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‘ . . :6: \ , \ CW: .r.~,x-« .‘..- :_:§e?:}\g;,&~:;*:2?~E!y;; é;-is ' » :-'~.-.»:>-, .~'.- u: -N: .\ s;)'..'.‘.‘~, . 3' i»_»_ . .. ,\:‘.§ .,=,3;-;.~,;*‘.,1,~,;,3g.,— -.x~>. . .:~. ‘mpg , ,.; ‘ {..i‘»~’«I.‘.'.~:‘ 1}“ __: ” ‘ :21‘ ,_ x U , ,, UBRM“ . ‘ . —— * V ’ - ' I . .‘ V . ‘ 1 \ News, m General ' V . _ ' V V - A A V _ ' .V , ~., \ ' ' “ V social and SP0!‘ 0‘ l T1? VA KAWANNA N l‘.AC.KA'WAN-NA PU-EUC Oltlclnl liewspopei d_ ‘{1‘_Iie City «(it =Luok_a- ‘wimna. Em 42'0- New Xtitk Shea latc1kaw;anna Stair { Wins ‘ lilistrict Guilt =LAc,kawa£:na News, ‘Lac!-_:a.wa_nna, N. Y,, T-hu,rs., July 21, 1932 PRICE 5c-«$2.00 PER YEAR ?Pmminent Speaker Bontrove%rsy~Betwee%n Bus Companies Causes lively council Session Here Monday E Mrs. Edward Forge Takes First ‘Prize in “Puzzle That Payg.” Verne ‘L.; Reynolds, President- in‘! ‘Candidate of Socialist Party, Will Address ‘Open \ 3 i The Lnc1m\van;_1a ‘star is no new comer’ to the .{_'1‘een. havmg -been an m'(len*.' golfer since ms g1'axnnfar :.chor.\l I.1;\ys .11:-we and has been at co-nnendcr -to ‘con- sider in -all 1m.mplo1\.shlp nwtclms played ‘In 11115 section <1url_n_.'-; the past this years. This year. hoastcvesr. has ‘bx'ou.;ht, H. ‘climax to ms g1‘ea'ness llnclmg han well up in ixtom. m an of the um)»- lYl:xL(‘h:-.‘S. Plenty of 2-,:-thn w:.; furmshod \‘ in-‘ regular mneung or me Common \.\:V.lH~ t.;l ‘held Tue-clay nut through .1 Mn» n'o‘I£-rs)‘ be'.\-wen )0p.‘Ls(.-1llm.lVe.~.- 0! We Eastern Gr:-yhuuxul Lmcs. Inc. and me BuIlul~:; and Erie Cunch Co, In Tv;;1.:l lo uetmous fur £1‘uu1“.se -to .1125‘.-.' .n:~m .n npnr.1'e bus.-tcs Ihmugh this 0.‘; vn thvu‘ muses. Acltlm uul 1l1’Pl‘£*:‘. wr- .1(|(lPL! by the pres=mauon of ~.-v.~;xl L'o1.I~mxn1c.:t~1um tzum the F‘1rsL Wnr'l 'mxpa5e1'-. P1'oLecv.‘.h- -.15»-:c:aL1;1‘.. .-:..- oemnlng g.arb:nge (I2-po.~£L1. (l\IpuvlH -r ch.u',lty nrclors. plx}j;rcl1nc* xnativx-. uml an allegvcl smcko 1.msan<'e m that ~<-c- man of the city. :r<-_m tn:-, tr‘zA5'.lrc.‘ uf.'./Ix‘: C::y r.z‘ Buf- I. lo. Ihw‘. the Cveyxwunu Lmea h;.d new er p.-..u .1. bus Ln t... Ln.v.L any .uu.1 that zh.-y are -1.11 e);u:‘.n.'ur1ng I) co11.~cL 9. ax «.1 one cent per mile- Defeatg Dick Stewart in Finals After Eliminating Dunne 1., Tower, former Champ in -Semi-fina_ls.A Here are the nmaxw-xs we the “Puzzle Thm Pays\ contest in Iasm weeks :ssue of the Lu.cku\vnnm\ News. NuIm~——-Mautm (\/ Air Meeting. VL‘1_'l'1le L. Reyncltls of New York. the‘ ':nnv.t1<lx\Le for Prerclx~n'r, on the S-~¢.L.l1s: Labor Party tlckclt. la shedulecl to speak hare at. an open an mecmug now Dem; arrmqgeu by the local orgznnlzzntxlon. He wlll .speak on Image Row and steam- wmmu avenue. 1\,I<.-nuuy. July 25m Mr. Reyuolu.» lid: been a candidate of ms party «In some rupuulty in exery electron since 1920. In 1922 when a reslclexiz of ~Ba1t.l1nm¢: he run -for Go‘!- 'e1:nor of M.zu'3lu;ul and was noxnllmled‘ in 1924 fur the v:':e—pres.denC'y. touxlng‘ the nlatllon iron) coast to ooa.-:l.. lie \ as again nqlrllxmnecl for the same om.-e m 1928. wltll Frank '1. John; of Oregon en. the Pl'eu.clent1al numlnee . M1‘. Johns lost his l;‘.'e In the Deso.luu.ct~. rlver lot hls (first. leCt.ux'e m an unsuccessml ut- tempv; no saw: the me of 21 d.ru\vnln-5 boy. anal the omxnhtre on vac;mc.s.s oi the Soululrlts Labor Patty chess M1‘. Raeymolds -for the vacancy. At the party's convention held early 1n Msy ln New York Clty_ Mr. Reynolds '.v.-s the nlomine-ca for the presltzc-11cy in me pres- enlt campaign. The BLIILLM and r.;.:- 1‘.rm 15 .pply1ng for an f1‘.u;<‘m:e L I-pzuude: lucui nus ser- nue bt'L'\Ht~|| Buihh and EH».