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, 4.4 %,g1g,gI;S’8il1 «$Il’!I‘ 5.; ¢.\- ,1; S'\9s*;~v: gs‘-.»,-~‘: 3 _g-4'3.-'2 »i—-ckdvihiid NW.-‘.a ’i19.9,i=i?Vi Ye 'l?.!.e\.Ir2«!’__-’_-Ly. ,:Nfbv‘- 35.». It. has been aunduncecl. Clpu1iI_mg_v may fbé ‘dellverud cg the home- at wu- lnam Sadler, 81- Kent street, Blasdell ro -1.: mm be <:o!1ectecl..“ 'qd1e'€'!%.1i1n-call At5b:vt: 0079-W as just ad_.d &.1.'l.0|?Iher 'tao_ it «(tho Volétaaid Act) and sax‘, polymg ‘herein canmau-ned shall he s’,-Wemed; to, ~.;.pply_; no maul-;ec1 nquros. ixud we will gar. beer and we /x:1.gm,.aw.sy \ “We 'du:Lft< _h:.uze to jg-.253 -upcm m,\ve innqxlamtoxoxg; qLl}..1L5,'-3]’ or_ vL’3:,——‘ ,1“... my .I,‘ne '1n.w ‘c‘u.:.‘snfrn, vappxy :o ;:t,‘’’; OF INTEREST ITEMS OF.‘ INPEREST’ , The Women‘s_ Scum Pzgrlg Community Hesdquarers of the Allied Ga,un._t_ ‘ice-. 1n._z1~.li<;4n club’ or ‘Lackavmxina were ‘L1)I‘l1€X1' 1'1st_ woe}; aha Coktqn avenue and ‘Ridge Wad. Disabled 'Amerr(:an Ysguoxranis on‘ ‘he World Wm‘ will caduct thox an.11,\.\al Fqrgele Mg: Nov. {trim November 10, 11 and 12, accord';z_xg_ to. recent at_u\cI.u1_(;e- m A speqla1~pmg}am wwll be broad- cast; 91 saablqn WKvBw.,, 'I‘hurs_d.'.\y~,_ -Nov-. ‘e!!_7lbe'x:- 10. am 3 p. m, In con,yuru.;r 1c.‘x_ W‘).-“Jh »l‘h»e e\'*:;r.IL‘_ Af~_an_ tn‘;-Id as ‘bu=.u':,e.»§ m_a.x.:ng 111‘ the soum Pm-k -Nelgmqoxhozd house, ‘ago S.>w.h Pzpxk avemle, Fx*d'ay evezungi Mfs. 'In0.n.¥as J. Cuffs .p1‘e.audeca. High heels, are b:r‘.§.xe;1 -Io: 1-he‘, :.<i.e«\ lu»|..>n held by many women, .t2k‘x9,t they; are ‘bcnvljeggc-;1_ when they really» are not 121 the op.n_16n, or Dr,’ E*.11»;xzx1b.J-'I_>.«,vme\1:,‘E ‘at the Ill1;l.I.ws a 0,h_1'ztopotlIs‘u.§ 111311 hxcls, he a‘o..Jl_L1. have caused the; ~.h,Ans ot nmny. y'oLmg Mmen ~Lo. 1:11:39; ou‘t_wn,rd.,V rota-umg -mo k'J.\\2cqI, Tats’ gives tha umourtecb impmsallon that they; have bowlegs. wearing ‘or -pxtopex: s.')(_)e5.5 an such cases wm Ibu1ln.g the -legs back? to noo.’nm_|. i“ Tm: quan‘.xer1,¥ Xfepon‘. of tha Bethleheul. Steel coxnmny my the 1'm'ee months €nd.!—1,‘-*:- 'E».p.~x_1_.'aer- 30; ‘showed u_ darlolt or $,5;A-125 724 as compared wbth a loss at $4,'6TI.1266 In we px‘ece~:d'Lng three mon,th,s,, and -is de 0! '$1,‘502.0<J3 In -ma mlrg qq‘zu‘-t_er of 1931. -after» an ey- pexwes Klnclucllng imsreatz and pxjomsxon £27: d.c~p1,s-:1oz_1_ and deprculuvlon. The, vL:).c1m<r- Sacljalhbyr ca: 1011).: Lady :1; Good Callllsel chtuczh. valasueu will op:-:2. th.'.n:~ socl-a_1 season. with a hay- v at dance 0 nsomuuay, November 19, at 9 9., ml l A suggestnon in a recent, report no the Wunlty .s11rvey and nuance‘ comxnlutyee .91; -the ‘Board (.1 S.11p.v:\'u_s_qrs a $8 fee for '(}0\lll.'uy xuu.onmr.:.1e. re:gt.'m4rat-tan was ohamcce-gazed as a “burst, o 1_rmtl_o:n- allsm \v‘o1:thy of the smrc-rest ‘a.:11w,em21a- In a blltnft .<Jt1‘~:men.t, of -\vm'n,lng4 to X,‘/h,‘ Amerlvm people um! ‘1'11_e,no.'.-Ltns L. the \-yo.Ld 1_n a Nuvy Day Acil ma: week Pu. sc1en.~t; Hoover mzxcls I.h_e, \px_*-cm 1.1011 Lllj the unused States, Ln h_E_> e,ven:. rat raulura. oi tune; Geneva d!sm'n1~=nae‘1_1: rl got\,'a.uons__ will be focrced L0 bu.\|d_ its zleegt mo full Landon tre<aA;r,y strength, ‘mhe eq\_1a1_ur the nrzarc 4pIa\\7e.r[ul in the w0L‘1d.