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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, November 24, 1932, Image 1

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PRICE 81:--$2.00 ‘PER YEAR ,;...1 ». 3,‘7f‘.=\s‘3‘-\1 our taunt vim %TInstitutions } % thousands of loea%|& Needy with Mural Victory over Jamestown No Gift,‘ Need Be a Total ‘Failure lackawanna Points To ILB. fmsh ‘.33 7.‘! Annual ‘Report ‘Show: Igroltenl .£Snondi.Nn,- Bin ‘ of; groups. .~l!ra1ectaey ~u:dV.:ln—- 5593133, -Home» ‘Ben’! gs-‘cguat. -ERIQOII. 8a1.0l, end sundry expend-;o, £13,620 Work Snccessljpl Jamestown Hold: Locals To‘ Scarlet: Tije, iin Mud Overv 5000 Local ‘Fun Expecto-cl At Charity ‘Game Sat. (E the my In motr opponenmu homtory A J1m'u\v’n It wauu broke rthrough to nine: an nuempud punt. and ncuvor the bull In mlcmcm In the half ended, Tho 9:-um period opened with Locka- wnnm displaying ten:-and vxgor and keeping that oppwzema mm pruned. Puma wen exchanged 1:-c. qumny wt-‘tn Korachh educafced bog: giving me 100151! a ‘big edge, In tho lust qunruar Dal I-‘usher’: charges hit. the Jmnuuown uno hard for a acids: at man downs and ah): the ban wmun I tow yard: at me goal line but. failed to wore. mm: in nu! Intsdb -an My home. been very quoousiom and iiydvly ‘beyond what In ‘ham-1 ’tur“ac- dompltabaod m -omer Dc- mr patntco out in ma vnvum “We feel no »hu'e~'nv.qd 3 3?“;-.h many’ mm, o'n'udre,n umougn 1:9 hnyo bun itpmq 13: Eur capacity’. We vhuio, rioazv. M -5953 1xji~!_ciim~ ctmdxaig slung nus homer Was opened, _ Although according ta omcmx rrmltu me annual !co|‘:-all ch»-‘c hr warn Lacknwanna and Jmnc-r.ow1\ mgh sdhoois played tut‘ Jxtmcstms-11 Snturuny ended in a. svorclc-:5‘ 91!}, with M1! mm. text schcml having ‘the edge In {mt dawns, {we to three, M: xnnght wrll Du considered us a moral victory {or mu Fisher clan. ‘lusxqvrmns in-y~ sindccti Ab-' thonktulf 30' the MP1! '49-Yliisilv ,9: cgfjiittify gap that ;ua;_v.tno to‘ ‘thli étti‘ I0! 93,10: 0!! paw-,t‘eI. and huinpmitn - the. M. Rev-_ um. Nelauu H. Balm. slung: -thaw. time that: non ‘§l'(lVcil up wide ms, leadership and ullizovinu a group 0! inmlmtiom. -daaiginoegt tor humaaiu xuidaxiea uid ma tenet gr huxnm u_ur-e £!e1_ring.am'1 ~'want—_ ‘Thesis ins-‘tltuftions vmich have growxg mad xldwmiea to. walk‘ ovitatandiiig pl among izhaayii ojt almilar kind, any- ivhere in the em: Ki‘-hum cg‘ Our lgdy 0!‘ Victory group. an -l‘st,hex‘« lake;-'3 Biphaop William at thy Ca-1._ho., lib \Diocese of Bn1ft:\.‘.lo dis preaidem. of me, -=oje,iety‘s beard of whose membership is made -up at pwmlnent ‘biusxnese um: mm. Jubz how swat ‘has been nhe aid rendered xoquly by th1is~g_mup can but he wanted (mm the f,C,¢,l(_iirin¢ -items in. eluded in the amx\_i\',l_1_vpcn ot_ the -so,~ ciety 10:‘ -thy Pi’qh;c-‘Rich of Roman‘ £54 cgucwouc ohiiaien of; which mgr, homer, in '2-hie wvenntcrwhhti The. Mm was. 1110515; imbue. l‘I‘|d|iY-, More than 500,000 tg¢:mne; with 1890 pairs at suoeo. omits and other claiming, given to uhempbyqd men, who‘ nppligd It, the rixiltiitutaiquig in_.mia city. Nearly 1900.000 lqswea 0! bum Elven me to 32,000 pmioxis who applied up the 1nltituQioxinrh_u'o_ ‘ nentan of tgur brfci: hu1ldin¢I,~h0Ated and tummied with mu; up gleutric-' ity. \in ‘N01! 