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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, February 16, 1933, Image 1

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I (31.9% 'F9!In33:~ Guilty of Fraud“ In obtaiigigjgi Relief. ' Q’: 0*. M. 31°-I; ¢:-Fi ¥’°f..-.'?\\«'!9‘!' is :Hsx‘§;. Orw it-um we aw-_ as 9»! «HM pitst 0: mo 3100.10!‘-‘ : BI:’! 02 la V- -«cow:-L um '<=.IiMAnsIIi§ ‘$6-t bi ’h9ld.1n¢;; mu-rosy-né It 9*-‘Q9119 z ‘sum 9% sump. 1: max, zed 'uI_n. ‘ttjriut mnas mat my list _-nécomtiltahcd an -a lain» tor’? ‘.qo’ve?_r,g1‘ ygani. The wt; '27, to“ :5, mm ma 10033 on tho we aim. ml» by seven. ilhltw «mu. 1-<1! * .og victory 'w‘ent 13110 the, ma «openly -uftel\~t~h'£ '9pen1n'¢ avihl md< néyci panned. v'r:augng‘j ages: rugmmugpe Ipr honors; J: sigbljlla mth seven‘ points: gnu mom; mm ‘aw. ‘rug ‘re-E Iorvei‘ 5190. may ptenty‘ of, icuon‘ and.» Johqiod, up ion. on: lgedy or v!c.t7o1_\y~ added another’ ;-091:3: zé cm new by ndwmnc A «bI‘°95*~.h\\? —tak1ng_ vii: tn; yiniupgsj- =go~»:o 19. '.',1‘ug_a'dny» Imgblt, ‘Although 1a_he,2 ‘batth wand may ithmusbbulh tug? Joining ..tooI=. s. a_1IzhtHa‘clv.antése in bvenlhs .qIuI»rtoirs and Inii:-cod m‘o;h.d|_!- the am- gor .Iea.d- Iuntgl‘ mm! Whistle; . l'\_>hj.u. 0. L, V. forward; iigd, ‘the attack,‘ ‘vnglln Jam ‘Bo'hs1ll.. gm ~uym~, »ofenm ucuamiag note back-‘. ed up um: téajxn1ilaatit‘~er!oru’ mu ‘aim ton\: and tum win‘! wk. nusotiveny. ‘cugrholfl looked hr mo luau. 3: ma. 'Coun_‘ty unpg. mo. hgon myth.-. iP‘Qre'|'I!I ‘Guilty’. -Under law; ‘It is ’Stntod=. Complete .D’et‘nil| Cm: ‘Ob- hined ‘Kl-‘rota William Mo.- =Donald, 2097 Abbott Rd. ’l_c__r.nlo_c.('wn,k, 1:7.’ dm.;, 44'6\ rgmécerac Ajnli any my. my ;aggx§r§9y. mags s,~.I0-dI!,‘DIvhI..ti9ig.i4xsfv. ‘x_I,0..I\ gdhdell 1-.o.puy~_a ttho 9r.ua:;a:g._ry-;e¢j1- '57\ -‘W3! '-'°h!i;r!i- ?'-|l1,.0n: \!\h.§. irouqd not (\aim °f‘, ¥omm ‘n -mv. am: in 0.3141? 1201’:-2 ittexitlhry Ioxitenug 3! should X311 fl); pay me fine 11‘: «bit 1 .1». gm Pthilc some oojqnmxojuogx jiog'xte1_'x‘dtab\_Ii1V:\m'afromliqt‘Bou- to M 3-lxgvenlhiltly M at tho an of wit his ,‘~'rhu exuagqm peinxgu mg; cio|‘.npuny' kg, opcmco nu jam ' but in éa.-.n!h.I__a~ Mays Pa-it wees. Strut, ufiyqtte pad over ‘clgiitpn an-cog up. ‘ , ' 3' i .7. 4 -‘Y’. V ‘ ,.-M‘ ..\\ 2 ,.,.¢.. Parent: ‘um collar, Impll children en‘ die fliéiiriiil an Jun: II. sgmlty tinder -in ‘luv as those who sell Iu‘Gy..\-ins In émldren undei ldxtaeen your: 10'!’ age, miqfloy P‘. Woodb\u\y mrcctgo: or the juvenile prbtectzlve departmem or me Chtldw.-vs M9 _-8t'x2.l.