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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, September 29, 1932, Image 2

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rail‘ .; am ff\ .; 7- 1 1-4!_9.h.V5'!!!|LI,_!t 'N‘-.w9.,w 33: X-.. .-§.r~-.«.a, Sept: .29» 1931.2 .*0l.YM.Pl_C =kAc1:s*ré1m::l1; wmI1:uov—EL TWv0~EYED~ Mom CAMERA: ‘DEVICE =Pqh!!Ahed W903 9% l§+I¢k.I.wI!.lT.I.Ig N. Y« B\‘ *E¥-EGTRIDGE I.nc.. B§nSin9ss»Of£ice. 411 Electric Avenue Télemxone: Asbbett 11181.-, J. J, BARBER. Jn. Business: Mannie: \1‘H 0- BQDKIN. Editor iPhotograghs 'R1§nne‘rs. an Inn: Tim”! Tum Iheln 1|-‘\rqn}Sla.rél—-Alitls. in ‘Close i Otticiql Paper *0! the. of Lucpkawanna I'M only newspaper Vpu*b‘1ish;ed_ in the Citynf Ia_ac,kawg—n'nA. N. Y. Intored as second c1a.samat'c.e: atut-h'e post office at Bumlo.N.Y. .Su‘b§crip.t-.ion;. - —. -. #2100 Per Year Advexft-ising rates: submitted on application A novel. device 7T€.>i'~tlll,1i!,I_8 ruiiliei‘-a PR1‘-U.0ll)%.tl!i_E‘ in athletic meetsea ' twe~ey-.e<i motion -picture‘ camera. one ‘ eye of which pi_xoto§_rqphs the l‘l,l!\x_1el_‘§; at the 0!. the ‘race; while the ville!‘ eye ph0N.>Ki'B,Ph.! t‘h6prec|se‘time they crossed the line-’—wa,a used at the { recent Olympic Games. held in ‘l.«.w.I- Anzelee and pwoveii 0!: sweat -Melee lance to the .,udges in urivinti at their decisions, The timer. £1 combination 0! a mo- \ tieii nicture camera and an eIeWi= . chi clock, produce: it 81.i‘1l!,0f iiieiieii , vl_Il<.>W.l‘° aim at the rate or 128, traigiea per second... Whieii shows the miuiere « eroeeinz .he liiie and teeerdd; the lace. 9! the clock at the time. the vhqtogm-h was: taken with the mathematical accuracy 01: one-huh» = tirexith at 9. second, The scene at.‘ the line and hate me of. the clock. indies:-. I ting the time axipear side by aide on the iiini, ’ T October sto ember THE AMERICAN ANK lackawnnna News. Lackqwqnnu N. Y... Thur». Sept:-_ 2.9. 1932. «LEGAL NOTICE. NOTICE: OF VSAI-E. 01\.‘ NEW YORK: CQUNTE’ OOUET1 I31! COUNTY, WINCEINTY KABAOZUK and BQZALIA KASACZUN. his wife. Plwmu vs. FRANK, HOLOTA. 0132301! and Il_AR\.' ORZECH. my. wife. EENJAMIH I_'~‘INEC.i0I-D «ml. NATAHE FINEGOLD. I11! vifte. and GREAT COM; !lE139I,AI.e-. 001?.-P9B.A'rION. Datenqantsa In P\\1‘.5\19A’J¢‘4? and by \m:t-“.1? 0! a Ju.d.z,1m:n,t of toreclomw sale duly izrantest by this Court. enteted. In the ,l§rx¢ '0o.\u.x.t_y Clerk‘! Office on the lam any or aeppemben 1.982. L the uwexmaxwd Rrvrexxae. ‘My Appolnwd. In we mtoxx M 5\.1<.=h purfPos_e. will! ex: was tor; we and st\ wt public wwtion in the highest bxddu: thevedor, in. the wevturhr veehibulo 9! the We Goumv Hall; #31. $1.16 «Gm! 01 B\.