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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, August 11, 1932, Image 1

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.« , E7’ *\ 2,, .393? -H 36;“ w % ’ f * .LAm<Awuw«~ V‘ = *- ~ : - * A *7\ L 4\“ W * -V: -T % % _ - ~ - .% . H H.» -vim: Ln .. % ~ ‘ g “ umelul .Ve\\apap-:r K‘ ‘ ' j . i . \ - ,_ » ’ 7 ' — A 1 ._,g;' .—, _, 1‘ _ \‘T” _ A _ V _ The City’ ox ‘Lucka-, - K ~ _. ’ , 4 ' _..' 4 veanna, Erie, C'o., ,, r I Q A V : . . ,' I ‘V ‘ _ I n m re;-“em; ; Ecfw York’ 3: L . ” ~ > , ' I ‘ Iv . I : 4 ' Social and 590“ of 3‘. I I’ » V “ \ '_r' ’ <‘ ' \ ‘ ' . I _r ‘ v I k lackawanzut H ,”>.‘I E’ WW 5NatIonaI‘“I.onVe~rence Being Held »At Hungarian church Ihzclcawainna. N'e-vvrs.,1 ‘Lac-1»-‘i.i.V'3|;_a,n1‘4a, N‘. Y., 'i',hurs., Aug. 11, 19.32, PR-ICE 5c——'$2..0_0 YEAR Puzzle Wi‘nne:r% Try-l%tsA Blank « Stranskys '9 -40' IAnnuaAl liity %CfleArk’s Outing wm ;lnclud~e Gala Sports Program M \Returns Coming in, Heavier Than, Ever‘ in “Puzzle Th-at Pay/a\’ Feature Delegates From All over U. S. Attend Meetings /At Hun-g gnrian -Presbyterian Church’ Many Prominent ‘Speakerx In Programi, Other Events REV’. Bnbtyv presided. at the openmg_ services at 7:30. p 1:3. mm Dr. Tom and the Rev. P1-uncis Nag-y of Welland, Qnfhg‘ were the mom; speakeis, for the cccaqa lcn. “Local Team E'nte,rs, Post Season Series with S,ens.a_tional Vic- tory at ‘Cazenovia Park ‘Events Will Take Place Wed- L ~nesday-, August 17, Wi’th . Many City and County No- ’ tables Attending. . H. so Sn e come: — '1¢.m Wrtrez and Ectxwm Doxzwuck Y) Jrhn. Aszkler and ’w:u«er E'.u-32 ’ Tug of VV.1.- uf c.tv (‘OI1'L!1’lt’v¢~'.’l1‘|EI1-<, ‘J\I1n .*p.:u. Frun!1s D Robert: ¥Geon.:,s~ N.,x-Iwlas 'do..vc<l'.a. Mlchael ;Dnn).~!'-to v— Fed !1wep.'zugr2r_ John. Duh:-rty. Sxuxlev i':\\‘;‘~kL Nicholas _sL-,f:‘uL~'t,. F..su.'l Prz‘ Mn: Kennedy,_ John. Tnon‘.a.s. ‘Here is the sommon Lo, me Puzrle That Pays Contest in last. x\eel_<.~;‘ issue ‘oi »vhe_Lack-a,w:.mna News. .\'mm‘——v). In-res & ~‘m_r.. ..\u((L_e.~s——-18:51 \‘muh Vzuk .\\‘£‘. And; here are L119 \vnners: I»Yll‘.~.t—Fl(.1'9.‘.l|('4.‘ R)-.u\,, 9.35 ‘Rldgp [Inn '1. .\o('oInl—'-(\luu'h-‘ X-\.u.laK-. 37?. In,-_:lmn\, .\\(~um:. Ent'.er1ug the £12.»: g..-me of 4 rows of post.-season conI.es?s .w.:h, an :xmb1— non of the same .)l‘2‘LI1d Uf baugup 13.111 which Cal'l‘lj€(l them to the c'.m.mp)0n.~ ship of their 1e.1g'L‘u= Llumug the p.95’. season. they T1-?Y~Its nor: hall :e..m h¢:.)!‘('(1 ‘ (1£>C_\.-‘.l.l\/ 9, no 0 v§.ct,.ry uvcx the crack St1'a1l.sk)'s at Cuzez.u.v~..1 Pmh, lVlu.1..luy mgvht m n series 9pou.suud by the So..lt.h Blxftalo Lugxon. Allie Hang. on the r.z-uncl far the )a~ cal aggregatlon. wssecl cut one of rug best games of the year anu held. the losers po\ve1_‘-less thr_.1=-,7.-:.ut. the b2:.!,1=1e. It Cosgrave. his mound nppomnt. lmdnrt beaten out 4 wcal-: mm-Id ,::uum.er he wc/ukl hzue recetvx-<1, crvzlxt fur a :1 7—h..t game. l-L15 Leumm.x-(- lbnrkcl mm up .n. brl11!au_t scyle and .um:-‘J m_u.uy prJoa‘:)1e h-its, mtp putums. A r.r.( hzmded stop by J.Q.xck Fmzel, c:~.v‘.I: third 'na.sr:m.m for the Tzty 11:. \\a.~'. ~on.o oi the ouL.s:am1- mg sensuL1_on.s of the ;.Ill1lC~. Th.1u'sd5ja. mammgs sea.-Ion openecl with 4 devotional servic/L at 3, 3.. m. led by Julius mm or‘ V1115 cltyv Wllllam Sam, also‘ of Lackzxxvazwvm.‘ gave an ml- ctress. W11F.arn Akos. or Toxleclo. 0.,‘ pres- ubent at the lmlcrm gave‘ an aclclreés cu ‘Lbs pmposes. a.ccomp!'1shme1xr.s. 9.1.1‘-.l= h1st;ory., Brief talks >y U.j1‘.\ky and the Rev. l<.'m'nk L. Janew.sy._ cxecusivea secret.a.ry of the Buffalo Pz'esb.ytea'y',. also feM.\11‘e<l this sessloxh Pluns for the .m:.'|.