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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, September 29, 1932, Image 3

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.c,.. 3; ..‘-“_- ‘ ‘s. 1 .K£\>:.::‘r_£|~\: %W —,' '\ ..,_-..-.g\_,,...—_.~.-.. —. ; . m§\§1§.; Q '3.-s9.h.wIn_ni :N'°.w.‘8. ‘l-a¢.h.wu..\..n-. N.-.YT-. '.l\:|.u_IrA-u i‘i-l‘zv¢.- 12- 1932. .. 5.13.‘ ‘S‘hiea’-5 Buftalo OF 1 New York Greatest. Distribution - Point of Vast Fisheries Industry ANTS ‘ELECTROCUTED Ijuqn-.u,u\',I3.I1D ill: or Iwlmmass «On ‘Phone Switéh-‘Hook, Ciuot ‘Noizel Una Troubk. macs m.-a;.na=.ua in ’GEE«‘A.'I.‘ Jlilillalil: anow on we -scream ' Kjma vznoxrs vulnfu or 'PMlAl)l Sl1'~* wma noyoik mu-n..Io «8.eve,1'a1, \vom‘¢x'x. |\T«tun<1D'd _V.‘.n:nagul4q-. mecupg at me \\\f3l§ye1I'a -12sermo¢wa.t_¢o Club oz am ccmmny. hem Mcmaay évexyzna m. Detfn.!_ac1~w; heasiquapta *i3rlw.€e:I.' Eil mama. Fvwtutes M mdetlm was an mama by Frank -L SW-Yllx of mg Yowms Men‘: Demodmig and auem!‘-ly_ vtgy the Kdma Mu. -!., 8t.<..>¢.E:~rA 1,6 1=.=.*=s;dex.1t “ox t.h.t.-. 0381?»-.18.-fvioxx. Wmxams. 1-‘me caunty nefviéo :l,o1,\f1oe-r: T11: (gag valup uf t1\0E_e cwgulcaucs uhaxmts. '90 0-'.=00.‘090, $.11-£1 ’<.-M 5.0 Pin‘ 06.11% John -13 ‘allowabf.’ W8.-!l_ ~01 tXN,9Ii\~.‘}Io p0lnme<.1. -gut. mat my menu 1110: ha! ta-l'>P11e<.1 191‘ adhlaved‘ WNW ;, T; W1 has not, xeposvea ms gdjuauod:-spa:-vice ohrvmswve or. ‘check mo-ua wrrxinsiuuoate -W.1.th. tho Vewrup‘ ladxnttiittrcéuiia u}vI.mx the A number Which gpg lgn uge 9.1_u-mo‘: sum «by ward, Nt.svY,','9eq>,a,:~c,-. menu wknuwlcdziammt at ap- 1_>»l.!0a.M.°I:- %Fu1ton-Market i \ 25,ooo Caau‘-loads of ‘Fish Annu_a‘lly—‘Fift-h of Nation’: Msuppély-.———-Busineu lncrefucd 20% in Six Year- Elbctroéuleql pm: on the Switch- nook 0.1’ a gelephope in service in Long Beach. Ca,Ii:onn,l_a.- recently conaiiiutod the novel gauqelnf 6 shout circuit or the line, So unusual ‘and baffling was the trouble l,haJ_ ‘the repairman installed I new telephone Instrument In vlace. 0! the old one before the cause wna lo- cued. one of -the. Oldest and largeng 1n.. duitrles 0! the Anauan. II. the l!1(l‘\1nt,r¥.. and its _xjteat_ea,t diam-lhu_-. Hon c9n‘te;- la the Fulton Market In New Yo.x:k- City. This, okj market; for mormhan 8:1 centuxy the Mecca of en.-men and dealers. supplies ap- proximately on¢+ or l_h_e papulatloxl or -the country w-ltll it; qea road. It handles qlgout 500;o00,000 pounds or low; 25.000 car loads 0! annually at supply which has grown more than -twenty per cent during the past. six years. about per» cent of the nail are brought to the market by water routes. Slightly more than titty ger cent 0! -the shipment: are made over railroads. special tish trains being a, tegture 0,! this ‘phase of the trgtnsppvtation. The ‘remaining thirty-tiye per oent of the