¥f.'l,‘¢.\-19. Em 09\mt;'. N. ‘I. an thg NOTICE I? HEREBY GWEN pumumt —t.o §eot21,on. ‘-198 9! -‘-31.9 Lian, L-aw zmt.'T=y Virtiue or. a men h°Jt.1.'b5‘ me on.’:1.xe f,91.Iow1ng_ clescribod -Pxonentyt 0., M C, Twro tmx tvuck. Mata: No. 20081353! cwtved by Smx.‘-‘Icy Zxtchewshi and Juan Zvcnowalsk and now in. my I will .5911. N011 pertmwl progeny at 1>u.'bld.c a\I,ct-ton Am swat! awn Item. at amt Lakes Vcimge. 639 Rood. 1.4\9k;\1_waxxr»»;N.._ Y.‘ on, ‘the l_7t (lay 0! Octane: 1032. at ten. o'clock in the ! 0! tmt,«<1av. Money deposited up to Octtofber 120th The (levlce, known; as the Kirby two-eyed camera. was, develqpeq by the Bell '1‘e\e;>.hone ‘Labora.w1‘le§ ‘tor ‘ ! Research Eroqucta. Inca tmdear the ap<.n\so.rsl1.i,D 9!'G1.l5t.av.us '1‘. Kirby‘ ~membe1\- 9! yhé ex.6c.=um'e com- nnmee 0: t-!xev0.1y«mpic Gama and of other q'i-omjuent sports 0v£:anizz1!l<ms- It. luv! it: lIIl_P0(1!IOt.i9l1l!_Ils spring at the Columbia-Syracuse and P1.‘lncel,0!1- ‘Cornell Molt meets, and was also used at the |.xC.A-A,A.A, games at Berkeley. California; during July with mavked stluceas‘ will draw Interest from October 1st, Sentelnhev 13’«.._ 1.932.. JOHN R, PILLJON attmney 1.0: ¥s1.9¥!0l.'._ OASIMEB L038. I.»Ien9r,._ ‘- Sept. 29 0.01; 6 at the ra%te§of 3% Per Cent. NOTlC:ll_ OF SALE. 291'“, DAY 01\ 1.98‘-!-. an 11 oielools in. we mmvqmx of 1:-M‘: my. «the tntaw -ml. x.nontea¢°6 pain:-u ahveouxl An. and by Na lads- mms 99 we .-.oI.c.l mi in .II.s.I.<,l. lawman! GII<.=I'|.b0:¢.1 99 IDDWI: N0:I‘1.0E 1.8 H.E«*.R.I.'I.B¥ GWEN Pursuanv tr.» So.c,0X'oI.x. 8.02. 01. 1419 Mm PM! that, M’ vhrtue 1:1 4.3, Mon 1191:: by me on tha to-llowdng‘ Pmperwz 1.9.21 Wim- Kmgnt sedan. Motoi Nb. 190:8 owned by Vinosmrt. True! and new In mi Pesseamon I «mm sen, such penoml. prqbonv at public wcvlvn. to -911!!! !W‘-I1 lien. ti, amt 062189‘ 080 Ema! l~.A¢.!1!|.V.VM\.¥1.%g_‘.N. 1!. on the 112; -day 0! Omaher. ma. nu ma «.>'<:I.¢.>r.-1: an the _!<.>-iemoon. 9!. t.r.x..-2. cm. Mr. Kirby and.'ot,her intercollegiate athletic olnoiula mjongly rreallzed the need 1.01: u more aucume method 0! umina races several years ago when they leaked at an. ordinary lmltloll pic- ture record. of the tinixsh of an 1I.\.!et¢t.>I- leglate race and saw that peqquq glgge had. been won by 5 I.n‘u.n,‘wh.o had been Imam! by the 1II,<lze.-- Kirby and 01112’ or: decided that. the atop-‘watch math: 0:! 0! Ull runners was u.i.t!a1r~ .§£.I,<.l Inaccurate. He worked on the lcle-n‘*' and. then turned the project over :0 (119 11911 scientists (or completion, T119 twv.