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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, January 05, 1933, Image 4

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WV‘ . 1..-.:=.;,\:g .-vz» ..,,- 4 . .-;=vz-. ‘;?,:'i\ , .;:~‘: -n_ -m ywv *.;, vy ,. ;_ ' -.z. . .. . ' - »'«’m.'7-'.u *' 1; \- 4 ..,., ,7 -:.-.'~ 7.‘ 'v-''.;. —.v» ' -. 4;-;4.~’~_-,»eg::.**’»-f~««.::«'«*v'%'-.r~.‘.if%ae:?‘ . Ljg '4:/.1: ,,}r'‘-' V ' A '.;'>\\' - _ - n’ v \ X ‘K :;\\\§‘ w . .\1v‘:«’.-J.x‘:.(:'~‘~ . : ‘~\x~,.t=.-vs=-~ W;-L=;s:\~:¢&a5;:f,§, .a~ ‘ t .. :::3«:w.;-‘“s..=;’;:«- 4, , “*/‘«‘.°»’~\‘¥ v. \. 'i.:~“-’?.-.‘~s~‘.‘EA::- :- .u «~.; ‘ .,-}..,.-, »‘~’.,_r_‘;\,>‘~; ‘ ':*“xI- . .~ . .. V, .._ ‘_ -',‘:r~. 7 »‘..«...‘;1?’r.’.'r?;? 2.: s\’:«\~:'-l‘n\«\\.-‘.‘u3‘ .=« ~ . {,,.\ .,,_,A W... _. W‘-‘z ~‘ 6* ri -3‘. '.<=:-'~:>.. . -~ : t\‘-' . \ -2.9; g.'. r‘.,‘.vU ‘,~ ‘ab:-.41;-.;'.,-‘ ‘<‘- L , v,-‘,':.m:‘ W » :_‘_\_1 .. -I -:@“‘®~=1:-\.%«\>='n- 1» ’»:mi:‘=‘zJrv—,»~e;2.-1. . ,; _u.l’;§;5.:-;¥.5: ‘ ,If,*‘=,§§-.\;*“‘\‘.\‘ ’ ’ 'r,*.~,‘.~‘F-c~;£r: .'f>‘- i.'<1§'.’.1 ‘ ,.,:~ _ ,5; - -1 \. : -a .‘:’u\ :16‘ (5'*~;:-‘4‘.u\ »‘2« ~ .-'-.‘..'.; '.;:'g .~ h ~ .-‘=5. z.n.:..w «. 5.‘~\:- .. -,;3g:vz.;§‘\;;_ ‘,4,-,‘a“_-I':._'lp.'.' \,.A;:z.-v.>,~.,‘,i.~,,>~v.:-., . ‘.‘-'--«-:\l* 2.31\??- - . -:«;.v:.,;~.-':=;:u~.a..:» -.;'~ J-C«;71'?7‘5I'}$9‘§§5:lf’5~‘$53.1'?3Rfz'15§:i.£€§t «1;;~: -3*,’ ’., ;_.+ V'Z'.\\‘ ; ‘_{'&-:\.;\-.‘,7i~‘§<'::€L='1«2. ‘',’‘r -. ‘ ‘-«<2 ,._...»‘l , .‘ J,‘ .,V .- . 4 ~'w’. .-\' \ ,f>'w{..s*-‘-?'“,x.'- ,1 v”,'-.‘-’*-;<$r<.4.:‘-.\».‘e:-‘.-.':»~.. ’:‘!;:¢.«*.,\<;,‘v ’ :>:;v:~:; .' v a,-gr/*“ . _,>.»., 2 -x,~..‘ .,' . \'L 1 -‘.*z,'=: ‘v'~\“:‘.I‘ 3'52; .v __v..’ —.-.‘.r ‘:1 c s;,,-*::.'.:.,~‘.‘r:v.. n’E. :~:;;,“;;; '1o.’;i.',,v«. ~51 V E: 1 A wit‘: .30-I112 ‘ ’'':V' -_7. :»~.-. .4- pm. .; 4~ T. OF, IN Naburai Science. «at York. «ex- ‘piécsed min: oplnién an A .;£ddl'e‘sS‘ -heron the American A890.°l'II,blon tor the, Advancement, <>“::scbé'n[9e an wnxcnvng:-seam; -that. the. Lhmnan .mo,e,, cit a .ru':é -61 lull’ -Lulghar beings mu: wm d~ejel<}peT.6,i3& is: «z. seem cleablixed nunl,\r_e>1or~,mai‘y“h'u.nc'1' rm 0!‘ inlllloni 0! 1995- cifilsck Vo2i:Isxruos1v1::fs% n.. .--. ‘nu ‘OIV-ir__I-,ud§r ;Y&°$9'3§:S' 5Z¢lI0°,1’ -b.l3k,'5bN'u.,‘A“i§é\.’d_n!'hyu’_8 rain; ‘on Mhqwh --¢.9_19¥I!!g n.o.’te.h9¢!e ,::='zi has; “§'I..\ie’t ‘Bk ‘glam’; 0119 DW'¥1r!t.°ILx\§h0.= 19$ Ri g9‘N¢uI!lI_.‘ 3,0-1: <6-'.‘Ipt,.. :'.,!Qh.1’.1.\1e.cl t.i1.t;~‘. In mariixig \up gq; ‘wart: sjr~n_hu:- tanir, 'sc.i!im,; Mv ! ant W°\- ‘W1’ ‘DEM! gcoq -mix \;lo\rtn¢ ‘Q. L qI.xu\ts_~and‘ -32 cpnnbljl b<t‘(nvfo_¢n- mam. ‘uni. dam -£<nd'ul¢’,l.A .lq6l.!'.’d K9!‘ the 101.15. Y ' ‘Bu Sfatq irqlicjg ;'l‘Jcliujpo. +ii\:4$n.-,.ed;.» ‘Ptoho, of Ddalor; ‘On 111,9: top '01 1‘ M11 ‘|‘.\_e\_alf‘-.“I§!g‘¢\)n“ .-., rcoloracto‘, thofq luau .-un\:,av1fala,'~'ii|\a _ ploxlugqight-. From adlgzinco - ~ like. A Vbgritlhtrxmung;-on‘ éomcr:-swan ~ rues. f Shading‘ uistltht tutu, t¢1osa..I.x—b.ui°h9d' ~¢nh,ImI‘u In lot: 6:- dgried »1‘.oV,irI'.TnI,.I.¢.:-n<‘>+i.\~ *i.m.\x9_r‘mu6¢tIo!:' » vxhqng éqguigu,-.:;n&n nix: _-In‘ ‘hp Imléh up :e.ne1-,1: ma‘-.ti.~ \but —.~usn:«.n.s's ‘ Qtnmqtg: at £1}: ~ _z;¢lQDlI¢n1r;ipplg,‘ ‘H.101: ate; -1 Q ~IIiI§r.l.I-e‘ of =tiIo:.t~.