ghtpntents arrive by motor trucl(a—a comparatively new. and rapidly grow- ing (actor In s|_)eed_l1_1g slupmeuterrom the nearby llsh.l.n.s waters-7 *1‘-here «Ite- llljs no railroad. terminals near the mar- ket. trucks ‘also serve at’: the transpor- tation link with these terminals, while-the raiiiroads and other means or speeqy transportation have played a great. next in expanding the fish busi- ness 0! New York. ma.k.iuz'it possible (or people in the interior section; of_ the country to enjoy (rest: ‘null from the sea gs we1I_ as {rent distant rivers and lakes. rapid communication sets vices-. including 'th_ose of the telephone Au.-«.1 Man mantra S:h.ea.’s. ‘G.rre:a7t Lakes Examining the original instrument. icbeyrepuirnygn iirst suspected gixoiiguro an the. cause. but upon dismantling-and Qbsorvving the switch_-hook. he found a large cluster of red ants on the con- tacts and qmgshed between my springs. The tints had evidentiy crawled up the cord into the base and from there up the transmitter rites to the switch-hook. New. taxes tmboued by me bmlon dollar revenue Jew a lump which 1:c'asL_e_d August; eo1l4_aot31_ons_ ‘to 079,940 310, an zncmse tug ua.25a.a4g ever My tu;a4a..17o over Aueua.t,. 1.03!- me m'=n..thl'y bx ‘me Intw-ml “Revenue aumau.‘ waanlnemx D... 0.- showed. the mes we mcresmvl so wit that, prospect; '9'}-em ‘they would crux c.1<.».wn the sa9§;18'§ma qetmegg guest up Slime July 1., 'I‘1_'-as qrwsol-'—.!¥A<s Wax 3!-anz; an August gbmug-m an Qs.‘.94_-L95‘? he o<.:m,-. with -g58.8.,«16,1 wg.-med xii July. ‘B°8,1’l\_!!1‘.\G 'I‘h.\.ll‘.(’o5\¥ A snark? reduction db» the xxiomh. 1° moI.1=h- mmmsie an we msumncjo come -may loans to pollmyddm. In -Mt. 1.; n gamed by in-W-:m<.'=e cinema and c-voxvctsnts as an. iiwwuon 0! ‘|.VV.:‘,»\X'I“- -mg corytlstenzre smd avslgxx 0.1: ‘coming bet: termem m b.\\al.n¢as.._ Pgu1t4t.‘i\l%!'-1)’ alga 'x.m\\m.m tin the %‘f,c.4xs 9!’ -a\whdI'w!.e.s. is ~t9«.<=n;. mo. July .po_uey vldgns or 40 {autumn mo Axum‘-mo: 'comp_a.n»!,es, annweq the mmnwmwmat siucé February. 1920 ml hing. 215 per cenlt, 6: me stun gas; ginuaxy. vb! veal: valued at we year. ’- l.\’§¢‘¥ '.1‘1.\.!'i_W!|.8‘3°¢n6 ANOIMEIY \l|lll§'G ‘BM BACK A|<,1.\’l'1\ Located In 3 coloxwlgl setting. on the l.o’\.ve:-1 -Immhatzan hauls or -the East myrer, overshag1Q\_ved by giant bridges linking the island wign 31-ooklyn. and Where amps tram, many watera mingle In the ports trade. Fulton Market Is, indeed a busy mart., Before. the me tropolis expanded into many a.:‘>.vough.a. It was the center 0,: the retail an well I-‘ollowlng gs uerleq of hold’-up: in ‘which, me employees or butcher shops ln New Haven, Connecticut. were locked up In the lee -boxes of their en- tabllshmenta, the telephone company in that city recently made a number at special lnstallallons of telephones in these boxes, so that anyone locked in mlgln quickly sumnlan pollce ald, ' TOM \l0V\\A.l\:? IN CQMFZIQY Gust. Qnrmulidlnl. .Shea’s Century Erie cmuxty chimtov 0! Gold. A7l0t.hei‘s observsxl Gold ucsthwsz my ‘whim. services. held, In We Grace otzmoh. Buxfalo. Beivvtcen were con.