WE ARE NEW! READY TO SERVE YOU! Sale of New & Used Cars RICHARD CHEVROLET \Tfi« l « s f in Snrvicn\ A u thorlind C h n v roitt Sal«t & S trv ict Dealer Eatt SunrlM Hwy., Oppotita Naw Train Station * H teep e r t 8-5510 Semo Familiar Fact* Somo Naw Facat With Tho Sola Purposa To Sarva You Baftar oL‘'/S £ ! .\4 r r j s K A C s d r t f : ^ 7 « N . * * * • « - ' FRUPDIO 9-Z36J ' needf . d gram >..r Pertna- .-r *1- Send r... - r- MATIC: b ^ ^ ’iCE. F a P \ \ ' » H w y . F : . . _ ‘ Street. : . iBvidr Hrkr.-.j fj ^ ' V a . !a . 1 2 * ' ••ebt h-.c- • W . He.r p. Subscribe--2 Yrs. *2 Farctary Coarmateed Paris Establlihed 1934 A T L A S A r c o r d i a n g \c a d e iiiT AM P o p a lar lasfm m c * ts Toaqlif JA 2 Z ■ POPULAR . CLASSICAL B a n d P r u g r a m s — E itperienced T t a c h M Profeasional R e c o rding Studio on Prem isos F« 1 .5 9 3 0 2« CKurefi S t , F r s o p o r t Bill Layton, D irector SfA BREEZE Pool of M iller Ave.. Preeporr O tto K o n i, prop. a OPfN AU YEAR ROUND a i:- -T- Ezccprional Sea Food \TVorthy ot Chir Lmmting R ^ a tA tho\ K n o w n for —* Atmoophcrc - Courteoua Servka —' Scaaibia Prkes (Than •BLcruuuaf raJoad cUaat or for yoo' owB pitMora — Oina at 8aa Breeaa r*<Ulti«a far Pr^ata Partioi PHarpart LM7I law a ^ —- »mall i NEW L Y ENLARGED QUARTERS O^arroll's SheH Setvin Statioo M. Brand Auai R Drand Tarraea _ _ __ BAIdwin M777 Aa»a Ra^alrs, LafcftaaMaa //////f n ///.^ UiN WHY w r STOFM AT TOM O'SHAtfOHMSSfrS MIDSHIP h U h W %. O rava Sfc r— Fraaparf T o t M A y M r 340*4 .C-

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