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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, August 18, 1932, Image 3

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. ,.\,V,r, “. ,/5.571; 1-9,c!s9}_v3.nn;! {New §\“!o Y-» T1-.m-,- 6918- 18-:1»9,3Z ove 111;- I. 11: he T’§>3Zlff’¢‘.‘.. 115$; SPON SORE D Y Fourth Ward Democrat Club SUNDAY AUGUST 2 \ op- hey voff HF.’ an- gera- tater tee! TOMCZAK’S GROVE air tn- 3,. : OX), ted‘ urn. ABBOTT ROAD AT SMOKES CREEK Match Ball Game Refreshments .4. a}.. 3:; Tickets 50¢ Everybody Welcome ED Shea’s Century Sheas Hippodrome Shea's Kensington Blendlng a pronounced now of ro- Miss Plnkertnn, it modem. mysterv co-staarrlng Jcun Blondell and George Brent. will be: shown at Sh:-as Hilppodxume heglnnllng Saturday It Hippodrome Beglnnlng Sauturdmy. Sup- porting the stars are Holmes Hrvrbert. John Wray. Ruth Hall. Blanche Freem- let. Ima Mndaison. Elizabeth Patterson. M-try Domn and a score 0! others. An lxlteresmng su.r1‘aunzl‘lng' program] will be Hurry Gmbhon an Hum I-Iml, Delores and Helene Costello nnd Blmmhe Sweet in Movie Album Tlmllls. Roscl-e at the Bench. n loaney toon mrrcon. Henry B. Muvmgh at the grand ‘organ and Shears Hlppodrome News. uitmce with aclvomure and nomon Mys- mery Ranch. featuring Geurge O'Brien. wlu be presemcd at Sh.=...1'.s Century starting Sz\l.u.rduy. Supporrlng O'Bru-n Ire Cecelia Parker. Charles Mldcllemn. Nlible Johnson. Forrester Harvey. Ray Stewart. Russ Powell and Charles Ste- w.-ns. The plctuc wa sdlrected by David Howard. On (1110 surrouncllng program wm be Bums ram! All-nu. popu-Jr ruclla ravorltcs In Patcms Pcndmg; Ruth Et- tdug In Antxstlc Temperament: Boscu's'. Dog Race. Plctorln Rev-low nad Cenuuy News. A program of dmnm. camedy, sports swents and mustlc is now showing at She-as Kenslsngton. The \feature is that dellghttul story for y-oung and old. Re- becca of Stumybrook Farm wlth lovely Mlrxan Nixon and Pulph Bellamy. Ad- de clattratlons. 31l~- rved tins the chi F‘1'1day and Saturday two great tea.- tures will -“be presented in Scandal for lxde with Pat O'Brien and The Mun From Yesterday. other uttmacuons. The Dark Horse cums to 3119215 Ken- sikgmon meglnnmg Sunday <—.:.lue.~.~..m1. August 21 tor two days. T\'PE\vR1.'L‘E.R rep.u:';ng. mbbons and supplies 119 Spaulomg St. Alsbott 3125 -J. M. Shea’s Buffalo Shea's Great Lakes Make Me A sm 15 rbookecl for 'I‘use- day. Wednesday and Thursday epennzgs. August. 23 to 25 with Stuzum Erwun and Joan Blondell. _FbR R.ENT—Furnls1iocl nparcmen: with garage. 408 Electric Ave. 11' Beginning Friday TALLULAH BANKHEAD me mad. but menry. Fc/ur Marx Brouhers. specialists Iln nonsense. are starred in Horse Feathers roumh of their moving pictuxyes. which will mark the reopenllng 0‘! Shens Greater Great Lakes Friday. An interesting surrounding pro- gram also will be px\.-sented. -- Horse Fkamlxers. like previous Marx Brothers pictures. in sheer ioolery, with who bemustached Groucho talking and Chico zmswaring in Itazlxm dialect. the tzcnsvlomlly plnvmg tlye Mano. red-W19 ged Hnrpo hnsing the blondes and n1- most-normn Keppo njxking love to the ingenuo. Phone Abbott 459'! Rooting Friday's and Saturdaysv dcrubIe-f'.1- tuna program_ includes Lew Ayres and Mae Glsurke lh mgm World and sum Summer-fule nnd Zasu Plum In The Un- expected Father. M. EDW. STALTER LONG LIFE Gutters and (‘umluctor Pip: GARY COOPER. \DEVIL A‘No_ THE DEE?\ On the Stage -tlm mo. and 10) ot- JOE and PETE MICHON FIND YOUTH’S “DADDY” Furnace Ilvpalrlng 435 EDI-ZN AVE, near Abbott Iota in \MYSTERY Amazing Mugvic Illusions Operator; Congqle Tot '.'Vho Wake: Up With No One At Home. |||II|I|“|E|'““l“ MWWW Sl1ea’s Century Sheas Buffalo \I want my dandy,\ subbed youthful Roy Munn over the telephone to the operator one night recently after he awoke in the lllunn home in Hunting ton. L. l., and found himself alone. lie sobbed no energetically that the opera- tor could get little else out of him. She comforted him and told him to go back to bed; she was sure his daddy and mother would be home