- dlseted by. the Bgav. 0. Napier Smszh t.\sé'!9t.e.<.l. by ‘the Rev, 4.?I,x_tu‘~l.«s P §x'3us‘lI- U911. l4e;;nl_o11nq1‘l£a and aungllimfy melnbere trwn throughom. the c<.2u.-m;y'at.ten<_1er.J '.I‘h.‘B day war} Qhsignaved by G¢,>v.Roos,eve1t as Gold 5.!’-:”i!‘*N{1*§he1_v's dsavthnauczhc-\A.t New York» F°SlmN1:Il& RIM! ‘.5131.-.53\.' H.193’ (All 38113.1) |.'-rei Répresxmmtive nmvllb I-1., 1..-:.(_.l*u§\r<I,I:i o1_ Néw York is opto_mls,tlc up my belle! t-Ixqt. lemxiizet wan, soon. be: a. real.-. my. He to1c|_ his c1nsvt_.l,tu_exyt.§ in 5 xe- oem aclclress that !t. “an ovgr,\ ex-. cent {hm leglpl-atlvo v,_uc_l; that uqcntng s,h<.>r~t at 9 emnxmmnents t.a:12~w« v-lmwrs. and tnsax appetite tow emit cc,ru1<.! stand in M19 way or r'epe£t.1- He sum hut legalized should in 110.5: s'|‘r-Iv th_I.we momlis after Conzwss. con.- venes 1.2:. D9¢°mber- 5\\|.«.\'lA_ CLABK Telephone operator: serving San ‘Francisco's Chinatown speak both Chi- nese and English. \Day Huey Bin She Ah\ mean; \Number please,\ and “Yow yan gong gau\ «means une is busy, AND HER “B_llt'l‘I~ll)AY l‘All'l‘\\'- 0!! QM. 3.°l.'¢0:!J 1\D1\v V ‘ 93951. IN 1}“; EAMIIAN Bcports. trom Edward J Z.on.e_~er., c.ou.u-. ‘EY .5t’I.‘V'1.<¥£> umcer. show 11 ‘tom! vi 8473?‘ 45 paid 10' Erie cam-any vetgerans :13, com-. “1>en.9.\tL-on. and. d.L9¢.t.l‘J1.l!-1,! a1.l.o.\.van,C€5, ‘dams August. Mr. 2-.en:g;-r also xepom 1531 qg:-33¢ qaggs. (mg 808 s3ctg1Ve 01511111 lyefoxe the United States Yetexi-am. B\_lm.\u.- JACKIE. C.00l'»F:!1 C0Nl3,«.\D. .,\‘z\6E3.!<, ISOLATED BEACH BECOMES BIG STATE PLAYGROUND 1101.8 ‘V\\l.I«SON Shea’s. Hippodrome An 111919992 buréen cl! etmauon on Erie County is predicted by the Bultalo giuxnlcipnl, Rxseétcn hwuagu as a result, 01 «t.h_e 0,12; delmquggmcy Blt\,I_; an tin; '-i-‘wns I Anrhevst, qhfoe \ '1,‘<>.n_a,~. wanna and west. men: was HI :1: in. conn9ct.1,oh. with. I. rcport to nu; -Erie Qoxuuty Survey com-. mlttere which -1_s nuuqgg an eI5t,ensl\.'e survey 01. out»! govgxmxmt The It- port. w!.1.iI.a. brtr-31.113 out tw rapi.dIv In.- <\:wsu_*:g cast, or. wxmt ex: mi,-Sid, doubt in to. {met-11¢: gdpgm-. @1031 at Buffalo. l'r<m_\_ the rent '9!' this newt)’ would p:‘7Ve qdvmtagim New Y_ork'vs latest ocean playground. Jones Beach, on the sonther-n shoze of Long Island. is a striking example at the etfectiyenes: of wellaplgtnned high- ways and also of rapid communication which is so vital to the operation of a modern resort or this type. Before the Long lsland State Park Conimiusion conceived the idea or a gigantic causeway, over four miles in length lrom the