-. Pa, Lo- :10 um) rift-<1 \\In-A Lm Buffalo and Ergo ’I‘x.xc'1.,n c nxp...zy unes ms >e:‘v1ce n S: p!em'1:£-r 22 T‘ht- (.‘-.1-ykmtuxcl mm zn .xppI}ll|g for pcnu:.~x.on to pink up ('!...u'-uquu-buuml 12. >l'.'I‘.gi‘{‘$ Lu Erfe muuy :...¢\'1..~ um! tg <4‘-xaclmrge passen- i,'(‘I'>, (mm (.lmu‘.x~.u county Atldn-.s:.—-6~1‘1 -ltldgv. 'l‘el1.-phunc——.\'bh. (I I00 -Lackanvmjma, -p!_‘4.:Elll(‘(\)‘ of many cham- pions, both teams umzl 1ucli1v1duul.~:<. now cln1m_s_ z_mot_11 ren.thle a -m‘z1h mam mum clxulmas an'o1.h,e1_' In ‘the per~;org of one Leo S13aa, age 23. ct 1443 South Park .avem_1'e. who aqclect his name to me roll of hjonoxr when he wnm. the 'd.1st,1'1:.t, golf croxvn 1 na sex1sn'n)ksn.11 bawg nuguunst, ms YO\lthfll1_ campetmor. Dick Stew;\rt, in i 'd_‘o11b1e rbxmrl Tim) played at the 1V1(:s.d.owb1jook Golf and CoLm1\y club. Swtunjday aftemocm. Shea wore the (_:u\m7s of the Szsuth Shore C1011‘ club and ste\va_N. those -.»f the Meqdo.vb1'oo1< club. Mnxtm Czzujka. located at 475 Elec- tric avenue. c.u‘1'1es 9. complee line of Miles and misses wearing appu.re1. 'I'h,b address is that '31‘ the Joseph Zeluclz. Lumber Co.. located at am Ridge 2'»-Act and Lhe Lteleplmxxo 1.» rthart. of the R0‘- stnski FLu'mture Co.. located at 1005. -Ridge road. The winners. ms greatest. pxjqvlous feat of the year was In \v'nm.mg the prize for his 18-hale. Jmeclnl of '73 in nu. teatn qu:U‘f)(-1' tn. Che-1'x'y H111 in few werzks ago. Appru:\1- mamely 500 or the best gnicra m Wrat- ‘ern New York took part. ‘In this event. A~boub two weeks ago he reached the seu111—!‘1ua.1 1'ou.nc_ls of_ the Culllltry club's mvltntlon town-anw.1t being elunmutecl only by -Hunxllton Cxamlner. who won the ClhI,lI‘,pdUl1.Sl11p. He also Imxshed fifth m we Nmgmrsx Falls Country cmb's mI.1Ln.t1ou meet. which is one 0.’ the hueo mmn events of ihe season. Act‘. 11 on me I-pp1'cxx.t:oI:s “J: be l.'}'.(~1‘. by the Cuux:c.l :1: us Iu-ii. reg\u.\r (In-zwges that the Greyh-aqua I.-.n«-s had not pmd the (‘:tv or Buff-.1‘? :11‘, bus ms. tip to June 20. <\~:*=p1Le that ‘city's atv-rnpLs to cullcut. were manic by opponents of that company wh u.u‘6: 5es,kmg to prev.--A (me grqnttng 31‘ :1 franc-mso to allow '.mm to carry macr- ~L2Ito }JHah€llg8l‘S vhrouz_;n L.ackaw1z.n.1 Aclclmonnl charge; made against the same concern by Mark Turner. repre- sentnuve of the New York Ce1.'.r.—xl ':E.ul- road company. [0 the effect tint. 2'n.- bus company evaded me New York am..- lmv. prohlbmng its carrylug lntcrstu\: p.x2.:.engets and at L110 pre.s.ent tune \vn<. vulnung ‘an xnjnwwn seexmg to r:-.~s- tram It from such acuon. l~‘Irst—M.rs. Eawzml -Forse, 47:) Ellen In gxcnmg on the commun1~ar:ox.s mm the hm‘. V'v'.».1-cx ‘I‘u‘<payer‘s asxuctauon the Cutun :1 auxnliaed than the t1vy's uaztbmgc (L.\pb:.\1 plm‘. as xnaqequaze but \oL¢:-cl to aclV1.':€‘ L'h(- pubnc works depamnent to Gena,» the pmcnce of bu.;mmg cf the «:u‘bngv2 m an open near me 51:11:02] In Lakang up the qt.a~;~t:un oz mu allmzed smoke n‘.1l.>:l 11 was K-...u.c1 that ‘no any has no smoke u'cl;mmre whxch LL n-u eniorce. but the cm; clerk was m=a...'ucted to xvrxte or the bakeries who ea-ncd the complaints aslcmg tr-;;n to use coke mstmzl of coal. ‘trlc :\\ unm- So('u1uI—l;olwrt llueptflnger. ~I.‘i(i Vic '|\|\l\-(l—.‘umo L6.-,\\'l~‘, 464 Victory ave ‘tory ~\\'t5ll|lL' '~1_'he'rt,1_‘l11mph brcmgm: about the re 111- zntion o in Long raougbt and long hopecl Lfor agconxpushnment t,<- .t-he local s1.a.:-. who althotlgh at the present Mme une cf the youngest golfers ever to win a. like honor. has {or the past few years been one of the -leading conlpebltors for the chnmpiomblp mu). m 1030 losg .1 heart breaking match .111 the film! to Duane L. Tmver, Niagara, Falls veteran and one (-1 The leading golfers in ms section for many years. The comes: is gun-zng \hatter\ Llrm evex‘. rwmlx -more 1ms\vers pouajxzg m every week provm-.2 that hzxckmvnnna. npp1‘ec'i1_xtes a real '-‘home town\ oantest. ed thls lcmd whlcn ha.