¢t¥. -in W ! on the eighth gm videk at Abajxirel lfunlch .8 yrs. [old 01 6'7 Lynn S me: by Paul‘ Tapaézto with a. nmnllbén .x-me. Di_.tr1ng.s ducunsiun of wine‘ Laclmwn-' ‘rm ~hoi'5- cup bo DII5ti1!otAAoto‘rney Walter G; Newiamtm and Mr. Woodhury that diatiqct mcamey ‘commended the Glundrt-n-‘s Add 10: its togehimdedness in warning parents and? dealéai during ‘recent only hbout thé, dangorg ‘uo young children in tin; up\o- of tlreimns but also about the law governing this ‘matter. °‘?!'*'1?‘,°° F993!\ of ‘W?- Q.-M-4 nu.-.w*eo!s~.-A loon- 5-..Im ~;:t.cm_9'.°.= ‘SW kw-. V-N“! ‘M PF?-W“ ‘3|!|=.°¢ 1! ms; .-;‘:ie'¢-’tIbi\- Flfuiifn. rqigy ‘bull? mm. \Ni‘|l'ah'|=. Ywm «_p1*en;e oeil93i an o. 'Ion,!;111iof1:j| _mé_—a5-unty. ‘ \ mg —ooI‘m_I'mod mug» iw Whb ‘vtlioi “nu. VH4‘ Wit? »A'.um. Á iI:pré-ic but !'.‘I‘3d'.-: xylem. as -no is. it ~-:~,1w -mined gnu to:-.'aA'.s ox!‘ wing !or‘1.hg_ anon? Gum \Nick who ‘-13.9! Stanley Immen- the gtft 5!‘ We -mild I. vtdvintvdn * shxowmur. nesting mien =b Their will u-b‘.obW.l W 169$ rattan. -cenhr-gun!‘ mjulpvmn. «¢\I'I.rd. who -in cont-r1.bvte+d dvmli igc); towlfd: aw _' §wo,‘¢oi§1pl§Da,9dn3)I»lb, we gmng magi of‘ «emu V (tin «apex-le'no’o. ‘On tho sum oztyaquaa qt gust. Any lucnwunnnin Mghlnz to -aM:.¢ml tho‘ Prergidentnl hlnugylrlwlon In Wtd-~ mgvon on Mm-oh tth. wgll have *opporr.'um-rty to do no at -3 very hotmnnl ‘cost. acgordgig no gxgbouncenxkont nude this yet. ’l’hn'mgIi da- plgtcd with ch Heew You-kcenu-0! @1* road, two people can go ‘to, Wuhinzton ‘and énjoy all ‘ma privileges 0! the In]! ’~for the small mm of $2435 each. Then viiéhlng to take ndv \ or the offer should act Maonde it -was stated. yr ‘guy: w_u_ on con};-~ ‘amen am rho the ,pla1nt ox unrest :11. cciéj; encuttve egg, city and train me’:-._ union- rrecjtm‘-_ or tué work uid ham 1\e) gqnxue don? Since» Stu.-at an the com or l‘«l:}x'x‘euua».1n tzh'e- .aity‘ that an; »?Weo‘t B_¢noca~ tbv\1h Rood. ydtmxned uq mmr on‘ g,-‘. me company bin open’:-tins tmmé .C¢181.in: that ht!\-husband wad-unez .‘, ‘_ ,. $0 30 M); _au am! the t-hwy without (anus. .Mx‘>::ring,';.1mi-‘pn to 6'xte'nd=If/he voute to Tmnptt ‘tug vi\ ‘gn mvmxgutgm 4:5 wag,“ in the 1291;): of a requoeit trommjie Llornigdd that her ‘h1iabu__n;l» \ya; egnmnlg-jy~._jst_k':v_v'n_~b6ard otwub senocq. rm. exten- «ed 6.6- we petiihham Stab)’ cam, ma; lslgaq ;n;ngnu1e:n‘~1engm. When‘ uncle‘: another had ‘ham dwtné rows between ammo and mac A special mm will leave llulhlo tar Wanhlngvton (ram the New York Ovufsi Terminal at nppmxlmi 8 P. )1. Fri-— nay. Mancb. 3d. atnd<arr1ve,I at _|t.a-dut-In» umlon‘ at about 7 A. M. 14, in rehum on Monday March em. arriving In Bnlrglo at shout 7 A. mg; Mnmgmeents have been completed to use ‘the rum tor nleepnlg aiumen while in Wasmngon. and persms QR advised to navel an a cgmpag-tmgni or drawing roam as L1. 