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\L- 14-¢ka%'vLIar.m_'inv_TrN9w.s. ;le-T_7‘¢.=|=_Ii~.z.-!.t.I!-1. E Y}. ‘Thurtg; Aux! 25.‘ 1932 ‘qua -su;-vey.ot not No. 25 01! mo Buffalo V.‘-J'l'NEBs, Hm. LOUIS B. =HA-RT, Sm‘- rogate of our said County of Eue, at =Bu N. Y., this 26:01 day 01 July. 1932. PARISH CT!-.9-5.!\-:~3 ~ _ 3 ANNUAL FESTIVAL. Ll-IG‘A'L iqorxcz Creek Resefvauan V;-.r.d 9: part at Lot: _S'1‘A-'I.'E‘0,F',N1-VIW YORK, déuuwir or my. 21 at the Ogden ‘dété, made for. ERIE. COUNTY COURT. . Stephen. A. I-Iolbrook and Asher R... John-_. I-ZEIILIP ‘r. o*DQNNEL.L, Pladntgfr, vs. son by Ellsworth B‘ms.. surveyors. mark-‘ HUGH J. MCGH'EE ‘ B. Mo~ ed \BRADFORD 'i‘RAC'I\' and mod 11. GI-IEE, his wire, ed; :11, ~Derendant.$'. t-he omce or the ‘C1!-rk of Erie County In purmgnnce sLnd’bs'v1rtue at a.,judg'- .u_x_1cler Cc-v'ex' No, '63.’). is msblngxxisnetv meat of :ox'eclo’suvo and gale duly 1;rm;t:- 9's sub-alvaalon Lot No. 1, In Bicck (3.; ‘<1 by this Court: and entered in «he Ene -bé-lug chmy-five um‘ one-hundrccwu‘ County Clerk's O1”-1‘1c1~‘on the 19th day (35,01) reet Itonr uzcl rear. by on: I July. 1932. '1, the undersigned Re!» _‘1‘1und1ecl thirty-tour mad sevenxy-t1m-.~- cree. duly ‘appo1nt;e:l' {ix this nctlon for 11112163;-edths (134.73) feet in depth. .-_ut-: supn purpsae. W111 zxpose for sale and mute‘ on the east same of -Hansbursz ‘ II at Public auctlon to the highest 'I\vumpIke said premises being Lhe bidder therefor. In me wesmerly vesnl- .=aou1t.heasI;‘aorx\er of Odell Street ancl“ hul'e at the -En-1e ‘County’ Hall in: the sum Hamburg 'I‘urup1}:e. City of Buffalo, Erie ‘County, N. Y.. 0,21 , P ..C_ .BA.R-,1“ Rm-ewe ‘he I JOHN .' '3ULLlVAN, Attorney my Fmzmm, mm D. S. M'oiag..n Buucung..‘ Buffalo, N. Y. ’ July 21 28 Aug 4 11 18 25 Sept. 1‘ ‘The Tenth /Annual August vihestlval and riamuvax or the Qu1:¢_m.ox.,a,=ace terminated alast. Suhday Night, Augizsc 14131. ‘concluding mm sucessivg‘ zjqgngs 7-I °entei\tp.‘l_x1m:<z1¢. cgntextaiih t11a\z,s’andg who passed through we twm; gaté.o1.tn,. Church Cv1'ound's, 1Gemc.seé and Forman , Streets. This year the atrfadr enjoyed idea) we.I‘t£\e'r. -Despite the d‘M: ! the committee was happily rewrnrched fartheir 'lonIg strenuous efforts. Over on hun.dred‘ wnnlncd parish workers combine each ye- ‘ar to‘ work on the vanlous stands and attractions. Seven amusement park ‘riding drewlces were mused. 11111:. yemjto mlgment the other te,zxtures..Box:ng. stage show and other entex-ta-mment ultemiated each night. Published‘ cur) Week at Lackawanlli. N. Y. B“ THE. ELECTRIDGE PRES$ Inc. Business 0ffice,_f4\11 Electric Avenue .A ‘Tel‘ep‘hone: Abbott 1181. J. J. BARBER, Jr., Business Manager THOMAS C. BODKIN, Editor G. ‘T. VANDERMEULBN. Clerk '0! the Surr)gtmc's -Cc/ux‘t.. JOHN‘ W. O'CONNOR. ‘Attorney for Petitioner, 1028 Rklge Ro'd, Lackuvan- nu, New York. Aug 4 11 1B 25 Spat 1 ELE-GAL NOTICE Official» Paper of -the City -of Lackawanna , The only newspaper published in» the City of Lackawanna, N. Y. Izltered assecondi class matter at the post of at Bu!