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LA;CK9AWAN=NA HERALD ‘F_eear of Public ‘Speaking Conquer-ed by Hom'e Study $3“ 4-‘: 22 -~% ;.?* ‘§?§:’f5a2:scna%t’ii§V:o*\ K K“ ;.l. “M~Y. ISN’T she :brave‘l” thinks ' the ‘timid: soul when an exa peienccd speaker shows nofea-I}. But we «experienced ‘public ‘speakers smile at this “vbra.very\ idea. In order to -be sure of your- -£’:«;«« cay VIRGINIA VALE !(Re1cnsed' by Western Newspaper Union») :CUNNING Na-ncy Walker .-is the latest Broadwayite ‘to- win ‘H'ol!lywood favor. Nancy’-s ‘busy at present with a featured‘ role in the stage success, “Best Foot -1?‘orwa:rd~,” and w.i=l=1 report at the Metro studios. when the cur-t,ai‘n ‘comes down on that d_‘el.i:ghtfu*l comedy, in which she -is making ‘her theatr—ica'=l debut. AILTN G HOUSE A bv Roaer/B. Whitman (© Roger B. whltman—WNU Servkza.) Want ‘to go into ‘the -movies, girls? The -best, advice 'wuu!d seem to be “Get a job as an airline steward- ess,” Max‘-y Sheppard is the ‘latest recruit who took that mute; she was taken of]? an airliner and given the =1ead role in Pete Smith's short, \What About Daddy?” Paint on New Galvanizing ANEIGHBOR of mine recently put up a galvanized metal -one-car garage that he bought -ready-made. He lost no ‘time in ‘painting it, and was much distressed at that within a; few weeks the ‘paint began to peel, Naturally enough he ‘blamed the paint; but in this he was wrong, for new galvanized metal ‘does not offer a ‘bond to any paint except a kind that is made for the job. In galvanizing, the metal sheets are dipped into melted zinc, which clings to the surface, and in hardening, forms a thin coat. In addition. the galvanizing becomes coated with e deposit; so that it cannot be -seen. Even so, it -has the effect of closing the pores of the zinc so that paint cannot form a bond. Un- less a special ‘paint is used the first step in painting new galvanized met- al should -be to wash it well with cider vinegar, which has the effect of destroying deposit. After a’ half-hour, the metal is‘ well rinsed with clear water. and then after drying. any good quality house paint can be applied with good results. Newly Lighted Fires Her Poise Awes -'I‘imid= Speakers. self, they say, you have only to learn to ‘be sure of little details. And those you can ‘practice at home. Ring in the New Year-—Bu -Style (See Recipes Below) -Robezrt -Benchley’s all set ‘to be ‘a busy man. A~1l.set for the role of a stage producer in Paramount's “Out of the Frying Pan.\ he discovered that he was also booked to be Rosa- Jun Iinnd up ihere, relaxed. nothing in your mud; to distract you-—and »givei'0ur 32:12:39 booklet tells how you can ‘practice to develop an easy. charming speech tech- nique. Teils how to prepare I Ipeech. jive: gample Ip€¢CheI. also rules of par- gnmeninry pmcedm-e. Send your or- er in: New Year Patterns TIHS WEEK'S MENU Brand new ideas lot a brand New Year! What better way to usher in the year than a ‘ , ‘\ table -laden with $5 , something really \ ' ‘, new, provocative '”' 4g and colorlul? So here's the menu and here are the recipes each with , a new slant that will put you as a hostess in the higher brackets for smart entertaining. Whether the buffet is New Year’: Bu ‘Platter of ‘Sliced Tongue and Corned Beef ‘Cole Slaw in Red Cabbage Assorted Bread or Rolls Celery Olives Pickles Jelly ‘Apricot-Strawberry Gelatin Mold READER-IIOMVI SERVICE 035 llul Avcmu New Your cuy Enclon 10 cent; In coin {or ‘your cap‘? or PUBIJC SPEAKING S 1.!‘- TA GET. Npmo ............................... ‘Fortune Cake Coffee ~ Mints and Nut: ‘Recipes Given scooped out red cabbage and serve at once. -Do You Like Jingle Contests? planned tor the eve be- Fruit molds lend tone to a buffet table besides ‘giving the guest: a sweeter type salad and thus satisfy. ing their appefite for fruit. Here‘: a truly delectable combination: ‘Apricot—St|'~awberry Gelatin Mold. (Serves 8) Pattern 7115. Beginning the middle o Raleigh Cigarettes are starting an- other series ot weekly contests for those who can supply the best last line to a jingle. Over 100 liberal prizes each week. Watch this pa- per ior details.