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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, December 08, 1932, Image 4

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xW89 ! Wsédgiz/v:‘v§§5x.V;~'7» 3517!: -‘v:.~ '¥.“_~'~’1.’€~. , » ‘Al -sf’: 7'.‘ 5*‘ ”-3$:'.“3§‘\~7‘,‘4 v ‘M -nu}. ‘us:,‘».‘~,‘;;_«, ' \ .~;-:-~:::‘#.«;a3‘~‘ - _« x my ~: 1. ‘~'. ' ‘ £4. -; .u.' .-. ..,._2».~ ; ~ ~'.»’:.x J‘. .. vs» ‘#3:-,;. ' <r.',-'5.“ '~‘ .'., .'r;;y-:; .- J ‘-.*~§~.: A!-.-fl:-..~4~'¢~_I-.II9§N.!>7t'.i-s. N; Y.» ‘Dun.-s.-. 99¢-_‘8. L Knpils who. tool: pan in ‘me. tinnlfsl I ..,_ . wed eédisy ev1e_‘u1ng-we2ptn,u1nnor; org; * ‘ \ - 3 -- -* zmgm Wm M gmwx, M Noted Poet-Author Contest ‘Held’ %ug. WE ] wmtua [cams {Bene 1'BixiiI7g snow ‘fléfil Wills * -In ¥B u'ffali) -Sunday: tha various schools “um thus non. the l honor or repranentimz -othe1z- ‘ an event. 1-‘rites will be awarded ,, ., V - ~ - _ wing mt speaxegg .gm,,_, bog. 13.. \V. ‘Alice Meynell Club of [)’You- Grammar School Pupils Showlfgm _zt‘zl:ld ;::§t1;°=g,md:s. 1‘-A se:lc‘rn‘<)1:s‘tei!‘ec~,|b vine cone‘. spgnggo,-,,.No_t¢ , ., a. * nw I“ !|!8.€ X193 . 95¢ _ V ~ ,_ , Ke Interest In Fmt 5'01“ games. winners «an be announced :21 worthy EntertaIn§neno- Bu.- of Kim! Held Here. I“? 1-3°*-“W“‘“’ “\9 “°“4 V°°\- \ hop Turner Will Preside. _ .v _... ’ ' 1; computrgco oompoud otfyvmo 1011- = . A prize speaking connect (or ‘se.v_em.-h 'PF1l’~.°1P|1lI 953-??? °‘ “.19 and e1g_tn grade ‘pupils mm all public Cto ণ Ir WU VH’°1.38.91\¢.d ‘by the acnoms in Lackagmnna was held Wed superintendent of Itzlmoli Perphmns -1 evemug, December 7. (tn the lagckawunn-3. F°~|-Ind. William P'- Hennesey Wuh_1n.st°n mgb school audnonum -'11,, comes, school. chairman: John \1'. Avery Wilson which as somewhat or an mnovauon tor 5°!\°°l- D011“! lWW~ 3°th1°h°m. local grammar schtoost ms nu. with P813 0011001- the wholehearted support or teachers-,‘l Ilbuaw is the mg:-am or events to‘:- I P pupils and pame.n,1.s, and is expected to. the evening. be an annual affair 1 nthe future. it was anmlunced. Blsinark (!ierrms~> ‘Ryéka L1 buck cm. the buttegmnk. By 'FR.ANc1S~H.. S_lSS‘oN: En.n‘d’til_ iufitu Rank:-,r:» ‘ N0 »dii1';§i\._ cqonomic 0,;-2 sociag. 'mope 'no.r!,i>u‘.il,_y' «iripinacén -o Him .!’:.v(p.:‘>:;~ nous, afud.*proabf3fx:_1f:z -mil\: t!,1'9« 0‘! t.,:7I.~i, 0;! :\'h1.sh thrqgtqh to eugqlr ‘ugh. 1,\1.li§1!l my a -metal-_égn .9: the‘ r_doi>reaa,inn\ It hanghaen d§V.:l9I_)'» lumlar.u;g'nx~y,ears. growing xuiirc qe 1-Ions. all’ -the. mnoz, '1‘ 1; »e depreasloh merely =b;o,ugh! ‘ll 16 .3 ellxnjxx. U71’;-. 