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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, August 25, 1932, Image 3

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I-!¢\£!WI!i|!!..!§.¢hW|»..<l~.'it¢§» Y-...‘l?hur+-,» Au. :5. 13,932. rsg VI 1 L V 5 - V ' ._ \ 7 ‘ I c . , P’ ' \ « v ' I ‘ ' ' \T1 SPCJN { \Y Fourth Ward emocrat Club ‘ V . \ ‘ _ xx. -..»=\ ‘.. . I . . a _ _ V‘ éfmo ‘(J RBBOTT ‘ROAD AT SMOKES CREEK Music Match Ball Game Refreshments Tickets Soc Everybody Welcome I S.hea's Great Lakes in \Patents Pending\. Lem an Not)» in \Down Axrnsng -the Sugar Cane\. Gran- tlnna Rice Sportllghtz Screen S-mvemr rmd Grant Lakes News, 1'1.I:~. during the fuming at which Mls Stmzxvyclc was bumrd. Her role us the “Torch smger\ g.vo.s Miss Stamvyck an tn-:,IroIy new chamc'Ler~ 1'.‘y.I»Jlll. eulmucrd by here lcnly singing ‘mice which records In uvusully. She. :. s\1‘.1“u1lLb£(l by ‘a cup Lalo nnd well cho»u1 oust, headed by George Brent. the new s.<-:L. u 5:11-anon who play» (.'pp'.sH.O Miss Sb.mwyck in the mmst. 1-ole ur ms ,c-zucm-. classified Ads BUILDING LOTS Harpo-— Oh1co—- Sheas Buffalo ‘-‘OR SALE——Fine uuilding lot: 'Y'(m1.ir\g on Suzzth Park Ave. rlamilton Ave.. swarm: Ave. -and the I\iartin road; no in ‘arrest; prices reasonable. In guire of 1\-Ii:hae1 Kinney. 1684 -kguth Park ave. Phone Abbotx W87-W. Put them all togeblmr. stdr In a wncl eyed script, sprlnklc \vm1 some dnsxnne -analogue. and you'\'c_got. the Four Marx Bmthers In \Horu:~ F‘onmex's.\ whdch wm Eumlmslusmcally welcomccl by the pub- lic xmcl press nllkc all over the couutrv. Etlwl Waters In Lw Lusllvs “Rlmpsody nncl nbmck rhycmn. comes to Sheus Bur- In Black\. tlna symplxc-ny of blue motes fnlo Friday us the secoucl :\tt.r.:cv1on or Greater Entertwlmnv.-111. Season. on the screen will be Constance Bennett In “'1‘\vn in the lending suppoxwblng role. Charles Against the World.\ wlth Neil H Munullng will lend um synzphoruc 021158111- me In an ~over1.urc and “Her~ble\ will preside mt the consuls oi the grand. organ. Never before has the negro onte13t.’\in-er been elevated Lo such artdsbic peaks. as Lew Leslie. praclucer 0! .|1m'Lunem.b!c editions of “B!nckl.vlrds.\ has nccjmplp -med with his Iabcsrt offering minus gem- ary, chorus girls. comedians and the fam- mar ~tr’npp1ngs or the average Ethopltm Yi}\rdy~gurdy. be held for 0. sconu week nt Shen's (‘imam Lakes. stn1'I'.|.ng F;1ld‘ny. On the srurmundlng program are Burs and Allen Cbaxmnulng :11: c.4zJ.>ra.mon ca! Shun EnL.'.1't:\Imnr~~> n a on. Sh:-n‘: S-‘neon this week brings to South Bub- fnlu another ou!,stvmi.ng mmy of nt- Lruccions. 'l‘YPE\'VR1'1‘ER. rcpax:-mg. ribbons am. supplies 119 Spaukung 5:. Ahbott 3125-J. 1.1. R- REN'I‘—F‘urnlshed apartment Alwml garage. 408 Electric Ave. 1.! Shea’s Buffalo Douglas Fairbanks Jr.. In \Love as :\ Racket.