- Oak,- ‘Phone role;-» =5‘ e-.rE*=eIn:* and tuunogggpg -ilrci..hutm§d‘ori9§Q.’;» ielthgrlfni t9§!n‘~§u‘, pa.r.t:;6.& tn to?! roasaiiehu métitm. -0,! nltanmf-n.5¢r-t,9x.l.~u 1 ‘ ‘.'rh.o. blot. -IJL1-‘-Il!.\.0.§,,.'I_'§, 91: £116 ‘t,hr'O._Q nn_inuh':_o_l. in our goinntg-y_:hg¢j ‘ -zhi,-“B111 ‘syqtnm 16:, nfdlquglulf t,hn,‘lI!.§, .02 R5 tqldiphéxgo jpélil. ‘SIS. >|§|Ill,9i_~ mg am gt )l'o‘x'lca. at GiIlrng;:_m.‘;lqi;i<.+ umihltl. there. hf!‘ qi:o,._tho‘t;— 1\ixd.«tY_n’i'tI,1I'l.‘iL.; N ‘1'B;fI§Qiq'qtoif.4‘NIIFJ|.l!C!€ 1 .. .4.-‘ . Isxs. =1\-.? ~‘..i*~,:=>:.~ Lackawuimans turned. ovlnn tun to-ce payed leglslauive measures’ tor —changr.-s; to steam that $31!» mswacomet-1933. Pc'sr- prim; xdgnttrxgazxog -in, njddigmoix :20\ mo-. 'hgpa_ the obaei-mnoes taut» gnu most part‘ Ln the st.a'te_ tr_a£llc\und 69r.:.Imga.uan luau’ weren't, quite A; nqspdclmu Iain Kenn-:.r 2 were I: ma chamepq. in the‘ :39. hut the same. old spirit was IthEx_‘Q last, 'me»_,:t1ngv or me Pence Jruutlqms. and and evetybztte met the new unval wkthf-l'o11c.~ laecntgvea almchmon held ’m;,uzA-. \One ‘hope and deterzxuhmxoruthat-‘ §day:MfAtiD01§1n®hc= tho sperm“ Vt-he -next..ti‘_e11e mon vilu 329, -3.“-I210 ha B\_l_ffB7l0, Ponce cum Ill! ~R._ Qklqan trials um! trAhu1n{uons ol put. {.~we.v’o.. hind, or the «lagiuwunm Police deput- _ Utilizing th§ir'teletyn§vgrttqr piltcm épenngnxnixtéajttona :31; '&_1aau;§ehuuo:ttn ‘_St|‘,t9. ;Pol_1cI’ vlcjro-.ro,cu,ntu ‘IJSIG to do ‘I. jolt‘ in. t.V'v,.o‘l‘v‘i Jhoulfi -lug; tgnlny. um Whiéh ’l9l‘il.§r§ tool a 'w_uo1oj.; -m6iith»i:orc9liinl‘¢l1oi§*; _ . Strupgély» qgb t_h‘g- two, occljioul Vixen it \v‘¢'ui i3.Ii_¢7,.°.5i.'.7\3.'i- to! Hi’: -Sf-no bolted to: ink‘; ‘t\t ‘invontllmf «ton; or all‘ ;1I‘ui9,on:,u‘1d—'-‘couiagntoj - l‘.h.9l\l§05(_l‘ 96 Dill‘ '0? llf 9.3‘nlbIl!ll. 1!! !.\'V‘.°hu‘-‘it“I\'.gr'..-\e‘°.‘g: c.on-meted-: Tho. ‘are: oceiilon wig: pn -to »tIxoI sidcmvnnzqttlt gxwjutton @1237. Aug the o‘.th',91' éitqhiion via; a e‘h.ocIr~up. 6!’: .t|,.I‘6 nruosnnturq:ngtar‘t§e»rgceqt.‘lgotnb- tag, or th_o ‘homo to! Judge‘ Wthgtér; Thdyfbr -bl. Worcootér who qepténcod, .th§‘-mam :to~ ax_q.c‘utl_o1n. - A}troq,. E. Roots. coii1‘u':lssioner« or: nirb'.liu- utoti. ordered ttjni “t,‘qtet_u'n~ Irrltgr Qoernorntsat -the. Stlté. :,H.0‘lI.'|.Q, 1,0 rdiépllch 3 a’ig'5§az_: to tne~tvm‘uk’y-ilro tron) flieadgimrtéra ‘and’ ihli-atltionn‘ throughout the =c§oxjimonv1ealth., order ‘-Inga, cheebupor all dealer: In explo- aiv’e,s' in the. state. Tho message, soon had some, .150 troopers. who hard been- awaiting duty all night. out on the road and reports were soon lorthcoz train many or them. Six hours after the order for the ‘check--up went. out. 308 or the 355, mu- nicipalities were heard irom. By 7130 p. m;-._ 341 reports had been received.‘ Tho. towns that -were heard from ‘later than that were delayed -hemusoé of the greater extent. of territory that had to be: co.\\ered_. ‘by -the troopers in thoso, diatrlctar 3 . ,5», Optomlm retarding the uttlemonvzxot tht pxuent, wlr1(l,.d1t_t£c'u bed‘ by Norman E, Dub. ! unqota‘ 9.-center; or state and; -ddls-qbo aid the? Geneva .