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é 'ti~£§L§~i‘i‘7‘i;x\:m1>_.n_x E m%i§§MWX§NA NEWS ; Vomcld ?=Lncluura’rmn '-[no slutclmzvvnuna. _ * u‘ > 11;‘/W Yiol/.3 k K VOL Kllila-‘No. 44 Luckawaiina News-, ‘lackawqnnh, N. Y. Thurs. Jan. '5, 1933 PRICE 5c—‘$2.00' PER 'Local Priests ‘Transfefr * To Serve Other Parishes Servéiees ileild for Richard iiaillinan L Victim of Parik‘ laliu iragedyi Po7li*c‘e Nab Pistol Toters ’“S‘loga” Plans Concert Sunday: Arrest Prevent: Holdup Plun- ned Here, Authorities Aver. Second Annual Affair Of Re- known Singing Society To Be Held In Creation Hall. Rev. Herman J. Ger’-Inch Appointed To Church In Cuba. Others Takeup Work Here. The tnmter: _rmd appointments at local vprlesza along mm uevernl ommv 1n thcdlsmct was nnnuunccd luv Thu!- ’sday altémoan by Bishop ‘Wuunm Tumor ol the Cachouc diocese or Bu \ During his mrmy long years of service ‘her Futaher Germch has done much to pi*c.mcn.e the splrtnmi and social well—- being of mm: crt/y. Hun fniends no prmrucaly mmumombe and many were me sad hearts at the thought of loam: such ‘a great adviser and leader. ‘ , ‘ ta summon on ma enunpomona when the “re. o‘her Youth. H.Y. mg cracked and screaming he valéhied Nun-ow ‘EacIfP° W59! Th‘.]fmm mm. A ~ '~ Lacknwanna once under meuc. Charles lee Br°‘k\ w T’ Curtain and mgmen -under Capt. Quinn Other Boys. ’):U:lponded to me can (in map. Rescue etmrtg were greatly hnndicnped by the vtmxma.-,3 11 the Ice. too Iv/mun they could hum truss: their weight ‘but which was <1~.m enough to males dmlcult the 1'-unchmg, and hand ‘qt -the only bout nwwlable. They worked tor turnout 2i_n' hour before the -body was ieclvex-ed by ‘S ba..~..,2m1 Flatoln and Waltar Janok. b-».1x m.-m;ber.s or lune lodas (Ire depart- The drive of IOCII police ngunsr. the lnegul possession ox launched ‘last week. xeoulted an two more M'N8!s over whekgiekwnd anqi ;reyImtod‘_ the mosmle oytbmak. 01 n_ series 0! lxoi3‘upo‘ hen. lccorddng to uuthqrmes. \mega\ -1ncknm\nna’s piemlcr Sing- ing Society wlll g emvalg1!I‘y )1 ma mm mg aoclezy will give A wail: concert In ‘the Croatian. Church hall. Ridge and. sumday evening. Jan. 8, X933, marking its annual nppummce nsalsmd by Mrs. Jdlm Pentok. opmzvo and Mfrs. Paul Suheuenberg. pianist anl Miss June Ana clersan. violinist and guest. urmsbs. un- der one du-action of Mr H\u(o\I‘auberc Wllth the well wished-mangled with regmtsox his thousands or friends xxx‘ ,1.twk.awanm: and vlcmdny the Rev. Hal'- ‘.man. J Gerlach. tor Ath: past twenty [years assistant or Msgr. Nelson H. Baker at Our Lady or Victory Basulcn, left lust Sazurdny artcmoon. to take up his new dunes as pastor 0! our may or Angels church at Cuba, N. Y. other changes In .the ‘local priesthood took place on the ‘same day. The Rev. John J. Dempsey. awlsttant at our Lady of V-lctoory Basdsllca for xxumy years, going to St. John the Baptist. chmrch at Lockport; where he wm nssisn: the pasteor and the Rev Milton J. Knb1el- skl, assistant to Father John Puul at St; Mlchaels church, warmw und Exact- vlc avunues, gnng “to ‘St. Ada.lbert‘s qhumch as assistant. The Rev. Em‘! J. Klels has tagen over Rather Gerlach' post; mt our Lady of ‘Watery. He was tmnsferrel Irom his prev1ous.des!gn::t1on as assistant pasnr of Ascemon church. North Tonowandn. The Rev. John Potoczak. former t\ss:1s~ ‘mm: M; St Adulbexws church. Buffalo‘. is the new assistant at St. Michngl the Archangel church here. Two newly-ordlnzxted priests have also -taken up their duties as assistants -at Our Lady of Victory basmua. They are the Rev Raymond J. Talty mad the Rev Austm J. crotty. Relnuves, friend: and ‘class mates ‘paid their last reapedts to Rlchuu-cl IF. I-lr.1I:1na.u, age 9 sea.rs.. at 19 ‘M7E‘<'N.ow Lane vlevlm of mdrovi-thing tmagcdlj last. Svuncl day. when last ntes were ‘new! Wedses- duy morning with services at the raxiuly reuldenco an; 8.30 crqlock and -from our Laqy 0! Victory Basilica anus o‘c1ock Burial wa made In -the new annex 21.: Holly Cross qemetary. 