-eyed camera «met; me? axrccl lnxprovements over nmvioui method: of timing: 1!, provides 5 photographic ‘reco.vd,., ellmmatea bu: xmm. Ialllbillty in Jtudginzg and times t_9_ within ogxe-.hu,n<,lvedth olf gs, s_ec0,l.ld llzatwl at wi.t.l.xl.r.1. one-lentil .0! IA sgcond. Member Of The Federal Reserve Bank ALI.-. 'I.'!i,A.'l_‘ TRACT 01} .!_'AR.Ol«'I.- 9?- LAND. Inmate in the 011:! of wanna. Gown! 0!. Btmvot. my Yotx. Wm 11.-rt 91' la: (2.1)., ‘lbwuyshtp T911 119)..‘ !¢h.t_ (.3) 01' W11: Bu Ornk Be.-at,‘-vTqt«|<.m -{Id (1.1.-m.n&'\I.l!l.w! on 9 Nbalvmmt map df at 904d. 19%. Mather Tlem!-om (21) made for Cvswo W. Bmldel 6092.20. '1.‘- bv Ul.I.'|.9h 1831‘! Sm:-. v¢.s!'oI_-I,. um-cl tiles! in Dulce 9! the Our! 0!. Erie <.><.>unty. xxndef Wm. Nxunbet Four hundred. nlxtv-we (4.63) M !ot_ Numt.-er~ 0n.e hundred. Icnv-clam (14.6) situate an the, west elcke 0; Gqrgrd st-re one hqndmcl um (110) wee: Iuruth 01' Kirby _a_venuc_e, bemg thirty (39) feet mam wk! rem. by oné nxmdrest and oishwwacwn nundiecltn! 4100-67) 1.e§>t- 1.11 depth, PH.I.I.3IP 0. 13AR.*I'!.I.. Rexerov. i>m¢q.'sepwm5ei 13. man -JOHN R. 131.1-1.-I.0_N Actomc: 1.9% Honor, Resources Over $2,000,000.00 OASWEB 1403.3 L-1.03101‘-. sum. 29 Oct: 6 NOTICE. OF SALE NOTICE 1.8 HEREBY GIVEN pu_muan.t. to Seqtlop 302 as we 1.499 Law mat by vn.-p\_re_ at 5 ‘ltlexx, held [by me‘ on (.119 f9l1,0rw1lng deqvxlbed Property: On: Duds: 1‘-‘4a\\r cyundelr one ton truck. l No, 9893452: car 1.10. 8364.84; owned by Frank Butane .mc,|. now Aln my‘ possesslrm. I will sou such persunnl prgpengy gt. publtc auction :16 sarmsry sfszcri mm ,-t G-mm I,»§\“.§5 Garage. 639 Rtdga Road. Laclqawannq, Y, on the 17m any ot_ ocmber 1932, at t.-en o'clock an ‘the fomuoon of that day. Dated; September 13. 1932.. X‘ I 4 Wired tormln; an elecmcal circuit connect we sm=Le,x>’ss pistol with was camera clock. so as won as he pulls tho trlgzer tho. tmnulso. starts tha clock, Thin obviates any lapse of tune BM-wean tho. \ring of this gun and the ntart.lI.1§ of tho‘ stop watch. as was pm» nlblo. under the old system. This lapse. it has been estinmred; ranges tron! one Imh to on&..te1IL11 of g qecontl. In I 100-nrd d.I.u_zh. this means 9nn.rox.i~ mate!) that a I.‘~uI.u_1eI*- is. timod, to 9 ‘pi,-eclsion, of four inches. instead of more than .a_ yzml. The new camem clock is also é\_ more accwxrate limo keeper t.han. the ustml slop watcln ,Sl'1;V|3.RAL- ROADS EEING IMPROVED NO SMOKE. N O S O 0 T, NO DIRT WITH---T JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Ahtormav: rm‘ Pia-!nt«1 Office 85 P. 0. Acldmss. 1000 D. S. Moggan Bld_g., ¥\.1,f(a|.O- N.- Y. 3¢.>P¢- 1.5 22 29 Oct. 6 1.3. 