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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, January 28, 1961, Image 9

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J«nu»ry t t , tfil t o w tSLANt ORAWC, HXSSAU Hm ON y mit ;lory turing > wall \ J l : and 4^1 1* W j , Ss:iiot\i|'|| t and . e 1960 I ite;* P«i r«. Lindn X Trnttl >*The I ■e „ *ow been 4 flaar^'^ f**«r ap, both ^ by . resid«tu. I insthuti _ tiepoaiuj Aon, and | tely $120 I S p e M R a e V e NOMA L a . liiiiiiBiflii HamUN m nnb MOMtog 1 $ u t tatrnm>xm.uwm K *rrim * « t i y ifta i r . la A v id IE OUT Ktn Mt U t Ut S Yea Desire. Frankfiii Statue IMeil tmSth 25 Year of is Betii Louis DeMovs Mark AHttC A l j » U 4 W OFKNa KDINATIONAL C<kMJTAIGN ed an educational campaitn to in- loi m the puhUc of the acrvicea oft«i«d .hy the crganiiaUon. In- doctYlnaiiim teas art being held periodical^’ to accomplish this goal. MrO Robert Jiu'ick is the unit's president. Birdie* Under ih« wpervUion <»l Mr*.} j j , DeMov and th* tormer MIm president Mr. and Mrs. Louis D ^ o v . 63 W. Lincoln ^L, rraliport, celebrat­ ed their 29th wedding anniverssiy WedfMeday night by cplng to Manhattan for s u i ^ r and attend­ ing a pcrlormanca of “Bye Bye Ira'-i^lns* vice president in charge ol education, four such Teas have been bcKi sjnd more are planned. Anyone intetteted in AHRC workings, ^ o u ld contact M q . Robins. BA 3-3039. T. Ulkh, chatrm.ai ol tue bjsril. I’.'ftnkliD Nw [ WilUaM Eeckendorf, presMent, Webb A Knapp. Jnc.; . sculptor: and (K m . A. Hotly Patterson, Nassau lith-ew tu m on the combination miK^j store and recording studio. Ptb |marily the studio isbsad by. bd'| vertltofs waxing trsnscriptioniii 1 to be i<ecord^ over i'locsk radio, stations. The'’public use of the studio ^ appointment oniy. His studio is a busy one. open six days a week; M ond^ thru Friday drum iX AJL.isLi&Lt eve­ nings. On Saturdays, it it open from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Bom In Oyster Bay, he Is mar ried and now lives in . OardeiV Oty. He does some teaching him­ self. but HYOpt of it is delegated to a crew of six teachm who speclaitze in the instruction of specific instruments The atoTt also services Inafru- Shirley Davit were married ^ Jan. 25. 1996 in L>iihrook where they had purchased their home- They ipoved to Ftteport in 1939. He Is the proprietor of DeMov'si Wtioleaale Poods on W. Sunrise j 'H^hway. Freeport | I The J>Movs are members of Paps H im lUyiww Fimrmfi*-} frwf^rl PRESCRIPTIONS Temple B'nal larao). Freeport. ;\ng * Justice Lodge and Chapter, B’nal B’rlth. .She belongs to the Sister* hood of the temple and he is as active me>A^r of the Freeport Exchange C^b. * The coupl^ have three daugb- tern. UelM\. the wife of 'Selwjn Rose. Josni wife of Richard Hane> bih) and Eiesnor who Is engaged tb‘be married. norprion of the'SSth ^of B e n j^in Frank | monunientai statue; : unveiled oil Jan. ounds of t te Frank- ^ 'I Bank ■ Inulding. | held, at -the Intersec- ptpn and Old Countrj' was commissioned tZeokendorf, pre.sidenti of Webb A Knapp, Ino., develop­ ers of Roosevelt Field, as a gift to the bank and its rhairmmn of the board, Arthur T. Roth. . Partld^Ung in the ceromotues j^ S i^ llorh, 2«icendorf. ^ n . A. Holly Patterson,' M a ^ u 'County Ebcecutive, John R. Terken, sculptor, and Ray Heatherton. who acted as master of ceremon- Has Very Special At Atlas Academy fical bnginbbrinB and accordion playing may nof r compatible, but with Bill Layton thoy in fact sound rtonlous in forming tho backdrop for his Atlas Ac- cadomy at 26 Church Sf., Froaporf. pn, hoad instructor ai>d ownor of thei Acadamy, Nch background in both music and oloctronica.'^As a r both wore confral intorosts, prompting him to hitch ioarly ago, with a nombor of socitty and hotol bands. NEW TIME-SAVING! TROUBLE-FREE! TRANSISTORIZED! Stenorette^ PUSHBUTTON DIGTATIN6 TRANSCIHBINC MACHINE... traveling outfH led U<M> where he enroll- i lUniverslty of Houston;' In -- you guessed It — j I 5nglrx»«*r5ng; for min- Music. -epskin in tow he de- bttle down, but that Tvas \ to World War IL The beckoned him where I he found hknaelf • atwrdlon with a aer- ' over, he turned to re­ search for a music I own. Tn bst the,Atlas Acoordk/n I which not only provW- ftth his yeamed-fw music | 1 with a recorAng s t u ^ ]Pha* spare time he has. ^oTed to Unkerlog wttti I inatrumenta a» atn -out- hlf bitereat in alec* r war, be luu expert Htb a maober eteo at$ inctudbig Hie eJecfronlo accordion. His main Interest,, however. if Yo«r Funiifiir, Lttohs toH, Take ft f* HART-WILLOUGHBY Fumrfvro Rofinishors T93fl Pro f c» Pl0C* i r o ^ l f 33. N.Y, M e k m n 4 -« 0 2 0 b«M ^MwfSiiad bMar rapaw sole jiepieb «act tm psai- lisa. ivSrntmt sattisgi. *$et and fort^ vokm eostret. Ns lAss. NS vsrHHp pens*. * 219.50 U i f MO KtoNtUMi m umM»e>aa HeHtum & Stenorette* COMF6MKM atsadOM— o aowNsi W m n p / : ^ 1 HEN WHY HOT STOP M AT ' TOM O'SHAUdHKESSEY'S * MIDSHIP INN S. Oraye Sf. Tel. MAyfaIr 3-iOM F r e e f e r t \wrnilmtK4 a lacMii* »«~<W Call LV »4:W FOB FBKB DEMONSTRATION Rerrkk & Mowry, lie 2B7 BKOADWAY LTNBROOK, N. T. A n t i r t m IW J r r iM l A taM , Grand O ; ening CHINA ROYAL 1173 North a rond Aye. No. laldwln IVonhoe 5-Om _ PAIR VIEW SHOPPINGr CENTER - Finett Chlnete • American Dlthei Preporotf By Oee Of The rO Top Chefs In the Cevefry INDIVIDUAL and FAMI' Y DINNERS TO TAKE OUT! Enfoy A Cocktail with Your Meal Si»N OUR 6UEST ROOK AND GET A COMPLIMENTARY DINNER ON YOUR BIRTHDAY OPEN W-EEKDAYS . i . .. . ............. 1! A M to 11 p”M FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS ........ 11 A M to ,1 A M. SUNDAYS tod HOUDAVS .......... 12 Noon to II PM. YWt Owr O ther BeatooiTBwt* in fackawe Brb(Ms A rtowameeli :S:

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