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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, September 29, 1932, Image 4

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'3.‘ .. .- .- H. ..«-~-«-—-~\ M\ “:\‘*'“...r“ »*'-_ .‘ .,._ ,__ ..y--a g4. -- \' '7' ' M ' .' . < \ ‘3g':%‘§\:f I 1‘! . .‘:r—¢'g Q .__\I !\,J.«L 3 ~. L... 1 3:! ~' ' ' \ 4 g«.- a_.z‘u:3 hckawénhn N¢W!s 5|-4!-¢liIW9ni‘u’~. YE.» .’l.'!!im-T» 5.91%-_29'»_ .19-3.2. TOWN’S ’PHONE MN JBIJIND, 'CLlM?BS1POLES Strings Wire and Di RepaIrs—-Says Ears Are His. Eyes Totally blind. but having super-ears and a ,keenI_y deve-luped, sense of ‘touch which serve as‘eyes for him, sliing Taylor. of weny. uklahoma. is we town’: telephone man He opera,le.~ the sw-ltchboard which serves some lmy subset-lbers. \snoots\ (trouble, In stalls lnsu,‘-uments. swings wire and sets poles. it is no uncommon sight} to see him walking about_ the streets at Welly in though he -had perfect eyesight. Yvel he has been blind since he was six years old. when a dynaxxiite cap ex pioded in a tire near which he was playing. He has not allowed *h_is_‘bi,in,d_ nos; :10 handicap him. He taught him: self the telephone -business. through which he support: ‘himself. wife and thin children, «-. Asked now It is possiblev tor a ‘blind ‘person to operate the switchboard. he regplied: ‘-‘-1 can generally -tell which signal has come in by the sound It makes. it that Iaila. 1 run my hand along rue bon_rd_ until '1 (1nd the drop which Ms fallen.\ GLASSES Eafvlz When Taylor goes hunting to: trouble he sometimes takes a one armed neighbor along L0 help mm 10 gate 11. 'l‘ay1_or tolls him what '10 :00): (or. and when the neighbor finds 1: Taylor places 2115 ladder against um pole. climbs up and mend: the break. \.7 i'‘«‘, Y A 4 Losing his eyesight early, Taylor did not go to school like other boys. but gradually acquired a knowledge of the -braille system 0! reading. Gon- uquently he spends his lelsure hours rnding magazines which are puh llahed in braille. ENGLISH DEATH VALLEY HAS ‘PHONE Death Valley. California. which has de man for many generations. 1: now linked to the outside world by telephone. The telephone line ever constructed In -the tampus area was recently completed and the first can over the new line which traverses the desert waste lands was made to \Johnnie\ Mills. prospecwr and mum-r». I resident of -the desert since the '90‘s. He went :0 Funjnace Creek Inn where he received mo Inaugural can from Lou Anhelea. The new line was const'I‘ucled'h'on\ Baker. California. on a zransconunen» III telephone route over the desert waste lands. in [Furnace Creek Inn Other smnnus nre located at ‘Death Valley J,unc!.1uu and Shoshone. CITIZENSHIP CLASSES '{ ~“§‘,I Banana Filling Is Real Treat SCHO0LS \\_;‘ ll‘) is a cake lllllng of irresist- lblv rluvor and llulliuuss. It re- tains 11 \\'|llppl‘lI \(-l'»\-ulninoss.\ lust tlw kind you want. for quite an pen-lml of time. ll l-In nv my.-pun-ml Me or six hours uhwul of use. \\'l1ip1|m,l v\:1[m!‘2ll(‘(| milk ls_eIn- xvh-_\i-sl mmh- to .~mn:l up ll!’-mly nn-‘I uttljm,-tI\‘¢.~l_\ by the addition of It-mun _hll(‘\'. If you haven't tried Hm c~x[u-rnuc-nr of mlding.|t=n1on juice tn (-xup--rate-d milk \\'l1lp1u-(I in the H--,:ulur way (sculded. chins-cl and uhimmd in an co1d.hmv! “ilh :1 Huh! lac-ut--r). you are ;.'uim: to hzuo uuilv .1 kn -hon adventure! Banana Fluff Filling. 3| ouu c-mp. rulcd I/h rup u:nfec- Hulk tlunc.-r'.~nsuL:u,r I Hun. lemon 2 bammas, Jun-e sliced .\'ruJd milk mm‘ hulllm; water. (‘hill thmwnu-,;hl_\. then whip until sulf. A-‘M h-mun Julvu um,l whip u1:i4l_ \(‘l‘_\‘ sum l\0ld In tho slxgaur. 1.2:) SH('(‘(| hzumrvns on lay:-r of (-uku. The cake ~zlnmIld be cold. Rpm-ml \\‘Ith_ the mung. Top with am-und Inn.-r 01' «-: Ru and sprinkle with (-nnfN!lluno1\s sugar. Serve vnlrl, Ylulclr I?‘Ilhn;_: sutllolent for n tu-n»lu,u.-r I.-uko D\ 3 I)\. 11 will hophunl to llml u more (minty. utu'uvLl\1- .1141 |nll_|lt0»|>l(*tl:I- lug mung fur p..,m~ 1.-uke or gold cake than this. R:-unouxbcr mu}, when you fool compl-m\ly dead on mains fnr d(--:sm't —\\hen you dos- poruto1_\' wunt .~.u-n11(‘.thIm; unusual, and wonder whut to serve. [D [T will pay you‘ to is! our,p.rz't‘:cs e- fbre you order 7:30 P. M. SA LE BILLS ’_;~:,.w,‘»’=$1\.;’! 311$? Rd \;’é‘\!?‘~J¥[M\7’}§5)‘Ii.{'l‘ ’ Q t 1! 3 : ‘ .31. -3451‘ ‘ft. ,' :4’ .., :_

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