20 2'1 This weks. cvmenavd report. on road. condltxlozxs. An ml! mum: slséusxl bv‘Gha-- R. wwaxs, Buffalo c.b1.I.=.m,*I..ct euzglneer to: the Sum Bubltc Works .Déxx.trm£nt elves notice that Ixoute §._ MM!» street cast of Olotmce in Erie county is bent»; wldrsnecl. but traf 4.6 being m.mnM.\I!\':t and mocanst gre urged to drive slowly. The Niagara mils boulavesxrd is be|.I.\K wldsencu and re99nst«r\.1,°he¢! trom North. Tonnwaxmcm nontherly tor mm Imles r.awa..:d. Niagara Falls. Anhouglx t_«raf'H0 is being gxxullxtmnad, (_l_8l5\}'s may be ave-Esiecl by wins the Rsiver mad. route 3&4, .bet2ween North Tonawxmqq and Niagara Falls. otheup re-:sc,l, ooxxdmons mported Include. E‘? BEA M ~ % v :9 Li.3G.A\.!: NOTICE ‘JOHN. 3.. P11.-J-JON A_t,t_.mn§y fox: l..1enox' 3UP17.vEME C095‘.-T» COUNTY 01,“ E31,? IN RE PBWUOD 01 bgsmm »l.0ljR I.a1enp1_-_v Sept. 29 Oct 6 Abbott 1728 I41,-‘:N'A' 1<fuR_'rz,’ for T_vh(_5 gilssolxwluu 9: ho: mgrmage oontnjuwb with C§1AI§11~15 !_{_-URTZ. AERIAL ‘PHOTO SURVEY . MADE FOR CABLE ROUTE. Michaela & Sons. T0 CHARLES KURTZ! TAKE NOTICE tlmt tlw P.et«|t'19I\,er In the above entitled. px'ooacd.!ng_ and the ntbjec; uwneof. to wl_\.. we gltssoluglon of the ma1'r1_n_.go colxpraqp between Lena, Kurtz {ma Cl1;m'1e§ K\u't_z win be pre- sented and 3 hcxuur-2: had t.1,1er9o1.1 at 8. Epe<x_gl 'I‘e1'm_ cl: the Sgxpgemg Court, up~ pointed to be helq in 'tlge Coymty Ha]; 1n the any or Bumpxo. Cou_mj.y 9': Erie and State of New Yet}; an the 31st day 0: Qtgbexj, 1932, wt. ten o'clock, in $119 Ioronoou og that, day 0': na goon (_.1\em~ we: as counsel can be hmr.d.. T0 CHARLES KURTZ3 NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Pll.l‘8'.-1.31i.1'- to Sectllon 202 of mo Llen Law that by vmme oz 4; mean held by me on the following qcscltubeq propexjgyz Essex Sc- d_;1n. min, Llpense No,’ 234047; Motor No. 10401.41: Ctu: No. 970990: owzxecl by Mpr T\_ll‘ll_el‘ and in nj poqsesslaxn I will sell such pgnfsonql property at ggubllc mlctlan ho sgnlsgj such 1115-11 at Oremt Lakeg Qamge, 639 Ridge Road. I2&Cki\I\.\'{I1u1-.1. N. Y. 911 191'“? 171111 41.11.37 01. October 1932. ‘an. (,en_ o'clock 111 the 1‘1_Ionoon at tlx_a.t d_z_\y. Dwtcgl. scptenjlbexf 13. 1932, 102 Michael: P}. The mxement from M 80‘v.Wl.0l“.}' 1:0 Sogtgs Ccrmers 15 trains suxtgpo Itpentotl One way =tmf. is mr.\iln.t:\.«lI.1v-‘<1 at palm of operafcions. To ‘Extend Voice Links Through l90=Mile Stretch of Wild. Northwest Country ‘I119 dirt votvgl fmm. Out to this f.'<.=nnsvl,v‘au'I_s; mate line is being improved R,U.1d c1,oscs1- __ _/__ Youthful? Strength One of the largest and most com- plete aerial nllotogxrswhic surveys eve! made by 1: business o,1'gt_1nlznt,ion was 1.