-1 (:ty Clvrks ‘ut- mg. whlc l'.t.hJ.> yea‘ :.'..I c-41111»: (.~ 2. :u’\r c-xuiae with 2!. :*t,u5.L:\*t, .L Grand L~!..ncl are naarmg comple Im. 11, W m..o'.mc- on rwuun-ad-4_v by Ju1.LL< B.._' ‘-9.: c~.'v c‘e-.1»: Al.\.£‘IA(l‘Il)L‘e 1»: me gxmzz M\ B - Ju::*1<- 5.141. “wzll n:.xCh ..L 10 at 10!. \5 m- d2c.:.t.ed by the carts‘ '*u~:e-t sale\ Two bvllba hue 1:»: -.11 ;\..1-term 2 r the men: and mu ...u.1 pi-)u|p.xl) at 10 30 2:. m. \VLd.n£~ad.'¢!.)'. Au.§'L.«t 27 nun lh_r.' toe. of Anm:-r~1 Jtre-0.. Bl‘.:\f.A1fJ Bron}:- f.::.'t w.ll be s.,1v.-L! .';r.n’. u..vIy fur c!r.:.z'mre alter wzmh a progzuun :f on-. L:-rta..1m.em. has D--er. .;r.m_.':-.1 I eu- tn-mn. the guest. ?‘.'I'Llt9 A sump- ll.‘\Ls Li.um-1' .u;(l 4 buflet .9\-ppc: will also be proxnzzlul !.r .11: who nuke par‘. in thc ‘h.~tzvn..e< Over 50, ministers mt! 200, 3oung_ paci- ple of the I-Iung:u~1;u1 Prsebyterlzm and Reformecl cl-n.u-ones m the Umtezl Scmzse atherecl‘ in Lackmvannn this week to attend the annual cunfmbnce \-.h':.h opened Tuesday m *he Zitvagzu-Inn Prcs—- byberlan church. Rlclge 1,-ma. nnrl wm conthle ‘th-roughout xom.rc.'1ro\.\. ‘The minslsrers came here from an parts 0!’ the countzy to 5l.'t1’n’.‘X1d the nu- mml conference or the Nzctxomtd Hut.- gzmlan Mln.:s:e1'la1 dSSl'JG1.hv1°11., wh oh opened am 7:30. o'clock '1ues<L2.y ev.eu.ng and closest at; 4:30. mlock Wednesday The young people Are m.*.m\<mng the 6:11 azztxum conferrence of -1119 I~Iungm-mu C1'n=1s,t1z1n Endeavor Uni:/n of Ame:-kc-.2. which opened 11r.neuunto'-y 1'-‘I: ::,; the formal clcsmg 01‘ the prececu-zg -co1}fE‘1‘ence. The 1':-t-urns began to, com.\ 1-21 early ‘hull wesk cm tI'§(‘.l‘E‘:: 0.’, zuV1.s»vc-rs were ‘wcdlved. the Llxy af*c1' the papex\ was om; It. was rm c..:.y ‘puzzle {or most and the vum_bex_‘ of \’)l'1f£‘C1. d.uswe1's was U.'z\LlSl1.;ll1_\' lujge a1muu_;h there w-1) LG t1-es for the przzes .:.s the '.\.\:u1er.~: gar thvesll” ‘:m.>\\'e1:s off a imlp 'u1me.ul or all the rest. is nul1ca.vL‘:cl by .L~lxe p.uaLm>11'ks.‘ Smll t:.hrL~o are m my cm our -.‘ea_<le1*s who .111 then: ha..>t.~ to. get their o.1;.<:\\:-.=rs in ovelottk some inlportangt pant; of thei puzzle On‘ forge: to put it damn; xvmcn of course, e1‘1mu.mt.r.=s them from the‘ runn-mg. J\l(J.,'\'s Tnnm-s B :1-{In uncl 'Lc~on:ircl Ix‘ n: I .(}-:.x'\ urn; N-u-, Fwd L.c,'tl.1. xii, ljtc-cl 'vVh:!.e. L.nLk&.\?.'lI.n.'l Rcpubl.c Paul .\I§-.(ku ‘Pol ~h E'.L‘l'y'J clv':-. Da.1.y. lohn, A Mccuthy, Bufnln Even g News: H. 1- OD.,nne-11. I:ur:;ln 'I‘.mes. W E‘. ’I'uvn~end Buff -1': CL _u' or Cu.-nux;.u.~? zncludo The events for Line 1ema.lnJ.-ng‘ of the cun1‘e1'e(1ce are p1<mnec1- as follows: Fxbm 11 9. m. to, 12:15, p. m. ;_*r'*L1p4 nretmgs and Ll\.SCLlS.~‘:iO:1; will be held in F'r1enclsh1p house. 527 Ridge road. Th1.1rsd».y a.1‘-tem.c.cn '\':111 be spent m recreatioxl m. Hamb,u1':; on the Lake. Genera) Cémm1t.‘.ee—\'a1entme Drze- '.'.'uck1,. Con.n.Lss:onr:~ .t Pubuo Works._ Mxcnae-I Joyce. Cm’ E;.5*meer. ’1“.n1or.hy M“-.*C‘o:'1nlcl-'.. C(.I11nIls' mr of Clmrmes. JOat‘ph Eagzm: CoL:\' Clevk. James Svmenc-y; Srremrv to C.\':‘ Serwce Bxard Alphonse Ktxsnuexsl-:1. Lhlef of Ponce. Ray R Gzlsun. Fxre ffmez‘ Fnuxk Rxszka. :‘qpt Charles Rose cl Fuhce Dv-p.4nmen.:; (\uxrn Mus:-.1u1. Juhn C212-n1.'eJe.~.x=K£; §Upex'n:*t*I1derft of .B\l.M1r.gs. Iznzmus Kaczxnarek. C:v;l Servzce C‘,-mmxssxoners, Wllzam .111!) Yak‘. in nrny Geovgeskl, :1.-cl Walter Dowu H-..‘t’n O Dr. Arcnmxy S Ctxlkozvskz. Fire Con.mls- ~.onrs. Walter B_uI'..*:lx:-uk and Samuel Wassno. Police '.‘umn..s¢uuners John Wxdxmvr and .-\c101p‘n R .<.ns.iu, Bu.-ldmg Inspecmr Juhn Dmzd ;.