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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, January 26, 1933, Image 3

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N‘, _\,_., W1 ...‘~ W ,5‘ 7 » .‘ 2 .. , ,.,.‘ ,... 2.. ~ r-'».;'..-...‘. - ‘.1 ‘v'.'.* \\ \‘ . ’ _’ ‘v.« ‘2 '.~ < 332: 1 _. -.. , -‘mt \ \' H ’ .‘, —r. s ' 9 \ ‘? \E-3 .. ...~,..A . ... ,,»i:!msw«§.x».«wuqg;q&,.,.::,;._,;,g,_;;3qg¢(i, Á .‘~a:.~,,..-__ ,.,_(‘,,‘W,,,.. ...:\, * . ‘ ‘ '- \: -hv ‘ “ 3 ';‘v . -. - . * -.-,. \ v '- -. .. _ : « .,.~.~.~Z‘ ~ , . _ ~ ' ,.‘ -.-;.' , , “ “w..uZ3'a...«.‘-4..°.,...».,.. - .. . ..... . . ... - ..'a«.._‘....;a-........:...:...~'’.=.';,.............:‘.....u. .. ....~....’n~..a—-...».. .....---..:...,-......n........_.,......;,.:.........._.,.,.- gm.» ..$.m_&,_,..~— um 2-.‘ - qm._I.u~a-,5 H! 73:25: - .9 ., ‘I. f,._§:-r’:-u;v,x,:..~.-, ‘-\ 67 ..—-. 2 2,3“-9 , \A r .41», .,; -.o «W, .. ‘$1 _°U«’;._. * 2 »~***“” W’ his EIT-T.-¢.i’-.+vI~'.-inii-.1‘!eg'4v.9. 1-ckavwlsu» -N: Y- Titus-._ J‘! .36» W33 News of Stage and :Screen5 semen Onteztainmbat. Heading mej bill. on the xozeeu. vixxikbe mate. cantor. «pop- eyed sin‘ or the radio, $339 and 's¢2‘ee¥l.., In his newest plczurb, The Kid E,‘ro.‘n Spain. On. the stage, wan be Joy Bells. men/t.nr1xz:‘a. large company 0! Broadxvay entertainers. A special added screen. attractxon will be Teckinocracy.‘ the. (us- cussion 0! the hour. It is a brief eut- mne. 0!‘ the ‘amazing zevamablons or tore- zxvosb engineers and eoononqtc concern- ing Ame!.'1c&\'s p-asic, prosperity. present. depressnon and tutture Qfueedoin. Hel- ‘bert Straub is arrangnig 9.4 new overture tr the grand orchestra and I-Ie wu‘. preside at the octnsol.-e of the Wurlmzer in a novelty‘ songalogue. will do you Good Shea’s Great ‘Lakes The story or '1‘wenty Thousand Yeah‘- In sing Sgng. which comes. to the screen when you get that at Sh.e,a.‘s Great Lakes Sa4t.11rd<ay, was hailed by msznycvmces as n sensat*ox.al human document‘ when it appeared in book form, It ‘is said to have gained m sine-err 'thr111tn-g «intensity in Hts drva.nm- ! for the some, as mt; presents the amazing story 0! a. 1000 men. w2L.'(1'.‘lLt women and 1000 w~om.:~n who can get along without their man. The cast is headed by Spencer Tracy, with Bette Davls 5111 ‘one leading suppoxitlng role. Others 12': the cast.-Include Arthur Buron. Lyle Talbot. Grant. Mitchell‘ W‘.u'x-en Hy- mevr. LouL~; Calhem and sham '1'erry‘._ An mterestlng surrounding program m~ Chxdes Betty Bdop‘s Crazy Invemtlons. a tulkartoon: Microscopic Mysteries. a nov- elty; Shenvs Great Lakes News and Wild People. a musical comedy. \I THINK I NEED A CHANGE\ We all get it at times—the desire to get away from daily routines. The here and now seems dull and drab-wewant to visit old friends, to hear again fa- miliar voices. Sheas Hippodrome A Scene from -“Maedurhen in Unifm-m,\ which is taking 'the country by storm, and whoch will be shown at Shea’s Hippo. irome beginning Saturday, at no advance in prices. Maelchen in Unuorm nelected by many New York nmvspapers cs-mos amng uh: best pictures 1' the year. will be pre- sented at Slim‘: Hippodxune. besinti Saturday, at no increase in prices. It mm -been a sensation in London, Berlin and New York. when it ran (our man- th. at the criterion Theatre. X: is now home Ilmin throughout the emmtryrst ndunoed ptieu. but um Appear In zu- ulat prices 5! Shut’: Added nmjoetp will In pnuntcda: ho «cry on u-cannon in unuonn. oaloornn the hay grind at a girl‘: \u in Pohqan. Illuchun 01 mo Quinn any Ion tznlned touts uao at tutu! (mansions at inr- don. duh: ‘Wl ‘#1 than! 5- twin. A Inn Quid A0 in has no 3 boarding school In this than IIIP our Gonna min. and use Gaul nthormovherhoululthlqllsh mm x-noun at out an-95: usual at Pohdnn. Take a trip by telephone, if you can’: actually get away—you can do it in no time—-it will do you good. Hearing the voices of fxiends and relatives com~ £213 over the miles is a freshening ex- perience—like