‘906!1U)' completed by Bell. Systenw. engineers in clnartiugz the route for the xxewlwpropoeed Ghtcn_go.-Milnnean olis telephone cable line over 13 100- mile stretcll of exceedingly wild en(l_ xjnggecl country between Neillsvllla and Baldwin. Vvlsconsin. To decide upon the shortest and. most eflixnent 1'00?-.9. I'110t0§l'l1.Dh5 95 1! END 01501.1! I-W0 miles wlde over this l1,ea_vi_ly wooded country, jetted with swamps, peat beds and the like were taken from on nlrplnne at an nltituge of some 13,000 feet, or two milee up in the 5k.y! '-Ifele1_)hone englneore ln ohnntlng :_a_ route through wooded sections at this kinxl usunlly lmve lied to spend <.:on~ eldenghle tlme In making I_>1'elln_1lnnry sutweye, etnklng out a number 9: pos- sible routes. But by using an. airplane and nmkins photosmnlls the time tornrnerly oonsnmed was considerably 1!e(luced, ' F-lying two miles up with the cantata. each, 0|.l.0t0.'Z!‘1.1MI, could. not cover an area n)nolx_ larger than 1.300 feet to £131)’ (IGEVS9 Of ¥.1.CCl11'i1C.lh C0!1.B8‘l‘1‘“'”.-IV In ooyerlng the strip two miles wide It was neeeesajjy to mnlte two parallel trips along the route to £41111 complete and accurate coverage. I;1nn(lrP(ls of photographs were taken. ’I‘heae photo- graphs, of .('onrse \\'ere n\je1'l,11)plng qncilu the final compllntlon of the mm) they had to he joinetl together with extreme care and at-curacy. Considering the yolntlvely small cost; of secnrlnzg the norlnl nlxntogl-np'1m nml the many ntl\‘anto_gc-s over the fornlexj nwtlxmle, Bell ‘engineers he- lleve the new ntethotl of survey will be used consiclemhly ln clxnlrtlng lu- llllie 03,51? 1,'0l1.t9!3: '!‘he curt road from. A.8h!m:¢.1 Junotlon tn M_t.xr.=hu.a.s is ‘bums unproved. Road is mw clema- D1}. Mqgnqs l the world.-lmowzg gutnprxcy an, Semiogy <.m.d. Dlxeoto: of the Insulvuw Ior Sexwu Belem; 91. Berlin. mate: Th}? TOWSC-“U8 DOUGS 15 861‘V¢?d. H.130“. you by pubucntion pu,rsn.m_n.c to an order at the Hgnm-ablrg George} 8. Pierce. Jus- tlgag 9! t,hg Supreme Court, Stave 01 New Y‘m.'k. claim! the 25:41 clay of Aug- ust. 1932 ggxd with the complaint or petltglqn in the of cf the 019:}; 9: the Gt;-xmty of Erie In the city of Bufvala. New York. ‘ TITUS—.-PEARLS JOHN’ 13, 'PILI.IoN c,xfrT¢Al_gAl'qL's 1xm.\N ll.F.1«’9!-l!.!\':\.'l.‘l0N Attorney’ for Manor 'oAsrM.EB. 1011.12 LIGIIOI! Sept. 29 pct 0 The 1.=v1ng-Oow=¥m¥a,roas1 1: oonnpieteu and to tmmc: The h1.zh,wav‘!ror.r,r. L-mvtcvns coward Velfswmes to Clear Omsk is undet coxxstruauon. Dailour via. Plank road and we Strip to help the muuonia 01. men and wvmen who Irma !.I.oIt 9: we: 1.ognng tI..1eel.r« vita! p1.w=1‘<.