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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, March 25, 1961, Image 5

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.rch » . 1 „ , USHEt 0 ■ traWaiM^I L.i«rita». M . 1 W L O W ISLAND GRAPHIC, NASSAU E im O N Wy> , !< « . I m A ] until ts wti tal twd T)tt a 4( a on«,« M turn, lie A i the t n.*niel rs v t s i«ly ( inHe^i 1 n het b 4 n Sunday in fte Churches iScWoss Made life Member \ OUepn Post in Freeport M P ^ n Sunday £ntfausl- p ‘ ii the tide ^^locted by the {f. Dr. Jc*n L Latshaw,-pastor/[ ' eenuon at the Freepor|i Mdlsi Church tomorrow at $ iJi- Child care ivU] be pio- ■Brf la the parsonage tor babies [to I ytat* of age and in the »ufth Scftooi nursery depaH- Iftt fiom 3 to $. At 4 PM ^ the liof, youth and chancel choirs 9 pmem John Stainer’s Gaster I, 'The Cracifuion.\ ji f Thui'iday service wOl be ,T » . cbolr o t the First Baptist Church, Freeport, wlU a h tf *Tbe Crucifixion/by ^ h n Stainer to- ^ Schloss. . charter m em b er ef WUlUm ( S n to n S to,? H. l.d«ch, wiU ptMch on nhe*P o s L A.L., of F r e e p o r t tn d its fourth commander, having King's OUtt.\ The week praaet served in 1922, was presented a gold life-memhership card at . heia Wednesd ay I the semi-mon\-’ --------- - ---------- - -----------------“ »t 8 PA«, « r t . Good Friday Krv-1 ^ k t also at 8, A t ' Q irtft Lutheran Church, Freeport, thw e wia be Holy Com­ munion tomorrow a t 8 A-M-. Sun­ day School at 9 A. M.. with In tbe'ranciuary T h u r a ^ y j ^ , ^ ^ «gaidg*.jad another at > A. Edward Couch, r i l the First Preabyterian muA «t Freeport, has chosen f t e adi}c^ of his Palm Sun- r Mimba at idenncar9:80 and; 0 AM. ter^'ic«. “Admirers Of Church School class- te held as usual at 9:30 1» UiOdA.M. There wUl be chUd e ft heiU service* in Westmin -1 House. Two outstanding^ ^ Triuniph and Defeat\ and 1 a Doubf' wUl be shown 1 7:30 to M;30 i'.sM. The Com­ m i t confirmation class re* ilwill beheld at 6:30 P. M. kiniurUon Sen'iues will be held ^ndjf Thursday, and Good Frl* f M 8:15 P-M- The presentation was made b y ! another past coenmand^r, C. How­ ard Laraon, who called Mr. ScMosa the dean of past com­ manders. remarking he had paM dues for 43 years. He referred to Ihe tact that the recipient ol the gift as a lawyer, had done much for the Legion during Its early In reply Mr, Schloaa said hte work had been a labor of loL-e and he got a great deal of pleasure out of It. Ifefore the meeting, Mr. Schloss was given a dlnnei) In the Freeport Mvior attended by 15 other past commanders and Com- films wtU be distributed a t the munity Church of the Naz- ne, Freepott, tomorrow at the • AM. ser\ .ce. The pasttor, I Rev. Edwari A. Levin will |ach on ‘Thy King Commeth.\ ' jetmonetfe for the junior |rcb vUl be dc’lnerod by Allan n Whose topic wiU be '‘That’s «L' At the 7 F.M., service |sung and praiAe. a Christian . ‘Beyond « Doubi\ will be The young people will 'SA in Easter play at the mid- 10:45. l u r i n g Holy Week servic­ es will be held M o i^ y and Tues­ day at 10 A., IL. and 8 P. M.. Wednesday, 10, 3:Sp and 8, Maun­ dy TliuradaF Holy Communion at 10 and 8, with services Good Friday at-the same hours. Palm Sunday services*will be held in the Community Church (ttefonned Church in America) Baldwin, tomorrow at 9:30 I l l A, M . with . m^non by ^■ R e v .ja»teT h o m « J .m « on t h , ' Mr. Larson past presldems were Henry J. Krani, W. Wallace Guest, Eldward C. McCormack, \The Holy City” by Adams, and the choir will give “Lift Up Tour Hands,\ from Handel’s \Mes­ siah.