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Y., \l'h ‘Nov. 17, I932 iaiuca 9-:-5»-4'2’:oo ~i-Ek YEAR Locayfls S%et§back if A Bowiné To ’TonaW£iiit‘ld§ ‘Success For Annuai Shatiiy llrive ‘ M Sean %Before £|os‘e Saturday His Héany Egdprscment by Alben. T. Reid 3'.-.»“!:\\' Csh '5\“’.\\° ‘\1\?-; -set. Reinvented. Tum; R0011! For JI!IIutorwn'S¢I. the ma -let ma mane:-cl ammo It the {nails wanna ravxu on lhhdr-urn. gougllhh pievenrted .oddmonu_ Twice ‘$3107 \\1?-hill I109! 01,016 on can oi xbncn uf.‘ tamptedtorunthehnllonlaihxko punt nnd.wn‘a‘downedboo'k‘o;(thn¢xiuune ‘G, I, _ ioéond hut my oaunmeubxo In-. =pfoVeIIIe)iz»t in ‘I359 -MAUI Wt} nun but‘ :9 ‘van’: un-:11 Ithe qtu-mi am. they vrg»-.lIy me: ‘then: 9ld_ form. The’! 1'3 P13!‘-‘G WM? 13.! I-lib 159.1104 mm innd-;' s!Ve2\.1'.l qcceinpttf to éco.‘-e whgch ‘nanny luceetded. Margy. whose pluyiiag Itood .qut~ cnmuthmtg the -lnufoenced 9- »pIn.;m,d run uo.'yams_vo puma «ban. oh_ 'lbnm‘viun *l..yurd Vane, Mn mm to gm It menus. Konch aim’ .bi'ou¢ht ‘ ms. R6 lzlidr when sue me ‘rcbni on D !G\'l“lfd-. Uteiml pus phi Ol_l1'.SB-lned‘ 40~)'uds, -‘Benefit: -Aftef Official Cloié Will‘ Rain! Total; Lucia- wnnnn-‘U. ‘of 3. Game -Heuds List of Events. ‘Vxpebted to draw s can or menu to 15,000, ‘ orticm ukcez ule um-u ems may wiihh Clinton “3Qd\ Cmjhlg, hculty Kb. letlcr advnat at lachmnntn hiélx ich ii: charge or the dtat “hem and Roger N. Baker, of the newly tanned Junior Chamber 9:! Oommca, in abut! dtthe ulem 'n:‘nnlo—III .g!vt:n¢ good Item bemielt alfllclally opened when. 509 menu new «ran by me magma ot tlgo Burma chamber nmgasy 1-'va.1.\n-tng 3 popular 14:19 In prxcu wmszn the much :1 ucuai .wvinbeeo1da‘Atcg \ -at -50 cent: and I1 fer b.o'x' ’eub_ A s price of 25' cent: inn lioén set rm‘ students tickets. 43 a. spenax gesture £0 nttncz buyers when the 30,000 ticlmts are 35:15 On in tomorrow zqarnlng, boom; will Ibg net up In downtown Buffalo arenas, Lt. hiwel cigar stanza and at all Sidenbq Ind Snyder cigar shops in who u-Lt‘y_ some ot the pa-ement. co.eds rrun Inchwugnn. high school net: the U 01 B. have been picked In Oper these large lndustraes have Qntd ‘D03 up booths wmxin their ugania isles to their employee, vmmnx my high schools picked excuse: mmmstwa‘. headed by the foothill upwind I111’ handle ales among the students. To the rum whoa: selling the number or menu: will go ‘mo naedln the game umer Jt, hlltbacn .~.1gned.gy Ame nlayon; of the names, the coac-Ages and the reepechxre Thh setback by the mus Ind Grey squad‘ hat smmddy Ins not et- Xeoted the entmaltsm all we has or students in the ‘Least. Incknwanna. null ranks highest among the achohuc eleven in the eeomoix end the Bntnlo yearling; an etm undexeaud, Iva’!- one seemtd to realize that it in noth- ing but an \off day\ 15:1‘ -team and are Icoltmg tonrazd 10 Batu:-. days game vs 3 ‘mantle or me Ages!‘ What was probably the most: startling upset in the sscolaaoid fpotbsllé ci1\cIi‘=. of ‘W és’t;g‘rn; New Iortlc; a¢)ccti_1‘e(,1\;SI?l_tni* afternoon .whe_n:.the Toniwgn-‘l (jg high school elévqn’ downed: -the ?cham;f¥ioi1 'VLécl;‘:;m‘anna h-igh.schoo1.~aggr_ei;a,£ioi1» on ‘me: Iolmers, field 9-0. A =1arg_e‘ ctmv o'f:.