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\‘>I‘:\ EN 4*. , . ; I '';V 1' \- ~ \' -,-\U r. W-~\ —“{\\‘.‘-.': \’-'-23. ‘~*{v-L- ‘f’ V’ “\‘f.'?%\'R7‘& ' , .' 4-. _ o ‘* ’ {gr . ;- W. ‘,5 :92 I ‘ ‘, 3,, .--»---* ' A : .v . -M‘ .n.;......« -W '~-.,“:.3'-<s,_‘*;:’<; , . :»'«4\“-““ ‘V F 2,‘ - > » _ .. - u .: M «\14- e=.v.2;'«:.=.::.i- 5!, x;...:.;::5;:.~;;;?;. 5;, 3i;Vf' I . . v.- ;‘ .£r':% A \:Q:e‘:r,4.\~ ‘:3 .75\*‘.'\L’f-‘.1’ ;~:'»;;i:;::..<: w. 1-‘.'«. ‘rm. _ £- ;|+i9k-W.-1-h!;.N§w_-. ‘.1-!¢k!‘.'!’..|.'.'“‘\> 'N- Y» Tbufye 09!» 2911932 .\ - ‘_ ' _ ‘ ‘ «E-‘i.:. VShea?s Bu ‘Whit’: =0/h_e mét ‘Sh:‘1r1-‘Géqlllns, why the -absezxoe nrdxnu aattexidmg “our court unice you closed up y|31ll‘- cotvagé rm: Canada. S1-Ecru. ocrom-:3 CLEARANCE TRADE-IN SALE ‘V“;§‘:%.;§,,!;£n'3!;!i“8 ‘.3. *3\: *1; wxu/mu POWELL -Somepné called up Ab, 5036 Monday night and the answer was. Yes; ye‘-s‘, she is ’here,_ ' KAY mancxs In ~\0Na WAY I‘-Ass.mr:\ S'hea's ‘Great ?La'kes noeprealop: Al Calendar has been miss- lng lot s1on'1e time from his regular hnumts. whom 13 the mgnm A1, are ycm still waiving {or prosperity. FRANK 6-: MILT BR1'I'I‘ON BAND What is probably the moat ‘expensive as»; in ‘stage and‘sonee'n,hie.1‘9ry. came; up ‘Shea’s“Gret,s.t Lakes Thwmmay. Not only does the pjutlzro Iboast a number or well lmlawn screen nnmcxs.-but It a.L~o gon- tmns the entire tesfar or wp-notch ‘mdlo stars. ~ and huge llrondwny rgvue We have heard ms before that Adam Omen is falling on jar sum early nkxt mqmh. Ho xxiuxtm, Ed Pmaewsm to m.- tcnd but Edwardus‘ declined. -Ho clnnm: mam Aéram may serve thmt sum that xs made with your feet. ‘will Rogers in his uewesfc comedyrv Down To mar‘-uh. rwim Bu!ta1o’5 own, -Imne Rich and Dorothy J0‘I’d£|_ll'. will be‘ presented at '8}iea's somcg Frlday'.nndA Saturday. wit1h' matuwc Saturday. mg ?ndd:ii'.tlbn‘,\on the same: ipr‘ogram'.' will -be \The Doomed Bmai-ion. reacurlhg Tale, Bimell new screen tllnd. Vllctor Vincent‘ and Llll§\I‘xe~nkol‘_ Added subjgcts also-j win 50 uisresented; ' '-Dhe fascinating which wild animals. ‘in their native imbl: hold tor picture audiences is said to» -have nevar «been more clearly ~d¢m'anmcre.ted thxm in ‘Frank Buck's Bring ‘Em Alive. which starts Sunday at Slxeczrsi Seneca, Frank, -Buck is 15 ‘noted’ v.utzho_i'.- adventurer and‘ wild animal maestx'o.. Adduzl subjects. will include Failed Aé;'.a.n, by iqemuerr of the Tlmlian club: Athletic Dam. n champ reel: Ive Got. Me Again. a looney izoon: Herbert ‘Mac/man at: the grand organ and Shawn’ Seneca News. Gedrge Arllss. the mttsiu.