30.0M‘ men Ithmwn Wt cl wrr. bocnuna; at inactivity <0! local 1Adugtry- wen: cared for a;1ur'I.W¢ the year. C.¥!‘|l1I\01‘ I33 nli s_t.r1.I. 01-0 _ ‘peqtsnxg mcubhon, any year I-t a—, 01 075.000 to thy; 1ooa.i.nin«;mJ.tut:ions_l \\3 1.1°§l'¢.1’“.‘?‘3!'9°d.. Cuing of 532. childmn, Id whlnh 387 yen whglly nxpposiitde by me Iaacka- wnnnp inqbiiutidlu. With, 1,110 exaeptiin. of mg igema dealn ing’ with the can Iof, children and ex. pectam lj|'|Dth¢fI_, All at the above is out. ‘side thewriginn. coop.-: (5: tan‘ ocioty. , ‘The liu-pi. oxpemttun 10¢- lug .-gtgitutioni wag l56,8'l6_8o jar poem-i_u,_, pi-rgvinions and Hour. Salaries Andi’ ~-wages took up 043,899.30; mienlta.‘ 019;- 1320.36: soon: and thou 920,337.33; -mm, 010,024.05: fuel and light. 030,.‘ ‘£39.42; water-And ice, 03,610.00: mhdlcine and dentintfy. 025,153.47: clinic, hoopi.« rtgi and mum improvememu, 931,3-n_5a; insurance, 02280: iiomn.‘ and clinic; ex. paint, ua.'t1_2.1_0: nmrgen’ exponnen, M3,... “On. No.1. 1' ma 1.88 aha sxnm c!_L.7dn.~m.' on, liumd, suxd. we have ,iy.u.1 mu.‘ 200 ~Ii‘xw.ll umldron on‘ huid ..: v.-.~ :4.«ma' du1,‘lng‘theygar'_ we mm; extmaoidirxary vettox-la‘ tn. dlspwb. -of these ‘little, ones :k‘>y using, every pbiohble inevans, 1;o\l:§mLng_ -menu cc the amf;snvnon,ar our‘ good pepgle, and’ have exhim-blong of {them and photognaphlc View 00, pro,-,‘ dun; as good ettect upon those in at a '1m.w ch:1_!d. Ptnmmea were largely responslble Io: tunum vbo scare at. mhe crucial mmnems. On one ocxmslan Steve Korach can-led. Hm bull to the 2.yar¢l line but cu. pen. nlty Imerwned, In addnzton u>J§or'ach_ Amrrrocl, Putrowaki, saroka sad Poplch is I! n ‘* t.h':- 1:30.113 The Lackuxvnnna noun‘ which nlcp‘-nus largely on speed unrl hklll Io xiorcn l\i scams, was met by u Jxouvlt-r mu! m: c rugged nggrvgnztm on In new un'«‘(,'1\7.l with pools of wmar and mud. :iu|':uhl-: tor anything but. t:u1l; football me Ifurxn at\. one Ow: may at View’:-y‘ xn§l‘Jltu't'1ona in Lackayanni, M|-gr, Ba, ker xevomwd, has been pxoqucnve M; usual vot good negulgta. “‘We have xncplwn milk mods (rm- dowa muea a,t~014;B3.0.aa. 4 ‘East received.‘ !.m_m our chlqiépn, duqlniu an: geese: at. 01.128: numb. from game 15. killed vallhgd at 11528.92, dupkl, I§'I_10:' utmdrteq gold, 0404.13, making A total ‘cl noglp or 017303.311, ucdordlng 10 um rcuéart. 'I‘ho.-Qur- may .05! Vlcwry queen--1_m, c Valance, Inger, Baker re,‘ “-We: nan l‘t‘1lqd;‘§0.0m hung 6: cube -11:39,\ me upon expladnod, \nu am. an}! mlndred Ibulhela‘ or ~«ao‘mgt,aqeo vax.~. usd at. 02065: aviary, omcrnl. etc, vuued at 01056, mixing A total 90¢ 03,831.05, -'13» dan sxpendgcureu to: plans, used; an unxilm-ted '10 01256315. {blue I -‘bhlnnco tn tavor at the garden at o‘a5qo,2o_ Dunne theputyysusnuldnloh oz 50poroe_nt1nd3!Ibaddodto0ur lady at View;-y hl Rind, than explunn, at_ as eons, qt «woo. ‘ma mun- ‘box 0! qhumn now qtbnxluc the rush uchdol d: 160 while the n\unher‘ht than new ptbndlnc me grade uaznol 1: 700. The plot year nab my oomplendoh or the‘ IQMDL and church and «mm litum. «in; a our may at vtctizry mum échlodl, in the Abbott. roId,. at 8 $0931.. coat 0! «o,a_'n._3a_. The equalization -of tho, minim: tn: 1navn_ned.w .nl-. mom 100 mmme; and mo uohool chu- dun M0. , }, Jrgetéq lIIlc_k School‘ ' Then ti/J. !.hcI‘0'*a 5L.'