-ardefnt fans from both Qities b1\avé'd~§ wiritef «g'a1le -andi. degp snows to witness the. con. . - ’ mm seven! puhdxdn bene mu ‘to be hdd, mourns fa: tthe umiuil ‘pan or Lnokaiuuumn Churn: orgéh- Izqalon to raise funds Iiohwwhlqh ftp um needy in ‘the any ‘I; {unseen by tgo‘ tune‘ ma mun .c.1.§ncn’l,;y close; Saturday, acotrdind to annmznoemeizt male thin week by lhtathew D, Oruko. vsh, rgenonl chalringn Pzocvens from the pan-dnvt evenitu V111 be tamed apt: to the charity argjasnimtlon u noon is they Ire held. It was stated. Many tndivxlcal comnbmxgonn hue augmented the funds which have been ruined through social funuuqag con- ducted. und'a_-_t..he auspdcu 9! me or. guilzatton fnzo goal in for this yen: drive was 35000. mm; mm is expected to be Lucreoed wnakkably by the time Ill oémtnbuttons have been mizrtxed m and me pmcpeds from; bene in to be held have been .'||!4I,I%IInx:.t;no\nv:h.-nc in. in was but...- ‘N:N*Jlt1on r1t~mn_ns -31.1319 014:. may, 1’ Sean our-con Ind stile utter .1: -lgndhun »pIu.ying at me pack -01,’ Its‘ melt; In détcurdng noun’-.1’. got, 3-htsUl\1l|Iht..¢l’c'Iu'u»I'i'L-Ihe~I'bnto,.inbet-. I_ “IN Vhléh vléid bciin in me» vdtnnpo Nu-‘just begmnng mo and Ihell. ifhmriiulc -I And. 111.2 otmr upidt mm -m toocbm‘ mmorg. \Wé have It CHM ¢'o» for the, agent,-\ um Conan Del runner cm.‘ Ink, \119 we’: canny outplyed .534 outxuqhed by a noun unr mum in mould have ‘to-.:ebiv.c’. eon. Jauluvgly any vlotav,\ 1-‘JqI_rly'dI tonh§wl‘1lch .3 to -be expeétegx-utter twp; sched- me which mney‘ v;Ii,|‘vo unudy sonny but 1 do-beueva tut upm- Iuch advéng ciantliunlr -on mlght hive ynxmamrqeunu yr. ngdnw lent the .Ien1eeo_uf.Auproal any tn the gune,\ n an eu atunns men. vumh. wan cppmnt zchg .Lumber)u:ks lads aomrdny noun. the me which had boned dver»-Ito‘:-th. Vlmnwuxdu. on the pluvblp week. rot me um time this year Ihéy cpcqup with cut: ammlng olknihe which my than a ‘touchdown mun ~.-ma um four n1,'.nI§:e¢ at opening play tn every gnu. ibnawnnda Iopened ~up_ I_1.£_h a. scion; ottumlve guly 1n the that qun.nt4r_ It was during mu period‘ that Ainotosl xurthrwed in minty, land was the -time to ‘be A tuctllred oh»! bone‘, which last bu iaxvlcca to the ‘bum for Ignaz 01 the game. _A.lthou§1 hbrgl puahcd =the- steel (my line Iliad IL-11’: in ‘me pinches can the quu-te‘r ended wlthuur. u soon. .A true aoaaI1d.d*._u1ar'I.Ib a. npa of thounxs: toot their own’3tn! um while ‘Ivan- wlndiwuonheotfenaive muapot the tune. 1:. W95 an was qumewr cm: the wean soc-red the rone «touchdown or we carrying an ban mun xn1d- fluid by pauses and line plumes, Baker gang over {or me aqom and Bach mt- undo : iminber or other ~l9n¢' pin: dining pinch but they tuned to ploduéo pom-,=_ Amgg was \ radii; phy-h_.to mun guns Inddu_!.~nomo1luewo'rkonthe~de- lame. \ ' Alth 3iN«'¥l“-“I XIII 19111011 the mnxs, lcavsng nut a Any}: un-‘ _fo¢23nl’n¢ne eaten in. ‘New-Ya:-k, It can teams the mythical ‘ql_:,|m;l.on:;h_1p.o( the uecuon. It iv the 9911, mug: 1_nm.vdth only on melon stains‘: M glad» also holdao. decuwn. our Magus nus. which dalrnel ibnuinnns earlier in the season, I Local unmpbyed wm also bene as I insult of vthe nnxuml police’ ball which in recently bed. Proceeds {mm mu‘ n't'mx- are to ho «cursed over to the any c_lm1ty dqicrtmc-Ii: to be damned un. db! the dinecblon 11 Joseph B, ngnn, .cha'ln'n:n. , %Christfma§ Seal Service Health, icrvicea made |V#blc throupa