-i‘ accox, will the seen in his lamest: triumph A Suc-‘ cesarm ‘Calamity. with Emlyn Knapp‘ and Mary Asruor, next Wuinesclay and Thlmsday. Arlisa is mid *to exceed his portrayals at Disraeli, The Millionaire and The Man who Playrea God in his latest wle. 0111128 sm-round;ing mu‘ will be Joe Penncr in Tomadnr: How I Hate ‘To Get Up, a semen sang; Cradles or Cllied. :1’ tmveltallz; l-Ierberut Mixe- ,Ah‘:u1 am the consiale oi the grand of- \gan and Sll8t£.'s Er.-nve-ca Ne-ws_ Shea’s Great Lakes FISCAL year closes October 31, and we are offering um. usual bargains during the month of October. ‘ October and November are the dangerous months of the ‘ year for driving. Trade in your thin, worn tires for Firestone ! non-skid tires, used by race drivers because ‘they are the L safest tires in ihe world‘. Bing Crosby. 9111- ace, with stunt: Swln mm -Leila‘ -Hyums saréen players rm-ax1~ the one-c.. Kn-te. sxmm, The Bos well Slsbers. Burns and Allen; The Mulp.‘ ‘Bros. Cab czmowgy vfmc1.}‘-I15 Cotaton Q1ub._ orchestra, Vincent ‘Lama and his Hq't\:l‘ \st_ magis. u1‘ches»L1‘a. Anbhur Tracy, The Street. singer and Donald Novls, silver-= vc-Iced tenor. head the radio aaa1:_ Boglnndng Thursday Not In luullu. Revue!‘ “'l‘lIl'J IIIG IIROA‘DC:\S'l\‘ wtvn Anchor ‘C,CI.\l.l Ca_, made the rounds in Laegaiwanna. man xyght. Ema cnosmr, KATE SMITH, nunus ‘ac ALLEN, s'rI.-mwr «mwm, LEILA mums, mus mos. Added Semen Bubjecta Val Horvat _pz‘om1sed'.t_he boys (mom the Bbuth Park swtilon to take thern. out for 2. In his new Packard, He promised he will v 113;: fdllowlng resgaumngs, Hidden Inn! l\‘J)hawk_ Gap- -‘per Fi'on't. _'!!he Peanut Vendor and Bom'b_ - Glen Schultz recently set a new world\‘s record for the Pikes Peak climb, where hair- pin turns were mindeat high speeds and where a skid or tire failure meant death. All won-ld’s records on road and track, for safety, speed, mileage and endurance are held by ~Fix\estone Cum-l;)ip- ped Non-Skid tires. Many may gather (mm ‘the title that’ the picture is in me -naacuze <0: zs revue‘, but it distinctly is not, Rather It is ur lxumzyn story at we secrets and events that happen in. a'g*1‘eat mdlo studio ox,‘ .111-e lntrlgugzs or smamon t1€31i1St.':‘-loatllrgn‘ ,\v1nt1'x an abundxanae oi! comedy. and ‘thrqugh it. all (1 'down.-to-earth. com vmolng love story. _ ZS’h'ea’s Century The Romance 0! 1000 -Drama! ! P ‘Since when John Qulnan you must. , .. mrg horses to ‘pull your Plymouth coupe? “.\s_An1soN squana S'hea's Century Our good. old Capt. Rcse uses kid «gloves when pushing his car In Wldmer alley. Come in today and exchange your smooth, thin, worn tires for the safest and best tires you can buy. They cost you no more — besides, in this October Clear- ance Sale we will give you a liberal allowance on your old tires in exchange for these safe non-skid F ix-astone aims. Madison Square Garden with an 2131- atar cast headed by