mainland across the Great South-Bay to the bench, the mug- nliicent neannoro hero was enjoyed each season by only a_ bandtui of peo- ple, most of whom made the tlmeooxr euming and tedious trip by terry boat, over shitting channels and Today. over the cross-bay highway. wide enough for four lanes or automo- bile trajllc, thousands q_uicl_:_ly males the journey from the nonlnl_and to take their dip or get, 2. breath of the sea. Also along the beach the motorist a splendid driveway. In serving the n111ltit:1.:‘+2a patronlz; ing the new resort. the telephone has played lts part from the very begin- ning, Lines were first extended from the mainland to link the construction forces. Later. to serve telephones in the nuuierous beach establishments. 29.000 feet of 110-pzlir cable was laid along: the highways and under sections or the bay. One important use of the serv: 0 has been to connect the State Polic posts along the museway and hem‘ 'i‘he beach has expanded con-. aid hly during the two years since its - cning and the use or the tele- nh. has multiplied accordingly. Alfred 15- .Srn-l.th‘s silence on. party 'l>°1tv1es. will and cine M-. aasoola,§%-.5 am x kw goes as a, cl.=1eEa»a to the Degxocxxmc stwe qmjxvenuizm Oct. 3.11.1. Albany. It as, very vossxble he mu be ma one we plane Idem. Gov Hex~b,ert, H. Imam-nu hi n.vmh.1_ut.«1~=a.x. as 9 8_\.1.be_II.'rm1oml -w:5.11_d.a.t9.. it. me -111, Whdlher move on the “ham! WW !.\l0tI\'nr_t M11. us. my; beuwen 9.11.6 1.9.88 and 1.9!! i,tum<,!-Ara. |.x?am:s, 1.: M11 9 r.m.t.t.er- 01. 'Ii1'!?W.1.& tn. pomtcal ctvclqa. ' .'i¢8§!!.n.’-!,I(_! sacurday Women: Story aver Told. Z_0MBll1\ BILLA. (D.!i:\.Cl.‘l+‘). I-I-‘G031 DIADGE I.1I:!.«leA.MY And other- non DIEMHINQ Ar ORGAN Addqq Sm-you Bubgectl DOUBLE; WEDDING _- SQLEMNIZED HERE ‘ ‘“.l['“ N W‘ !l|\'ll1W Harry L. E10939»): olxalrmnn or the State 'r¢:'upo'mr-I Rang 9<1m1n!St.x:&,t\on has xieporml what the ommzawvxx by a,d&.xm.=n¢¢ to 9 \P0¥1.°u at smut, ecommiv is «me we return so. tm ate-to 339.377. rix: aliou 3.30 per cm: 0! the 8189-000 f.\u,1.d.é. pgo by tm; L,e;1u_;l_at;\uje {or admmgs-. t_vs_ut_!l_ve expeusa's_ as the agency. I-iron; way. 1. 1981 umu June 1, of mus yea: the gux_x_1j}11s-txfsmoxm exp¢_anv.le:i uv’1.-I945-16 of mo sggge {unqs {ox} vale! or me \_u_\- enml.bs'e<,1. 01. wh,1.dh. expnrsstlturea for rux.1‘n:1n.g expenses its -2¥1gh~tI_s' less than 1 pet: cent 6! the total V Am:-\n,s the many mroea, “i'3l'K“.1_8 tar business xyecoyary and q ;xorm‘«1l_ contu- won. one of the {neat po,we1:fu_I and agg the sarxup tune .1ez_a.gt, .:_\3t,1oed is the steady tjetmm or money £1-om hbqxrdzng Into Qlml Whilla '11: 31,3 djgfjcult to‘ be 0X8.l1$. @319 ’1.‘1.\5’5\.5U.-\Y 01.10. ‘5‘°d,e1.\1.1_ 3.v°5'°“V0 caf \ tu-¢_.