4935 -di-anti: arms ‘are taken to ‘re- (B)-IE3) '1‘-38.0.11. known I) a -telloil» ‘who can open 1600. a mlfzivie, on -Gneflait noxilix “Mid W'r<‘=‘silinx- ily .Ar‘r‘n1iggd For Sig. .'Ba\-.bar.I.\a Hall .'i‘o;u'iV¢ht.‘ Re- cord Crowd i June: ‘Stephens, rgoted Irish poet and author. um ma-kc 1x_s1 tit.-at appearancv: heron a burn oaudwnce next Sunday, tvenmlg. December 11. gt 8:30~o.‘q1'o_ck m ‘the D’Yo\w1n¢ Collect‘ nudgtoxhun. Pot- ter and Ptoapgct a'v,e-nués. ms. Xalc-‘ture lsrmelng sponsored by tbs Auce v club at D'Youv1ue_., an otggmutlon of luck 'spo:c1ettto.rsn{y: ho» w‘\‘Jnde'r' 'ti§e1:¢ ‘an to many clnmAopen1§,-rs out or, ugo;-k. -. i *9 I. Hlilik '(‘3\7.)‘ B in sitar-‘l hogan. Re Log: h1:u,\m.l'I_p¢'I_. From &l,Hn:l1c'am1.¢n g ml sum; 1;, m, $*»0“é, hf tbllowérs 6!’ ‘Rib cinch this ‘T!i.undayveve‘xx’1Is_,whon xi, Boll am .39‘1!! -un.¢,¢-ti M:WP1°’! am. Ba.:_ba1‘§’,| mums: Club, [N11 no 13214 in 1;he‘_Pll‘ls!_1 0! tbs church, i!,I‘C.i1_t\¥ well étreet. Iiit;lr,o?- -pr6¢’:edi the affali-«V1111 -be_ used. for the btaielutt otrat, .'B,u\b ch_\u:oh., curtain; will ‘bi. up @ at, :l_:9Q Ihlrp. it ‘in ‘outed. £158‘. \ «c 17\\, D'fvh'“1*‘r ‘ind Emile ~Pn~.«m‘-ski aid \u‘\'mg_ (:3; 10¢ 'Qhrl§mju. an an the wagon. PR()GR;\lVl 'h,x_ero mu be. . sfpegrax mpatgngyr :11 the local cancudme 10:’-« Qeguty ‘she:1j',X.l' «:13 next week at the Haz‘nbur'g_ 1135): ‘gr(>‘un!.!s.. ' Laclnwgnna Public Schools’ Prize, ‘Speaking Contact ‘ LACKAWANNA HIGH ‘SCHOOL AUDITORIUM -v%e.z‘a_bT ’thgs, .tre.v,i'd% {tie ~pr’o_bI,é.sn1 w-my 1'\ot_o,1id iylt-h the \d'epx‘é ‘[1 am; continue :10 weigh d.0,W.3!i and retard; wastes: =tor ¢._n hgc_i_e.tin,u_o period. In city; cDu!ity~., state. and 'I_u‘\tm.n -!h_e- orgy of apénding hug‘ run on, It. Is, can-s matgd that i‘x1_ttp,o. Unltetksgates the‘ total ‘cost o,t‘<a_ll‘-:o1r.erz_xn’xeI.Il. X71. nearly 1‘ avg rtinpes wlliatj it was before (kg: W.50.rld_ \\’ar,.,.Many ‘1oc.nlnLes tmre begn f Ibrouzht. tn the~verge’ot-hankmnte! by ‘ .th_e1r ¢2x~p.ez_1,diL-ures. \\r‘I_I4iRn many have saddlevd ‘theixi citizens with a dgtgt -bun. . ‘den -that will darken their‘ ‘limp and _ vfmgfxper th progress, ‘for ‘years 10!? come. = Added lntoi u.g1.v'on an oI thwush the not ‘Jim. is ‘<2! 190:1 tv \ has besn booked to. »appI€\‘!-'\<L~. -goth-eI\‘Wl§h 0! ‘V2099 $c.l'i\.PD9,|‘* 1r_om mrovchwt wppttem New York’. 91.». in W0-zrudsu him are also inélu-V tied am. Ullto and »P¢'°l!¥k9o. *9 furnlih plenty '9! -ihrllla tor vhé ~Qoc,th,1:_oIs., V'I.i!.n sonny an 0! vxebnmtlnc. pxuxchm iVo1x'—'!t:tur!;lIh .h.ll 01 jrthu Qvtmilgé enmi- tninmem. ,M»1'nI d_!.bcI..-IA:.QV9.l.‘Il, 111110. #90438. W mwwxvzy 11!\ added. 1'0“? 