Jae}; Oaksle, '1‘Lomas Malghan. Marian Nmon, ‘William Comer_ sr. Wavrrcn Hymer, Zash Pitts. Lew Cody Wlluam ‘Boyd and Robert Elliott. will be presented at Show Cen.:1u'y starting Frldzxy, The story includes within its scrpo the whole penummlc mo of thé‘ sportlng \v\.r1d. Added stiisjécts alsd w1.11 be sh.awn_ . Wtth consummnm: skill. t_.11c authms and d.rec'1.or of Madison Squxu’-e C‘.».u-den have me. r-wovzrn L115) history‘ 9: Amer~ ‘xi-.111 spcms and of Madison Squ,u‘e Gar- den. as wen 41.; the drama psoullur to the spcn-ung olommt of m!:4:1§~rn Hfu. mnto the 1nmv:ddate p1ot_ With JACK ‘OAKIE, MARIAN NIXON Imus B, Maloney the man abaut town atone time but new bologna. The Firestone tread in de- nluneci with anuleu and pro. leellolin Io ulve the Inuxlmmn traction and non - skid. ‘flue brake» can stop the wheels. but the line: mun: stop this car. THOMAS‘ MEIGHAN, ZASU p1'r'1'§ Great Surrounding Blll “ ‘me rinndsomer looking cop, car] Czurnlejewski was special pills which fnnkes him free wheeling. ‘S?hea’s Hippodrome when S. Ludw-lg Vukelic reaurnecl {mm his lag: lmntxng {mp he ‘sand he go: mm. on: bird and Capt. Smith re- marked ho hoped 1t was not :1 sparrow, Beginning Saturday PREPARE YOUR CAR FOR WINTER 'DRWiNG R_ K. O. Vaudevnlle, headed by compare Qonstruction, Quality, Price AL MAMAUX Enzrtmge Imtorlucln MLatro-Go',ld\vyn- Mayer’: senszntlonul film w‘HLh Norma She.u-er and c*1m'k Game is now p1a,m‘.g no ‘nlxnast capucny houazs at. the Er- lmxgtr Lhezuwr, IL L, in every rapes: vaomhy or high place «m :;creeu achieve- mcnts. Cel Shea was seen execrcismg his night fem. 'Fircs¢o..aae SENTINEL TYPE ARTHUR & MORTON x-IAVEL Sheas Hippodrome A1 Zahorskl now srlls nexvspapers. W i‘*.!;!‘..\°\i‘!:;?:s1:::° From hr: Mcculfroy was seen walking mm fire I\ .1(l([l'|(\l‘l£I1': w:th an Ice cream con.» 140-21 ? 4.50-2 3 4.50-21 -$.75-2 '1 4.75-:10 5.004 9 ' 5.00-20 .5.0(I-21 5.2.')—HI 5.5-21. 54-15 449 4.6‘? 1 5.'~*.'_.' ; 5-33 5.55 I 5.93 ;.ao [ 6.30 6.85 WHEELER 6.: WOOLSEY Stmuzng S?Cu1‘dny Shea's II1pp::c1x~:m':- will o‘1\1' us on all .~;:m~ prog1'.x'm cf RKO Vuudfrullle m c.on~]uuc-9;.on v::'n.\ B41 Wlh ITL‘ and Rabat‘. Vvocltey in than‘ 1n‘r*:Ir. Lxugh riot. Hold ‘Em Ja11_ ‘R in “HOLD um mun- There is sxxpqenm artolsn-‘y in the» per- form'nca. by Norm.A Shearer as the neurotic Nmn I.1..~'\.l5,. selfish. love-hum gry. over-sexed d::m.ghtc-:2 of 0. cc.‘.1s;ge prc/fewer: by Clark Galbie as Dr. D-.xrr<.-I1 “mom she raved. IanIr\m- or her son who ulwnys thought. 11:15 dad was ano-zhcr; by Ralph Morgan. portraying Charlie Mnradran, hho mle he had in the stage c<.'mpany:: by May Robson as the stem unbending mother of tune man Nina married. a part played by Alexander Kirkland. who also gave 9. good account 0! hlmstll. V\\\v n A1 C: .van vxsfts Lakawanmx he usxully l:,ov:~.s an overcmt. 