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Services In ”‘ Lackawanna Churches -Closing‘ up their activities ifor 1933 the “L” Club will de- 'vo‘te Christmas ‘night for an‘ old fashioned Yuletide festivakl; with Santa Claus, Christmas ‘tree heavily rloaded with ~gifts; ;.for members and guests and a general jollification. Richard Laapis, general chair- man and Stephen Poster, c6- schairman announce the follow- ing committees: Lackawanna High School will give two presentatioins» of their Christmasv.enterta,inme1xt on Friday. One in the after- noon for «the s'tud'ents and an evening { performace for the older folk. Selectionse--‘3‘Aida\ and? In .3‘ Monastery Garden ;\ Higlg; School Orchestra. \ Vigorous opposition against the proposed erection. of tene- ment houses on Hamburg Turnpike by -a Buffalo Realty corporation developed at. a meeting of the Board of Trade, stalled for -the purpose, -of con- sidering the project. REGISTRATION NOW A ~0l’EN' T0 WOMEN CHRISTMAS axancrsas T T AT 0. L. V. ACADEMY OUR LADY OF VICTORY 3ASlLlCA Rt. Rev. Msgr. Nelson H. Baker 1Mi¢’lni¢l:t Mg» 12 P. M. Music Program Christmas March Guilmant Helene Corcoran “Jesus Bambino Pietyo Yon Guy Bryan and Chorus “Silent Night, Holy Night\ Daniel J. McKenzie, Nelson Tatu, Rascal George, Francis Mc Guire, Guy Bryan, Walter “O Holy Night” Adam Daniel J. McKenzie-, Mrs Edna Curtin and Chorus Prelude Guilmant -Solenin High Mus Rev. Earl J. Klies, Celeb:-ant Rev. James H. Lucid Deacon. Rev. R. Talty, Sub-deacon Sermon Rev. Earl J. Kline Solemn Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament .Music of the Mass Kyrie Hammerel Daniel Boyle, Mrs. Loretta and Mrs. Anne O'Rourke, Mrs. Dan- iel Boyle, Mrs. Loretta Avery Gloria Hammerel (a-) Gratias Agimus Guy Bryan The Lackawanna branch of‘ the CWA located in the C-h'a-m- ber of Commerce head'quarters next to the City Hall, accord‘-' in: ‘to the local representatives, Messrs. C. F; Wood and W. McLachlan, are now ready to; register girls and women 1'if years of age and over. These ~registrants will -be eli-. mostly for clerical posi-j tiona, butvsewers; housekeepers, waitresses, and o_ther positions, open to women will be listed. Christmas exercises at Our Lady of Victory academy will be held Friday vmorn with Isanta Claus, a tree, and candy or all the kiddies. Choros——“O Come, All Ye; F‘raii7hful\ Assembly. Quxgrtet.-—“’I'h‘e Virgin's Lul-i laby” and “O Little Town of; Betthlehem” Teacher's Quar- ‘te . Chorus—-“Christmas Time is Come Again” and “It Came -Upon,t-he Midnight Clear” As- sembly. Selections-..—Bizet's “Agnus Dei” High School Orchestra. One prominent merchant in spegkixm on the project said: “Why=:3hould this City be bur—- dened with any more qntax-. able property?‘ As I understand this project, the realty corpora—_ tion .onl'y invtesta 20% of the money involved and the other 80% -comes from the Recon- struction Finance: Corporation. Under this arrangement the properties -could not be taxed- uatil the tborrowned 80% is paid 0 . Door, Gustave Koyach, chairman, John Magyar, Louis Bitka, Max McC—ale, Harold Tiger, Max Lohr jr., Theodore Gasiewicz, and. Paul Tan Jr. In conjunction, the follow- ing program will be given by the school. Hymn—-“Jesus Bambino\ Senior Girls Glee Club. \Christmas Marie Ives. Recitation, “Christmas Eve\ Marie U:llen'bruc~k. Wardrobe, Charles Kapinos, chairman, John Posster and Georse Kustrich; refreshmenf, Joséph A. Kovach, chairman, John D. Ghontos, Ned’ Stepane ovich, Louis Busty, A! Evans, Marsha-ll Joseph and Peter Ribaric. Positions are not confined to Lackawanna, as this office is in close touch with State and government employment agen- cies where there‘ are ‘calls for an kinds of workers and po~ sitions. Recitations, “A Little ‘Child at the Crib,\ Helen Lewis; “Jesus Answers from the Crib,\ James Waney. Song, “Dear Little One\ Second ‘Grade Pupils. Recitations, “My Gift to Jesus,\ Eleanor Aldrich; “A Surprise for Santa\ Donald De. Vote. STORY OF, THE ‘NATIVITY A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Prologue “Just think what this would mean to the individual prop- erty owner. How could he coggpetq against onon-tax pay- aiuj -property.