\'='.k-1. Sealer of Wexghts '-ud us-a.»ur-_»a James Coleman. and Nzchzuas Spemu :.EC1‘8L'.1'y to ma Assessors > A p1'o9,ram of buu gmms. field events. and swimming has been z.1'r-.mged_.. Supper wm. be served in we church at 5,230 p m. It will be folhwed by group devot1o11s zmcl FL ):<.s\unptlon'm‘.f the four group meetings of the mrxrntmg. Pl.:n~. for th ep:L'g:m1 of ==p res r='.en‘s unzcn \'..II he one If .u:-.- max: f\L~t'.lreQ er the It-te are compIe‘<cI ullll wl; .u- clu¢|- the fcllcmuug ->-...'.ss 3. v.” .a.~.- nounoed by Mr’, V. Dro2d‘w:.'-:1. cm r- man c-I the-. .~p(.1‘I:» uzzd game.» commut- tee The Rev. John B’-My. pastor of the local c-h\.u'ch pvresicled at the opening} smjvlce or the n1I_n1src-xrs‘ .>onEe\-encIs,_ which was featured uv a(1c1r<-.s.;_ by the Re\r._ Edmond Vnsvary of C1eve1a.n(I 1116. the Rev,» Bela Csomos cal Lorrnln O. A.t‘t‘er devotions mm roll call Frld-ay mronlng m.ember=. of the fillctings com- tnlttee wm report; on me results of the respective group discussions so that the whole onference may benefit, from all the discussions. J. Beres and Sons :1):-;*1'H.be the wen 1-:n.o\vn clmiry locazed a~'. 420 Electrlri avenue and the .1cL(l1:css is tmt of the New Way Shoe Repair Service. 1.824, Souuh. Park avenue. Led by m,_- m=av,v muxng of Jmmne Mullms and Jack 1.-Ham! the Ste.-1 C.ty sluggers g.xmeret1 r-ne. nux 1n the first lnmmg to step. off to .:.n_ emtly‘ lead They lrelmjorced their aclveanuge wuth Sou: n£n'e counters aftexf a hutmg spree in the second frome mm. I,r~1n then on the outcome never a.ppe.u'e<1 to -be in doubt. Hoag, B, Gallagher. J. Ga1‘:.v.ghe:'. L. Sdhrag, T. schmgv .m..1 1-csslch added cox).-l s-lderaably Ln uhe v:';t.;n:y \v).r.h om: mt each. ’1_‘wo base passes were scored by ‘Mullins. Fnzzel .mcl_ G:»._1‘,agher. B111 I-lm'm_c1»:. short, amp fox: the Strun- skys and hLs tcamnnize Chuck Ros.-:. kept that raggregatioix in tn: game EVLCZL their excepmuual neuuug. 1n all Lney hn.u_ru.:c1 urteenf PM 0 ££.Cv.TG-~ 12-.rn mam mamnj fourteen rlmnoes bz~mv\:r. them xvtchout :1 mlscue. A crowd of nearly 10.030 ~\\'1D1le.ia€d the IPIICOLIHEOT. TRY 1'13 ». A3 I: H Reich 2b .. ....~& 4‘ 1 I\.'..21lins lb ....5 1 8 Frlzzel. 3!: ....3 2 2 '1‘.Sohragc=£...... !. 1 And now in Lmgs week's papex\ 15 mm- other puzz1e., G1 to 1:. as soon as you can. Of couvrse you may not; win., B11-1; ‘then again you may. In any even}; you will have 3. fa.sc.1mt.ng mme \vo1:k- Hg it out. Am‘ be aurc to, look over)\ the lust of aclvertlsers xepxrcsentecl in the Puzzle That, Pays I~\\:'.u'.y xu, c..<lex' ‘.1, make sxure that the answers are there The pzc-gram of I-'.mu.At.. are as t;‘l:nv~. Tug of \V.x1‘ be-'.\veeu me Pum-u D-pt. 3'1)-cl the P;~11t1c1u_:s of the 1:- V,\'.11-cl Wecluesdays's prograxn openecl at 10 :1 m... wlth an address by the tcev F?r-.u1- cl: Ujlaky» of 'I‘015.‘dZ). 0.. pm-nsiden: of the Navtomzl I-Iungarlxxn 1\11-msterml associa- tion. Other speakers on thu program‘ were Dr. Alexanclcw Tutu of Franklin, Marshall college and rhéologtcal semi- nary of Lzmcastex‘, Pa.. zuncl the Rev.‘ Michael Toth or Dem-oi: From 1 to 4 p. m_. :1 buslnun.-.. meet- .lng. which wall mclmlc r.\->xmnn.t>z»e re-. ports ax‘.-:1 election ct of wall be held, The onferene \v'I1 elm: mth a sightseeing trip to Niagara Falls \\‘v. Bottv is in na-rge at arrange- n-~=-v~v-= for me union zrmrorcnce. M‘,r.=.. Bothy. local chadrman of the prcgmlln cunnxi.:,-tvee. is. assisting mm. The local committee CI‘ ar1‘am;;emems rm‘ the Mmlaters coniercxtge was com- pused or the Rev. And:e'.x- U'l‘pa.n. pastor or the West Sula l1u'ogaxla11 Reform ‘elmrclx: the Rev. Johp, Sqeg}}.y;, pastor of blue En-st '|:I1.ll\'$‘%)[i:l’¢t,l'1_~_“:‘j§\‘.e1'(':2l.