.l.l unuzlu-r M|w\' to tho u.m.cn_ Tl1t\-I\‘1l luun. which has ‘l'.:C'll (rum umacuttx w '.n‘~ up r0u'n(| or ssch..ln.-51.0 luLr.bulwv:n in .1 perlocl oi vhxov yL~'1«rzo, mm yon? \m'nu¢;n the cougnut sohcmuo l1l)Ll':l'ul:L'II by any .tcnm m the dlsY.l'.(:t. during um pnm. sensan may mm mm imugh cu-.~ ohu. utter another and downed uwm m nut’ - worthy ‘fashion. only ‘nnvmg Lhou goal. lmg cmssv.-<1 mvlao during the procms than nlnu‘/3: nu ma end, they mm up. set by 'I'oxmwnn<.\I.:, Ix team which was expected to. pruwda n CDHIPRTIUIVCI) czusy mark and which had ulrcucly bzcrn ‘:1.-n‘en by vlct-lms of the Stem Clby cln-r.-n_ Such u reverse has brought panic and disaster to mcmy n prommmg nggrugn. Hon m the past. but. ncr. so the Blue and Grey Tm journeyed to Jamrstown the following Stulurrlny and under the uforemouuonutl (|(lVDW.\ cou<M;l¢.ns. run. heme and outplayed lam. years zlmnct clmmploma. Thoy gulm.-(I more ground whale keeping tho play in tho .1nu.J\vu boys territory uu'oughuul nm! but for pennlucg nnzl mud waum no doubt have Iconcd on at least. three occnuxons, 'I1.ho: game upcurxl wml huckuwnuun kmtllag art «loop ‘Into Jxuucutnwn torn- tory. Three uulcmpla ugluuat the luculx lmo nccml mu ham: Muln m.!.l:.~ gum and Mugnusun tn.-ll hack. Lo KICK bu. fumbled the bull and Suvoku [Ll an I‘. «to give Lx\ukm.wunw.'\ the mm on Jugrn twoxrs 12-yurc1 mm: The Sl:,olmun ccium nuuco muo xwnciwny mruxgn zn~ must. how0\\-II‘. um! 31: z. the b1.‘1, Jmuc.1Lo\\'n klomng out av! <Iung:r This proved 1,0 bo uncut the onl_\j mgh spot m um um: hull, Jvzunwzown hm-mg nn obi!‘-In um’-aown mm mwrausla kept Tho‘ blggcql emnat or the year yeit re-r mnlm on ma grid calendar for the year. The L«cknwt&nna..U. of B F‘.\osh aontesr. which will bc played In the Allj uvmllum, -In Buffwlo next Saturday {or Lhc bL3nr~m. 0! une1mp.myL=d at me two clues The men! share of the proceeds will be given to ‘he Lmckuwanna Chat. my OIKTNHIZJLUOH :l’>o1<-tics -to abet tho‘ funds or their annual drive -which has been cxt;en<1cd to the end. or -the mouth, s ~15 ‘ ,, .. The game press-ms rthe classic ct! the lesson Ii-om the standpoint 01 all West. am New York with Incicawunua, otwetimding scholasmc dew,-n at the district, meeting -the strongest yearling team [the University ct! nurrino has ever produced. The locals have attracted widespread iunention with their time re- cord of the past. season and are gener- ally adjudged the championship or the auction while the Hxah have yes‘ to mat their lint defeat this year. so great. has been the demand for llclntl since the advanced nle staned. Friday mm: it was eummlreed by local ninlioritiu, this wait that more than doooioonllamswulbeonhand when the opening whistle News srturday sf. Iox'uoon_ Like reponw have been re- ceived tram -those in charge of the mic In Butluo an that a total amendanco 0! Hear 20,000 is expected. Clinton. \Bud\ Coulyig, fadulty nth- male ulvisor air. the high school. in in charge at me sale here and tickets may either be purchased at his home, 65 Caldwell street, or my 01 the following places: Lnclmwanna high school, Ridge rand; Panda‘: Drug mote, d'xn_er 01 Smith Park avenue and Ridge road; 1!