6: the touglxeit ¢\'I-it_- omon pm. me game hue bqvn -bdokod w:pr.ach1c¢, hull neussinumnd next. In oli ‘H¢K‘btll'0!_ by vifgtch Iddto, -he rs. Wednesday Eianiiig, ‘Decen 7, 193.2 .8029 went Deer vnuzjvhzg in the Pénn-' _ _ w. 1_mm,es.s. but every nizm» he cnn_e'd by -Lani: azsea;;0.:e~ agdixgponteu nu. ’P1‘°8|,‘l1'$3. it was DEER mmung. 8 O'clock . . . . . . . . . . Lackawanna ‘High S.<;‘ho.o‘l Qrchestra. Direction ——a Miss Margaret M. Twist. _w¢ g:p~g1ud_ 2'0. xjwdit, mat \V‘1‘Lll.S.a'in (nasty), mm in on Mm. goaa us, reeo.v.w., Don’? !.0rset_ to qsmi Kg; um: led: 1}»! whdt yqu, or you fr1¢m:!.i w,-<‘>\_u<1, nxe sum .AlV‘l‘(1i.°$‘§.'!1 comma.-. mention: to 013118., layer 61! the‘ stroller ‘cblunm. ‘lackjawiinna, 7th GRADES The Heritage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . By James Russell Lowell Betty Tomek — Bethlehem Park School The Name of Old Glory’ . , ., . . . . By James. Whitcomb Riley Louise Castro ——- Bethlehem Park School 3.1- 1- 8°!.m.°.u'r and paw?! W130. ‘ms Min ldat,vwe'qk‘. '0_b..yen1h. ~Ke:X; ‘ly from nurnup. 0’Leary- hm: many mm: vmfo-s’o1d., ‘_ '!“-‘strs the first t;'~zr_ifQ in N10‘ gm: thgt hue, boon 'hel_d~i_'n- this city»; They ‘an 2. revival of the evquto f_0l‘\O1!' Iormed held in rq=m~om1 mm. which, were alwyi so =IJ.°Pul_ar with 19091 upon- Ians. all mcl_icamio,2_i_a a ¢,Ip_§c|t,!' crowd will he on hang! tonzrgm, 16 hilp. 1m.\.‘S¢|{&V.° the re.-v.'l\M, of W! FPQW. -me noun; u-nmgea tor; the gnu‘: in-. cmde me Xollfliindft Bu}! movulik, hick- zwa.um\:- Ysloihnnic Glyn; Iutiolom oil wun.clIn“1.8_0. pound, exam. ‘moo, hoyu ‘mtg. am old soon to seime, chip Human. r8alamnp.c.a: vs Nick. mama. 26: no cl.¢lI- ‘Dom 91!. mu. known clusters and Rrwntu he vuzilvd iqico Ii!!! Jimmy‘ 8IA15t¢!l'y.. Pmkle Kucska. vs; J00 An;-qm,, ugh 91 IIOKKIUDBU. 113 Qllt. Xvliil bout. 1; tor the city chgnx_piommp.,,.Jolu1 rranklin lncknlanng vs Rgtanico Whits.‘ Dunkirk in pgoumi elm. Alnq an old soon to mug nor: an the.-Io hey; we previauslyv N!-°ue_d‘ man an\. In Sa‘ngz‘mn- CI. 'DlI‘°h! lilcltawax VI 15.011 Moran. J.An\.est_0\w 130 pounq cl!!!‘ TWQ (Kit and hilt! fighter! Gerard pqnga-,, Badliton 11., Y_., vi, Adolph ‘- \ lA,_cXI'ir,In!!%., wt pound class, Promise or; plmty oi‘ a°LhtfJ.n mm A nelahborzy uutali-. Vhicl; win no hard tough: 1‘yu)e.r1eIe- tug III“: line card with Aurelio Ruiz, at nexu- wanna scheduigd to meet “Wild 9111\ Patteroqni or 3).uuhi_l,_ ‘I65 pqyuurl clan. 130“! 13.06: :5 wide. I9:[Nt.lt10.I.I. mu: have. mg gqme_d_ tame \vn:,3e uml.-t thé coiofi. -‘~‘ izne 1.9»-i tpanuh .'it«h'¢!lt.' club. and than mic xufum 0!. tilt. \spgnim Qul_l_ o! 1A_c_ku.vIanI_t\.