5;: far nmre ebu- venlenc. Rates Id: such uccomotlotlonl In slightly higher. ‘While thveltng to and (mm Wmhmgmn, M lg‘ to have enter\ta1ngxxent m an drum nut in addition rerrephxxmnb M11} bg qened. In Waahiuatn the party will have Accent to ‘the train at all times. ‘mo puma requested for. aid granted. when rordemd mo ffi mug: and that she céulcmuat. the §Ba_neca was o.u_tih‘ox'l_zeq the qompamy ‘s to operbltc tonw um’;-at the‘ -‘comp c! ‘Wed: Seneca, but the ro\'$e‘wa_s‘ Tm’. Law says: \A pqrsom in/ho of£crs_ sells; loans or gives 911? sun. revoxver. 'pg:_I.o1 or other or any Airgun —cr’ «toy spvidngl. or my loaded ‘or blank mm-I.do?a or ammunkuon -Ivheredbt to my person under the nae qt sixteen years. in guilty of ‘a misdemeanor: und any person undre’ the use or! smteen who shall carry, or havg In his possession any ‘such u-tlrcle 14; guilty of juwime .de- lfnquenci.‘ \mic senor at such gn uncle \to a jaeraon (inner slxmeen In liable tor dungge cnuaed by its use.\ ' Mr. Woogahuri Pointed out that may meljta h_ave. been rendered in who state under an. 1:.-c clwuqe for ,amounts rung- jgxu from 0150' ‘to’ 325.090 courts décision !oiIavyed- =f3_u!ralo Intaamrbnn nus Ganpuuy. which in now «am Penuynvauu Greyhound lanes‘ 491‘ New Iork wu oponseing ova} _th;9_ oh- ‘guna length ’or samaca smog; by use‘ ;A\.u‘oi-a. A; n ieililt ruldents of the town Wlcst ‘Seneca who live out or last; -90n.9°_& h_S\d_ to ‘walk to East Banach ion- ;tl_ao‘l:r1e county Motor Coach I.-Inenrbuse. [ dcpepd on thrammxvund mnes Kl (Io:-voice. -nigurmsnwted at East «I-.ec§u'n,o mmej l[ames will fllirnct . ” V Drive} '1‘hIs~e‘xten_alour will gm; service to‘ st Hana: ‘Wm’:-ty !IV.m1!-is wha u’v_o! on Benson .Bbr_eet, between 1281; Benem ann'T1{Imlt pond and. _o.l‘so -Isa rqagoauaa on Bum: ‘Road. A ptogram will be unmgid for tho P'||'§¥~!h1.1e an tWas!lnns!nn with the en- ‘I:lr‘o‘day_ Hatch. 4th. khan up mm; the Inauguration nctlvmes. Sunday morning lgarch 5th, is open, while the ptograln tor the anernpon mcludea a my tour at rape city and a banquet at me 1..., gnu»-. ‘nae mum tmn leaves the cmty at Mo r/cllock. ;l|i;z;z;‘a,m:s ‘|;Ia%‘.I‘I!.i‘¢.3%..‘Ii%% ., j gisjmliilg flea Cage:-is Win Annual! Jam. Camus-.. cm-i pain. from April 28%|: to: May 9th. - ' bus compghy‘ and my town omci hive .ag’roed‘upon I-IGIVIQO yhlbh. {will ‘provide tit‘ trip; my an I schedule bqtb tho ctlm-3 =ponyunntne:o-uaamaotttnugwnoz 3Wedb 'Be‘no'oI. No gincteju In 989 is .coxIt§:mphted. In order vto give unlce ,ho m of ‘Seneca -at:-disc who live ‘gait at but Seneca. lo§noo,7€.hgllogu‘3e T9 All ‘Taps’ Iii 128 Pound Cilia. ' June: L Butyhh liI!I1b.0. tug wouuhor '0C‘»tho.‘(l' ל it m_g_n aqd woman vbltmtaoi-'w6‘rkerl W0 1.d.|.l.l. W! in!‘ onzélullé ¢°m.|P.918l1~ <.l'\_vtII-.0 JOIN - :8 ‘commmgty mad. ’AprlI¥2a€!