the view of new scenes —-it's heutening—like a warm hand- shake—it helps that “I think I’ need a change\ feeling. Era Highway, nun-his mchud Dix. rtnibuuuwnanaaoohono Iuuun. IllIIpnunhlunIhn'II|noulr£~ Qullluudnt. Ahonuiuotvln tn yulynulnvllbocnulahnoncnd ac‘-in Imam. comma u was om. Lggnu:onIub)oohu:nonnrpnr¢- ‘VII by Ilhiollu k I0! It Anna’; but loud chum. Id. Wynn. will Appear at the l Theutre, Iuttnlo. all non VIII ‘In ‘rho nun: Blndo. an sumo gun nan pageant which maul lutuuuaafthclmpomurnw INC, New _Yurt. Ill‘ Itouun Inn to thopnlotNnunu-uol:u¢Iuyoo- uudhn. no original uupguuzq can to be Dd‘ Intact, lndudlng Joel POIOIL ECO Cid. BIA: Eb]. dono- tng sand. that Canon. conned: mm- hlk out man: loll. alvvniug Imul¢~ ha. ‘II: company Iunborn neuly nu bundnu poph uh I nut: and tuna Illa: Inning M «Ila-I to Instant beauty contain. Jdnllnnhrnlnldnlnublm VII Oink Regen. and ‘name on O with Jun llol ‘Wanna Vlhlannlilhsnuvuitlliomown dtlotouilo tadlu-Ill lundsyta 'l?‘uuny.vw1\Innunu Bulb). ‘hunt-Cont Inn, manna: George Inltwtth Nancy enroll. and ‘rho: B In. co-stun-in: mum Yum; and George hunt. will In tho tenures wbaumoymamundu. NI?’ YORK TILE? 5%: §; 444 E .3: FI*R*S*T /XNNUAL SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIHICK LACKAWANNA NEWS Shea’s Bu Beg-snnsns Wday EDDIE CANTOR. I in \THE KID FROM SPAIN\ M2\ 5, 5; I with Lydn Rober on the bulge ELSA ms with Ed Wynn in “The Laugh Parade‘ at mhe Erlangor next. week. “JOY BELLS rotmu-lng 0. large czxsc 01 ‘noted exxtermmers HERBERT STRAUB & orchestra Tuesdays night‘: perlormanoe will be omitted on account or the Fire Chief brcxdcast. This “-311 be given at 9.80 P. M. from the stage 01 the and will last :1 mm hour only. Under 0 tirsc come. first served plan. 9.11 seats will be sold (01:31. None will be reserv- ed. The broadens“. reé(\'ipi'a will be do- nated to the Mayor‘: committee on Un- employment relief. To wnxpcns-one the loss or the Tues- day night performance or The Laugh Parade. an ex matinee will be played on Friday in addition to the Wednesday and Saturday nttarnoon performaces. seats (or the three mamlneeo will be scaled (mm $1.10 to $2.75. *tax ‘included Night. prices. $1.10 to $3.30, tax gnciud- cd. Beginning Monday January 28 the Brlanger box office -will be open daily norm 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. (or ndvtmce sale or ants Mall orders‘ will be promptlv when accompanied by mnxitumce and addressed. stumped 2-nveiope. Shea’s Great Lakes Beginning Saturday \2 0.000 YEARS IN SING SING\ with SPENCER. TRACY. BEITI DAVIS Warden Lewis 1:. uuwee sensatlonzu story Added Sateen Subject: Shea’s Hippodrome Beginning Smurday Wynn has several new Inventdoxxs In The laugh Parade and the usual trick hats. oversize pants and other grotesque anmca -that are always a part of on Ed. ‘Wynn performance. He runs’ a Punch and Judy show; tends bnr «in :3 speak- easy: lends the orchestra and tries his hand at a series or ‘unpemoxmt-ions rang- ing {mm x\ Juggler of me guy -umncles to the Hunchback 0! Notre Dame. \MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM‘ Flmt Lime at popular prices. ‘me pic- -ture the entire nation is talking about Grunt Surrountllng mu She_a's Cenfury Shea’s Century 'Dwo more first-nm Kentxum-5 pictures will be offered by Shows Century, starting 'rhursd:\y. They urn Sllrzluly Mmrled. with F.v.-alyn Knapp, .\\’.-ltvr Byron. Jusnn Robards. Marlo 'Preves<'. and others of note: and Zane Grs\y‘s mrullug outdoor romance. Robbers Roast, starring -George O'Brien. with beautiful Maureen 0‘Su1l1van In the lgindlng tcmindne role. other subjects also -will be shown. 0 FOLSKI HALE. Music By 8suiiy’s Missourians -Beginning Tl \SLIGHTLY MARRIED\ with ‘Evan-n Knnfay‘), Wnner Byron. nnd l\r§a.\*1c Prevost. Plus-Zane Grey's ROBBERS‘ ROOST Sheas Buffalo GEORGE O'BRIEN nml Mauroen 0'Sul1imn Shervs B\}Imlo. bogmning Frldxxj. otters hreo big fctxmuvs 0! stage and

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