-falo.N..Y fsubscxript-io - - - $2.00 Per Year ' . Advertising rates ‘submitted 6n application The People .ur the State of New Yésk to ‘KnL.u:zyna -Kowulskl. Zone Kczvz 151:1. W1:ullsl.r.«wa. Kowalskl. W12:-:e.1s Agx‘.-cs Wcluzynok who re-. Litic-3 at the City Q! Lnckaxvnmm, N. Y.. has r‘rc~.‘.-nt':(l 9. .pe*:'mon no :11: Sui‘-re-. y.-bf-'5 Ccurt. C! 01.11‘ CD‘\lll‘L§' of En.‘ pruymg f:: ‘E! decree th-wt u c2rt‘1u m- ’-Lrunxent In writing buarlng (ht: the zxom. day 6! August). 1930. xt.1ut.!ug’- to bog]: N211 and’ personal p1op=.~rLy ‘be duly: ~pro\1.=ci anq adnmmd to probate as the Last Will and Testanment or John» 'Y<«'.wul:'::1, law of the Clty o1‘.La<:1nL- we.-xina, an the County of Erie, n stale o!‘»Ne\v York. deceased. therefore you and each at you are cued to :.1m‘w cause nberore the ‘Surrogatds Count or our County, of ‘Erie at the 'Cou_n1:y Hall In mg Cxty of Buitalo an sadtl Comry (.1 Ema on the 23rd duy or September. 1932, A91, 10 o'clock in the tur<‘m[:>on cf mat day why men n cleczera should not ‘b4: mnde. 2na DAY 0‘? SEPTEMBER. 1932 xt 11 o'clock jn the rnronoon (Daylight Saving Time) ot«t1n\t: day. the real estate and mortgaged premises dixeoted Q and by -said judgm/-uc to be sold and In said judgment descr{bed as} _x9'x1a‘\v;s-:; I‘-he oL1tstancl11;g,evenungs drew large c'.‘owc1s to witness the vnlph-a-bstgcal auto- mobile -contest uwa-rds. Tim wlnnilng let-.~ Hzvrslbelng T F 0. V Q -H and i I c. 'I'ha 'MI;',a1r as a whole was popularly recelvéu again this year. .5 Dgtch lunch and dan- ce was gjven by the ‘workers. for -th_;;-.1r awn ‘after-tun-. 111- the Mg achbol‘ madma- ‘rltun. Tueéxl-ny Night If-tor che‘ close 0! we carnival. ISUl'l‘LE.\l‘l-J.\l»'l‘vi\L Cl\l‘A~'1‘l0N ADI. THAT \I‘R'AC'£‘ OR ‘PAE7El.*~ OF‘ LAND, situate in‘ the c1 Luckn- wanna -(formerly ’I'o\vn or West: Sons.-cu-. ‘County or me and State ‘of‘.Nc~w York. ‘being part; of Lot Tweruty-four (24; or the ‘Gore Tract so-culled. and further distzlngudshed as the westerly thirty- two and one-halt (32122) feefot sub- division Four (4) in Block H. Cover Slx hundred Eighty (G80): . _ BEGINNING at a paint in the sou-‘h~ my line at Fox Street, twp lxunclrecl seventeen and one-lml! (217 1-2‘, feet westerly mmx the mtqraecblon of the southerly llne ‘or Fax Street. wdtn the westerly line at Wassnn Avcniie; thence westerly along the sgmthevly line of Fox Street. thirty-two and one’-half (32 1-2) feet: thence southerly at rlght angles to Fox street, one mmslrs-cl twenty-‘two and 1‘.\L- one-htuu (122.05) (eat more or less to the south- erly llne of llo =twenty-four -(24): thence enstyerly along glue said hi: llmi trh-lrty5hwo and elghty-six lmntlredbhs (3286) (eat. more or less to a» point wnexh :1 line drawn at right nmrles. ho suld Fox Svrcet from ‘the point 0! be- glnmng will Intersect said southerly llne; xxorthcviy on salcl‘ right angle line. one hunclrocl seventeexi (117) Ieet. more or less. to \he southerly line of Fox Street, to the paint oi beglunmg. ALSO, Q THE PEOPLE on‘ THE ‘STATE or“ NEW YORK.» To .108).