\ with I-‘mnces Dee. Ann Dvoruk and Lea ‘Macy: am! Hott. G-Jbson m “Smut of the wast.\ will be presented Friduy and Scxvturdny. wiuh extra 5'1‘)- jvots at the cm1g!rex1's nmunée Satur- day. v Beginning I-'-ridny ETHEL WATERS In I,-.\\' Leslie's Musical Comedy “l¢l'lAPS0lu' IN m.ACK\ In Pe1'sc)n—0u Stage And-On the Screen CGNSTANCE BENNETT Janet Gaynor and Charles Fa:-ml. thc screen's favorite sweetlxccrts. will b:- .t<.!ex1»!1I_ '!-‘.119 1“1!,‘,s*h Year. Sunday to Tuesday Inclusive. The pair nre .-:.~uu to be at their best in their latest. ve- lllcle for ‘the screen. Ah lrmexestlng srutiozmdrlug proqntm -will be CwfU.‘l‘E’d. hcludmz Jack ‘Haley in About Mmdei Abner: Munle Dressler in Movie Album Thrhtls: Goopy Gem‘. :1 merry malady c-:n‘w.;n: xmd Shears Seneca. News. \Two AGAINST Till: WOIKLD\ with Sell llnmillton Shea's‘ Century I\ » ‘f\\ ‘it; ~;j £’ 9’ Shea’s Great Lakes \Congor.i1la.\ «the much-heralded pic- ture made by Mr. and Mrs. Martin John- '5.*.n-, who also iappnr in it. -will be the se- cond attraction or Shams Century Great- sr Ente1'tn.iim3':nt, Season, stzirting Sm.- urday. The p'.ctu1'e£s said to be the great- est jun'g1¢_a piotum ever tmxde the Kvirst taming motion. picture entirely made in Africa. Hundreds or- unparalleled\ thrills and sights are revealed, including gorillas in mortal dombnt n pygmy Collrt wedding and honeymoon with huge. elep- -,.hmits. fax-eoious lions. and rlxlnoquri and other wild qnilnmls as witnesses, a «white womnn xmfrowly escaping death imm a chugging rhino and a rivér ‘alive with island of flesh and slithcring reptiles. An interésting surrounding pmgrmn. also has beam. prirpared. The lxlllging scren ‘has never beheld so seiwationnl ts apectocie as that which \Co‘ngori1la\ can beast. The backdoor oft cicllisatlon is bttttercd down and beyond it one sees sights no human eye has seen before. Th1'eic~i‘oot 1llll‘ni|llS and eight-foot momzers. The biggest thrill, ‘how~évIea'. was (um-ished by the tzuddon race to face nclventure with gorillas, Ieroaioxxsly fighting hand. to hand screaming hysterically’. v’.it.hin 20 feet 01' the shunt: recording camera. Beginning Friday ‘Scmmd Illlnrlous \Vgok! FOUII .\lAR-X BROS. Street or We:-r‘_n. Ie<'t\|rmg Kzw Francis, with Rcmnd Young. um; Nxght World. cc»-stmrlug Lew Ayres and M‘.-e Clnrkc. will be twin featuures Wedne:.c1;\y mm Thursday. Street. at Women 18 based on the SllCcL\$ST!ll novel bi ‘mud- ern New York by Polau Banks. gp ml- dltlon to the two Icacurcs. the progrmn also will include Tom Hmvnrd in ms newest comedy. What Price Mr: and sheas Seneca News. \HORSE FEATHER8\ with Thelnui Tml BURNS and ALLEN EVERY motogistknows that theREDIightmeansDAN- GER—but you bow no guaran- tee nfsafely cum on tba KEEN.’ What if a car runs across your path just as-the signal chan es and you collide! The ot driver clainis the right of way —and so do you! Who’s.to settle the disput¢.