10 IO 1.“ EC The Lhuug of a. przson f3L\t.ball team is fuxmy enough to began with But when It Is cmmierl out -Ln the extmsame when (.114: en‘u.x'e px*l.~.-an as g1ysx1.a col- lege -:.txn:.spher: vslzth bands. cheering ,=ect.1on.<, and an mblxtzalnstuc alumni with quaint, and onlcglmu nmthcd-x of obtaining new gnldiroxl talc.-mt, the basic idea msny becomes a\ lmlgh not Just ‘how funny the whale non‘-=.ez1:vaca1 whim can be. will be ¢l£!!I\\“tx').'L-;J.l‘(l:1f19\'l 1119 Hold ‘Em ‘Jan. Baldy P:-zcr O'Rourke sometimes acts as n punch hitting sponsor for the L P. D, 11.30 ?..:.'.'..3 13-34 Thnvt c.\_d war nurse Robert Clark will won jam that old (ball and chain gnng so {Ar hr has r1mI.:ecI the Clam club (1! Lnckmvanlm and vhe Chiscler cluh members, . ‘f’ \ _.¢r}{‘ Ed Pmte-wskl Is now running (wound rm block in worder to reduce that extra large gmtcr, Upon being checked up by ‘the ne1ghborxs_ they round he was just cirdldng xx conrete ublok. Shea's Kensington Sheas Buffalo. HOME MISHAPS can t ‘ frame you with a bill of expense that will cha'nge your whole outlook. Why take chnnces when an (ETNA Accident Policy not only pays doctors’, hospital and nurses’ bills ‘but protects you against loss of income, too! In Maurice Chevalier and lovely Jean- nette MacDonald are -nppexwing cm. the semen at Shem’; Kevnslnghon in cheiir lntesb and most dc-1lg=hIJul comedy dmmva. vwnich muszlc Low: Ml’: 'I‘omghu_ Benny mum in The B:-rlect. Suvor is the comyrdy and n.Fisl1erm.ur. Ree-l Color scales is an mbzracnlve subject, Cc/medy and drnmxx will be presented on Friday's and Saturday's program -with Chester Menus and Billie Dave in the coxnecly tho, comedy Cock of the Air mad Passport. Ito Hamil. stark drama, wimh Elissa Land) and Paul I..u.lms, Sher: xiaels are included in the program and Saturday matinee the firm episode or the -thrilling new serial Jungle Mysuzry wllith Tom Tyfier will be shown, 70.000 Witnesses. isomltrtmllng entirely new and exoitzmg \in the line or nvarrlerr mysteries. is blocked for Sunday, 1\‘en- tiny and Tuesday Oct. 23, 24 and 25 with a grown ‘cast Inclmling Clmrlea Ruggles. Phillips Holmas. Dcarotghy Jor- unn Keunni\l1 Thompson nnd new Cody. ‘Two grcmt pictures will! be shown Wednesday and Tiuirsday evenings. Oct. 26 and 2'4‘ an The WL-shington Mes- qu'ex~mlo with Lxo Barrymore in n gnem. 1010 and Big City Blues featuring Jcmn Illnmlloll and Eric Linden, _ William Powell and Kay Francis are men together agum in One Way Pus- snge, which su.\rt,s Friciny at Sheals Bur- iuio. 01) mile stage will be the smash- ‘ing ‘comedy ML of »Zi:gfe‘-id Fxziiies. Frank and Mm: Brlltizm Elma, \\'|'.