¢In_ru|xnu-nt» .contonz':c’o; In q recent dl;c,\'u'l9n mm non”:- papgnm-n., $10-told thug M ‘lpqh ‘lol- good raum to ‘_0\lI or an .1oxt;:- landbn. aqnnnhnc, oontqquao guns. 1 _tmn1g olhlstbrn... ism man]: for- gotzgen 1rM'.h~mo nu-t‘ chgphi 3 new and mexivé. M1 an-u:,uvo, 'mwi\b:r ox tbhlq qmop. mquudcltyma-ninnplggygum ‘at mm. mm. rx'l¢_sy awn .3: him»; at Athol ‘In a we‘:-rLozrn.— York ouqnouc. §°hoq;- ‘lacing gngntemnt, no la coached‘ ‘by In. anchor, xormg ' ‘mu ':Xv'.'ui:'x:lte and sitar on _th_o 1M:hp.i_ivo.;m=\ ‘city ti gn, «.outd,W\.dfns‘ \c’hAnoo. at hand ‘g lqggue crown suawm botfet one In evéfy way mm I. numb. as “bro-a den-by\ and Empnln Stine Ynzudxng. qbgex-wad ms goth birthday. Doeu-'.'be'rr so no napp)‘ Whrrlm cddamtod thy ‘event nfnlmer, quktbiy .,n).e_1!9|lRh he. I95 e‘nt_-er mmneu bi mj; gllgggnd enuun_~n..n 3 'un-- met 1;‘: the Amoagwthp low; rm, :1: 1_n our hills, or in mould plspeour =Iu,iok.4. according to churn H; cdmpboh at St. Louis. who believes than books u~_s=xeep- mg ‘loulot peqple up-lfve today. He t ‘the. American Library aasodu what Lnotunnds would-bq suiolda am now_; liviixg they mm-nu! boovkwmmn1.; The l.uxlu'encé'*’o! the ypubmo ubnzrles. ‘uer ‘mid, were doing much no malntlln the: morale of persons ‘in bistresm. and me cougar- ence. no xnsted thus’ no mun, along‘ ~.-rmr .1':oa9llIh Axum manna; iiphjoipecz‘ rkorru-ax. debt 3 -[A.dh_cbly_‘ nan thug _;n’:.'porum =1.hrou‘zh. which rector:-w ;'u1.0n ol wand grm Venn nboj ic.Ic,hod.. Agqqrding to recent ‘cl mace jn the kjuow “_AmeI'1oa»z1_ clwm «gums: Soviet Rum: which mm approximately‘ 0B00.‘000.000 now stand an ex’ce1llen:‘ chmxcc, 0: being séttléd along the -.uu>vmb,ra general ‘cg Bu.’.‘opé'.s !l'1.000.000,900. (var ddb to thLs1;oL\nt;:'y. ?I{h‘e -general indlcutilons ‘seem -to be. that- mhie incoming ~Roos,eva1.t admmistmbxon will r.e,v.érsc-. the Hoover pdicy 0! complex», nldomegs (mm ‘oonlbact ‘wftih Russia. and that conlab bet~we4_m Washington and Moscow ‘will open ‘shortly a March 41:11 It is SMCL. Rebekah Club. Tc \Present Play; “H'e‘nry.’s Wedciinf’ To Staged In High School Jun-3 nary 25-26. -more tit-¢‘:;— 121- .m~1n:«a_ '_lhQ_,;_¢,rouni’ pn,et1'c|!)y~' Ill ‘gilqxghnxgt mu uré‘ treated ‘with ;w.6a.orvqtl¢v.u,to. ;,roI_1_g&« {lid d‘9,ca‘y_' 91.4110. ‘imofili '!\lQri§‘.dl_.O. iulous, Had: of =ptéIoli,iuiog Ifud,‘ such as creo,ao_to_I. '¢;l_x§n1l,6:'n‘_R‘§'nlti. qiul’ Au-ue.n1cs,.~ Tho: inrohlexp. gggthq; tq1g~ phbne eiiginoer l|_.no':' go dimple I), to. nhid out. one, of«thqI.o. is the but and then snqc1f_yIx§:;At‘tor general use. by thev£el'ephoha;c0l1!Plnlon. Ono map or preservative may he more e'ftect,lvo, than another In warm. humid itmop‘-. photos and an :_‘e_nt_h-eyyl ‘different’ kind supei-lor in a dry ‘climate Tglaphone p9'1en.proper.ly treated often fun. u. long as thirty yeah. ' , ' An att.ex:ma.th of the tall at “The,‘ho-43* of Kreuggr\. !}1ght;.AmerldIwB.‘hn.vo been named defendants in suits 1mnl1n¢ al- most $350,000,000 which charged obey had allowed themse1ve's,Inp ‘be duped by Ivar Kvottger. ceaagskd match mile. lb. was announced Friday. The salts tiled by the Irving Trust trustees in bank- ruptcy for the Intermxl Match -again-‘ st the company’s eughu; American cure.:- tors. Dan‘-t iorget the Venison Supper. Wed- nesday January 1!. at 418 Simon ave; Bozo will do some Ixincy dxvlng. Henrys Wedding to. be staged Jahuray -Hr:.x:~1‘ys, Wed\lmg_ the big three act <-c-m(edy- or nmrrled‘ me and old vim? 1890 ‘styles is, ‘H be sragcdao uJ'am\1ary 25‘ and 26, in ‘hxcnawannta High Solids! Auditor- xmm and under the spinsozship or Iona’ Reba-‘xun Soctal Club. wftahcvut quesmoxl this is one 01 the gutstantung community bi0duc:‘1ons 01 th*;- year and promise to be a mi; from stun to finish. 