>¢.~l. Down In. his 3.5 yew of. lwacuce and. 1’¢.!‘se‘:Lr.0!,I.. howew‘-2 he mallud that mg weakening I-It mama sands was also teaxymx for other troubles: H.161! BIQOD PRESSURE. HARDENING OE‘ AR: PHYSICAL; EXHAUSTIONI amexy war): or excreta» 1.?Iz§I,NE§§-. DEPRESSION. NEURASTHENIA. etc- SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS EDWARD J. (JOHN. Attorhoy 101' Plnlmt Offtce and P. 0. Agldmss, 151 Elljcgtt ,Squ_xu-e. l_3u New York, ’ Sept, 1, 8 15 22 29 09: 6 Should Order Cloth > For Needy Now All thase trnubles can. be removed wibh. -'I‘11‘US-PEARLS. cubes were tteatcd by Dr. Himchfelcl in his I,wn.n.=, Instituve. L. 5. (SW6 Official; 60 years old. I,’n.t.m*1e<,l_) wn.m!a«kIec_l. 0! !1h_9\.9i..caI_ exlxwustlon. dizziness and tfémorar WM e 'e3Y€d~ Mental pawel .d.u.J1_ and now moving; ?h.w=_l.s=al powers: had nxcmmpxote l pxbvimm A yemxt. Bl..v~1d preedtue too 1.1.I.é;‘1.x.. Given 2 Titus-Pearls 3! amen 1» day. 2 weeks later the nledicnl mm‘-t on this was;—Gemra1 health W:-ebtevs more vigor: dizziness much. less and remrhmg cf powmr. Tneatmmt con- tinued svnsl .2 wéeks later L. 5- !’¢P0'*.‘t@d €§E§«lI|,- H.118 tzlmo to. Say 0.«lb!\.t all wenvln»-\43 and exhnuswon lwl. gone: he felt -‘Ireah and mvmants His blood. P1‘€S'-\UN? had fgrllefn and at 60 years 0! .a_ze ha mmihm the physical W-var and vnrum tl.n.n_~t*1,1e had; in the mm M’ mm Start reesilndng your youthfulneu now! ‘Do-day! In. 3. wenka Mme V911 will be aware of the new. vlr iorce within. _s'o\.I.- Band 09-00 (call: ! ‘on: monjey-crrder) for a wash: tamtgtment. \.Vr|t..e 1'01: Winkle; 0., 0. D. Owens :\_<¥'»cmMl congressman James M. Mead. has ‘seen. informed by the Ammdcan National Red Qxfss that lot_>a_1 tgmpters ¢_i_eau-Ina 011;}; go: qlsmbutibn to mac; neatly should mzxksa 3111)!-1¢.‘»«.wi.<.>n for the same promptly. Thlls cloth 15 being lrsgsued undbx; tho terms or g Jladm. R_4=saI,\_m.1on approved 11'; congress July 5. 1032. mm: ‘bhus my -the Red_ Cross has 0l‘l,l_l?l‘ed cotton cloth shipped to (H1 20 requpsts 13mm-New Ymkf Sbnto -and has QPPWVEG. riaquesns Ivor 435.000 yards gt dlom Appmcatlon for cloth should (be made by the Rent Gross Chapter to who Area Mxmagbr an a special \ pxjov1g1e(_1_ by «me organ}-‘ zzxtlpn and shm_1lc[ cover the needs or all e.11g1bLg: relic; agencies within the juriscllctlon at thg clxaptgr allawlng on -;‘m, average pf 20 ygujcts cf mzuggrml peg fnm NOTICE TO CllEl)l_'I‘0l|_S PURSUANT to $311 0I.