-Adv. fore or the day itself, this menu-is designed to give you as little last-minute bustling as pos- sible, Just see that your table's set properly and the food cooked be- forehand. The combination will do its‘ stuff. Two meats that lend themselves especially for good-looking platters are tongue and corned ‘beef. Be- cause of their color, and tex- ture they can't be too highly rec- ommended for a platter such as I've suggested. Here's how you pre- pare them: HERE'S a lovely wall hanging that's fascinating to em- broider in soft colors. All the stitches are ‘er! easy. 0 A friend‘ of mine complained oi smoke coming from his when his tire was first. lighted, al- though the chimney drew freely as soon as the tire was going. The chimney is of stone, and built on the outside of his house. In cool weather the mass of masonry is cold, and so is the air in the naturally enough. When a lire is started, its heat in striving to go up the is required to move all of the column of cold air, and as this is a slow process, the resist- ance prevents the first smoke from escaping freely. instead of going up the flue, it is forced out of the tire- place opening and into the room. The remedy is a simple one; to twist a sheet of newspaper into a roll, to light one end of it, and to thrust this up the throat between and flue. This generates enough heat to start the movement of the cold air in the flue, and the tire can then be lighted without 9 sign of smoking. Sweating Water Pipes Pattern 7115 contains a transfer pattern I 3 picture 15-by 20 inches; illustration: t Itltches: materials needed. color chart. 0 obtain this pattern send your order to: ROBERT BENCHLEY 2 packages strawberry- gelatin 1 No. 2 can apricot ‘halves 1 No. 2 can pineapple pieces 4 cups water (juice from fruit to make up part of this amount) lind Russell's business partner in “Take a Letter, Darling,\ the two films to he made simultaneously. A bicycle or a motor-driven wheel chair seems to be the only solution to the problem of getting ‘from set to set. CLASSIFIED sewing Circle Needlecran Dept. I2 Eighth Ave. New York Enclose 15 cents in coins for Patv DEPARTMENT Heat 2 cups water and pour over gelatin. Stir thoroughly, then add remaining water. Pour part of gel- atin mixture over apricots laid at the bottom of a mold, Let jell. Mix pineapple with remaining gelatin mixture and ‘pour over first layer in mold. Let jell until Unmold and serve on crisp lettuce with sweet french dressing or mayon- naise combined with whipped cream sweetened with honey. The dessert problem for this type of bu is easily solved by ‘a light, delicate cake frosted with'- chocolate and decorated with numerals to car- ry out the theme of the New Year: TANKAGE ron urns nzsurrs :3: IIIJCIISIIEIPS When you see “Louisiana Pur- chase\ take a long look at Jean Wallace “Mrs, Franchot Tone” and Lynda Gray. They're New Orleans belles in the picture. and Para- mount liked them so much that they've just been given new con- tracts. *Beef Tongue. I smoked tongue Cold water to cover 4 bay leaves 4 peppercorns 1 teaspoon whole cloves 1 onion TANKAGI and MINI’ ICIAPS Al Ynur Nauru! Local Dcakr EEIHEEEEIJ . COI.IIIIUI..O|I|O Gus may exam: the Hcut action At the first s|- of dlntress Imnrt mun Ind woman th.-pend on Hcl Tnblull to not an free. No laxa- tivos but mule ollhu (usual-ncging medlcinps knnwn for nymiatnmntic relluf of gum: hygu.