\ Young ‘mun. Vt lrrunls Ikmco. both 6!. £4.01:-. “anni. finish‘ my mm. ‘may :19 both young ind prcfliming u_cra.p'pe¢_u;1n' the 150 pound cl and should i'ujx'nls_h Phat? QT 100163‘- nuns STEPHENS Th» total cost oi! Federal. s,t”|t e and _1acal government in. His. Un_ft_ed Stdfés '13 animated gt; forty-six xiilluon d‘ona'_ra a ditty. Bfasled, on national !uco,m_o Ii; 1930. th\is'zex‘)rfes ut'oi>’ut__one«f[tt‘11‘tl1,e total iucomé of your people, on hhbut 811019: every’ indivldua; in (he, -rga-. non. Tom me; in 19.31_ gm, ‘e.sii- ‘mM.ed_t.o ha.ve_§.ak¢n. more._th3t1,.22.1§gx- c‘o,nt,~o_! the _unuo‘nal lnco.me.‘.lt~lI peep,- Ilon for-.a'oI;l1t.§a .th¢uqh§.gn xho. pyrt; at -vomno v‘vt.\on-om dax'w-.c.om9 90144 ‘V0?! four at two must. 1:9 onMri|M.o.¢.|- to »thn..m|lntmtnc0, 0,! uyornmqnt ml-. ohlmry. _ Author Unknown Eleanor Brady —- FE-anklin School stiidonu In inguzh mexattxre. During ‘nu ‘pt vial: to Amerlm, Mr, Stephen: is giving but leccuxtes. and the one. at D‘Y0!l!VI!.1loi will be. Ms only address in Na: York state outside Key York 01%;, Ht: topic will be \A- Poetxy Recital '* Most 30!. W‘-1.ll1|m/rumor, D. D.. ms- hgg -0! Buffalo. will introduce )_lr nm: pnsldg at me lecture. tyimen as édigam going nuts vriudevine {or tm \ month». How Uncle P-odger Hung a Picture . By Jerome K. Jerome Virginia Marrano -—. Lincoln Schooi a ‘o 9 Q l Iimgy Rhona i6\iii, ‘.15; on wuter wbgungnu <'_-1696;‘ n_\p tin and bean gr 10:: came» l,,V'eziu‘6. The House With Nobody in It . . . . . . . . . . By Joyce Kilmer Louise Grosso —— Rooseve.lt School * The Foolish Fir Tree . . . . . . . . . . By Henry Van Dyke: Irma Arendt -— Washington School '1lckem ue cm sale at, D'~Yauvme col- le Danton. Oottier & Daniels, Ulbriqh And ma Catholic. Union stores. we seen an in. séasiovs A‘ h\.\3.idlr.. Ian. vieek. Maybe \ in W buy the Qomnusuloner a pies,- 613%. A Telephone Conversatidn . . . . . . . . . . u Hark Twain Elizabeth Lisziki —— Wilson School ‘élayeu Presented Ac Roland Church‘ 9. Wind; Plnoiuruxt his becoxnq | 800d public speller‘ max». ¥\_0tl,°e or you‘ wastmuwn and an int. xorgpt o C51-ll on lxun ton--spnle witty Itmarlu._ United ‘states Go.vernm9.l\i,_ exm)ndi< ‘turn: were te(i1_i_ced one} hundred and forty miiiiionu, d0.i_lar.n ~d_lll'il,1i_: the nut quarter or the »cu,rre.ntv nqcal you-., The recent, action or bnnkorlj in ceiling I nail to unnecessary Qxpeudiffures; of Nov\! York city as pr‘er_eq‘q;gito;to j1o_a’nn will reduce, the c}'>st_ 0'2 ;'_o.v\.9rume.nt in the cquniry mqtrdpdiig; which in mm ond in in expenditure; to only the Federgl Gover No state? in the, Union. in tact. no other government on this. uemisp-iiere. spends hall :3. much as this one city. ’1‘hes,e savings in Federal and municipal costaare, only the, beginning ot_ A movement needed tizroughoui the coumry-.1 it we Are to be led out 9!, depression in1,6 pron-. D91.'H¥. - Ro.du¢_tIqnn ‘Folilbio 8,th GRADES A {god cx-u_vI fanmod out to enjoy W0. phylété which were, pxtnexuted In the. Roland llethodlat church. _R.oiand ‘n_ve,- nue. last geek.