- gm 139 calculate on ot -\ mm of fxjom O25.000.0,00 to g5o.oo0.or-0 5 week Atijustod seg-vlpo certificates for men; *lh_nn_ 5000 world war vetemns have been tws:tu1ne<l to the Vepemu; admin- tstrgamlon because or_ simpnaper or obso- lete {\c1q;'¢sscs. accorturig ft) F‘x}cguk_ .1. A very prebzy gran‘. not plgon Wed; eidav Ifmrntnz whsn I. c.l°u‘=i1.e vednmt sex.-vloa was mid 41.! our Lady at victoj '3EL9U_l°-3 for. two 1>0p\.11.0.1.\ 1-gckawannt. alvls, ';1ih_.ey were Ca-thmxlne H. and. Agatha M, Irmyden of John '1‘, Havctvn. Demoératwro ch-unnan ox tn-’ Lnéknw-annzx_ City (Dl“11'i\ e~=., Au fortn- erly reamed g’: 46!) Victory cwmuue Plwtos. .I1_id:Ne Atlantic I~'(sh¢=r§os .A1.\~.s~.. Fulton hlankgt pier In early morning gdtlylty, Lqwgr right: Packing fish ta_ken from a_ schooner :1; the da_ck._ L,owe_r Len: Harpoqning Q sword Oamerlne became brig‘; at ‘Jqhyg ‘I Cauchy and :'~,g._wu, ox‘ Mxyttney Mzxlloy b0.§h Qt‘-B\&1.!i\1°. ,‘1‘;1€. B3‘. R4?V._ M531.‘ N lean H. Biker r«(1c1.rIe<l at the max- nags oarem_c.'.1y. wlt-n1_e. _M'£es was regul M‘ The Rev. Herman J. Gorlach with Tne R»-av, John Darnpsey and The Rév. Thomas O’R.mur|_<_e gsqlsting, ’IE1=. entire party wmat £0 a_ Butufnia 1:0‘:-1 1mmeq.lnt- .l_y goljoxying the aero- many ‘when: the wedding breajcfjast was I rved. as the \\-'l1ule.s:1le I_1sh_ x_xjade._ But dur- ing recent years 1; has C0ll[‘&ul}'al€Q mal11_1;' on the \v.1.Jlesg\|e, trade. d1s~ l['iIJ[lli!lg not uu_!,\' (Q the vast, 1n_eu'o- polmm :1l_‘eZ_\ but to dealers m Iuquy and the telegraph. hzlve wurked mir- acles In speeding snipuwuts Lu and flfolil the ufgu-ken. The use or the tele phone in the sale of )5 frequently or a h1gnl_v co_uceuLrzu.ed ch,aracter. HOME MISHAPS can .. (tune you with a bill ofexpense that will change your ‘whole outlook, Why tgkc c.h.I.n.c.es when an \E-TNA Accident Policy not; only pays d_(_>_c—tot'-3’, hospital‘ sud. nurses’ bills but protect: you against loss of in.c.ome.too! 0 d_ist,zung mipa \\_'im us auuual pet‘ cupitq con:m1_xgpLiuu_ or 315 pounds of ti_:sh_. New Yuri: L'n_v Nae” demands an en,urnu_:u-s mxzumu u! this (god. ap- pn;o.,\m1at_uly au per cent uf the x_m1rk,et‘s total aumy-ly. while me vuxmxiuixxg l\\'eul.\, pm-r uu-ux_ la sl1.1)ped to other ceuleys. \\'!\_eu tislxelmen ulf the New Jeraey ox‘ \'irgmia_ coast. E01: example. 1)ul1 tutu pull with their catch, they want lu 1-2_l1u\\’ l111u1e(l_ia_1ely where they can get, the most for the proquc: \\‘h£_!se valuq is Ix'euI.1entl:- subjected to whle \ due to the “we vzmauou m supply and deumnu. Im- Mr 1.\!.cC‘a.rthy is a mvmbw 01. ‘ho Bumnlo Pmce d,-.-pa_v:xnex,1t rum Mr, lug!- my 15 \1 n\-nvbcr but the Bxg Fgre cl\~ pmtnxenp, Both pznxjtses left on an ex- tended mp gm-ou,gl_1 M I \_’ork' State angl s'»‘nmda. The bulk ur the ml; water llsh re lllL‘(“£ll‘e:_\' the ! telephone to cewp.