\ been nude pos- sible t.1u'oug11 me coopemmion at their \hemp Lo.\vn\ me1'c1mnt.s. There was no quesmon about any of the winners in last -week's comes; as the postman-zs on their letters incllcate than; they were clearly ahead. of all the rest with me exception of some xxhc. had me misfor- tune to make :1 nulstalge Ir. one or mom of their answers so that a. draw-. ing was unnecessary. Leo s|7a;vt.ed his championship career when sixteen years old winning the junior championship of Bu in 1925 and repezmxig agmn 131 1926. In 1928 he copped the clznmpt nshlp m the Niagara. Falls Iuvltmcn toumzunent ‘and In 1030 \v¢xs xun1e:.1p In the same event xvmolx‘ he wen Ins’. wot-k He is new =prepexu-.ing himself to en- »t-er ‘even rblggex; flelcls «as he is planning to outer the state championship nom- ney which opens It. the Niagara Fqlls Country club August 4. It seems likely t.'r.-2 our local champ- ion will Ilnd his life a busy one In the future for within an hour after \v1nmng the championship -he had appem-ed in n brondcasl over stamlon WBEN in an in- trrvlew \,\\th .1 \.110 ‘is :'e.poz_‘t.e1'. ML-ss Peggy Wai.r.i-:s. w:nn.ar of the dismal: «ch-am;)1'onsh1p Hr '.vo'm.-r_1 C-ll the some day also spake 0.1 thn same program. Again Mon ‘n; he wok, part m 9. mcno p over WGR And. then again ‘receiving the congrauxlmtztons of ms hundrezls of mends has taken up mme time in ndcllblcn to the fact that 1:. ‘ol- feo likes to mncl a zicw hours to play golf In once In 11 while. The Socialist Labor Party is one of the smallesm of the mumrxty pa:-ms. never havung polled much above ‘X5000 votes for the em.n-e country. yet as election and insist upon the rtghv. t) be heaxcl. Mr. Reynolds is reputed to be :1 very ‘able speakeg with a ra.:her chy humor and n d.m»_r.;z:rou5 opponent in debate. He has 11') use Ir the Ame1'1cxu1 Conummlst paryi. He challnngeu W11- llam Z. 1<‘os‘.e\' of xlmt. part to adetmtr lhinl Z. Fbatoel‘ of ;ha.t party to 5: ae- bme an M«mne.\po1.s an 1924 but the _1mllenge was no: accepted. The charges of tax evasion were de- ulecl by As-;err*,blym:x:x 12,. Pipe: Fosx\. of Hamburg‘ and Wulxam L Mullnney. regional manager cf the Greyhound ompsmy. They cluriced that me New crlminzmcxx shown in favor ‘oi cerum Complalnts than there had been d15- In uliat event Sheri played a game \V01‘--‘ thy of any chtunpion. Flindlng himself ilve down on. the lust ax holes he step- ped ow: to, win the ii'e.‘(_t, five anti even rtlxirgs up only to ‘1c.'.~.c the final hole by one stroke and consequently Ithe chum-’ pionisiiip. However, he robalinted in full when: he defeated ihai sa,me Tower. 4 ‘and 2, in the semi;-final round or this years‘ ch-ampi.on_si_iip match. The mun) even: found both youthful golfers running neck on (meal; to break evein on tlxe first eighteen nolos in -zi.,e zfonenoon. Sif.e\vart entered in closing? rounds by winning\ th iiiyst two holes. but Shea, no'bed_ for his brilliant come- backs. t,ool_< »t,ho next :two to even things up and then added two more in I2. ro wto put him in the lead. two up. xvliioh his rival was not, aga-in able to approach and they finished the day with the new champion 3 up and 2 to play. Shea. provided a ubrillianm display of par gal! on all but two of the lust elght~ «eon holes after the MIeadowb1‘oo'k chum- 'P1<.