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5*\ ‘”'1‘\‘ ll *3‘ 3 « ._, ._ $5 3 .1‘ (3.1? uxcwxw MW n mxxxx \<: um The L A C K A WANNA HERAL MNE XI—N'U:1\l'=B'-E»Rf 50‘ LA=C'KAWAuNNA, N. Y., WEDNE‘S*]_)AY, DECEMBEZR 24, 1941 T?H_REE (.3_EVNTSVA CQgPy»_;$1.00 PERYEATB ‘WISHING Y U A MEY C HRISTMS :Si1 i:i1i:i: 6 Modern Toys Offer ‘Children Varied Appeal Proceedings of the ‘Board Of Education LAL‘:KAW.-\1\'NA_, N. Y. “The Crosspatch -l1\ai‘1'ies a ‘Clwistnmas Onperett-a ‘by Tut-ner and Dale, was presented Wednes- -day evening Decembr 17 at 8 p, m. at the 1-egvunlar 1’. '1‘. A., meet- ing. '1‘-111-is progam was repeated this week 1101' the school. The play was divided: into. three acts. The first avnd last takes place at the l*‘a»ir1~'ax ‘home, the second in Santa Claus \v01'»k- shop at the No1'tl1 1\ole.'1‘he cast includes 60 boys and glurls chosen from -each one or the -grade school classes. ‘Chl=ist-mas Operettzg .\‘ovembe1_', (S, 1941 ‘Regular II-e«‘til1g' of the 'J3uuI‘d of I-Iducutmn, Rniun Fruv School D15- Lnct No. '3. Ln)’ uf l.:u~1\u\\-unnu, held in the high a\.hUul hu.1dmg ml the at- buw dam. Lnul.-; ‘Ii:;.~'ty_ pn~snliru.;'. 7Iru.~'tm-.1 pxtcm-nt: Baal)‘, Iiyszku, SLu\\sk_\, .\Icbmluy, I-hung. Vukehc, Jlrjrcu. .-HIM.-Ill.‘ Pups-1‘. hi) Alutmn by \‘u}u_-no and bl.‘:A\\'5k) that the lnmut-:5 of re-uu|a,r um-ting’ Of (Jct‘u|wr '.‘.I.d and .|d_u:ulIl6:ll meeting; uf ()|'tuhM‘ Tigh, l‘.'H, he L|1:prU\'ed as prmczzlt-d. (.'zu‘riu-d L1:tt‘<.-1‘ of October ‘.119, ‘11|41, from Mrs. Mmlm: BL-1.atu\J(‘h, 28 South Shure_- Stating that her lczue: uf ab- sclnru (‘.\])i!'|: .VU\c:11l:s1' 2371, 1941, and .~he ml] be 11-;xd,. tn ro sumc hm! teach I. g dunes. .\Iut.u1I1 by ;'vI«.(i.\Ixh-;, and 1C\‘..ns Ever Child Likes To Decorate Tree Gather in the pzu’luz', folks, and have a skc.-ct shoot. ‘Child development ‘experts say that children will enjoy Chr-islmas move if they help in getting the house ready for the coming of old Saint Nick. One of the most impor-' tant duties, especially ‘to a child, is that of decorating the ‘tree. ' A little boy or girl will love the opportunity to cut out cardboard stars, then dip them into a thick mixture of water and laundry starch ‘Or, If you‘re.milita1‘-ilyinclined, be- come a chair strait.-g‘st with new games “suggested by 81!‘ and naval warfare and army maneuvers.\ You can do either or both and much else, too. according to Santa Claus, whose bag contents rc-vc-al \ill\ 1\\ no still the star points out the map‘ A ¢hat leans into the i ! Bay. Move the hiheous shriek of bombs W): gong the angels sang still comes, Rising in soaring beauty tar rL£lf’yot‘1o the coil ooonos of mar. ahe years are rolleo up, one by one, l halos her little bun lauainst her heart. faith neln=born rep 9,. Iiits like a prayer toloaros the 2513?. while tonntless smile through ’ forgetting tor a time. their tears In top that a chill: itf born ‘Upon another dlh istnias morn. / I Willis bhrlliiu. / in “the Our! Ohtr\oi_ bl. Dhillipl just smh a va- rxc-ty of toys for Chr1e=tmas, 19-11. “The (1('Sl1‘e of adults 19 forget The High School 'Orcl1est,1‘a played the opening ove1'—ture, “Ch-l'istn1z_1s Festival.” A select- ed mixed ch0r—us sang Clxristlnas Carols. ~.'