\lFI.':l church; the Rev. ArQad‘:§emm_;31,,p,r.st:r of the I-lungatj- féielofxxixed church 0! North Tonawancla, Raw 'Bot,_+.y 1;.‘ Chief of Ponce. Ray U.Lscn 15 C.p:n1D. of the te..m c’~mpnser.'. of J-1* Spzra. Joe Je.ume1.u. Wmzamm Mahone,. L c W’.chrowsk1. John 3\JcC‘affery. Caunmlman Eciwurd Doxno-sick w [1 rapmxxx the Pont ohms c mpused of Same R:.'~2-ka. Frank J‘>bl0\v=>l.i. anchor man. JohnKarm1lx}:. J age J In: PJ11 n POUndb1L‘\.'pt'l\ AuLn<.u;y 'lu.CuP!'ll1.. Soft. b.:.1'. game \)0't\'e'(-ll C:\._v O.::c-his and H’l§t‘CllL$ M h=..\};s Rx-cepu-n Comn1lt'er«—~Hon. Walter J. Lum. Suprex.-or Ewxm'* Ave:-sy, Cmy Judge John R Pxllzotx C .rpora'.13n Coun~ .-:1 John W O'Co2.n.-r. Cmy Treasurer Paul J I‘unnKa. Cxumc-:2m'.m. Edward Dmxomck‘ J whu .-\.sz.;<ler. \V.':.lt.€z‘ Rzryz. Thom.»-. Warren A-sessors. Anthony Fkalcone. W111-.am ‘She-If-3' and J.spr*1. ‘.\IcLau.g,1xl1n. Sperm Comm::‘.9e~—\'.nr‘e:1: Dmzc1ow- 4:1 ohazrman. P—-Ire» I.-r'x'e1mn:a. .!o3< eph R-.x.‘m3n Jaseph Jenr.«'m. Wxllnnx I\Iahu::\-~: C'~ha..rle-s C‘urL.~.. W.-zinc: Ku- b1s‘y and Joseph Spun. Remem‘ber the first pxrize nmtles the wln.z1ex' to $2.00, in me~.'ch€md'1se upon one of the pzu:n1cIpat.mg stores. the sec- cnd. prize to $1.00 '11 me;'cha.n.d.:e and the hm-(1 prize to 50 cents in t-racle. Th enumber of prizes 1s aeoterzruned by the number of answers to the puzzle If\ there are only two answezs. as, $2125 week, there will be fwo prizes and it three :ms\ve~.'s. there will be three prlzesu The conference of the Hungarian ‘Chmsblan Ezxctezzvor ‘Jnwn opened Wed: mesday afterucoxx with the ‘reg1stx*ath1\ or clelegat-es and in th: eyenmg El sup-- per» was served them. in the church par- lors by. the Women's society or the I-Iungarlzm Presbytex-inn chumh Tits society also served. the other meals dur- ing the two oonforenorzns. \ll1ye b.Jl galls \z f:ce and the Depa. cf .ua\'.:ce M/-xyoz\:. ntfzce :11¢lm1».< .\1aw: \\'a1‘c=: Y L-am N.cnc2.1; Y.-Xe.;:d'u-. He; 1'1.’ 5'21’:- ‘nu1'a., bhn W O'C':u:1r Dept 05 Jusmce Johrl R Pxllacn J S S‘.\'°e~n‘.=v. Juhn, Cze'.'n1e_,~.\vs};:. Co L.el.u.s D.;\vm~y‘ u.\Svr=:- SCHOOL BOARD t ‘ELECTS OFFICERS L Schmg 1: . ...5. 1 1 J Ganagher sss. 0 1 5O:..1r<1 <1a.'sh—B',1-mes: Reprt>s2n‘a- mu Txcket Conamvb-e~-Detectives Peter O'Rourke and John Mccaifery. Refre-hxz.¢1;: Cunmn'.r.e0——Pr('d l{o.=p- Lngor czmzrxnan. W»-..'l Cornm1.u-amen. 51:’-2 -in J Hegr-Ll‘z.a. Manley Plwosvarw .1-1‘. \\.me-1;: Sutil Hmvey Tzlomrw. John Spam. .\I.»t'.h.--3: !\’r«rz/.31‘. John B‘):- Republican Women Drganiza Here ‘Vi itor Finds things Move . as I The board also 'LpDm\‘ec1 the rot:-urzlm ‘ of f:.1_'me:: Guy Oomr. Judge Jc.11u J. , _ ‘ _ |Mc11=aghaz1 us old): John J. Svz11l_\\;:.n .3 ‘Alleged Culplt In Erie County school attorney am! Dr Gran‘. r. I-‘i~h~,r Jail Few Hours After Stopp_ ‘ J12. as school physician. . H ' Stanley Btlkmy. :‘or.ne:~ lcunl mqh lug ere‘ lhscoul star of g:'.r1.ron and track mil *\“—‘ more 1;:-cmxtly .xth‘eL). Ilmlnmy at C ni- 1t- 15 <1»u,we 1.ke1_v Ihm: bl1I’81-“'9 h°1d'« s:u_~1 collegu. \\'.1% -.pp(~in'<=(l as a.-sis‘.mt up man and memfoers cf Alhed traxcles. physical ‘m>tl'11(‘T. r at 1.: :kzu-.anr.1 hlzh Wm be apt to ._t(,,_.,.. .13“. of Lackamlmn shoe}. H_;\\v1ll1 n=s1.-3'. Delzcnl F1.~1he‘:c '5, . 2'.’ ‘: 1* .‘ ., :1 :3 m the future or at least nose who 35:?“ p 5 ml ms ‘“ 0' A ( ‘ H l“““\ “he 5””-\ N 3\“ Fr“! 3'-‘“\7' 32 Ammuncczrmnl. «\15 n‘.=o i.r.I~conxln Llvxv w-V2.1-1 lint the xwent échhl bmrcl ne«rt..x-.-.: would not he 1.1‘-v(ast‘(‘.! as Ind been l'l\X\IO.“(‘.(1 bx‘ the 1- cul (‘hnn‘)m- of (‘ mu: rce mm the Ear\. \\.'.v.' (1 T.xxp.ny- 1-: ln:prcvezn».~nt .x~s‘vnt,inn. N1ch_.1as J. Euzm was reelected pres!- clent of the Lackn.wmm.