_x to layout. Hz. .vu (boxy: An little town‘- 9'! m. -swung’. m,, un‘the 6§m~‘bo1‘c.» when 119‘ !og'j:olIig9,\'§q‘ emu-e<,1 Pr;nqe_toxj:.\ono of ms eoui-air“ «then was poxmos llipd c'qn‘nt19\ihl9nail luv Imus: woqamw !WIlI.°n~. lath ‘PI-en.’ Mont of mo. uinoon -smut. Hon pmsgeugo \ ‘am’; in Junior vfnr anus. g mpnipnr cit the h-lmwon v'Ird_t'y loot,- mu g'%uA’g_i._ me: by gzradupnglqn couch- in: the 6!, Vnndexbllt Ugnvemty £9: t_iu_jn1yo,|rs'-to put him,-at ‘¢:r6ue‘n the law School. ' ' Smral Local ‘ 0rganizatiénVs Plan Social ‘Events ‘:2:-.1... He1.lc_l On ‘A .S_pr!jg'g_vill_»¢:VIoumn'Viclqr. _ Further anromutjnn cu: ho had by 9-um; Dumopnt heqxdquuun £11 an Exchtiuge bungmg. nuzmo. or sun 'Co_!!1n|ltteemIm wumm ,1-I. llcnomk. 2091 Abbott Road. this city. \\'3\'*‘- . o ouowmg thdt but ‘iogip. ac seu_o_n aha community. Q. Ga‘-‘In-' Lder V-no mhnacuwmt 01 J90 Cooper Ind mg. gixiaas, bimiujn. sVA:x‘im- ma «yum -walnut -csmuunu. an an -peg-is: malt il D99-.-cot -bk! 3.0.!!!” lvu_:'1x'!§uw'I}'snd zpoulond vim, city‘ ‘by the I-ncnwuniu 11011: Jun Bqtuxdhy '7’I_I'ai-(r,th1apa~ elem; or op. =n.his_‘ iamle wen helgl u u_:hydulo§. In-. -npugty 0! club nzxvtilh to ‘rlcaehv Ouuéhn min school. . _ v. uqnteuwd In ltlfhln‘ .! Ox-legm‘ ‘-ind. W!'0|.II)n’¢ oaunntil soon Ends: audiences target the yum: -mmldo. ‘ cwchtd -by S¢Id1o_y_ gunned then: uvgnm utmght 31,cto’r‘y astm-duy Leveimxaa by 4056“! 1139 Gmhxns ‘RWIW ‘'3 ‘N ,.!‘.°‘P° ddurtr a9_-.1,a. Thu qugtgxs dgsplu_yed\nn Mr Mam ‘s\_'e‘.(‘ctjt.!'.‘. ism! ympk Qhx-o\_ugp:tv}I:o ebI_xtgpg:,_=l_'.~ ailur 'P.¢I..n1n am; Id, Giuuu zeq In the palm‘ noon-mg rd: the cmmu _q¢¢'ng'a,mon.‘ gun. lookqgl rtho .n9z.:or -up xogm.~_ . _ .n1day‘_evenu_’;_;¢ inc l_l_<-nun‘. qiuntec; ‘warm:-s“ in o mug-aqua. oonteu mo, 0. ~nu\ng1a'u-‘- yogi unlblemo get-[their uporl_n‘¢ typing in!!! Illho victor; point: at mu. ‘ ‘ * ' Meal Golf Club ‘ Plans Dance CRQATIAN GROUPS - NAME OFFICERS -Pint E_V_el,I!, Wil Be Held ii: Dun Polski Hall This Sat. Officers of the recently organised ..!im’J!cr Order Croavioh Infernal Union. (ackawvnnu brunch, have boa: announ- ced by Matthew E; Otukovlch. mpnlger. They are Anna Ch!-shock. vice - \ ’.1‘hi'ee aoumisudisng cunts are on the ioeai social cnlauiar an or which ‘by indication wiii dmw. capacity mud: «and promise worthwhile divers- ion‘ ttom~everydny cam; and worries. Tsocial. Sun! Will Po H0!!! in Mu Temple, Folsrumy Katharine Kumah. secxetaiy and Zoe: 5;} Smolkovich, tmusuxvr. The xnnivager at the junior branch received his t.ppolnt- In W“ ‘5* ment throuh the sealer lodge No. 201. Zorn and xrajle-nit. v ’l'h_e 11n¢,_3!eqg -gull be -he§_d this sum- ;i§'ri’1}y 'e?en1ng;. ugh, w)n;q_tgq. ‘n-«Tex, omen Prom wan be new in Dam Polakl hall. Ridge ‘Road. An-mgemmzs tor the mcgul