the annual sale of Christmas seals in Erie count} are ‘tepotted as follow: by the‘ Bu Tuberculosis nuociatid A complete an at dvnois to me Chu- ny orgnnlzétlzlon uoclctty day! will be linked In the lnclrwuma News next wast. In addition m‘-9 ‘me innny local peéple who have oamcrlhutqb w the ‘lung there are many nvin outside the’ city who hnve Al» aided including Gov. qfnondoet Herbert. H_ lehniah and 06!. William J. Donoun, Republican guber. mm-xu candidatq In not they efnild still km Rb Jana, town mu wee! ,a.nq mu hive 5 m,-sjor clnjm Itb grid mum: on that am me. girl. Thur only pxevlm de during two years vruvtto the rub on 0“. 24 or ha’: year. ' For .phys‘icians: careful ‘examination and instruction of patients in straits refined for diagnosis. For patients: courteousjonsideration. thorough examina- tion. including X-ray when tuljerculosis is suspected. For children: health leaflets. posters and other supplies. Tuberculin testing and X-ray provided. For teachers: wide variety of free supplies for classroom use in teaching health prsctice.i_.to_. pupils. For ‘health ollicials: pr_intsc'_i supplies for special health proj- ects and aid in arousing public opinion to support public health. For organizations: speakers. health programs. exhibits. The report emphasizes that education is the American solu- tion to the tuberculosis problem and that the Christmas seal a nation-wide camphjgn for this purpose. Every case of tuberculosis prevented. or discovered and cared for. means lessened danger of infection loi your family and you. ‘Rowen-:3, xgqlthn Ouch or bu chIrg7es'_lnmI)d 140 long an JameIto*wn_ battle this sum:-any dnhough; the Moon nfggxegnvlon as ummt mention! to mac Tamwunds map In iuohuwlngrtor we at-anon, They got on M’: I. pqar ntnrt ‘um um lmproveil dun-mg an lint. two game‘; um! than mu will he cut mo avenge 13;‘: detest unlisted at Mahat- bzll ‘net: wlivter when the ‘locals nosed‘ thqnouvt \>.n'the sec. Mbml ch1mp'lohah1p_ But the auelnaea hue leumed. thelr lemon and qrc on rthe, upgrade agln‘. By their Ildwtns In pmc01oe..tM: week all vmltnge at the dump has been nxnmen ‘oft And all me‘ in tin shape with the eloeptnn or Ame:-ml, The uzumixjlj full luck of the local: will be In thé butztle all the same, it WI! unnounned, In a speck: hgulgeu ha: ban prepuud mt ‘him wudxmnginuslnhh '11!!!‘ - . .. . . , Tlie Steel Olty squad in bath; drilled In Ii. series :01’ new plays this week which are most. suitable tor 1 wet or sloppy Del Flshe: embed. They have been at a disadvantage on sloppy tn. pad:-. games became rlfhey am naturally a fast dnduxalr nI Among the mtjor functions yet to be held 1: the charity (mutton game be- tween the high school eleven end t!.>e Umvex-stay 0! Burma Proah a.-t.‘the All High Stadium in Bub talc on Saturday, Nbv. 28. '.['ms game‘ is sponsored yolnuy by the local urgan. lutlon end -the Mayor‘: Cotxunmaa for Unemployment -in Bumdo and proteeds will be dslbrzbuted bdtmeen the two re- lief ‘agencies. This game lietwcen the two bh.v‘st5nd- Lug grid Ream: 0! Western New York is Pins :1‘: underway no man tbs game oni of the b:et eve: awn. in use dis- £x1o:_ Pmceedmg the game a motor paradtr (tom surqson Sqthzel lo the stadxum will take place. Twv aclxool bonds. a drm Ham and novelty new will ex‘.