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an -.,- . ‘Thursdw October .265 ' ..lf9§;33: own -nAqoN‘_=u.-:Vg:rs%_ . » NEW TREASURER Blue a1I1d:sGray B‘re'¢,fks Day Hoodoo. 1 GI=RL- SCOUT‘ NEWS Women to Have Prominent Part I~Ia»tion& Wide Health Drive were given credit for a touch back. \ Monday evening the» Girl Scout Troop _of Bétihevl church will hold a. Hal=lowe’«ei1 party, with each .patrol: .puttin‘2' -on a“ -stunt, _ Owing ‘to the absence from«% :the city of Walter Besnik,i treasurer of the *C1‘u*b~ -Dagon-,; for an ‘indefinite period, ‘his resignation was accepted. at a -recent meeting _and- Wwl7te1? szajae was :unanimously egleca -tedhto the vacancy.‘ , ‘The feature of the meeting, ‘however, was discussion of ;plans for the Memorial ba'll- at Dom Polskli, Saturday Novem- ber 11. b Lackawanna High ‘brokje its’ rainy day =hood'oo, Vat. Niagara Falls’, last .Saturday with the .c1‘ose score -of '6~2._ For the first time in the ‘his-,‘ tory of the depression, women; have been given a nation.-’w4\d'c%h task 11:0 lessen -the human needsu in its wake. ‘Up to now women have met the ‘depression: chief-‘ ly as individvua-ls in behalf Ofg their own} families and relative-t es, cutting expenses, opening‘; their homes to r.1em'bers of their families severely hit by; unemployment, and doingj what they can do for ‘a next»; door neighbor. Under the name of the W0- men's ‘Crusade, women are now uniting for action against the depression-born dangers: sti-1'1 threatening tens of thou- .sands_ef families. No =1ess~i;han Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt is -heading the movement. She is ing to Miss M'cBr-id‘e*'.s ‘article. ;~th=a~t ilocally .~membersh.i=p of; ‘women in the movement n‘u~n1¢‘ hers over nine hundred .a~nd~‘- (that, while '1'a~r_ge federaa} ttedi campaigns in Bu~ffal'o~ oc-- cur in the Spring, the cam- l-paign of the Jewish Feder- .atifon, the Y.M.'C.A. the Red Cross and the ‘Bu«f.fa»1'o and Erie County Tuberct As- .socia-tion all campaign during ;the next few weeks. “All of these,” saysv Mrs. *C1l*ement, “are vital to the whole pro- gram of social ‘service in our ;community.” Farnum, who had entered; the .game after «the touchdown. made a brave effort; for! anoth-‘ er score. when he ran 35,yards, only to :be called baokion a ypenaity. The game 'ending;' with »th'ei.ba~1l on the 20 yard line. In this ‘half «La'ckawan- na completed 4 out of 5 :aeria‘ls. Saturday afternoon the Blue and Grey will play Dunkirk at the South“ Park stadium and an exciting ‘game may ‘be expect» ed as this is the same team Lackawoanna had to come from behind in the second ‘half, to nose 9. 13-7 win last year. The Blue and Grey were un-* prepared for the muddy field ‘at the Falls, -as the day was pleasant here and no intima~ tion had been made of weather conditions «in the Bridal City, and mud ‘cleats were =left«at =home., _ ‘On ‘Tuesday, October 31, the Gi Scouts will hold‘ a %dou'ghnut sale at =Be_the1M_-chumh from 10 A. M. until‘ 6 P. ;Stee‘l ‘City's grid artists were outplayed‘ to a- finish during the first half and Niagara Falls perfected several later- als, one for 40 yards-, but locks ed the steam to push the plays to a touchdown. Lackawanna made several‘ drives but lacked’ the sustain- iedl effort necessary to ‘put the oval over the line. Failure to make use of the aerial attack, thanks to Captain Marcy whichi-d'i‘d -the work in the sec~ ond paragnaph was mainly“ the cause -of the poor showing .01‘ the ‘Blue and Grey. Spurred on by the caustic arrangement of Coach Fisher, Lackawanna woke up in the second half Sandi =showed what they could“ do whe they made up their minds. Committees for the \clu=bV dance _ were announced today, as follows: dVecora?tion;‘ Leo Bishop, Frau-k Malylak, Peter ‘Pasziécznik, Henry Ga‘sie- jwicz, Bill Bajorek (and Matt \I‘vur.ley. Advertising: J._ Bartus, Ted Gasiewicz, F. Ldienski, P. Gauls, F. Stula-k, C. Hy,pm'ow- ‘ski, T. Rukovina. Enter-tainment‘: Chet Stru- sk=i~, J. Polczas, A. Novak W. Zajac. ‘Clement states that ‘County women are -respondling with their usual eagerness -to aid, ad so far Chairman have ‘been a~ppoi_nted and have ac-* cepted in the following towns: A_=kron .. .M-rs. -Eugene Fox- restél. _ Boston .Mrs, Perry H. Dye Cheektowaga ..Mrs. Mary Kraska. Clarence Center ..Mrs. D. C. Fisher. While there is no a.uthori~. ,i.ive statement to that effect, the winning or losing of the Dunkirk game will hav‘ a’ ‘great deal to do with the clearing up of the :pro1'er~*r~tl Tonawanda-Lackawanna game now under prospective ache- dule as a night game lat Bison field. While rootnrs don't win the game, their moral support ‘is a great developer of backbone. and those who would .