\ » President Frank Pillion of the Board of Trade, speaking‘ on the project, said; Floor and reception, Stanley Bukaty, chairman, James Dunne, _Al Markowitz, John Pansy, Nicholas Tany, Anthony Verbanic, James Williams, Julius Karsa, Sylvester Kolen- ko and Edward Kelly. Officers of the “E” club for the coming years were announ- ced today as follows: Stanley Bukaty, president; Louis Basty, vice president; Joseph A. Ko- vach, secretary; Ned Stepan- ovich, recording secretary: Theodore Gasiewicz, financial secretary; Anthony Verbanic, ‘treasurer; Sylvester Kolenko, publicity director; Edward Kelly, marshal. The new board of directors: John D. Ghontos, Gustave Ko- .vach, Julius Karsa, August Ay- ler, Richard Lapis, Edward Kelly, Joseph A. Kovach, Ned Stepanovich, Stanley Bukaty, Theodore Gasiewicz ‘and An- thony Verbanic have under consideration the opening of 1934 activities with a New Year’s Eve banquet, and a pro- gram for the rest; of the Win- ter and Spring. The registering of women, was held up, temporarily, on account of the large number of men handled by this office. It is particularly stressed that registration beam as soon as possible, . Cast of characters: Holger, Patsy Morgan: Steen, William Kilcoyne; Uncle Michael Stoycoff; Old Women, Kathryn‘ Her-rmhnn; Isaica, John Kilcoyne; Vergil, Jus- tino Christiano; The Evange- list, Rita Lagler; ‘Levi, Owner of the Sheep-, Joseph Twist; Simon, His Overseer, Alex Horbaczewski; Nathan, A Shepard Boy, Walter Empric. Shepherds, Aaron, Henry Drzewucki; Joel, Louis Tan; Manuel, Arthur Ullenvbruck; Benjamin, Joseph Kuty. Prophets, Baruch, Carl Lohr; Ezechiel, Joseph Amo- rosi; Nahum, Louis Tapaszto; Abdias, Edward Krause. A Stranger, Willena Mac- Donald; The Blind Man, Ed- ward Malia; The Lame Boy, Delbert Herkimer; The (‘Id Woman, Vera Gilson; The Outcast, Mitchell Kukoleca; The Sick‘ Maiden, Rosemary Avery; Orphan Child, Walter Gannon. Recitation, “Peace/' Alice 0\Donnell. Recitation, “The Origin of the Crib,\ John Ward. Solo, “Ave Maria,” Marion McClure. Recitation, “Christmas Ca- rol,\ Anne Leahy. Songs, “Holy Night,\ Jingle Bells,\ Junior Girls Glee Club. Recitation, “C h r i s tm a 3 Nizhtjn the Quarters,” Wil- liam ‘Thomas. “We have been informed that an extensive building‘ program is being‘ planned by a group of individuals who hope with the aid of the RFC to build up a small colony -along Hamburg Tunpike to accommodate_ a number of the families of men employed by the Bethlehem Steel Company,\ he said. “Weare unable to find any adequate reason why such a prozram should be undertaken at present, as there ave a num- ‘ber of homes and flats avail- able and they should prove more than adequate to accom- modate all families wishing to reside along the thoroughfare. In fact, it has been estimated that there are between 60 to 7 0 vacant places right in the dis- trict without considering the number of other vacant homes in the city.” FRANKLIN _ TO PRESENT ‘ CHRISTMAS PAGENT (b) Qui Tolis Mrs. Margaret Murphy Credo Hammerel (a) El; In Carnatus Est Mrs. Guy Bryan (1)) Et In Spirium (Duet) Mrs. Edna Curtin, Miss Mary Sc-ahill Offertory Adesta Fedelis D. J. McKenzie. Guy Bryan and Male Chorus Santus St. Cece1ia's Msis Daniel McKenzie and Chorus Benedictus Gounod Eighty students of the Frank- lin elementary school, Lacka- wba-nna, will take part in a Christmas program Thursday afternoon and