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'11: ,5 ;»‘= .-',‘a‘,\g\‘-, ‘)'.l‘g‘*‘F7,’vF:3.1=L{1‘,.'.‘§‘-,1?! --T - ..~ ‘ ,~_;;‘¢H;;_i‘ Ir “ {_ J . ‘x 4- 4;“: «E W yr‘, :\ .,k_ -. . __.a; .33 ‘*3 .- ---r,'~ . :1 r . »~;.,,,»‘*. .. ~!It=s ‘ .'.:‘», gm: no ». ‘ (-wrjw.-.§- 4-10‘. \-m a.i«u\' L A C K A A N N A H E RA L ,.z»J':;‘3 ‘ *5~;»‘\‘.-'\‘5‘ ~ ~‘i:.~:*:\\ v *’~ ‘z?f,~\\\,<:j\§o ‘R 3: \‘_-2 r ’ “:1. VOLUME '1‘HR.EE—'—-NUMBER '15 LACKAWANNA, N. Y., THURSDAY JANUARY 4. 193$ '5c A CO1PY—‘-$1.50 A YEAR Vice or Vise? BOARD OF TRA=D‘E PLANS -BUYING ‘CAMPAIGN NEW ‘CITY ADMINI‘STRATIN K7N'lG\H‘TS OF COLUMBUS New Editor For “Herald” ANNUAL iCHA=Rl'l‘Y IBALL The Board ‘of Divractors of the Lackawa-xma Board ‘of 'I‘1!ade .mmou~nce‘d 1=e‘ce,ntly thev ar.,tricipa1_2e~ sta1‘tin*g a ‘series of weekly .m'eetivng's with the ob- ject of rbui1l'dim*g up home pat- ronage. It is expected that ‘the meetings w.i=l=1 start early this month. It wi7li~l be the endeavor of mar-chzmtas ‘in ‘every ‘line of busi ness, represented among the -mem'b:a1'shi‘p of the \board to co-operate with each other and create ~inc11:ased public inter- est in all home merchhandise. GETS UNDER WAY Three men sat in the ‘office of Mayor Pauil J-. Tomaka. It .sreem~s that a goker had been fou~nd in the deck -from which the New .I.)ea-N1’ was to be dealt The three were Mayor Toma- ika, P«u¢bl.ic V\ orlis Commis- sioner Mic‘htae‘1- J. McGuire and Corporation Counsel Rudolph S. VVeinstein. The axmua-I ‘Cha'-rity Ball\ of the ‘Buffalo -Council of the Knights of Co‘1.u.m\bus will be held on Mond‘ay ~even»in'g, Jan- uary 29th at the ‘I-‘I1c-tel‘ Statler. Grand Knighzt Kevin Kivlleen h-as zrppointze d» Dainiul F. Ganey Jr., and ‘George ‘F. Pfeif ‘co- chairmen for the ball, and and they will‘ be assisted’ by various committees to be an- -nounced -later. The New Deal gowrmnent went into effect in La~ck.awan- na, January 1st as the new city officials, fordailly took office amid brief but vimspressive cere- monies in the City Hall. A ca- gpacfty crowd ~fi=l£1ed the Coun- vil 'cha-mibers and corviclors of the ~bu-i‘1di~ng to xvimess the for- -ma‘1-ities. in the order of tlieir ap'poiii-t- mom are James ‘Gzulzligain, ‘pres- ident oi‘ the Council; l\Ii‘cha~e1 .\»IcGuire, c0m=mlSSi0llGl‘ of pulr lice w.n'.ks; Matthe\v O'1“Sv.s'l(0 vich ,superin'onden~t of build- ings; Anthony Amorosi, pound l<e.:pe1'; I':.ud0‘)‘:p11 Wsinstein, lconporation counse'l; Niclwlas J. Milan-3, secretary «to the may or; John Roach and Felix ‘Pol- zmowski, ipolicev commissioners, James Hanley and A-n~t:hon_v Collelilo, fire ~commissi'0ne1's; Timothy McCorm=ic4k, ‘city on- gineer; Michael Gj.ui'ich, assis- Lant commissioner of public works; Miss Natalie Dud/.i:c, secretary to corlporation coun- sel. Mr. Fred E. Leyda wiilli take W01‘ the Eolzit=o1'vi‘a1-dluties of the “‘La>ckvawa»n‘na H>era?ld” start- ing this week, as well as the management of Ihe Printing’ and PuIblis~'h»ing of the -paper. Mr. Fred White, former Edi- tor of the “I-I-eraeld*” wishes to tlmnk his many ‘friends for ‘their Q0-olpera-tion dru=rivng the past two years‘ in «his work on the “Hera-:1d”. 2+» . i “To the victor belong the .spoi‘Is—prov«ided there are Asp-ails” »rem=arked Commissioner McGuire. The proceedings were 01)- ened by former Major Walter J. ‘Lohr, who extended gruet~ ings and we‘l:1 wishes to his suc- cessor“ Mayor ‘Pauvl J. T‘omak:1, before giving him the .g'aAve‘l as si‘gni‘fyi4n»g the pow-ers of his new office. WARSAW R-E.-PUBLI=CA'N WOMEN ’S BA-NQUETI‘ “Go ‘w'ay”, said the Mayor, “this V-ice sit-uaiion is my 4pro~b~ lem.\ It is ‘reported that the buy- ing in our city is -now on -the up grade with saales in:cmase‘d in «comparison with s~im«i'l‘:-11' sales reported by this organ-ization a year ago. PICKWICK cwa , «INSTA-LLS or-‘means “Its mine. too,” ‘said the com- missioner . “I -believe we ought to have a little vice.” “Eh? I—what'.’” exclaimed the mayor, “this is mutiny.