25. and 26. 1933 A total at, 25 persons wire executed in Sxng smg prison in. 1932, it was stated recently by Warden Lewes in giving ng ures an execution: since the urst e).e.\-t-- 7115 chair ms used in 1891. Ten years ago 17 persons were punt. no death there. :1-, 1906 there were none. A total or '32? have bejen electxocufted since the lust chair was lnstaled. There are now '24 persons. including one woman, In death cells at the prison. Dave Ham. popular member of the West. Seneca Poune uiepartmeum. was in town the dlzher day. 'me.1oca) Cops «:9 always glad to see Dave and extend mm the usuaa mvelcozne «but sald .thn.1; -they wished he would wash a lttrtle; (I! t.he'32 mud or! this car so that ye ‘-local Iu.wns—- people woiixum get the wmng Impress- xon as to the kind or gusts they enter- tam. : I :. W ..- ‘.. Chturches are new bexng added, to the list or victims of local cool «thieves, it was announced this week. Polce Chis; Ray R. Giison has, detailed 47» »pa.tz-olman to watch‘ over the 00.31‘: bin at the second éaptist church in Slmou avenue. fotlowlna omnplamt or Rev. J. Phllmps, pastor than someone had been steamng free coal. \Henry's 'weddmg\ has been gmgetl thmughout America. with runupurwl sue’-' ces in many towns. and it as with great. pride ma: the Ian: lwbekah Social Club as arm to. annouznce who ‘staging or same In this city-. V A tQl9’;!|0_1I,Q_ _.i__g -glgnhomo 9:; Mr!‘ L M S; ware of Agmin. Gl.._ i,§_!,QQ. no lamily from‘ 59397!’ hqrnog .d9'jth one morning re.c.entIm~ Mn. Ware. Iroulgll from ulegp by;,1|i_QT_ ringing of tho tolo-2» ‘ ’ phone. was 1n!ou_nod'by I‘ I:_o!;hlz9r' ‘ that her house. ‘gas. Km giro. ‘ 6.9- cupants '6sc,Iped Sun} .n time. Chlllie Gallagher boughnxv. dozen or so or some pink ladle: \ Who were the lucky ones chime?» Charlie Band, 01 the spartanburg. S. 0.. Rotary‘ Club. has a ‘remarkable memory (or telephone, Iinmbers. as well as names. At 1 recent meqmi: he recalled the telephone, number’: ol all but one 0!. the 200 members. Discovery of n ghxut ozmnlbal, snail in the mountains of mm Norm islanq or New Sealaud was announced‘ recemly by ‘E. A. Marchant or Wmgsnul. Mztrchant p tour or them in 9. box with some fresh vegetation for road. but when he opened tho box‘ fvound that the bigggstb had the othexs, ‘ Don't complain 1: you haw: I. long. hard winter for cold climax»lead to long. me. according t( Just pnhnsnea» by Ithe Italian Bureau of Smmstlcs. For example who average ieiigth 0! life is longer in Norway than elsewhere. oeing~ :62 years, 3 months; next In Sweden mm 5g years; third ooznes Holdaxnd with 52 yams. The shorhest med are Austrians with an average or 41 ydczu: Italy ms 44. The Italians claim that the MM Ibvel of ‘Italian me span is due as elsoybcre to the number or deaths during baby- hood. who is the pwrcy that placed somof dough on the Chiefs gypsy? \Rénryb Whddinz\ u I. uhory 0: I .bnchelor- ‘oi’ 55 gaming married mt rhe ‘lint time to a, widow U! 19 who has been married three times. me story‘ deals with the trials and tribulations oi the liiochslor bridegibqm nttemprting matri- mony for timb when his young tlephdw. Jack, does not mint hlim‘ to get mnn:‘ried because it will out mm out 0!, Oi00_0.000 beéuesig in his grsndiazhei-'5 will. After many mnny anti ridiciilons .