‘ The playleu, enumed \Who's A Coward\ and “R.entmg Jim- ml\ were given undex the auspices 0! chluon noqlubles. aébhxlv Clark, we}! known ciggxt smoke: from Rulmu. G1.-Wei; purchased I hung! new brown derby to. ‘sh, mu”: those qlggia. A Dream Come True . . . . . . . .By James Francis Dwyer Rosemary Avery ~— Franklin School Young Fellow, My Lad . ., ., . . . . . . . . . . . By Robert; Serv-1;-e Vincent Griffin — Lincoln School more an. as rumor that Teddy '_Baf$I_éri will uoozrjoan the Belxejdtbts. lib‘: been coming smartened up lattoly by lame wax xntozjned Ix-lends. Hlllcluded in -they double out we» lldwjrd Lpveiue. Domthy stable, can 1'4\!V Doxvbhyrnoiner. Ion. Mcvlcm-,_ m Mots; Ada nuoas. Evelyn Shape hard. mzabetn Tmery Lawrence Amolwlv and, Bernard Lucas. Renreahment; wezte» vetwd by me. Doilble “!..\ class, or thef ojiulch. Unknown . By Bruce Barton Michael Samordzik —— Roosevelt School Did yarn knwv, thm nobby George re- semble; Jimmie Waller wimh that old dérby of his? The Ride of Jennie McNea1 .. . . . . .. By Wili Carléton Josephine Rebl — Washington School Charity Grindér mid the Pmtmaster General .. . . ._ . . . . By Mary Kyle Dallas Helen Stromayer — Wilson School Awatds of Judges. Cr~--'*res'n‘an M-=:,-.cl, w_ou1_r ‘like us. take anqthqr long walk; with commuloner Joyce. Jun A walk like, they had at the Inc PQ\_n:th 0! July pnrgde. Hblly Wreaths Unless the people can ‘be made to realise that money for governmental expenditure \can come only tram, their own pockets at taxpayers. costing‘ de- pressing 4e”gl,ec,ts, on both lndltidual 9.!- tort and general business, there is an Imminent threat that we may bellorced to meet economic di ! to those. that have no action!!! handi- capped o,th,8.r countries. The qué is not primarily one of merely paring goyernment aglnrlee or shaving \budg- ets. but ratllor ol curtailing -govern-, ment activities for which we cannot Alford to pay. The idea that money torthese‘, mount-. lngr exttavagances can be raised’ ll? lol- lovylng the slogan \_Soak tlgé Rich\ is utterly’ fallacioul. tor inch 5 p',e’llt-1 will simply oxtermlnnte \the 1,-iclxv“ ‘ajid eliminate iources of revenue’. _lt, ia_ also lmportant to realize that corporate -business in this country. in in no posi- tion to withstand the