(1 at the tn:‘ul.et ts t.x'.u-n on the _ tlsh duuletjs In the New York uxarlget 011' show “U-1&5. gum in the shore : and inquire about the prices being ul tus- .'\tl..lIlic seubmu‘\l.t’ru1n ' pu.d for their [u_x'tiuul.zr rarteties uf Ne\\'t‘uuuuluml lu Key \\'x-st. Large ’ 11511. If these prices are nut what is qllatltllies are ul:.u l'\:\‘(‘l\t.‘d from the desired. calls “ill be made to dealers tuttunja u( we l‘ztunnc and small (1uan~ | lu Plnladelpltia, and other ceu'.ers._ un- titlea from the (iull of !\lex.m. The : til it is (lecldetl \\here to make their ftjeslt \\.tte1~ lmxmu uf the supply. s‘.;nuc-nts. \'\“1thln a few minutes the \\l_l_[('.ll only tuuuuuts 1.» mmut tuenty ‘ u.lu=r.utiuns me ruzllpleled and the per cent 01 t!.u '.u .xl. wntus fruit: nr.u'- ' ll‘-11 are on the \\'._1y tu ttnarlwt. COAL IS VOICE KING ZETINA-IZE Carbon in ‘Phone Transmitter Makca Speech Pouiblg Today! VI-o can. tell. nhout. KLEIN-HEGEDUS C0- “|N8.U!I.A.NOE. wmc as, ..vI.c:r 447 RIDGE. ROAD uacxawmna. 2.. ABBOTT ooox In the conmnmivatiun as well as in the power Industries. com is king, GY2\Ill1l{ll‘ carbon nuule from coal gives to the telephuna its voice. Each of the txsezuy milhun u-In-phcnes in this coun-. try denelmi up.-u gxz:.u-.1lm' carbon in the tmnsnntter to change the air pres-. sure wz\.\'es of the calling subscriber‘;-1 voice to eiectriual mwes which may be tmnsmitted by “ire tn the receiver of the <_:al1ed_ snbscnber. l\m1e the uperniing conditions in the telephone n.m~:u..h~r the resist- ance {Ire-asufe duul\u'tm‘£stic of carbon made [rum mxlhr-acute mm] is more sal- isfa(\uI1'\ than that at‘ any other known material. ly e\'ur_\‘ ll-iljul L-1'-uluc-ill-; an~a,uf1”n-5'.» ’ In turn the big wl1ule~gue zleuler in \\'au-1‘ ! in ilw l'I_xit:-.1 Sum : .\\c\\- \'u1'k,.wm1a, ham-.r.\ u! It-lvmlullea Wmle the \\,.;!ers nu‘ the ;\e\\' Eng at ms command. keeps in much mm land C-0.351 ('un'.util'.'.L- [Ina n.a-at nn|Jul‘- ! lIl1}:*x'a‘ not only in the melrupolltzm tam llshlng glauu-..c nmul the ~.\'mlh ‘ territory but also in dismnl cities. Allnxermzlu uou1Am«::t. Long Island is , qkuullug ‘prices to them_ 1\ud_ tajjixxg ulson n0Ic\,\oI‘Kh_\ mucll lurIiShe1‘mel\. Heir urxers x’reque~nt1y at the same AJIIXIIDH)‘ fruzu .'».).'H'«u-uI_| to ?'-.\na- lime. (‘onsequemly at no time‘ is tlu-re 000 pounds of ll\:1('nie:el. sen huss, z_1u,\' d:=1.1y in shipments. Rum! uunr \\'eqknsl1.nxnl_ nth:-‘r nu\:-Hes are taken i m_umc.1tlnn of this sort makes :1 [ms- from tlwse 1wu1h_\ \\i§lL‘)~ and shimu-dv ' sible t‘or- the New York denier {mo to the New York 111z1rk_eL. Like 1111111; u.|1,vr im111_su:ies c:m= cer11e1l with 11:-1.--l1a|»le pru1111cLs. the lisljhlg illdll.-1U') is one 1\11ose devel- op111e11l has 1.115(1) 1h*11el11t«-5| on 1119:1113 of tl‘:\11snurt:1Hun qud cn1111uuu11-111Inn. \\’11e11 1-‘ullurn .\Izu'ket was 1-stab l_ished_ thure \~ no ruil1'o:11ls iu l11'111g we tutu .