-‘J’!-I PINKOWSKI; -AND OASIMIRE §-‘INKOWSKI, 1! living.’ ‘um: 11' they be dam‘ to their dlstrlbu-y ‘cces, If any there be and Fnelng nephews‘ and nieces ca‘ dz-::c'.'ndentu of nepziew or, An-leoas o{John Plnkmvskl nlso known us? Jan Plhkqxvskl. >la(.e ')t the City of But-‘ (Mo, New York. deceasnd. if my there ‘bc_:,;' ml of whom and all of wlmse names.‘ nges. ‘places 01 r¢.xaldcnce and post office addrbsses are unknown. «to pobltloner. Lackawanna News, ‘-Lackawanna, N. Y., Thurs., Aug‘. '25, ‘I932 ‘LEGAL Noucn -Road; sthence easterly “long the south- erly line 0! the Ridge Road forty (40) feet to the point; 0! beginning. nsuxuc :1.1c«E;NsssL wm. BE xssuap To JOBLESS STATE OF‘ NEW YORK. COUNTY EDWARD -1.. arms. reree COURT. ERIE COUN I Y. LACKAWANNA NATIONAL BANK. COATSWORTH «S5 DIEBOLD. Attorney {or Plaintiff. Omce and P. 0. Address. -138 Mam Street, Buffalo. N. Y. - July 28. Aug -1 11 18 26 Sept 1 8 Plaintiff. vs. MARTIN '1 RYAN, et in Many unemployed men «in ‘the State ox New York have tumved'. without bexietit ‘of menses. to in the wellstackccl Waters 011' the state. Far some ‘it meant replenishing of road suppllles for théir fnm-illes. To others. burn Iislverrrjzn. it. was a buief respite I1‘om,t.he d1'e:u'y h_o1n's oi‘ unemployment. some of the jrublezs anglers likn the‘ nah. were caught ‘But. none was fined. They were forced ‘however to‘ give up ll:-« ‘weir fxslmmg. But new brlg‘ht¢1‘:cluys are in store for many of these jobless fisherxgian. Under a. plan or Harry L. Hopi:-ins. Ch- nirxrian or the Stmtc Temporary Emerge- .ncy Relif Amn-lmlstratlon. in; will now he \ posuitble tor Public Welfare Commissioner pr me vanlous communities to pay for licenses ~!or unemployed men invedtigatett nnd certi vtor relief. The local county. city and tawn.\ve1- glare officers have been informbd by Mr. Hopkins of the plan wherefby the isq-' ulance of ring free license will become I part. oi’ thg Horne Relief system of the. Iempojsary Em.er~gvency Relief Adminiatr-- ntlon. ‘mg Admipiistruion will pay 40 per cent of the C§)5i_tl1.Q9gIiSB his local Weliare Departments sue to pay the bal- ance oi the (e_o_:.- V _ Issuance oi’ 1rvee=liocnae_a does not mqarr mat the waters at the Static will be ovar- run by joblws anglers. that they will or thnt the -unemployed - will soon -be depletui bf their stocks 0! fish lwterfen with the regular anglers who xi- .sh. Just (r the sport of it. | Nor will the unemployed ! at- tempt to compete with local fish d9'a|gra- by underseiling them at either whole- sale or prevailirg retail‘ rates. (or this home relief project will be guverned by rules of the Temporary Efmergoncy Relief Admsinisiaration just as all other relief ‘STEELA POLINSKA. 3-‘RANK PINKOW- SKI. JOHN «pxnxnxvzsxr. STANLEY PINKOWSKI. EDMUND FINKOWSKX. HARRY pmxowsxx. VICTORIA max- ’ows1<I.. JOSEPH PINKOWSKI. CASI- MER PINKOWSKI. CA'1'HERIN1': PINK- DWSK1, HELEN PINKOWSKI, AND to all other pe'sous who rac or claim to be dlstrilgutecs of JOHN PINKOWSKT June or the City of Bv.il'.