‘ .'l‘.cmch'u Dtvg :ItbtU,. arm: of Goa; V»; County Du loin; Ragigbr and Ti Drawn for tho. Btg Tuborculosis Association Council Approves Fund‘ Transfer Report Vlssued ' On Road Work ‘5 f $9880.Shiftod tool). I’. W. Will Keep Men At Work. }3ut Two Rohteu In Diutrict 3 Closed to Holiday Traffic. Approval by tho common council not 9, transfer’ at l98I0‘!ttz»1’.h?o mos tune! or the Depnrtnlem 9! Pulbnc Wurkanwm\ make it pmexbio 1o continua the opera« Itlon at that department an the present bwla umu Jan, 1, it was announced Ifrgday by C,9_mlI'I_Inloner Michael .A.‘ Jdm.» ‘nu 'NIDKUr,.w1ll./:Pe\'D\“u- can- tlmtng ink in present force at men. he saved mm wlmery days upon us wc-Tia: on uvh1_gm\'ayn throughout the (nan-let ls sun {being carried on over» several different. ')v5ub.=s_ The xollowmg report on 1a:v.l pondltions csvers Erie,‘ C-.1=t.tnrnut_:'.u, Niagara and Chuutauqun aouztuea. ‘rm: was 1M‘\‘xed by chm-leg R. Wanna‘. engnxggz ior tho stub dopurz. -'méx'i¢' ‘ox p\§b1lé““‘\v_va'k.I\ iaoverliir cm: pezdodondnxg Nov. 25. . \During the past you‘ illo‘ in nae -erected a brick acmna Im the may road, near me Itvoel plant.\ Msgn, Bake:-«re; ‘ponted, \'00 rlccomxnbdmte the children: of 1'! dl ! na ! Route 5-The houldc-rs on the Lnke Shot‘: road from Bmcelonu 5.c'uh to the Pennsylvunh. state line :11 Chau- tauqua counyt are being widened. Dmc wlth care. Rraxue 18 and U’, 8, Route (i2—-'I‘n- ptxvement wmemng on the Niagara mm 'bou1¢vard {mm North Tonnwunda north may tar three mum Iiowm-d Nlagnm Falls 15 completed and tho uylng of the macadnm ‘top course ~13 in prom'e:3_ Tramc as being n1w:n!ai:.a.'.~¢| lwmaou‘ deynys Route 89-1110 pnvemcm b:'.wc'.\n Oouuw Center and Bprtngwllo Ia lmlm! widened, Tramc via bolna lntunl.-'l\lm-<1 Route ’M—’mo mm 1-(ml from; c'u'=m\g to who Penlmylvsuvla Mate lma Is being improved. Road closed, . coum Joyce presented a pen- tlon hefotp a coujxcll mmeung several‘ weeks, ago nqueumng a runners: at 07000 with iuch to meet payxjolla until the mat of the year, as he exhausted his -budget. ‘I'M: failed on m with the qppravul o1‘W¥)'or Walter J, Lohr, how.‘ never, and -cud’ not go ¢hIvough_ A laht nqualc asking mhg placing or seven! mud; under dx lis-ting.-. to be mad _!og mamctrlal and wages was applaud. mu ‘lint included a sum or 01660 npnnexuung ma‘ belanoa lettj. in the phumund mud. mu fund total- ing 00000 Ill not agent me in: alloced ‘pllfptt during the past year because Pliywoundn wen 1m dosed as an econ- .au:i:_Ii!i.-'u:e- .'!!:xe;t1q-|!r.x'mo( um-t mud and pcvjoualyglgoen ¢m_xu!on-ed to tho' cm 64319?!‘-7; ‘¥li':\'n°mL 0.L.V. Hospital Holds Annual Supper Dance New BRANCH LIBRARY PROV!-ZS POPULAR § \We opened ‘the Hound on sept. 1 With 559 qhlldxen and now have 12' Itgeocihrl, who no Bl or the _!‘e1Icxan- order. ‘rho munbog qt chlldnn now en- lb 01:50 00» 009,.