'mxoee arrested were John Nlmot. 86. no home, and Michael Yulmm. 6'1. 0! 457' teelswanna ‘avenue. They were at- nugned beiore Judge damn R. muxan m City Court Tuesday. Nlmet, who was iarrestrer by nleut, Jos- eph’ Jennehhl nad Patrolman Przmk Ken- ‘der.. was sentenced to 35 days in the‘ pmimentmry. He admitted, according to ‘police. of having held up a store in Newark, N. J. ‘and 01' having plans to‘ re- peéuj. the act. in this city. Yukas -got int otvdubl eby firing a. few shots in the air «in éelebrauloxx or the new year shortly after‘ kt came Into ex1sn*.=.nce. He has a. pistol license; but. it had expired ‘at. midnight: December 31 and had not been renewed He was ac revolver after his permit. had expired, however. but was fined on a. charge of: shootmg it within the city ‘limits He has served well and iad.\th!uli'y ihilo hen? sboth -as a ‘son oi’ the Chmdh and as assistant to Father Baker in super. vislmg ‘the work vol our may of Victory instimumions. I~Ils Ideep in and ksowledge at -the neds or those who came under the care or the institzmmons was proverbial. In recent years, during the lncaplcity or Msgr. Baker he often took direct charge of the group. He has nisu been deeply interested and nctdve in ‘gtomoung the activities of the vnmms parochial societies and in social aiiairs ‘which were carried on for the benefit 0! the basilica. and 2:: social affairs which were clrried un for me benefits or me fb-.1.i.lica and our lady 01'' Victory group. Owen such attnirs have been carried out xmde his direct sliperviislon. Children as tzhe instnituh ions will not be amlong the lensc to miss Ftvther Cieriach for many good time they have had was planned and directed by him. backawanna. join vm giving their belt wishes to those priest who have been called. elsewhere to serve their great cause an clto extend a welcome to their successors. The Iezwture sung of this concert will be the. well known b \Na Ozlju C‘xr(\du\ by F‘. S V'l1)mr-'—Kn15kl. with Mrs. John Pemtek M sopmno. Anton Pnvuch burxtone and the \sloga\ Glee club. '0£t1c1ntmg at solem ‘high mass at the Bs.L=1111¢>::. were the Rev. Eari J. K1215. cdlebrant; Rev. Harold Lucll, deacos, and Rev Raymond '-ralty, su,b-deucon.Y.m:h's‘ trom. the Iourth grade at Our Lady of Vlstory school, who were c nmue or the deceaed. not/sci ‘as pan beargx Rnchard was the son ofmchard J. and Mary M’. Halllxmm, and a.‘nephse.v or Mrs. M‘.axgaret, Conmy. He is also survived by one sister Kathe-leen Iramsxtm. The lad was «ixnmediateiy. rushed to Our Lady in -\'rictnr'y hos-paiml where vamlimt e were ~n’1r.uie to save him by Curtin and Quinn and hospital sur- igeons and nurses. Tiicy'wori~;ed in vain‘ Dwith rrespimteors and 4:-v1'y means known- to science for naiuxly three hours below the boy was pronounced ‘dmd. one or‘ the latest dilscoveries known to medi- cine. the injection or ts ‘serum into-(1; rtuscle of the heart to restore ‘heart .e<:t‘ion -which has bexi suciesstully arom- piished in eimiliar cases. wa. zucr ati;eemp- ted to no avail, it was stated. Dr Rocco Stio esd Dr. James Harrity supérvised. RAlCh