-certain the spectators between hnlva. - Eastern Star V. v\\ 3.4.» Receive Salaries Will‘ Present Play Friday Initiation Ceremonies Held After Regular Session Tuesn day. 6, . '='.~ Parade and Festivities Mark Gal: Day In Laclnwannl Sunday. . State Adynnqe: $93,000 To Lo- cll Bond. Can Now Meet Obligations Until January. - Regular meaning or Laclcawanm chap. ter. 0. E. S. was held. Tuesday evemnz. Nov, 15, at the Masonic Temple. Rinse road. Mm, Mildred. ‘Peal, worthy mauon and William Aldrich. worthy pastron, presided. Initlaticrns followed the regu- 12:: business m‘cutdng_ Ralph Cowley Director of New Organization at Local High. 11.5. Students « Will Present Thanksgiving Play City The faces of Lackawanna school teachers were all wreathed m smiles this week‘ and there was good reason for‘ it. Payless for- paso weeks because of the failure of local property owners to mee their school tax obligations, they re- ceived checks Tuesday cover- ing salaries which were due Oct. 28, and this Thursday will receive additional funds cover- ing pair, from Nov. 11:25. The donkey ran wild in Lackawanna Sunday. Not ‘that animal xngde famous by Mark Twain but the pmverbial one which is the emmem or me Democratic Du‘?-!‘—tzr.m. the me: ribbed counts 0! Mama, to the nmny shores of Ca.11for- mq etc_, etc. And her reasons for mhx-l1.y were ample, to: had me not scored the, greatest. ulawry In her long and xnelul history. which took the scope or a nation wide lsndsude 60 her colors and dncluded lnckxlwanm with It by a ‘two to one majonty—eo celebrate she did. The newly crammed Dmmmc club or Iaokawannn High achrlol will present. its initial produchlon next Friday arbemcion In the regular weekly assembly, 1.: was announced by Mr. Lao A. Joyce. px-in. cxpax, Corporition Counsel O'Connor Receiving Linea! ‘Number ‘of Chimi Mule in Some, Time. No Additional Aid Souih Tuesday's mating wan remrured as ad- Vance night. for the line of omoers, ms Matilda. Bren-1c:_ aching as womthy ma- tron, Mm, Han-lat 'n'1ex as assistant matron, Mrs. Grace Ksnnedy as con- ductresn and Mrs. Mildred Teal Is as- slstant conduotress. The candxdates were the Miss Mary Jemaqt, Hamlet ‘I-am-«age and ma Mohr. all at mudea, {At the ox-gamanmlon meaning or the Dmnntlc club held ‘two weeks ago tully 100 suuaems signi their dam to sbepome niespixuxe. me present plan {or dramatic a-t Laukawnnua is to form four-dimxlnot; or. gu \\ Fredhnqen, scvphomom Ju- mar and ‘senior Dnatic clubs. ‘mesa’ chip! 'i.V!il. mdepuxdently except In the cage of 1 jlont school productlan. During Pthe year the various clubs will stage one-act plays It ouiun dhatai periods, The cut for ma Lmmsl pub- lic play in the qmag wm ‘be selected Jrom the outstanding pxayen ol the four groups. ‘ Rnlph J. Oowlqy his ban nllntd di- rector 01 dmxnntdm End is {minty Id- vlqor of the Dramatic clubs. The Initial produc at the Drama. tic club will be plj by the mem.' when at the tumor uguniuuon. ‘me one act pigy, Thank 1fo\‘:.