\ 1 First ward residents both «adults and children, are taking full advann:a.ge c: the new mera:-‘y Xacmltles wh _l\ been provided (or mart-samba the recent cpennng of the Friendship Ht. use branch of -the Lncknw-anus Pub- W- ?‘ibr9.ry -=ccordin<; to me reports at officials. The branch as located at 557 Ridge road Girl Held For Grand Jury . Again Delayed Hotel Stqtler Scene of Gay‘ Event Tuesday Evening. Will Benefit Newsiea’ Home. Helen Podolag _Giv9n,: Friday‘ In. City Court. Two Men’ Ala’: Hold. Firs} of Buying: Ore; $13.- :Ip<,=r99.-.° .-59‘ For _ D0045. Ovox 3500 guests Mt-endctl the annual li\l'p|)!.‘|‘ (lance spouson-cl by the staff of Our Lady or Vic cry lnmpxtm wmch was hula '1‘ur.scl:\y In Hotel Sumter ballroom. m1Ifn|o_ F'r:s.m-mes cw-rtcd an 10 p, m. and colttlxtwccl to 2 n m. Supper war. smrvcd at muugh: Pl0(.*(\S wn! be used (or the bexwfkt of the nurse‘: home, placed In cu-r:u1a‘:on at the’ new sub. Mare than 2000 books have been Iabrary, which is me first amemp‘. ac iacilitzlcs made by the ‘Route 242--The dirt 1-and (roam Ash. toid Junctddn 10 Machine I: being Im- proved, Rand cloood, Rbute 854--'I'ho mcoxutrllmdon of the pavement on Clmtun strect between Gnrdenvtllo and Bowen road is In prog. toss. Tut!-lc is mmmomed with mgm. delay. Caminumu Imum Ré%é?Vm16|\-O halt mm of tho hnwut \ road at Sand hm In undhr oombructwn. Detaur vla Snow ‘and -‘Plank roads. extending Its me {last of a nxjles qt con- cumin: the 013,000,000 uueumasnt. tn. planed on -the Scthlehgm Stag!‘ .cZxp;om1on.-by mo local 01 -Qou, u_c1;e¢u1e4 ta hdw }_w_ld nan. day autumn: wmgm, N. in .l:u!1el°. I-0, bl urqqnant-»o: at the my ‘am punt. untn,nec. 5. 'J.‘lna,!,1ux:;nz. »-w,1!l.bo mt, 1o_ 1, gni that M“ in 3! PM“ <1 I49’!-Ill. In l.I~h¢9¢!’-.-' vlil ~u-twmev. The vcambonrmm 1-:-.“t‘~l=.Iu.I..a‘oc'at1.4--wh.1chL mu um-, m numb-.&h-. c¢!'|’«l.0*!!'l In =3“.-y 911111.! 6.90\ 10 198,19 ma rugged, ')l.brary_ It is and Smtux-day open Mondays, Ihuradays fmxnetosp. mtorthe acccmbzxamlcxx of adults and ovary day from 3 *9 6 p. m. for dhildxen. Specialty iuurs fro (hr cmldren rach Saturday Three Lnexwannu peoglehu-:utaea,_by ‘local police last. week an connection with‘ me when 01, 60,00» rubhu, In-noufe -02,26. t_:3om_ the rogmyql Oeogn NlcIt:mdrlch,= 327 Ea-ton Btnem. gre !bK.lVI| max by Giana na:1e‘i:.;Eidnbu, in‘, ii‘! luttaom, 1*!rlchy'W8,l held‘ tor Jul?! Aétgpn when given a he'nrms.bg1on J.\__IyQa, B,’ amen. M0123! uoum abs 1- mm with bunlum and lauqefny. Two ,omem were pnvtgoudy qnuljed. héld 111 élhif ‘They 83¢: OIIIIMI‘ 38‘. 10.!‘ (Sup: Ituot. also cl_I_u'|§§l_ mm and larcoxm and W-‘nle! Pkwy 30; QM Oates avenue, mm panting «oxen gxopeny. The ma mm In!!! #03“! «trapped by 0-..sq\ wllei, at-. who‘ cotnar d -314]! :_1o_o'A, uud lhm§yu* t\u'n:IIko« on DI! what: they ‘oilseed to law: Q NMOSV-, oul um: Nlunbuvwch» 3 »pI\'x;\1h tn‘ hit, -mbleu for 0100 .Arro.é0tI mode ,by Mutt. J. Ipun, ‘Dotovmva’ Onoturko ma Oq>t_j mum at ‘the’ n,otgh1a,-hetn..8te'el compuny pguco named by'ae_vmh1 qthgra omqegi {:1 who my ponds Helen mum, on in -and b! P°1,|og,I plumed und accmxgpunhnq the ma: wmy, Holqlzlu. Plros-r is vauexeq to have me: use money in ma when» TAX SAIJ-:\EX5l'EN~DED I0. DEC!