-rnclxluty. If the FIIISI‘ ‘MAL dncnnv't prove Bell-Inn hotter, return home to u: and waive DOUBLE Money Buck. Shakespeare Garden Wash tongue and if salty let stand in cold water overnight. Place in kettle with seasonings and let sim- mer slowly until tender, from 3 to 5 hours. Remove brine, pull off outer skin, cut off root. Let cool in brine. Serve thinly sliced, either hot or cold. Asta, famous canine of “The Thin Man\ series, has a plaque all his own, to hang in his dog house. It was awarded by the McKinley Ken- nel club ol Canton, Ohio, for \out- standing service to canine friends and the work he has done to gain appreciation for all dogdom.\ The perfect retort from all the rest of dogdom is. of course, that few dogs belong to people like Myrna Loy. The Shakespeare gardé‘n in Lightwoods park, Birmingham, England, is one of the most com- prehensive beds of its kind in existence, having more than 200 of the 214 plants that he mentions in his dramas, says Co1lier's. Visi- tors can even buy a guide book containing the names and loca- tions of the plants, the plays in which they are mentioned, the speakers of the lines and the words spoken. Difficult Descent. Wortune Cake. % cup shortening 1 cup sugar 2 cups cake 3 teaspoons baking powder 4 egg yolks ‘/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla The ladder-of life is full of splin- ters, but they always prick the hardest when we're sliding down. ——William L. Brownell, ‘Corned Beet. 4 pounds corned beef Clove of garlic Paprika Question: We are building an Apartment bungalow. The water pipes are installed across the ceil- ing of the downstairs Would the ceiling plaster be ruined by sweat from the cold-water pipe? The pipes could be installed along the outside walls and in the attic, but we have been told they would freeze. Which method would be better? uliam distress from uomt Wash the meat in cold water. Soak an hour in cold water if salty. then drain. Place in a kettle and cover with water. Cook slowly 3 to 5 hours. When thoroughly cooked, cool, rub with garlic and paprika. Heat thoroughly in oven before serv- ing. Slice thin and serve on platter with beef tongue. Crisp and chewy cabbage done up as I cole slaw is a good accom~ paniment tor the t o n g u e a n d corned beef plat- ter. To make your table really attractive, serve in a red cabbage scooped out and with the creamy mixture of cole slaw. E Nelson Eddy has co-starred with Jeanette MacDonald in eight \ but only recently found out what she really looked like. During the film- ing of their recent picture, “I Mar- ried an Angel,\ he asked if he might model a head of her. “You never know what a person looks like till you paint or model that person,” said he. Seems that her jaw line wasn't as he’d remembered it, and her eyes were set differently. Said she, \He knows what '1 look like now! He peered at me so much and so long that I was embarrassed.\ Cream shortening, add sugar, then beaten egg yolks. Whip until light and fluffy with Dover egg beat- er. Add then sifted with baking powder, alternating the adding of the flour with the milk. Beat well, place in greased and layer-cake pans. Bake in a moderate (350-degree) -oven 35 to 40 minutes. S 1’ W” ASMOIIEY A €AIl*lUV As Pl R I N I-“« , won1u'xlAm'.mS:u.zn Atl0¢ IA“/, <)6'Asuv5?0l uoousms3s< Answer: Pipes should not be in- stalled in an outside wall because of the great danger of freezing. You will do better to run them along the ceiling, but cover them with pipe jacketing, for this will prevent sweating. Spotted Wa Lydia E. Pinkhamm Compound Tablets (with added iron) not only hale relieve cramps. headache, bac ache but also weak, cranky, nervcu.s.(eelings—due to monthly functional disturbances. Taken regularly--Lydia Pink- ham'n Tablets help build up resist- ance against distress of ‘-‘dimcult days.\ Thely also help build ui) red blood. Fo low label direct onl. / , / ,7 ;'’':.f Surprise item in this cake is its custard 2% tablespoons 1/4 cup sugar Pinch of salt 1 cup milk, scalded I slightly beaten egg ‘/2 teaspoon vanilla Whip of Repentance Question: How. can I Glgan brgwn spots from a waffle-iron and a sand- wich toaster? No man is more severely pun- ished than he who is subject to the whip of his own repentance.