man have titan complv;-bed 1‘. was tnnounced Wednesday. by committees uuystlng Anthdny Kelly, general chairman 0! the-evém. hmsic wm be (urndsncd by Smitty‘: well known Minoan-. mg. uuuaiusum 96:; amp van hold‘: an Xgxxormal P1-e-)'.a'utun~'&nuo‘ an Haz- onlc Templejudge mud on llondty eye- lung Feb, noon. uoncnl chgurmm Wtlllgm H. Mcnqma an. announced that than will be n \ forms 0! Novelty Entertainment. A nanmpleco broadcasting: orchutra ha been mrbd {qr the occasion. The complete me 0! comxnttltbau An n_ Iollovwa: Buffalo city mm in; uububndxng’ than 100 oomeluinu, repguent-V in], D0 ¢~l\. fumed Oltphunt. Qlbbonl Inutruatnt In muslin: :1 Bennuu; high oohool pxpnmhqar, ho mm: 2 van‘-Au\ wilctlqnaxy [or an med; dllmcuh‘ wards’ ‘ht 00\lli‘l flllda ‘ Charter members or the organization include Anthony 1-Iuzjuk. Pram: Honk Frank anelkovlch. Nicholas Kustrebn, Jr. Kaamonne Kunlch. Anna Chehook zen Snhlkovich «and Pauline Cart. A debate will be held by the organ- ization In Croatian Hall, Simon Avénun on Saturday evaniny. April 1:3, to <9- clde whether the pmcee:11m_vs at tho body shall be cafrléd on in English or Croatxno. \nu topic will ‘be Resolved. that Crowion Is more beiunclal. edumttuna mo memo-'1 than II English. llomuy «alum ithe Oommumty Homo‘ fahm ‘cgcteueed the Curun pubs by tho spun at as to 19 It the home; court. The Communtty Home Run put: up g brlllllg-lfbt Oulbltlon gnawing vary‘ muéh speed on um: um plays. ~ T31; community nduao an-raaqc_1on b',. tout uz notch «tug city log‘-‘ chi H5 pound chat I chnlbg ‘pi’ team in that dull‘ to gum’: <‘nf_nI_lVo_dnu-I qny, ‘Prjday or anturdiy mnxngu. cull Jon Gwyn qt nu community‘ nouso manor.-t am tor The Gurtln (mu-an up cannumy‘ Baum uneupq: Guam. 4. O. Qut Cubs‘ The annual dgnee given under ‘me ‘auspices at time Blue Bonnet‘; sort. ball 1am till Iollorqr next week. The event will be held in 115:‘: Hungarian Church hull, staeliwnnm Avenue. Friday evening nbrvuary pith. A line clan orchestra halo béén engaged tor the um: um! dancing yili he held {mm 9 o'clo‘Ik win (7.). Ticket. on n97 cm. 5110 gt 1 nom- iml price. The recently orgnniud Elli cabin club I Ioci and'ai.hletic club mmpogacl of human and proimloml man or an city, will hold ltm uouial event opt: to the germ‘! public on Friday evening. lurch l'l\h. whun I dance and twin! win he cum: in up mmgulnn Gluten hall, staoiawnnnn Avirnue. Arrtngemmtg sre now being comple- ted by me goiiawing camnjiivtee chairman Murphy. general stur- nun: Dr. Jqhn D. yynch Vita qhunnan lg Geuuee aqunliy. noun run. 61‘ one‘ -0!‘ the oldest ccugmqhnu on rev luau In. map at -ammty -penu_:¢= -albhmpjnn. ugcn ht. has ham (or 40‘ Pqbncny - Chndmun Eda: name Iilulimi by Qyru Dudley, Dun Brnch. Gun- to'n _Oouhlg, Stanley Hgum. Joogph May. Mtuqlc - chatnmu 0901-so Omens «hinted by J. A. But. A. J. Burduban. amerh. Jocqah 1'. Behind. M‘-h0|lll$ incllment Ind!