\ relaxmg fun at home is rc- ! in an incrc-avzcd v,'a1‘tur.e j.lle1‘s m demand fur easy- to-play games,” Bicycle Racks Arrive “We got the ‘bike rac\l«:s!’ re- ported Raymond Prusuk at the School Council Meeting '1‘uesda_y, December 2. A smile 01' delight swept a- cross the faces of the members, but a broad grin of accomplish- ment glowed on the face of the President, Curtis Grinder, lt was he who saw a need for this rack, and presented the idea to the Council last year. After much discussion, and trips to other schools with Mr. lluesch, the problem was presented to the 'Bozu'd of Education who act- ed favorable on the matter. that ihc lvttur - tabled ('a1'ned. Lem.-1* of U«l.‘uLc1‘ .3, H11, from Lul‘L'tiu Roznun-1»-..s1».i, sL.nt1.;,r that hv.-1‘ Ac.-aw uf .m.~m.:u “uuld 1-.\'.pJ1‘e OL- tnuer 37. J_.‘J'l1, and that. aht: \\ uuld be read) to 1'e-=uu‘.-- hu1‘dut.m.s' at that tinxu. Ii:-u:-.-i\’L-d and filed. say toy 111unufu<.tul'cI‘S. “Parlor ver- sions of bowling, skeet shooting and slu-eball are bung featured on Cm'1sin...s my 115.5 exerysxhere.\ You also can shoot darts with rubber‘-L.4:..! guns. Luili model alr- planes, or, 1:‘ you‘re the kind that \xuu‘:l, w.-ape ]umur's mmfature sub- rn.-nrm_. 5 and watch them dwe in the bathtub. 1.:-tt--r of Nuwmlur ll, 1941, frmn Juhn Druzduwskx, Supt. Bldgs. and Gruunds sIutin;.,r that he had placed Luuta 1)é£l‘IIl5l(‘llt'l\ tcmpurazy jum- lul‘ In place uf I‘at.rick Hamhnu, due Iu I.11.;|.t sdloul px‘-vxrmxn. .\Inuun ll)\ Vuke-lzv and It) szku that‘ Elm .x1't:un he ZI[I_[JI‘lI\t‘(L l'41'1‘wd. Lellner uf ;\m.ell)hr-1' Ii, 1'.Hl Irum Mr. D. I’. (.‘h'.uutn.-rI.un 1'm;u:-stung tint 5:200 be t.rzus1‘vrr-I ‘r'run1 «\. Fund tu lnsurzmw .—\ccuux.t to pay addliunul Wu1'k1nvx'.s tmnpcnsuhuxl Insurance. The mmn pomt, says Santa Claus, is that “the Ameucan my mdustry is guurud to gzve chxldren their full qul-‘.1 of haypy play hours in 1941, unsltmlmxed by war.\ '1‘ha: v..x<n't so in 1511-1 when Ger- many “as the w-'-1‘ld‘s greatest toy- prwlumng coun- try. Amer1can- made toys were a A rrmr substxtute. | But all that is ‘ chun-.;c-d For the past 24 years vxriuully all new d£‘.slEY1S and im- provemems have been mltzated in the Umled States’ my shops. -’§.5:;:3.< There are two bicycle racks, but one will not be put up until spring. Each one will hold twen- ty bicycles. Each student is ask- ed to place his bicycle as close as possible to the one.. before his. The first person to place his bi- cycle in the rack is to start at. one end. Matnun h) 5lzr.\sl\§ and liyazka that the Eransfer be xxmdc us unsust- ed. Rut] call. Yes. l€3.~4kzx' St..:\\s'n'_\, .\lc- (jmlvg, I£\.ms, Vuka.-In . Ju)tl'.‘r. l2':1st_\'. Absent: ‘Pepper. Au. (‘arm-d. Lut-tv!‘ of .\’m‘e-xnl-rr II, 19-41 frnm Mr. Buland requ~-.~v.an;_- thr Bunnl to Liulvhaae u l.u\\' bvl uf scenw 1‘; for ILL‘ aud.Luuum si.‘a;:u at .111 zxpp1'u.\..IudL¢‘ must III‘ .S3|\|.')