\ Shoo! Bmrd -1t i;ts_ m'5t meetmg fol1'>\-fng electl,-.11 last Thursday evening. He was reLa1u:<r1 as head or the beam by xmammous VnLE.'. B. Gallagher 0 1 50 yard ds.sh~B xuk (.fc:1ls 1'11: m.m‘s l‘a.Ge- 50 yarn!‘-~b tween .\['.ch.1‘-1 Joyce VJ Dz‘n\‘uc:.: N. R S1.pan-no John S}.--1 .ml .~\u>st ham 3lJ.L¢h::I'5 and G.0L“e!s A‘~cc:..Lun fshzumon rf Hoag p 4 1 0 4., 1 1 City and County Officials At- tend Formation of Local Martha Washington Club 39 {I 11 STRA‘NS:s YS Pie e.nt.ng cont.-wt « -. 1.51 be 'u.I).'_.‘~ ax‘ amoral» .md c1re!~:~ .n c..t§' h..l‘ .zd .11- :-.91‘. Robe ‘c (‘uu::- Y\I..“m£‘1 D:;m.ste'.'er. Eclwartl I-‘mce. John Dnug,-.‘cr't'g and F’.‘:v.1‘ 2.5 Lofms AB B. 1-1 O'Co‘l ~.:‘ .. . D 0 Ross Sb 4. ’) O Heufk ss 0 O G.B‘n ...'3 J J C<.w’n 2b .. 2- ) ‘J Fmnzc.,........._....? 0 0 B1‘): =55 .. .. ’) D A1'G\}.b .. . ...: 0 0 EB'n1b 0 1') Wmze if 0 0 C‘on;r-,ve p .. .. 1 0 1 .100 -.'.u*<i ShO9‘ll':“ nae b\9?5'9L’I‘ Tivn McCo11u1c}:_ Rh)‘ An.-'y. C D um)’ J rm (\h’k. St-'\ V\. div J,. F’ HR Ry<z.I IED:xI.L1a Kuwxlaxwk \\',m‘. r mu be 2.1»: -».'1¢> :4) put ~:. c~« uses -2‘ -Lunsh C«:«'nmr::en-C‘:,pt. Wxlllang, ‘!‘:a::.« .\s1»:: <h:1.!rnm\ (‘rcpt N‘rm.-an .~3m'!x C p! Er.!'.\'a.:‘d Tushzx Capt him. Qu.x~.n .\1-.r--x~. B¢.=x:.. John Tnmla. Jchn l{u~.~.w.\..~k. T xk B.xr:‘..-.ck John. \.\'~«=1.-.1. I-‘mnk §{:.x\.‘ .\Ixn.ch. \\'.!1.:m If : .:z . .‘~-- Fzrp Dip. P\:'r:‘c.‘v L‘ u:.'n; \0 ——P‘:‘:-c1 \\‘.'..:e and T:.‘m 7,: D hi; 2‘. A new ssciul order \vo.s 1111U.':dE\{l unto La.okn.\vzunm 1-at '1‘hu1‘;~..‘ay \v.ch the cr- gan-lzauolx of in local cb.:.1)t;o1' or the 'Maz'tlm VWsh£nge(m Rey-xbllcrtx Llub an n 'rnL-eniug held In, .12» 11111: of Mrs. Charles P. Cnoclaclu. L-J6 Cc-ncer sveec. L00 3: ml (man b vi-.v-H1 I-‘.v<I J R I» n- sun. H9111)‘ Ac.L»‘. B‘! J E‘o\(~'1‘ Pp r .1: cl other L‘ unt_v c.u.u:tl ((-5 :.z. off.- Both b\l‘1l\G5‘1 and p1‘.»su1'e \vo1‘e mix- ed ‘to9,t‘=;lm- at the -1‘.-0 ':1.Lt‘.u).\ m.e'tmo; \v1t.h spzechcs by .sev-.~m1 lo-clers 12. the cov.u.r,;; orymuz-.\:,1on an! lmdmg Rapun- 'l1cuns Ff the 0A.)’ ;\'.t-.' \'.l1::‘u .if. '3:'s were (’1L‘.‘Ct.‘Ll .mi 1,f.-.~nr.w- L; s“ vs... Ann..>,- thv n & hiss \\h.- 'uu;cn<1ed \\wre Mr: czmmz. Co )1‘) pc“Ii(lur*. of the l\.'I.u'llm. ‘W Hmzgt n L '32: z E Izzlff 1» MI» ELI... A\:I([:«. U1 gm.-.'s old. or 251 Hxc.:.~r; street. Elklmrt. Totals .....26 0 1 T.‘1_vI‘..- . .. . ..1-£0 OH. ‘.-)1-) S'.1.:l1.~1-'.)‘a .. 000 (‘C-HIM-0 Work Relief Annual Frolic Ind‘. “ha camu to Ih1.s (sky fn 7.: very bnef ‘who-ugh evem£.u visit; ’I‘ue.day Under Way M\ Bu:l:,r. zwcconllug to p !!r'c_ ar- 1'n‘:‘.l])«\z’ via. .1 ‘.\'~\\' York C‘.-mral ‘f Ln pr.~gr.rx\ vfxtx ‘so 1: ‘am ‘ r (‘\~ ~\\.w.n1.m: .\.w'. .:‘.‘| x_. mu ~‘\- t *.1.:.¢-.:t.~ Th‘ raw. mm.‘ -m i :- ‘ u~ 1.. thu ball .:|1n- ..t 1 .».. .x.. ‘rm - .na c«1.?<\~: A bxk : ll‘: 1. w.— fur- 1:.~he.‘. Amt wt\-.«-xi m Iio lnl.:,.s ‘I ‘he ldgv .\1:,\ ‘.\I.~.r\' .\I 5‘(:\t:«i\ ~o :'vtux'v p\1\”vl.6.‘.uI C u I. mnn.L'.e~c xf \hw ox‘- gan1z.xt.m. M‘..~'n Omlw. M15 Mm L. Bz*:g::o‘ «'2 15.1.»: .»:ur..nu '-uxt rmn-3 t-*- \voumn, [rvm the E31-,nt.h ...suul~ly ns- uuct. ‘Amy 1' \x..1m- J I ,-'n:‘. Cmnc!):~r.u1 Jxlrm A.~z.k!m‘. C11\. (‘I 1\; Ju1.w Balore‘.-:. V..lcx.:-L-ze .D1a-\v\1. 1;: .3 ‘lm D1‘ 2.-! n.\~I\L Benj.un.n E\.m.-. .x1ld £‘1:u‘le=; P Clum- .uzl:L First Group of Men Put ‘.0 wbrk Monday, After Lay-off Since May. Fourth ‘Ward Association Will Hold Annual Outing Sunday August 28. !I‘e.:ut. t'x1u ;x.uuut ‘.3‘.»7 a m and s'l1rrt,- ls‘ th(1’(=.~ft(*r ~.v' an. [Jr ..11 e.n'l_v 1n'..1'n- mu s':u11 on-1‘ m.|.~ xwml \R.'Iv‘.: on- r me Are‘ mu ~ m-~ 1'-1'1<l.s\\. sh pp.ng nnd <lcc.de<1 that .dtlun.uzh .s!lrh rm on-1.p.1— tau xx-..~. ;nlv.'