-like to see a night gam will help wonderfully by turning out to boost the team Saturday. serving as chairman of ‘-the N a~ tionwl‘ _Wo_men’s Committee of the 1933 «Mobiliza‘tion~ for Hu- man Needs, who will put the crusade under way. In over 200 cities women have already gone aggressively into action. HUNGARIAN’ LNDIES V CARD PARTY AND DANCE a ‘run: you-ul_( to 1 1. glass‘ of b¢Ol'...lI| ulbofr gluo of sparkling , clou-nu|.¢op_p‘e¢l ol wit .,;x 3 rich. cruny collar N that’; tho nnu sign of ,3} good ‘boor...b_eer that}: 13, undo right and and '~u right. ulgr Mohawk :31’ But for your hone to- = _ dny! Pronpt dollvory In in or «no. In November Good House- ‘keeping magazine Miss Mary Marga‘:-e't McBride tells the East Aurora . eri-ck Backus. Elaborate plans have been -made for the ‘card’ party and social to ‘be -held in Assump-‘ tion (Hungarian) Church hall, Sunday evening, October 29, under the auspices of the Hun- gar-ian Gatholio Ladies Society. Mrs. John Doyle chairman and the ladies ‘elf the commit- tee have been working hard. for the success of the affair. Members of the committees’ are as follows: Miss Lola Hef- fler, Mrs. Flank Lohr, Mrs. W. Petrowsky, Mrs. Mary Iszak,‘ Mrs. Verna Nagy, Mrs. Joseph Kuty, Mrs. Wm. Kender, Mrs. Louis Maruska, Mrs. Frank Skral, Miss Mary Fodor, Miss Helen Fodor, Miss Lola Virag, Miss Mary Toth. Miss Helen‘ Talkacs, Miss Mary Nitray,- Mrs. Theresa Smerka, Miss Barbara Hegedus, Miss Helen Kulendar, Miss Emma Hutka, and Miss Helen Hobor. amazing story of what the wo- men are out to accomplish. Elma . schman. Evans Harrison. Mrs. Henry Flei- Falls started out with a chance to score but was block- ed on «their 20 yard line on the fourth down with eight to go. Lackawanna breaking through the bridegroom's line to block the kick. “The Women's Prusade is out to restore the ‘health, the hope and the courage of millions who for too long have been in the clutch of poverty, distress and fear,\ says Miss McBride. Miss McBride as a representa- tive of Good Housekeeping, was a guest at the Conference at the White House which launched the present move- ment. In it both President and Mrs. Roosevelt took an active personal’ part. Out of it grew the present Mobiliza- tion. Grand Isiand J. French. Hamburg . .Mrs. John C. Trefts. Holland gelstein. Kenmore Clarence C. Miller. Lawtons Wightmuu NURSES TO DISCUSS ‘NEW CONSTITUTION A meeting, for the Durpose of discussing a tentative COD! stitution and by-laws. of But- falo Chaptor, National Cathol- ic Federation of Nurses, will be held in the Georgian room at the Hotel Statler, Bu on Saturday, October 28, at 1:30 P. M., and all local mem- bers of the organization are urrvently requested to be pres- ent. 'JJaking the pigskin, Amoro- si gained four yards, but it was Marcy who carrisd the ball across for a score. Falls ‘blocking an attempt to buck ‘the line for the extra point. After the score, Soroka’s kickoff landed the ball over Niagara’s goal line and, just when, where or why is un- known, the Bridal aggregation DISTRIBUTED 15-! West Seneca nest Grothe. Williamsveille, Snyder and Eggertsville .....Mrs. Oscar Erisman. BOTTLING WORKS, INC- Allbott 5022 ABbott 5036 Mrs. Roosevelt's plop. to the women present from all parts ‘ of the country was that they, first of all, should know and feel the needs of their own people locally in want; “Al- though she said little about it, a good part of Mrs. Rooesvelt’s own summer was spent in finding out first-hand facts about human needs. Day after day in the past six months of- ten unrecognized, she has visited the homes of unemploy- ed miners and factory work- ers. She has seen with her own eyes the wasted little children, the half-starved old people for whom adequate help must come quickly if it is to be of any use.” One of the statistics that aroused thegroup to its pres- ent activity was that 40 per- cent of ’II million at present directly affected by unemploy- ment are children under 16 years ‘of age. Another was that one-fifth of the school children attending public school, examinations show ,are undernourished, In commenting Miss Me- Bride says’“Most terrible of all was the statement that was made and not refuted that nowhere is relief really ade- quate. That is, nowhere are all those who receive help ac- tually getting enough to keep from malnutrition and its dire mental and physical results. I, shivered as I sat in the meet- ing and heard story after, story, of men and women who had worked all their lives and yet who, through no fault of his or her own, must now ask for charity. These stories were all told by eye witnesses to suffering and the stories became all the more stark and convincing. One she relates told of a little boy who called daily for fish scraps at the fish» dealer's; he tainted dead away from starvation, waiting in line. Investigation proved ‘that his parents and his whole family of brothers and sisters were: existing on the ' few scraps a day.