-'.MBliR 15th Dr. and L? 5. Eugene M. Suluvnn wen) general t~ mm\.O~n and Dr. and Mrs, Edward M, Tnicy, 'h<.norz1ry chmrmen They were assnsted by the fouoxvm-g com. mhzteea: afternoon at 4 p, m, are particularly . A 15-61! eiteualbn for me _prepam_ t1_on_, or at any _llut«,, whiten. with recently bv~~¢.=1ty '!‘l!!.-ate: Paul '1'. ‘roma- _ka. pu at-funted by the: common lcqgncn, _q_cc9tding to umqunoement in be. °I.!\.~ 0! in Int“? work be- or pt. the qty 1»reuL_ up ¢_mco_1n‘:he xnpuwwxan ul armc- nlt pqynglu. The tax [ale now wu bthaid Doc, 15.,1nltgad 0! N6. 1. ‘I'M: ‘.1: (J10 tint. your that _o lax sale will have ever been held in the olty, .Al§,,_i¢t plhvidini tor the Iale_ of back wig incorporated Into 3 load In‘, Feb. to by the vommon oounou. well attended An-<.mgen1enLs—-Dr. and Mrs_ 1-‘*m~ic‘e: J. Hurléy, chau-men: Dr. and Mrs, Sta- phen V, Cotter, Dr. and Mrs. F‘r£-denck M. Boyle, Dr, and Mrs. In: P. Trevet.:. Dr. and Mrs. Ed\vnr<l P Fwrcstel, Dr and Mrs_ Edward A. 'I‘\v1:-1 legion Sponsors Midnight Show ‘BUFFALO MAN HELD ON BIGAMY CHARGE. { any has ‘been pnapsred M: con. $1,930 with the. light for unoa t.Ime_= nt. in ggéernuy by qtpuuuoqj 0aqn_ul- Jolm ;W.,0'Cgnma', but -qeltlon ,,pu_ dogayod thkmish of plant.‘ ,rem-new-lm‘ . A iI°h.m.=I\ .elP¢I‘b 1.3.0 11.00“ l!¢'e\.|!0S|. M 0I‘D.onnor at 1010, 1100111135.; I-#01 Ind. aid. $330 130011 nought ol the county at It 1:11 ulbrlqe hpnam cnntoly It nth! njeujann, tn.- ¢,a_-qua 0; npheq in nu counu put vyhuo -G,¢}\mty qumotmoq havo cxpunod (nor to the plan no deqlnton. hip ylt reached. Funk Junleckl. 23, I281 sycamore street. Buttnlo. llkad mnmed me, In in me he llnd :11. 00 ml! mm‘ ‘he took to ‘hanuelt I wound nbnde wnhaut going dhrouth mu lcvnmuty oz procuring a dlvwoe fmm hi. that Ipmle, according '10 MN. Muy Junleckl, 15: Stuuslaus street, the same city. who claim: to be Ibo mm named person. was Heien Kuclkowskg, of backawannn 4: the other party lupnted to be entangled In this Menu) trumglc. Muslc—-Dr, Stephen V, Comm‘, chair» man: Dr Joseph P. Kij, Dr. and N;'s, Gram: T. 1-‘»1s.her. Dr, and Mrs_ John D, Fadale, Dr_ Stuart A. Good. Dr John '1‘. Merger Dr. and Mrs, Amhony S_ 0111- ‘k:owskL South Buffalo Post to Give Benefit Program at Shea’: Seneca Dec. 10. §\m 3 ‘:- Publ1o;ty——Dr. and Mrs. Alwxh L. Lard, chairmen: Dr. Lectmichulek, Dr_ Hugh J_ Vnlonagban. Dr, and Mrs. Herbert. E. rwells, Dr. Mnton A. Palmer. Plans are \mdex-vray tor a mammazh mldnlgh bene sbhw, -to be he!!! at Shca's Seneca, Saturday, Dec. 10. un_der the auspices or south Bu Bun: No 721, American legbn and who ladies Auxiliary. The entire procaeds from the show will be used to add needy Degxlon tam- xlles of South Buffalo (and vicinity. The nfdnlgh-t. ben-e pwlormsuxoe will be vrnulrely distinct from the regular per. ! mt Sheers Seneca, 11 when should be no mddnn for the wt the sale they -will be -taken aver’ ‘Ii! the any which. tlbllomng the ex. pmuon 90 the am pmvidtd for p|y..2 ilaout, ‘I111 be emplowend no loll -the ‘proputlu. ,7 - .1 .'I‘1clqets—Dr,‘and Mrs. Amos J. Itpxkcl, chairmen; Dr. Riclmrd G. Taylor, D:-_ John D. ‘Lynch, Dr. '-and Mrs. Eusrenc J. Hangvun. ‘Dr, and Mrs, \‘V1lhum J_ Dalev M a result, Juameckl ‘is scheduled to -be xurntcued baton Judge John E, Pu. Iron In (my ccvort Nov. 3: on a. charge of blunmy, Juctgo Pxmon‘ ms the one who Med the bums: of matrimony about Jnsnlookl and Mun Kuclkuwska .In the City hnll on Oct. 15 ms was zu-I-on-wd tn mmalo on a war- rant «worn oum by the omaplamam. ‘just n munch utter ms nmrz-Inge hem. llc '\.