\'e\v \'01'k.uu(l the e11_U1;e $1,191!!! m\1'i\,'e11 by bout, 'I‘oduy only bought the boat. load of in me \‘jrgxuia part. to divgert the shipunmt instantly to some buyer in the ;\Iu1.l'.e West or even on the Pacific Coast, When cargoes of mjraxse m the P-‘ulluu hlnrket (locks, the 1Il‘ndu\'.l is frequently sold be\‘o1‘e it is 1111!-‘ad:-d. Speed In hzmdnng the 1n'0dm1 is in-, deed nu mmortnm, factor in the 1m1u_su'y. Cl; _ . LE-_S[HERBTSON5 CI.I.A,l_.-. cgycz. sort con... I0! -.-I iulwlns surrl.,.Iu Ofjigg: 1140 lo. Put. Abbvtvt moo !.’.a.n!: 123.4,-ma, south Pan: AV’: .. Ail-MI. ma.-J Smcu the shape uf e-mh turban gran- ule. as “UH us the nature of the sun fare, cuntrnls its beltmior in the trans- mitter, methods used to reduce the 1\_1_mt\ of nut tn (hr proper size must be car t\:ll\ -:\...l.u1. Ihn1n.~'u of the str.:-- turu of the -.-out it cannot be cut into pieces of 11 de shape and size but mus: he hlnlien by smno sort of gunsh- Ing hctiutl. All the various methods of crushing. M well as the roasting ut the coal tu czu-hon. have been thorough- ly stv-lied in the B».,l\ '1‘elophone Laba- rnlurle: the xxrezxt e-x[Ierime.ntal wcvrkv shop or the Bell System. After the carbon Is ozuemlly 1,-oaste-I. um gl‘ul1ll1t‘i of various shapes reunit- ing from the process of manumcturn nm c-m~eful1.\' eetamlned and sepumtml hv mar~him=1_°y the um1esh'a,ble ones being u-xnovec he-‘f.)t‘o the material is nu-htmt mm [11 n1 farm. l'lI,oi0’9 ,i_ 45:11 Eootlnl M. EDW, S_T.A.l.-TE.R LONG LIFE QIQCQII din] Conductor lflpo lleatllll - ?'!I.rI_'I!cc new-Irln: 4.85 IDES, AV!)-., near noon LIGHTNING STRIKES TOP OF SKYSCRAPER CHURCH 'PHONES AID MAN-HUNT Enable Police to (Fatah Fleeing Criminal in Few Minutes \}'hen a bolt, of lightning recently struck the pinnacle of tho innnosing 400-foot towel‘ Of the Rlveishla Church. soxm.-t‘im,eg known as the Ruck,ei’eil,m_- Giiliwh. in: New York C1133. and lnu‘-. tied u_ .:ix_u1i slab of mnrhlu to the street. the stone on its nay 'o\,\'n\\'ard mnnslied into n gargoyle on {\ iowex; section of H10 toxver and nuim.sed 9.111. other iargz piece or alone. owing to the (_iownpom:- ut rain at the time. neitlxen pedestrians nor a_u1uumbi1es were passing and no one was injured. But. as soon as there was a lull in the storm and the sl_i])ei‘i1il£'li(il?i)l of the building mzuiu xx l\nst_v ill:'[Ic(.‘li(\Il, he reniizc-.(1 the grc-.u.t thulgux‘ or the loose s1.1b \\‘hi1‘h re;-stml ux1.~:;-guhly on an inclined portion of tin: l.u\\ll' and whicli might at nny moment cm.-ah down and injure 1m~«----1-h,\'. immedi- i_1[E_3i_\' he [vitphm ul lhn [L-lh: LliIcl‘- gem-,\' squad \\h{(h §Ul\| .'u'1nml and cu1'efni1_v i,u~-uni lhv |.».>,..- sub and nmneuxwud II ln:u n .s‘.\i'u pminon. .\1(*2il)\\'lhle.' lnui.-1.1\! \ur:- 11- '.\Ul‘\_| to 1)x'uwlt [ind-'.