ellects, ol inden- nlte advtinceu in tax rates. Current earning report: reveal that fact be-. yond ehsdoiv of doubt, The tag «base must be broadened. land it therefore seems likely that Congreea will be called upon to, reconsider the, sa10'.s,tax-. at least an a -temporary muaure to help meet a critical condition in the nation’: finance. Cookies Qua Done:-ty uure b_\'mn up Awhqn his plcttno In ghown-gnd put on umhltlqn .m u pmunnem pace in our tan: clty. { Thu yam-berry en.--w is now worxxng \0V¢lWll!$. on some of dur premium!- fpea-aopa. Keep. It up Etta lmntz am! ‘Nortnan Sh.0l1.,“'W6 M159 31% solve your Health Problem _ _ B‘ YOU are look- _ mg for an ex» ,\ treinely doooral-« ,-,3-:1; ,\ ‘ tlve. easily ham- A-Z~.*_;,$_= dled holhluy 3-‘ cookie. here is ‘ far one wllose at-. trnctlvemsss de munds attention. as Honoa‘ PUPILS A1‘ WILSON SCHOOL. O O Q U 9 Did you know that Hunk Busch was 5. me, cme: gt went Falls .x. Y, ('3'-lei Hunk answered a mic ialann at cvlclen '1 - he \an :1 ‘u1>rhe old chem.‘- qnl ‘buggy to his old, reliable Ford int! 3.? no me tire he went. Ugpx; mg or- vgl M. the me Chlet Hank was cold to, x§t\mx back home and put on his red shirt vbetqre he could map. at. mu pur- tluulu me ” Your good health can easily. be restored and maintained through Nmuxal Me,t,h,ods—-nme times out of ten poor health IS simply due‘ to lack of knowledge. Each year this lnsxitunbn teaches hun- dreds how to enjoy good health and bc ‘happy. mrst quu-wr honor 101: for in! Wif- :on grammar.‘ what! run this week by John 1‘. Amy. p1.'1z\o1Pa1., '!.‘hem ‘were 96. p,uPll.l ten the honqr I139 which Swan head,c,d by Anbdnuttq anlolkn. am gmde. and 01:3 Hutch. thud grim,-. Each had 3, general qvenqo 0! 98 per cent. Hone: mu, follow: No Dm3s:- No Medicines No Opemions You will have a line. yellmv cookie‘ dough. made nutritious by concentrated evaporated milk. \\'ln-n the dough is thora\1ghl_v chilled. anyone can handle it in a pastry. tube. \‘(/c fo!low the dictates of nature and restore. renjew and manntam heamfby dict, modcute extrélsé, massage. rest and steam, e,lcct,r_:c», sun, an and water baths a under the close persbnal suputvision of dulled practxtxoncrs, ' Third om1e—astixer Olga Julia ! Pexrez. Jomrwptq W Vllzgmlg Kuahan, Rose Mary nepm9ne., Anabllno El Eleanor smuchia. Nlphola-_ -apoynkqvloh. Helen mm, The angelica used on top of the cookies is readily ohtalualnlb. It is I kind of crystallized decoration, somewhat after the mumxel‘ of cit:-on in texture, It is fun to use. If you have not made its acquaint- ance before. Whgt it the mompr nilth Cherry None lime‘; com can pap.