>X\ had provided 21 Sew startling come- backs himself. whici: had brongin him up from bheiml to finish even in the morning workouts and imd given him‘ the advantage over me local star early in tche afternoon. After those two bad holes which put ‘him bemnti. Leo again got co'nrrol of litings, cuthing down his opponeixth lend wlien. Slpexvart got into vtlxe rough. on the mum hole and again was soon aneacl. Shea 1‘ea.tu1'ed with some woncleriul golf cumng the closing sessloi‘. gent-ing -off a drive on the fifth which went within three feet of the flag. nml U.‘)l‘Hl- e'<l tthe gallery on me fourteer-.th when the holed a t\ven.ty,-footer for a “bird.\ grocers by the Cha-my clepartmeut In Issuing orders to :he cI1ty's poor were (lemed by JOaC'})h Eagan. commxsscner or charimes_ who was present. He de- clare-tl that no fnvuntasm was being shown and that ‘Elms: who recel\'e;l me your orders were. xmitruotecl to trade them our. xmth the grocer who had pre- v‘ousl§' gxveu them crecut S‘v..rk Central hacl used his de!r.-\t.1w=5 m uttempnng no {gum an Albcny ncke; agent. .111 order $0 secure evidence for an myunomon. Police Nab ~ Man Quickly After Shooting Franz Fe-mow. representative of the Buffalo and Ema tumor Coach company. stated mm he rad oomlned Infox'ma'::on will Request Additional Service Iry-It's Notch Another Victory Rose Tournament Joseph Faustino Being Held Without, Charge After Shoot- ing. Results from family Argument. Woinan’s Condig tion Reported Good, 3’: ,2 A .v 1-3 >. It was nnnotlncagl ttms week that the south Shore Couxxtry chub. to which Shea has brought. '.t,'s first major cham- pionship, ls making plans to pay tz-Lbute to its’ new champ and has des- ignated Saturday nlghrt as the time to accomplish the feaz. -u’eo‘s first not after wmtnlng the championship wns no telephone the news to hls bxtatlxel‘. Celestine. who .s ln_ Our Lavy of Vlctcr-y hospital. suffering from the results of last -weeks automo- bile acclnent in which he recs-ivel a Imcturetl arm and leg. and Del Fish:-1‘. high school conch 1-_eceIved severe lacer- smoxms about th Dclaele eh. S‘xmd.nmmc rations nboult the mad. Del Fisher was able -to go home two days aftec the m1s‘h:1p and Cel's condition is much improved at was reported. this week. No clolibt ‘the gland nexvs he received Sm.- urdny has helped him conslclembly. Takes Early Lead To Beef Field in Weekend Event of L. G. C. Dr. Lynch Runner- ‘£9- City To Ask Half-Hour Bus Service of Hamburg Railway Company. Hoag Pitches Ban“:-up Game as Local: Defeat 101’; 3-1. Within ten minutes after Desk Ldeut. ’ollce headquarters Friday morning that :h‘e1‘e nail been A s1'i'oa_;1_ng on Rklge ‘cad. Joseh Fnustmo. 29. of 485 Ridge ‘om! was locked up In a. cell at the station for shootimz '0! ms ccmunon ‘lmv wife Dorothy 'Ftuvat:1no. ago 25. She is .5 Our Lady 01 Vzczory h0spd.t'r.11. xvhare her ccuncl1t.xon Vveclxaesclay was reported as \good\ and he as now residing in the Erie notmty jzul. being held wuxmm zlmrge at, the order of City Judge John Fulton. pencllng the ou‘tc*-omen Uf hqr lnjuvles. The shooting was brought about as the resmt or n tummy :1-u-arrel nccormng to the stntexnenbs both pnrmcs nmcle to police. They had been having argu- ments for several days nml as t‘. trouble wns resumezl Friday 1-‘1u1suu:~ draw :1 25 calibre 151201 and film! two ahots Auto ms wife's bmast He then ran into the street nnzl going to the Elage road In-e hcmse asked nrnxm-,n there -00 call opllco. He \\‘:L\s pick-‘(I up rm. ‘the. street It mlmnc Inter ‘by Llrm Joseph Spurn. Detectives J.m§*s J I-‘ltw patrlck mu! Edmund Izyszkn and Moor- :yo1e Officer Admn Drozclowskl. ‘When he saw me police npproar-,hlnr; F‘:mst.l1m mn up in thvm. gave them zho gun and shouted that he ‘mt! just shot his wife. The utmrm. whnso m‘.