- Seneca. Answer: Cover with a paste of bak- ing soda moistened with water, and allow to dry. This will remove the greater part of the spotting, so that the waffle-iron and toaster aié in a condition for use. Before’ using the waflle-iron again. however, it must be brushed with a vegetable oil and heated, which is the same treat- ment given to a new waffle-iron. This is necessary because the bak- ing soda, in addition to taking out the brown spots, will also remove the grease from the surface. Clogged Drains obedience u Step Through obedience learn to command.—Plato. David James, the 11-month-old baby whom Marlene Dietrich was carrying in her arms when she tripped over a light cable’ and broke her leg, recently resumed his film career, in Rosalind Russell's new picture. This time Fred MacMur- ray toted him. T0 93%’ V’ k V I %\9\‘5 or quiz:/afg «Ac TABLETS SALVE N055 Ola,‘ 6 66 LIQUID , couou anon Mix sugar and salt, Stir in milk. Cook in double boiler until thick (about 15 minutes). Add hot mixture to egg slowly, then cook about 2 minutes longer. Cool, add vanilla and spread between layers 0! cake. Watch Your Kidneys] ‘Cole Slaw. (Serves 8) 4 cups shredded cabbage ‘/4 cup chopped green pepper ‘,4: cup chopped celery 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons vinegar '/z cup sour cream or mayonnaise Combine vegetables, seasonings nnd sour cream or mayonnaise. Fill Help Them Cleanse the Blood of Harmful Body Waste Your kidnorl Ifl consnntly wutn mutter rgm the blood serum. Bu: lxidneyuometimu in in Hull work~do nut sci: II Nature intendnd—-inil to rm- mnva imnurl that, it retained, nuy Eoilon ch: uynmn und upset tin v/halo ndy lnlnhlnery. Symptom: mn muting bnchcho, perament heudnc sauna not dlzzinul, umng up uiglm. nugllsnz. pumunu undn tho eyen—-a, leehng at nervaul gnxiety and Ian cl pep und ltrennh. Other night of kidney or hlnddar dil- ordcr no uqmetlmen burning. scanty or can lrequnnt urination. There uilould be no doubt that prot treatment in wiser than neglect. ll DamI’o Pith. Dorm’: hnvl been winning new mend: {or man elm: (any yum They luv: 1 nation-widn npuntion. An recommended by grntcfuleaeopia till country ovgr. Ask your nuyh MI You'll need a whizz of an icing to do justice to Fortune cake. Take 2 cups of confec- tioners' sugar and '.r blend in 4 table- § spoons butter. mu. Add 2 ounces un- sweetened choco- late which have been melted over hot water. Then mix enough hot milk into the icing to smooth it out, with 1 teaspoon vanilla and spread cake. Team up the Fortune cake with a really good cup of coffee and you'll have a perfect close to the buffet supper. Use one well-rounded ta- blespoon of drip grind decaffeinated coffee for each cup of boiling wa—- ter. Pre—heat drip coffee pot. Put coffee in upper compartment of pot. Pour fresh, briskly boiling water over it. Cover and let stand in a warm place until all the water has dripped through once. Remove up- per compartment and cover pot. Serve. Charles Laughton sort of startle: the onlookers nowadays when he shows up for that radio program he's doing with Milton Berle. He looks like a Forty-niner, with an inch—long heard and a month’! growth of hair—-both required for his role in nK0's “Tuttles oi Tahiti.\ Incidentally. it Laughton goes on making pictures he'll be an expert dancer; he learned the conga (or “It Started With Eve.