-Muations both the nephew sud Uncle Bkmry are abie to get nmrnied. -S. Ludwig; Vukellc, WI! cma1ng_‘ butter mes an 3 A. M. New Year’: my, He went into a ‘spin and took a. now due { Weather Man Besieged With Cells ’ Finds Clouds Have Silver I.-hing‘ '1‘2gicre»are in the United Stem: Q.283:'7§3 perséns who can ndlther read not write. Fstlnpte of that number 01 illiterate: was contained in mm, report ol the Namonal Advisory (1_:4nI;‘P.t.bee on lluteracy which was appointed by >rcs1den»t Hocsvxér three years ago with Secretary 0: till!) Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur as choainmm. Old man hank, Kwil the Ice 1-mm spent a wondermx Xmas my in a cooler.- I O O I . c I \ The next. rtglme Officer Mccartery buys a. mdlator cap ho Ila. going to weld A chain. and anchur |t:o it. 5 At Lens! for Certain Fishgrmen anti Blushing Bride;-to\-> t Be~—-Most Queries Concern Day Ahead, Although The regular weekly me-ehtng of our Mother or Good Counsel ladies? Aid of Blasden will he held this 'l1ml.rsdt\y eve- ning. Last weeks’ meeting In: postponed becaue of the holidays. ' Cocoa Kubisty ms 5\ nice pearl hand- le_d revolver. Ask_ him to show it to you. It is a beauty. 3 Tim high spot‘ 0: the pxodzidtzion is the Beaus and Bell: or Gmndmr:\g'*l:ime por- trayed by 40 piominem men: in the city who will show \aptly mow the shiexs ‘and or 1890 d-gmeod and animal. This specialty will all Ibo 00&t\ In the !'-\’m.(‘/its‘ 01:! styles or 1890 when the people dunk pink iémmndp us picnics “and rode in ‘buggies drawn by horses. Another outstinding ncntnm 19 the Qolond kvz Add anmn of tho. Mysbic shi-in-3 compoaeci oz, apprcgiinubeigv 30 cf the uitys most promnncm mm and women singers. This group sing I mun-. box or oid tigug .ri,2gi.~o- =n‘4_nam:e1» aria epfgiuuniiatuc sings. ‘1n\.a¢umrn to. this itigie are a number or High School chm rgses which round out the pnoduohion‘ ma‘ a big success. Many Win! to ‘Know About the Weekend: Talk about the weather is universal and. needless to say. the weather man. whose business In that at charting the trends of the atmosphere, is an expert irequently consulted on this topic. United States weather bureaus are 1:». cater! at strategic points throughout the country. and those individuals who. want to ascertain the trends nrsthand and scientifically. can the. weather bureaus. “Why. yes. that's, to be my. weddinl day, but. who told you?\ ‘\5021 A little bird me: around thin place and gene us, a lot or thlnll. my dear.\ he. added. \me same um. ‘bird tells us that it June the sgrezx J: to be your weddint dt\y.it1_znI bg'¢h_o—- brightest, moat bgaut day ,5t*thO, most wonderful, month ot\rosu.” .1 r*“.