~r.- ' .u.:me is Dm'nm5', Peumc. pnllvn cs‘. \v-5 “(muck on tho flocn‘ cf mo kltohvn .- v The Txy-Its added anothe‘: soup 2» Requests are to be nude or the Ham- -burg‘ “E‘._z-153:7-4y‘-¥ziio2xu)-:ra1:«,'-tray‘ 4115.9. \621 _s- .-:1‘- Lnckawnnna to provide hall hour Dha- serflce In the morning for :e.~‘.dema' uf Scuth Park avenue aml workers depend- mg on bums for ’.~.u:aport;.mun to me Bethleham Steel Cu. p1(m.5 1s ~.\.x:. au- nouuced this week. their «belt Sunday nit:-rnoan when may Clinton \Bud\ Com‘.-lg. former 51:11‘ nt;r.let‘e to high school and college. prov- ed thm. he is just. .15 good with :1 golf dub as he formerly was on the g-xcllzon uml cinder path. by finishing umad of ‘the in the E. J , Rose trophy nur- nnnwm. staged by the La.c}:.1wan1m Gait Ehtb over the week end ‘on the S'mt.h Sxde course. 'm:7t¢‘l1E‘:l‘ ~.; imam e.:..1:\: 3‘-<1 \‘1:.z.yry~ over 1 the crack 101's betcro :1 Page crowd at the Cazenwia bcwl. Buffalo Hoag Try It‘s pztcclung ace hurled. one of the best g.un»~: :1 ms ra.c=er for the locals. lxmmx ; then‘ opp.nr-uts to sxx scatter- eca hug Decmuxx no tr;-:.1~:e the request. \\.n mk- en on behalf 0! t€‘a‘(.l-Ills '0 Scum Yuk avenue who pei.1:.nnrd ‘the Councxl to mtercede mm mu u.11\-my comp.u~.v for such sqnice and was uu<uz1u.3u:~ly agreed upon by Mny r \\':.)ter .1 L 11\ and all members ct Ihe. C'0x111(‘.!1 The pc-Lmon \\'us\p*:=:~m.t d before t.h:\‘.‘ oody by Joseph E. 1\Iurpu\ An attempt’: also “'11 be made to se- cure fllrmcr 1-a.rh' lnurnlzxg so-1'\'.L‘e n1-mg S:-11:11 Paw: numue zn L~c‘k‘a.- wunnzx Lu Luke uunue In Blxsdell and mu Lake mvenuo '0 I-hunbuxg turnpake and me stccl p1.1r.'. for the bene :31‘ South Park u\‘:.‘hU‘.‘ 'e‘.cl<~n:.< hvm; zmr Blasclcll It 5 u:«l1'x:t<l that l‘v~lut:‘.‘.’~ rt Blaatlell me m we ~11: \‘-‘kill um nm‘»1-- nu;-nx auul are st:-.m<.m; ‘me suypurl. of ‘h-- ‘.\.l1.Igp bnmrc‘. lu cu»12cl‘.x;'.c- W11‘! ‘he lmxnl L\sunc.1 The motors sz.\.r‘etl c»-.u-15' in the gama by nm.chu~.g one run at *.‘he=1r hrs‘. turn an hu but the 101';-‘ r in ‘he Hum uunm; zuud mused up one -;'.un'.~- (-11 1‘o:- thmr 51:19 in Hen up the ;.c:re. Neither side was able It break‘. 'h(-I dead- 1. cl: um I Inc ‘.~t‘\x‘:'.Lh mmng \\'h2.‘1 the Bud upheld the n-ac1.tzons which seem to have been so’. thns year ‘ay the local golfers by ‘.'uu.~:ung f.rs't m. 2119 fhmls after st-tmnz an imp.1:=.1ng lend III rthe 1'n'.=i. playoff Saturckxy aftexnocn Iacxl sh.l.'ge1';~. ;.,:.x.;\ gut. then‘ t‘.:.t{.ng 9)‘: nnd .:dclv.d *2 01:‘ puznt a(l\'nn.'.4'.3e to zh-<;r ~<-mu In rcpv.’ ‘.119 ;..e.1'frnmunce .n the 5-::*::h .:h(l c mpl-be Ln? point. makmg by eiiher sxde for the a(te:- 1.,v_\I1 So far thus se21~on ueryonc whc has \ high on the 1‘1rs1.' round has ended uup In that pnsntioxx ut the {m- lsh '01‘ the n‘.\Dt». Bud uphlcl the trnc!:tdo'us whxch seexn to have. been bL‘t- Ahls yew by me he :1 golfer. by .1‘1msh1ng :”.1.\1,. :11 the f.n.11~‘ ajvcr setting an imposing lend ‘n ‘J18 Illst pl.n3uft Su'.1u'<1.:_,’ '..f.(‘|'nuul1 S.» r..r this stason 2-ve:‘ynn who has ’u.1-,~l.ecl huh on the In-~t rr,.m(l has muted up In t.h..\t posmou at -the fmlsn of the m(-oat. Lackawanna Blanks Niagara Falls To Cinch First Place Bum 11.u-.- fr)‘ \he Lack.\\va.r.x.n aggre- :.m.n mm. H E‘u‘2!\ < r. ‘the mm mm 1‘:/r 1‘..n‘-3 up 9- 1-H1 “ nun #111’: Chief Myers Play Stellar Role in Thrilling Victory as Lo- cals Down Elperts 2-0. kmvsku brought bho fnns to their {wt wit-11 a roar us he (‘onnocctetl I01‘ 0. rm!‘ bmgle 1.0 bring home the two runs. Boley. star cemrr grtrclner of the Lackuxvanmx 111110. was the only other 'md1nbor of the local team in conlmct for a safe blngle. I-I.