|'. Even the united e of these children couldn't budge the huge Christmas tree selected for their schoolyard —,- but they had at good time trying to help, DEFENSE BOND City And Towns To Have Fifteen Minute Blackout and sprinkle them with at- ti snow. Small gou_rds,. seed pods and pine cones can be treated in a like manner, after they've been painted with quick-drying enamel, or with aluminum paint. Much pleasure will be derived by a child if he or she is allowed to make strings of cranberries, pop- corn or small pieces of stale bread to hang on a special Christmas tree for the birds. Later children can string them about a shrub or tree in the front yard, and watch the birds enjoy Christmas, too. Santa Claus, Ind. QUIZ Q. What is the Treasui'y‘s un- derlying thought in avoiding a pressure campaign to sell De- fense Savings Bonds and Stamps? A. The belief that the Ameri can public is anxious to aid to the limit in defense of the Nation and also wants to save money for future needs, especially since such savings will help to keep down the costo f living. Q. Should 1 buy Defense S21? ings Stamps at retail stores ra- ther than at post offices and banks? Officials of Lackawanna and South Towns will cno1)e1'at’e with Buffalo in a test Blaclmut of 15 minutes duration, on 1«‘riday night December 26th. Lieut Charles (‘urt'in. Dirvct.m' of Civilian Defense (‘m.mcil fur Lackawanna has had a large force \\'m'king signing; up and taking 1\in;.- prints of Volun- teers, who are applyiiig by the hundreds. Patrtuuc and nat..;r.;:I dc-funse thentcs an-La1r.t luul 11'. tlus ycar's tn:-s TL? 1.111:-r .n('Iur!v.-s coast de- ft-:.~c gum and we Ilka, all \sci- Lnttf‘.(.::L\ lt?.sl¢:d.\ tn the mterests of SnClL'£)'. Thu.-re t-.;lI L-o thu uauul scientx tn-:..~, ti--Ila, and t||4li§5'LIll'“.I.L‘\'lb. but \s.th m.; t'u'.um-n!:s In the first Ldl‘ egury 15 a mu rustupu uamg a pola- ro.L1 laL':‘.t; :n the SQL u..=:l. Chma mand- ens xuth \Ii-!ly\tu«..d gltnnv-ut‘ set cmffuru\; and In the tI.xrd. rnntnr- ized army £'qUl[\II1E!')1 of the \latest dosxgns.\ The Council and Students Body entend their am»/'eciat.ion to the Board 1'01‘ their coopera- tion in getting the racks. ;\I:-L1-Jn I.) .\I«(}.n‘e-_\ and I'{_\.-,k.-. ‘hut Mr. .“C.\.1Il..tl‘4 Lv ;m\.lm1‘:.-.«.-mi Ln rnxufgc (hr pun.n.1.~i- as 1':-.,u«-at:-1!. Hull l.;1l.. Xv»; l St.A\\_=l\_\, Mn- Ginle_\_ I‘I..:.'.s, Yuk:-.1c, J--5n-. .‘\l)af'IIlI Peypr.-1‘. K15. Ca.:‘r1n,-d. A ‘1'rI;uv>‘L fur -'-..tu.La..xu1- UT :1 st-\\.. 1: d.:.~~ In thv Bvthl-l.cm 1’.ul\ Sclmul \\a.~: .~'uhn:m'---L “Pu-l‘.r-d an “In seven years money enough to build a Sanitarium in DCn1na1*k was raised by selling Clu-i.sLn1as seals,’ Miss Marston of the Huf- falo ’l'uberculosis Centér told the Assembly on Friday, I)eccmbe1'~ 12th. Movie In Assembly 1.4-II-r Hf .\u\¢'llJp-I‘ -'1, 29.1 r!\ .'.z Ju:--1:11 1\ luutmg ~14! l:‘,.’ ‘\ .3 H11‘ l)uII'.L' III‘ JAJIIWS SLAul\ulI hail I--L‘. (-- rmltud frun. um up;-1--~. :1 1.32 uf t'l:..lIl'h-[is fill‘ .\.ti-1-lull 1'rT'v‘l:.~‘t' T:.:.!v- im: (‘|.x.~,<:-s alni 1‘:-::u*.~IZnl--»‘ that .\h'. S».ll.\.u1 be .;ppr«-xud a I-‘uh-nnun Slup 'Ir.unm;.' Instruct-~r uh uf .\Izx1‘L'h .;1. 11:41. The Town of Hamburg and others are all finding :1 rozuiy re- sponse for the call for Volun- teers. Attracts Volumes Of Christmas Mail D<‘fvl‘..°(‘ v~n't the only govermr:-nt fumtzun I‘: Ii: gt:-d In my demgns. The FHA's xr.:‘.uor.ce :5 as ymrent An a new double-deck;-r bun}-: calculated \to elimmate cr:..\d.ng In doll houses.