\'u,n bookou m the local police hem . runmms Inst. \Vncln.eadny and reletmd In 03000 ball -mu following any, SA!-'E'l'Y'.»DRlVE TO START SOON Floox'—-Dr. ‘Ruben E De-Ce-11, Dr. .u~d Mm. Michael A. Sullivan, clwlnnon: Dr and Mrs. James J, Brown, Dz-_ \luv .._=m O, Buchen, Dr, Alols Is. Jnkl, Dr A112‘.-.\ F‘. Lulu; Dr. Hennzm F‘. I\1.u', D‘ .1 Mrs_ Harold J. 1\\'D0llMd_ Dr .'\l.:.h:el J McMahon, Dr, Vux: 1:: J_ r.l.. .‘;.~_ Joseph P. Oliricn, D1‘ u..;u D O‘Lr\u. Dr. Allen A. 1'1)M:l.1c'e.u'_ Dr W .l...;n I._ K-mg, Dr, and Mr._ Kc 113.13 A, Snwlx. city uu,t.k_n,ou-Ltlci and the Board» of Apapaau IN an - «to bring gbout a quick settlement 0! who oomrolcny tn; ordgr vto alleviate the pmuenlt damned qomdmon of mm city tréasury, they win carry the fight My 9. finish rather than compromise, at. is indlcautgd. The plant has refused to meet its tax obligations until, the uzresament is ad- Justed. ‘Pllus tor an mtenslw drive to curb‘ ‘Injuries to long! school chldmn by nu. tqmdblea are nary oompeuzd mm a safety eduqm.-Iona! onmpmgn wwm be‘ launched. throughout the aohuols wlthlni ‘the nor: rcw days. 1*. watt announced 'I‘ucsday by Lluut. Clmrlea Curtln, hmrl‘ 01 mo Lacknwanm Ponce 'I_1rumc mun.’ axon, ' It is planned by the commumee in charg; to pvcsent, -the gromtest stage and screen. program ever Vomevred in South Buffalo. Michael Shea has do- unfed the theater and promises seveml acts of vaudeville, in e'ad.xl1t.i.on to a screen attraction wmc‘11 has ‘never be. now been shown in South Bufmlo, xcounfrv 'R!-ELIE}-‘ womc PLANNED AT _lVl:EE',l‘lNG* Lacka Dgmocrats Lose To Eleventh Wardres under the turecvion W Mrs. John M. Smgterxield and the committee assisting ‘her an organizing boa! .comn_1lttee.s ‘thmuglxout Erie comuty 1:o.co-opemte. -(.. sxvl-Uh the natlxyal wogqenfs, cdmmlttee or, the welfare and rule: mobqmaugutgmxg m‘ hglplng lg n1:untxt_in, the whole program ‘of walfam sorvlles. lnclutlllng wane chat‘-i actor bxtumiig agencies, during {.119 emergency penod. gt ~mcatJng was held recenjnly 11,1 Buifixiq. went. cumn has arranged to-eomluotv a. series 0! loczmures In an or the city’: schools, both public and ptxroomctl. His lnatntomon -will cmphns~L\c ‘U110 news or obeying all trunc snfcty rules, mummy: Look in all directions before (‘!‘0'\lm the street, cross om’ ‘M; <'.nossX’nga ..u<l do not walk out from boh.Lu<l pnmocl cars. do not play In tho stxvc-915. cm.-13 streets wlmro th-“re as n It1'ul‘1'dc Plum»! 0: policeman whenever D(.‘6F‘l|M0, ._md al- ways wait; before c1'ows2Ixu: whon more Is any dc/ubb, LOCAL FANS TAKE. TRIPS TO CLEVELAND‘ A TURKEY PARTY The L-‘c}:av-.mnn. Democrats lost «.1 l1m1~*..b1e.-kxmg gam: t: :.h( Ezcuzulx \Vzu'a Dcmoo'.‘.1Ls of Bv.ff..la L Sun :1. ;. ‘Zmn 3000 [ans S'nd.' :11\.-rm u 7.6 The \'ict.