parents learned of the mls-, nap shortly after it occured. and nirrivew in time to watch. Iranltically -rescue el- ~ and the recovery of the body-. The tragedy showed the inadequate facriltities now available at the Park Lane for dealing with such a situation police‘ stated this welt. The boat which lie new \used there is neither strong Iannugh nor is 0: the cc-rrecm design whiih to carry on rescue work wher ice ham to be contended with, according to auth- oriuiea. Inability to out through ice Iwith the boat. was the chziet cause it complaint. A letter will be sent to the director 0: public safety in Bu this weeis,‘ explaining the eituamion. and asking that it be corrected. at was stated. In addition to this { “Slogxi\ will sing that popular “Pozdmv Damn’- vm-i\ lz Baua Bamkn. Eta cucis srbiue 'I‘u2m.i, Slove-mlc, srb. Rrvam as Well as nun yother songs never before heard in this city. Mrs. Penitei: will sing mhree solo num- bers. -xuxd. a guest artist Jack Kovzncek will xé-ncler a baritone solo. There are also duets as well as qrxiartettes on. this ,program. which will gladden the hearts (-'I all song lovers The South Buffalo Deutches Manner- olior will appear in 0. special munber Wiogelther wtlh \Sl0[;‘a\ in a special ar- ranged numbexz by Mr. Hugo Tuabert, director. The tragedy occured nbcturr. noon Sum day when Richard, while 11 eras on the ice, whirh broke under his weight and he was drowned before help could be negchecl. The youths who rwenen with him narrowly missed it slmlliar mte but scurried baclc to the shore whes they saw their companion dissapear. Among the youths according, to police More Ediwatci Mwiqueen of victory ave. and Paul Bert. whose‘-addwess could not «be ieumecl. They immediately ran to Police headsuarters to summos a.id;Aiso who sought to bring‘ help. among the group was a lad by the name at Rgbert; Scimiyil, police say. Ha - was the leader of the youths tul gang and with the reckllesbsnes or boys of that age, was the first to venture out to test the ice whuch had been tro- zen by the cold weatiher that ushered in the ‘New Year. He had just turned tr 211113 ‘Tl zn JY‘ \' Polish Union Will Celebrate 60th. Anniversary Dancing will !o‘.low me concert to the music ox Rada‘a hungry st featuring 9. compusltion by Ram; h1m- ae_1I, which will be new-d tor the first time In ‘Lackeswxuma. Elaborate Program Will Be Held At St. Barbara’: Jad- uary 15th. citizens club Names officers Rites lleld For Mrs. l. B. Davis Spelling Bee On Air Monday The united memborahip or Lackawam mt Lodge 6-). or me Polish Ronum Cath- olic Union will join in ‘celebmhlng the .6031: nnniversyry of. the founding of that organization in me Ux11ii.e<l States wiih observanccs which will open at 2 p m. in Si; Barbara's church hall. on January 15. Mix‘: than 800 local mem- bers of the um:-n ‘together with several hundred children will take péuvt. Arrangements for the observance are now beinb prepared by the general com- mlciee under the direction 01' Thildcieus Sbypownny, gene-ml clicuirmnn and Jnul Znwadski. president of the local unit. An extensive program rls bcvmg arranged tor the event. which will include ari- dmaaes by promlnem; speakers, is page- ant. songs and sveveml other features. Among ~t.lxe speakers will be Leo Kun- Anski, ylce president 0! the New York state“ -lodge.’ ‘:uieiT‘i-rank And2.;.:~?w:1-:: \.: Btlftalo. ex-director or the state lodge Mrs. Anastasia Timur of Depew. wom-‘ an director of the General mjulon is also scheduled to speak. She will address the women participating in the obresv- unce. Entries for Second Anriual Event Close This Monthfvll Information At News Office. Well Known Social and Civic Worker Buried Tuesday Former Teacher at L. H. S. Thaddeus Stypowany Re-clock ted President Of Second Ward Orggnization. Police Drive Against Lotteries Will Continue Donowick Re-elected Council Head 'l1haddeus Scypowany was reelected president (or his J'M1t'.It~h consccut\'.vr.- term at the annual clequon of ofhcers of the Polish Citizens Association. !nc._ or the Second ward held Sunday after- noon. Jzxnum-y X. in _sc Barbara's chutt-Q haul. ‘cnldvwell street. ' Funeral services for Mrs. Lewis B. xwls. 740 McKinley parkway. who passed way suddenly last week after a. shot‘. umess. were held Tuesday afternoon from the family residence with (me Rev Grant Mcxmgrt, pastor or the Sumh Park United Presbyberlas church, oxtlc-~ clntlng. Burial was made In Orchard Park. Mrs. Davis was a former school teacher here. an active worker am both mom! and civic nflalr or both Idcksvwzumn and 'S1u>t:1 Butmla and was well knows to '7‘pmct'mn1.1y .evex'y residemt or the two coinmunmes. Her sudden death czmne as a distance shock to her hundmda of {Hands many of whom were not awzx-re of her lllnws; Clubs throughout. ‘Western New York planning to enter the second annual adult spelling bee cosducted by tho Buualo Epenmg News nnd sponsored in Lackatwzmna by this paper will have In opportunity us hear mot Butralo clubs seleqn -their re-prcscnltat-Ives for the Eu!- fnlo semi- when i\ radio spcumg bee wlu be held over WBEN Monday, Jun. 9. am. 10:30 1). m The four clubs mcm‘g put in the radio match are the Bu Chamber of Commerce, Greater mxfmlo Advert»- mx 4..., notary and Knwaxms clubs. Not ‘uuly wu.1-:.1.ns csxxuxsxc deternune the '~\'o “cett speliers tor each club, but am: rm decide which club has the best team. Great rivalry developed last, year be- tween these clubs is a series or radio spa).-1-lug bees. No Action Taken To Raise‘ F unda. At Final 1932 Session. Ouhers owned for n one-yvear term! wen: Igne.t,1us Kaczmnrek. secretary; Edmund Rcijek. mmasurer: and John Kawa nnd Georg: Salwa as auditors. The t<;‘ow§ng were named to comprlsn the enmsovs comxmttee: ‘Leon ‘S-wxctxsk, J. Kmwa, Thomas Chlosm, George Rojak. Valentine Janlgn Judge Pillion Promises Severe Treatment of All Offencloro. Special Squad Formed. Edward Donowick. First ward repre-, :,.mmm..\-o on tlie mckhwannn -(zcmmon, council and president or must body dur- ing the past year. was reoiedted to that cm at a. special session held S.=.turday in Cit Hall. The confnb, which was the final meeting of the year, W21 :2. nor: cane held primarily for the signing at payroll vouchers and for. cleaning up minor business details for the year -1932. Mrs. Edward F. Tracy, trusltee of the Public library, was renppolnrbed to that office xor the ensuing year. There were no other appo'mmems or reappoint- nvlents made as nppointiw: offices. it wus staked, continue in effect, two years as mldovers. The term or may present ad- ministration continues throughout 1931:. No action was taken pertaining to the‘ raising of tunds with whim to meet. ‘pay rolls and other cit obltignbions during the coming year. It was also indicated that no immediate action ‘will be taken in an errant to secure loans in anticipa- tion ot the colleotion at taxes. The city however. has enough funds on hand to meet; payments on bonded indebtedness and it scredit taming will be maintained it has been announced. lnckwwwnnna police plan to continue- thkedr drive agamt mndbrs 0! policy Imps in the city with mare vigilance then ever nhroughorut. the new year, It was disclosed Tuesday by Ponce Cl.