-Eh Gv.-ne Gary and Tire and other acts. As .1 special ndciid attraction. there will be Chagric/late Ayres and Con-‘puny in Black Ani.'_ Fred Schmitt. will make his dtbut as conductor of tho Shea Buffalo sym- phianiic ensemble with an overture and Mr, mid M1-s_ Herbie \\'l1I preside at twin consoles in an organ novelty, One Way Passage opens in Hong Kong. on blue eve of the vizssc-1'5 tie’- pku*'t.\11'e, the action carries acauss the Pacitic. stopping en rcvuite at Htiwnii {or in day, and moving reiemlessly to its climax as the Golden Gate is passed. To ohnmin the mnkinlain degree of ne-nlism iior thvse L5-l';P'JillSh1]) scenes. Warner Bros. Gllii!‘t8l'L‘d an ocean liner. complete with of and we-xv mid, iuimed it into n EH.-lldl fol‘ Slit clays. Lester Rmxber is lmlrng nmuml mhe town for nu application ns :1 sp£‘c!.=\l trwck driver. He alsulms he posseses all the prop:-r qlmrlmnations such ns miss- lng gasoline tanks. t.r!e-grr-pl: poles. curb sinus, or any other s-mtlounry m-tsicle placed near curb stone. ! ANTI-FREEZE ‘ No morn [roam nu’:-’.---..n. . Mrcetouc Auu-Eu-.-u u'$0~§ ' : f‘_ you! our cum. \ m .-+2., _ >~ plrtc pruu-nu ,'.;;&7::&‘1°\_' txou. (Inn [in U >. . lastaa.’lu-into.-. 9 _ «we; . % » 5 S ~ as I -‘-uh», ‘ ._\|.~ ; d‘ . perms}. ‘~‘:‘:-iv: Th» buys. from the Donner plant would like to know If Hot Dog Stanley .1= workmg on the La<.k-.\vmmn Fire de- pguwtmem /ETNA-IZE As a brondca.-21.01‘, the rmkw nronmn Jblm Schxvnlbuch 15 100 pcr cent. Ho c-!In1ms he mu give yr.-u the hlstorv of Lackmxmxua since 1903. If an need or any informntitn m‘.>x.'.2t our clmy. look him up at me lmmclqxxnrters. Today! Who can tell about Innonow 2 K3 ' KLEIN-HEGEDUS CO. “INSURANCE win: as .vIcs'- 447 -RIDGE ROAD uACKAWANNA. N. Y. ABBOTT 0001 FREE BRAKE TEST I ( K V Free Spark Plug Test Firestone Exlrn \ulu(' Spar}. l‘lu;_'aur1-l'o\s or 51.-uh-ul Dnulnlr TL*:.t(-Ll lo insure suli-Lu lnrv :<\r\?r('. \Luh- in 7%“ }‘ir|-nluvu-'3 n.\n.~l f\‘ 4-Ni’:-ienl ‘park \..«¢‘ _ Plug Fuclnry. As: low as aw c ' 9 7'3 9/, ‘ V LP5'tEI'Ra11bx?X‘ now ‘ms u. 1‘ W tn’ \' -«vrltr-, out cmceks t.>h-H. n“? 1: s‘ mndv nu M )'Ubk:u' nncl (10.5 not place duh on vthom, “Smdy\ D1‘nzc'.o\\sKx as on 1.11: \vz-fen‘ \\.'.'g(.n jmi! c\\‘:'.ly 30 (Lu): 1 much lunger old top° Smooth. quiet brake notion with Firestone High Speed . Brake L'lning‘—-The F ircslonc 3 Aquapruf process coats every ! and insulate: the lining no it I‘: nocq bywawr D modatuu. [F Y O U N EBB Lttterlmads ~'.'Larz}'s. Il V036 era Statements Circular: Cu~.g:\n‘ulnr‘1oz1s F1 Ro=’.n=‘: -\\.