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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, January 21, 1961, Image 1

Image and text provided by Freeport Memorial Library

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~ Mayo.r five a talk on the accompllshn\ents ol his· a&ttlnia- tratlon durin& ~e last lew yean. I I I keii:Ps young e~es b I Y~\ caa help protect prectoat eye~i&lrt ••• 1ritll ron !Jptlnt 1 For stu~y and rea ·n£ use at tun 100-wa« .. In ... Wl~tl ' - -1 ~ Ia ps that are b8 emt~t to $pread the fiPt £res art ,rlr.el ss ••• J Jiptia('ls x,euiVL I nJ ICIP AL ELECTRIC PLAJ~l 0~ FREEPORT \'- -· , Leo\ Fim~rman. N;than P. Zablow, Anailo Arnatull~ B~rd vy Anthony Chrtltopoulo!, ru~,-.t A.r. Hunzerlord, .Jolul M. COIUna, Mr. Cl&llello, Laura J n rum r~ man,.. J phlne ThomP\'n 11nd GeorJe Porter , All WI'Te elf!l:l:f'd y acelamatlon. • Alter Mr. Kellock hod nccl'pted he_ office of pret~ldl'nt, ~r. \!). gnv~ brle! pep talk. He xt p nted VIlla~ Trw tN Cebr e F;;l~rlt and Jullu.s ~lnt& • d I N w ron tructlon \Jd who lnt:toduc\CC tsyor CJack<>n . ..... .,, ... ,.tre 000, COSt Of an S4·Unll apart- The mayor poke O( lh(> 8CNlm• I men\ hou ... to ~ etectl'd at 99 pll.shmenr• ot hil admln! h\ftl1nn Ra all A-. F pol~. by the !Ol.ttlnlf .... .,., ha~e ml't tbr ·h~l· • Con.st:ructlon Corp. 1 I nge o[ lht' Renal sanre ln .J.'tc\- - - 'port du•ln' tht' put tol~ht y~ars . AllD TO ftE t:AJ, PLA.'II\l and wUI rontlnue to tlo Jo. lf ll!V· F Its P lNG OIOQ.L HEADS en the chanC\<-: W~ tutH• Tit\pt th In • mem~r o! the Frei!port talC 11\IP t lti low l cbh to any Board o! Education will pr..,..,nt first ria < village In . I report on \How the f'rwpott t). -------. - t:nder the provisiO!lS of an hopl S!Si.rd Pt. ns to Hire a 11ew A!ter th\ mcf'tinl! . th<' mayor Superjntend;>nt,\ to aucret'd Dr . told tilL rcpo er hP l)art arpo l nl· Freepoft Village Board at its meeting Ionn w. Dodd who r•·Hr~ f'Xt e<1 a nominadna commill•·• · ! ,.. , ,,). lunicipal Building. all property owners n the. suiTI!ner, at a meeting o! the Ctt Pd by • fr. Edwards to r<o<:<>mm e nd grade of tbeir bnd at ' a level that will preve he u.la· ~ Advisor)- Commltf~ tor Ed · 1 c,.OdirlatcA to aur·f\N'd h . m .... ·H a fi n c( water in stagnant pools Vlllage (toun&el KeMe E. ~caUon, Monday a1 :3& P . lof . , In ma)•or and Tru•tf'~ Th n do r,. 0 gh 1 ~ed ~~~t•'-' Village was faced · the problem ~:'l.iltle Theatre of lht' new F. L ng and Robert s . ~ I' L<'II.tn ~~ 1 Vou t exp a;,, W<l un:- • H. s. audlt<>r!um a omtnatlng \\\'' ' nt• n to he of lo lands in both southerly and nortll«lY PlaN tor the develapment of a hrl In a wrel< or o . • Community R~ree·nte !or lilt' n~f'llt was made of a d.latrlct also .... m bP announ r l'd . rnber hlp of I .50(1 Holt who ~<'(! 1n v•r · lollll wAyf at thf' dln~r W l' l o>: fra . JOIW'ph Q.lnn , M~ Ann'l I Am , Mn. Wtlham P'. Gt.eken. \'Mn . lcl.<'llnn Cord()f1, Mrs. JuU~ Mlntt , fr . Allr>4 LI-e, ta. Abnt'l' lAo\ · ), Mrs. a110n. rs M&J'ltt' H u ra~ Ira. Hov. ard Harrlaon. AI K\lllx'h. • t Patikfa

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