\ 1 .}Vl‘°\1 who lqelleve in deolslvve methods are I?«\prest~=-xmtive Wesley D153“-5\. Dem- o:-re.‘)£i- csxudldmze for x‘ecl,ea:1on In the E'.x:s\:\Qkl»1.homn dslsmct, and H. Wank- ljun. who :-:eur,l:ed :-1. porlmcal n_rgv.unenr. w!n'.h tl,1€v‘.1_-Mf'.:rt sin uutje Clw -hull at. \lful-1 ri~vezuLly._ Amer Disney knocked F1f.mlk»1n. down, he -two shook hands. condemn U.nd.ema:id} ' Polfltical mlho Mon!‘ in :1 sta.ten;..-X»: «b. yA1:>x G. H_aa£1tz~. p1t\es1¢lam_ of the, Au;orr,:c.-1211;: Chub oi B.u1‘Ia1o.._ Many .()5h:r mlreras xyemarks hcsie ‘been made concxfrnlng me 1,ssua_ Opponent: Using “Whi'ap'eri,ng« C‘a’!'np_nign”' In Attempt to de-. feat, Offermqnn, =Friel,I¢!s Avene. ' ‘ftaepxesent-atlves of several B«‘..ms<!s_>1!‘s‘ wqmenfs o1'gan1zat1c,-ns lXJ.(gl' '1‘huz'sda;{ in: '5:he Legxgon hall to cut g‘._\,nnen.-1;, Xq“ rnhc; needy from n‘|'xte_!f1r,9.ls -rcgoativecl fgam the‘. }_1u:t1alp_ ‘Cross Ilnlvtz Upstate, tour at an end, Mr's.5l>Ier5be‘g*t,‘l-1. .Lc;l:\_ma,n, Jamel, A. Farley», <CoJ._ :Herbe,rt I-‘l._ Le.h_r‘nz'.n- und“Sena \ Robert. F. ‘Wagner 'I.‘etu,rr‘I to ‘New York. 1:‘ ntl rs of the ‘,0. 0,‘ rhss or the Roland M ~'vhoddst;, Epxcsbpal church have m?.ugw.uvt:rd 9. driw to, cnllect old c1(,l hes ‘fa: tyne poqv 01 t11evoongr:e_gya,u;g1\, A quick xv’-1y to, nnmend me Volstezut \at was du-‘.11z_zsd by torrmm Governor Alfred Smith in, tn. recem address in. which he, declared, \ALI yqu have to do {ruauc courmmzg em wnmn Assn Economic mums PLEBGEII LEHMAN Bitter conde-mnatio,n of the “whisp.erin'g' cam~paign” in con. nection with‘ political activities was made last Sunday from the pulpit of the Lafayette avenue} P-resl4>.yt;eria§n, Church, Lafayette‘ and Elmwood Avenues, by Dr. Percival H. Bar»ker~, one of B,ul'~‘ f‘alo’s most e~‘m.i'nen~t clergyman.-A .The sermon of this, di_stingu.isl.- ed minfster i is.part~ic«ularly' ap- plicable to the preseiit cam- paign, because teh enemies, of F1-enk J4 Offexyniann, Demo--‘ cratic candidate for. Sheriff, have been resoxtting to the “whi’spering'. clampailgn” in thei 1'-frantic; e‘:t_3fo1‘ts to defeat him at the election polls on-‘ Tueszlajy N o~vembe,r- 87.. REPUBLICAN NOMINEE FOR SHERIFF AND HIS FAMILY A wholesale. s1asI_1Ing_ o ! casts in state govemmont, a bu: htzmémo atinxiniktrartiwn In the inter- ests of an the people wi,Lh special prviw. i1ege_s for none and a. vigorous ap,pi_I~ cation to the duties of.’ the oltice-— That is the solemn_ ‘pledge of Col, Iievx'bc:‘i ‘II. Le‘.1n-.z‘.11 as he app1‘os::&_1e(1 the close ‘or the e,pocl1-mak-iug cam- pzxlgzr which party 1eader'sx_ aver insures, Hailed as the champion :0: the un~ cZ.'erpr‘Iv-lleged. a crusader‘ in the war against u,n0,mplo,\f-xnen,t.. ,S:e_/\1E_It.€>.!.\ Robert, P, Wagner is b1'inS1.I,!g his, campaign tux} reelection to an, end \v-ich, .2; pledge to continue ! the pomj‘ and neatly. His ent1ea\'o1~s~a1o11g 't_h‘is line in .t1xe_ past have brought him niyrrizul assur- ances of success from all, parts: 0’ tho, state - Th_ese_ exme_ssio_.ns~.come no_,t ex-.. qlusively from Democrats but from people of all; political vfaiths who, see in the Senator's re to Washlngton the only hope for a sp,e,edy solution- of the econbmlc problems bqsetting amost every farhi_I_y and every liqfn_e. ’ Mr. (_3.tferxn1\x111‘s pr-w-ate me is exempe lax‘): Ire ~.'s marrieu 21):! the ta.the1- 0:‘ Tom‘ bcacb1fu1,cm,1L'J.'m1, and his whole I-ijlfe is wrapped II); .1121 r£L‘m.1.1'-2. His ucce.