-lei Ray R. Crllson. Those appointed to preside ope: the election were John Palkn. chninnanp Gabriel Scrnik, seirstary: and George Rujek and Thomas «chlosi. as tellexs. The second ward argnnimion is the oldest. association or as kind in me any and has bees active here for own‘ til- tectn years. Ii; is (both a civic and so ciul organization devoted primarily to promoting the interest; 0! the ward in iodal govetmnemt It cioesuiii. however, nonfine its activities wrntihin its own boundm-.ies but. works for the welfare 0! the city as 9. whole and has pinycd an xn~g.ox~tani-, part in backing various civic eniberpx-uses. Manv of the most primin- ent men in the on. we among its mem- bots. A Life loag reldcm. at this section 01 New York State. She was born in Dans- vme in 1888. where she was :1. graduate or the elexnemary and high schools and latter or the womelfs college in Emmx. She moved to Lacknlwzumo is 1913 to ‘much In the high school and. soon be- cnnp popular. both as an instructor and n1 the community at lg-are. Mrs. Davis was an officer 0! the Lock- uwaetnzx chapter ur the Order 01 Eastern Star and a member of the civdc club and the Elmira College Gmdumes Clu-b. she “'05 uiso n charter at ‘the Pioneer ‘Study cut: of this city and in 1927 was pres- ident of «hue Women's Missuomry society or South Park chm-ch. A special mas: in conjunction with the observance will be comducuted at 10.30 a. m. Sunday in St. Bm‘bax\a.'s church by the Rev. Francis J. §ta<us- zg-wsgi, pastor. Others assisting in urra.ngm.eent.a 101' the even: include the foalowing: John -’Jzidel_ Ludwig Jnhlonld. Anthony Ki], Walter Nickel. Louis Stryhar, John Sa- —bo1u., Mrs. Mary Keilbusa and Mrs. Helen Tubisz. Prior .to the radio mmtch each club will hold n. spelling bee at a regular S:-spu leas Srl man mam mum mm meeting. All members present will take prmt. and the ten best spellers will com- pote m the radlu match. Merwln C. Morrison. cllrectm ot the Buffalo mea- lng News adult spelling bee. will pro- xiounce the wards for convnetauts. The drive opened recently when police Jeamecl that the racket was being war- ked extexusively in bhe lower Ridge road, district, has already mesuved in. the arrest and conviction or sev,em1 people can a charge of lottery. Mast; or them as first olienodods have redutve Jenicm; mxmitment: in City comvt, but such will not he the case in. the Iuture, it; was Matocl. livery club in Wes!/em New York. is invited to enroll via the adult spelling bee. only active school wnchers and the two Western New York cash prize winners of last. year are barred from competition Persons who won coumy cimmpioss.hips last year are eligible to dompete again this year. The two best speller in each club on- rolled in the ‘adult spelling bee will rece1ve certificates of merit. procluim- ing Ithem as best an-liens or their 01'- mrnllntien. The chmnpucln am! ecgnd. best speller of cum cous-ty will rcreive cash iewnrds or $10 and 85 repectively. They are then eligible to mke port in the Western New York final and eligible for the cash prizes 01’, $30 and $15 which will be awarded the champion and sec- Glid 568% speller Of \VFG£é‘i'x’\ NEW YIJPK. Full isrormmiin» and enrollment =bl(\nks for the conwsn; may be obtain- ed at the offices of lt.i\e Lncimwumm News or by addressing. Spelling Bee Di- rector. Burtnlct Evening News, Burfnlo New York. Entrit. cioe Mondnt. Jun. 20. Worker Passes