!'e.x:...',; no (M! u)‘; bnroftt m‘.uh by 1: so an c-.\m.1.g to '.\‘[cCu11'0'~? <-\ure at 619 R1,d2v road. he. entered by N-.111» M .2. br*kcn- \v.mIn\v (whom he uL‘Comp2.'~h('d wxnh ml at-tr:\c’:ng‘ un- \V.u‘£tc(l atr.en.ua\nI and u2.hm1b the hr- mal1I;y or purclxase nxvic hixx=.r-If the ‘clzvner at a. box of cxgau-5 nut.’ 32 00 in change. Bum-.v.~ thcn cnntimzocl his wmdoxv shcrppmg unt,11 he -'e-nhcd the estab- 1|s1\meJ.'1t. of Eddlc Sc'\u.£:.u<I. 581 Ridge 1'0d‘8.. xvheve he saw :1 cap which was much to his liking and wore\v»1th czmm into possession of it by repealing the formula. or broken window Hme. ‘ww- ever. tickle lady luck hn‘ue<l her back on the traveler an <11.hings=beg1n :0 go wrong. The owner hearcl the sound 0! breaking glass, called Police lxendqumb ers and nttcen mmutzee later was picked up in Hullancl avenuso by Pncrolmen Kender and Lzumnnm-2 and DCf.('f‘UVOS 'I‘ubtle and Kublsty. when arrested he had the stolen cap and money in his possession. police allege. C. F. U. LODGE HOLDS . ANNUAL PICNHZ The anrnnl pmn-v md£*1' the .m<',~. as of {he l.:1ck.u\'.mn.x E1:-:H:1..h .s;;e»k::.: r v-. . A \K 5 tn: .1 \-.211 I.u\h:o NJ. 726, C‘ F‘. 1' Lzld Sun- rvay. Au.-u.-:t 7. 21‘ S11-'I1.\11. N Y Th» afrmr was auench-<1 ‘xv all mcnxbm-is of the Page anal .1 1.u'v.1.e nnm‘e.- of .u\~n -.1 gue-<.ts. A bull gnmn 1cL\\-cc-.n the o.»'.~ .md— ulrlr. r-cmns ‘.\'H mm M the ioxvux-».-. \'.-4.» c,.1.m'1u.-n of an ‘ rx \ L DEATHS .\' 1.\i_Lj~ xur...:1; 1-hf ,. _ us ~.. xnpl.\--.'! \ rk ..t, -. .\.1.,\xs‘: »- . -:v. ' -\as x .2. L: .L:ga'~. O elocwtl \VLl.\.‘2 Mrs t“n.-rls: P Chmlum. pm‘:-III. m. '.\11'< Jrlm Wr ‘\- le\vs‘:;1. v.e plea-A(l\*l\L. I\\lk<.~‘ Pa [.1 .‘.L.zu- rek. =.ecretzu'y. am A31--s. Frank !..v~tko\v- ~.k.l. f.!‘.“.1Slll'€'l'. ;\1.L.‘...«,1 J -\c:' C. \':1‘r.» ?¢p.\u'c‘.\ TE‘. 5‘lx S’ A'.'.‘nn1 Chr pzxk. EH7 Rzd - R: 1:! xks Thr pn Lmx. 1. ..x .1 L\.\[ ‘.I.\ w .- x \. L.:\L~. .x..m‘.e u\):m' I .;l‘|»'l :i~'n ‘nu 3‘;-.\ rut.‘ being ;,< c. -mn1~.t~ 'I‘lx11'tcen posons ;J1.x:uec1 th-.-L1: name‘; (ll.lupx‘~'.;- _'.~:>.s More men have been '(l(lL‘({ u-11;; nu- nl \V'r~\n-.='~(l.1}.' even ~.., tzurc \\'..r.- 11;!- proxzm ml)‘ 150 men l'e(‘t‘1\‘.?'g ‘.\'£vl‘R. ’1'l'.c-v mu \\'(‘!k In sluf'=. two cl.-;~, per week uxvl \\'l.l1 re-cg.\'A 550 per my four I . 11- s(.r\‘lC€-s A c--'-rtur rec!-eckllg -as-.1: nmthe pnor ts pumng .u\y or {.19 mm M work and ml)’ \hc~se xmxost m .1:oecl have been mrtvl with the p1'ub< nmmy that than havlzg the gxeatesq nuxrqber Llcpemllng all them Will ne zlv-. en a lmle more tlme Ll\...n the .s1hor<. No dcfmite .1ru1v'1x‘c91ne1\1. ms. been made as to what o'l1er projoc‘s will be I.1ncl'ermken 44' as to up numbu‘ 0'1’ men to wh m the my mav ewentllxlly be ablc to gwe employment but .5 was In- d\catecl that such plans wlll be c:m.- plobod ln the n~.~:n‘ f‘l\u1‘o .\\'. UK on present; projects Will not he completed before November :1; was said -r. yo ~11. .. Emu: sou-. on the rolls 9.: mo Lrst 1n:-itmg mvl many more lmve. Inmatul thclr inten- blun at clulng :0 mclunlmg sex-eml \Vl‘.(‘I were unable to attencl last. 'I‘u.u1'szl:~y. tha pvesldellh ammcmncecl this week. Member-amp to the orgmnizatxon as open to pet‘=n!\-. of an x1n~m1m1t,1es who re~ side In Lzxckzuwalmn. Leo Shea Loses Semi-Finals In State Championship Play ~ \-.23.?» u‘: A 1...: tn the pur- I:.cIL1de-:1 on mu Era: \;u;~;~ zmnv z.c\*.‘~ emel‘s:L1\1- u 1 :.um.- between meut ‘mu zi~fn:v;:::z nfi .\Iem2k-za .\‘;.I .m- '\\sL~’L.I‘.:_.‘,‘ :1: arrange- ments mclude the :‘n1t.v.uug J LIomgh.1xx. «Y (‘:m._:..n. M. Mahmx. J C‘m'x-011. J R.ednxo:1;i. N E.1gn.n. JM;-~ Hugh. A Ken-us. W (.‘.x:-roll M Wmnert, J. Hous.-mum P .