‘d,8x,'~ of Eng; 1.0013 3, HART. ,$\m'pgnt4_3 ‘of Erie Oo\1m.y! all persons lxgwmg claims nggilist Omlxerlno Zwipf, also known as Kathemna Zwlpx and Kane Zwdpl l_p.t,g of the Town‘: of North Collins deceased. are hereby requlzweq to axmbn the some wlth vou_chers gt1creaf,- to the undersigned Exaquvors 0: ma W111 of mud cu;-czeased gt, the office or the. Ajporngay 101*» said Executors M‘: 1028 R1-‘I89 Road. La<,=k.I,\-< WM1,lm, N. Y. on -or before the 19011 dgw of December. 1932. Dated June 6. 1932. Hgoxxry Emerllng, (IL§\re1_1<;9 J. Glgr. Exc- outors . répe'.Ir)ng. n1bbon.n%II.1.d. supplies 119 av.-. A mas-,1. 24.1,. To aV_01_(_l mistakes plegisax -1131 Out, ihbjollowlng dcupqnz, '1.'El\1'0N.'l.«\ 1-“.1‘0. $5.’ EX..Vi0B'i‘ SEIW!C,|,7 C0.-J D1.\1V.'-. 1.4941 211 l3‘0l.|l‘t|,l, M.'e|.l.ll.¢: NOW \.'<.!!'k City; N», Y! Qentlenwnz 1?lea,se Iorward in the followmg a.<.1ti_rcs.a._....-...Ho#= ' ma, REN'1‘—r¢¢_3n St. Slgle 11. Inquire 44-1 Qre£_m St}. on P11_ane D¢_ala_.- \vm*e 1080. est The r;uLt,e11lal fugjmlslteq ponaista pf gmgham mus1u1_ o1_1j.1ng slxlrtlng cw: gum is to be madp into garments by txha C1)@pLex' 01} other local 1';-lyler org.~ unlzmilons or may he gustrlbwtegl for mrJcmcI1on In mu homes or tfnose need-. mg c.1.A.hlng Each frmtily to 41':-cewe glam.- mg is to be '1nvesti_g;1_teg1 by the Red Crbss or ve*1‘L;eI agency and -the extent 9! Lhclr need g1ef.:e1:n'mneg1_ -m,u_s-pearls, tor, which I cnoloee $--2!:-.2-.1-2 “John, R. Billion. Attorney for Execu- tors, 1028 Ridge R-sack. Lqcxlmwg1_r1na. N Y. J1_j11e 16 119 Dec. 15: 1..., City -_u,-,v_oog-,t0~!¥'r','.\.‘9'!!!\2‘ If YOU NEED Lcjttorliondp Card; llvita tiny; Folderi .3liI.t¢m¢nLl Circulars My address is ..,,....,..,.,,,...,. Sbatg ,,.,..,..,.....,.u-uueu I . \ > I) A ‘ . ' A‘ . l,. ' « .1 . . ° V -c-. _ ' ‘ ‘ — .' I‘ hit Th regular mpabln_g nf rthe Sm1th Bufmlca Womenfg; Democratic club he.1:1 Tuesday evening at. -the Nalg'n‘bo1'hoq House, ‘South Park gwouue. was weLl_ ut-, ‘landed. Candidates 0169 attended the meeting QYACI.» (=?!l31‘°56<.K,1. their View 3'9- gvtujcl-mg several '0: the pibblemig x'\o\'\'I facing -the: wuuhry. Mrs Ridge; pm!- ;len,t,,‘pres1ae;1, The vmanlzaijdpn is comb.- plet.1ng ‘plans 191,’ Q ~1gu'ge card ~p1i_.rty ggnq dance to 1: line; at; an early «Me In. ~0c.b<lb6l,'-. ' 3?? finyelope ’ Billhends or gnything e!-as in the prim in; line. coma in and geoj us SUBSCRIBE FOR THE VLACKAWANNIA % BUILDING LOTS ‘OR ,SAI4E.-A—.Fi.ne buildinz lob treating on. South Park Ave. Ehmilton Ave». steam: A.vio.. and. the Martin road: no In ‘areisté; prices xeaaonable. In- mire of Michael Kjnncy. 1884. iouth Park I_V9- Phone Abbott 1887-W. .

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