evening Decem- ller 21, in the school auditor- mm. “The End of ‘the Play,” Wil- liam Makepeace Thackeray, Francis O’Connor. Christmas Greetings, Mar- garet Cawley. Chorus, “The Birthday of a King,” Pupils of School. The Christmas play “The Nativity” will be presented un- der the direction of Miss Helen Ryan and Mr. John Coughlin. teachers of the eighth grade and Miss Miriam Nallin is mus- ic director. Scenery and cos- tumes‘ are being prepared by the students as part'of an ac- tivity program. Pupils in leading roles are: Stella Bystranowski, William Szczygiel, John Bystranowski, Henry Haj, Stanley Franc. Mary Burka, Eugenia Kaz- minska, Mary Gean Gannon, Mary Pyanowska, Rita Kelly, Rita Eagan_ Helen Manzlik, Mary Prucnal, Josephine Kat~ ra. Mary Fugola, Rose Gorney, Jenny Franc, Jane Past:-onik, Anna Raymond, Olga Melnyk, ‘Thomas Hooper, John Was, Henry Kocent, Stanley Zrod- lowski, Leonard Przewlocki, Stanley Golen, Benny Stac,.how- iak, Henry Wierzbieniec, Leon- ard Klubek. Eleanor Brady. Dauchuaer Basilica C‘noir_ Holy Mass 6:00 A. M. Rev. Austin J. Crotty Celebrant Holy Mass 8:00 A.M. Rev. John O'Brien, S. S. C. Celebrant Holy Mass 9:00 A. \M. Rev. Raymond Talty Celeb!-ant Solemn High Mass 10:30 A. M. Rev. Raymond Talty, Celebrant Rev. Earl J. Klies, Deacon Rev. John 0’Brien, S. S. C., Sub-deacon Sermon Rev. Earl J.Klies Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament Basilica Choir Agnus Dei 0. L. V. ACADEMY ISSUES SCHOOL PAPER A new school paper has made its bow in the Commun- ity “The Weekly Cluarion,\ published by students of Our Lady of Victory Academy “to promote inter-class activities, to make the student body and faculty better acquainted, and to stimulate the school spirit.” Balthasar, John Kiicoyne; Milchior, Robert O’Boyle; Caspar, William Radecki; Mary, Mother of Jesus, Helen Gannon ; Joseph, J ustino Christiano. “The owners of all of these vacant homes have a large in- vestment involved many have mortgages and other indebt- -edness which they must meet and some are actually faced with financial min and the ‘loss of their entire savings if they cannot meet their obliga- tions. The normal course for them to get out of their diffi- culties is to obtain tenants who can pay« rent, which in: turn woiJld..,be used to nay the debts. “If a lame building program should be put through at this time and a number of new homes be erected what chance would our other landowners have of renting their property? Many of them have resided in the city most of their lives, many have been taxpayers for years and we have no wish to see them ruined. That is why we ‘are taking the stand that the project should be delayed until there is in greater require- ment for it.\ MEAD APPOINTED ON NRA SPEAKERS BUREAU Angels, Helen Salones, Mary Kilcoyne, Clara Prior. Helen Gannon, Vera Anderson, Emily Skowronski, Rita Lagler. Christmas Chorus, Nick Zsiros, Paul Twist, Jack Tar- quin, Joseph Kuty, Joseph Me- lant, Andrew Eszak, Robert O’Boyle, Helim Moses, Walter Blattenberser, Henry Dietrich, Alex De Carolis, Peter Ka1fw- lis, Richard Jans, Stanley Pal- ka, Bronislaus Janicki, Leo Rutkowski, Steve Kiraly, And- (Continued on Page 8) Representative Jas. M. Mead has‘ been appointed a member of the Speakers Bureau of the NRA by Louis Alber, Director of the Department. Comrressa man Mead will make a number of speeches in support of the‘ Recovery Act before Congress cenvenes on January 3rd. A number of engagements have been assigned him in New York and Pennsylvania. He spoke to izhe Men's Club, Alleshany, N. Y., Thursday. The editorial staff is com- posed of: Francis O'Connor, Managing -editor; Joseph Mc- Donald, Publishing editor: Thomas Lalley, Sports editor; Thomas Finley, Asst. Sports editor; Richard Baker, Liter- ary editor; Joseph