‘-bier was, when up the union for may content‘- anka not upponctng, It gun tcproqad tromi iinry &)~$ItGQ_ Mat 1117-; ‘mg as greatest dmhnbo to tun! won. ghloi -no succeiqmlly ‘battle glomantp u cuutuqua bxmty. ‘rho ‘tnnmplcn and ueooim hen}. .¢pauuL- an sch oqunty ind the any or pumilo, MD. noun mus at om and I5. Wudrobo - chumun fnzomu Jaycc by Walter Oman». 1-. :9. -rnur. W. J. Ibenoy, G. llpmty. s Handy. Ohhllu Honk. hm) Paton. Charles Batu. Jouph Kouoowltu, aunley Kun- mhtczrk. .. - SIGMA KAPPA PHI DINNER PARTY 3. oglqn L! 0 o 1.1- O'{7annot; Door-cchalrmhn lo. 0. Annuncia- 4nd by -N. 0. mm. A. J. Glbbom ma Joseph P. In neoapllon - chulnun nuury Sylva- ter a py John Angler. Dr. B. A. 'G_c_I:Id, 5. w. mum. 1-. W.}lnyeI,l'rnnc1I June: Joyce, 1'. P K10-, 1). Kane, ‘ xulep. lhbiiii Kifxléi. J‘. 0'. Kent. Pn.t‘r.lck tangy, P. uwlu-. Joseph Ihxky, Johh luau’, R. n It. Hliinell, '1'. W. Hanna. .1. oaay. W. C. oguex, J. P. ooborno. '1‘. 8. Rostnakl, I. W. Roc- innll. 0050330 Boalmkl. C. 2. Shin. W. P. scam L. A. Weaver. Dr. A. 1!. 1-um, Bhnlty zajno. . ueaugh nut-~ tpd by ‘menu: .1. numtt, clement cm- Joulph cuddnhy. Georg» Daumey, Wmhm Ba_n13:_y, George Kuootou, Put- rlck Ilcooi. ham: Bloc. Dgnctng at I P. l. ‘ma Blgma Kappa. Pm sorority at ,I.uc'hwaum held a. dame: party st Juk Hmdryh Rnstuurant Mun Street Bulmlo In honor of its fourth Lnmverauy. 1\lov.1ers u-ranged in an artipuc mu ndarned the neuter of mo table, Magh- wla ! set lb: 5 puny or numb: tom-.- 3 V0 O'0mmoi- Illchula G 0 O Ibovnoy All will compete {at the 030 Ind I15 vunhuvnrtbtobouwudod tn1.hb~Weut- on ‘New York ! The final‘ nntch he held over W3!!! an Jeb. 26, at 10, P. I} Neil Q! the contact In Weumrzr New York. “BUY AMERICAN\ ‘put an '0 can not inn Oman up duke-e Aim! Ga-many. ‘mu: dqnudin uh! It’: whst no can nhuuhcmn for‘ Among’: lab- Not ring the luvltn ‘nude cantor make (or up theft. Ferlh on lip us Grind--' And Japan! mg! 0:. ca. onemul Inna Rum we known qmspr 1'13 non cu‘: Xlko. ‘ V , ivlnt ol AURIGA? cmpuit in \ III C Illtlkv. ~I.'asun(9r_gct0AbuTndo Iu-ruxllsut ozjau with thxdo Bill. not uggunn new nut.-Eva. PIG molt‘ Imd niqlt thing-can he ninunch und hen In good old 0. 9. A. Va’! and mourutrr! 1! Jun nomad‘ It WI I}?! ‘I'll ANIRIQAIIHWAYI Quullrb V‘lr¢l.& lutherlnnd 06 Votphnck ‘must, nllmo. ‘K. ‘Y. Ana: Iyidtmlan. I_h. Qgtno want to pmuo gmook to in‘ ‘Job In a my am 3!: Brithel noun 1). C:-mo, Inn at thl\.t1mo_, 1002, ‘power of Onlnry Pnisgknnn Ohuxolp in litqlo. Ila want man lb. Ml‘ dug d Wilma B. BQQII, and can booms with thp law 1Il{l;\ol' 10036. Hoyt bud. 