\ As a result of the meeting, under lfrs. Roosevelt's leader- ship. 8 (treat massing of wo- man-po-::er—east, west, north and south-—is under way. Cer- tainly, cxcepting during the war, Miss McBride comments, there has never been anything quite like it. Mrs. Norman P. Clment, ‘Chairman of the: Women's Crusade. for Buffalo and Erie _County pointed out in referr- Woodlawn ....Mrs. David Walker. PREMIER DANCE OF BUFFALO EAGLES 36.} +3 .. ...g 5' 9 \:1 ’. The first dance of the sea- son will be held by members of the Eagles in the clubhouse, Buffalo on Saturday night un- der the direction of the stew- ards, William Brisbow, Ed- ward Brennan and James Gavey. The annual af will be a Hallowe’en party for members and their friends and will launch an extensive fall and winter progmm of activit-- ies at the clubhouse. The Hallowe’en dance is one of the outstanding ones of the season. One of Buffalo’: leading orchestras has been engaged and has arranged an appropriate musical program. Reservations may be made by telephoning the secretary. The auditorium will be arranged to represent a night club. On Monday night {all mem- bers of the organization who are seeking office at the elec- tion next month will -be guests -of honor. They are invited to Kthe clubhouse to speak follow- ing the regular Monday night business meeting. Come to the clubhouse and meet mem- bers who are seeking public office. BENEFIT FOR OUR LADY OF Cl-IRISTIANS Final arrangements have been completed for the Hal- lowe’en Card Party and Social to be given on Sunday, Octo- ber 29th, for the benefit of the Chapel of Our Lady of Christ- ians, Genesee and Union Road, Cheektowaga. Cards at 8 o’-‘ clock followed by social in the school auditorium. The com- mittee in charge have secured many attractive prizes. Rception Committee: Rev. F. X. Scherer, Rev. A1. A. Stegmeirer, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Wil-~ liam Ansbrow, Mrs. M. Brann- er, Florence Brauner, Mr. and Mrs. Heckler, Mr. and Mrs. August Bittlinger, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Burst, Ml'S- George P.fohl, Mr. R. Hang, Mr. and Mrs. George Huber, Mrs. Hen- ry Fischer, Mr. land Mrs. Jul- ius Dressler, Mr. and Mrs. S. (}ochrane,AMr. and Mrs. Louis Perrone, Mrs. George Riester, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hen- fling, Frank Schulenberg, Otto and Leo Smith, Leo Sauer, The Knights of St. John, The Ladies Auxiliary, K. of St. John, The Christians Mothers Society, The Young Ladies So- .dality and the choir members. EJ312123 Printing Prices Like everything else are going Paper costs more, help ‘costs greater and EEG costs have advanced. Our prices are consistent-, an comply with, cepted by the printers of this terri- the NRA code, as 30- Ray B. Vates {and Harry Wende, chairman of the home entertainment committee, have outlined a busy program for the coming months. There will be dances in the clubhouse every Saturday night and a series of card parties and dances throughout the season. Special programs also have been arranged for children. Father Scherer and Father Stegmeier invite their many friends to this first card party of the season. If you are NRA, buy‘ from those who comply with NRA--and EX-SERVICE MEN ARE GIVEN PREFERENCE Under the provisions of the Emergency Relief Corporation loans all ex-service men are given preference over all oth- er applicants on jobs financed by the corporation loans. In order that adequate pro- tection made he giyen to all, ex-service men are requested to register with Adjutant .John Shea, at the City Hall. BET!-IEL SOCIETIES AT’ HALLOWEEN PARTII-‘.5 back the pledge you signed. 1 ~ .. Friday; October 27, the Young Pepple’s society of Bethel church will celebrate All Hallow’s ’Een with a mas- que at 8 P. M. maskets, while welcome, will be fined‘ 35 cents. 4. 3 ‘ ‘Q 3, LEYDA PRINTING Co. On Wednesday, November 1 “high jinks\ in honor of the the Women's Society will raise night devoted to witches with 9. masquerade and woe to the woman who comes without costume-—-they will even be fined 10 cents. CARD PARTY ON ELECTRIC AVENUE k . ~ B] “d H Abfotfylilina [Tw° Plants] Ahbfcst 2:77 Mrs. Cecelia Kline will give a card party at the Cecelia Beauty Sh'oppe,« 1260 Electric Avenue, opposige Apple, -on Sunday, .29, begin- ning at 4 o'clock in the nfternoon. _ - _ Women's society will hold ‘a. Harvest supper on Thursday evening, November 2. I.‘ \%\5 .t 55 5 ‘E.’ “ ‘ ‘I i

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