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PAIGE 16 Li{¥CKAWAN«NA H-ER‘A‘vLD\ Charles GULTIVATE MARKS MAFN. SHIP A mount-alneer ‘lad from Kemucliy -who joined the nmxrlnés without ever ‘ha'v'ing seen. tin :u‘m_y ‘ri :hung [up a new record for =consecuti\'e hits on the rl -range. ‘He vex~plu‘Ined =lt ‘vt_¢'> ‘the major this \my: “-Every morning for‘ yours Pa's ‘been hnndi‘n' me the old mw/.z1e =1oud- ‘er vwvlt-h :1 chm'ge'of ,pm\\der !\l(] just one ‘bullet. And -he sez. ‘Here. boy. go git ‘b1'eukt’ast.' So, you see. I nln‘t used ‘to missing nxuch.\-—F‘rom the :U. S. S. ;\Inr_\'land Catapult. Vii '“‘M0d¢l‘I|l'\ Helped ‘Out New ideas nre often found In old books. GREEK BOYS DY F METHODS WHY BE A FATALIST? By the students realize their abilities, and are anxious to make the -most oi‘ them the assistance given can avail but. little. ‘Parents often know‘ best a child’s abilities. or tnlentsns fond par- euts are apt to call them, long ‘be-« tore the child does. Parents, who~ help their children to‘ recognize what‘ they huve. in themselves, to work‘_ with promote the success of their oi!» spring. Adults frequently find themselves‘ forced to earn money when they have: had’ no special training. Then they? -must take mentni stock of themselves to see what they have to work with.- It -ls well to remember at such a time that they have something in which‘; they excel. It may he in systemizing. in cookery. in management, in needle-i craft, in preserving and pickling, in music, in art. Whatever it is, that is_ the thing to start with. It may he that ‘humble jobs will have to ‘be done ‘along -the ‘lines of ability. ‘but what- ever fosters the powers one has. should not -be looked down upon. Suc- cess comes with using the abilities one has. The Household Doctors Give Creosote For Dangerous Coughs For many years our vlxest doctors have prescribed creosote in some form for coughs, colds and bronchitis, knowing ‘how dangerous it is toilet them hang on. Creomulsion with creosote and six other highly important medicinal ole» menv.s,»q*uicl:ly and effectively stops all coughs and. colds that otherwise might lead to serious trouble. American School in Athens Reports. More ‘Pupils. that the water in their bowl might not be agitated more than their native swamps. LEONARD A. BARR-ETT 13, LYDIA mz ‘BARON WALKER A lfutnllst believes that ‘everyt-hing‘ «that happens is inevitable. ‘If his ref-. forts to accomplish a centaln itnsk meet with failure. his ire- action is, it was - u n a v oldnble. the la ms were vs‘et' against -him. If he succeeds in :his ‘nd- ve nit u re. he >con- cl u d es the rates were on his side. The tragedy of fatulism is that it‘ destroys initiative § and dampons en- 1 thusinsm. Nothing In winter when sessions or school ‘take up so ‘much oi’ the daylight. it is often difficult to plan the time that [children get enough out-of-door exer- cise. The importance of this exercise in the open air. cannot be over-looked if the youngsters are to keep well and strong during the‘ months when their minds are constantly exercised. The ‘balance or active physical motion is needed to ottset the mental strain when' the body is inactive. Little folk are using their mental vigor to grasp the subjects in the pro- gressive steps when they are in the school:-com, and also when they are doing home work. They should east aside all brain- work as such, and plunge into their physicui work with equal zest. This physical activity probably takes the form or play. but the muscles and limbs are kept busily at work dut~ ing it, if the piny Thirty Acres of Land ‘Added A~thens——-The ‘back-to~tvhe-land move- ment in Greece, under way since 1922, when 1.500.000 refugees were received Into the mother country after the ex- change of population with 'I‘~urkey. has been so much accelerated by the de- pression and restrictive immigration throughout the world that the Ameri- can farm school, located on an arm of Snlonica bay facing Mount Oiympos. has -this year an over-capacity total of 169 Greek boys studying American dry Iarmingnnd industrial methods. ‘This is n Jump from 149 pupils last