- Docwt. is a. Longwood Green pubguctaou, The memben cc ‘me out an the otder In .w11Ich they ‘appear: Nnne Gray Ger-_u-udo Samoa Annual Pro¢ramAWiIl Bo Holt! in School Auditorium Next Wednesday. ~ Claims amounting to mnny mhoinnnds 0! dollars have been med against the my within the pan: raw weeks, It was -nnixounced recently any corporation Ccninsal Jcmn W. O'Connor, Claims to- tal the lg:-gent number no he braught Igulmt tho clty tor upme tune, he stated. This T'musdny evening at 5:30 to 8 o‘c1ock, a harvest (inner wlll be urved at Rho temple ox; Ridge xggcl, muggy of good things 10 an and 1 good nus: ls promlsed to all. Fbllwing the dl.n- ner cards rwlll he played and prlus w be awarded the lucky wlnnexs, Plans are an Fbelng completed (cc 5 card party ‘and dance no he -lyglg gt temple on Thumdny emxung, Not 29, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Wudon ue general chairmen ln clings d arrange. menu to: «am: event. The clan at can. dldams of 1926, and the present ollleen of -‘me chapter compae the dommlbtaee, There will be mmy tndul and buutl. fhl prizes (or cards. mms Went will rtakt the place or the card party and dance pcntponed on. ac. count or the math o: Mn. -Walter WIl_. sou, The a.rm\_n1 Thxnkrnwna “play upon. gpmd by 'the atuaema of Inclnwnnns Zblgh lqhool wnl be presented sneak: Wedne§day.s!t2=:u1oorn It 1 p. In. an the lilgh school uutmou-t\_nn_ ‘the 'rn_ma:a- glvlng play, Red shoes at -Plnnmn was ‘uhpud tor the Inca prodmtalon by 1119 ugmn R. luhouz. and )4]: Iniy Hrenb at the day, which vac span- soled. by the Lackawanm News, in. cluded A panda rollowéd by A general gst..togabher with plenty 02 ate and re \ Paymznt or the ban): mums, amount- ing to approximbmaly 034,000 {or the ‘W0 PGYIOHP-. WM Ithde P031519 thrwsh a_. decision of the ‘mate; edxicdtloxxal de- partment. fa) advance 093,000 which in ‘qne halt ol the graves share rm mg cost. -or edqcstibh hi «this gnafiudb. The money In‘: not um un Pebnmy and nqrjnqlly the state would not pay he. tore that; date. Par-ado xcnncd in Slm npenue un- der mm dlgeotton at John Shea, grand mardhnll. who was aslsted by Fire Chic: .33?!-I--, Henry nu-ch, Stephen Vukelic _1r_, pungent of the Try-It Bdc_tlLng' company. Pg nnxshuls. Beating the; line was I police escort composed of mart. John Cawley. Lieut. Chimes cm-tin, and Detectlpx Peter O'Rourke and June: Fitzpatrick. Then came who '!est\n-: at the celebration. none other than your well knmm and ever popular Al, brqwn derby as all (lnjpel-aonated by 'l‘uomaa Bodkin, ye editor of ncknwazmnr foremost jour- nnlliuc entorprhe) riding in a one wheel ‘lthbuslne with pdwand Plnxewsks at me controls. As may well have been guessed. it was an axtzrnmth of elec. non day end Eddie was he oser. But. It was an in um and everybody had a good t.1me——eve-n the One who paid, lblloivrlng the guest of honor came a ‘long line of miiintwy automobiles carrying hundreds ox prominent local and county Demonra lmdexs and workers, Music was furnished by me mmous ~01*Eo1e's band of West Seneca, conducted by Leader Clamnqe H. Hooper. who vol- mxteemd their services. for she occasion. Richard Sanders ‘wm color 59u!'El‘_ .Amm¢ moan» vho hue served notice or Inrtent to sue me mung locgg peqple. V1100? fwd in-Hv The! Me Jmeph Bucul, an guardian or heouu-d auclek. L26 C .Itl*eet-, to: u Rota! nmouqe at 020,000: .M‘.l-5, Agnes Jnnkdwnka. 598 Center mus, mt 383000, and Victor Budzyn. not I. mm amount of uma,~1o. 1’. Gonnouy from u play by't1u‘a~ tune little. nu Ilhon hnd Ila Connolly ute ' *co4Irecv¢_nQ in the pmgenh at the plan ' The «womb; uu.ecnip1e_'te program‘ at ' the >gI'l¢!1,\hl!P . 