\i n g...m. F 51: paper. L Cawley. M Rum ‘N A\fO2‘T1.S5(’:v P. O'B1'1eu. W. H McDou\'<l. T McD.u\.1l<!. M Hughes. J Kelly. 1 O‘Con.ners. P. Txgne. T, Warren. '5‘ Lmzgnu. J 1\IcG1n- 11155. R Reap. H. D:l1un. F.‘ Kennedy. J. Ma.nmn1.: Tcrmmy Goodwin, New State Chhmpion, Defeats Locai Ace One Up in Stirring Play for cxxwy stroke. The new state. champ- :‘u phzyocl sensntlonszlly ‘on the last round and carcletl rive birdies for a low total or 33. txv nun<l:r pm‘ Ilgures The regular morruny of the club wm be held this 'l‘ruu‘.dny at the home of MN. Chudackl, 5C6 street. The first hole was hulvccl but Shea, ‘mu-.1e<l his great .vor‘:: by wrlnnmg the sc<‘ou(l and men .n.f1*/.r bveuking even \v111h his ‘oppoL1cu*. on mo thlm and fourth. took the next three m :1 row to go four up. They broke ecen an the mxzmilx and Croodwm took the ninth and they rounded the turn with the Luckn- \va.1um ace three up. LACKAWANNA MAN HELD IN BUFFALO Leo Sm-n. Lnlkmvaxnws lending go)! lun \ and recmuly u'\vouo<l district golf champion. added new 1~\ureLa to ma .xl1*e‘.'uly e.\:cel1e1nt :=cc.~x-:l lb;-lug the past we-cl: through his superb exmbmone m. the Nc.v York Sbwto championship mntchcs plnym on. the N..*.gn.rn.. F.-.115 Country club links. wnfnh onrrml tum thrcmgh to the scxnl-flml xounds xvhoro he. was ellmJua.Let1 an (.110 last hole Snttzz-clay afternoon by Tommy Cn‘Od\Vl11, who came b~.c kto win the and the state crown the following day. Czooclwlxm or the M.‘:‘1u‘n(- Country c‘ub or New York. the 17 your o\d stay: jI.m- 101' and meb1'opol-U;xm_ clnmplon. won his new murels by clmvmng Run Hyde of the Bv.L1‘I'zLIo Couutzxy club :nd a vs-t.*r.m nmtch player. on the e~.«o1*.<l extm 2:020 m‘tcr the la.ttcr 11.11 hrr.u,ghL .mbcut. A ciendlnck on the Jam htde. His remark- nhle mlttmg nb.my v.h-ch had carriccl mm to flL'(..)xjy over me Ir-ml star in ms preuoxxs day. again prnvc-<1 the <i¢-mcl- mg fnctor whom he am}: 2» 40 rout putt on the fmal green to settle the cusrute and me champzonsmp. Leo smrto:-d out his mntclt with G ed- wlu in me \vm1'1\\‘lncl fashion \\'hlCh nus‘ brought mm tame tum kt» a.fpear4.=d ft 1‘ A time as. though he woulcl wind up the match on the ox?‘ mm, or tmxrm hc1_c-5. At one time he was fouz holer to the ‘good. but Gooclwm shmnml unexpected tight and couiebuck spit-l£ mxd bntt1ed_ A trip ta \1fLx1o Sxttmday night brought; plenty or grief lncludlng 1». cell In jail to N11-holns Snr-.'.lck. 23 years old. or 526 Wnsson avenue. it all came n.bouc through the dceue for a now suit of clathes, which led $‘r1cIr‘k. it is cvlieemcl. to help hnuselt to one of the boss in the shock of the Engllsh uhcp. 42-1 Main St’... and resuitod in w. \\'!1(l chase thrmvzh Ehe c1o_wu*o\/21 bu.<.lnas< secolon :11’ that city and injury to a zlutttdo pollocman. The Lnckawsumzs man is chsugecl with hzufing seleted a $45 suit at the store and then» slipping ti ‘1.1‘.‘(lcr his crow‘. with on tpnying fro It as no was leaving. His actxlons were nccr.-d by Phxllp Steel. man- ager of the store, who o1'<le1‘ed ham to stop and when he mlled to do so, gape chase. A few short hours later tlm 1‘-arrmcr .>’udg'e John R. Pullon in Olty Court for 11 hearing and was urclerecl held tnv the Grand Jury on charges of bm-glnry and larceny. In. all less fhzm ten hours elapsed from the Lima Butler stmecl out «to 9. tom: of this city until he was lodged ‘:1 me Erie (‘.o\1nj.y jail to mvatt the News as to where his ntxt stowvar will be. A. Bxshop. W. G1x'en. W. \Vo:xl:z. W. \Vl(lme.r. L Bu1‘ko_ D Mun-ay. W S‘«.p- per. J Kll\\l11l‘I}. F Culmon. F. Etch. J. K.1ooyne. W. Shea, E Dusemlort. J Mcczmn. W. Down. M. Hnuley. '1‘. Bcldkiu. J. B:m:cr. G Bonner. H. lmunich. E. Burke The tenth hczlo was nnlvecl and then (‘vonchs-1n started his cleadiy putting tn the greens. A birdie four on the long eleventh leit him,‘ only two down and 1 par Sour on the ew:m.h um; ckxwn S‘ipa's aclpunuage to ‘one hole. The Naw Yorker squm-ed the match. on the mxrtoenth green wxbh a birdie three and men wt.