\ Maunday Thursday st 8:15 PJ4., there will be Holy Com­ munion with a meditation by the pastor. His theme will be “A new [ commandment l.give unto You. that ye may love one another.’’ There will be an Easter Dawn service at 6:30 A.M., at Silver Lake Park. Baldwin. Stones Will Cry O u t\ Howard R o b eru will sing -u a tenor solo. Frank D. Curley. Henry C. Dun- ker. WUIlam Snyder, l^nneth C Vought. Oscar PulU. Frederick ways. W. Ba'tchet, W. RuMtU RwUlrtd. E. Blair Ltcence, George H. May- ties. Beitedlci P. Clara vino and John E. Carlin. Hero Presented Medal At the opening ol tho meeting Past Commander Claravlno pre­ sented a medal to Edward D o w , a Legionnaire snd Freeport elec­ tric meter reader, who on Dec. 30. last rescued two boys from drowning at the risk of hU Ute In the pond -off ■Lekeview Ave., Freeport. Girt Scottta GcA Flag There was a third presentation. | : a 50-star American flag io Gtrli Scout Troop 212. whlA meet»| Tuesday nights In the Bayvdew' Ave. School, Freeport. This pres- enlstion was by Past Command ■ er Maynes. Ife said the Legion' had always stood for pstriotlsm 1 which It prom ot^ In various j ii YOUR CAR IS I HERE AODY OLDS 268 No. M.)in Si. Freeport FReeport 8-1440 r i ■) <; -■ M So* • £ m f bU > fi % f o t T t W. M w r t ^ H i . F » » p o r t ELK8 IM l CHABrrV BALL Pt-AffNED FOR TOKIGBT NEWLY ENLARGES QUARTERS O'CarroU'j Shell * Service Station 4 A . jmmmmaammmmmmk.<i . N. Grand Ava. A Grand Tarraca EAldwin 3-7777 Auta Rapairs, LuAricafian The 1961 Chartty BaU of Free -1 . port Lodge B.PJ>. Elks wlU be; ^ ?r«yer meL-iing Wednesday | clubhouse tonight at 7.34 P.M. Good Fridjy at T : 3 0 j j .^ George W. Bems. a trustee’ ».ttiete^iih bf 4ii upper room , i, chairman of the :a’4«on service. 1 committee of irrangemenu. He and Exalted Ruler Benedict P. CUravino this week extervJed an Invilation to the public to attend the event. Music will he supplied by Vlctoc'a Orchestra. ^pt. William J N'jfih wUl i « the F reeport Salvation • 75 Chur:h St.. Freeport, t .U A M,. on \'nirQ^mh | a of Splendor ' The SundSy I »fll meet 4C 9.45 A. M.. ■’ill be in evening serv- l « 7:6. Holy Week sendees ^ ^ held Monday. Tuesday, foy and Thurid'y at 7:30 ' *al there v,u )>« ^ rarvw at n A M. ipaoiahsk«f In Outpoint Ploaao call FR M ilt In advanoo for qulolt SfMcUl L»Beh*)i»-I>fn»*« •anouote A Fartloa Aeeewmedetoa PREC PARKiNd IN REAR Proceeds of the charity ball lu^p to swell the fund from wlucK donations are made to var iotta welfare agencies within the jurisdiction of the lodge. Only last week 815.000 was distributed among more than « groups. iTLAb ArcordiaH Acadeiwy a n F o p a l a r i R i t r — i m H T a B f l i t JAZZ ■ FOeULAI ■ CLASSICAL R*n4 Pr, 9 rwi» — Exf*ii«no«4 T»*th«ri R K w rdine SKiJI* •« P r « n 4 « t F S I . SV3S S i. f r t t p o n Bill [USTER ts and BASKETS WtCIAL A-ntMTlO#^ TO CORSAOeS THAT EXTBA cnM EXTRA SOMfOME IN TOUR L l« THe Petite Flower Shop iFOBJuuRM m a n nJtn n .J\ la

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