\ it developed, however, the gentlemen were discussing‘ dif- ferent xkinds of vices or Vises. The colnmissioner rcvferred to one that holds instruments in its -grip the mayor referred to one which he claimed once held the city in its grip but which now is reported by police to be gone, The Warsaw Women\s Re~ ‘pu:blica'n Club of this city helcl its annual installation ‘banquet Ell.-the'Cl‘l1l.)1‘O0l'llS at 1524 Elec~ tric avenue, ‘last Sunday even- mg. «cry, Henry Risinslci and retir- A large crowd attended the fi.rst annual dinner dance Tues- day evening, January 2nd, at ‘the Rainbow Ga-lvdens, Ham- burg ’l‘~=u1‘npik~e ai-d Dona St-., when officers of the Pickwick .c‘lu.b recently elected for the’ ensuing year were installed. Those W-ho took office were Henry Lesczynski, pnesident; Henry VVoys‘h:ner, vice-presi- dent; Michael Antos, t1'.eaasure1' and Stephen Kasaczun, secre- tary. The Trade Board states that every local‘ store has whatev- or commodity is needed in buying, and courtesy ‘has bsnen extended t‘hroug'hout'\the city to all patrons. It is this action that is appreciatocl by the buy- ing: public, and so plans for a huying campaign which will continue indefinitely will he submitted ‘to the membership of the Board of Trade at an early meeting this month. Cheers res0u~nd‘ed ith«rou=gh- out the bu».ild«ing for sevem] minutes after the new mu_Vu1' had taken the chair as p1'e.~‘.iii- ing official. He was virtually showered with flowers. and va- rious other gifts by his well‘ wishers. l\I;x_y-‘or Tomaka, also reveived a new gavel t‘-mm Miss Anna Zayhofski, president of the First Ward Women's De- mocratic club. Dr. Leo Michalek, health -physician; Dr. ‘Walter Deck- er. Dr. Charles Kelly and ‘Will- liam Rogers, membler;-. of board nf health; Dr. E. M. Sullivan, parochial 15011001 physician: ‘Thomas Joyce, secretary of Civil Service Commission; Wil- liam Carroll, sealer of weights and measures; Edward T. Ma- lone, sec1'e.tary of board of as- sessors, and, William l\Ior1\is—- sey, fire chief. An outstandiing feature of the banquet was the. celebra- tion of the victory of Walter '1’av1‘yz, third ward councilman, who was one of the three Re- publicans who w-ere successful in the city election. The guests for the -ihstal»la- {ion and banquet were the hus~ bands of the members and for- mer Mayor Lohr, Judge Pil- lion and Councilman Donowich zml Jolm Aszkler. The officers inst.a-lied are Teal‘! Uliaszek, president; An- na Potowora, finan ial secre- tary, and Mary Prize, treasur- er. “And that i.~'.n’t all\ said Commissioner McGuire. And then he started to pour forth his story. .\Ia_\-'0r Tomaka for—- ‘got for a moment the Police (le- partment. Corporation Counsel \Veinstein forgot the sectiom and chapters which seemed to ‘be eluding his gaze as he ram- bled through the Statues of the ‘State of New York. They‘ lis- tened to Commissioner McGuire “I think you’ll be interested ‘in knowing th e conditions about the city barns.” the com- missioner began. “When I got there Tuesday morning I found the four walls irtact——in the rough. The plumbing is gone, the electric light bulbs are gone There are no picks and shovels ‘nor oil for the machine1'_v and believe it or not, a ton of coal that was delivered the dwav be- fore we took office, has disap- peared.” “There ought to be a law— UG'g'aI‘l Corporation Counsel Vveinstein as he ‘again sought the books of the state. In his inaugural address he stressed‘ the need of Co-ope1'a- tion on the part of every indi- viclual in the city in the drive to pull L_§;ckawa1m-a through its ‘present crisis. Mayor Tomaka said: “I am deeply grateful for this great honor you have conferred up- on me in electing me mayor of our city. My most ardent de- sire and firm intention at this time is that I prove worthy of your confidence. Michael Autos, chzrirman of the dinner dance arrangement, was assisted by‘ Thaddeus Bal- bierz, ‘George