year and is more than the total of alumni in the school's thirty-two years of life. There have been several Jewish students accepted from the of applicants, who are preparing them» selves ‘tor tnrming in the ‘Holy Land. More than 20,000 gambusla from Louisiana, which have an appetite for mosquito eggs, have been distributed this year in the worst nmlarinl die tricts of Greece by Charles L. House, the principal of the school and son at Its eighty-nine-yenr-old founder, Dr. John Henry House. Some gmnbnsia came from the Rockefeller institute at Rome; the ancestors of others crossed the Atlantic earlier, cradled In the arms of the messemzer when- ever there was A heavy sea in order Thirty acres of land at Verrin, the bibiica Bcreu mentioned in the wan- derings or Paul, have been added this your -to the school's 300 acres, This land was once the-bottom ofLai:eAmn- tnvo, which has been dried for the Greek government shy the foundation company. now at work on vitmd timin~ age in the Macedonian swnmpinnds. All «but one of the herd of Jerseys which supplied the iirst bottles of the only certified milk in Greece have had to be sold, however, during the year ‘because of their infection with tuberculosis, a disease which afflicts almost 95 per cent of the Greek cows. About one-quarter of the school's in- come is received from the United States in the ‘form of gifts. «Besides suffering the expected depreciation of the times. the sum has decreased with the full of the dollar on Eixropenn ex- changes. accentuated in Greece by »a rise on the part of the drnchnm. The school has an ingenious ‘budget under which its Ame:-icnn income is spent nimost wholiy within the school. The salaries of the faculty go. as far no possible. to buy things produced by the school. Pool Water Used Twice. Creomulsion is powerful in the«treat- ment of all colds and coughs, yet it is absolutely harmless and is pleasant and easy to take. , Your own druggist guarantees Creo- mulsion by refunding your moneyif you are not relieved after taking Creomul- sion aaldirected. Beware the cough or cold that hangs on. Always keep Creo- mulsion on hand forinstaut use. ‘(adv.) attempted, nothingi gnined—-true. But theieiement of risk. g which ‘plays a large part in everywen-2 ture, must have something more [sub-_‘ stnntinl to Justify its exercise then; the smug conviction that an effort will bring a predetermined’ result. What's‘ the use of trying? In the strain and; stress at today the average personf wants something more than 9. blind‘; faith in a predetermined end. He wants to feel that his own personality is of some worth, at ienst to himself. In his struggle to carry on, every per-‘ son reaches out for courage and hope.‘ Granted the privilege‘ of the freedom of choice, as well as the power to ®, 1933. Bell syndicate.-—-WNU Bervlcn. Leather J erkin -.-__... -............... ...... ...--...-.......... -4 Mcrgolizcd Wax dnilg as directed. lnvisilglg puruclcs of ag skm are freed\ and all dclccls such I13 lnckhcnds, tqn, in-ecklcs an_d lm-Fe pores dlsnnpcar. Skm I5 then bemu- ful y clcnr, velvety nmjl so sol't—fn5:o looks years younger. Mcrcohzcrl Wxgx brmgsput your lmldcn beauty. At all lcudmg ¢.l1-ugglsls. Powdered Saxolzte_ Reduces wnnklca and other ngeanpvgns. S|m- ply dissolve om: ounco Sgxxolite in nlf-pint mtch huel and me duly an (ace louon. Another way the school, which is modeled sou1e\vlmtonBeren college in Kentucky and the Hampton institute in Virginia. has lately iearnedto save is in the double use of water from the 62-foot swimming pool which the boys built with $100 given by Mrs. John I-I. I-‘lnley. —'I‘lie pool was built at this cost from rock hcwn in the mountain foothills behind the school and the water, precious in a country of 19-inch rainfall, waters fields below the pool through half section pipes that are made at the school for 10 cents a yard. On the way from one use to another the water pauses to sport at a little fountain. to which the boys have in-muzht ferns and other plants from such shrines oi‘ ancient Greece us Del- phi, Olympus and Athens, An Armenian sculptor is making a bronze bust of Doctor Iiouse, who first came to the Balkans as n mlsslonary in 1872, and who negotiator] with Bul- garian bnmlits for the ransom of Ellen M. Stone when that American woman missionnr_v's capture caused an inter- national sensation. Doctor Ilonse. who is the oldest living graduate oi.