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D. A.. lake: 1043. will bu -mid rrlday evening. Rbruu-y nth. Bridge ‘um pedxb will be plnyed mu. m- tx ! ufvu. Have you ever wondeted ‘how your ndio is able to pull In pmgrrum from New York. chkngo or -the ca.-st? Are you the last bit tn xii 111' it Inch? 1’! you are, this article may give ybu IIIIO idea or what happens. ‘nu vlnuo d Sp:-njuv-Ilia took Ipqnon :1or hung; the lhxghut. dulqnucn jg: the as 1-»; as use so-mus (up to ntagd thy 1139 Quiche: moludfud In‘ thus‘ aoo, pgoplc. Benin: dc-mu ..-.u°h 0- vthbdtv. mat- ipty. cdmcior‘ vdoro ~u;n‘ung the whtqh took new: con. ‘Plan. and prepuuuonn ‘fur the News- .bdy'I 80th snntl mg“. which takes place '1‘ucsdAy ovemnx. Ibbnlury ‘hat. on prgcucany complained. dmnm, ion; or the his 0&1 «(hits of u_:¢ geuon. ha been An annual event. for tag plat 30 years. Ind I amended by people pronunom In both social and pol- ma! attain. special tnnu have been exvended (to ma mayor. nu.-mb:ra~ Myths Cannon‘ and aepuunun hogan. one of trwteamrcu or this years dance Is that humexom heaumxu ‘puma us to be given away Ito tho!» who rstgfold. A van known ‘radio-orohestm will nu-mm the music‘. The other. an‘ air all about ul. an be- minppred to a vast oqfhm. A5 th Chl- has its ocmn vnveu. no this unit spoon: (nvenwca by mmo waves, moving at in monedxme mm at 136.0% mum par un- vnd. Auuullpuiotnhlswawpu-cg turn your urn! u it goes by. This ucmon can be oonugcd V4>‘Ih.l.Ii happ- en: wht-‘n a. atone is dropped moo n. quiet pond. A. we ubonebrmxn turn. I deuu at ripples form about \Huey bacon: urge: and Inrser in olrc1untercn0¢,. mm they réach mhe odgvs of the pond. As the travel (way fun we point when the stone enltered. they become .wea1;~ med-, until they are lost from night. To gt‘: on with the oompmriqm, your sna- ‘énm is like mm mm» able: at wood‘ in nu punch to which fclwsie ripple Innomlp 0. pub or their energy. xnnxsng trio suck bob up and down. The pincer the such is to the point of origin, the more energy it will absorb, the more v'w_m If bob upand doin. The cloibr yqur gs Me ‘broadbu afsxunxsur. query tt n ! »lhoi,i&!u‘I:§¢t .h .cg¢~;g.m: 1 nu‘; \ nine ‘Inn, uyuu can-o HEALTH cunucs nus 'ruunsmw grnduiauxtg for uxb mxmal‘ ‘bride and pedro to be Ivan Wed- nguhy ovénlncf. 236, at 8:30 ‘otlq In the Iroquolp the ‘Hotel- Sktlu. have been oonyplctcd. was Ox-ace wn an ‘amen! chalrngn. and Balm Walsh. do-ohalmnn. Ruetvu uona tor the idem un are ‘n touowl: um. William H. Mcnonnm, um. um. hyv lmllay. Mrs. Rovémh Amy, the M.lu1:a Hélen 'rm(m.n-. Nora mmugmm. Eben Kenning, Katherine Emmet, Anne (Banner. Mary Reap. Mary Connolly. May Mdmhmrn, Bally Bonner. ‘Bett-y Hart. 