\ Following her i_nL'e1'esting‘ talk an impressive movie showing the development, spreading and checking of tuberculosis was shown. We can do our part in aiding this cause by buying Christmas seals. The assembly was in charge of Miss Farrel. About 75 years ago the pgople of a community in Indiana applied for a post omce, asking Santa Fe as a name. There already was a post of- by that name in Indiana, and since it was a short time before Christmas, the people decided to name the town Sumac‘-lause, in one word. ’ A. Buy stamps wherever it is most convenient. The important thing is to purchase Stamps as often as you can, and exchange the completed Stamp album for a Defense Savings Bond. On the back page “.0 are pub- lishing rules for the U]z1(*knllt period as aut.hm'ized by the Erie County Council of Defense tn be followed in the Towns of llam- burg, Amherslt, Cheektownga. Lancaster and West Seneca. (See Back Page) Mutxun b_\ J:-,.nu .u.d I'L_x.~»zl\:1 tu re - \tor the Irn--r tn S..[:rI.!|lr‘.’:Ii':1li Jn_\cs fur rccunu-nd.;‘. an and .|p[AIu\c-ll. St. Francis Started Use of Yule Crib L\-urrzed. Letter of Outui-rr .'-, It'll f: m th t.l1cl.iuI;,' .\}uxn< :'u.u.-1;» u: Bur h:mx'.< (‘hunk pcr \\‘.xh. .' 1'. kn\-..~:_A. It was St. Franms of Assisi who ggvo the (_.';‘:h tho tzmguhle f--rm H1 whu-h xw knaw 1: tvdxy. In 1223 he \'xs,tc»d R-mo and lvv‘,d Pupe H. n- nrius HI I as p‘.:m: uf rnu'~'..:\g a scemc rvprt‘<mi.'ul.:-n of the plum nf the N.1l\“.._\ 'I- 1- !’.-,u guxe !.:s .~.mc- t.- n and -4'. L‘..xx::;:~.a.~ on-, St. Fran- c.s «.4 ~‘.; .:w.i a cr.b and grlpped I-*...ul L’. \.-- !‘.,;uIu~' bf Hm l*~1«s.~'ed Vtrg n rmi S1 J.-.<¢ph. the ass and ox. .-.>..! 1* u -:3‘: 5-:-.«-rds. He used hve anznznts tr :2 Fri]; stable. Staff Attend Conference NOTE-—~’l‘o buy Defense Bonds and Stamps, go to the nezxrest post office, bank, or savings and loan association; or write to the Treasurer of the United States, Washington, D. C. Also Stamps are now on sale‘ at retail stores. P1‘l'.‘=}l1L'IlI. and .\l..tiI.«wt V. .\,u-«It-..s-:-k., .<a~c1'rtzu'§ , rt-»,..«-~t.ng the Bu.n‘d‘ in f1.r:..sh 2: 1.h_.s.r.al min:-..u«m dun-u'tu1,‘ :--r the chudrmx an:-m1.x..: 1-.;rncl1u-2 .~L'h:-ni uf 5!. l5.sx‘b.u':1'.~' }‘.:1'n.sh. Meal. uh I*.\.:.. :2 .;.1.ul ll,-.:‘n.x L at 111!’ tutu: no r: ft'l'1‘r .1 M .~..;.-rr {cm}-1.t .-]\.‘!€ uxd .\Ix'. Ixul-x.~'..\. C.an.<~d .\,1..£.un b,\ bzaxxang and .\lc(;in:-_x that thu Ii:-urn] .:;n1-run-Ll Um .\x-. L ;\'u.tu.n.:l Iivfx-:.;~e \'.vu.xlmIm. !'rm:r.un J.u.u.u~) l_ 1912, to Jun» ..u, 111;.’ {L5 aim: rib:-LJ ul uun1Inuz.u..xt‘.:-11 in-n1 U.sl~.— u;. '1 .il‘l.1'_\. (Ln-:'. Ifun-.:u --f Inu.4.—r ‘reef; “Pictures of scenery attract more attention than pictures of people,’ said Mr. Orr, the lunch- eon speaker at the Press Con- ference held at Hotel Statler, December 6. Nine members of the Editorial Staff attended to represent Blasdell in this Con- ference. At the Conference which was sponsored by the Bilffulo Evening‘ News we attended dif- ferent section meetings. The problem of stenciling was discussed. Many good hints were given by pupils of other schools. Everybody tried to help out by telling how they make up their paper. In 1938 the name was changed to two words, Santa Claus. Since then letters from all over the world have came in, until nuu. ll‘ takes a force of about eight people through No- vember and December to handle the Chrisfmas mail \‘.'lU‘l a new electric canceling machine. About 60,000 means a day are dispatched around Christmas. Italian Wunmn's [MIL Fanmus .