‘ nc-ouuted fur Lwo of thr-m but they fnlrcl to am In 111\ ac wring No cxjrors \'.’('X‘1.' mnrketl '1-gums: c.:tl1o:' side during me contest ‘incl only thvrp b=1~r\s on balls were alloxvrcl by bath pitchers. L110 Chief 1x~1.1lnq but mm free pass He also had t.vc-Iv“ st»rIkcout.~ to his crecllt H.\ ~21}: .f r \ E!1v1'1e ..lL.~.\¢u x. fur thr 111,51 ..c »~.f:‘- ‘b.n.-‘;lm I.) 5..\' It v. .15 am.t.<‘(l bv 1:o:.:t:\om»1'= rim: work- at» “:10 mL~.~. the e.x.l_\‘ \m~ are 1‘.c~.~d mm L‘ 1 mg \\.|Ik. '0 mzk or mm 1» 3»;- bl.l._\' or ubI:.u1..z.¢,' .\ ‘..:1‘ mm yrs»: l.u’h 1..v‘.\I1‘1\e ..t '.‘.:e ;:l.u.t Au '.:-..v- ‘v: Ty smm: sax: c‘ ‘I9: f.d«.1er 101' ‘he Try It». ?\2lL.(d . tr. . :.d1.g per- Cuumg pl.uycd :\l1 unlzmsauy guru-w .11 mo upexnng ruuu1.;Ls l'u (urn 1n n mrl \\.t-h ‘I9-16-63 zzntl (..<.nb‘.1.~.h .1 1c.u:l Lhuz. n.~m- of hm run];-L. mi» \u-re nth: In (<'[li.al '1‘hi.~. zn.u'ki'.d' the firs‘: t.in\' ludt ‘. r1'.:.'(. ‘-1 1‘: 0' '.'i‘..\.X‘.'~ .-1': “E; ‘)4-:‘.')' 1 1441.11; ~.\-.*..h Led by the stellm: hurlllxg of the mvxunerabler Big Chlcf Myers one Luck.‘- a\\\ann-x\ Baseball rluu at. last. :m‘ulg,l\;- enecl cu; the bangle m the Nmt.~l\c.n lengue by ellm'.n.mng thelr sol; sur- viving comemler for me ilrsl. place blrth and stepping mbo umllspm.-2:1 lead of tlmt clrc1-1:. The z1ccompl1sh- .ment was brought ubuut. ll‘n‘o1lg1\ then‘ defemh of nhe Nnguru Falls‘ l~.‘lyl1ez't.'~2 at. the Smcuum Sunday :LIt»t*1‘n_aor‘.: lo the ume of 2-0 before the largos. crowd to vlew the locals in ncuou this year. \\u:’\~'. T1.v)‘ b:i.(\v ‘.h.\’. 11.111-3. r\.. 34.- \K3t‘ i\CAlU'J 'L'{Jl'3‘£'L‘L ‘ix-~ ?Il'\l:\.'..{'.'. .u<‘. ‘.L;'..\l ‘.; '1...“ 4...’. L. \ | n.:‘.‘.u.‘. k the loml am. new xvur bxxntaux tvhr 80 1u.u'k Dr J.hn Ljm-.11 wu.» nuun--rup 1:1 Hm nmtolx \\.u\ a (“J 30-69 Lea \V'm\‘.~r ..'-<1 Ed R~'.xL~}:x .150 plwg-.11 at u.u.g,‘1p gazno and c.m.~cLl the hue‘;-.-xb c«/z.s.<Lr- .‘!)l«~ \\m'x‘ \\‘\1‘l\I~ h - ',¢\.n1~ \.::‘. ~x B;‘.\ G.xH.u..h€1' Ridge rozul zulclrcvs mad 1mmedln'-l\‘ sent to the lxospxtxu. Many Aliens Arrested Here .1~v h.u..h(l xx -; fa ~a by Whvn qut-suunczl 1Um~ by p >“.cv F .n~« mm mid that he was led to the ~h »~'...:, by the. connmml nngsxlne, of h.» \\\.l' She Intro Lulcl pohco when ;ute1'.' an d art. the hosptml '.lu\.: they had b..~\ qunwelllng for several (uys bocuu-c she objectacd no his stuyutg om mu Ix‘ hours and to his keeping company \-.:‘h other women. She cmmxs. hoxvc-v<-r. that the real quarrel had been the pre- vious clay and that Ishe was trymg In xnalde up *\vLt,h him at the time of tn- shoomng. .~ rm ;-. '1.’ 2:. . R .:h F:'..:e‘.l. I. Snlmrng E1 - : v2: 1 t n\\.1\' ..ll d .l sud \\\-'1-Z .1‘. 13.4: in '3); \RC1 (Sly n }‘ru~pE' ‘t Va S1u:duy‘s v1c*oI-y puts heavy otlde. an the luc Á to fmlsh on mp to D118 ‘k-umm at the end .11‘ the seas 111' nllhc-ugh 1’: they drop om» game they might. be thrown buck into a. me with Ton-nxvnmlzx rmd Nmgm'z\. Falls, win nro xx:-xv lxolclmg clown seem-:1 place 'I‘I1at, is pmvlclmg ‘those tcunxs win then remsunmg «on- tests. Wxluzunsvllle ~r-nd North Taxm- wandn. are tied tor ‘the third place berm. Pu ;\1z(‘n-s pr =1‘ 2\ ox m» mun ma Jnp Sclxxmzl 1 upmroci the low g)‘0>~} h.n xx 1*‘: [m11~r»_~ first. \\'('h .1 1'1 Amt 34 1 r :\ '11 .«g';rm:xu's and J 9 .