-nt mm 112: 1021:! 1'02: the first time with his 1.hi‘.'d blrcllo. T-hon Leo. n.ftm' losing fcu 1111 a row t'sht£‘n9(l up 1.:<e r. 19.1] rlamapxozz and h..1\'od the nut Que vnh his opp went but mapped U’: nlxtoelmx when GG\<1- w.n holed a long putt. wimicb put him two down. He o:u‘d€(L n par tour on the 'rvo.n:eem.h Lo la-a\'<~ him just, one be- ,h.n.l and Unit n1.u1“ 9. clczxpemte but for an eagle on ch: Iuml. which just; nnssed. and they hZl1\.’l‘-1 the hole In birdie. threes. Rexxewal of r.h9 \vnr‘< N.-lie! prog'~.’m1 ‘ms In.’-419 pmsxbge ‘Iu'uug.rh the recent sale of mud 1.S.~\1e- fur umt, purpose ty the c1t._v The bond: \\'m‘e mrchnsscl funds for the commnauce of we wank by the Lackzuvmum N.::.c-x_m1 Bank and n1‘? now .wn.11o.bIe. STABBING CASE O1'f1Cm‘:s h.we~ conaervat.1\'c-ly r=3L£m:\t~- rd mat. at least. 4.000 m- n have hLs1c:e.c1 Czty.H.1}1 this week in make apg‘l1.u.ons for work. ADJOURNED VINKO ZAPANICH Fum-rm services for Vlnko Zopnmch \ve1'c- held am; 0.30 .1. m Frhlny from ms late late Emma '18 mm st.1'oet Ax-c‘ h\'~n1 Our Lmly or the sacred 1-I:-mt :f Jesus church. Rdtlge rend ab 10 9'.‘ yak. The Rev. B. Barium pnsto rat the hurch. oz'C1cuLted. Burial was made in Holy Cross cenwtery. Deceased was 43 yews old and \v1\:-'. tormerly employed as a laborer by the Bum‘-a,lo Senterlng C0. He nme to this country 19 years ago from augo Slavic and had resided in L2.cka.1w_unm hr the mst five years. Mr. Z-opanmh was A wldu\ve’r., his wife Mnkp Zopanluh hav- lng died scrm} blme I30. An m'qun}rx:t .;rmz~.-_' duxxng the ~'v.n-so of a (up zany: in S‘-'oZ..'.\'z‘;Lzm. ~penuo S.\l‘u‘d1.y x~.:~:h* 1~:s~.--In: m Venvlee H--usfon. 93. Pearl 4:--=:v* bemg v.-ken. to Our L.ul\' of V1c,u:'.‘ .‘x<epu.L1 for t1'.xet~ 2' vht of stab \\'0ul1.ls \\2Lch he suffered Lu me arms. mo}: and s-2\'ou1,d(‘rs an-3. F1:-nk \V==‘ n::v~::.- 3.3 _\'c.-2:‘: 01d. of 118 Lshmxnu street ‘mu; I<.vCk€CI up in Ponce hcadqu..u\.ex‘.= an A charge of as- s.=u1L. second tlegree BIRTHS Roy: uo,:~.- bnl'Vl to \H'. am] 31%. A1\(I1‘(‘\'. Szgmnm. 531 C‘e.r.(»er St. J-vhn l.e-nnvd. HT [»\hg1h Avo J xwph Me\'re~a '30-‘: Knfby Ave C‘love1mm Flemmz. -‘mu S:.u'1.1\\.uw..\ John Bednaxz. 454» Inghnm Ave The ‘race cont-luucct Lu Cluppev/a. street. where Steel szuv MLmr<~v<-Jo Pullc:-nun Frank M9502: and n.1..'.13 u:,k_e<x mm for assistance in the purmnia Stmclck kept the lad unh.l he ran un Asbnrv 2.1lev near the Gayeby the-nu-.x where he was oruered and ucoorclnng to polcia offered resistance‘. but \va.=: soon mrm2\ged and a. =..po)le ambulance called which took Iran to the Washington xstraet amnion. He .13 held, on ‘a charge ct pet:-t larceny. Thus \V'(~1\'-' the rgmne but the Steel Clay golfer’ myd a nmtuh long to be remembered‘ and Mr 1:1:-mid his nmne well up among «Lu: honuvd few at the top in amateur golfing circles (iirls \\'er(- lmvu lo H1 and .\lr~. Michael Pavxch. 107 Wnshmgfon Sn. Domto Anclvls:-ml. 416 Crcrxud. Vincent Kris. 146 men St. P10 Marcuccla. 60 Jarkson St. James Pennington. 2 Filth St. Hem-m;: on the c.-w.:i= was ndjaurncd until today when West: was arraigned before Csty Judge John R. P1111012, In Oxty Court, Monyzlay. vending outcome otmjurxes ‘to the mnxplmnnnt. Arrests were made by Edmund Ryszkzx and JM. Fitzpatrick. LACKAW M! NA PU BUG L\BPu\i§‘\’ -4 -us‘-a an. ' ~»,...... .«

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