A special anti-gambling squad has been designated to probe the racket which as believed to be organized and no arrest all olfenclors. It is composed of Lleut. Joseph Bairnan, ueut. Joseph Span and Detective Peter O'Rourke. Plans {or exaborate ceremonies to te1\~ Uura the mstanntdcrn of -new officers which will be held in St. Btu-barn‘: hall at 2 p. :11. bn Fabnlhry 5th are under way. it was announmh. she was also active and well known is South Buffalo where she was chair man of the SOLI!h Park Y. W. C. A. In 1927 and 1928. She was mtereumd in; dmmatlcs and had marge 01 several ploy given by the Baum ‘Park United’ Presbyterian uhzurhh and Eastern Bum-. Judge John R Pillion has promised police mu ho-opemtion in dealing with all gambing law viontors There will be no more’: suspu aémencea for those convtictccl on such cimrges he stated, and anyone zilzw found guilty may expect :1 Juli fenn. The lotteries are just like all other rackets of the kind. theJ1dge said. -with .l1ea.vy odds always ngninst. the player. A mtich greater amount is collected than in paid out with (1 big slice going into the packets or the swiesmmi and those higher-up. Then 1200. ii. big percentage of those who ‘play the game have -mrciy enough money to buy the nccenities of life and cim.’t afford 120 lots even is single penny. Among ‘those arranged and convicted ‘were Peter R..iincy, 33, or 422 Churrh street. and Mrs, Irene Bnmio. 26. Negroes of (21 Wnsson nveime. both of whom mcoivccl 60 0.1!}! suispcmled sentences. Henry Hill. 30; Negro, of 501 Bridge roucl, eiao convicted (.11 1. sylmdlinr clmrgc was ‘sent to the ponin..mt'ia:ry for 25 days when mm-hie’ to pay a line or $25 which had been ‘lmposcr. Mrs. Julia McDonald Dies After Brief lllneu‘. Son Will Officiate At Services. Mayor Walter J. Ldhr. President Dane- wltzls and all membcu 91’. me coun- cu were pz-esens dncludvlng Cuuncllman Thomas J. Wan'e1\. John. F. Aszkler and Walhter Paryz. Frlst; council meeting pt the new year was hen '1‘uesda.y tvenlnb. Plums xar the tvxmxe were discussed amt out-inc busi- ness matters 'consIdore’d. Depression Hits Pet Lovers The many trlcnds 01 Mrs Jtuln Mc- Donald. who has been prominent In charity work In thin city tor several years. were shocked Ito learn of her sud- den death this week at her home. 1455 South Park avrzme. She pmsed away Wcdnesuuy after u braet mness. She- xvas cnnnected .v'.th numlrous orzmLlzn- mom and soc!e'les engaged in welfare work in ur Lady of Victory msb11;\mt,lons She was mfuwied to Mr. Davis, also well known hoe. in 1914. Besides her husband she is survived ‘by two sons, M.zm.ley and Robert Dam-Js. and nor mogher Mrs. Jermfle Passage. Many Dog Owners Lost Pets Through Lack of Fund: Report Reveals. Auto Owners Mutt Have New Plates L. H. S. Downs Sparks Z6-Z3 kkkkkkkl: mnh mall twgxzkm ham mo! The depression has caused. a. great number of local dog owners «to dxspanse with thelr pet, 1: was l-ovonled this wool: by Anthony Turchjomlll. city pound keeper. In making publlo a report. 0! his activities: tor the you just; closed There wna n. total or 778 dongs desLr\-y- ed during the your, the lnrgoc numbrsr over '10 he omlolully slum In the Jllstory .:~r the city. it was eamtecl. This was (.\\\1S(.‘(l'l)y the grow: number of unem- giloyed ln the city who \vc1‘c wlthmlr funds with which 120 buy the ‘l1\l:\-.s:m\‘Y lwunso, no sum. Owners vt~urnr‘d molr lvots over to the clty -ln roam‘ ‘Lo lwold c-.1\n‘l'. proceedings Autonmbllt-:-1 were also responsible car 4 large number of dog deaths. I915 <lo;:- Vbt-mg -killed ls that n \ Th\ tntn‘ wumbcr of ll'-enscs issued wsa 831 Il- :01‘-=6 ngnux 1':-‘.1 due tho hrst of the ,Vo«u' bur, a momhs grace period will no cllowa owr.m's in which to procure Lugs ls wzus rcvmlecl. Mrs. Mc..