~,_~; .5 .1 promxm h1_:s'u1ess -man as .:m,.'vn ‘:vhx'mghm.m, Btu We-rem mm Yoxrk, and L .h_:,:1eu‘.£r Kgl-Ieahd New York; smcl‘ the ermre <;c»\mc1.'y The splendid receptions acnortletl the Dem_oc-ratio nominee in his swing t111,'o11g.\_‘th_e state (1_e1nonstmte plainly the esteem and affection in which he is held‘ by the people for whom he has limo:-ed in the more than twenty- years 01: his public career. These ovations reflect the human qu3.1it,\' which has charm-te1'izetl that Ion\ and distinguished’ service, his well-.k1xo\\-11 policy of amnjoachfmg pub- lic. questions from the stantlpolm; of Dr_ Bzu_:kez'»'s 5. vevrc crlbicxsm oi -the ‘\wh1spermg oxn1pa-lam\ an reporeecl in Ifhe Burffalh»CourgaaE.\'p1'ess 01’ Monukty’ Ootuberr 31, 1932. my. in pan: “The slandewrv as sspew:-.1,1y ar‘.1v- In the p1'es:ns¥. political c:.n1pa£gu. Men zvlxose ch-.:m‘uter as .1.mtame<l. whose in Leg:-1>ty is un. lxnpmchublc, ‘\\'hO.>‘9 service ‘s un,s€l£‘l5h, nJ.':.- d-:-x:.'o\mvs-a as Lheugi. they were the moat dJ'\gr~:L'ou5 cuinhmls. They suffer grlevmwly ‘a, mo h..=.nc1s of 1.u,m\L.- nrexvspapem which have no 1:01-, ors exc< gt cumuon m\d_ muck. HERBERT’ H. LE'Hl\‘lAN _ Qtmqcratlq candidate for GOVOPUQPQ his overwhelming electirm as Gover- nor on the Democratic‘ £1;-.1:et,, \'l‘h(4 people of t1xls'.§‘tz_1te. have be- come acctx_stomed to progressive gov- et-nnlem.\ Col. Lehman said, “They have become accustomed to‘ honest and e goyerument. They ‘have become accustomed to. the kind of gov- ernment which-they have had tor- the last decade. This progmnx of social progress cannot be entrusted to the party w11i<;h has tried to. block it for so many years, Dr_ Barl_~:c1: (Leclnxed. that suumder net only robs vimzlrns of’ thnlr xeplmtatlon, but clegrades the nxoml me 01? those who are guilty at it, “slande-_.'ers,\ he said, “are aluogebher‘ cardtenxptible. How -.s::r.. c:n'1m\re they. come sbestween you and your church?‘ Someclmes they wear men's‘apparer, son ! women's: theyv my the’ chnei tallgem in nxajmy suclnl nmaextngs, and; like {the ‘tans 0: Sam. sou_'s foxe, they carry mmbrand sumcvl- em to sent. the whole txxmmunlby in c; t_!a;nc. _ Seat€d.1?ft to 1*ip:ht:_ Frecldic Rubim ~ :~~- ') \ ‘hue. Fred J. Robinson-., F1-ml .1. Robizsoft. the numin/.*<!; Mm. .\1uf.t.m 11:011. daughter. Stan<l,in;'._ left to vi-:1. : \hf.tl1eu WiL‘.un, Mrs. Frederick, [lub'Lnson',,l“recIericl: E, liubms:-m.. 5011.. 2'', i T-IME ANED’ DISTANCE NEED NOT DIM OLD “Thai program will servo as the basis of, govgrnmental ‘action after .I am elected. To that my party In pledged, To, that I plgdge, s:-22\’ FRIENDS}.-HPS myself.