-2 in; mm; to be wry proud 0! it showing at urouna, town. Ptactlcally all ailments respond to natural methods‘ and ma will ‘glad to answer your questions. No obligation m any way. We can tcfcr you to thousands who know fidnl actual experience the’ value of I Natural He.1lth*Com'sc. '3.» Luclwliz Boga mét who nwqg be_uu'.l,~ an woman in Glevvglaixd '!‘ous_h break to\; Run; for his Iraq was pxeoant, Tmxa Grade-lnno llugliéi. subm- tute; Hahn llnnloy. . . Mhry Bolucox-t. Ifoxlqdho Pa-«do. Vtc.-. -tqwlh Yovano-ll‘. 3.9.-!.!M>a solar. Fourth Orgdo-—lM,¢n Pen-mid. Rohlei llilurdr Jgckhon\. $0.9- hen Won. Eva smith. Axum slabuuyor. Sylvia Oehulio, lwlyn Gonna. urn»: Ryan. wglllim Ilcxidn 391.011., Tnmcu Mitchell, Nlcholu fabrum, Gertrude Turner. ’_ .. , .—- -\_.,.- \' \'_.\. '~-. 1'” . ., _ /-.fV\«_ _ llait V‘ '*= \\rm-i ....~ . ... 3.51;;-v» ,;-,=i’lu ~ 4:; ;m..:;;;‘. nu ‘ . _ ,...'_> ‘Hg, _( 3.1, ’ ~23» mi.-~ «.4. I \ Holly Wroatho. 1 cup butter :55 cup: flour 1 cuv luxnr \ 1 lclnt up. soda 1 etc 1 loan! tsp. bak- : tbsp. evnpox-nod In; powdnr mm: ‘A up. all I tsp. vanilla Chlm dgnoghpt» want .00 a dance at 10]). m. but never [fat man, Founded D! Béiiuii Nicliddcin some people In mm town cortaljjly do get; ctmglr tglephom numbers mixed up. Instead of asking nr 5022 may rm my ‘sons and vlqe Vern. Have‘ pans‘ and ovéh ready‘ so that cookies can be baked Immediately after mbxlng. Cfellil butter» and sugar until sugar graxmlea are dis- solved. Add egg. milk and ‘vanilla. Stir untll thoroughly mixed. Sltt than measure. lloglft Iglth soda. halting powder and salt. Stir lmo am mixture. Chlll dough and pros: through a paltry tube. In the shape or 1 holly wreath, onto. greased bqklng sheet. Decorate, tpm of wneq wlgh, big: of angel- Ifgl‘ and ciridfed qh Rake In ‘ if‘ not ov‘_ 9103' 10 minutes. Ylfgxl: 4 gao { E J: In 5‘ mug: of your trlgrhdarhivef made. Even finfgy lmlrérfes hirdlj _e\,'er have tllfém. You §.i‘9, céétnl to enjoy l'nil'\.V appieclixtm Jetgarks from mur ‘family and trlintls. Deposit‘ ‘Gun-anteé’ Fail: of Pui-pose no tire‘ hon mun Enema so have no}; solved the myltq-ry 0! tan Impkp iround B_hVe,_ and South Put. It in jult Val Haunt hogan: and bums ‘,ins V°I|’eWb1° -cup. Home 89! it ya! pea punhjng Val}: new Pncnrd Alva ‘am ‘ham?! Md com. dI;ud4v>1v-h 31!: as. slow -llueuon. About Hm Whguunn, ,|’_o,t 3 new car mm Grad&-Oathcrx,-me Joyce. nxzabem mm», Nada Mamotf. nu- ro I-‘e.rI.I.II,n,d9I.5.. , Filth GY_Q‘d6‘—4UI%hOf1I)c I Morlcth DI. nay. ., ry Itch. s‘_m2‘x Bernice sixth Gtadew—A't1jtur John Yolnnolt, AI-menu Burn. Helen an-ugly. Dmvhhy limo. Goldy ‘mm. 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