‘u1r~. N_. Y, dramas d-. and being bx-omen-s or sisters or des- cenclnuts of -b.other.=. r;r slstmvs. sf zmv Ithere be. all or whom and all 0: whc names; ages. places of !‘*I'd dvzncc and post: office addreszes‘ are unknown to pail- bloner zwd can no‘. nttcr dun’ dzllignnc be ascertalnecl. WHEREAS. ANNA NOWICKA who re-. sides at. the City 01 Bxlfialo, New York. his presenvscl u petltian to the surm- gmt/.~‘§ came of our Cclunny of Erie. pray- ing for 11 clgcrsae am :1 cc-rt.udn_ Instru- ment. an -writing, ban-mg. date the 11th. qiy at August; 1981, relai-mg in both 1-aa_l and personal propérty. be duly prqvgxj and uqmlttqd to probngejs the Lu_.s$ wm and 'I'esmme_nt. of J9’!-IR PINKOW- SKI A150 KNOWN AS JAN Pn\-'I€,0W- SKI late of the any or Bu In the County of Erie, and State at -New Yoik. deceased, ‘ Therefore. YOU and ‘EACH 0!‘ YOU. an owed to About onus; below the Sur- rogate‘; Court of our (‘.)u';t.y of Erie. at the County Hall in the Cnty o Bufialc, «In sum Qxxmmy 01-1! 1:, N1 the 14 day of Septsmban, 1932, at ten o'c!':ck in the rorenoon 0! that day. why such a de- cme should not. be made. IN TESTIMONY ‘IJXIEREDF, We htwa caused the Seal of sand Sur1'L‘g'ate'5 Court to be hereunto t-mxed. In Leattlmony whereof we have causgd the sea}. '0‘! said ‘suurrogntws Court. to be hucunto amxod. Wn.m=:s Hon. Dams B. Hart. Surro- nmo rt‘ our mid CULIIILY 01‘ Erie at Buffalo, N. Y.. vms 20th day of Augu.=.t. 1932 ~ In pursuance and by vlrtux; of a jtndgnnem. of h-re:-lrrsure “mad sale duly granted b_y uh-is Court mzd enters.-cll In the like County (‘Iezks Ofdce on (110 2‘.!ncl day J1‘ July, 193%, I. the undexslgnr.-Ll Referee. duly nppolnteu 111 this ac-Jon for such pur- pose will e‘xp<;s9 for sale and sell at. Pub- Ilc Auction to the lmglxcsi bidder there- for. In the \\'c9terl\’ \“.‘3tIbl11c of Lhe_ E11»? County mz.11. m the may ovf P.u.‘x‘u1o. Erie County. New \”or!‘:. on the NOTl(‘»l'.‘ T0 CREDITORS PURSUANT to rm. order or Hm LOUIS B. HART, .‘au1'1'ogabe of Erie County, MI pew.-sons having clzmns ngalnst Cntlxonltne Zwmf. also known as Katharine Zwlpf and Katie Zwlpf hubs or ‘the 'I‘o\v«n of North «Collins deceased. are hereby required to t-xmbu; the same wl.Lh vouchers thereof to the undersigned :Exec'utors or the wm of said deceased m. the office or the Attorney tor sum Executors at 1028 mdgo Road, Lawm- wannu, N. Y. on or before the lam day of December. 1932. Dated June 6. 1932. Henry Emerlmg, Clarence J. Gler, Exe- cutor: . Clerk of the Surrogn.te's Cr;-.n':.’ CLE\'l~2LAND W. CROSBY. Abtorlley for ~P.=-L‘.Llone1' Ofmce mul P. O. 'ndclre:~s.' Kelbey ‘bullclmg. 1038 R.!d.;'3 roimr Lnckmvzmnu. N. Y. G. T. VANDERMEULEN 9'I‘H DAY OF SEPTEIVIBER, 193.’.