~x =z1ul1..u II V‘ czw of h :41 d Is‘: oh uh: boy. The dowble-feature pzogmm for Fri- day and Bciimrdny Oct. 28 and 29‘ has Mnmlon Drwles m Blondie or me Follies and Ken Mnynxxm ‘in Texas Gun Fighter, M'\r~ l)u'=, Ft‘\\\=r'I-I‘ F\‘r'v- '\ 'I‘lm1n1tl\S1_a1:<-r qu\ dx::kIm: ‘x bear and started to purw-.11 Just pl nle. CHARLES J. DUGAN CIIARLB \HERB SONS COAL. COKE. SOFT COAL. ICI and IUILDIRS SUEPLIII - Ot 1240 80. Park. Abbobt 0900 Yam: 1234-1248 south Park Ave. Alston In‘:-J Enyeiopes Billheuds II‘ Illything‘; eisg in tho. print line. Come in and see us. 5-» - -‘un--9--tn» SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS BM Chief Mnmn -\‘ls-‘cl ra-rlv °\W on 1195: any off 13 mg. I'_ If A N-g‘!H?c1'etl right 1497 SOUTH PARK AVENUE ABBOTT 1900 ‘_ P \ Ed Plmewslxx wnnns to join 1:11:-. S P C. A. no Ilkes ta servo \-mt»-1' 1.0 st-my odgs but he pvnfwa to s:-rrvo pct dogs ’ Gonvenient to \Evert/t/zit Rhone Abbott 4501 M. EDW. STALTER LONG I.-[FE Gutters: and Conductor Plpo neatlng lloofllll S, L. V. jr, gnnmx plonny of tzmmngo this your, He Just purchnso(l :1 new gymnnslum suit to replace that old one of last. yvnr. [.!' If you euro to have your lawn dug up Iook up Bill Mmhnnoy. Ho is an ex- pert In this line, no just dug up his 6x0 la.wn- In exactly 10 days. Joe» esph Jcnnetu acted as tlmekeepcr, lrurnuce iupnlrllll 435 now Ava. nelr Anna Ion DON\! BE MISLED V ONLY ONE OFFICE‘ EYES‘ EXAMINED BY APPOINTMENT HOURS 9 A. M. To 6 P. M. EXCEPT SUHDAYB Cloud Saturdays st 12:00 Noon wmn 5195 Cleve 2555 The Other any Frank Hmby sxhdt 5 out of 5 clay Ibdrds but he used Stmuey Sohwiecklors shot gun. He himself owns a left. lumdczl gun. Upon looknng up the typists family tree at the E, 65 C. omce M. gbes back: to Paul Revere days. Peel: under the ales}; and you shall see_ ;-::-‘.';,, . ’ e a ,@ .5» «-32 \’ ..-oeavv B111 Brod'hagen'5 chest is ‘swelled up lately. He thinks he is the best clay Ablrd hooter in this burg, Just because he shot. 19 out .0! 25 he thinks he 15 a champ; -DR. WILLIAM J. COOK ‘OPTOMIJTIIIST V 142‘ Broadway. mar Mlchlgun Ilwbmhed 1890 Bu N. '1. Adam ~Omort will soon smrt tounlng the 5 and 10 stores ltd do 1115 Chzrlsbmaa shopping, Shirl Collins while on vacnt-Ion drop- ped a. line '60 ponds lzeadqtmrterra. Hem it 15: Saw pienty of Onklnnds stalled on the mghwaym but no 1Bulck's, 'SUB,SCRlBB FOR THE LACKAVVANNA NEWS ,x‘.;,’;1“5v\ Quick depe starting u ilh ' Mrenlone Cum-ier Type Bul- lcriéa. 13 full size pistes--Fuily guuaulced by Firestone and ourselves. i - r9*;2T«._'_f._ ‘ ‘ ‘ Y‘ «X s . ' f‘-~.' 3 - You \\~\\] om Iomcy I Sonlino|..._..$6.I5 And ! SMIICICM ...._. Your I Supu'nov....... 9.20 Baa“ ; Extra Pawn. 13.30 \‘\3' } Precinion and e in mam 1 ufmzturiug Firestone lhlleriel , iveo VIII En:-u Values. You'll ‘ Cnduu Pane:-— Longer Life In Flnutono lhneriea. 7 use 3 Mn-zm ‘rest g

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