-.\mmu'l World TUHIN. ITALY. —— A luncly war mother has created one of the world's foremost don iactuncs hero, managed by ~.\IaJ::me L:-ncx m a fashion that wuuitl g‘.1JdL-n Santa Claus‘ :L‘.uI. I\f:.-Lmw Lt-m'i's rea! name IS S3»,-‘xx.-1'4 I-I'.: a liumg dx Sca- vmi. Born an art-~t, and develnpxnq a pa.~s'on for dolls as a child, she started makmg them xxlmn her hus- band was Pulled in the Wurld war. Now her Lcnci dolls are made by 360 workets and she nmzntaxns a sales exposition in the heart of Tur- in. Madame Lr~nm’s Ideas come from a big colleotzon of historical and geographic costume designs. Her most famous order for dolls was from Premier Mussolmi for four figures to be presented to Japan as g.fts. They cost him more than $100 each. A Santa Claus headquarters is mz1im.nncd win-re thousands of tour- lsls and ‘/1311! 15 Hay mils and post cards. During [Le Clnistmas week, Santa Claus, in -full uniform and long whiskers. pr:-sides. Although this is the only town in the world bearing this name, other places have.names associated with the Yuk: holiday. Mrs. Joseph Kriegler, 52 Palm Street, Lackawannn, left thi.~ week for BeLaxi Miss,, wlu-1 c she will join her husband Dr. Joseph Kriegler,, they will make their home there. T..\' 1 2.. ~pnad from Italy to S[..:n, 1;. }~‘x.mu.~, the .\'et:.u- 1.n.d: .md Liz m.».x: ,\ . and {ram l!.o_.w c(».;..!1'u.-s .1_ has Sp!'£‘..ld I.» all CuU'.(‘l‘S of ‘L0 cnxlh. '.'.:u..l .u'.d frch cal 1.-l.A...i.-n. .;:;i 'L‘h.x'.‘ .\'..pn-{min-1-‘..‘. J--;.c~ ‘av zxufhun» A.-cg zu an--:..z ::H .'tmII.L..l:-:1: .'u.xi h('C('5S;l\) .\«-r:...~ In s<-xnlnuitmn \\.Lh tl.o- ]Il‘UJ£‘\I. Carri:-d. Mutllh. IA) J‘;.(‘r alul \'u1'v)\.‘ lhill {Lu 5. M. .\. l,':v.;.n. <l.t.('- f--r aL'h.u1 I.-uuvh Pm-gruxn I-u ..c.r;»t.- .1. ('..rru-d. Mnhun 1:5 J:-_\c.~ .md >‘t;u\.-wk; that all re-,u:sn'n-ns mu! H-uxlll‘l'S sxgm-cl h_\ the Finuncc (.un1xtlu¢-. luv :11!- p1'n\'ml. Hull cull. ‘M-s: R3 sum. St‘u\\sl\_\. Mc- (}.r.le3, I-Imus. Vul-Lelzc, Ju)1'.e. .-\l:.~'unl‘ .I’cppc-r .I\:_j (‘.ured. Super-mt:-nde-.111 J.-pee submitted lhv I’:-lIu\\‘1ng rL=g)nrl‘ U1, .\I|.~'c.o.*llz1neuus Ih-wnue: Muscums thruughuul the unrld pus-sass yorgv anuunl. clubs. The }\IL~lrupnlnan Museum nf Art, Nmv Ymk. has a gruup uhxch dates irum before 1476. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS Chnstmus isIan.1, in the Pacific ocozm. is so nnm:-rl lwcnuse Captain Cook landed lhc-re (‘hristmas day, 1777. Five commun1';xos in the United States are named for this holiday. There is zs Christmas in Gila coun-, ty, Arizona; Olangc county, Flor- ida; Lawrence‘ county, Kentucky; Bolivar county, Mississippi; and Roane county. Tennessee. Minnesota boasts of a lake by the name of cm Istmas. It is located in Scott county. The annual meeting of the Bank of lllasdell, Blasclell, New York, will be held in the office of the Bank at 124 Lake Avenue, Blasdell, New York on Saturday, January 10 1942 at 2:00 P. M., fo rt-he purpose of electing Dir- ectors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Dated at Blasdell, this 22nd, day of December 1941. F. O’I\I‘O l(UE~IlNl-IL, Cashier The uuslum of plucmg cubs out of doors as Chnstmas decuratmns m the yard has bc-(_.'ume popular the,- past few years. After