‘)o'.ml<| was The wlife ol the iaw James Mcnomici. who was 0. prom- n-ent. iitxnier in who civic activities oi‘ the alt)’. It more are any ntxbomablle ownxers is Luckmvumm. who are so reckless us to vL-m2uu- out without their 1938 llcons» plume. they had best be sure vthut no po llcomeu are around. for Pvuec c’.‘ln**! Roy R. Gllson nnsounccd 'I‘1..osln_y that ho mu 111:~m'uctwI ovary men.'~.or of ms (Iupm‘l.n\m)B to (pprelmnd uny mu all .1u*‘u dnvem still using uh votzl rvznten. In uclclmnn he Inns nppomtcl Duh-ctlvus Stophc Bnlon and Cam S2.o:*1‘.:L-‘vskl as u sponhll squad ti dexwuw ‘ha,-IV’ om-‘-re u.mL- ‘Lo was work FIRST WARD CLUB NAMES OFFICERS Raimen and Rusevlyan Lead Locals In Brilliant Win. Tm: Rev. Joseph McDonald, aunt -3 mo dcce-scu, will 1-rcstuo at ‘he .'\me.ul ‘$It‘:1‘JZ|(‘-:5 wmch mm by hjzld Saturday mzrmng at ‘):3oo'c.1cclc and an 1!] rune}: mt. Lady -wt Vlcturv Bu.~al!1c-;\. Burial um be in How crur.-. cunt-'t.o:'y. Father 't\,'eD'\nn:.1 W232 be r'clobrnnt of n wlemn High mn.'~s at. the Baslnut Ht is me mssi.->to.n.'. 1-Labor at St. Joseph\; now C!‘1‘r‘.!‘(ll‘1!2 Lu Buffalo. Many of the alt‘-gy of the Buffalo diocese -.~:‘l nt- temri. nacluxwzuma high School angers oon~ tlnc-<1 chm rnbroken victory spree by nunchmg a brilliant vlatory over a sarong Scxuth Park high uggregxmoxn on the local court Tuesday evonmg. 28-2\. ‘The Blue mud Grey encoxxntemd Lm;-lr stlf poposmoxz or who season axzumst them uclghboxs from Scum zsurmo and wexe trmlxng unvm the ect.-ml pcrua ’wh..n 9. rally mad the count at 14-31]. They were never again lm dcd. Coach Del’ F‘£s11er‘s elm glayed their best g.L\me or .'he seasno no date agatnst tho Spurlgs. ’I‘-3.101.\ meamwork. walch has alwvys been one or the main fuc- tnrs m the S11_'.'cG~ss of the 1-.cu1 t..~.un.s. was superb. ml tlwlr pxwuln‘; utta;k 91140\ .-cl gram; impvcvcment over mxrller ,:e-mes. The rollotwlm-: cnrlmrs for the ensuing your were cleaved M. :2 recent xrvzem-ng or me Fu.un-ly Cmzons mud 'I‘axpnyors nssocmuon of me First: Ward hold in Dom Polslcl hnlv. Rlclgqi. Road. Prca1clcm~t, Vincent‘. Dr.cI:clowhk.|; V120 pucslplt-rut, Omrfry G. Mpcs; fumnrlal sr:c1*ot;au'y. Eurmlcy Zlolko; recon-u.x:g 2-£crct.nry. Juhus Ba._‘,.rek. tnznsurcr. George Pxkmm. 1 .0 uiwmlors ‘lac M1 wvaro Joscpu ’I‘y1'pn.k, Joseph Pr unki- mm: and V.~'un.er I§usm.1'erczyk Vnmer Pwlnszynskl was sr.~:\:<-ted as r<-;\rc<sLna.- izlvc :0 Dom Pulsm. Pmeeszlon (‘f pc.:.'cy blips, xvhetmsr u ‘purc‘..a:<or 0; \e2‘(\r‘r. leme the hlldcr cprn to urr.a- on l.‘.\\.1'gc8 ol pa.rt1u1pu- M07‘ In u loan .31, uc-:o~‘Lllxu; to pence. In the: p..s' A m\.-- 1:wmvt.l\t‘ cudfom to gram. :1 gnu‘-c part.)-.1 LY ubu'u. Mm clays :1 ¢'..-1u'qvc.n n10t4‘l‘l~.l. nmi~x- mo 12:.- -L‘. :t.1v-1... uf :7 me o..'l': xfs b.1t us xx.- \I.'-~1'd luvs, w--n x:--0. -‘d {nun A‘..n.n_v Uh]-s ymr ‘rg'.‘u'1l-1:; nu 2-am/tx1s.uu. v.u.-r.- run he no L1'w.‘o, the Cue-I sr.,;\t.e-1. Mm.-McDo2‘x~1c' 1;; s'urvivc:1. In uddl~ '..an. to F‘.1-me-r Munorulc. by two :i:mgh~ ters. Miss Filzahe‘h M‘cDo‘1n1d mu! Mrs. John Hmnmhnu and one sister, Mrs. Mary Gr.-hcxty. CROATION DRAMA DRAWS LARGE CROWD~ LOUIS BALEN PICKWICK CLUB > HOLDS MEETING Local Business House Enters Bankruptcy A capacity crnwd attended‘ a play and -dance given uncler tno ausplcm; or the Eng'lls'rx-‘speaking LL_7rgr= of me Crozr-rm Fx~nt;ermxl -Urvlo, Lnukawnnna. group 726 M tho Crna )1-.11. summ 9-veu:, Sun- day eve‘..mg, Jmxuary 1. M15. M! :-y S.:::~h supra: used and rcurocteci UM px'eszen.tm'<1~,11. which was .15 two-..