\ and the hula for this new picture; he did the hula recently at a broadcast rehear- sal, with Shirley nos: playing “Aloha 0e\ on the piano. E3 Question: Drains leading‘ to my dry wells are filled with dirt. Can they be cleaned without taking them apart? Dirt got in through a hole in a leader pipe, Answer: If the hole has been you might be able to clean out the drains with a strong flow of water from your garden hose, although of course, the dirt from them would‘ the dry wells. It would be best for you to dig up the drains, clean them out, and relay them properly. Burning Paper If you're in the mood for reso- lutions here are some pointers that will help you make this New Year a year for more delectable food, better meals, and more at- tractive platters: Season food carefully to bring out its hidden possibilities. Rub roasts with garlic or onion, and salt before roasting. Melt but- ter [or vegetables and stir it throughout before serving. Jack Benny has never lived down his “Buck Benny” routines that were featured on his NBC series a few seasons ago, and later incorporated into one of his motion pictures. “Buck\ has become his nickname—- the rest of the cast never calls him anything else. Question: I am told that .to bum paper in a stove or furnace will in time clog the chimney. Is this true? Answer: Burning ordinary paper would do no harm, although tar pa- per or anything like it would be in- jurious. But paper should not be burned on a coal fire, for it is likely to cause clinkering. This is also true of burning garbage or other waste. WNU-—C Hot foods should be served as hot as possible and cold foods as cold as possible. Foods should be good to look at because the eye takes them in so arrange platters neatly and use parsley or fruit or vege- tables in garnishing their respec- tive platters. Heavy meals call for light des- serts, light meals for more desserts. Make use of contrast in texture, color and flavor when planning menus. You can stretch that food do1— lar by planning two or three days’ meals in advance and thus save duplication of foods too often. BEACONS of SAFETY ODDS AND ENDS—Seueral well known aingers will be starred in the new musical program, as yet untitled, which makes its bow on CBS January 7th . . . William L. Shirer always hold: an informal discus- sion 0] international ullairs alter his broadcast . . . Ann Shepherd, 0/ “Joyce Jonlan—Girl lnterne,\ posed for public- ity pictures at a New York horpilal re- cently, and now she’: \interned\ [or all her spare time . . . Irene Rich, Iamaun on both radio and screen, has been given a leading role in Mama’: “Jun Between U1” . . . Babe Ruth has finally signed up to, play himself in “The Lila of Lou Gehrig.\ Setting the Table The -table is the high note 0! any buffet, so it you want yours to be the topic of conversation do it this way: Set the two largest platters (your nicest and most important, the meat platter and the salad molds) at either end. Have plates silverware and napkins off to on side and rolls, butter, and relishes on the other side. Plates of nuts and mints may be near a center- piece of two candelabra with ever- green and silver bells at their base. (Released by Western Newspaper Union.) Olike a beacon light on the height—the advertise- ments in newspapers direct you to newer, better and easier ways of providing the things needed or desired. ]: shines, this beacon of newspaper advertising-—nnd it will be to your advantage to fol- low it whenever you make 3 purchsse. MOI! ME YOUR 0 Road Iho adnxtinoxjuinu. They no man than I ullihq aid (or buuinau. Thoy {am an educational Iyltom which in making Amnricnl Ibo bow oducahd buys\ in tho world, Tho ndvgrtiumonb no put of an economic nymm which is giving American: man. for that: many new day. Question: There is a damp feeling in my house. Would putting insu- lation in my basement ceiling keep my rugs from getting damp? Answer: By far your best move would be to learn the reason for the dampness and to correct the condition. If you have a bare dirt in your basement, this is re- sponsible. Cover it with concrete. Damp House

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