W. Rc-menick_v, Jr., Henry Lesczynski. and John Begola. Guests of honor were Super- visor and Mrs. Robert M. Av-- ery and Walter Chlosta acted as toast-master. DEMOCRATIC CLUB OFFICERS INSTALLED Chief Ray R. Gils-on, head of the policedeI>Eu'ment for more than twenty years, was the ‘on- ly department head not chang- ed. A general shakeup in the personnel of the -force, prom- ised soon after election by the new mayor “for the good of the service” went into effect, however. PUNCH IN NOSE RATES 120 DAYS The new lineup is as follows: Samuel Tuttle, chief of detec- tives; Calvin J. LaFlamme, Stanley Serafin and Gerald Malone, patrol lieutienants; John F. Haley, relief lieuten- ant Shirill L. Collins, John C. —rDa.ley»;~deskéalieu£€nmifs:'*‘0hi§i‘I les D. Curtin, tra:ffic lieuten- ant; John A. Cawley, record lieutenant. One other desk lieutenant is yet to be appoint- ed. In order to discourage broth- ers from indulging in fistcu«f1's his Honor Judge John R. Pil- lion, celebrated his return to the city bench, handed out an 120 day sentence to NiskStr- asczak, 24, alias “Kicoli,\ who :.bno‘lge:.»};i¢9:~:b13o%}ie!vs?een‘¢>se1v - . -* FALLS ON STREET BREAKS HER LEG “Our .ci' y, like the rest of the country, is experiencing the most critical period in its his- tory. This is indeed a period’ wherein there is a greater need for loyality and co-operation than-.ever before» and -aw time.- when ‘We must unite as one solid group with but one objec- tive and_that to place our city once more in a sound condition- “I once more renew my pledge to you that I will exert all the energy at my command and all the influence of my off- ice to administer the affairs of Lackawanna in an honest, cap- able and businesslike man- ner,\ he concluded. Announcement of the li 't of party stalwarts to be rmncd to the Various appointive posts in the city was the first and only official action to be taken by the new {ldmi‘1lSt-l‘aii()l1. The iianies were said by 'l‘omal<a and quickly mmrrwecl by H‘-' four councilmon, Joseph J. Mil ann, first. wa,1:d: John Duml. -'r-r'on«l ward: W-al'er Pm-y/., third ward, and Jame»: Galli gan, fourth ward. Mrs. Marian Gorecka, 92 C'ur1'ant Street, was taken to Our Lady of Victory hospital early VVednesday morning, fol- lowing a fall on the crossing at Qenter Street and Caldwell. Examination at ‘nine hospit- al showed that the’ woman's leg had been fractured by the fall. Recently elected officers of the Second Ward Democratic club were installed at ceremon~ ies held Tuesday evesning in the club headquarters, 482 Center Street. The fight it developed‘ start- ed over an insurance policy ‘owned by the mother, and, which it is alleged, the aggres- sor wanted to cash. The youn- ger brother refusing to surren- der same until the return of the mother from the hospital. Upon the refusal to turn over the policy it was alleged the older brother ‘assaulted his junior, breaking his nose, and czrusiiig a hospital bill of $155. The new officers are: Joseph Grzybowski. president; Paul Frontz, vice-president; John Buezek, recording secretary; Victor Pikula, finpancial secre- Iary and Stanley Budzynski, treasurer. Peter O'Rourke, Walter Kub isty, Edward Carroll, Andrew Kuc7.marski, James Burke, and Charles Coughlin, Detectives; Joseph J. Fennie, Edmund Ry- rzka and Bartlett Sumbrum, motorcyclzes squad. Former officers who have gone back into the ranks as a res'ult' of the shakeup include .lns(-ph Spam, chief of detec- tives; William Mahomey, Jos- eph Raiman and Joseph Jen- notti. patrol lic-utemants. DEMOCRATS CELEBRATE IN DOM POLSKI HALL A capacity crowd of more than 600 attended an inaugur- ation banquet and celebration held last Saturday in honor of local Democratic dandidates who were victorious in the No- vember election. The event was held in Dom Polski Ridge Road under the auspices of the‘First Ward Women's Democratic club. Guests of honor were head- ed by Mayor Paul J. Tomaka: Supervisor Michael J. Hughes: Councilmen Joseph J. Milano John Dusza, and James Gal- llighan, ASSESSOPS Walter Oga- rek and Thomas Murphy and City Treasurer John J. Mouag lian, “Save it,” said the practical Mr. McGuire,\ there ought to be nicks and shovels.