(n-. Lu. .r ..y \ .1: (...l. .. ,4. ta-go xxhcn z,.u'_. >( um! mm a '3 1.‘, .l’Ll f1'o.n Gr Jun‘ tu .\\ic1‘ , C. .‘ .« . . the u_\ tux ('.\‘Ll‘\. p. n 91.!-11, nh .. pvoovcrl I») be ‘ch- ni.n:rg.1. (,1 x.‘ 0 \ O'Connor t.LI:-h‘\l uff ..('.~'lr -.» 1(‘r'..1s pom!» n. 111:‘ mm -\. .2’ r \.1: ‘xx 1m‘ ext1‘n.1>0l1\t fvnlmi j'Lx '.‘s' ;x' ,..mv cndotl. The Lnck.1\v.x:~.m u .r mu‘ bntllvcl then‘ ‘opponeuts'~., .01 emu «e: vs v.h1'c.'uy,nnuz tho comes’: and n2:u~l;.' r'ushcd tlnuzn off C1102! feet on. «everul occasions through their despemte at. ‘tempts to even the count. Special 1:ic}:ets of admission hme been mncd for ths performance, and are now on sale at the box cffco. of Shea‘: Seneca, at any -‘bunk in S‘~uth Buff-110, at Ame:-1c.m Legion l‘\‘.'!dql'l€l\‘tF!':, and {run r of ‘me 'X“I1‘ln‘Li The .. xuy collectcd‘ «In-r.'ugh ahe benefit. Monday evening was Ithe tlmo, The p1dce——the Hidden Inn, sum Park ave. nue: »the rem‘-on—-a Turkey Night part_v_ Am! the who—wa.s everybody m Lhckn. wanna whbh geverel ylslrtora trom f0fl_‘.. elgn p1,1_x-us thrown in. There‘; your whole v4\ou'y right in a nutshell and 01 course. a gut; 17ln‘a was enjoyed by all at the saclm gatjxerlng, which included pienty of cans and re \ ! A numyor or‘ loch! y):'nplv jourmpyed to Olovvlnml. own the wue‘:~-ud to am tn» Ncvliro Danmv ,1wtgorw.\\1wi h0'tul1 .11 sv~u~:n._'. 12,0 \rI&l«\)l'y uvcr ax‘ fm,-L ug Nmy .-levxm '1,-=-(Ix-‘.3 M-w. --I ‘ha IN‘:-‘ lI\|ln nuxrlw tho Nu.» Mn 11 tu,mc.u1 wmn whom let: I-‘vlunv mglxr, nml 1~ocurnc<l to this city Bunclny. Amour? 'tl\O‘gl'01l}_\ mt-temllnn were ‘Dr and Mrs, Cwnnt F‘lB!\N‘, Dr. uncl. Mrs, Eugene Sumvun, Mr. and Mrs. Josepn Moaonll, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Ruby, R11. dolph womsrom, John Doyle. Paul Hugedua, John Mcoormlck. Mr. and Mrs, Stephen Vuke).1c_ John‘ lbherby, ‘Miss Anmoneme Mkahle, and Brotwpjb Pm. iW\ ‘.- .. I... .4..'.L.J..J&-.u§I“ xow \\1I.1 be <1:-:‘1v:‘d solely from athe E , mt» paid for mlmlsvfon txckets There \.'.l1 be mo I'olle(‘m'n made in the the. ;~,: 1-, and no other appeal made Ln con- plans were cllsoussed‘ for the tlmn. “mm; or tow1,1 rand village obmmmeeg and rthe ‘conduct; or the educauioxyl work, whjoh Mime -noun:-41m:ees' wul_ do, Tue name: at local ‘commutes mam, am; when man we -Itntmundmq tqr no. expboted mo be umlqblej within a tow. am. I nothn xutn the There were also It munber or 'luc1~:,y‘ ‘ones who ‘hrougmlb them‘ horse snot; anti 1,-abblta teat with ‘them and went _nomc, with. their -'I'hursd;ay dlnnew ‘tucked 1m.- der their Arm, man at who tuna which‘ wuamwolr Mums, The cnnxprugn, which Wis nrmugcd .tm'ougIh_ thg oo.9pom‘Mvc elfoutél of P0- .x'1ce (mic! Ray E. Gllaon nnu Ithe heads or ‘public, and parochtnl ammo]: is the outcome at several Ncom aaddénxs In whim one mya.1l.oh‘1ld wu hllled and several Injured. Se-—ver.11 stage adt: have already plewed themselves to help the causcv. and others Are expccmed mo 1311 in llzie. Tickets for the performance W111 be 50 cents and M‘. as the um. 01’ com.- mwttee ttosell evuryimlt \ \ _ v;~-. K»; ,. 1.35 — V..._3_.;§, . -/‘.(}‘KAWAi\JfvA mL:*u% LMAM‘

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