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- -.2 L WK AWAN NA PUBLIC LIBRARY L.A‘CK_A.WA.N=NA. H:E'RiA.L_'D TE R N s S5lEW: %(C1u<CT INFLUENCE‘ OF WEATHER ON HEALTH’ AND ‘DISEKSE Everyone knows of people who can predict a ‘change in the weather because rheumatic or previously in- jured joints ‘become stiff «and painful. but few appreciate that such changes affect the health and well-being 0! all. In the days be- fore ‘bacteria and viruses were prov- ren to -‘be the causes *D=-'N=mns- 233,12’; °’ 3§’;.'.’;2§T D\i\'n most of them were ‘believed to be due to climatic and weather conditions. Typhoid lever, cholera and other water-borne diseases and malaria, yellow fever and other diseases car- ried -by insects that breed in stand- ing water were ‘most prevalent in wet seasons. They were considered‘ to be caused by high -humidity, high atmospheric pressures and damp- ness. As it became ‘known that one ‘or another type of organism caused ‘such diseases, the members of the «medical profession paid less atten- tion to the ‘effects of weather on =hea‘ith. However, some attention is again being given to the in of weather on health and’-disease. It is known that in the north temperate zone, “c0ld5,\ sore throats, sinus iPETIElRi .=:sz§ .::=€::: \33:: ' 3:2 -==sss . .2=' .3- sire swish. ‘Or, it you prefer \! colors, make it in a soft wool crepe. Bax:-bara Bell Pattern No. 147928 1:\ dc- slghed ‘(or sizes 12. 14. 18. 18 and 20. Corresponding bust measurements 30. 32. 34. 36 and ‘:18. Size 14 (32) with short sleeves. bias skm. requires 1!‘; yardl 35-inch matter-lal. straight skirt 25.: yard: 5-I-Inch material. One-hall yard 35-.1nc’h material required lav dlckey collar. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEF-I‘ Room 324 Enclose 15 cents In coins for Panern No. ............ S1,-z,e., an IV, Wacker Dr Chicago Name Addrels . .?..........»M....;g..o..»o..~...»..o..:f ; All! MG _ ? ; 3 ANOTHER 5 g A General Quiz I ; 0--r»-rs-6»-r»-(~«<-t~«,m:-r~«¢\-6~€‘~t\vt*-€‘-O-0- 1. How many times was Wil~ liam Jennings Bryan defeated for the presidency of the United States? 2. Members of the Caterpillar club are what? \ 3, What is the weight of a base- ball? 4. The word Bible is derived from Greek and Latin words mean- ing what? 5. How many rooms are there in the White House? CAUSES «FOR JMILITARY REJECTION The relative proportion of defects that have been the principal causes of rejection at ‘local Army induc~ (ion ntntiomz 6. What is the meaning ofriposte! 7. Why are bells rarely used in an orchestra? Teeth . . . . 19.32% 8. What is the Japanese Em- peror Hirohito’s family name? 9. What is Canada’: oldelt province? Eyes. . . . . 13.25% cardiovascular System 6.18% Musculo-Skaletal Detects . . . 4.90% Mental and ‘Nmou: 10.48% Ears . . . . . 9.52% Hernia . . . . 5.28% BRAVO for the new i9i1houette—- shaped by this long. torso- molding top, low waistline and full, swirling skirt! 1! you are out to get the world by the tail you simply must have one of these dirndl !rocks—-and it is typ- ical of the young spirit of the times that you'll probably be your own dressmaker and turn out this style perfectly for yourself! Pat~ tern No. 1479-B offers nothing tancy—i-nerely that perfect but- ton-front top with its immaculate, snowy white collar, short sleeves set in with a smooth straight shoulder line and a skirt gathered on at a slinkily low waist. It's a dress for stiff fabrics, faille, ta or moire if you de~ 1. Three times. 2. Aviators who saved their lives by parachute leaps. 3. A standard baseball weigh: ounces. 4. Books (Biblia. after the Phoenician city Byblos, whence papyrus was exported). 5. About 50 rooms, counting kitchens, valet bedrooms and cor- ridors used as sitting rooms. 6. A quick, sharp retort. 7. Because of the length of their vibrations and the number of overtones. Bell sounds are gener- ally produced by a giockenspiei or tubular chimes. Lungs . . . . . 5.00% Venereal . . . . 4.44% Feat . . . . . 3.64% All Others . . . 17.99% infections, bronchitis and pneumo« nias are most prevalent from No- vember through April but the prob- able connection between the high in- cidence and the lack of ultra violet rays from the sun during these months is not appreciated. It has long been known that a stimulating climate, one in which weather and especially temperature varies greatly causes civilization to reach the highest levels. However. extreme changes have a detrimental effect, especially on the sick who may even be bene by constant temperature and weather condi- tions. For example, the individual who has a high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries bene from a constant fairly warm cli- mate and reacts badly to the marked changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Such an individual will often. consult his phy- sician when there has been a sudden and great rise in temperature with an equally abrupt rise in humidity‘ and barometric pressure and state that he feels much worse and is sure that his blood pressure is much higher than usual. But under such circumstances, instead of being higher, the blood pressure is often distinctly lower than it has been. This fall in blood pressure and the changes in the circulation and in cellular chemistry that result. is probably the reason that so many, under such atmospheric conditions, have \strokes.