\ “VVell,” remarked Mayor Tn- maka,\ you’ll have to find them. I've got to address the nolicemen in the Council Cham her this afternoon.” The new directors include Stanley Bernas, Walter Sera- fin, John Citok, Stanley Guy- lxowski, Joseph Nowak, and Stanley Michaels. A new set of regulations to govern the club during the en- suing year, were also adopted at the session. FAVORITISM COMPLAINT or CWA JOB SEEK!-ZR “Yeh?” queried M1‘. Mc- Guire who it appeared was los- ing patience,” you call all those Coppers off the street and when wou’re through the barns will be gone. Remember the Rm publicans may be out of off- ice but some of them ‘still live here. The walls of those barns would probably make swell gavages for their -ba‘k yards.” Mayor Tomaka weighted that for a while and called Chief Ray R. Gilson on the phone. The meeting was called off. “Now\ said Commissioner l\IrGuire,” let’s get back to the vise situation. Several men seeking work in the City recntly have com- plained that preference is be- ing given others because of \political pull.” One job-scale er, in an effort to correct al- legedly unsatisfactory condi- tions, carried his complaint directly to Mr. Griffiths and was promised a thorough in- investigation would’ be made as soon as he is .fu1'nlsl'1cd with 2: list of names of the persons whose right to work on CWA pro_icct.~'. is ‘being questioned. The complaining person in his charges declared that sev- tral ‘former city employees in Lackawanna, who lost their jobs when the new Democratic fathers took control of the gov- urnimcnt January 1st, made ap- plication and received work immediately on the Smokes Creek improvement project, the first CWA work to be un- dertaken in the city. At least one of these men was the for- ‘mer head of one of the city de- partments mil ranked high in political circles it was said. He was employed as 21 forman. At the iame time it was de- clared several unemployed men many of whom have been with- out work for months and who had registered with the CWA bureau in the city several weeks ago, still are unable to get werk, \because there is some inrlividual in the bureau who is taking care of friends‘ and persons with political in- fluence while neglecting others without giving any consider- ation to their needs or qualifi- cations. , _ ., ,-,;_~, kg; Many 0(5her change-s are to he put into effect immediately in an Miter! to prr.mu).te offic- ieney in the department, insure more rigid law enforcement and prnvide better police pro- '!(‘l‘i(>l1 for the city “on a 24 hour :1 clgy basis.\ Tomaka (i(‘C] Monclay night. “l'm.Ier the new plans patrol men will ride in the police ‘pat- rol e.m'.~z itMc:ul uf detectives, so that the plainclothesmen will be free to function entirely at Uh‘ <lutio:.'. for which they are zxppoinlml, and :1 general schedule ()l'. more rigid rules will bu ex1‘l’-1':-N1\ he said. 16 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK Caldwell and Joyce were ad- vertising a complete Auto Re- pair, Machine and body build- ing Plant. - Heading the list was Anth- gny Juszcfak as city clerk. This is one of the major plums t\ he handod out and was virt- ually the on-l_v po--1' which re- main-ad in dunbt in tho last minute. Appoinmwnl nil Jua- ::.zak camr‘ as a ‘surprisv to manv. as his name had not pun- viously amaearnd in puhlir: (lis- C-l?S~’i0nS relative to the office. Other new ol\l'icol1oldo1':-i Emergency War Prohibiti m Bil] introduced in the State As- sembly by Hon. W. S. McNahb of Schenectady. Others feted were Rudolph Weinst-ein, newly appointed corporation counsel, Felix Pol- onowski, Police conmuissioner Angelo Grosso who was de~ feated for the post of Assessor by the ‘narrow margin of two votes. Roger-Brown plant assessed at $8,000,000. “I think Wle can find a vou- cher showing that just :1 short time ago the Republicans bought a good husky vise. Yes, I'm quite certain we can find the voucher, but the vise is gone. We need a little vise. Do we get one?