'I'hw¢sa l!cMp.ho_n, ynmn Dempsey. Mary Joypa, A‘:-delio Gmclngex-'. Rom Kovuch, Justine Dune, nary movnch Adelaide Barrett and may Daley. Any one wishing to make noerxzamcxig should ‘comniunleato vim efthg cnau-man um nation link. or the hat Aurogw 31¢ Ith‘°‘0.l !I.=I-KIM. nib vgnu; 1., nuncsinner. or ‘ibhool, Punk A. Tube! .12.. dimer’ w‘ the nu Asxmra ‘,Ad_ver~ms-:1-,_ and Later J. Susan. gdlugr of who Inter- txpiili. unto’ rzudgm BIGGER AND BETTER _ no schedule‘ of ‘olinlu for who Inch 1):}: bun uanotlnoad by Dr. Anatomy 8. cunnnu. hum: opumlstonw. is follow: mx ofcol‘-~ and 01111195. luv)! buck Ipuy pansy.‘ ;bmlg.3 gut-cue: :lor the 393': qng un- cut! ‘by Amman weupkly .llI¢I_n|pe an inch nut lumpy‘; Ijtcy Ybrk Annm- cpn. emu wolfub 'x'hunda'y. Kb. 16 at the Coullirunlity I'lbllO_. Wtlkubarn gwnue tram 1 to SP. 1!. H’. rmnk ‘Brundage will be the examiner. city Nurse Tercu wnta will be m charge, by man Beanie clgmdmney. Illa chest clmlé will be‘ held qt city M.|l.,'I‘hu1'cc_lny tron’: 7 to 0 ml. Dr. N. N. Strohm Ill! be In dttandanas. I ,Kath'cx1'ne Burke -mun’ be in charge-assim rice: by Mrs. 'remn Iqmtz and Mary Ila- Cube. \\\\ WILL HOLD NOVENA ..n' oun LADY or-'_v1c\ronv BIRTHS The entcrtalxunent will include the names of several well-Known theatrical sum and the but low! rtnlema nhtalmblc. Prlresue 17:‘: be amen to t!_:_a winners or the Various dance ooxzwesta to be announ- md at the linll- somammg unumly new ind modemu In the wny ‘or deco:-aiztong will he one or the many uurprlncs, bung planned ‘by the Mange- mmt couujruttee. lloy win \born to Mr. ind Bl.l1_Ander6un on Sépdud vxmg ac. Rev‘. H. sum has announced that g solemn nouns, in mum or who Anmmoimqn of unmann- vi;-gu un \will be hold it may 0‘! Victor: I;-Hce man‘ .3111‘ amnthj‘I-am Aw-nue, tun 13 to, ‘an. -Irma an an-do .co.-Imus mg mp. John may cg new run’: any 49 .,-9o om»;- , 4:, y’ ' ‘Girl: -were lodrri :§o_ an! Inn. 4Q xusigh am 49} Iplhom Chanda nuggfsn 81 hoary ' June: ngm cams: Iv. Y. Prank Duiuutur no mu-tonn ill! be gjtvm at cm‘ hu!_'I‘huI,Iday gt _3 o'clock by; ~n;-.0:uipiu'u.nndn_vtedbyM1a-Burke. m. _ any an ..;::m'n.OI .0‘! tag city mo bin quit Mann -MI-Ni every‘ 'rhu|Iapy. ;!!°érnoonuoauaunn¢¢yun-non, lO.- : « ,. E, { :4 « The vqnnual brh Ito'\'u-nunem con‘- ducted under the‘ umprlpea of who noclety mad which vat MINA! ontfnvleud was ulyusted mo hue‘ lspen aha at the uquc‘ aver rive‘ grind prlio hr in G.V,£‘!' vvn hing. roger -Mani If I ! with-‘ n,n_nI,:t,- wb.’eh‘oIac hung council. no -x-eoelptu damlned man «he emu up list! In xnalnhlnlg was home and @111: at in ltgvuaoys‘ aummwht and Zolilldgl ৭৮fl. P'°V|.du'uu‘Iddi'oI'mthnuvmoypIuo In In none. on Do obhlnpu '41 \V ' \' ‘ —»\?'ez ..\'; ..%“'~‘- ~ pan‘ . H\.-g .

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