\ Currency in in some form Do: the relic! of ngrxhultxme ‘has (been pre« dlcfad by Se-ntxtor Dapper (R) of Kansas bunmg th.ls short session 0! Cc/nglreu other senate zeadexs, ‘nave. been less positive, but iniluemvxal opinion sup- parwd the belief that. be dl In wdvoid 1n1’lal,l~:>n an Agnew Congreg- dhllch will meet: in special smsbon. after Mamh 4. Just, recently Mickey Scnnllon received _::_:’x lvngazenient ring. wms. was the Pmnent? A record crowd attendad the Jam: New Yam-‘s eve celebmtlon uncle-r auspice: at tno_ Blasdell Fire department and Harry 1;. Clifton post. 6! ihe Am-;-m,ca.n legion in, the legion hall. lake avenmp. Saturday night. A cabaxet pmgmm was featured w-km dancing beglnnnng at 10 o‘clock. Com,rxumded' George Davickion of -the Anxericnn legion. and 1'-‘mnczs Mcwult-y at the I-‘lrem\3n's assodlatlon were co- clmltmen or arrangements for the e\'L‘nl. E Patrolman Wayne Smlnh 01 west Sui- vca‘ bought his wrte n Xemale cmavy blrcl\th’at uboo\I‘utely~ nehgtls . to sing. wIhy not buy 3 mafia bu-d Wuyne. at A slight increase In price. \Oh; I an; ‘:0 zla Mr, sour: .lt'n.» such an renpt twkuow thut. Thank you so much! Goodbye!\; ' 3,110 pm 150! ~' .‘....°-,° . ; ,.{“C'l'arcncé \\(§Eey. ' \bun . Snnnv.-J1‘ gnda‘ ¥.ick':y scan1ou._ make 2. nice visiting cpmmxttee. The trouble with them. is um they do not bring eno\I’gh with‘ them. . In New tot’-R‘ stato there are nine The earth 500.o00.0.00._g,,_ mg‘ v.-m_ be .pop,ul a new class :1 creatures who win trase bbelr ancestry 'L-aol: to man. 1: man’; past‘ ti any guide \0 his future, acwrdlng to Prof. \‘{11uam K. Gregory of the Amm-[can Museum‘ of \We had not inset- ad to be taken I0 lit- srnlly.\ meteorol- :{m.>oxpluln¢d.‘ “hm. termite the tact any renther prediction if: ampted so {Ir lhqld :ould be merely. a mess. our conscience roubled us I .llttlo,, W0 mud that thondato ot- xe young lady‘! wed- .lng< was one hundred in! seventeen dun mind we salved our mncionce with tho grtnsnty that she rould enjoy at lamp! me hundred and six- aen nno days In Joyful xticipuuon, no manor . it rained tho org rerblal cats and dog; :11 the day. or the. nape. lals. Q3; !,’_l,ax1s\!<u- the estabnahmemt 01 in con- m burcau 0! pence records and Huger- \ iuusnan . mama 'cou: um laid chi; mve In order to had his title as me walk‘- Sng delegate. Gregur Meklc does hls, strolling on Mam street. J Mr. and ms. Joéepn Lagler ox Abbott ‘Road announce the engagement 0'! their ‘daughter Barbara J. to William Ksuss nor of Ebenezer N. Y. Solve Your Health Problem Dick Commy goes big for club snndk xvlches on certain days only. sen-v !ldd| Elec '33‘ I has Your good health can easily be restored and maintained through Natural lVletl)O(lS—-hint! times out of ten poor health is Sl due to laclt of knowledge. Each year this Institution teaches hun- dreds how to enjoy good health and be happy. .;...;r=ht_'-rs...“ No Drugs- No Medicines ‘ ’ No Operations We follow the dictates of nature and restore, renew and l'lIaln!Ill_| health by diet, moderate exercise, massage. res; and steam, electric, sun, air and water baths all under the close personal supervision of skilled practitioners. Practically all ailments respond to natural methods and we will be glad to answer your questions. No obligation in any way. We can refer you to thousands who know from actual experience the g value of a Natural Health Course. -wnn the passing of nthe old. year so parsed the title: at sheriff which was at- xtached to Dumy OB:-tan. §PRE-LENTEN MISSION _ \i. JANUARY 8th to 15th Norman Dunafhy was dvasappodnted Xmas day. H~ expected 3 Horse. P11 be seeing you son 15 a pat expression of his F-xther Caplstran Petrle. 