O'Connor, Circulation editor; Michael Zajas, Journalist; Vincent Jor- don, Publicity agent; John Za- jas, Cartoonist and Treasurer. ST. HYACINTWS Rev. Joseph Glapinski Midnight Mass 12 P. M. Special musical and vocal progrjam. ~ A student choir composed of seventh and eighth (trade pu- pils will sing Christrnas carols. ChiJren’s Man 8:30 A. M. High Man 10:30 A. M. Noon Man 12 M. Court Order Paves Way V To Regopening of Bank NEW FIRE-MEN AND PATROLMAN SELECTED PLANT GETS ORDER FOR LACKAWANNA RAILS The annual Christmas play given by the children of the St. Hyacinth’s school will be held at Dom Polski, Tuesday evening, December 26, at 8 P. M. The program follows: “No Place In The Inn\ At a. meeting of the Common Council, Monday night, the names of Ted Kacmarek, Stan- ley Zajac, Michael Damstetter and Valentine Bett were ac- cepbed‘ as appointees on the Fire Department, and Felix Smolarek, for the vacancy on_ the Police force. Although the local plant lost out on the order for rails placed by the Pennsylvania road on account of its location, it is favored by the Lackawan- one Railroad with an order for 11,000 tons of 131 pound rails for use on the line between Buffalo and New’ York City. Production will start im—- mediate!) after the first of the yelar, according to plant offic- 1a 3. Early reopening of the American Bank under plans sucgested by the «bank officials, and approved by the State Banking Department. was as- sured through an order issued ‘by Justice Harris in Supreme Court today. ‘With the issuance of this or- der-the approval of the Trem- ury Department is assured as this completes the plan 100 per cent and the bank will be opened «as soon asyadvices are received from Washington. A novel feature of the plan, the organization of a holding company, which bougt the mortgages held by the bank, makes the American bank as~ sets 100 per cent liquid. The plan also included the reorganization with a capital of $lJ0,0'\.0, voluntary cont:'i~ butions of the stockholders and directors. Characters : Mary: Florence Orzechow- ska ' The body went on record as opposing. the program and to enter protest against the proj- ect with the authorities at Washington. Depositors will receive 75 per cent of their deposits as soon as the formal Federal Treasury order is issued, and 25 per cent in certifidntes of beneficial interests to be paid from earnings of the bank and finsured by the government. FOURTH WARD G. O. «P. ELECTS Joseph: Edward Biskup ghristxnas Ansel: Mary Fili- on Sara Mother: Alice Pies?» czachowicz HOMEVENTERED _ AND RANSACKED George Avery has been elected prescient of the Fourth Ward Rcpubli<;:z.n club of year; Other officers elected are Paul Corcoran, vice presi- dent; Edgar W. Fennie, secre- far‘y~trea_surer: Charles J—; Du- gamsamuel D. Wasson. John J. D0h':,\‘\' F‘ran&is' Laftus, Iaeoriiard Busch and Frank J. _0'Rourke, ‘trustees. HOME FROM COLLEGE Misael, the blind father; Emil Soba 'Rachel.: Jane Zajac Esthnr: Helen Oczek , Martha: Bertha Pcionek > Guardian Angel: Emily Drozdowski Mrs. Charles Vail, 428' John- son street, reported that her house had been ransacked dur- if her absence from ‘home, Monday evening, and; seven dol- hrs in bills and coins and an Eligin watch stolen. Being a member of the Fed- eral Reserve System the ban}-:’s depositors arc automa—- tically included in *he U. 5, Bank insurance feature. John» Jr. and Charlie Novak, who are attending Notre Dame University, are spend-Int; their Christmas vacation with their parents, _Mr. and Mrs, John Noveak, well known ~bak-- ‘yrs of Gates Avyeniile. ,. _. Definite date of opening, however, was. not known at time of going to pneas. Choir of Angels: Children from 4, 5. 6 grades ‘ (Continued on Page 8) ,

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