the meeting 21 luncheon was held and the mvzuds for the year books were given. Men in }\i15nf1\',‘ .V;1v\' o 1 ' 1 '1 ' Awzut hale bcason Demonstrations In Assembly “Today war is not fought with armies, but with common place material used in incendiary \vzu'— fare,’ announced Mr. Robert Hamilton of the East Aurora Fire Department in Assembly on December 5, in charge of Mr. Conrad. If than has! but a little, be not afraid to give according to that little. For men in the army and navy the Chl”lS_U1‘.aS holidays are gala days. Army furlough pri\'i1cg‘cs permit many men to visit thtir homes while active training is suspended. Railroads last year cut their rates drastically fur the min in unifnrins, and it is c..\:ni-cu-ii the same will hold true this Christmas season, For those who remain in the camps spvcial Cliiustnias dinners, religious services and holiday festivi- ties will be arranged. The same ar- rangement will he made for men in the fleet, few of whurn will be able to spend the holidays at home. The army has also arranged to in- clude relatives and friends of the men in camp in as many activities as Dossible. L£t('kIl\\'{1Ill.1l H. S. T1‘;u1.~1ml't£1 nna, ion, .‘alk Co. {nun (Jul!!! 1'. U.~’lvm‘m'I , ('luro re A, (‘un\\';x_\. Aucuunts [hm-‘\.:l:l:~_ l'urc3;x.~'¢- of T3119 ’l’hru, Schuul In-pt. 120.:-I) \'irginia (h-iesxmn-r, 'l‘ruur1r's 2..”u Jam-t 1h’u.'dn\\-ski_ 'l‘1‘u::-. 1H.l'() \»Vushingtnn Schnnl, Tole .fvH -,-(Apac-.) Tobi! 4:0. 9 0 0 Poinsettia Lacks Yule Tradition The poinsettia has no Christmas tradition. Possessing beautiful red and green leaves (the them- selves being the small yellow cen- ters), and being available at this season, the brilliance and color of this plant add much to Christmas decorations. The plant is native to Central America and Mexico and was adapted some years ago to cul- tivation by Dr. Poinsett of Charles- ton, S. C. It is distinctly modern and American. Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God urhich He hall: given thee. Mr, Hamilton proved his state- ment by demonstrating to us, on a small scale. the princiymls involved in the incenclimry bonlbs used to set fire to building and also to light up the area so that the aviators canloeate the ob- jects which are to be bombed. The bomb was represented by a (Continued on last page) Christmas Observance Rnusz-V1-It SchnuI' '1‘;-lo, 2,111) Pete \'uk:1ku\'ich, 'l‘uit.um -111.00 Wilsup Suhnnl, Tulvp > ,5?) igh- use, new .00. . th- At high noon on Christmas day in 1925. the famous Genera) Grant tree, located in the General Grant National park, near Fresno, -Calif\ was designated as the Nation's Christmas Tree. According to the United States department of the in- terior, the tree is estimated to be 267 feet high and is one of the so- called Bigtrees. —Deul. 15:17. C O C Now there are rliuorsilios of gifts, but the sanw Spirit. —I, Car, 12:4. Franklin Sthuul, (':1feteriav~Oth- ' ¢-r supplns u:~‘t‘-ll in instructmn 1.3.31) 'I.‘O'I‘.\,I. $‘1!'>‘.l)5 .\Iut:iuu I13. Jugrn _und Sgm-.'_sky “hat the n-pnrt bv 1':-cviu-4'! and filed and the mums; mm! in the (‘IQ 'I‘ruas1:r.,-1'. ~ Carried. U O O Freely ye have roceiuecl, ]ree« Iy give. A ker ilip E11- tf. (Coontinued on last page)

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