0. F. M.. a very popular» missionary. will preach the lipm-Jcnten mission. January am to Jan- lljary 15th. at St. John Max-on‘: Church .c_m-ner Cexlar and south Dlvlnon Streets mission services will begin Sunday ‘January am at 7:30 P. M. and there imjtter. every nxtaernoog; at 4 o'clock sad in {the evening at 7:10 P. M., ending Sun- day. January 15th. Nassau every morn- lng at 6 and 8 o'clock. I-‘a.t«her Pmnols jslxemaue. Paster for a quarter‘ or A 'Céj1‘.ury of st. John 'lI;;mn‘s Church. extends to all his me A cordial 1n- vltamon to make this mission. when it comes to parking :1 car may Mullen is an expert. ‘It takes a Huck -to move It. and A whole gang to open It up. .,~,_ 8111 Gallery was lam seen shaking hands whtn mem. scanlon. What was it all about mm “llrlost of the callers, iovrever. are con- Erned only with the /eatlier twenty‘-tour it tori)’-e.ls.ht hour/I thesd. or it may he‘ lays. months or years- n the past. We are \ble to please most of ‘rem and. help all 0! lite intoi-motion oli‘. .- condltlons. zsse 0. another youni xhout ride and nuke ‘nice nioonllght to: night.’ She is informed ‘that the bureau has mniered l'. sneclal moon 101‘ 1181' erioyment. A busy housewife wants to know it she should take a chance in hanging out the wash. unxl is told that the showers will be light and only in scattered localities, and if, it’: her rez- ular wasliday, she'd better take I chance. A young man wants to know it it will ruin over the weekend in the Poconos, explaining that he goes there for tennis. He is told that this would. be 9. better weekend to en- joy there. “t\lehermsn Mr. Scarr adds. “seem to be about the only [allows who call see the bright side of the dark cloud. when the dark cloud means rain. They put the ‘reverse’ English on their weather inqulrles by asking iropetvally it it will rain on the. morrow or over the week-end.\ In addition to the incoming calls. the weather bureaus nm‘;e numerous important outgoing walls daily. The electric light and power companies need to be advlaecl on the _appi'oaca 0! a storm that will cause light». to be ! on during the day.‘ When a. snow storm approaches snow removal out~ tits are warned so they can he ori- gunlzed for activity. Shipping compad men, also particularly lll’el'\St0d,.l’ the weather, receive the \\'llU.lel'.‘ bu- riaau reports. I ‘ ; ‘ch: tn oon Officer: Installed By Lacluwann; 0. E. S. ‘$3’ 5 V‘; \ ... has con :55 the’ \\Iv\‘T‘ I . ;r-**~ 32: .;:- 7 ’ \ y\-5' ' v Inexpensive — Enioye Save the Children Wlm the Rlght Worthy Charles J Armlcugo presldzug omcers tor the year 1,938 were lnballea M; a meeting or Lncloawamm chapter. No. 502. O. E. 3. lulu m the Mnsnnlc Tempe, Rldye .rcIm:l on Tuesday evening. The olflccrs are; Mrs. lwutlldn Bremer. worthy matron: William T Aldrlch worthy patron: Mrs. Harriet M. T:/let. nssoclxute mrmbron: Mrs. Ethyl Labblmcr. trensum Mrs. Mary K, lcwls. eoretary: Mrs. Grace M. Kennedy. oonductresu: “\5. Florence Howurl, nswclmte conduct- rou; Mrs. Mlm Gllson. chaplain: Mlaa Elva Mom-, xnm'aha.l: Mn. Gladys Julius, color -bearer’: Mrs. Margaret llbx. histor- ian: ms Harriet