‘ West- ern Reserve university. now leaves ad- mlninstrntion of the school wholly to his son, Charles L. House, a Princeton engineer who has lived almost all his life in the Balkans, Alone in His Class tlve to be bene cial. Also to reap the fullest bene the may should be in the sunshine. whenever the day Is pleasant. It should come just after school. A Happy Inlerim. is su ac- WHEN SHE'S ‘UVSET HE §E'$U<E/Rs Children who take music lessons or pursue any outside studies should not he expected to cmnehome and prac- tice right after school. nor do any out- side study or homework before they have a good period of playtime. Neither should they be expected to run errands unless they are of im- perative need. not until they have an interim of care-free time. It may seem as if the errand being done out- of«doors and actively might supplant the activity of play in affording exer- cise. The very idiom “run on an er- rand\ indicates its activity. but there lurks in this Job a decided element of work. So let the youngster play for a while before running on the errand. Then, if it is possible, instill some- thing of interest into the task. There are many ways of ridding the errand of its irksome character. A penny will be an inducement. It may be for the child's bank or for him or her to spend before returning. It may be that mother promises ‘to play some game with the child after the errand is done. Or the mother may say she has cooked a dish which the child is particularly fond of. Just because she had to ask him to run the errand. After the child's out-of-door exer- cise, be it what it may. it is wise to supply some light refreshment. an ap- ple or some fruit, a glass of milk with a cooky, some crackers. etc., and pos- sibly a nibble of candy. With the body in good form, and with arpetite appeased. the homework. the practic- ing. etc., will be entered into with due preparation. Tnlcnl in Children. ' Q Drove ‘V Wild :“=%\y°:'.:::.°°s='°s=~*==ad- ‘lane: lovable dispogmon haw pea ma Now _she ably m];l3l““i\°'3 ?‘\“'ninE2 '.9luggish%c(:\t;el;'%‘x:l\:;;t|-3;‘ l9m—oI'len‘m?:‘§ # complexion troublcsenNz;‘\cT'iJ5'Rl:\ls. safely etim\.1_I:|?-3: {':'1'é\.’u7”\’°\°‘-“\'°~ lan 5:;-¢ngu,,m5' mgumma ‘L7: I \ tract‘. r:;\:s*:.:\;':“::- \“‘°'“°\\:'- godny in :3“: m I0 - NIGHT mum. o. T0M9Y11}_Qw ,\_ ..1_,, . \ II‘ Qu‘ck r H dd‘ 1}‘ TUMS n‘on.§n°e§§cb3§n?o'n1§§‘x6“.~f\ Grny suede lenthcr jerlain with sieeves nntl skirt matching gray ribbed knit heightened with a blouse of rod wool. The Tyrolezm hut has :1 guy red feather. Horue Killed Rattler Cresweii, 0re.—-Dim, fourteen-yeah old horse, owned by Jacob Joinmsen, was observed cutting strange antics in the pasture recently. leaping high in the Mr and coming down with feet bunched like :1 rodeo bucking bronciio. Investigation showed sections of a large rattlesnake, cut to pieces by his hoofs. $26.00 In one Week .-~22\. :-:_.-.; Women in small towns 5/ :=“-j3§.'.; are turning spare hour: ‘ intocézshincomcntqfvary goo. mtis uctory rate 0 pay “' tlirough the new adver- .:;.‘,.--' \ ;« using and selling planot -§;2:-‘ - . Lord&Amos,Inc..makers _. o ! Lorny bong» -k typrepnral.mns.0ncOhxo V-.»,..... woman nvcmges $9.00 :1 week, working only 11 few hours each dny; another in Michigan worked every day and mmlc.$2«§ in one wcckgotliers earn $8 to $20 every week. Any woman reading lliis can obtain full particulars by simply writing to ‘nu 3 - Ari. A pemm jmlcard will «In: wrir::1|l:li:1l,ur?tl':l:l5nEu. Local Woman Earns When Master Sergt. Louis C. Mosser of Brockton, Mnss.. rotlred recently Irom the army utter thlrty yours’ serv- ice. only (me Congressloxlnl llledtu. of Honor mun rmunlnod among tl1c“c:;- llsted men of the army. The lone holder is Sergt. Lloyd M. Selbert, shown herewith. of Snllxms, Calif. He is stationed with the First cavalry at Fort Knox, Ky., and has been In the army since i006. He won the iniedril ‘o'n Septeumer 20, 1918. in France. The Leonid: The leonlds are meteors which up- penr to radiate from the constellation Leo in the northeastern sky each year. '.'1\uc-y are supposedly part of 11 met?