\ ' In expanding (in the economies he proposes to intro(1uce_. the Denxocrnuc nominee promised to can a halt on an new activities save tho» of an abso-. Iutely Indispensable or emexfgency character. U. 8. SEN. RQBERT F. WAGNER candidate for Re-electJon._ how they will affect the men, women and children or the commonv\realt—l;_ and his, ability to sense the needs and re- quirements ot the millions he so ably represents in the United States Senate. Spqclfl: Gout-up, On this matter, he intends to be guid,e(l by the replies to three ques- tions—is it necessary'.? can we get along \v1thou_t it? even it necessary have we the money to pay for it? “My conception at economy.\ Col. Lehman explained, \is not the mere coiuixig ot a phrase, but an uncompro- mising against any \vz1ste. or corruption, or éxtr; and the e1imIna,tiox1- of all that is not essential or productive of speci econ,omic and social progress. '‘-I pledge myself to the maintenance of this principle. and I promise that as long as I am Governor there will not be :1 ceut or the taxpayers‘ money wasted or 1mnecess:;u-Hy spent.\ Reelectlon Certain, Great as have been his aelxlevexnents. the people realize that there is still much to be accomplished and that he must be returned to the Halls of Con- gress it the wolf is to be driven from the collective door and, prosperity and happiness restored. And it is this feeling \vl1icl1_ 1_'ea_§1erI are unaxxlmaus in saying insures Sena- tor Wagner‘s reelection beyond thu shadow or 3 doubt, > \Pm so glad you called-its, like a breath of fresh air to liear )~u'.n‘ voir_-e. We've met few people here and to be lionosl about it we’re just a little lonesome and a little homesick.” When old friends or rela- tives are foreed to separate a tinge of sadness creeps in. But many peopla-.,young and old, have found an amaz.-. ingly simple way to solve this problem, They keep friends close by telephone --they go to their children away at school by telephone -wherever friends or family are separated, the telephone is next best to. visiting in person. A call from you tonight would mean a lot to some- one. Am} il‘s~so inexpensive, esp:-cially with the recluced evening: and night rates. You‘ll never miss the few NOTICE 01-‘ SALE The Wagjner rééord alone is audi- clent. to justify such contldeuce. Whllo the country was gull swwrz or NEW vonx, COUNTY COURT,‘ ERIE comvrv. JAN SLEDZ’ xu/Id WANDA SLEDZ. his wife,’ Pmmmrs, vs MARY PALKA, De- £‘e ‘bu|:[ng In the wavjevlof opulence, ho, saw the handwriting on the wall and, began fostering’ mil; to protect Ihq unemployed whgn the col, Lehman’: unqualified stand on this aubJoot,_ comln as it does whm tho gounhry In utruug to hunk the grip of depreulon, has In pursuance and by vmue of a judg--‘ ment of torcclmiure and sale duly smut- (-cl by this Count and entered 1,21 ltxhe Epic Cmmnly Clex-K's, Ori on the fit! -day of November, 1932, I. the u.ndc-z:s1gx\- ed R/eteme duly nppnmtecl In, this nation for such purpose. will expose for 5319 and seal at Public Auoblou no. the high‘ est: bidder tghevefor, M. 573 Center Street, In the Cdty or Lnckmwanxxa. Erie County,’ New Yong, on the éruh came. Ho, met. the stem op- ppaI¢I,on of the Republican majori- struck a ready reap,omo_among votoru throughout, e,ve,ry..