Putrldge. organist; Mrs. Rum Evans, spntinel: Miss Em M; Conracj, Ada; Mrs. Ellm Pnrtrldge. Ruth: Mus Mmy Jewart, Esther; Mrs. Sarah Brmuey. Mm-th:\;, Mrs. Nina Dunéan. Tclecta: trustee for three years. Mrs. An- na 1). Trevctt. -Christmas belongs to the children. Despite privation. undcrnourjshment alga even want, there are few sg _es where somebody‘: sacri or somebody's inventive genius, will not nlake possible a recognition of the day so children’: voices may be rinsed in gladness, ‘ -Ghristmas Seals belong to the children. too. The most important wogk they do is to protect children friixn tuberculosis. This year the seal itself shows. two youngsters with faces upturned in glaclness as th sing carols in the snow. Each all is a direct appeal for help from that children of America. who ‘suffer mqst from the effects of privation. un‘de|-nourishment and ‘want. Ghristmas comclvbut once a you, anj childhood once I lifetime. Q Phyilcll Cuhurc Holt). Inc. Foundqd L) Bolurr lnehddcn >1 - .— 49., ’~ ' £;.~:'* ?i\'\ “ Right now you can take advantage of the full facilities of ll'Ill world famous health mot: for less than thirty dollgts a week. whi'h inclmles ALL EXPENSES. You will mget congenial follu, you will be comfomble, penclul, contented and happy-ibut moot important you will soon enjoy GOOD HEALTH. Write today [or completc information. principal bureaus and numerous sub- stations. Undoubtedly one at the largest and best equipped is that which serves New York City and vicinity. and which is located atop the 400-(cot Whitehall ‘Building overlooking the lower end at Manhattan, Here In the thick of commerce by sea. land on: air the human force 0! \~.enther ex ports are kept busv attending to in- struments. rioking a record of the weather changes and answering nu- merous and diverse inquiries by the public. Most oi these inquiries, from 400 to .500 daily, come in by telephone. James H. Scarr. the meteorologist in charge. explains. in times of severe storms. expected cold or heat waves. snow storms or fogs, however. the calls are ‘frequently two or three times this number. Indeed the weather man has to account for much. ‘and without 24 saving sense of humor, would frequent- l; and hinm-it completely stumped. Take. ior example. the anxious young lady who ivauted to speak to Mr. Scarr persounllv one day: “Mr. Scan-. some of my friends have told me that you know all about the weather every day of the year. Can you tell me it next June the seven- teenth wili'~he a line duy‘!\ “Ah. there is to he a wedding on that day. is there not?\ the weather men responded. PHYSICAL CULTURE HOTEL §'.;q“. 5; A 9 1'.\ Q *,. ' fl: “ 3 . .-,‘ '.«a_' . ’-:1« . .:,,x-. , .~_. . ,,_._ . '',.«'...;‘,r; 4. . 4'\ ‘g-stfx ‘. .~Q‘1:(,(.z§:,,’.‘ “.~;».;»‘.=.*Z. \1 1 \*\_'<»_v, 2 1: . ‘ »,~'g-. ,-lx',;_,:‘ K . 2;‘ ..‘. ' -, tr; ’ -3:’ - V w. NC. DANSVILLE. NEW YORK WE ARE READY TO‘ TURN OUT THAT JOB OF PRINTING WHENEVER YOU .;~a . .- gxb-_«n:. 51:‘-“ .. ,_»‘ 5 .3“. 1': -7?; - cl‘-,5‘. . Q -\3 NEED IT. § 7 7:‘ CI '*%‘a'eQt 3! <=.. ;..x ,1‘. . “i{f_V_.V_‘ ! :*:e:',;v ..Q, ,4; _t_. 1:131 8811 OHSRA VNNV MV)\3V“.i ' -. «§'_s.- 3: \‘.‘* ~ *1 *3 r,. foigl pagi- ‘outg fore you order SA L E It BILLS

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