- orlc swarm that reaches spectacular proportlom every 33 years. The larg- est dlsnluys wccurred ln 1833 and 1866, when the ensth crossed the orblt of the leoulds mxd millions of \shooting stars” llghted up the slay in n brila llnnt dlsplny. Ceremony OE When Wreath. h Fgtggtten Montreni.—z\n international cere- mony wns called oil’ here because the participants forgot to bring along (lowers. A party of distinguished guests from France ‘and Montreal gathered near the city hall to pay tribute to Vnuqueiin, noted Dieppe navigator of the Eighteenth century, and to plnce a wreath on his monument. Greetlngswere exchanged. Speeches were made. And then the cow mony was cniiod oil’. Somehotly. it was explained, forgot to bring the wreath. Robert Rankine of Preston, 0nt.. crossing the line to win the twenty-fourth nnnuni Berwick mum- thon at Berwick, Pn., with a time of 48:35 minutes. Lou Gregory of New York crossed the iine Just sixty feet behind Rankine. The two runners Inna matched strides for eight and one-innit miles oi.‘ the nine-mile course, but as they nr-Mod the in a ‘driving spurt Rankine took the lead. Best For E es that ‘ Once used always ‘ preferred ' , ROMAN _ EYE BALSAM; ODD THINGS AND NEW—-By Lame Bode Schoois lmvo nsnlsumts whose work is to help students to follow their bent. in studies to ill: themselves to sue- ceed In a chosen vocation. Unless \v;-may rm 00.. mo Gum sh. N.Y. C STOP ITCH|NG% win. every soldier summons all the courngc and hope available that he may overcome his enemies. \They shrill not pass\ was the battle cry at the ltlurne, and they (lid not pass. The source of this courage and hope, essential to the successful realization of one's purpose in life, is not some- thing we can wear as we would a cloak. There are vital realities that must be released from within one’: own personality. \There is an inmost center in us all where truth abides in fullness.\ This inmost center is also the source from which is released an enduring power and sustaining strength. In a recent magazine article, oc- curred the following: “Dr. ~———, :1 fa- mous surgeon. who has nchievedi re- sults bordering upon the miraculous in his treatment of hopeless mastoid cases, lies on a couch and prays for dlvine assistance before‘ every opera- tion.\ Thni: famous surgeon is no 19,- etalist. ®. 1935, Western Newspaper Unio'n_. Making Reporting Easier at Geneva It‘: nnmzing how this tormenting lrouble——wluu-(aver it occura- R yields to ‘soothing 1 PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Ramavcu Dumlrulf »SlonaIlnlrFIlIln¢ Imparts Color and Beauty In Gray and Fuied Hair we and $1.00 at Dru glam. I Chem. Wk», Pntcvnn no N.Y. FLORESTON SHAMPOQ - Ideal for use in conncgtion with Pnrker'IHarrBnlaum.Maka2u the hair mutt and 50 cenuv by mail or ntdrup aim. Hiloox Gbemlcul Warkl. Pltliholllo. N.Y. ’:‘ ». *2 ‘I47 / E. “ AI ::|'~ 3}; u ;. :5 % l’E(‘ANS. New crop am shcvll grown In tho ruinous Su\vnm'u-u Rlyr-r Vnlln-5'. -1 lbs. nast- ml M ct-ma. HP“ :\!\‘.\‘.l-11'} IKIVEII i'E(.‘AN C0\ 217 Ohio AvL'.. I4|\'L‘ Onk, Flu. \VAN'l'l'7l)—In2‘0rmn.Uan roI,'nrdhu,' nnswou Smith. Ago 06. Hhort, tlr-nf. I-nor sight. Aq- dreas Mary Smith, 209- E. Hun .st., For- merly M0 I5. Mllrd, New Yurk. m YRIIZIII I;,,.m. p..,,,},1 A three-legged coiree table with an enamel top is u space-saver. The legs are attached to -the triangular support with wooden screws. They may be- 'put together or taken apart in i intnute. Newspaper correspondents attending the sessions of.‘ the disarmament con- ference and other gatherings in -Geneva were provided with packet radio receiving sets that enabled them to hear the, proceedings‘ while wandorilm about the building or sitting at ease in their retiring tool. Tuowum nnmsvs tvmwgmi WNU—U I; . .\ ‘ . T.‘ \\2 sa A V W ,1‘ ‘ll E4

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