\:|- (1 In: up uvw 37's 2'1‘ :1 74 in .al The pl't‘S2(l(l1L's 34 by me way slmttmx-(1 the pm; nmrk ~91 fur ll‘.E‘ mound System by Which Many Arab- ians Made Illegal Entry Dis closed by Roundup. BOY SCOUTS ENJOY CAMPING Much has been snid in these eoiumna. rmcl elsewhere couernmg L:Lic'mvmum‘s 'atm' bnii tosser, Big Chief Myers, but‘ n words do not <1’: him justllc nor‘ -would they szxtismcboriiy express the‘ semiiimelns of the fans 9. He pegged the 1 lodah-1 ta victory in story book style in Sunday's thniiier. There were many exciting moments during the day when the ateadmsmess of the Big Chief proved the clecigiing fachor but by tar the most ctuoini moment. or the envtire battle cmne in the ninth frame when Niiagaxn Falls in 9 last. ciespemte rally timed the buses with no one ouiz; Mfomenigs such as that movie the r-_'.)ea.t.x_i}ess‘ of anyone and the Steel 0ir1;y,§.ji1o1nndsrri%a.n passed his test 100 perdei retiring Goxjnicki and Ross with his {East deliveries smcl than tor- -cing mu Vivian, mic Babe Ruth or kiwi Porwexy City aggregation to stnd :1, weak,, ggtottnxier to the box. The local Sluggers ‘in turn nearly} Iouind their mu.tch in the person 0! *-8,01-nicki. youthful Falls fiinger. who met his first defeat 05 -the season Sun- tiny. He too. lived up 'to his reputa- -.3ion and gave Manager Paws hitters plenty to worry about. holding them ‘nearly as heipiess as Chief Myers did their opponents during mics tor the fray. In nil he struck but 11 mien and allowed. -but four Ihits while he issued‘ ifeie passes to. two men. ‘Agfher nothing but zeros had nxiomed 1'-‘<‘ll.:v\‘u..r are .'-he furs: rnuud ':-.~ult,s :11 thv Mulxxy M;-mn:1..l rtournxmenr F‘;r~t fl s.'ht~G I-Izzrltity bt-at Tam Georg;-. 3 and 2' Ed Kulc-sz.\ bane be Kenumg. 2 and 2. Jtv Smmtl boat G Ho\\stm\_ 2 and L 1~2m11 Peters ban has VV'('n\'er. 2 mm 1. Pat McGee beat N Mukis. 3 and 2: Sum Fxgum. hm: J Bum‘. 5 and -1. Jxm Ocldy bent !='r.ml< Sm}-rkn. 1 up. I3‘>:.1:1k Mc hem J Magyar. 4 and 2. Second night-—-P. ‘Fuzer beat Joe Purg cell. 2 and 1. 0 Nova}: vbent J. Osbome. 1 up; Bud Couhlg ‘bent Clem Cau 2 up; Tom Barrett heal: Joe Koncomcz‘ 3 and 2. Stan Klsmlnvtzyk boat. Joc May 2 and 1. Joe lkhxky Imam A Bardtstmn. 4 and 3. ' Boy Scouts of L21) County are busy these day.) mt-l\ th-. many actw-ues of T1 Wa YA Eu. t.n=- r ~mmner camp now m (1per.\t.!on on Thnc Valley Nxm-o Reserve. the -170 .1cr-- camp grounds 2! the Cuuncnl out. .n we HclL1nd lulls. An u1.nbur..\«~ sy.-\-.11‘; by \\-m-‘.1 nlmus Manager Potts is scheduled to Lake his charges out of tyown this Sunday to meet the F‘: Niagara club on then‘ own .cnn‘p111g grounds. They return home ‘the lust Sumxclay of me month ta cross bats with Akron at‘. the Stucllum. That will be their last. scheduled home game. Pulce say that the couple had I):-«~21 llulng together for ab:/ut two year» n'1d um’: he has :2. wife aw; fanmy m For- Lugal. She is also reported sotr.mg~:l from her legal ‘ml.-nbnnd. 1n.\Lt-3: cf :1 pnssporh \\.1- (‘mcl sex with tn‘ the Uluzvd 5! ms v\\-ah‘ ul :. .c I.\r~ the nrrost or ‘.27 men rmo. by umnigrzv The 106 ozunpor: c dulled for the two week period wlucn cl 505 Sn. urdcu have: extended the mpm-..'.y or me amp be- yond the nmmmum mhmh Chairman Harold B Bmolcms and ms. nssocmrezs on the cnmpmg cununlttee lmve fel‘. to be either possiblg 11‘ deslrnble. lulu yet. all the mus gm‘ -.-wry evidence of en- joying their two meek stay. L115‘, Sat.- urdmy eve-nm.g .\ncl Sunday zwmemoon humlre-.ls or v1a;r.o:'.-' u‘o.urod out to the camp. located on Route 16. t.hroF.~ miles south of Holland. Imdmg the young~ stars glad to extent: :1 welcome and ~10 display their Scoutcmft projects. Next: visitors‘ names at the camp are Saturday evening. -the 3U';h, fmrn 6 to 9 Lfclccig. and Sunday aftermon Ithe 31st. from 2 to 5:30. the camp operating on stami- ard blme. ‘mun offlmals |n.'.c\ Inst wulu Tao mm mm bug (inc e.\:.cc1m;nn xvore .-\1':b1\ns nucl \\-are 1111 taken mm ClISIO(l) In :1 roundup of the First wzxrcl 'I‘h-.