\ t Forty Sorbians leave for France, enlisted by Leut. N11- zm Ruikovich. Among the invited guests were C'ol1gx'oss1nm1 Ji\m(‘S M. Mead‘; Sheriff Frank J. Offer- mann; John A. Ulinski. presi- dent of the Buffalo City Coun- cil; The Rev. Joseph Glapim ski, The Rev. A. S. Jzmowski, Senator Stephen Wojtnkowiak Assemblyman Edwin L. Kan- tow-skvi. LU-TNIA ENTERTAINS FOR BUFFALO SINGERS FATHER BAKER’S BOYS WILL VISIT SHEA-‘S SHOW that the coal delivered to the pumping station in the new vil- lage was gone, the operator's flashlights were missing. Only 2 of the 8 city trucks could he started. Investigration 1'evo.alecl the filtration plant only 30 per cent efficient because of im- proper opcration, tho Commis- sioner reported. It will require one month's operation under propervcare to correct the con- dition and if that fails an ex- penditure of $150,000 will be necessary. Five hundred boys from F'z1ther Baker's Home will be quests of the South Buffalo Lio..s Club and Sheu's Senvca at a specially zm'angod theatre party, Saturday a.~(\Lemoon at f.’. o'2lock. An elaborate pro- ,n'am of scuon-n a.tfract,ions has been prepared suitable for the ccnssion. “You're the Commissioner,” the mayor reminded him. “We get a little vise,” re- m:u'k'ed Mr. McGuire. The Lutnia Singing; Society entertained 'I‘u-esdnyy (--vr*ni\x-p; in honor of Orfurz Ladies Sing- ing Society of B11fr\aln and the Sunny Side club of Conixer St. Among the Buffalo grtmsts the Misses E. Bie‘.insk:1, R. Lndrowska, L. Za1chowsk:t. J. Fabian and H. Ko'I.lo.v::!'.:1. Refrcshmelmis and a buffet ‘luncheon wan snrved‘ and vocal sr rendered by tho hosts and guests during the evening. Miss Anna Zovtofski, who‘ was in charge of the banquet, was assisted by Miss Lydia Dudzic, assistant chairman. Others ‘in cliawe of complet- ing arrangements Ware: MS. Sophie Pieszezachowvicz, Miss‘ Alice Burke. Ml“¥. Anna Cor’- czyi.~a, Mrs. V. '1‘; Tomasic, Mrs M. C. Holjsan, 1\Irs. Mary Tie- denicz, Mrs. A. C. Baianick, Mrs. Mildred Strand, Mrs. An. na Schwed, Mrs. M. B. Sikich, Miss Anna -Konder, Miss Ber-.~ tha Za-jhofski, Miss Franciz; Nivhola, Miqs Eva Rokovina, Miss Mary Pillich, Miss Jesse Giorden, Miss Ruth ‘Koslin and Mrs. A. D. Kochan. “Now,” he continued, “let's get back to the barns. \There are horses thzere and enough food to last 6 hours. Give the -la-*e custodians of the barns a break and make that 12 hours. The Humane Society ‘might helar about it and get after them. Tc big features will be shrnvn, which will surely prove to be in'l.resting to the boys. 2\Ie:7nI.ers of the South Buf- .fa!o Lions Club will provide transportation for T'a.t.hor Ba- ker's yout«h“ul c1.arges, to and from tho theatre. Corporation Cogmcil Wein- stein is preparing ,an investi- gation of the series of everts which transpired immediate'y before the Democrats took off- ice. Meanwhile the iity will be obligated to buy new equip- ment that city employees may be allowed to work. “And, speaking of horsesx,” he remarked as he reached for \his hat, \I better bet back to those barns. That Republican wand probably has waved over them and they are trans formed to mules by now.\ A The officers of Lutnia are: Jacob Romaniak, presiclent; Paul Sobozak, vice-m'e.qident; Wrlliam Mauz, recording sec- re1..u';/; John Kusmierczajk, treasurer, Aelain Liskup, finan cial secretary and Bernard Glowacki, sergeant-at-arrns. Miss Lil Showpson and Miss: Mary Langnor, nurses at Our Lady ox‘ Victory 11ospit_al ex- pect to spend the week“-end at Chestnut Ridge Park, Ski-ing. Mr. MiGuire ?further stated

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