4. Hyiimrnoly. I.-lots‘: my mom Goa, Almlgltty-Agounbly Ind orchcuhn. . 2,1-n-wary ~61 \rhu1h¢lv'1ng—sopnle Ilgllml. 1 8. Hymn- ~10! ‘I‘)unh¢!v ! ind Orchcltn, - 4. and shape: at Plymouth‘-Act I. 5‘ 5. man wmnkapvxng ’Pz‘oduot1on.— IGIr.t,nIdns Kceptlngn, = 0. Prqidont udovers 1922 '1'usn-|w¢lv- 131; h‘odu¢M'on~—lMnI Nc - ' 7, Thgnpgtvln Jlpglu-4A,saen_\bly_ 9. Red shoe; as Pl.ympu xx, « '0. claims aongehnmrica. the. jgau. 1 ҫ৭ḿḀfiIbly and Ofchcsha. ’ I’ ‘10.:'0m_hdt'ra Seleetalcn-—Ra1nh 09.1111.- an», announcer, - Following mg. the castot chnracbem: Juvmember Allerton . . Lucy Mopacb Reaolvcql White . ..‘. . . Gladys Hem] zgnunm Hopkins .. . .. Rum c.Idunmsn.: am /t1ic'awonJack Parse.’ W1-csudng *Br_er.vater . Waiter Empric. P.xjlsolll_n Mgllnes .- Frances Rab! - John Aldon .‘.. Hublg Pahnertonv I Wannow ......,. Id; In M1110” Silver Ton_guc--mdqan -Pmncess . . . . , . .'3r.\ngeM:a~De Rumor‘ Oapt. M Gem-q Jackson. Gov. landlord. .. .. Nick '.l‘m-km; ‘ ‘Elder Brewster Jon-n Sawxwku‘ rqhuet Masaasou. ...;., Steve Tqaeqkf 'Squ:_m¢I2o Martian Gonsiorei iujgnomet N1c1:o_1n.s‘ gumbo‘ i-Propdrty‘ Manager .. i\l.-11;ol{u'e11 sxuloxecas. Stage» manager , John Bu:-gmowakm‘ tinlafar electrician, Walter l!\x*e1Vi-lkson. umslcngor this, nps‘em_b)y in-cygram§‘ § «Ill! -be by ‘who mm; _30h‘OO1 . ' the direction or man]. . Twink, -at the ugh: ‘~ fudnjn-u_ an I l.W\|||Md. _ _ ,_ V v. ‘Lt. The school depamgnem now has put- ‘ -(undo to meet its p!'§hG obll; muons which mcludn bun -aggrcgvmng‘ 012,000 0. won as cgnvn; obnpugng at’ the _Amer1can sun: ma Iachswm nunx. uepoo. wm also be needed to meat 3. bond lnteltst which In due Qbomy, Dut -tuna: will zemzlnv, however. rhov-meet mmm payrolls Jun. 1, when &hoI'ennIn1.ng50,pu-oemw1l_1«hond- vupced by the late, It was announced W°d!IB9¢I!- According to me briefs mlbuiithed’ Leonnrd Bucuk received penwus inter.’ npi And leg mjmiieo when struck by‘ u city‘ true: when en-icing‘ con sweet. glmkowakg all into a hole while walking on we ddawdk nut in: male. is is claimed rtli the non ind mic-fbeen tilled and: mild -rotten had ‘put a nwrm mum in Oenmr sheet. Tin claims at Victor I;udIyi1- were hand on personal -injuries and dnmage -to A coach he was driving’ when struck by A utyivgnrbqge «truck on Aug. '10 in- Frankiis near Dste streets. claims xar perzbnni injuries unomxt to 05000 and, 047,110 for damage to am: automobile; other similar claims have been‘ brol against the city ~m_:ent.iy. It was denied, however, by counsel O'Uon.‘ nor that he would seek additional legal and because of the growing Imuni'0*?i- or calm: as has been rumored through cine: soul-cw, There is _1_1o ituth to the atimbemem; tizimt he «would ‘petition the Oommoi; council for -permission to secum other legal services, he said. Mrs. Leatd Dr; Gurney Plu .‘.. Com Hden Ic Hanan. Antbonkz menu; wmcenm Walt: lhdrlckaen Scene: The entrlre uctzlon takes place in me ivamng room or Dr. Gurney, z-dived bx,-a din s‘pecmlnt_ mic by the school orchestra. Blasdell Sodality Plant Harvest Dance 'l‘lIe~ag9Ma Ill:-u at we cogs of can. m Igcknwulm. is $184,090 at which 027.000 iqldmudtcd and returned. mo the Saute ‘ \ ! mud. The remainder is used by the school board, Ag :19 -deduction; was made from the «pgyment advanced by we amtze this week, the‘ «entire. mm will be taken‘ from who money‘ to be advanced Jan, I.’ Advujscemenm oi money ‘by the caste rms» nude potable thmugh a Visit to‘ -‘Albany last, week .by‘ Berchxmauns J. Bo-‘ ‘land, superintendent uf education, and Jqhn J; Sulldvxn. attorney tbr the sqhool bpm-d_ They (\:p1amed the con-‘ ‘dlltlions hens which are conlfxvntlng the ‘School board to drum nu-thorluies. Pmductdon atatt: Stage mamger_ Jerome Balblen; asiamnt stage man, ~z:g\1‘. Walter Kukoleca; eledmalan. An. thonny Putich. Plans are being 9c.mp1erAd for the Ha.rvv:st dance to be given by the Xfoung Lndvles Sodallfy UK Our Motiher of Good Council church at Blnsdell snutrdcxy eventing, Nov. 19. The committees in Father Hum. general chairmen: Ann ST. ANTHONY ‘PARTY General c1mh'xnun_ Father Hunt: co- chairmen, Ann Gueth, Vexfonim O'Con- nor and Mildred Gommn: ndvemslug. Bernice Berchau, May Whlkcr, Alice- Ryan, Catherine Baker: Nfreshmexxts. Mary Baker. Molly Bmamglln. nan-let Gueth: entertauhmlent, Mickey Fell. Theresa Coll. Anna Waxtlz decax-Lmg, E1- Ien Fell. Marie Mlllar, Barbara Bmthext: door, Mr. Hugh Qtilnn, wuuam pen. Thomas Collins: Leo Buchelt. Dan Baker. Pa.tr1cI< Monan, Agustas Barth: xvutclrobe, Joseph O'Connor. Elmer Kub- bum. A card paru§ and dance will be held at the Hungarian Qhurch na11,.Stee1uwanna avanrue. on Sunday evening, November 20. under the auspices of st. Anthony‘! church, it was announced Tuesd.§1y_ The Rev. Joseph \\l1‘red.o pastor of the church. is ch-.\r1rman.ot arrangements for the event. 'I'he procession made its way out Ridge road to South Paxk avenue to the Stndimn where 9. geneml Cplebm—- (‘um and “good unis\ rally was held. Flats and m-xreslunents were served there by the ladies. GAMMA SlGM,‘A FRAT OPENS SOCIAL SEASON BIRTHS Miss Broudhagen Entertain: Sigma. Kappa Phi Bonn wexe bom mo Mr, and Mrs -Arthur Ken-4'ole, 411 -E1c_cmc_ Percy ( \ 221‘ R_o1nnd‘. Presley, EM Hush. ;.f!qo, Kuozkowakl, V4.30, Lshlgh, :wm. Kjesumga. 11 Wuupw. ‘Jon; Plbcabpku. (339 ‘Wuhw. 1st Ward Republicans Plan Social Event The Gamma Slgmj. fmmemlty, Luckn- hlgh school chapter; opened the‘ fall social Wfednlasday evenlng mph a.n_\l_n!ormal dance gm 9:. l_3a:bi\ra.'s hall, Caldwell Those in ‘charge of swan/gements tor the snaelutled Edmund Hughes, ohaunimn: Ilnthonu Pldtrownkxl, John Burgmntwulul, ‘Richard lwhsli Ind Hu Balblerz, ~'me mm was won amanded Ina evcrybody rmwkd .3, 8°01 MID. _ . A card party, social\ wnd dance unedr the auspices or the l|'1xst‘wan1 Republi- am club will be lheld an Dom P.ol5kl- -mu», Sunday ‘evening, Nbwmber 20. LG mu announced this‘ week. Anvmgunemu for the social event are under the (1.1 Jcctlon ox mum Wank, c_huu'unn_ A meeting of me Sigma Kappa Pm sorority was held act the home or miss Hehnmten Bmndhngux 0! Ridge road- -.l‘o1l‘m1n¢ tho_1_ncetl_n_g my members en- med scum hands of budge sma other gungec Mme); me lgl Bmd- MINI. 10% their‘ mnientadnment, A dmdoti lunchcon VII Ierved. It is e\'pect.ecl to be a gn.1n_n.tralr and well Mtended. Dancing at 9 dclgck, A well known orchestra ‘has, been ea. .833”- am; Born 00. N1: ‘Md Ins, Au 100 31111 lolcnhw 'K_-lubnk, I83 coma» duet. 95 Wllml DEATHS Ghana Obe £71 Oenhr. VLACKAWANNA PUBLIC L|BR.:3m‘&

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