~lr.:lll~‘ In-1,11 \\»;ilkIn;: near thn ninmh \\l' in l';':- . u.-1;:-n.-\ worli was in prom‘: 3 The ei't‘octl\'enoss oi mdde1'n_ police communication and the aiewluess oi‘ Policeman Jauies J. F!li‘i‘6lI. of the New \_'oi'k City force. recently resulted in the roixmi-up within gt [)ei‘lt)(1 of 28 minutes of i_\ inzui tijying to escape the arm of the inw after shooting his wife, her fatlxei: anti also her bruther. in the course of a family (]llZll'I‘9l._ Heaiiiig the situts, the 11-licenian. being in the i_1eigiihnriiuu(l of the crime, if-all to the scene of the shooting in time to see the man leap into a car mul spend zuvay. Taking the llvr':~iu lzuzuher. ‘m iI1jllie(1i§\IL‘1,V' it-iin‘lmiu.l to the pt-lice radio brU(‘d\'*uhtAllg stut vii. iii.-u mlletl an ambulance in {aim tin» xwltiinioti persuns in IL nu.1rby lm‘-p..a|. [l.u'liu- equlppeti police cars. all on. u in .~.u1 to .~u-uu_1'- a huge an-\ of tho cl.) 'i‘m.nl_\ minutes lulu-r police ill one of the \_'a!\:‘l cmlslng six lnlk-5 {mm the >'\'<'H€1 of the shooting 0bS0i'\‘t‘(1 the \\ {Hill \1 auto mobile being ilrlvvn at !_l‘eilu'iiLlnii! speed. The police pursuml. quit-iiiyv in- tercepted tho mm hiue ajui unrated the driver-._ ; DON'T BE. MISLED ONLY ONE OFFICE EXAMINED BY \ _ APPOINTMENT SOUEI 9 A. M.-. T0 6 P‘, M- IXOEPE SUNDAYS Ologaa Saturdays ya, 12 :00 NQOII. W451; @185 Cleve 2555 ANNOUNCEMENT ll! W: Wi to 'n_nl_.|9un_ce that ye have opened the‘!-ake Shoge Lumber Co. at 2208 Hamburg Turnpike, Lacka-, wanna, N. Y. ( Fm}me14all_v Boulcy & Buck Lumber Yard.) ,\ ‘ Lake Shore Lumber Co. PHONE ABBOTT 1,935 CARL C-Q KNILLER M. L KNILLER Office and Yard: ugn..sL‘ ?i_\.*.|:}I., u uuru._a mutn: Auxxuu “me made x'ocentL\* tlxat Pl(‘Si(1l'1\t Huove-I‘ lms‘ In-Im-nrnrily 2U-£xIn1nmul_ I In fnrmal ‘unul-‘x..Mng rv :-.-1-(inns at the \\‘hit.o Homo, duo. h the M21-un1'dlnnry 11- mm-.1: ugmn We tmm in the cmnpnhgu to x'v=t~1'(- lmu new and hn!u~m',\'. Ono uf [Lu lwst Mn‘.-n~.« N of 3 illrl‘-',.\'~«i‘ .1 IV\'Af (if 1“!-1'“ ~' ll-\' - t1‘au=.u:- .1 at 1' ~, \\'h‘u» H.-. ~ .1-:~.-~ rm‘: nt _\'vnr~' F (.E.«‘- 21'-\\l.‘n \I l.h:- 21:\ of thv .-\«. 12:»-2 nnmalun X-.- {'31 mm: I1n‘.xx;i:n: ;-.ml_ u-H .un.: \\'h:E~.~ I1-um to1e.phvne 1.111»: clmixxu: 1!! H. nccm'dh1L' to lat:-st am‘! xhle torn}:-:1 mom than i'I_!‘.mm. In th» t!:rne,vea1's of t!:n Ihvnvvr .\(‘.miniatmtiun the White Ilnmo r<'\nr<l shows 1.133.309 calls, or \\2.i.h -411‘-.11 wme outgoing _I_!_1d 890.649 were incoming. ' . 1' / .- 7 ’--' ‘- ‘ \WI/A 4 , ... ~ . 1 W. :- » »,.' , -_ val‘ \ ,2 \= ~ I ‘ DR. WILLIAM J. COOK. 0|-Tonmjmsr 142 Ilrontlswy. l|.*‘i.!|.'~ I\llc1I.imIn E-Wvbllslxecl 18913 Bwffalo. N. 2. H H ‘— /‘ % 2208 HAMBURG 'rum,vPu_u: LAC-KAWANNA. N. v. o\'\7 51‘- \ ,IL*.1. SUB.S.C;Rl_BE FOR THE. I-ACKAWANNA NEWS 1. 37.3.1: '5 ‘\«}\

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