|ec,tl.on of {y In congress courageously, never wavering In the face of Because of his great nxmn;-la! knowl-. edge. or mestjmble value. in these times; the. D‘3.0ple are .to his support in such droves that lenders are pre¢1lr~ti11g a. record pIu1:t_11l_ty for him on N'nvcm_ber 3. as well as the Nntlmal ticket in this state. bvorpqwering odds. He succeeded in geiiing tlu-uugh measures providing that the Depart- ment. of L&b0,l‘_ collect a-ml publish sta- tistics of employment, providing tmxt empioyment be stabilized through gov- ernmental‘ building projects, and pro- viding ifor an investinnvtinn of unem- nloy-m_c-nt insux'ance._ In ndditioix. Senainx” \V'.a;;ner was 1'esp.onsibIe tor the Eme1'go'ncy Relief and Con_.=xLr~uc1iou Am. (1ovxsi~d to, stea._dy and 1'2-store busiu-,«s'a am over» come we wreck zind havuc m depres- stun. \15ch DAY OF DECEMBER, 19:12 .-at 2:00 o'clock in the t_o*rm;oon1, Eaatern Standard Time, of mm c:,aY.. ‘he real tatmtn mu; montgngetl pxfomlses cmeatecl in and by said judgment; to be‘sol,c1 and m stud Ju<!.'gmem; tlesornzgecl as follows: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND slcuznce m the City at Lucl;vwan;~ xm. County of Erie and, State 01 Nexvv York, being part. 01’ grew}. 10!; number ‘\\Ien.'.y-nlzm (29) ’I\<w.nsh'ip T911 (10) Rungn exgly 18; or; the Hitfmlo Creek Ii’:- (“ Pu§E‘é?IVW.l.(;l.1 Lands wncl -clesorlbed as au:L<l.\ Ls‘ on IQ! xutmbrrs c1r_;r_2ty—17.mei .89) . nu u.:nc'Ly (90: as anox-nr. on umsgp mt-.-(X in Erie County Clukz. Office un- der Cow-; No_ '74.. said low bogng fifty 15:0.) So./t fr..nt by one humhxad am! ten (110) fu-e; m. clepnbh on the west slcln of Center Street. 1 STEPHEN Go1;DS_TEIN, R»eferee., \-Victory wm uot come only because of the mtural rehentnwnyt o peo- ple toward the Federal a(lxni11i,st_1-:,1£Aion far its aim of mnlss and coma)-is» slon c'um'x'u:tiug to this rindpstriaj c1'l'sis. and its taiiilre to cwne with the catastrophe» as it d«,=velops~d,\ ('01., ‘Inh- ma1‘1_ states. ' , ‘came it costs. Typical Station-to-.‘3£u£ion Rates \It will come became oE the coun- deuce or‘ the L-cu;-lo Um dc-1_nocr‘acy will r‘e-ost_n.blit:11 uhorul pr-inéiples of st: ‘v-\raft in \;\'e.*=11ii1:',\\1. mm will (‘on- tinue tr-rem in the State c-1* New \_§url;.\ He :promises to_ re.-'.umn with re- nmved‘ vigor the nzm; far the 1uifo1:tu-. nate as 50,011 as .Com.r1'e.-s 1‘eco11,ve1'.cS. f m. p. .111. 61. “Elm 850 E35: 45¢ 100 f R50 50:‘ 60! COLLEGE MEN SUPPORT LEI-[MAN A-Collego Men's League For Lellmzm to \so1“k. for the atlases.» ur the Demo- cratic gubez‘naLol'inl czuulidatc has been organized throughout tlm state. Tile officers an; Chm-les Hm_-,w.ood, chairman; Na.wmz_3.u Le-vy,_ \ vice- ehairulzmg Roland Palmeao. second vice-chairulfan. and Daniel J. ~0.'SulIl- ‘mu, gecretary. ' 150 lxmcs Sue me In 198 Mlle: 00¢ 85¢ 01.90 (.\’a tax It'll;-5: the chargo IA 505‘ or more} Emp!qyeqs of the De. ‘Witt clln-‘ ton 'Hqt_el. Albghy, where Col. Her- -bart H. 'Lehn1a_'n has resided during the fbur years ‘Pu; has been Lieu-, fénant Govgrnor. contribu a total of $109 gcward -Col. Le,hman‘s cam- pal Ibr‘ Governor. : LEPHONE COMPANY RUDOIJPH s_ WEINSTEIN, Attorney for Plalnmtgs, Office &= P., 0. Address, 441 Ridge RON}, 1racka.w9.nnw._\, N, Y_ .N0v.310 1'1‘ 24 Ike. 1 8 mu\xa\\‘.ax1%n-Lv~NN¥;nM)iav1 [;TUwill pay ‘ outy[:$;‘icte‘?s ' fore you order 3 A L E BILLS

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