~—AND THE DAMAGES! Somebody else will have to pay the bills if. you ) /E T N A - I Z E Avon: me mu: 3? a a, . RUSH . . . onom ~ ‘ _ TODAY} \\,' Abbott 1728 In “Pntems l'emi|ng\ LILLIAN ROTH ‘in Songs ’Sliea’s Kensington Shea’s Century The current. program at shows Ken- sngwn pmscnt ssturk dmnm and de- Jght comedy. The am-ng clrcus drama “F'renks\ with Wnugxce Ford and hello. Hyo,ms and Smart Erwin «zmd Ionn Blonds}! _in “Make Me n. St‘m\' are -the features. \A 'M.lckey Manse cartncn mm the latest news events complete the show.\ ' Beginning Saturday, Tho one and Only '1‘nIIii_ng Picture Made ' 'E«i\tlrely ‘in An-Ion! \ MR. .3: mas. MARTIN JOHN8ON‘S uC().N‘G 0‘llI'l1I1A\ Michaels & Sons. \W!-IAT‘ AN IDEA\—-Musical Act Friday and Sut\1rcia3' the do1L'NAe fem Lure pxogmm lnclucles \Tm Unexpected F‘n‘t.l:cr.\‘ amuslng comedy with slim Sunmxervllle nnd Z.\;su Pltss, and “Night Worm.\ cabaret. dmnm Iem.m-lug Lew Ayms. Mae Clarke and Bards Kur- loff. A Boy From! comedy \Too Many Women\ and’ short smbjcclls are 1n~ the program and the l’-th eplsodc of \Heroes of the West.\ will be an extra fcntlwe tor Saulrclny mimlnee. Six of tllmdoms grea.tesl; oomocllnns appear 111 \Million Dollar begs\ boolmd for Sunday and Ml.m.dny. Aug. 28 and 29 \New Morals on old\ a story of pm‘- emsal love. with Lewis Stoizb, L:\.u1'a Hope Crews. Margaret Perry and Rob- ért Young and \lmpatdcnt MI.I:!clen.\ ciellghtful comedy-dzmma will be the- Mtmcclons Tuesday. Wednesday a.m1‘ Thursday evenings, Aug. 30, 31 and. Sept. 1. For our .4'Etnn Combination Auto- mobile Po cove:-5; practically I every insurable motormg risk. '1D_M HOVVARD. \Breaking Even\ Screen Song Novelty 102 Michaels PL Lackawanna KLEIN-HEGEDUS :20, \INSURANCE WITH SE .VlOE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD DACKAWANNA. N. Y. ABBOTT 0001 Shea’s Hippbdr'ome Sheas Hippodrome Barium‘ Stm'nwyok. one or the finest clrnxnntic m'b1st.s on the screen comes to S»hea‘s I-Iippoclromcz Sutaurday «in lner Iat- ensi Wturner Bros. plctum. “'1‘1\'c Purchase Price“. An Interesting sum1oLu1d1ng prog- mm will nlsn be presented. _ In \Tho rPurch\aao -Price.“ Muss St.amv- yak .port.x-nys n. ndght club singer who be- «con a picture bride. -Her adventures make 11 umlllng and excwlng‘ story it is ‘said. -which culminates .121 (1. se1'.les.of swltt moving adventums Including a neallstic ;Beglnnlng Saturday. BARBARA STAN WYCK , ( ‘ ‘ \ \l'l'ltC~ll.»\SE ‘l'RIC\l‘)\ with GEORGE BRENT M BENNY ’RUBIN‘ ‘in Comedy ‘!l~‘AR|~} l'l.A\\’—Scrnppy Cartoon sunscmsz ron ma LACKAWANNA mews § \'l‘ROU'l‘ I-‘lSlllNG\—No\'ell:y ‘m i Y ..v._ Phone Abbott 4597 Rooting M. EDW. STALTER LONG LIFE Gutters and Conductor Plpo llgg Furnace llopulrlng 435 EDEN AVEL, no-M Abbott Roan

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