-‘:. (mum. «:r*.*:.e 1. Al! {N S'1“.‘L.E. S. J. Maricich Again. Heads Taxpayers Group Funeml service“ for Louis Bnlen old and well known I.-.1ck:v.vmm.u. x-esulcnt. were hcltl Wcnlnesd-n.y lnomlnp; at. 9:30 n‘c ac!’ from, the fmn‘-11v re.-s‘(|clA1c 57 F»I‘.1‘u street and M. 10 o'clock 1-‘um 0 :1’ I.:.v.c'_\,' of the acder Heart. of Jews. olmx-1'11 I\d. roda. The Rev. B. B-xclurn, p of tar: church, offlrbiamxi. Bwrlnl in Iluy‘ Cross Cemetnry. Rwsr-vlyan and F_a'mm: ‘.rri ‘ht lnmis wH;a.': the to1'Wwz' nbtcihlg six cv-unt- r\s and the lam‘ fiv-3. ‘\Tw\r‘h ‘Smbr, m-:1 Marusvku also aid plenty of -rzood wnrk for the victor»; Wz and J1 rjzwzumugh atom: own for the sgxrka, 1-hr :‘orm'er was Jncliviclual hlgh scorer oi the game with ten pain-ts. S--phen J 3\I:u~uc1. (mw-= a.»=~\uo I Plum for the‘ en-exv §'m.r were clfscxwz ed M. n ntwulng ti the 1'cccs‘tly f'2,mLd 1’lf‘k\‘.1I‘-K duh held '.(‘LlJ\5'5l\3' e\c'1..x: 'I.:-~n...:r‘-hip ‘n 11:\ mi». 3. :~m-‘.11 zwd ‘X. ltrtnry or.::u.1\.nur-'\; will \Om! 1.4‘ (.\I‘. :‘m a 1ni11Lcd huxnbev oi .‘zpp1.'.'&'\t‘. 1t ‘V\‘.\‘1 slut.-<2 The group was o21'xs:\.oI) mm at. chxmr mexnbersmp. of abouf 1:2 lucnl men. un.=k\\'gtcy win 5 ms \\~.ro film-K '1‘ucs- any by u..- ‘Fm-xulx Cl«~.:xm's. 80': R \A; 3 10; :1, wt‘: kxxuvlx L‘cka\vx\nnr b1. ‘1 :.‘tbn‘.-='-cut for ‘he pus: ,<t‘Ve\\1 3:’-ass. I...ub:‘.¢t:s~.s or 1!.‘ 0 hrwn are -list-J at .~s1G.171I$5. of \.~11.»h $500 15 In mxos: $199‘; '76 is 'r\'ze<. $14,274 in sncux-ed‘ claims. and 330103.89 in unsecured c~1ud.n1s. V*u.s;r‘c:n~'zn1x1. \\. .~ u,;'-1n :\ 1m '1 ~00 dire-\‘_ i. n- H-)1\..t,.u 4 \tr '1‘:-\’1-\\'1‘.'5 Prokctivz‘ . ~.r-1'.u m H 1.1.c F123‘. wnru M tho :-an-\!\\l :'.«-cuon uf offlx--2“. of llmi. o)gM1\1.n1lUu h-h\ recent)\. In m.'dlt1~\n ‘M pm-&lrxe1.t otniw-~ or er Med \v Ar» ‘Yov: rmpnovlch, vice :‘.'esir1c'nb: Oyx-ll Yv-“i<ov1c‘.1. trnnsxnwrc and nixivhhbw J. ‘C 1 eskovlch, secremry Dnclszon was also nmdxs .110 lnuorpcm ate and .c'l1arter,for rbho organdmblbn is oxpectzecl to arrive this week‘. it was gun nounced by Rudolph Womste uaocim ‘tioxux attorney. Mombc-rs of the oust aware Josc->11 nuc- .:ek. Sum Mlloslch, John Chemsm, Gus Oxmmzm, Steve Sarlc-Ix. Many Mruk, Mary Btemat. Barba-tn Magiich, Maddred Mrak and Joseph Kuqtmba. ‘Danclsg Jvl/oh music fumjshpd by 9. rgroup of ‘Croatian mualdans tollovwed we play. Numerous r..«.-nds and relatives of the deceased xutruc clad the services to pay ‘their l.u=t vespérts. Mr. Baler: was thn fnxM\e.r of Stephen Bn.1c~n, a well known member or the Lackuwunnn. Police de- partment. Alsé summing nre his wife. Mary, and two daughbem, Mrs. Mary Sar- bacb and Mn Anna EGG Ql.‘ES'l‘l0N VQ-BILL]. to Walter Is the yoke ‘(If an '38? is or am white? A-Warner at to white. A-B111 its yellow. 0f1'lco1's elected in Lhc foilomng. Ted Bnlhierz, prcsldemxti George W ‘Remenncky vice vp\*csKk1en'l;; ‘Stmney Koz em, secretary: Wanwr Cmodtu, treasurer. Mecmncs one hall at thomomen 04 the members. Assent.-s of the concern. which consist only of real estate. were listed at $8.50). The real combo \-gnuntlon includes mat mcrrtgago. The petition or ‘bankruptcy wag mod is nedoral mm (thy lam: week in December’, 1932. l.AG%§/«WANNA PUBLIC l.lBRd\R\£‘ *5.\ ms:'A“ ' -é».»‘.~ -n‘ I ;. .« 9 st .r=.s:»..z' .: .:‘~ ». ‘-.~. .\‘

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