-T Aug. 25 Sept H3 15 22 at ‘ten. o‘L-lock In; the rue-noon, (Day1:ght. Sm-mg Tune) of chat day. the real ~cs- tmte and mortgaged premises dlreoted In and by said judgment. :0 be sold and 121 said judgment described as follows‘ NOTICE ALL THAT TRACT ‘OR PARCEL OF LAND. situate ix; we Town 0! West. Seneca. now City or Lnckawzmna, d'ou.u- ty xv! Edie and State cl New Yknfk. being part at Lot No. 28. Townmup 10 in 'the 8th Range of the Bufmlo Creek Indian mmrvaclon no-called. bounded and de- scribed as Iollows: BEGINNING at the point C! in1:o’n4e:- ‘Mon at thé southerly lne of the Ridge Road with the westerly mm. 0! Electric Avenue, socxilled. the and westerly Hue of Electric Avenue_bo1ng a. line distant measured at right Wnglts 220 rfcc‘. xvcrt The following dommnrt thntt account with the last kl1k.‘tW1) residence or the dc-pasuor. and not pxvevxously reputed to the Nqtew York Btnto Bainklng de- partment. is published In accvsydnnce w-it-h Section 134 01 the New Yprk Stu:-e Banking Law-., ‘ 'r;u-: AMERICAN BANK. 603 Ridge Road, Lackawanm. New York. D0lh\l.-\N-'l‘ ’l‘llRll-“T ACC0l)N’l‘S John R. P1111011, Attorney for Execu- .&ors_ 1028 Ridge Road. mcknwaxina, N Y. June 16 110 Dec. 15 ALL THA3‘ TRACT. ‘PIECE ‘OR PAR.- CEL 01-‘ I4A_‘ND, -stimute in the Cm’ at Lackaw-anna. county of Erie and state or New York, which on a. certain sub- givdslon map at part or 101; Number Thlmy- (35). '1'ownsh_1p Ten (10), Rang: Eight (8) or the Buffalo Creek Reservation and at ‘putts or lot: N_um.'b- ers Twentyrxgur (24\ and Twenty-eight (28) of the Gone Tract. made, by Henry 1.. Lyon. Sm-veyar, Samuel Waggon. and med in Erie Coumy Clerk's o under Cover 680, Is dismnguislzed as sub- division mt number Thxvee (3) In Block \H\. ‘ NOTICE TO CREDITOR! PURsUAN'r to an order. 0! Hon. LOUIS B. KARI‘. Surrogate at 3:10 county. all pemons having claims agalmc Ralph J‘. Quale mo of the cm or Bumalo deceased. an henby rgquecto cd to exhibit the ante with vouchon thereox to the undengined Executor. of the Wul or and ‘accessed at 011199 or James H. Quale. 2726 Main street, Buffalo. N. Y on or baton om aom day bf September. 1932. ~ Olga Bcztko, -I37 Wassgln gvenum; Lacknwanna, New Vork. . . Aug. 25, Sept. 1 Irdm the out line or Laid lrlt No 28 \ and running parallel to said out llnc: meuoe southerly along said west line 0! Electric Avenue one hundred bwemy (120) feet; thence weswrly at right aniglcs {arty (40) feet: uzenz northerly M: right. angles one hundred t.we.m.y 1oee1.'t0 the south line of the Ridge -“\' i, 1 . ’ ' '\A ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND. aittinme in the City of lockawam na (formerly ‘Town or West: Seneca) County of Erie and State of Nov; York, which, on a certain subdivision mnp Dated March 17th.‘ 1032. CORRINI: H. Quale. Execuwr. March 24 to Sept. 32 _ . .... ..,. .- .. fig _n, vb-«r --. .. -. , .' ‘ W ” . . i ‘ . . .! . '- '3 \ t ' I ' . ’ ‘ JG ' 9 Put eyed “lax . : Bmthe be he: (imam ,sfnx-mu‘ BENEFIT OF father akers lmant ' . . , .. ._.‘I ‘~.\.:' ', . u t ~ n-..u . --2.. n. v V.-. 0\~- .3 .~ 2 .. -r . - ' . . . X ._'- ‘ « . — . . ‘ .E, . . ‘VJ _[' ~ r .r ‘ ” .~ E3 Ar L€g iOn Clxarri-pi\3'1L13‘§ lACKMAWANNA l%l < ‘ V -- 4- «-x-‘-'. V. \\-R * ‘ \ 1.‘-(3 J1” -\ ' - '. ‘ ‘ 32;, 4 .. >- - , _ ; .. ‘ . E] Lackawanna Stadium South Park Ave. At ‘Fire House GENERAL ADMISSION 15¢ 2 =30 'v'f.‘:’*k

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