soon. Beginning Saturday, Thrilling Ommoor Romance \MYSTERY RANCH\ Devil nnd tlhe Deep. co-smrrlng Tallu- lnh Bnnkhen rmd Gary Coopvrn-. with Charles Lnughuon. mn.ugvmm.es Shea Gmntor l’~Jnlert.nlnmcn1. scnson mt. Sheas Buffnlo I-‘rldny. The ploturo glvsc the glamorous arm‘ n dmmntdc story worthy oi‘ lter talents. and serves to zlnnwocluce Ln Charles Laughton. :1 new lharacver ne- tor who looks like the tlrst; genuine suucdcssar to Ion Chaney. On the stage will be Joe nnd Pom Mlchon tlu the Revue Myster o mplsblnl revue of amazing Illusions. Charles Mmmlng will (llrcct the vgymphonlc ensemble In an overture and Mr. and Mrs. Hemle will preside ‘at. the win ‘organs In :1 novelty rooltml. assisted by John Paul Miller. venor. CL-clllu Parker GEORGE O'BRIEN Chas. Mldtllcbon cooun wnman $OON—B£1‘TER oansa NOW! . \ and _', 3 I : * 7'1 « BURNS dz ALLEN CCIDENTS run into money. Anesthetics . . .Medicines ...X-Rays...Doctors...Nurses ... Private Rooms. . . all cost a gt-etty penny and can easily gure up to a staggering sum. Isn't it tough enough to be \tbe victim” without being \stuck\ for all these heavy expenses? Buides, that’: 4 risk you_don’t need to rum. You can /E T N A - I Z E In \PATENTS PENDING\ Added Screen B\IbJ60t But young Roy was soon ‘back on the line. The senior operator talked to him now——nskod about his Chriatnlns toys, asked him it he had something warm on, and thus he was quiet- ‘od enough to say that he didn’t know where his «mother was, but heard his rather say he was going to visltra Mr. Ransom in Sea. Cliff. Shea’s Hippodrome 2 Beglxuung Saturday. Action, Romance, Drama Abbott 1728 \MISS PINKEXRTQN\ Bidding Roy to wrap up warm and play with his toys, the operator told him she would his daddy. She called several Ransoms before she. got the right one. The father. Roy S. Munn, was a bit surprised at having the telephone company tell him his son wanted him to come home. I-'Io told the operator be suspected that his wife was’ next door to chat with :1 nL\ig1il)o1‘i\ moment. So he called the neighbor's homo imnimliatoiy. It was a downright puzzlo to Mrs. Munn. too, when her husband intonnod her tmui Sea. Cliff that her oon was crying his eyes out at homo. Lmor, whom she |0i1l'n(3ll how it all lmppenod. aho wrote (I. letter to the telephone cnn'uiu.ny compiinwniing it on um fact that ioic-phones ‘each e\'.erywi1cro and that the employees, rendering service night and. day, oro thoughtful enough to dn1-art i’rom- ordinmty routine in omorgoncies of this kind. Michaela & Sons. JOA N BLONDELL DOLORES and HELENE COS’I'EI.-L0 GEORGE BRENT Then doct/or and nurses’ bills are pau_i for-_you. Expnm Money whxle had up, too! KLEIN -HEGEDUS C0. INSURANCE WITH SE .V|CE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD LACKAVVA NNA. N. Y. ABBOT '1‘ 0001 In \MOVIE ALBUM ‘Tl-IRILIS\ Added -Screen Subjeqta Lady and Gem, siamng George Ban-3 croft. wlth Wynne ‘Gibson. will he uhown at Slums Seneca Funny and Sat- urday with matinee Snturclxmy The other attraction wlll be Young B1'«lde wlth Helm ’I‘\vclpet.1‘ees. Intcrcsuug sur- roguullng program. Million. Dallnr Inga. wlhh Jack Ooklo. \v111 hp prom-ntecl Sunduy to 'I'1lS(‘d(ly. In mldttloll there will he Joan Bennett nncl Ben Lyon co stnrrccl in We-cl: Ends Only‘ Addccl subjects. 102 Michaels PL new ad- WE! .nd Shea’s Great Lakes m.~ sh- me. nd Beginning Frldny Gala Ra-Opening Week Nutmer Thzm Ever FOUR MARX BROS Now Morals For Old with Rohm-t ‘faumr. Myrna Loy and Lewis Svono nnd lmjmtlt-nt Mnldon ca-s1.n1'rmg Imv Ayrvs nud Mno Clarke. will be the twin Im- L-uros lvoclnesclny ‘nml 'i‘l11.1rsda.y. Added subjects also \vllI be presume. \HORSE I\EATHERS\ with 'I‘~hc-lmo. 'I'o'd(l Great Surrounding EH1 SUBSCRIBE F OR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS W . 2 ‘ .. J . BLHLDING LOTS \OR SALE—-Fine building lob tronting on South Park Ave.. Hamilton Ave.. Stearns Ave. and the Martin wad; no In- terest; prices reasonatle. In quire of Michael Kinney, 1684 Park ave. Phone Abbott -i‘R'7—W

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