- other man is Stone K Pngontchcff. whom Lhoy clmrgo. is \\'\‘lI\tO(l on n \v:u‘rxmt for issued In Bulgaria In 1028 HAS ANYONE FOUND A PAY DAY AT LAST! SWEATER? It was in brlgm. cluy lu Lackawamm Saturday, at least. for many local \05.- dems. when the <-.\Ly‘s mumcupal em- ployees recelved their my cheeks since May 1. Olly Treasurer Puul Tu- mnkia, assisted by ‘.he employees or his otmce. was kept busy the greater pm-t.‘ of the morning: lmndmr; out L11: 7530‘ checks. which repx-esem,ccl I'(-Ill‘ weeks delinquent pay due the employws of the varlus ohty depnrtm,e.m.s. Funds to mee‘. the obllgamlona were- remllzecl t.hrorugh the salo of the $200.000 work relief ‘aond,1ssue to ma L.\ckawm1- nu Naulonnl Bank (1 short. time ago. Ap—- proxlmutely $40,000 was cllverted from this sum to meet. me payroll. Tlmt amount; had prevlously tbuen dlvretecl from the the general olty fuml to help carry Son work rellot pmjeote lust. sprlng. No announcmeenl. has yet been made to how soon the wok relief program mm got tumor my not as W what pm- jecta win be undertaken but It has been lnqldated that It will be in the near tuture. _ The Anblnns :1. \\-ur. d.sc1c1seg1 have \vor}:ed out a s)'st5.*m by which through the sunplo. matter vf ‘aw-1Lcn=1ng nmncs Illd rd;-uv.mc4ut.on many at them} have seen able L0 make 11les_,-9.1 entry‘ into 111.5 tountry. Many other mo.hod.= are used. such as bnbery and \vorkL1g the way \cross to jump thou‘ bout here. but \.110 system of idenm1x'1cnt1~c.n transfer :5 sun .0 be the most popular wlm Tim: race. The Lnckawnnna Nnws has been asked to help In flndhm n hoary black sweat- er. which has a white letter F on the front. The sweater was lost. by one of our local girl scouts who was helplng \VH’.h the chlldrens gt-mes at Memorlnl Hall. Ridge road. on July 4th. Everyone npprecl-;1.ed_ 3 good sweater so they can prolmbly realize the feel- lngxz 0! our ‘local glrl who lost. hers tihrough hee good twill In mnderlng u communlty service and now faces the prospect of not llwvlng a sweater for sdme time unless «he lost one In found. or course the had no lden as to whom the swemter belonged or to whom to return 1'. so if they should read thsl notice ‘or anyone else whokntvws ox teh flndlng of a weater. wlll they kindly to- lum the same to line leader of’ the local qm Scout; at the Gommumty -Homo. Wllkesbarre rvcnue or to the Lacluuwanxm News orhce. lnectnlc Ave. LOCAL YOUTH HONOR STUDENT Excellent. grades gave VVH11 -m Snrl 118 Lebanon St_., Ln:-lmwanxm, :1 place MARRIAGE LICENSES The second mo week period c! the camp open‘; next Mmday. the 25th. the lust period opening gn Auyust. 8th and closiuy on Aufust 20th. on the honor rel‘. of Woclster cullege for the second semester of the school Andrew Schut-A 592 Steelmvnmm and Nell Mon-ls. 497 Steelnwanna. year just closed. afar.’ will be a junior at ‘Wooster this tall George D. Pnpoff. 6:10 Abbott and Ef- dokia A. Eftdmeo, 151 Ridge. A1\drew_ Coma, Heuxcsivule. Pm. and Ouve Heflleix Mahonmg Town. Pn.. C1-mon E. Swenrlngen. Wellsbow Pm. and Jennie Lamkln, 440 Spring St. John Gureokl. 530 Fulton. Buffalo. And Mary zyvwer. 002 Electric. A.\'NOI'N(‘E.\Il-INT the scoreboard for six innings the Steel «om ‘mxwy nrttllexy broke loose. bunch- ing two at their four him; and bringing In two nine wmcn coxjuhlbuced the only soormg at the pm. A walk and xx in [put 3110.359, and on base and then Don- DEATHS Mr. and Mrs Szunuol Zone. 0! Dawn- Frank Hruby. b-I3 ukesbarre. Anna Mnleckn, 9 Im. Thelma Hines. 1829 South Park ilng Sl:.. announce the engagxaament of their daughter. Ethel, to Dr. Matthew Podolln 0! Butler Ave. Me‘-‘.3, \~‘s“\U\ E‘? M if L; .1. 5.

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