\ weu.,eo AND sew THE n_4. _ LIP 8. He has no family name. 9. Quebec. \'5 M DROE., Be sure to arrange the dishes cooking in your oven so that there is plenty of space between them and the food will brown evenly. colds’ watery misery and colds’ snuzy animus . . . Just two drops !_’nnctro Nola Dropnll each noatx_-ll nu d1rac_ted helps 8W8 thne cold tho air as cold clonud nasal bran}:- ing pasaagea open up—und air runben In in binding Bid. 250 buy: lam: lutinx sup- ply. Demand the genuine. economical Picture names should be select- ed to harmonize with the pic tunes for which they are intended, A teaspoon ol salt added to the water in which eggs are boiled makes them easier to remove from the shells. PENETRO 2335; Lipstick stains on linens and cotton can nearly always be re- moved by the use of warm water and mild soapsuds. Reason is the life of law; nay. the common law itself is nothing else but reason.——Coke. Celery leaves, sprigs of parsley and slices of onion may be used effectively and economically to season soups. Add the seasoning to the soup while; it is cooking and strain it before it is served. WIRE CONSTIPATION SLOW YOU UP *9 bowing: or Iluggish and £3: ho! n-in Is be: ac y on 6?\ ” you do in on'n do pl million; do-chew FEEN-A-MINT, the modem chewing gum lantivo. Simply chow FEEN-A- MINT belorn you go to bed—1lnep with- out being dinurbad-next morning not!“ thoroluh relief, holping you tool ow: nguin. full of your normal pep. Try HEN-A-MINT. Tutu good, In handy economical. A generous lwx Iupply . com only FEEN-A-MINT 10¢ These rapid changes in the weath- ' er conditions also have an effect on ‘ the healthy and seem to decrease their ability to withstand infections. Everyone knows that colds are more prevalent during a winter thaw with relatively high temperatures follow- ing abruptly on an unusually cold spell. Such weather is also “pneu- monia weather.\ More Raleigh Jingles Beginning the middle ‘M Jan- uary. Raleigh Cigarettes will again offer liberal prizes in a big jingle contest to be run in this paper. One hundred and thirty-three pr“i‘2§s will be awarded each week —- v. l7=i§L€15T:» _J- on '3/gfe 9 I CAN'T TELL w++nc+{- ' ‘PART ‘TO TAKE OFF To 1 mx rr AGAIN C ' \3. k.‘_\ ‘ ) I“ 5% « as-agél ~j , V \. T There are, ‘then, plenty of reasons for the development of aches and pains with changes in the weather; for your feeling blue and depressed in bad weather and full of vim, vig- or and vitality when the sun is shit)- ing, the weather cool, and the ba~, rometex‘ low. The cattle know when to leave their pasture, but a fooliah man ‘knows not the measure of his own appetite. WHAT, AGAIN? \I know I'm an old-fashioned mother, but I should like 10 know where you go,\ said Mrs. Slow: to her daughter. “Of course, darling!\ replied the girl. “Last night I dined with Lieu- tenant—-well, you don't know him, but he’: awfully sweefr—and we went to several places I don’: suppose you've ever heard of, and up at a funny little club, but I didn't hear its name. All right, mummy?” \Of courle, dear. I just like to know.\ LAST DANCE QUESTION BOX lend unuom to Dr. Nathan 5. Davin Ill. Wlnnclgkn. I!l‘.___(__E_x1_clggIW_t§_Vngll-nddreucd. __‘ Z‘ ( 2 \;.’3 .13 ’// Q.—-Will ‘buttermilk and lemon juice bleach freckles’! A.—ButlermlIk nnd lemon juice are Inn-mien and not very ence- tlve. Perhaps the new method of peeling lkln safely may he 0! help tor freckles. stamped envelope.) Q.—-Are boils caused by I virus, or some external cause? M. S. \I hear your son In back at col- xege.” “No-—-quarter-be Big Chief-—Now, daughter-, I want you to stop going out with that lu- est ! 01 yours_,.his rhumba dancc is a disgrace to the tribe. A.--Boll: are muully cnulod by 3 stlphylococcu, a lucterlum nnd not by A virus. Iloth urcuternnl CIIIIOI. 1' « z t ,.2¥ E». “A ‘Cg; *’ _.; 1 T , G 1- L _:_;l_’ J.) E . 3 I ‘ ’ *%:§EPg%za ; P p.w;W @ . O 2 W P ‘~(3:§3,2r:> C. M.B{’aync ’/// \ rd ; ..h'£'—— . . , byDR.NTHANS.DAVlS,l|l P O ‘P A CYCIE OF HUMAN BETTERMENT _- NV!-ZRTISING gives you new ideas, and also makes them available to you at economical cost. As these new ideas become more accepted, prices go down. As prices go down, more persons enjoy new ideas. It is 1 cycle of human ‘betterment, and it starts with the printed words of a‘ newspaper advertisement. JOIN rue cum: 0 man ms ADS

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